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October Battle Competition: Ultra Spooky Cup


Any thoughts on the new battle competition coming this October?

There's a gimmicky banlist of "scary" pokemon. No megas allowed. Prize is a shiny mimikyu.

It looks like a pretty unbalanced on to me, with Darkrai and Marshadow involved and very few viable bug or fairy types. Lots of other pokemon that can get set up easily like Scolipede, Glalie and Muk and a few Ultra Beasts. So I think Scarf Ditto could be a good bring... Plus a nice bug type for Hoopa-U.

What are you guys thinking of bringing?

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Marshadow is probably going to dominate. Few pokémon are faster than it, I think aside from Scarf pokémon only Aerodactyl and Crobat are. And I think with Marshadow dominating so much setup is just not going to be viable, Marshadow is going to steal the setup. Crobat is quite notable, it can OHKO Marshadow with Brave Bird, although Marshadow usually runs Sash.

I'm considering bringing Eviolite Koffing or Weezing. With a lot of defensive investment Eviolite Koffing avoids the 3KO from Marshadow's Spectral Thief, it can burn it with Will-o-Wisp, and stall it out with Pain Split and Psywave. Granbull is also notable. With max HP investment and Intimidate Granbull avoids the 2KO from Marshadow's Spectral Thief and it can OHKO with Play Rough. Both of those die to Naganadel though.

Toxapex is also an option. It can generally force Marshadow out with the threat of Scald burns, and just stall it out.
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Marshadow is a problem, ghost for the ghosts and fighting for the darks. I'm thinking of running fairy silvally and galvantula. Mimikyu can deal with it well if it has its disguise up.


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Because it can be fairy type, its difficult to predict in 3v3 battlespot, and its stats are alright.
It is also something of a frankenstein monster in the lore

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I have a question regarding this. This was my first time doing a competition like this. How do I receive my shiny Mimikyu for participating?

Once the results have been tallied, log in on the PGL website. You'll be able to get a code there for mystery gift