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October Plot Discussion

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Chapter 1 leaks

There's a mysterious character wearing a helmet and they're dressed in Naranja Academy uniform. They have a Pikachu and they fight Nemona.
I would love if we are seeing alternate timeline displacement stuff with the other protag, would be so compelling
Also with SV and it's time shenanigans it is also the perfect time to maybe give Hisuian love!!
Salvatore has a Raichu, just saying.

Or we are getting a Red and Yellow son. When you think about it mixing Red and Yellow gives you Orange.
That would be amazing honestly, a Red and Yellow son/daughter from an alternate timeline

Honestly after how shitty, boring and uneventful SwSh arc was in it's entirety, I REALLY hope SV delivers and the more unique premise gives me hope.


Not thinking twice!
Tbh after just finishing SwSh, really the eternatus fight was the one part I felt just fizzled out, but I actually did feel the characters were well handled partially because the game sets the bar incredibly low, especially Bede and somehow freakin' Rose. Still, I really hope the volumes expand the ending (and SM's for that matter)


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Yeah, that SwSh ending felt rushed even by the standards of Pokespe rushed magazine endings. Like, did Sou seriously just leave without saying goodbye or anything at the end? The whole relationship between Sou and Shi bothers me, 'cause it's like:

Shi: Sou's like my best and only friend in the whole world, so I let him get away with everything.
Sou: *ditched her like three hours ago to go fix an Alcremie's decoration or whatever*

I understand that he's not actually supposed to be uncaring and just comes across that way, but still, usually you'd expect some kind of character development and not just leave it 'Yeah, he's kind of a jerk sometimes but I just prefer to enable all his worst impulses because that's what friendship is all about. Hopefully he won't start the Darkest Day again just to get a better look'.


Not thinking twice!
might as well tier em since I just finished SwSh (mind you I finished RBG and Y in like 2014 and GSC-BW in 2016 so it's been a while)


(tho tbh I'd probably put SwSh and SMUSUM in like a "B-" but eh, and they have a chance at going to B if the volume expands some stuff)

and really RS would be in its own tier if not for the Celebi asspull
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I think the reason they let him have long hair is probably so that he can change his hairstyle perfectly in DLC.

Honestly, the most likely reason is because the protagonists designs are too simple. So, Kusaka decided to change them.
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