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Odd Food Combinations


Still Dirrty
I used to it pizza like that with Ranch Dressing it tasted really good and chicken sandwich as well
I didn't considered it being odd .
My ex got me into ranch dressing most of my stuff, but she was more extreme. She would eat ranch dressing with cookies, peas, bananas, etc.
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i remember when i was a kid i used to eat fried rice mixed with ketchup mixed and it taste relly good


flower in the sand
I used to do that with the school spaghetti, it gave it flavor.

Here's my odd food combinations:
-Mashed potatoes with chicken, all swirled in together.
-Ranch dressing with fries, pizza, chicken sandwiches, and spaghetti.
-Peanut butter sandwiches with banana slices.
-Fries with cheese and sometimes chili.
^ Copycat. :<! But anyway, mayonnaise with pepperoni for sandwiches, cereal with soymilk and poppyseed dressing to dip breadsticks in. yummy, lol.


flower in the sand
Another thing I like is honey mustard dressing for toasted cheesy bread