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Of Pop-Tarts & Pokemon!

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Well, it seems that every time I try to write a fanfic it goes down the tubes... So, here is my new plan! I am going to give you all a PREVIEW of my newest fanfic which I am currently putting time and effort (which I really should be using for homework ^^) into writing.

This is a really weird humor fanfic entitled: Of Pop-Tarts & Pokemon!

Here's a little summary (and later I'll have a preview of the first chappie):

Basically, it's a Trainer Fic! *gasp* Yes, I know, it's totally overdone... but my story's a got a few twists here and there. For example, the main character lives Blackthorn City and it's the middle of the snowy season. And before you ask: No it is NOT a Christmas Fic. I just said it was a TRAINER Fic, so pay attention! The main character values her family very much, and possibly above all else. So when a mother Delibird leaves an egg in the family's care, the main character takes the baby Pokemon in and raises it.

We've also got a very unlikely shipping going on here, but I'll talk about that later. Heh...

Here is a paragraph from chappie numbah one to give you an idea of my writing style:

That morning things had not gone as perfect as they should have. Usually, Kimmiko and her brother Leon would have made breakfast for themselves and headed out to do their morning chores. However, Kimmiko and Leon woke up a bit late that morning, and had fought over the last package of cinnamon-roll flavored Pop-Tarts in the pantry and stormed out of the house after reluctantly resolving to share it. After all, there were two in each pack.

Now I'm going to put spoiler tags on the name of Kimmiko's Shipping Partner, so if you'd like to read for yourself, DON'T highlight it. It may spoil your fun.

The pairing is: *drumroll* [SPOIL]Kimmiko & Lance[/SPOIL]!!! Yes, very shocking, I know. And unlikely, seeing as how Claire, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader will get tangled up in her cousin's problems... (That was a clue, by the way, for those who didn't read the spoiler.)

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed the icing on the cake of this fic. Hopfully you'll also want the cake and eat it too... (Bad Pun!)

Now, I implore you: POST AWAY! And give me your opiniopns, please!

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Well, it's kinda hard to see where the plot is going to go from here. As it should be, I suppose? But you've certainly met the basics in my book - nicely spaced, well punctuated and grammar adhered to.

I'm not a fan of humour and shipping fics, but that's just personal preference. I'd like to see where you take the snowing season. That could be really awesome - especially if you pull it off realistically and well. For someone like me who's never actually seen snow *hangs head*, this could be fascinating. And Delibird are so UU. If you can do a well-rounded Delibird character, that's a big plus in my books.

Perhaps you could drop me a message when the fic goes up? Thanks. ^^



Well, I've never seen snow, but I've read tons of literature that describes it, so hopefully I can pull it off. XD Thanks for your opinion! Now, who's next?


Irredeemable Nerd

never seen snow....

I've got lots of it around where I live.

I'm sick of it already.

but like Piney said, we don't know what the plot is.

could you post a bit more of the plot?


Sure! Here's some more of the plot, which unfortunately, is not in chapter form. As you know, a magnificent author never reveals her secrets....

So basically, I'm guessing you are all wondering where the title's name came from, yes? Well, if you want to know that, you'll have to PM me, as I do not wish to give away the secrets of the title. Sorry!

But I will give you a little background information on Kimmiko and most of the other characters.

Kimmiko is the paper-girl in her neighborhood and she uses a bike as her method of transportation. The first chapter begins with her paper-route and a bit of the events that occur on that particular day...

Claire is the Gym Leader of Kimmiko's hometown and has a secret jealousy toward KImmiko and her family for seemingly unknown reasons...

Leon is Kimmiko's older brother. He is also Claire's assistant at the Gym (despite the fact that Claire hates his sister). His Pokemon companion is a dragonair named Elektra, who is one of the few dragon-type Pokemon in the Gym that are skilled in electric-type attacks...

Elektra is Leon's charismatic Pokemon partner. She is not usually friendly toward strangers, but will warm up to you if you give her some chocolate. They say that the way to a Dragon's heart is through her stomach...

Jaqueline is Kimmiko's grandmother who loves arts-and-crafts almost as much as her grandkids. She is an expert in the scared art of making hot chocolate and listening to people when they are upset. She never yells and is always pleasant.

Max is Kimmiko's father. He's been somewhat quiet and resigned ever since his beloved wife's death two years ago. However, he never lets the past get him too upset and often gives his kids strange pieces of advice which he calls "the Philosophy of Life".

Nina is Kimmiko's dearly departed mother. Not much is known about her right now. Her husband Max does not discuss her death very much...

That's about all I can tell you for now. Drop me a PM whenever you want and I'll be happy to give you more info on the story!


Irredeemable Nerd
the characters sound original, but it doesn't say anything about the plot...


you should be off to a good start with that dose of originality, tho.