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Odd favorites.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
We all have favorite pokemon. There's no escaping it. There's no denying it. You have a favorite pokemon. We all know it.

Favorites may have to do with your affinity for a real life animal, like horses or cats. It may have to do with your introduction to the pokemon games, like how 74% (wild guess) of all people who started with R/B/Y like Charizard.

And then there's the strange one. He may seem like your average pokemon trainer, maybe a competitive player, but if you asked him about his favorite pokemon, you may be surprised to hear him say 'Grumpig'.

So. Do you have a favorite pokemon that is an odd choice for a favorite? Like Bibarel, Hitmonchan, Probopass, etc. Do you know anyone who has an odd favorite pokemon? Share them here.

My all time favorite pokemon of all is Cradily. Green is my favorite color, but that's less than half the reason why i love this awesome barnacle. ;346; Great defenses, cool type, impressive movepool, and all-around epicness. Cradily is just awesome.

My brother's favorite pokemon is Mawile. He never really gives me a reason why. Whenever he sees one, he goes 'D'awwww <3'. Eh, Mawile is pretty cool.


I Crush Everything
Hmm. What defines an odd favourite? Everyone has some reason for liking a pokemon.

If you mean the favourite isn't because it's a great competitive battler, then that's just about all my favourites. I'm no big comp. battler.

Most of my favourites are the pokemon I've happened to take a liking to in the game. Caterpie's the exception; I love caterpillars, so I immediately took a liking to caterpie. Besides that, most of my favourite pokemon are the ones I became attached to while playing my video games (lotad, numel, sableye, kricketune, etc.)


I've always liked Ledyba, Girafarig, and Xatu. I don't think many people like them.


i like ambipom if that's considered "odd"
For some really odd reason, I really, really, really love Pinsir, even though pretty much everyone ever has forgotten him. Additionally, Stantler is a classic favorite that probably seems out-of-place among my other possible choices, but maybe that one's not so surprising...

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
I'm rather fond of alot of the forgotten Johto pokemon, such as Dunsparce and Magcargo.


I Crush Everything
'odd' as in, a pokemon you don't see often that is considered likeable. Like Granbull, or for an extreme example, Grimer, or Muk.
In that case, everything I said before. Except maybe sableye, I've heard of quite a few people liking him, but yeah, not many lovers of caterpie/lotad/numel/kricketune.

Most of my favourite pokemon are my favourites because they're not that popular. I'm a big supporter of the underdog.


bye!, i had a blast
this discussion looks alot like the forgotten pokemon club

my favourite is shuckle and Murkrow

shuckle is just so cool and awesome in every single way and so is murkrow. There are many people who favourite Shuckle and Murkrow but its not very common...

pinsir is also very cool
Well, if "odd pokemon" means those easily forgotten or never really appearing in any competitive trainer battles, then I have my top three:

1. Phione
2. Spinda
3. Minun


i like mawile because mawile is cute and just awesome. i always loved steel types too :3


i like Kecleon because it's nothing like me. It's cool, cute, and it blends in