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Odd Meats


That guy.
Where is the sexual innuendo? Is this misc?


And I eat goat on the regular.


Wielding Übersaw.
I accidently ate dog, I didn't know it was dog though. And I felt bad.



have a drink on me
The farthers i've gone is Deer and a taste of frog legs.

Outside of wild game, i'm not going to eat any other meat.

dark rift

Well-Known Member
Squid, octopus, and shark are the not so interesting things I've eaten. Although I have eaten biltong, which is pretty much raw kudu/spring buck jerky (tastes a lot better then it sounds). When I was a toddler I ended up eating a snail raw, and a lot of ladybirds (I think I liked the bitterness)


Well-Known Member
Exotic meat? No, nothing really, only chicken, pig (oink!), cow, tuna...


Buggy down.
Yeah i'm not a big fan of most meat aside from poultry and seafood. I've eaten deer before, but that's nothing big. I'm sure i've eaten something weird without knowing it though.