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Oeste Region : The Map-Maker Is Back

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by HWarrior, May 28, 2007.

  1. dark_entei

    dark_entei Well-Known Member

    You have a unique - and almost flawless - style. I particularly like Portside and Cedrona Cities.

    Actually some of my own maps have similar layouts and atmospheres to those two which is probably why I like yours so much.
  2. HWarrior


    Thanks Dark Entei.

    Have you posted a thread for your maps and stuff before???
  3. Midnight Umbreon

    Midnight Umbreon Do The Hokey Pokey!

    ::hyperventilates:: These are t3h love! As usual. Whatever happened to you helping me with my region?
  4. bluemage14

    bluemage14 Well-Known Member

    very nice Halo can't wait to see what you come up with next
  5. HWarrior


    Route 455

    The water route. The boat would take you down to the island thing (in a way like when you sail to dewford and from dewford). You can surf there as well afterwards. There could of been another little beach bit but I think it looks quite ok.

    The cave might take a little while, hopefully not long.

    Also I have done the first two gym leader overworlds (just recolours actually, but they do look quite good). I will finish all of them and get them up, or at least do the third one. There might be 6 because if there were 8 then just about every town now afterwards would have a gym xD.

    EDIT: Just noticed there is a bit where you would be able to get out, there would be a rock or whatever there. just noticed it.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2007
  6. dark_entei

    dark_entei Well-Known Member

  7. bluemage14

    bluemage14 Well-Known Member

    you should already know what my answer is to your new map! :wink: and entei your maps are very nice too
  8. HWarrior


    thanks for the replies. The cave is looking good and Ive only done a little bit.

    Thereis going to be two main parts, one where there are most of the trainers and items, while the other bit is to get to the other parts ( which is blocked off by the rocks).

    You will have to wait. I will try and work on it alot, but it will probally take a long time to do, I am thinking now maybe next weekend, early next week.
  9. Lugia Tamer

    Lugia Tamer < Is friggin awesome

    Hey Halo Warrior, nice maps as always.

    I was wondering if you could post your cave tileset. I havn't been able to find it myself.
  10. HWarrior


    Actually I am using the tiles fromm an old map I didc, one of my Menta ones.

    I will make a tileset of the tiles sometime and will pass them on to you.
  11. FuzzyFriend

    FuzzyFriend Aloha-oh

    Nice names. How did you make them? RPG?
  12. HWarrior


    I use Paint, if I could use RPG I would probally make a game out of it, and knowing it, it wouldn't be here.
  13. Lugia Tamer

    Lugia Tamer < Is friggin awesome

    Oh, you don't need to go to the trouble, I relized I can just get the tiles from the maps you post, as long as they aren't custom.
  14. Divine_Light

    Divine_Light Espeon will own all!

    I've always clicked on this thread but never posted, Your maps are great, Portside City is my personal fav, Keep up the good work
  15. HWarrior


    Thanks, Portside is my favourite too, I love it for many reasons.

    I have just about finished the bottom bit, just could add a few rocks in place, and I have started on the second bit.
  16. HWarrior


  17. mekky_9892

    mekky_9892 Well-Known Member

    Your maps are great, but you know that.
  18. HWarrior


    Yeah I do.

    I had abit of a slip, not being bothered to do it, but I am going to try and maker myself do the next map, while looking at imspiration then hopefully I will get into the map making spirit.
  19. HWarrior


    I am sorry to say but I will be having a break from map making and updating every so often and all that stuff. I just havn't had the spirit for a little aWHILE.

    It isn't going to be like the other regions, because instead of starting another new region I will be carrying on with this one, and when I start again, there will probally be a couple of new maps and lots of other stuff which I havn't done in a map thread before, so there is that to look forward to.

    When I do come back and start this again I will be making a new thread.

    Thanks everyone that replied in the topic, and I hope you come back to see my work when it comes back

    -- Halo Warrior
  20. B-MAN

    B-MAN Well-Known Member

    Will you still be accepting maps for the other thread?

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