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October 9th: PM2019 040 - VS Thunder! Legendary Raid Battle!!

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It's a nice day. The sky is blue and filled with white clouds. But as Satoshi and the others are enjoying some snowcones at the Sakuragi Laboratories, a huge thunderstorm suddenly draws close. And once they sense the presence of powerful biological energy, they realize it's possible the Legendary Pokémon Thunder might actually be nearby! And as the areas surrounding the Sakuragi Laboratories keep losing power, Go gets a sudden flash of insight, and the duo succeeds in encountering Thunder at the location he thought of. They immediately challenge it to a battle, but Thunder proves to be way too much for them. However, they decide to have a raid battle against it, working together with some "helpers" they truly didn't expect to be there!!


A thunderstorm draws close to Satoshi and the others as they are enjoying some snowcones. They establish it's possible the Legendary Pokémon Thunder might be nearby. Satoshi and Go encounter Thunder at the location they went to after Go got a sudden flash of insight and immediately challenge it to a battle, but...



Satoshi and Go have a raid battle with the assistance of unexpected helpers!



Top blurb: Satoshi and Go happen across the legendaryPokémon Thunder and have a Raid Battle against it!!
Bottom blurb: Helpers Satoshi and Go never expected show up!

Screenplay 赤尾でこ (Deko Akao)
Storyboard 尼野浩正 (Hiromasa Amano)
Episode Director 野田泰宏 (Yasuhiro Noda)
Animation Director 柳原好貴 (Koki Yanagihara)
Animation Director 武内啓 (Akira Takeuchi)
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I would be amazed if Goh actually managed to catch Zapdos. You know, when I first played Pokemon LeafGreen, Zapdos was the only legendary bird I actually managed to catch.

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I dunno if I would be happy with Go getting Zapdos, I mean, I of course will not thrown a tantrum and hate on Go saying it should be Ash who catches Zapdos, but I don't fell like Go have enough experience to be able to catch a legendary.
Also, if he catches it in a regular pokeball I will be pissed :p


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Raid Battle is such a stupid concept to include in the anime. Just another BS Pokemon Go element ruining the anime. Let me guess, a bunch of trainers gang up on a legendary like they're Team Rocket, Dragonite puts in the work to weaken it, and then everyone just decides to let Goh catch it. Nobody argues over who gets to catch it.


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Isn't that supposed to be out in November? Considering that this episode was meant to be released a month ago, I'd say the two are unrelated.
The release date is still unconfirmed (much to my chagrin) all it says is Autumn 2020. The November date is likely serving as a placeholder.
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