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Of Stars and Boundaries!


Master of Chaos!
If you have read the previous fics; Through The Sands We Go and Alola Sinnoh, Then you are caught up to read this fanfic. Enjoy!

Summary: After receiving invitations to the Pokemon World Tournament on Unova, Elio and Lillie partake in another journey to a region new to them. Will they be able to handle the constant clashes of truth and ideals?

Rating: T. Language, Themes of Conflict.

Characters: Lillie, Elio/ Sun. (Male P.C Character)

Chapter 1 Gathering For a Trip.

It has been a month since Elio and Lillie returned from Sinnoh. Aside from raising the few pokemon they captured in Sinnoh, letting their friends see the contests photo's and the prints, life has went back to normal. Most of the pokemon rescued from Orre have been rehabilitated enough that they were either comfortable with going into the P.C and visiting the Pelago, being let loose in the house anyways or in the case with Bob the Bibarel, helping out the community.

Lillie was curious as to who was running the Pelago, Elio suggested that she does not visit the place yet. "I have something I am working on that makes visiting the place a bad idea. Until it is done, just take my word that he is a nice guy who is taking great care of them."

Lillie stared, suspicious of what Elio is doing. "I will... but this is going to be a problem if you keep this up!"

Elio had grim news for Plumeria and Guzma about the three skull grunts that left Alola for the battle frontier. "They want to challenge the Gym system of Sinnoh and they are not coming back anytime soon."

Plumeria shrugged like it wasn't a big deal, they were better off out in the world.

Guzma spoke his mind. "You had them try and become the best we had. Then ya drove them off!"

Plumeria gave Guzma a poisonous grin in defense. "Not like they are stuck here anymore, least now they can get stronger. They might even be able to beat us when they come back."

Guzma sat on a bench smug. "I like to see that happen!"

Elio grinned nervously. "When they finished the island challenges... they were actually pretty tough. Don't be surprised if they actually do."

Guzma grinned. "Get out of here kid!"

During the month, Lillie and Gladion had one minor issue regarding their mother Lusamine. Without anything to keep her mind off the shadow crisis, she has gone through flash backs that have given her a major case of depression. As much as Lillie and Gladion want to find out, Lusamine was making it clear to them that they are better off doing anything else besides wasting their time with her. Lillies discussion with Elio over the matter was enough motivation for the Alolan champion to continue with his secret project regarding memories.

In the backyard of his house, Elio encouraged the Mew and Lunala to help in tracking down a distant, forgotten memory of his.

One that he blocked out since he was small. "I don't really remember what happened when my Mom had to sent out Otto. I think I am old enough to coop with what exactly happened. Isaac, Nebby... I promise I won't be mad if it was a memory I didn't want to remember. Just don't tell Lillie or Gladion why I am doing this."

Mew's eyes glowed as it pin pointed the memory, he shivered as he signaled the Lunala to use her psychic power to awaken the dormant memory.

In a flash of her third eye, Elio felt a small shock as remembered it more clearly, his eyes widened as he came through. "Mom was sugar coating what that Gengar is. He is brutal beyond words."

He shook it off as he thanked the two pokemon. "Okay that is done, the next experiment I want to do involves someone who actually has amnesi..."

Ring! Ring!

Elio took his phone to see who it was. "Kahili? What is going on? Two challengers teaming up to try and take me down? Let them come as soon as I get ready, talk to you later."

Elio had Mew return to his ball and began to fly off as he said farewell to the Lunala. "I am going to see if Lillie can watch Isaac for a bit! I'll talk to you about the next experiment later." The Lunala chimed as she took flight to the Altar of the Moone to prepare for the night.

Elio flew over to Aether Paradise to see if he would find Lillie.

She was about to leave the facility when she noticed Elio asking her. "I have some challengers that are coming for my throne. Could you look after Isaac for me?"

Lillie smiled before she signaled that they should fly to somewhere more secluded. At the pokemon center in front of mount Lanakila they talked a little more as Lillie was given the master ball containing Mew. "I will look after him while you do your business. My mother just finished having an episode... saying that it was her fault with what happened to Cain and the others; how it became so bad that you and me had to clean up another mess she had left."

Elio shook his head in frustration. "Cipher would have hurt them regardless, did you try to tell her that?"

Lillie nodded as she felt something heavy in her chest. "As well as that they were doing all right now. Pete and Puff Puff were very helpful in calming her down... I didn't tell her about what actually happened with Isaac."

Elio nodded. "And for good reason! She is having a bad time cooping with everything else and as much as I hate her, I really don't want her to find out she played any part in... that."

Lillie agreed with him. "Wicke said this would happen from time to time unless she has something to keep her mind busy. My brother is using a hotel for the time unless he has to go visit." The girl wanted to change the subject as she received a message from Kukui requesting a battle; she gave Elio a kiss for good luck as the two flew their separate ways.

Elio prepared his team. "Gladiator and Kalden takes the front. H.P, Mac should have fun in this. Tolley and Melta, you two should have that month of training show!"

As he beaten the Elite four and placed himself on the throne, he saw an unusual alliance. A slightly older youngster native to Alola approached in a familiar looking youngster from Sinnoh.

Elio shouted with a raised eyebrow. "Joseph?! Never thought I see you here so soon!"

Joseph twisted his hat back as he glared. "Tristan kept getting in my way when I tried to do the trials. Thanks for letting us go after the Elite Four together mister!"

Elio shouted as he made a dramatic pose. "IT IS SO I CAN CRUSH YOU BOTH! HAVE AT YOU!"

Vs Youngsters Tristan and Joseph.


Out came a Lycanroc and Silvally. Tristan saw the Lycanroc and shouted. "Emolga use thunder wave before he sets up a rock polish!"

The Emolga paralyzed the Lycanroc as the Silvally shouted flames at the Toxicroak, leaving a burn.

Joseph glared. "Darts, use drain punch to keep that Lycanroc down and keep yourself up!"

The Lycanroc felt the draining damage as he let loose a stone edge into Emolga for a k.o. Tristan sent out his next pokemon, a Sharpedo. "Okay take that Lycanroc out with a water fall before it uses reversal!"

The Sharpedo rammed into the Lycanroc for a k.o. Elio called his Lycanroc back as he shouted to his Silvally. "USE THE THUM AGAIN!" Toxicroak was knocked out of the battle by the flamethrower, leaving the Silvally to stand proud.

Joseph sent out a Staraptor as Elio sent out a Bronzong.

Tristan shouted. "Sharpedo, use night slash on that Bronzong before he sets something up!" Joseph shouted with him. "Star, use brave bird on that strange dog!"

In a rush, the Silvally was pushed back as it awaited the next order. "KALDEN, USE DRACO METEOR ON THAT STARAPTOR! TOLLEY, SET UP A REFLECT!" The Silvally let out a loud booming roar; meteors fell the the crystal ceiling, crushing the Staraptor for a knock out. The Bronzong's eyes glowed as it set up a pink screen.

Joseph growled as he switched the Staraptor out. "Jet come out and teach that dragon type a lesson!" Out came a Garchomp with a necklace.

Joseph took out his bracelet and activated the keystone. "Mega evolve and use outrage!" The Garchomp glowed, became larger with scythe like claws and was pelted by another draco meteor; he glowed red and assaulted the Silvally for a knock out. The Bronzong was knocked out by a critical night slash from the Sharpedo, leaving Elio with half his pokemon left.

Elio drew both pokemon back as he sent a heavy ball and dusk ball. "MAC, MELTA! LETS END THIS BATTLE!"

Out came a Hitmonchan wearing a life orb around his neck and a Heatran attuned to a crystal.

Joseph looked at the Heatran in curiosity. "I heard on the news something happened with Stark Mountain, mister... do you know what normally happens when someone takes a Magma Stone?"

Elio nodded. "Was going to catch her anyways. MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT GARCHOMP!" The Hitmonchan punched the Garchomp at high speeds as the Garchomp countered with another outrage. The Sharpedo rushed into the Heatran with a water fall as Elio posed like a blooming flower, ordering his Heatran to use. "BLOOM DOOM!"

The Heatran glowed in strange light and absorbed the power of nature to knock the Sharpedo out in a felling beam.

Tristan sent out his last pokemon and shouted. "Tauros, get ready to push!"

Elio had his Hitmonchan knock out the Garchomp with another mach punch as Tristan posed his hands into a Z position for a "BREAK NECK BLITZ!"

The Tauros glowed in strange light and rammed into the Hitmonchan for a k.o as Elio shouted. "MELTA MAGMA STORM THAT TAUROS!"

The Heatran shot out an intense maelstrom of fire at the Tauros to trap him. Elio called the knocked out Hitmonchan back and was about to send out his Kangaskhan. "Well Tristan, it looks like it is just you and me. H.P COME OUT AND MEGA EVOLVE!"

The Kangaskhan mega evolved into a parent and child duo as Elio shouted at them and the Heatran. "H.P USE FAKE OUT, MELTA FINISH THIS FIGHT WITH EARTH POWER!"

The Heatran roared and stomped her left front leg, causing the group to erupt underneath the Tauros for a knock out.

Joseph glared at the Heatran, then at the Elio. "Seriously mister, how long have you had those pokemon?"

Elio recalled as he prepared to call the two back. "H.P has been with me for over a year, Kalden was freed from his helmet a month after I became champion, Gladiator was born several months ago, Mac was with me around five months, Tolly and Melta I caught over a month ago.!"

Tristan thought about the Bronzong as he looked at the Heatran. "Look's like I am going to have to explore most of the world then and get stronger."

Joseph stared at his partner in a bored frown. "If your folks would even let you! Once my mom and dad heard I wanted to go to Alola I had to battle them before they even thought about me going!"

The Sinnoh youngster smiled at Elio. "Anyways, I captured a Wimpod and Grubbin while I was up here. They should do good once they evolve!"

Elio nodded. "Goliosopod especially, it is more of a hit and run type of pokemon but they can be good for teams with fake out. Vikavolt you need a trick room to make up for its bad speed."

Joseph smiled at the advise. "Thanks for the tip mister!"

Elio was about to give a small speech to dismiss the two challengers when he received an urgent message from Kahili. "I need to talk to you personally after you handled the challengers, finish up and be down here soon."

Elio's eyes widened as he dismissed the two hastily. "I got to get going; If you two want to challenge me again for my title; train up." As the two were shooed out of the summit, Elio descended into the lower chamber to find Kahili handing him a letter. "World Tournament in the next three months?"

Kahili gave Elio a competitive glare from her sky blue eyes. "Once every few years the main figure heads of the league system gather to Driftveil city to partake in this. Alola was lucky enough to even be invited due to how recently it was established into the league."

Elio took a deep breath at the inconvenience. "As champion I have to attend to this if I want to show the world what Alola is capable of?"

Hala explained that there was more to it than just him. "You need to gather the captains to represent as Gym Leaders of this region, otherwise there will be little to represent Alola."

Elio smiled mischievously. "I get to have my own minions?"

The Alolan cham went to the safty of his house to send a text message to four people of his concern. Nanu, Hapu, Acelerola and Moylane.

Hapu's reply was the most blunt of the four. "Sorry, bound to the land, can't come even if I wanted to!"

Moylane's was a little more detailed. "With the P.C connecting to regions all over the world, I am going to be busy making sure they are all running properly before I go anywhere. Sorry."

Acelerola's text was a smiley face. "Silly champion, I am part of the Elite Four!"

Nanu was very similar to Hapu's reply. "I am stuck on the island go find someone else!"

Elio snapped his fingers at the last reply. "Shoot, with all the gyms I heard about, Nanu would have been the first dark type Gym Leader."

Elio pondered as he sent the text message to the other captains for them to gather in Hau'oli. "Looks like I am going to have to make due."

At the city on Melemele, the captains; a flamboyant pink hair school boy specialized in normal types named Ilima, a blue hair fisher girl specialized in water types named Lana, a dark skin fire dancer with red paints specialized in fire types named Kaiwe, a green bunch hair chief specialized in grass types named Mallow, a short overweight nerd specialized in electric types named Sophocles and a blond painter with what looks like pink paint on her hair specialized in fairy types named Mina gathered for what ever the champ had for them.

Elio presented them with an invitation. They looked in confusion and awe as Sophocles asked. "Don't we need eight of us for this?"

Elio nodded and explained. "I asked the others, they are too busy to come and Ryuki is out of Alola for a concert. I had to make due with what we have other wise and asked two other people if they wanted to come."

The captains looked in shock as Plumeria and Guzma walked into what Elio was talking about.

What was even more shocking was that Elio handed the two an invitation casually. "I need two more mono type specialist for this to work. Would you two be among my minions?"

Plumeria glared sharply at Elio of what he called her. "If it would get me out of this region for a while, I need to talk to my granny and some of my brothers and sisters first." She flew off on her Crobat, leaving Guzma for his answer.

To Guzma, being called a minion to his face by a kid was insane. He glared at the invitation and asked. "Your telling me you got no one else for this?"

Elio shook his head as he explained that the others were unable to come, he took out Rotom Dex and presented him to the group. "This is not a bribe, but would any of these pokemon interest you? Because they are common on Unova."

The Dex flared up as pictures were shown. "Cinccino! Audino! Jellicent! Seismitoad! Darmanitan! I am skipping Chandelure for personal reasons and because our fire specialist already has a ghost/fire type and shouldn't need another. Leavanny, Maractus, Eelektross, Scolipede... by the way Guzma if those two bug types have not caught your interest. There is some ruins that have one particular pokemon. Dex!"

The Dex buzzed as it showed the picture of a red winged moth Guzma was too familiar with. "BZZT! Volcarona the sun pokemon! When volcanic ash blocks darkened the atmosphere, it is said Volcarona's fire provided a replacement for the sun. A sea of fire engulfs the surroundings of their battles, they use their six wings to scatter their ember scales. BZZT!"

Elio grinned at Guzma. "I know you have a team of six bug pokemon, but in case you want to separate your Pinsir and Punctchy a little or find something to do for th..."

Guzma interrupted him as he shouted. "When we leaving?"

Elio answered Guzma's question as he raised his finger and alerted the other captains. "Since it is very important for the gym leaders to have a full mono type team, we are leaving within a week. Early that we can capture a pokemon and trained them to be ready. I am going to ask you again, would you be my minion? I will only ask two things from you all!"

Plumeria landed back as she listened. "They shouldn't be much kid, I think most of us know what they are!"

Guzma took a deep breath. "The getting a full team part is one of them?" Elio nodded as he raised a second finger. "The other is to kick ass!"

Guzma shrugged it. "Fine by me!" Elio handed the dex over to the captains as he spoke of his departure. "In case you need to know more detail about the pokemon I mentioned or if they do not strike your fancy. I got some people I need to talk about regarding this, I'll be back."

Elio walked back to his mothers house to let her know first; she smiled as her son mentioned the World Tournament. "Kukui already told me about the details. Say hi to your father for me when you get the chance!"

Elio rolled his eyes as he said his goodbyes. "If he even notice I am in that region, I am going to Kukui's next!"

As he walked to the house on the shore, he saw Kukui and Burnet talking to Lillie about an important situation.

Elio shouted. "Okay, since you had a hand in this, I want to let you know that I had gathered up the closest thing to gym leaders I can find!"

Lillie was about to let Elio know about her invitation until Kukui handed over large amounts of paper work. "I need the eight to sign these and register, boat rides are free as well as the hotel once the tournament starts."

Lillie shouted as Elio was about to go out the door. "I been invited to the World Tournament myself, when you are done could we talk about this?"

Elio nodded to her as he prepared to leave. "Sure just let me handle business first!"

He went back to Hau'oli to find the eight looking at the pokemon Unova have when he handed each of them some sheets and pens. "I have one more order I am asking of you. Sign these! Our ride in an our of Unova are free otherwise."

After minutes of signing, Elio walked back to the lab with a smile as he prepared to hand Kukui over the paperwork. "Okay, that is done! Lillie, what do you want to talk about?"

Lillie frowned in concern. "I asked everyone I knew about this, they all said that this comes with being the champion and that I should go. The problem is that I want to win this with you!"

Elio frowned back and extended his hand. "Being someone who beaten the Kanto champion, this is expected of you; you need a ride anyways so you can come with us. We won't be enemies until the tournament actually begins, okay?"

Lillie still frowned upon hearing the words until Elio smiled. "I have one idea though, Unova has some sights and plenty of things for us to do. Including visual changes in the seasons we can always watch. If you want, we can explore the region and enjoy it together?"

Lillie smiled as she rushed to him in a hug, Elio fell back on the floor as he blushed. "That is a yes?"

Lillie answered the question with a green eyed, red cheek smile as they got themselves up.

The next week.

The chosen candidates prepared their teams. Ilima had a Gumshoes, a Smergle, a Alolan Raticate, a Bewear and a Toucannon prepared. Lana had a Cloyster, Araquanid, Lanturn, Toxapex and Primarina prepared. Kaiwe had an Alolan Marowak, Turtonator, Talonflame, Salazzle and Arcanine prepared. Mallow had a Sceptile with a mega stone, a Trevenant, a Lurantis and a Tsareena prepared. Sophocles had a Togedemaru, Magnezone, Golem, Vikavolt and Electivire prepared. Mina had a Klefki, Granbull, Shiinotic, Ribombee, Wigglytuff and an Azumarril prepared.

The other candidates looked at Mina questioningly as she answered. "I had a Marril from a pen pal all the way from Johto."

Plumeria had a Gengar with a mega stone, a Salazzle, an Alolan Muk, a Crobat and Toxapex prepared as she had her Weezing on standby. Guzma switched his Honchkrow and Bisharp out for his Masquirain and Ariados.

As they said their goodbyes to their friends and family to go to a different region, they gathered to the port at Hao'oli. Elio and Lillie were standing by the large boat to greet the group with their bags being packed.

Elio smiled as he got out of their way. "If you all are ready, this ride should only take two weeks."

Lana shouted in the back as she stared at Lillie, who was looking at Alola one more time. "Why are you bringing her along?"

Elio grinned and answered. "She may be a part of team Kanto, but she needs a ride like the rest of you! We already talked about this and we shouldn't have to worry about it until the Tournament happens!"

Lana shrugged. "I heard of good places to fish in that region and heard of some strong pokemon to fish up."

The group of gym leaders entered the boat, with Lillie shaking herself in preparation for another adventure and following with Elio. "Unova is one of the most technological advanced regions known, you think we are going to be overwhelmed?"

Elio was staring at the dock becoming distant as he listened. "Initially, from what my pop's told me Unova is a region that takes truth and ideals very seriously. What is what it is and what people believe."

Lillie understood as she hugged him. "Kind of like what we argued about last week? How I am of another team yet we normally travel together?"

Elio agreed as he hugged back. "They either clash or co-exist!"


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc. Chapter 1: Alola, Unova.

Two weeks of boat travel and team Alola had arrived in what is considered to be the largest city in all of the regions. Castelia City.

For all of them, the size was much for them to handle until Elio shouted out. "Alright minions! We have over two months to prepare for the tournament! We are to meet in Driftveil city by then! Unless there is anything specific you need of me, your pretty much on your own!"

Kaiwe and Guzma agreed to go to the desert north of the city. Lana, Mallow and Plumeria went to the bridge south of the city to Pinwheel forest. Ilima and Sophocles went with the fire dancer and the skull boss. Ilima spoke his reason while letting out a charm inducing look. "I heard of a hidden grotto near Nimbasa city that should have what I am looking for."

Mina went to the sidewalk and found a place to begin painting as Elio whispered to her. "From what my pop's said about this city, there is someone here you might get along with!"

Mina shrugged. "I might find him when I get the chance."

As the Alola champ dismissed them to do their own activities as he smiled to Lillie. "This is just the first sight!"

Lillie knew that two months was limited time and wanted to enjoy the region with Elio as much as she would. "What do you want to do first?"

Elio answered. "Lets head over to Nimbasa city first! While there is one thing I want to do in this city, the problem with it is that finding one person in this crowd would take way too long. That is also something I want to do alone. Pop's said of an ice cream shop in this city, want to try that place first?"

The two bought themselves Castelia cones as they walked over to the northern desert. The route looked like buildings were built over a dessert and sandstorms were common. They finished up as they found the Kaiwe trying to catch the pre evolution of Darmanitan, Darumaka. As he caught one in a quick ball, he was initially startled by the duo.

Elio greeted him with a hearty hello. "You already captured a pokemon in this region and have to wear a shirt for a while?"

Kaiwe felt inconvenienced by the red shirt he was wearing and answered. "Ilima went ahead of us while we went off the road. Guzma left for the ruins you told him about. Any trainers that would have challenged him were frightened into getting out of his way."

Elio understood. "He been wanting to get a Volcarona for months! Let him get what he can, this region is known for having some very good bug pokemon. Give him at least four hours and if you haven't heard from him, call me to bail him out!"

Kaiwe picked up the quick ball as he looked back the route the duo came. "I have somethings I want to do back at Castelia, going to wait in one of the buildings in this route and hope this sandstorm dies down." Elio understood as Lillie encouraged him to keep going through the route.

She shouted to Kaiwe. "Good luck raising that Darumaka, it becomes very strong when it evolves!"

As Guzma descended into the Relic Castle.

He found a few things that annoyed him. First was the large amounts of Sandiles and Yamask. After dealing with ten of each, Guzma cursed as he used a max repel to keep them off. The second most annoying was a puzzle that involved going down sand traps to actually go down the castle. It took him two hours before he finally descended to the very bottom.

Guzma looked up and grumbled. "That moth is going to be worth all that, it ought to show Kukui who is the boss!"

As he descended down the stairs, he found something very odd, even in comparison to the many Yamask. Strange looking people dressed up as a combination of a pirate and ninja with a strange emblem on their uniforms, they glared at Guzma and asked. "So you are here for the pokemon in the ru.."

Guzma folded his arms and shouted. "Damn right I am! I been wanting to catch that moth for months!"

The orange haired male of the emblem group looked at the others and talked back at Guzma. "Is it right to even capture it? Even right for you to have captured any of yours? Do they even want to be with you?"

Guzma glared at the group and laughed. "Okay first off, screw you! Second..." Guzma sent out his Golisopod before he finished. "If he wanted to ditch me, he would have done it years ago!" The grunts drew out a Watchog, a Krokodile and a Liepard.

Guzma glared at them more as he sent out a Masquerain and a Heracross. "And you went out of the way to lecture me on that crap? You all are stupid!" The three bug pokemon made very short work of the grunts pokemon, causing them to flee from their trainer. Guzma drew his Masquerain and Heracross back as he walked deeper into the ruins with his Golisopod.

The maze he went through took nowhere near as long in comparison to the sand traps as he found another strange looking person in black robes, wearing the same emblem as the grunts running for his life. "Oh no! I am not getting caught in between those two things!"

Guzma scratched his head as he wondered what was going on. He felt intense heat as he progressed to the next room. There he found a large radiating Volcarona doing battle with, or had done battle with a large muscular mosquito known as Buzzwole in front of a wormhole he was all to familiar. The Buzzwole flexed as it went back into the collapsing wormhole, waving to what ever was at the other side that they should not go this way. As the Ultra Wormhole collapsed, it left the Volcarona to deal with the other intruder. It stretched its wings as it prepared for battle, flaring up in flame and an aura for a boost.

Vs Totem Volcarona, its aura flared up, boosting its special attack.

Guzma shouted to the Golisopod. "Use aqua jet on that Volcarona!" The life orb siphoned energy as the Golisopod rammed the Volcarona into a wall. The Volcarona blew back an intense heat wave, causing the Golisopod to make an emergency exit back into its ultra ball; leaving Guzma to think of his next pokemon. "I seen how fast this thing is, Pinsir come out and get ready!" The Pinsir roared as he prepared the order. "Use x scissor to weaken it, then it is as good as caught!"

Pinsir rushed to the Volcarona and swung both its pincers and its arms into it for a critical hit. Guzma cringed as the Volcarona began to fall to the ground from the damage, a blazed in flame. By instinct, the skull boss called back the Pinsir, hid behind a big sturdy pillar and crouched. Boom! Any section of the room that wasn't blocked by the pillar was blown away in a sea of flame. Guzma felt the intense heat rush around him and sweated, while he was not burned it was one of the more intense moments of his career as a trainer.

As the flames died down, he saw ashes and a pedestal in front of a stone carving dedicated to the Volcarona. On the pedestal was a nest filled with four eggs that began to hatch into tiny larva known as Larvesta. One by one they rushed from the pedestal and into cracks on the wall. Guzma saw a more timid Larvesta slightly hesitate to go with the group and hurled a net ball.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Guzma grinned as his capture. "You'll do, now to get out of this place!"

Elio and Lillie arrived in the rather high tech city called Nimbasa City.

"BZZT! A bustling city of entertainment, known for having a theme park! BZZT!"

The duo were too busy looking at the sights as they sent out an Incineroar and Raichu to join them in the sight. Both trainers were arguing over what they should do. Elio asked Lillie. "I heard they were having a base ball game and a tennis right now... so it is too late to get tickets. How about we take a train to Anville town?"

Lillie was about to agree until she noticed the Ferris Wheel. "Do you want to go on that? We need a should see what this region has in store for us anyways."

She blushed as she finished. "I heard that many people go to this for their own reasons."

Elio blushed back. "Talk about things in a very good sight... okay."

The two rushed in holding hands as their pokemon groaned and followed.

Incineroar spoke to the Raichu in his own language. (The two are at it again, hope this means they are not going to have issues following!)

Raichu chattered. (Oh come on Brimmy, that region was completely different from this one! Lets forget about that mess and enjoy the...) The two pokemon caught up with their trainers as they noticed another couple about to go on the Ferris Wheel ahead of them. Two teenagers, a brown haired boy in a blue shirt with a red hat and a pink haired woman in a white hat.

Elio thought to himself. "Look like a short line, meh shouldn't be to mu..."

Three white haired ninjas surrounded the older couple with a trio of Bisharps ready to strike at the couple ahead of them.

Lillie glared at shouted. "Oh come on! We haven't even been in this region for a day and we are having problems, Shockums use focus blast on the one in front of us!"

Elio gritted his teeth. "Brimmy flare blitz the on at the guys side! He needs our help!"

The Bisharp barely noticed the blast as he turned around to the noise, it was knocked out as the one on his side was slammed by a raging Incineroar for a knock out. The teenagers jumped back as the furthest Bisharp tried to slash at the older boy. He took a pokeball and shouted. "Baker! Get that Bisharp away with a hammer arm!"

A large fiery pig known as Emboar came out of the ball; he slammed his fist into the Bisharp for a quick knock out, giving the pink haired woman enough time to send out a pokemon of her own. "Go Rhydon!"

With four pokemon out, the assassins tossed out an Accelgor, an Absol and a Banette. The Accelgor used Giga drain on the Rhydon; because of its eviolite, it was able to withstand the attack.

The Absol tried to use night slash on the Raichu as Lillie posed for a "GIGA VOLT HAVOC!" to knock the Absol out.

Banette swiped a shadow claw at the Emboar as Elio shouted. "BRIMMY USE DARKEST LAIRAT ON THE BANETTE!" In a spin, the Banette was knocked out before the Emboar was able to retaliate.

The pink haired woman shouted. "Finish that Accelgor with a stone edge!" In sharp rocks the Accelgor was knocked out of the fight.

The assassins glared at the younger couple as they sent out another trio of Bisharp in an attempt to go for the kill on the brown hair teenager. Lillie shouted. "Shockums use focus blast on the furthest one!"

Elio joined in shout. "Same move on the side one again!"

Both bisharps were knock out, leaving the solo one to try and close its claws in a guillotine at the teenage boy, he dodged as he shouted. "Baker, flare blitz!"

In a fiery brutal ram, the Emboar ended the encounter, leaving the trio of assassins to glare at the younger couple.

One of them muttered as they escaped in high speeds. "You have just made enemies of us!"

The teenage boy collapsed on the ground exhausted as he realized he barely escaped death, the pink haired woman calmed him down as he turned toward the younger couple. "I thought the Shadow Tirad gave up on coming after me. Thanks you two for the quick thinking, thanks for helping out Yancy!"

Yancy blushed as Elio frowned toward the teenage boy. "No problem but a couple things. Who the hell were those guys! Also what is your name."

The teenager introduced himself as Nate. He frowned as he explained who the Shadow Tirade were. "Personal goons of a mad man named Ghetsis. Thought he had a stroke last I heard of him."

Elio wondered. "Could it be these guys trying to avenge him or something? Normally if you bang your head against a wall, you try going around it; especially if your nuts enough to keep trying for that long!"

Nate listened and thought of it. "After a year's worth of attempts at my life and disappearing for a while..." Lillie frowned in worry over the fact they dealt with assassins and wanted to change the subject.

She and Elio introduced themselves to the older couple and asked. "What are you doing here?"

Nate and Yancy blushed red as the former answered. "It was that time of the month where we go on the Ferris wheel together. Gives you a good view of the towns over. The sun set is at its best from the top!" Lillie asked the two, how long have they been dating.

Yancy answered in a more red blush. "Four years, I am normally busy with work so I have time for a couple days in the month."

Lillie grabbed Elio's hand before he had the chance to grab hers, both asked each other in unison. "Would you like to go on the Ferris Wheel with me?"

The younger couple blushed even more red in comparison to the older couple as Nate asked. "I haven't seen you two before, first time in Unova? If so, what brings you here?"

Elio shouted bold and proud. "Been invited to the World tournament! Unfortunately Lillie and I are going to be in separate teams. She is part of team Kanto simply because she beaten Lance. As for me... the world is about to see exactly what the Alola region has to offer in terms of the best!"

Nate frowned and asked with a puzzled look. "What are you... a type of Champi..."

Elio nodded and grinned. "My minions have came to this region early for one reason. Some have five pokemon as is and they need to pick up and train it up! This region has some last minute pokemon as is!"

Nate squinted his eyes and asked. "Minions?"

Elio pointed a thumb to himself and shouted. "Say hello to Alola's dark and terrible tyrant!"

Lillie pulled Elio away and apologized to the older couple. "He hasn't actually done anything terrible to the region, but he acts way too over the top about this."

Nate thought of it and laughed. "And the boys at Poke Star would love someone like you two! Tell your minions that Unova is more than prepared for what they have to offer!"

The older couple called their pokemon back and went to the Ferris Wheel after they said their farewells. Leaving the younger couple to wait for the next cart.

As the duo called their pokemon back to enjoy the ride, they looked at the view, then back at each other before returning to looking the sight.

Lillie asked Elio what was wrong as he was smiling. "Nothing much. Just enjoying the view."

Lillie moved over to Elio's side of the cart as she prepared to kiss him. It lasted until they began to descend, Elio took a deep breath as he broke the kiss and asked. "Lillie, I already said what I wanted to say to you back on Sinnoh. Should I say it again?"

Lillie blushed more and shook her head. "Once is enough for me, you don't have to if you don't want to. It is getting late, should we head to the poke center for the night as soon as this ride is over?"

Elio nodded as he realized he was holding Lillies hand again as they left the cart. "Might as well end our first day in this region after this."


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc. Chapter 2: Charging For a Tale!

Elio and Lillie woke up the next day to prepare themselves for their tour of Unova. They found a contemplating Guzma petting his Masquerain before he called it back into its ball and sent it into the P.C.

Elio shouted at him. "You found what you were looking for in the ruins?"

Guzma wasn't really startled and shrugged. "Kind of. Going to take a while before I raise this guy up."

He took out a net ball and let out a Larvesta.

Elio looked at the torch pokemon in wonder as Guzma glared sharply. "Back off kid, you have your own! Apparently that moth had a shrine to it and everything; found something else strange."

Elio wondered. "What?"

Guzma groaned at remembering some of the events. "Some weirdo's telling me that being a pokemon trainer is a big offense or some crap!"

Elio smiled. "You kicked their asses?"

Guzma folded his arms and smiled back. "Damn right! Another thing, I found a big Volcarona driving off one of... them."

Elio raised an eyebrow at the description. "Them?"

Guzma frowned. "That large mosquito!"

Elio frowned back. "Some times those holes open up. Have not seen one open up in Alola as of late... save for an attempt to send them back home."

Lillie looked at the two in worry. "We had something like this happen in Sinnoh. Elio was able to handle it but that... thing angered Melta!" Guzma scratched his head in confusion; he knew Lillie was refering to Nihilego, but from what he knew about Heatran from seeing Elio he asked. "I thought poison doesn't affect steel types?"

Elio raised a finger as he corrected him. "Oh no no no! It did something else that pissed off a territorial Heatran. If you find a goth lady named Cindy she has a Pheromosa. Kid you not they were the same ones that use to be among...never mind. You fought a totem Volcarona though?"

Guzma took a deep breath in disappointment. "I wanted to catch that thing. That Volcarona burst into flames and almost cooked me!"

Elio nodded in understanding and was glad for Guzma's safety. "I don't know how you avoided the flame, but it was good you did. Where did that Larvesta come in?"

Guzma turned his frown into a grin. "My favorite part, it hatched a bunch of Larvesta. Caught one before it scampered off!"

Elio sighed as he listened. "Thus is the nature of the flame! The you know what may not be an issue, but that group you mention might."

Guzma asked why, Elio answered. "Lillie and I stopped an assassination attempt at some guy that was out on a date! Some one during the Cipher crisis mentioned a group that operated on this region, Lillie did reading on these guys after everything is done. Some big shot called Team Plasma that may match you description. For now just focus on the tournament and sending word to the others. Best way to keep everyone safe when they try something. I want to change the subject, so where is Kaiwe?"

Guzma shrugged. "He went to Castelia for something after I caught that Larvesta. Said something about a job needed for the next month or so!"

Elio smiled. "As long as he is ready in the next couples months, what ever he does with his time is on him. Lillie and I are going to Driftveil. Good luck on raising that Larvesta up!"

The duo exited the pokemon center, leaving Guzma to begin raising the Larvesta.

After Elio and Lillie departed to Dritfveil they found Ilima standing next to a trailer with a smile. The champ was curious as to what the top student of Melemele's school had found and asked. "So you found anything? I heard Audino is very common in this region and Minccino is cute as a button!"

Ilima tossed a love ball containing a Minccino. " The ones found outside have the ability cute charm. The one found in the grotto is rather special in its ability."

Lillie agreed as she spoke of the ability. "Skill link! Swifter has this ability herself and is very strong because most of her attacks hit you multiple times. Have you seen where Sophocles ran off to?"

Ilima pointed toward the raised drawbridge slowly descending after allowing a boat to pass. "He went ahead to Chargestone cave to catch an electric type very unique what its ability gives it. Tyanmo."

Lillie nodded. "Because it is only an electric type, its ability levitate gives it no weaknesses. As an Eelektross it is very strong and durable despite being slow."

Elio grinned at both. "We are heading toward Driftveil city for the sake of exploring this region. Take your time raising it."

Ilima nodded. "The ladies have already captured what they were looking for. Mallow may be heading toward the dessert to look for the pokemon Maractus. I sent a message to her that she may want to hold off on evolving her Sewaddle until it learns the move sticky web."

Elio agreed. "Might as well have a strategic advantage." The bridge finished dropping as Elio remembered something. "By the way, I already have Guzma doing something a little important. But spread word to the others about some small group called Team Plasma! I don't want the captains to be bothered by this but I want them to be ready to defend themselves in case Plasma tries to attack them."

Ilima's smile lessened a little. "I had a message from him not very long ago. I thought he was joking until he became too specific."

Elio frowned. "All the reason why I am asking you as well. Just in case the others don't believe him."

Lillie signaled Elio that they may want to cross the bridge before another boat comes.

Elio snapped back into a grin. "Anyways see ya when we see ya!"

As the duo crossed the bridge the Rotom Dex flared up to explained the town. "BZZT! Driftveil city. An ex cargo shipping area turned into a town by the Gym Leader Clay! This is where they transport goods in and out of Unova and even has a small market. BZZT!"

Elio sighed in response to the Dex's explanation. "Since we were really just stopping by until the world tournament, this is good to know." As the two began exploring they found something strange.

It looked like a group of strange people dressed as ninja like pirates harassing a group of strange people dressed as knights. Both were wearing the same emblem. The duo sized up the two as the Team Plasma group they had heard about and began to confront them. As the ones in black were talking to the others about world conquest and why they should join, they noticed the two trainers. Much like with what they told Guzma, they asked why a group of strangers came to Unova. Elio was blunt in that it was none of their business.

They began to question the duo in what they are doing to their pokemon by capturing them to the point Lillie glared at them. "If you think capturing pokemon and treating them like family is wrong. Why don't you release yours first!"

The Plasma Trio glared and drew out their pokeballs in response to the question and sent out a Seviper, Watchog and Krokodile that were ready to attack. Elio laughed at them and began to draw some pokeballs as Lillie whispered. "You bring Isaac out to show them our point! I will bring Mele and Lola out for my own."

Elio took the master ball and shouted. "ISAAC, LET SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE!"

Lillie tossed her two pokemon out and shouted. "Lola, Mele, lets kick their butts out!" Elio shouted the first order. "ISAAC USE PSYCHO BOOST TO TAKE THAT SEVIPER OUT!"

The Mew let loose a psychic explosion on the Seviper, sending it flying back for a k.o as the Watchog tried to use hypnosis to send the Mega evolved Venusaur into a deep sleep, it missed.

The Krokodile leaped at the Mew and crunched its jaws into him, thrashing him around as Lillie shouted. "Mele use giga drain on that Krokodile to take it down! Lola, use scald just in case!"

The Venusaur inhaled as it drained the Krokodile of its health, quickly bringing it to its knees as scalding hot water knocked it out and let the Mew go. Watchog used confuse ray on Vaporeon as The Mew switched places with the Vaporeon and used thunder wave to paralyze the Watchog on Elio's order.

Lillie saw her chance to end the fight and shouted. "Mele, end this fight with a sludge bomb!" In a hurl of sludge, the Watchog was quickly knocked out.

The Plasma goons glared at the Mew before the orange haired male spoke. "You took that thing from its home and bound it to your will?"

Elio shook his head as flash backs of his battle with XD-002 still rang in his head as he heard the words.

Elio was about to give a more verbal answer as the Plasma goon continued. "Or you found it out of the blue and thought. Hey the rarest of all pokemon! I should capture it and show it off! With out caring of what it thinks?"

Elio remembered the distorted screech, the pain the Mew felt, the Mew's mind being torn apart he answered coldly. "You scumbags don't even know where Isaac has been! Least of all what he has been through!"

The Plasma goon shrugged. "And how we know your not lying?" Elio and the Mew flinched in rage before Lillie shouted to the goons. "You three did not even try to release your pokemon... so shoo!" The Venusaur and Vaporeon were about to attack the three goons as they took the hint and ran. A sludge bomb and ice beam barely missing them as Lillie was rapidly stomping her feet, glaring at them until they were out of sight.

The remaining three Plasma members saw the two trainers and began to apologize. "Look this has been going on for a while. They only came back recently and..."

Elio glared. "I don't even want to talk to you people, you don't even know..." He fell over struggling to breath, Mew and Lillie tried to help him up and began to calm him down.

Lillie and the Mew looked at the disturbed Plasma group as they spoke their peace. "Look kid, I don't even want to know. Soon as we found out we were being used, we released most of the pokemon we had; at least the ones that wanted to go home. A couple months ago we helped some people return a group of pokemon to the wild... some of them mentioned a champ trusting an acting president."

Elio looked at the group in an attempt to calm down. "That is all you need to know. Thanks for helping them out, any of you want to explain what that feud you had was about?"

Behind the Plasma group a strange man in robes over heard the question and answered. "Six years ago lord N tried to convince all of Unova to..."

Elio interrupted the sage. "I know, convince Unova about the whole trainer and pokemon thing. Someone stopped you."

The sage continued. "Yes I am aware. Once a young woman named Hilda confronted N and stopped Ghetsis, Team Plasma had been divided into two. The ones who actually believed in lord N's vision..."

Elio helped him finish. "And the hypocrites that don't really care about the pokemon! Any idea where Hilda and N are?"

The sage scratched his head. "Sort of, Hilda vanished for some time in an attempt to search for N. It took around four years before the two reunited... at the moment Hilda is trying to teach him more of the world."

Lillie wondered about N and asked. "Anything specific about N we need to know?"

The sage took a deep breath in disappointment as he explained. "Lord N no longer has the legendary dragon Zekrom. He is a green haired young man that has the ability to speak to pokemon."

Lillie giggled at the thought. "We have Rotom Dex do most of the translating! Other wise Isaac is very good at helping Elio talk to a couple pokemon."

The sage asked. "Rotom... Dex?"

The Dex popped out of Elio's bag and spoke loudly. "BZZT! That Mew normally does it when I am not around to do it. BZZT!"

The sage took interest. "Huh? They actually tried merging a Rotom with a Pokedex?"

The Dex buzze. "BZZT! Lets me see things no Rotom had gone before, BZZT!"

Lillie was rubbing Elio's back as she talked about the Mew. "With how we got Isaac, terrible people had hurt him; it was so bad that for reasons we don't want to talk about... he can never be let back in the wild. We normally have him out of his ball unless we are in places we are not exactly comfortable with or going near people that might... set him off. Or we run into someone who has an interest in Isaac because he is a Mew... one of the rarest if not the rarest of pokemon."

The sage agreed as he asked. "I noticed that you two are not from this region."

Elio calmed down and looked over to a large building in the distance. "Me and a group of people have been invited to the world tournament to represent Alola. Lillie is representing Kanto because she beaten the champion. We are here early because we want to see this region."

The sage was startled by the answer and looked towards the building. "Huh? It's that time again? Best that we don't get in your way then."

Lillie smiled. "You haven't, it was nice talking to you."

Elio agreed with Lillie as he was prepared to call the curious Mew back in the master ball. "Those guys were the ones in our way. Your at least cleaning up your act, see ya."

The two waved good bye as they left for the pokemon center to heal up for their trip to Chargestone cave.

The duo left Driftveil city to explore the next route and to travel to Chargestone cave.

Elio shrugged. "I heard of some rather interesting pokemon we can find in that cave anywa..."

Lillie stopped him as she saw a strange green deer with yellow strips munching on grass. Without thinking, Elio tossed a nest ball.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Lillie frowned as she asked what pokemon was that. Dex flared up as it registered the pokemon. "BZZT! Deerling, the season pokemon. The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of its fur. People use it to mark the seasons! BZZT!"

Lillie saw the picture of the summer form and wondered. "Summer is about over, I may want to come back here and see the Autumn one myself." Dex shrugged as he explained more about Deerling. "BZZT! No real difference other than the color... or when it evolves, the antlers. BZZT!"

Elio saw the type combination and took interest. "Normal and Grass. I did hear that Unova has some rather interesting type combinations. Even among the regions."

Dex smiled. "BZZT! Alola and Kalos are the other two regions that are home to some very rare type combinations. BZZT!"

As the two traveled closer to the cave, Lillie noticed a blue beetle that crawled down a tree, stared at them for a while and waddled into a bush.

She remembered somethings she heard about that were from Unova asked. "I heard of this one." The Dex showed a picture of the beetle and a snail as he answered what the pokemon are. "BZZT! Karrablast and Shelmet. They have a unique evolution as is. You trade a Karrablast for a Shelmet they evolve into Escalvier and Accelgor! Mostly when they were exposed to the same energy that evolves Haunter, Onix and a few others BZZT!"

Elio grinned. "Looking at the picture... Karrablast took Shelmets shell and made it into a suit of armor. Leaving the Shelmet without its shell."

Lillie wondered more and looked at Elio teasingly. "Having these two evolve would require a strong sense of trust between two trainers."

Elio frowned and answered her question. "We already captured their evolved forms on Citadark, saw them get better and sent back to their trainers. Remember why we did it in the first place?"

Lillie nodded and smiled. "I know, that is also the reason why I will only capture a few pokemon in any region we visit and leave the rest alone."

As they found the entrance to the cave, they found out exactly why it was called Chargestone cave. Inside the cave was a constant electrical charge radiating across blue glowing stones. As the duo progressed deeper into the cave, they felt their hair stand. They encounter several pokemon of note; strange rotating gears known as Klink, a small fuzzy tick known as Joltik and a Ferroseed all got in their way before they came close to the exit.

Elio wondered from if Sophocles had better luck finding Tyanmo than they were, Dex floated away from the electricity and buzzed. "BZZT! Despite the information saying a group of them gather for a strong electrical shock. Tyanmo is the rarest pokemon in this cave! Unless he has extremely good luck, he probably still stuck here! BZZT!"

As they found the exit they made it Mistralion city. A town that has a run way that also has a small vegetable farm on the side. The duo found Sophocles about to call someone when he noticed who he was about to call.

The duo ran up to him to ask what was happening before Sophocles spoke. "Was about to tell you that I finally captured a Tyanmo after searching for two hours. I was going to catch a Joltik of this keeps up. Heard that it is also a very good electric type."

Dex was about to flare up where they were as Sophocles continued. "This city mainly transports the cargo in and out of the region by air. The Gym Leader normally likes to people on a trip to Lentimas town... I was able to get us these tickets if we wanted to go."

Elio and Lillie obtained plane tickets. Sophocles explained that Lentimas town wasn't much, but it is the quickest way to a place called Reversal Mountain.

The duo tilted her head in confusion as Sophocles beaten the Dex to explaining. "Elio, do you have that Heatran in your party?"

Elio grinned. "I still have Melta... Not using her for the tournament and she is very picky about where I take her."

Sophocles smiled and explained about a legend. "I heard that it is a sort of place where a Heatran comes to cool down!"

Lillie was about to go search for the gym leader until she heard the word Heatran and walked back.

Elio was a little nervous as he asked. "I still want to watch you capture one of these pokemon, mind if I at least do that?"

Lillie kept her smile as she answered. "That is more than enough... before anything though I want to ask Melta what she knows."

Elio shrugged as he took out the heavy ball and sent out the Heatran.

She looked around at the strange place as Lillie asked. "Excuse me Melta... we are about to head to a place called Reversal mountain, do you know of it."

The Heatran tilted her head and let loose a series of high pitched roars. "BZZT! That place? It is that time of year when one comes along. I already had my cool down and you need to go find a magma stone for one to come. BZZT!"

Lillie groaned as Elio smiled. "Don't worry, I have an old Salamence we can use to fly around this region! We can have him fly us around this region when we eventually find the stone."

Lillie kept a frown as Sophocles explained his own reason to go to Lentimas town. "There is someone who is normally at a place called Undella town that I want to meet, I think you may have met her a couple times."

Elio sweated in fear as who he was referring to as they went to find the gym leader for a ride.


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc Chapter 3: The Journey To The Magma Stone!

The trip to Lentimas town uneventful but quick. As the group of three searched the town, they found the town itself to be made of clay as they progressed past what looked like a strange house, they entered Reversal mountain. The mountain itself looked like it had volcanic spring water and plenty of pokemon to encounter. Elio, Lillie and Sophocles wasted no time navigating past the mountain as they exited to a type of town they were use to.

The Dex flared up as they took the sighting of a beach. "BZZT! Undella town! A summer retreat with a beach full of people who enjoy summer vacations! Since it is the end of summer, most of the people here have already left! BZZT!"

Elio glared at the villas and rushed to a pokemon center. "Since there is someone Soph liked to meet... I want to be ready for what ever happens. I will be right back."

As Elio rushed to the pokemon center to get his Mimikyu, Kangaskhan, Raichu, Lycanroc, Silvally and Incineroar. Lillie noticed a sign that was recently placed in front of one of the villas and giggled at the words "Strong trainers are welcomed? I don't understand why he is scared of her."

Sophocles saw Elio walk out of the pokemon center and thought to himself. "If she is who we think we are, she is one of the strongest trainers one would meet."

Elio went back to the two and saw the sign. Lillie gestured toward the villa and whispered. "It does welcome strong trainers, why don't you go in first since you are a rather strong trainer."

Elio took the dare and walked past the door. Within the building he froze at who he saw; a woman in a blue shirt and black pants with long blonde hair that pretended to be unaware of who was coming. The door shut behind him as another woman in pink clothes began to play a piano.

The familiar looking woman greeted the Alolan champion. "Didn't expect to see you here so soon since we are not to really meet until the world tournament. My pokemon are rather exited to meet yours once again. Care to be my opponent?"

Elio smiled at Cynthia as he sweated nervously and drew out a quick ball. "Damn right I will!"

Vs Trainer Cynthia

Cynthia smiled back and sent out a Spiritomb. Elio tossed the ball and shouted. "LOST! COME ON OUT AND SET UP A SWORDS DANCE!"

The Mimikyu danced in vigor before Cynthia shouted. "Spiritomb, use hypnosis to shut that Mimikyu down!"

In a hypnotic wave, the Mimikyu fell asleep, leaving her open for the Spiritomb to eat her dreams of her trainer. The disguise held as it fell over, as the Spiritomb set up a double team, the Mimikyu woke up to Elio posing for a Z move. "Lost, since this Spiritomb is going to be a pain. USE TWINKLING TACKLE!" In a pink mist, the Mimikyu hovered over and tapped the Spiritomb, sending it flying toward a wall for a knock out.

Cynthia called the Spiritomb back and sent out a Togekiss. Elio shouted at the Mimikyu to use play rough as Cynthia ordered. "Togekiss, use thunder wave, then keep using air slash until it goes down!"

The Togekiss took the damage and paralyzed the Mimikyu, with in minutes of air flinching her, the Mimikyu was knocked out.

Elio gritted his teeth as he sent out his next pokemon. "SURFER! TAKE THAT TOGEKISS OUT WITH THUNDERBOLT!"

The Alolan Raichu emerged to the battlefield and immediately shot the Togekiss down in with a thunderbolt for a k.o.

Cynthia sent out a Glacion and shouted. "Take that Raichu out with shadow ball!"

Elio shouted back. "SURFER KEEP THE DAMAGE UP WITH PSYCHIC!" The Glacion took the psychic blast as she retaliated with a shadow ball, quickly knocking the Raichu out.

Elio called him back and drew out a pokeball to shout. "GLADIATOR! SET UP ROCK POLISH, THEN USE STONE EDGE TILL THE MILTANKS COME HOME!" The Lycanroc polished itself as the Glacion shot a blizzard, the Lycanroc took critical damage and held on with his focus sash.

Cynthia sent out a Milotic as the Lycanroc was prepared to take a last stand.

Elio shouted. "USE REVERSAL! GET THAT MILOTIC READY FOR H.P!" The Lycanroc swatted at the Milotic and was shot into a wall by a hydro pump for a k.o.

Elio sent out his Kangaskhan and raised his bracelet. "H.P MEGA EVOLVE AND USE RETURN!" The Kangaskhan channeled her affection into a strong punch, sending the Milotic crashing into a sink for a knock out.

Cynthia smirked sent out her Garchomp and raised her bracelet. "Garchomp! Mega evolve and use outrage!"

Elio shouted out. "H.P, KEEP USING RETURN!" The Kangaskhan duo and Garchomp traded blow after blow, the force was so great that Lillie and Sophocles felt it from out side the building. In one brutal swing, the Garchomp knocked the Kangaskhan out.

Elio glared as he sent out his next pokemon. "KALDEN, LETS SHOW THIS GARCHOMP WHO IS BOSS! DRACO METEOR!"

The Silvally came out and roared, meteors crashed down from the ceiling and into the Garchomp for a knock out.

Bringing Cynthia down to her last pokemon, a Lucario; the woman asked herself. "When was the last time I been driven into a corner like this?"

Elio shrugged at the answer and smiled. "No idea, but such a rush is always a good feeling! A time to just say screw strategy and let loose! Kalden use flamethrower!"

The Silvally began to roar slightly lower as it spewed out a torrent of flame, the Lucario rushed in and beaten it back in close combat.

Elio kept his order. "Use another flamethrower to finish this fight!" The Lucario rushed at the Silvally in extreme speed and was shot back by the flamethrower for a definite k.o!

Lillie slowly opened the door to find Elio and Cynthia breathing heavily from the intense battle. The inside of the villa was a complete mess from the battle as the two calmed down. They signaled to Sophocles and Lillie that it was safe to come in.

Lillie asked. "What were you doing here anyways?"

Caitlin helped Cynthia calm herself down and answered. "I let her use this when she comes here in the Spring and Summer. Normally she studies the underwater ruins!"

Lillie asked about Reversal mountain and where a magma stone can be found in Unova. Cynthia answered as she adjusted her hair. "One is found on route 18. Do you have a map I can mark?"

Rotom Dex let himself out of Elio's bag and buzzed. "BZZT! I have all sorts of functio.." Elio took the Rotom Dex and presented him to the Sinnoh Champion without hesitation.

Cynthia was busy pressing buttons as she asked. "I heard you caught a Heatran?"

Elio nodded as Lillie asked more. "Anything you know about Heatran we need to know?"

Cynthia finished pressing some buttons as she answered. "I seen quite a few trainers capture this pokemon as it is to have identifiable genders. Thankfully unlike with Stark mountain, a Heatran comes here when its power becomes rather much and it cools down."

Elio sighed. "So it is not a race against time to capture it before kaboom?"

Cynthia nodded as she smiled to the three trainers. "Correct! You still need to handle the fact that Heatran is still incredibly powerful and difficult to catch."

Sophocles mustered the courage to ask Cynthia for an autograph. As she began signing a piece of paper, Elio was prepared to say his farewells. "Still... see you at the world tournament?"

Cynthia looked Elio in the eyes with a smile. "Do know that you are going up against what the regions have to offer. Champions tend to have a match up against each other. Do you trust your representatives enough? I know Alola has a tradition to keep up."

Elio grinned back. "Some of the would be candidates and Captains were either among the elite four, too busy to come along, not in the region; Ryuki would have been one option, or in the case with the Kahunas... another close thing we have to gym leaders, bound to the region. Had to improvise with two rather shady people."

Cynthia finished signing an autograph when her cool stare sharpened. "I think I know one you are talking about, that man at the battle tree named Guzma?"

Elio shrugged as he nodded. "He normally has a mono type team, had nearly every bugnium Z crystal... closest thing to badges in the Alola region! Neither he nor Plumeria are captains or anywhere close."

Cynthia frowned. "Kanto and Johto still have one person they let in this tournament... you ever heard of Team Rocket?"

Elio scratched his head. "Kind of. I heard they are a type of Mafia but that was a long time ago."

Lillie remembered dealing with something like it during her adventures in Kanto. "A small group that use to be a part of Team Rocket tried to do something involving Ho-oh before someone stopped them. Something about wanting to use the ashes for money."

Cynthia continued. "That was their main goal, exploit pokemon for a quick buck. It had been going on for a while before a boy stopped them, it wasn't until three years afterwards for Team Rocket to finally disband."

Elio groaned. "Sounds like a small scale group... that is all the reason they stayed alive for such a long time. Probably why Setesh never mentioned them."

Cynthia asked about what Team Skull's goal was, Elio answered back. "Cause havoc! They were not even able to really do that and Guzma was scared straight in the end. Team Skull disbanded and some of the members are trying to get their lives back in order. You may or may not have seen three numb skulls in Sinnoh. They tried to start the island challenge a new, gotten better, challenged me, got beaten and left to see the world."

Cynthia's stare turned into a glare. "Your telling me the latest three trainers I fought at Sinnoh was from this group?"

Elio grinned. "I was the one who encouraged them to try again!"

Cynthia sighed at the reason and smiled. "That explained why they were fun to battle."

Elio laughed. "And I drove those three away from Alola! What is the Mob bosses name? Because I am going to bet a lure ball that Guzma would take him down."

Caitlin written something down and agreed to the bet. "I wager a love ball that the opposite happens!"

Cynthia giggled at the woman. "Are you going to have the rest of the Elite four gamble those?" The elite four member smiled. "Grimsly had a small loosing streak and we are busy having Brycen ready, thought I try to make Grimsly feel better and have a minor bet. These are much easier to get in Johto and I have plenty to spare."

Caitlin asked Elio. "Is that the only lure ball you have?"

Elio grinned. "Sophocles sent me a couple every couple months; I used one to catch a rather special Sharpedo and this is what I have left in terms of lure balls."

Caitlin brought out two boxes. "Guzma and Giovanni"

The two placed in what they wagered, Caitlin spoke as soon as she placed in the love ball. "I will handle who gets what afterwards and cleaning up. You just focus on preparing." Caitlin shood the three away as they left satisfied.

Sophocles said his farewells to Elio and Lillie as he left to explore a place called Black City. Elio switched some of his pokemon back to having his Heatran and Salamence in place of his Mimikyu and Kangaskhan as he prepared to take Lillie with him back to Castelia city. Upon landing, some office workers stared at the Alolan champion, as if they saw someone that looked like him.

Lillie asked Elio. "If there is someone in this city you are looking for, when are you going to look?"

Elio answered in an frown. "When you catch Heatran. We may want to check on the three ladies to the south to see if they are alright, we haven't heard from Team Plasma but they are going to cause the captains problems if not checked."

The trip past Skyarrow bridge was among the longest the duo had to walk through in the Unova region. Elio was unable to bring out his Tauros ride and despite Lillie having a bike, it was only built for one and she refused to leave him behind. After what felt like an hour, the duo arrived in Pinwheel forest, scheduling what they were going to do when a familiar trio appeared in front of them, almost like they teleported.

The Shadow Tirade glared at the duo as one of them asked Lillie. "So you seek to bind that Heatran to your very whim?"

The duo were disturbed as they drew out their pokeballs, Elio asked. "How long have you been following us?" He shook his head as he prepared another pokeball and a heavy ball.

Lillie answered to the trio. "I wanted to capture a Heatran because it is a very good pokemon!"

Elio grinned as he prepared to throw. "Before you bozo's say squat, let me show you why!"

He tossed his Incineroar, Silvally and Heatran on to the battlefield. The trio of pokemon glared as the Heatran let loose a loud roar.

Dex flared up and understood what the roar meant. "BZZT! Okay that is a roar! BZZT!"

The trio of assassins glared. "If we let you leave here, you will only get in our way!"

Vs The Shadow Tirade

The trio of assassins sent out a trio of Bisharp as Lillie wanted to join the fight. "Let me in this battle, I want to give them a piece of my mind as well!"

Elio refused the help as he asked Lillie to stand back. "But then I won't be able to give them the most literal burn of their lives! KALDEN TAKE OUT THE ONE ON THE LEFT WITH A THUM, BRIMMY FLARE BLITZ THE ONE ON THE MIDDLE, MELTA... USE MAGMA STORM ON THE RIGHT ONE!"

The Silvally shouted something before a flamethrower joined with a torrent of intense flame to knocked both Bisharp out. The remaining one used low sweep on the Heatran as it was knocked out by the Incineroar. The Tirade sent out a Banette, Accelgor and an Absol. As the Accelgor shot a focus blast, the Heatran stepped aside to dodge it entirely.

Elio shouted out. "KALDEN USE THE THUM ON MELTA!"

The Silvally breathed fire into the Heatran, she began to growl.

One of the Tirade questioned the act. "You have your pokemon attack each other? Does it even want that?"

Elio pretended to act dumb as he answered with his finger underneath his chin. "I don't know? Flash fire makes her immune to the flames damage... and heats up her own fire damage! Melta seems to actually like it. Melta what is your word?"

The Heatran glowed in intense heat as she roared louder than before. "BZZT! Let me incinerate these fools! BZZT!"

The Absol and Banette focused their attacks on the Silvally as the Heatran knocked the Accelgor out with a much more intense magma storm. The Incineroar rammed into the Absol with a flare blitz as Elio smiled more. "I let these guys do things how they please outside of me ordering them, or if they start going too far that I have to convince them of another way!"

The Tirade glared more as they sent out two more Bisharp that were glaring directly at Elio. The boy didn't even order the Silvally and Incineroar to use their moves. The Silvally shouted something again to shoot another flamethower at a Bisharp, knocking it out.

The Dex was puzzled as he tried to translate. "BZZT! Yor Toor... last one was interrupted from the flame boss kind of hard to translate. BZZT!" Elio shrugged as the Heatran stomped to cause the ground underneath the other Bisharp to erupted for a k.o. The Banette missed a shadow claw as the Incineroar spun into it with a darkest lairat for a k.o.

Elio continued to mock the Tirade as he laughed. "Case in point, I didn't even order them around and they knew what to do!"

The Silvally prepared for the last Bisharp as it shouted a flamethrower into it.

It still stood as Elio finished taunting the Tirade. "Alright Melta, give them a magma storm to remember!" In a torrent of intense flame, the battle ended as the Tirade were forced to recall their pokemon and escape from the intense heat.

Lillie sighed as she sent out her Vaporeon to dose the flame and cool everything down before a forest fire began; she asked. "Why were you mocking them?"

Elio answered back. "These people are hypocrites and if they are going to be preachy about this then I am going to have to fight philosophy with philosophy!"

Elio called his three pokemon back as he waited for the heat to die down.

Lillie felt the forest cool down as she asked. "Are you all right?"

Elio nodded. "I am, just annoyed and angry." Lillie patted him on the back as they traveled through the forest and prepared to explore the southern lands of Unova.

The duo eventually found themselves in Nacrene City. A city that was made from old storage houses. Elio saw Mina painting something and shouted her name.

Lillie smiled at the sight of the city as she asked Mina. "You know where the other three girls went?"

Mina nodded as she recalled who went where. "Mallow is in the next city showing off her cooking skills." Mina pointed at the museum as she was about to recall the next lady. "Plumeria had her Venipede evolve into a Whirlipede, she spent the last couple days visiting the museum from time to time, Lana caught a Tympole and left for Iccuris city after meeting some strange pokemon."

Lillie asked what pokemon, Mina answered back. "Stunfisk, a pokemon that is a fish yet it is an electric and ground type. She doesn't want to capture it but it is rather strange."

Elio laughed as he remembered a persons description of the pokemon. "Hey Dex, do you have information on that pokemon?"

The Rotom Dex flared up as it had a picture of a brown flounder. "BZZT! Stunfisk, the trap pokemon. It's skin is very hard, so it is unhurt even if stepped on by sumo wrestlers. It smiles when transmitting electricity. BZZT!"

Elio's laughter died down as he listened. "Okay, Cindy wasn't kidding on what this pokemon does!" Mina asked Elio who he was talking about.

Elio answered back. "Just someone Lillie and I met at Sinnoh, Cindy lives in this region and is easy to spot. A goth lady that has strange taste in pokemon and has a thing for ghosts. Haven't seen her around though."

Mina was in thought as she remembered. "I think I know who you are talking about. She said she liked one of my paintings, then followed some guy in a blue jacket when he drove off some strange people that tried to take my Grandbull from me and question how I been treating her. Stuff they said is kind of pointless when they have pokemon themselves."

Lillie shook her head at some of the information. "They been bothering some of us as well. Elio just fought some of them back when they found out I am going to find a Magma Stone."

Mina remembered something she wanted to ask a couple months ago. "I been meaning to ask, may I see that Heatran for a couple hours or so? You haven't exactly visited me after your trip to Sinnoh."

Elio apologized as he nodded. "Sorry about that, you already painted most of our Orre teams; Isaac, Ghorchi, Cain and Odon's was some of the best paintings we have seen... and I was more busy with raising Melta."

Elio took out a heavy ball as he shouted. "Come on out Melta, don't be shy!" Heatran still emitted intense heat from the previous battle. Mina backed away before her supplies burned up or dried up. "This might take a while."

As Elio sat and waited, Plumeria walked out of the museum with a Whirlipede rolling at her side.

She called it back into its net ball as she sat next to a waiting Lillie and asked. "How are you two enjoying this region?"

Lillie smiled at the tough looking woman. "It is relaxing."

Plumeria grinned. "I heard that the boats at Castelia would take you to Virbank City. North there is Poke Star studios, I heard the Gym leader in that city uses poison types as well...and has a rock band."

Lillie looked at the Heatran in jealousy. "Soon as I get this one thing done, we might catch up with you."

Plumeria shrugged. "Be careful with catching too many pokemon than you can handle."

Lillie took a deep breath. "I will, Elio and I have enough information on this one pokemon. They like to be in volcanos when they get the chance and they even come to this region to cool down."

Plumeria frowned as she remembered the Heatran's training and the rather large amount of pokemon Lillie had after the shadow crisis. "You got stuck with a collection even when you didn't want to?"

Lillie frowned back. "Even after everything Elio and I did for all those pokemon, it still feel's like a lot."

Plumeria asked. "Other than a Heatran, any other pokemon you caught or planned to catch?"

Lillie was startled as she shook her head. "Other than maybe Deerling or any pokemon that need our help, no."

Plumeria patted Lillie on the back. "Sorry about the question. I was a little concerned after you came back from Sinnoh and I heard you were acting rather excited about Heatran."

Lillie smiled back. "It's fine, I understand."

Two hours have passed as everyone waited for Mina to finish the painting. She turned the painting around to show a rather well done painting of the Heatran, as well as the street she was in. "What do you think?"

The Heatran tilted her head and roared. "BZZT! Be better if this place was like home, it is not like home! BZZT!"

Mina stared at the painting in a stoic look, took the painting and walked away to the route to Castelia City.

Elio glared at the rude Heatran as she roared. "BZZT! What? Picture good! This place isn't like home to make it best picture! BZZT!"

Elio shrugged. "Melta... she takes her work very seriously. From what I was told when her Granbull was a Snubbull, it ate her painting just because it liked it. She took off and tried to make herself better."

The Heatran roared back. "BZZT! Now she knows how to make best picture! BZZT!"

Elio shook his head as he called the Heatran back into her ball and saw Lillie saying her farewells to Plumeria. "One more town over then we find somewhere to crash?"

The duo traveled to the next city called Straiton. A city that wasn't too much out of the ordinary, even by the standards of most towns Lillie has seen in Kanto. The duo found the Mallow, having just defeated one of three brothers with a leaf covered insect. As a strange sticky web surrounding the battlefield, the Sewaddle glowed as it grew into a larger, rounder shape.

Mallow cheered. "Alright Sewaddle, it looked like you shimmered into a Swadloon!" She noticed the duo approach and introduced the three brothers to her. "Boss"

The three brothers introduced themselves, Chilli being the red haired brother, Cress being the blue haired brother and Cilan being the green haired brother. Elio asked what was normally found in the city.

Cilan was the first to answer rather hesitantly. "Th...this city use to have a gym we ran before we converted it into a restaurant."

Lillie asked. "How did you three run the gym?" Cress answered as he boasted. "If a trainer begins their journey near this city, we often take turns depending on what the trainer has. If it is grass, Chilli handles them, if it is water Cilan handles it... fire yours truly battles them!"

Elio smiled. "A Gym that focused on more than one type... not bad for a trainer starting out. Why did you stop?"

Cress felt his pride wounded as he shrugged. "We couldn't keep up with the others."

Elio frowned at the answer. "A shame since most gyms I heard about focus on just one type."

Elio waved at Mallow as he finished his conversation with the three brothers and asked her. "So, how are you enjoying this region?"

Mallow cheered as she recalled some of the events. "After I caught Sewaddle and Maractus, I took a detour in Castelia to try some of the Casteliacones. I went back to the forest to visit the southern regions and wanted to explore this city before heading back to the main land to train!"

Lillie smiled that Elio's "minions" were having a good time on Unova. She asked if there was anything else in the city worth mentioning.

Chilli raised his thumb towards a building in the western side of the city. "Other than the Dream Yard that miss Fennel studies with her Musharna."

Elio remembered a pokemon he has and smiled. "I got my hands on a Munna a couple months ago. I don't exactly use Nermus in battle but she is a strange one. She apparently eats dreams and spews smoke when she eats a good one. Sound's a lot like a pokemon named Drowzee except Munna does not exactly care if she eats a nightmare."

Lillie asked Elio if they would visit Fennel before the day ended.

Elio shrugged. "If it means we get to meet more, people. Sure!"

The duo parted ways with the cooks as they journeyed toward the directed house, they were greeted by young woman in pigtails who asked who they were looking for?

Lillie answered with a question. "Do you know a woman named Fennel? I wanted to ask her a couple questions."

The woman nodded as she introduced herself as Amanita, responsible for maintaining the P.C system on Unova and recalled working with someone from Alola. "My sister is up stairs, she had been busy studying something."

The duo were invited in as they journeyed up stairs to a small well kept room. They found a woman with long black hair, a lab coat and a flower hair clip wrigting down notes with a Musharna at her side when she noticed guest.

Lillie introduced herself and Elio as she asked her. "Excuse me miss Fennel, do you know a person named Burnet?"

Fennel nodded as she answered back. "We both use to study the dream world a while back before she went to Alola to study about more dimensions." The Musharna noticed something in the master ball Elio was holding and looked at him.

Elio sighed as he understood the question. "Alright, Isaac come on out, this pokemon want's to see you."

Out came a Mew that startled the scientist as the Musharna hummed to her trainer. Fennel noticed. "That explained the changes in the dream world. Images of guilt, happiness, things that are hard to explain."

Lillie asked about Musharna, Fennel answered back. "It emits a strange substance called a dream mist, it takes the shape of things seen in dreams. How has Burnet's old Dream Radar been holding up?"

Lillie remembered her having to use to monitor Elio's journey in a coma and answered. "It still works."

Fennel did not want to ask what happened by the tone and instead asked. "What brings you two over here?"

Elio answered back. "Came to the region for the world tournament. We came down here because in a route not too far in the water, there is a stone Lillie wants to find."

Rotom Dex went out of Elio's bag to look around the room.

Fennel's eyes widened in shock. "You have a pokedex? Juniper did say about Dex information being transferred from a far away region about pokemon native to that region. You two are from Alola?"

Elio had another objective mentally marked down as he and Lillie answered yes.

The boy asked. "Juniper is not too far from this town?"

Fennel laughed. "She is over at Nuvema town it is just past the next town. Her assistant is at Aspertia City at the moment so if you had not ran into each other, it is because that city is rather far away."

Elio had a couple things he wanted to do in the southern islands of Unova as he asked Lillie. "After you get a Magma stone, you want to come with to me to meet Juniper?"

Lillie pretended to be crossed at Elio and puffed up her cheeks. "After that stunt you did back at Sinnoh I am going to go ahead of you to get the Magma stone!" Elio shrugged. "Fair enough."


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc Chapter 4: Stone Hunting!

Elio and Lillie traveled to Accumula town to switch into swim gear. Elio switched his Heatran for his Kangaskhan and switched his Salamence for his Bibarel as he left to find Lillie trying to run ahead of him.

As he found her getting her Vaporeon ready to swim, she looked at him with her cheeks puffed up. "I can find the Magma stone by myself!"

Elio grinned nervously. "I know, I just heard of an unusual pokemon found on the route. Called Dweeble and it is one of few pokemon with the type combination of bug and rock."

Lillie was about to giggle at the excuse. "Alright, you can come along. But I am serious about doing this by myself."

As the duo swam toward a route composing of several small islands, they noticed one thing. The currents worked much like a maze, they had to be careful where they swim their pokemon to or else they have to go all the way back. It took a whole hour until they discovered something odd. A cave that looked like it was eaten through, rather than formed naturally. As they journeyed to solid land, Lillie walked in one direction for her search as Elio pretended to observe the Dweeble that were making themselves a home using small rocks.

Lillie found a stone that felt warm, she called Elio to ask if she can borrow the Rotom Dex. "Sure!"

The Dex scanned it and confirmed it to be a Magma stone as Elio noticed something in the distance and asked the Dex. "I need your camera for a for a minute when you are done scanning that!"

The Rotom Dex finished and buzzed. "BZZT! What do you..."

As Lillie placed the stone in her bag, she noticed Elio being busy viewing something odd behind the rocks."What did you find?"

Elio was seeing something metal floating." "That symbol on the sub looks familiar. Hey Lillie, you mind if you check this out?"

Lillie was given the Rotom Dex again as she saw what Elio was talking about. What looked like a large submarine had a symbol representing Team Plasma. She noticed Elio rushing downward to the shore as he sent out his Bibarel to swim him across and shouted out. "Where do you think you are going?"

Elio smiled back as he answered his plan. "Going to give these guys a piece of my mind, what if I stop what ever they are planning? Think they go away for good?"

Lillie puffed up her cheeks. "I want them gone as well! Don't think you are having me sit this one out while you go in fighting alone!"

Elio shrugged as he signaled her to follow. As the two got on a Vaporeon and Bibarel, they found that some Plasma grunts were busy keeping watch as they were transporting strange cassette's. Elio prepared to send out his Kangaskhan as Lillie prepared to send out her Hydreigon. The two grunts prepared a Watchog and a Sneasle, only to be quickly defeated by a Mega Kangaskhans parental bond return and a Hydreigon's flash cannon. Elio and Lillie stormed the sub and either fought their way through the goons or they ran away at the sight of the Hydreigon.

As they made it to what looked like a small room with some scientist working on a computer, Elio switched his Kangaskhan for his Incineroar and whispered. "Show them that we arrived!"

The two scientist were yanked out of their seats by an angry Incineroar as they were held firm.

Elio checked the screen to see what they were even working on, it looked like the Plasma scientist were about to hack into something for some purpose. "A bunch of... Okay we are not having that." Elio pressed a couple buttons as he closed every hacking method the scientist were about to do and began to prepare.

One of the scientist shouted in frustration. "Oh come on we just gained access to the central P.C with it we would access P.C accounts from..."

Elio glared at them. "Were you about to use this?"

He logged into his P.C account and began to switch his Bibarel's ball for a pokeball. He tossed out a Hypno and ordered both. "Remmer, knock those clowns out! Brimmy, you might want to look away."

The Incineroar dropped the two to the hypnotic waves of the pendulum. As both fell asleep, Elio petted his Hypno on a job well done and he sent him back in his ball. He had the two tied up as he planned his next move.

Lillie wondered what he was planning as she saw him apologize to the pokeball containing the Hypno; he switched it out for a beast ball, her eyes widened as she asked. "Elio... what are you doing?" Elio answered in a calm tone. "I am switching Remmer out for Suplex Bug! He is a Buzzwole. After seeing these bastards try to steal pokemon from trainers accounts I thought I make sure they don't do that again! Don't worry, Suplex Bug is strange and dangerous but he is not aggressive... unless someone does something to tick him off. If you want, you can switch some pokemon out yourself."

Lillie shook her head at the request. "Just be careful with that thing, I have never seen you use an Ultra Beast before."

Elio smiled at the worried Lillie. "Don't worry, I will. I don't use them for anything outside of the battle tree or if I am really angry at someone."

The two gave each other a hug as they descended deeper into the submarine, they found a bridge that split two directions before they felt the vessel move.

Lillie agreed to take the upper bridge while Elio descended down bellow. With the combined power of her Vaporeon, Leafeon and Hydreigon, the Plasma grunts that stood in Lillies way were quickly cleared out. Until she found a wide open room with a man in black robes, looking similar to the man she met in Driftveil.

The man shouted back to the radio and replied. "Until wh...oh." He noticed a blonde green eyed girl looking down on a glass floor, to find a familiar creature frozen in ice.

Lillie glared at the man and shouted. "Seriously? You people are trying to use Ultra Beast?!"

The sage looked in confusion. "A what?"

Lillie shook her head as she signaled her Leafeon and Hydreigon to prepare.

The sage pressed a button on a remote and activated four rods emanating a pulse. It caused the Leafeon and Hydreigon to twitch as they began to face Lillie, their faces looked at her in confusion as to what was happening.

The sage calmed down as he glared at Lillie. "Now that is done. I suppose I should tell you what these rods do. They are capable to allowing us to control pokemon without the need of pokeballs. How does it feel to have your only mean of defending yourself taken away?"

The Hydreigon and Leafeon struggled to turn toward the man in rage when the energy amplified, causing the two to snap back to Lillie.

The sage glared at Lillie with intent of murder. "Are you telling me you had them enjoy being under your control?"

Lillie glared back in anger and shouted. "Control?! You don't even know where Ghorchi and Cain had been!"

The sage chuckled. "Where exactly?" Lillie answered. "None of your business, but where people had hurt them! Like what you are doing!"

The man responded in a smug glare. "Hurt them? What do you call forcing them to battle? No matter, I'll still enjoy watching your own pokemon eli..."

The Hydreigon looked at Lillie in worry as it's eyes began to glare in anger back toward the man. He roared loudly as a pitch black wave engulfed one of the four rods, destroying it and allowing the Hydreigon to turn and shoot a flash cannon into a second one with his side head. The Leafeon and Vaporeon began to move more freely against the sages control. Before he began to crank a knob, he felt a shock wave hit the submarine and knock him off his feet.

Lillie saw her chance and shouted out. "Cain! Lola! Use leaf blade and ice beam to break the other two!" The Leafeon sliced one rode off the wall, as it shattered on the ground, the Vaporeon froze the other rode in its place, causing it to short circuit and break.

The sage got up as the three pokemon began to gain up on him and tossed out two icy faces known as Cryogonal and a Weavile. As the Weavile shot an ice shard at the Hydreigon, the two Cryogonal were quickly knocked out by the Hydreigon's flamethrower and Leafeon's leaf blade. T

he Vaporeon shot scalding hot water at the Weavile for a burn as the sage began to shout. "Eliminate that girl with an ice sha..."

The Leafeon leaped in front of Lillie to block the shards as the Hydreigon growled and shot a flash cannon to knock the Weavile out.

Surrounded once again by three angry pokemon, he looked down below to find a boy about to confront a large black dragon with a maw and pressed a button on the remote. "He is a far greater threat down their than you are up here. I will simply let this Ultra Beast eliminate him!"

The Vaporeon shot the man in the face with scalding water before the Hydreigon had a chance to attack. Lillie called the Hydreigon back. "Don't... he isn't worth it!"

Elio found a large frozen Guzzlord down below and cussed under his breath. "I already said Kalden would not fight these things... so next best thing. Surfer, come on out!"

As he sent an Alolan Raichu out, he saw the frigid air keeping the Ultra Beast frozen turned off. The ice crackled and the Guzzlord broke out to let loose an otherworldly roar. It began to shiver as it looked at its surroundings. Elio glared at the Guzzlord as he prepared to have his Raichu use thunder wave; the Guzzlord stared at him, panted, waged its clubbed tail and tried to leap at him. Elio dodged out of the way of the larger, much heavier pokemon as he heard a series of roars.

The Dex got out of his bag and buzzed. "BZZT! Boss... I think I got what he said. BZZT!"

Elio signaled the Dex to translate, without once taking his eyes off the leaping Guzzlord and whispered. "What is he saying?"

Dex began to translate. "BZZT! Friend who help Guzzlord get home! Guzzlord fell out again and couldn't find place to stay put for friend! Guzzlord made hiding place! Nasty specs found Guzzlord first and tried to make Guzzlord do things Guzzlord no want! Could you help Guzzlord again? BZZT!"

Elio took a deep breath as he asked. "That cave Lillie and I found in cave... was that because of you you?"

The Guzzlord frowned and growled. "BZZT! Guzzlord hungry and hill looked tasty... felt dry afterward and water tasted funny! BZZT!"

Elio was about to bang his head against a wall. "You fell into our world again and tried to keep yourself out of trouble... only for trouble to find you anyways, you mind if I pet your... mind if I call that upper set of eyes your head?"

The Guzzlord growled back. "BZZT! Guzzlord no mind! BZZT!"

Elio climbed from behind the Guzzlord and began to pet the smaller head. "I think three of the other Ultra Beast Lillie and I rescued fell into this world by accident as well."

The Guzzlord moaned. "BZZT! You mean squiggly, smelly, flexy, zipper and biggy? BZZT!"

Elio laughed. "I think Flexy may have fell in but he was able to get back home before the hole closed in. Smelly is in good hands and kind of like with you... squiggly got herself into trouble and I had to bail her out."

The Guzzlord growled in worry. "BZZT! Is Guzzlord in trouble? BZZT!"

Elio took a deep breath as he began to ask. "That depends... if I get you into this Beast Ball... are you going to stay in?"

The Guzzlord growled in disappointment. "BZZT! Yes... you going to make a home for Guzzlord? BZZT!"

Elio sighed. "I am afraid so, I only have a limited number of these things before I have to bug people about getting more. Don't worry I have another one of your kind, so you won't be lonely. These Beast Balls should provide you with the things you need... but I tend to make a hands on approach some times."

The Guzzlord sighed in defeat. "BZZT! Guzzlord ready! BZZT!"

Elio climbed back down from the Guzzlords back and tapped him in the tail with a Beast Ball. "

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Elio sighed in acceptance. "If they come back..."

The beast ball faded to the P.C as Elio stared at his hand. "I will think of what to do with you Gapper."

Elio saw something was about to come out of the tubes used to freeze the Guzzlord and shouted. "SURFER, USE THUNDERBOLT TO MAKE SURE NOTHING COMES OUT OF THOSE TUBES!" In a bolt of lighting, the devices were destroyed. Elio petted the Raichu on a job well done and called him back into the ball. He walked toward the next room, unaware of those watching above.

The sage shouted in confusion and anger with blisters on his face. "But... how?! We didn't even make it do anything close to that?!"

Lillie glared as she swiped the remote from his hands, slammed it into the ground and stomped on it until she was sure it was destroyed in silence and anger. She called back her Vaporeon and Leafeon as she whispered to her Hydreigon. "Make sure he doesn't try anything; once we are out of the room, just follow!"

The sage was about to shout something until he saw the Hydreigon glared with three gaping mouths spewing out intense heat, signaling him to lay down.

As the Hydreigon saw Lillie out and began to follow, the sage pressed a button on his wrist. "Lets see how you handle our ultimate weapon!"

Lillie called the Hydreigon back into his ball after she calmed him down and walked into a room joining the two floors.

She saw Elio looking at her as he asked. "Are you okay?"

Lillie sighed in relief before she kissed him on the cheek.

Elio blushed. "What was that for?"

Lillie smiled and answered. "I saw you handle the Guzzlord... is this the same one we returned to Ultra Space?"

Elio nodded and cringed. "Unfortunately yes. Like with the Nihilego... I am stuck with him. Sad enough Gapper actually tried to stay out of trouble."

The duo felt the submarine shake as they walked toward a teleporter leading them to another storage room with a strange pod.


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc Chapter 5 Snagging From A Monster!

Somewhere in Northern Unova.

A man in a blue jacket was accompanied by an orange haired woman, having just fought off a group of Plasma grunts with a strange creature. "Thundaga use energy ball!"

As the last Plasma goon called his pokemon back and started to run, Wes looked around toward a cave. "If what that Looker guy said is true, then the Chasm should be where that bastard is hiding. A device that forces control over a pokemon, wild or not... I don't want to see this thing in the hands of these people!"

Rui followed after having a Bewear beat back a Plasma grunt attempting to ambush and was breathing heavily. "The fact that the man in charge doesn't even treat his own pokemon as anything but tools is... scary!"

Wes glared into the distance. "That thought sounded way too familiar, we need to keep going!"

Within a Great Chasm, Wes and Rui fought their way into what looked like a distant cave. As they traveled, they found a green haired man in black robes with a cracked red lens.

He began to directed orders to a small screen. "Just get the machine ready for when they..."

Wes shouted out the mans name as he prepared his Xurkitree for battle. "Ghetsis you have terrorized Unova long enough!"

Ghetsis was startled until he noticed the strange bundle of wires and grinned. "Another pokemon that radiates the same aura as that dragon? Perfect, I could use it to make this region submit!" The Xurkitree saw the cane the man had, shrieked and was about to aim a thunderbolt as the device was slammed into the ground. As a wave pulsed, the Xurkitree began to panic as it began to move against its will, toward its trainer.

It struggled to not aim at its trainer as Ghetsis began to laugh sadistically. "Took us long enough to make even that creature summit. Now use..."

Before the order was issued, a feminine voice shouted in the distance. "Wilbur, Shadow ball that cane!" A shadow ball was shot across the distance into the device, utterly destroying it and freeing the Xurkitree from Ghetsis's control.

The Xurkitree shrieked as it began to crackle as Wes called him back. "Don't worry Thundaga, you done good enough to clear the way!"

Ghetsis glared at what looked like a goth woman standing in the distance with a grinning Chandelure and began to shout. "What are you doi..." Cindy interrupted the man as she startled everyone in the cave.

She reassured Wes and Rui as she spoke to them in a calm manner. "Don't mind me, I am just here to make sure he does not get away and gets exactly what he deserves."

Ghetsis was about to ask again as the woman glared at him in contempt. "I had quite enough out of you. Leader of team plasma, you should have stayed down a long time ago!"

The leader of Team Plasma glared at all three as he shouted. "Who the hell are you people?"

Wes rolled his eyes as he began to make his description of what he was dealing with. "Just someone that was doing a pokemon a favor when I got picked up from a job. Let me guess what happened with what you are doing; a pokemon showed up, you lot wanted to exploit its power... did not have the means to even do that, so you tried to directly control it in an attempt to scare this region into submission. As if I have not dealt with that already!"

Ghetsis snarled at Wes as he began to rant. "And why would you care? It isn't even a pokemon you know!"

Wes began to laugh at him. "Neither was Thundaga... he had been acting up quite a bit ever since he gotten to this region, his senses were proven correct."

Ghetsis glared in hate and shouted with murder in his visible eye. "SHUT UP, I WON'T ALLOW YOU GNATS TO INTERFERE. YOU WILL BE ELI..."

Wes glared back as he drew out a pokeball. "Just shut up and battle! Rui cover the rear and be ready!"

Vs Ghetsis

Ghetsis hurled the broken cane and sent out a Cofagrigus.

Wes shouted out. "Dusk, come on out and start with confuse ray!"

Ghetsis spat his first order. "Use toxic on that Umbreon!" The Cofagrigus shot a toxic liquid as it poisoned the Umbreon, the toxins was synchronized into the Cofagrigus; the Umbreon ate a lum berry to rid itself of the poison.

Wes placed a dusk ball into his snag machine as he whispered. "No shadow pokemon, but it should work anyways. Go snag ball!"

The machine charged up as Wes tossed a dusk ball at the Cofagrigus, a hand emerged from a dark swirl as it yanked the Cofagrigus in.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Ghetsis saw what happened and began to shout. "Wha... what!?"

Wes raised a finger as he denied Ghetsis an answer. "Since all you ever care about is power, I thought I do something to strip you of even the basic things to have control over. Now the real battle should begins. Edgar, come on out!"

The Ghetsis in uncontrollable rage as he sent out a Drapion and Toxicroak.

Wes activated the Keystone on his snag machine and shouted. "Edgar Mega evolve and use thunderbolt on that Toxicroak! Dusk, use confuse ray on that Drapion!" The Drapion used cross poison on the Ampharos while the Toxicroak used drain punch on the Umbreon. In a strong thunderbolt, the Toxicroak was paralyzed as Drapion was confused by the light.

Wes placed another dusk ball into the snag machine as he shouted. "Go snag ball!"

A hand yanked the Toxicroak as it dragged it into the ball.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Drapion hurt itself in confusion, leaving Ghetsis glaring.

He sent out a blue toad with warts all over its body known as Seismitoad as Wes began to shout. "Edgar, thunderbolt that Drapion! Dusk, same move on that Seismitoad!"

The Drapion was paralyzed by the thunderbolt as the Seismitoad sent out a sludge wave into the Ampharos and Umbreon. The Drapion barely held on as it used earthquake to deal damage as the Seismitoad was confused.

Wes switched his Ampharos for his Mismagius as he placed another dusk ball into the machine. "Good work Edgar, Vivi come out. Go snag ball!"

The Drapion was dragged into the ball away from Ghetsis.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Seismitoad hit himself in confusion as Ghetsis tossed out an Eelektross. Wes signaled the Mismagius to use will-o-wisp on the Seismitoad as his Umbreon use foul play to weaken it. The Eelektross crunched into the Mismagius as the Seismitoad used drain punch on the Umbreon for a heal.

Wes took another dusk ball to use on the Seismitoad as the Mismagius burned the Eelektross. "Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake...shake...click!

Mismagius was crunched again and struggled to keep floating. Ghetsis twitched his eye as he hurled out a Hydreigon. Wes grinned at the pokemon standing before him. "I lost out on that last one I saw... this might be a little harder to raise. Vivi, will-o-wisp that Hydreigon!"

The Mismagius followed the order and burned the Hydreigon as he channeled his frustration to rush at the Umbreon. A thunderbolt from the Eelektross knocked the Umbreon out as the Mismagius missed the will-o-wisp.

Wes called the Umbreon back as he shouted out. "Alright Thundaga... lets get this one weakened." An angry Xurkitree crackled electricity as it saw Ghetsis.

Wes shouted at the Ultra Beast to calm down as he issued the next order. "Vivi use Shadow ball on that Eelektross. Thundaga use thunderbolt on that Hydreigon!" The Eelektross was shot by a shadow ball as the Hydreigon was shot out of the air by the Xurkitree. The Hydreigon rushed into the Mismagius and missed its dragon rush, the Eelektross shot a flamethrower at the Xurkitree for less damage.

Wes switched his Mismagius back to the Ampharos as he charged up a dusk ball into the machine for the Eelektross. "Go snag ball!" Shake...shake...shake... click!

Ghetsis shouted at the Hydreigon as he knew he was backed into a corner. "What are you standing there for! Eliminate him!" The Hydreigon was about to rush directly at Wes when the Ampharos paralyzed him with a thunder wave, sending the Hydreigon crashing in front of the Xurkitree as it moved out of the way for the last snag ball.

Wes charged up a timer ball and shouted. "Go snag ball!" A hand emerged from a series of clocks and yanked the Hydreigon in.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Ghetsis was defeated and began to shout. "So you use that device to steal pokemon? Why to free them from me?!"

Wes shrugged as he glared at the man. "Nah I am just doing it to be an ass!"

Ghetsis was about to cringe, holding a side of his face and yelled "What are you even going to do with these pokemon?"

Wes was about to walk away as he replied. "You don't even deserve to know."

Cindy saw the chance and signaled her Chandelure to use trick room. A trio of ninjas began to dash in very slow speed toward the fallen Plasma boss, giving Rui enough time to send out a Jumpluff to use sleep powder on him. Bewear rushed in to hold the unconscious Shadow Tirade as Cindy began to look at the mess.

She took a bow to Wes and Rui. "My apologies for following you two. I was an aspiring trainer when this man and his little group began to grow in power. Among other things, when I heard what he tried to do to that poor boy I have been waiting to do something about this monster."

Wes looked back at the mentally broken Ghetsis and thanked Cindy. "He is not going to be a threat anymore... he doesn't even have any pokemon he can hurt."

Ghetsis shouted at the top of his lungs as the group ignored him. "I AM NOT DONE YET! I WILL NEVER BE FINISHED!"

Cinder remembered someone she met in Unova and began to smile. "I do recall meeting this one fellow, we do not see eye to eye with how I kept Wilbur alive. But the way he treats the other pokemon is rather remarkable. N I think he was called."

Ghetsis snapped even more as Cindy mentioned N. "You actually talked to that freak!"

Cindy turned around and glared. "Silence! I will deal with you shortly!" Ghetsis was holding his hand to his chest, breathing heavily, unable to really do much.

Cindy closed her eyes in a desperate attempt to persuade Wes and Rui to leave. "Now then, I do believe you are needed else where to stop team Plasma. Do go on ahead, immediately! I don't want you two to have to see or hear this!" Rui asked Wes what is Cindy about to as Wes cringed to his wife. "You don't want to know. Listen lady I know what you are about to do, is this guy even worth going through the trouble?"

Cindy took a sigh of defeat as she sensed a presence approach. "You two obviously don't agree to this method. If their is any consolation to your effort, you two have been told to find out about the pokemon they have and do something to stop Team Plasma from ever coming back. The Shadow Tirade are now captured thanks to you and with them Team Plasma will soon be at an end baring the few good souls. Sage, see that they do not have to feel guilt!"

A Xatu teleported behind Wes, Rui, Bewear and Jumpluff. The two trainers and their pokemon saw the Chandelure glow, giggled and approach a struggling Ghetsis as they saw a flash of light. As they came through, they found themselves in a place called Accumula town with no memory of what had happened save for the Shadow Tirade that were still in the arms of a Bewear who had no knowledge of why they were in his arms.


Master of Chaos!
Team Plasma Arc Chapter 6: The Hunt!

Darkness began to fad as a hunter began to awake from what he remembered to be a grand hunt. He saw a strange hard substance open up, to find two unusual targets. Both have identifiable genders of a male and female and both looked to be young.

The male asked a strange small floating behind him. "That's new. Dex what do you know about this one?"

The smaller life form buzzed before he went back in the bag. "BZZT! Its a pokemon... no data on this one BZZT!"

The male shouted as he tossed a small orb. "SUPLEX BUG, COME ON OUT!"

The female groaned at the sight of the large red insect that emerged and shouted as she tossed another small orb. "Shockums, get ready for what ever that thing is!"

As the hunter looked around his surroundings and saw the a small orange creature with them, he identified it as a Raichu and thought to himself. "Where... am I? Those don't look like anything I hunted...too puny for any real sport."

In a glee, the hunter was amazed at the large flexing red mosquito that he was unable to identify. "Okay now that is something worth a sport!"

The male smiled toward the female and began to communicate. "Here is the plan, we capture this guy and find out what he is. If you capture him before I do, he is yours!"

The female nodded shouted. "Shockums use thunder wave!"

In an instinct the hunter raised its forearms and rushed into the large mosquito before the electrical wave was able to reach him. The mosquito flexed as if the metal claws done next to nothing as the male shouted out. "SUPLEX! THUNDER PUNCH!"

The mosquito charged up an electrical fist and rammed into the hunter, sending him barreling back toward tubes.

The hunter felt an electrical shock course through him and stood back up in arrogance. "That didn't even hurt!" The Raichu shot another wave as the hunter tried to dodge, the mosquito began to lunge at him. Embracing impact the hunter noticed a green beam shot the mosquito in point black range, sending it flying back and on the ground.

The male shouted toward the mosquito. "Suplex... your okay?" In a strange flex the creature signaled the smaller life form that he wasn't okay.

The hunter looked up to find a gun on his back. "That wasn't there... useful... but why is it there?"

The mosquito struggled to get himself back up as the hunter prepared to shoot again, a rumble was felt.

Everyone in the room looked around until the male saw water began to trickle down the walls and shouted. "Crap this sub is sinking!" The mosquito raised a finger in an idea as it grabbed the male, female and Raichu; he began to fly to the ceiling with his fist raised into the air.

The hunter saw his prey escape, began to shoot his gun and snarled. "You are not getting away from..." The hunter heard noise coming from behind him as water burst through the wall and rushed him through.




The Buzzwole flew upward as it punched its way through the ceilings and into open water. It struggled to swim up with one arm as Lillie took a ball containing her Vaporeon. The Vaporeon in an instant, carried her, the Raichu and Elio to the surface. In a disoriented daze, the three took a gasp of air.

Elio was the first to speak as he saw the Buzzwole emerge. "Thanks you two." The duo's vision cleared to find themselves near Undella town. Lillie whispered to her Vaporeon to take them to dry land. The four took a while to get their legs standing as the Buzzwole swam to the shore in break neck speed.

Elio got himself up and petted one of the Buzzwoles arms as he shook the water out of his wings. "Suplex... good work on breaking us out. You want to go back in the ball before people see you?"

The Buzzwole flex a yes as Elio called him back into the beast ball.

The duo found a sage and most of the Plasma goons have made it to the shore. Being cornered by what looked like two large dragons, a Xurkitree and a Pheromosa. Elio and Lillie recognized four trainers in the group, with Elio shouting. "Hey Wes! Hey Rui!"

Wes called the Xurkitree back as Rui asked a goth woman to call the Pheromosa back. The two dragons glared at the forces of Team Plasma as Elio realized the familiar forms were unable to hear him from a distance.

Lillie whispered to Elio as she looked on the shore. "You think that pokemon is alright?"

Elio shrugged. "From what I seen... it is going to take a lot more than a submarine to actually do... crap!"

Lillie took out the master ball to send out the Mew and asked. "Isaac, do you sense anything in the waters?"

The Mew glowed and meowed, Rotom Dex flew out of the bag disoriented but still working. "BZZT! Lots of fish... and something struggling to get out. BZZT!"

Elio sighed. "Isaac... when we get the chance, I want you to use thunder wave on a cyborg that is about to crawl up on the shor..."

An explosion was heard from the distance as Lillie prepared her Vaporeon to start swimming. She signaled Elio to follow her toward the explosion.

As the place flooded.

The hunter crawled his way out of the vessel and struggled to swim himself to what looked like land.

As he crawled out of the water he boasted. "Ha! I hunted in this waters... now then... where am I?"

The hunter saw strange lighted formations into the distance, and floating wreckage in the water.

In reflex the hunter saw a target and slashed with his claws. "Wha.. HA! Wait..."

The hunter saw the image look like a strange purple, red eyed creature. "Wait... that isn't..."

In an instinct the hunter shot its gun at the image. It caused a ripple and an explosion, the image reflected back into a more clear image.

The hunter backed away from the reflection and looked down at his claws. "What? What am I? Some kind of freak?!"

The confused hunter saw the same male and female from down bellow with a pink cat and a feline fish hybrid rushing toward where he is.

He identified them as Mew and Vaporeon as he stepped back in confusion. "Stay back!" As he prepared to attack, The male pointed and the Mew shot out a thunder wave. The hunter felt his limbs not responding as he tried to move, the female took out a purple ball and called back the Mew.

The male sent out a large canine creature the hunter was unable to identify as he shouted. "ISAAC GOOD WORK! KALDEN WE NEED TO WEAKEN THIS GUY FOR CAPTURE, START OFF WITH CRUNCH!"

The canine lunged into the paralyzed hunter and crunched into him with its metallic jaw. Despite seeing the damage, the hunter felt nothing save for the basic blunt. "That didn't... hurt?!"

The hunter was able to shoot a techno blast at the canine, it was sent back as it was ordered to crunch into it again; the hunter knew he was in a corner and tried to run. "I got... to keep, moving!"

Its metallic limbs failed to move as the male shouted out. "KALDEN USE DRACO METEOR! THEN LET ME DO THE REST!" The canine roared as meteors began to crash from the sky.

The hunter was unable to move out of the way as he saw the meteors crashing towards him. "Oh come o..."

In a blunt impact, the hunter found himself in a crater unable to move when he saw the male ask female. "You sure you don't want to catch him?"

The female nodded. "You did the work."

The hunter saw his doom approach, yet the three done nothing. "Why are they not finishing me? Are they toying wi..."

The male took out a blue orb with black stripes and tossed it at the hunter. It saw a net drag him in as he broke loose. In anger it shot another green laser at the canine standing before him.

The male groaned as he took a strange device, sprayed at the canine in a sharp frown. "I never liked using these, but Kalden you need it."

The canine looked healed as the hunter shot a flashing cannon at it. "What are the shrimps..."

The male tossed another orb shooting out a net. The hunter found himself surrounded by nets a little longer before he broke out.

Unable to move, the hunter watched as the male looked over at the sun set. "It isn't dusk yet. I am going to have to chuck these net balls!" Another orb dragged the hunter in, breaking out no sooner as he shot at the canine for a critical hit. The male sprayed a pink bottle to heal canine up.

Both the male and the hunter glared at each other and shouted. "Come on, give up!"

The male's eyes widened as he listened to what he just heard. "Wait, you can actually talk?"

The hunter snarled as he answered the question. "Wait? You understand what I am saying?"

The male and female nodded to each other as the male tossed another orb. This time the net shrouded the hunter for much longer as he broke himself out.

In anger and fear, the hunter growled. "What are you doing to me?"

The male smiled. "Capturing you!"

In prideful anger, the hunter crackled as it buzzed into the canine. "I will not... be ...the... hunted!"

The male tried one more time to toss another orb at the hunter, a whistle was heard. The nets were tight as the hunter struggled, it became even more tight as a ding was heard. The nets let loose, letting the hunter out in what looked like a mechanical station on a grass like island, with a large ocean surrounding him. "What... what just happened?!"

Elio raised up the net ball and shouted in a grin. "Got ya!"

The Rotom Dex flared up to begin registering the newly caught pokemon. "BZZT! Genesect the Paleozoic pokemon. This ancient bug pokemon was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded it to have a cannon on its back! BZZT!"

Elio looked in disappointment as Lillie sent out the Mew. "Is that all Dex?"

Dex buzzed back. "BZZT! Yep! BZZT!"

The duo petted the Mew and Silvally on a job well done as the ball began to fade into the P.C. They called their pokemon back as Lillie sent her Vaporeon back out to swim them to the shore. "We may want to talk to the others about this... this isn't a natural pokemon."

Elio and Lillie returned to the main shore to find Looker had just hauled away the Plasma group and a large white dragon flying away into the distance.

Elio waved at Wes to great him. "Sorry about shouting in the distance. Hadn't talked to you since that one time in Sinnoh. What is up?"

Wes took a deep breath as he struggled to remember something. "Nothing much. Was here to explore Unova and get ready for a small debt I made to Landorous. Looker gave me a job involving one of those you know whats and searching down the people responsible. Next thing I knew Me, Rui, Mandra... our Jumpluff and Beary... our Bewear were at Accumula town with those three Tirade guys in our hands."

Elio and Lillie found it weird at such a vague description. Lillie asked. "Anything you two remember?"

Wes and Rui looked at each other in confusion as they shrugged it off as Rui answered. "Nope! Other than Wes having some pokemon in the P.C that we know were not there... a Hydreigon with frustration is defiantly an odd one out."

Looker over heard as he finished placing the Plasma goons into the police van. "Reports indicated that the leader of Team Plasma had one with maximum powered frustration. Think you may have fell into something while you were out?"

Wes shook his head. "Doubt it. When we checked, we had word of a Plasma submarine preparing to launch an attack, starting at Castelia city. That kid over there as well as the lady that flew off were to thank for stopping that one. Rui had Diva ward off some Plasma goons while I had Thundaga help take that sub down by draining the generator."

Wes pointed over to the goth woman. "This lady had personal reasons to go after them and had a Pheromosa with her... this is Cindy?"

Looker was about to ask when Elio explained to him what happened. "Someone who helped with capturing a Pheromosa that was loose in Sinnoh, anyways Cindy. How is Prissy doing?"

Cindy smiled at the question. "Ever since she apologized to those ghost she has been very well behaved. She is getting along well with Fridget and should warm up to Morpha very soon."

Elio nodded as he frowned to Looker about things he knew. "A Buzzwole would have been an issue if it was not for a Volcarona in the ruins driving it back into Ultra Space... from report it had a massive totem boost and burst into flames. Other wise the Guzzlord Team Plasma had with them remembered me when I confronted him on the sub. He even went into the Beast Ball willingly."

Lookers eyes widened. "What was that Guzzlord even doing before it was dragged into Team Plasma's schemes?"

Elio laughed. "From what Dex translated. He made himself a cave and tried to wait for me, Lillie or any faller with a Beast ball to pick him up and try sending him home again."

Looker handed Elio another ten beast balls. "My reports said you were getting low. Normally a worm hole shows up in a region once every ten years or so."

Lillie began to worry about the wormholes that opened up across the regions. "From what my brother has said, mother had kept herself away from..."

Looker nodded as he helped her finish. "I know, Wicke gives me a report on the weekly basis."

Lillie looked at the wreckage in understanding what happened. "They don't even know what they were trying to control... and they still hurt him."

Elio grinned even wider at Wes. "Speaking of things we don't know about. Lillie and I found something in the submarine that you may want to se.."

Wes shook his head trying to give Elio a warning. "You realize who you are saying this to?"

Elio nodded as he rushed to the pokemon center.

Leaving Lillie to explain what they found. "We found a strange pokemon in that submarine before... Suplex Bug helped us escape. The name of the pokemon is Genesect!"

Looker looked away in recalling things he knows. "It was an attempt by Team Plasma to create the most powerful pokemon. N decommissioned the project but the scientist continued working on it in secret. A revived Apex predator from 300 million years ago. To date only a handful were made. I found notes involving an attempt to revive another one for their plans should something had happened to the Ultra Beast they had with them."

Lillie frowned even sharper as she saw the police car drive away. "They speak about why trainers and pokemon shouldn't be together, yet they even created an artificial pokemon for their plans..."

Lillie shook her head in frustration as Elio ran back to the group with a net ball and a pokeball. "Okay Kalden, I think I found you a friend. Everyone, say hello to Blattron!"

Out of the pokeball was the Silvally, out of the net ball was a confused and hostile Genesect. "Wha... you!?"

Elio frowned and asked. "You don't like the nickname?"

The Genesect backed away from Elio as he asked. "Nickname?"

Elio smiled at the Genesect. "It is a name different from what your species is called. Not every trainer does this and that is fine!"

The Genesect was greeted by a sniffing Silvally. "Wha..."

Elio petted the Silvally as he explained. "This is Kalden. He is kind of like you in a way. An Artifical pokem..." The Silvally roared as it shot a flame toward the sky; Elio cringed trying to calm it down. "Sorry Kalden I had to bring that up, so Blattron wont... You agreed to the name Blattron?"

The Genesect scoffed. "Doesn't sound stupid!"

Elio continued to pet the Silvally in apology as he explained. " He does not like it when I mention where he came from. For ever more he is a dragon!"

The Genesect looked at the others weird. "You could have just ended me right there if you wanted to?"

Elio frowned back. "Bug and steel type has allergies to fire as it is. Speaking of which, would you like to learn a new move?"

The Genesect crackled in confusion. "How do you even..." Elio placed a disk into a machine; an image of a pokemon shooting flames was seen.

The Genesect tilted his head in confusion and agreed to watch it. "That looks more useful than my usual hunting method... let me try." The Genesect shot a flame out of its gun, both he and the Silvally shot a roaring flame into the sky.

As the group saw what happened, Lillie walked over to ask Nate about the large black icy dragon he has. "Nate... thank you for taking down Team Plasma... but what is that pokemon?"

Nate answered as he grinned. "Long ago there was a dragon that was with two brothers with different beliefs. It split into two beings. Reshiram and Zekrom. Kyurem was what was left after the split, it seeks the parts needed to be whole once more. The bad thing is that the DNA splicers only work for one of the two halves... Kyurem has the power boost, while Zekroms personality exist in him."

Lillie took the information to heart as she turned around to see Elio trying to pet a reluctant Genesect.

She asked the Genesect one question. "Excuse me, I want to ask you... how are you able to talk?"

The Genesect shrugged. "Don't know what you are talking about... last one I talked that understood most of what I was saying was among my kind."

The Rotom Dex answered. "BZZT! Technology to give you a voice to speak with! Which makes my job easier! BZZT!"

The Genesect looked at his claws and crackled in acceptance as his tone turned from arrogant to defeated. "I really am a freak!"

Lillie felt the words sting as she tried to comfort him. "Don't say that, what is important is you are alive... you are you!"

Elio smiled in an attempt to help Lillie comfort the Genesect. "Besides, we have some pokemon that want to actually meet someone like you!"

The Genesect backed away in refusing the additional company. "I live for the hunt... just as long as I have some worthwhile prey."

Elio frowned as he knew what the Genesect was talking about. "Battles work something like that. I kind of have something to keep you from having to kill things."

The Rotom Dex buzzed as he questioned Elio. "BZZT! The Genesect is hasty enough as it is, you sure about this boss? BZZT!"

Elio unwrapped a small poffin made with bluk berries and a Magost berry. "Made this a while back!"

The Genesect grabbed it with his claws and placed it in his mouth. It was able to eat the poffin a little, but sat down in a depressed manner.

Elio looked down at the crumbs and asked. "What is wrong?" The Genesect glared at the crumbs.

"Can't taste it! I can eat it... but I can't taste it!"

Elio sighed in frustration and pity. "So it look like we are going to have to get along the old fashion way. Training for battles!"

The Genesect looked up in excitement. "Is there more like that big guy I saw?"

Elio nodded and gave an assertive glare. "Yes, but we are not going after them! They are not exactly of this realm."

Lillie gave the Genesect a similar glare. "Don't get any ideas of attacking the ones Elio has either!"

The Genesect cackled. "Look like this battling thing is the only way I can get a good hunt after all! See you when you want to bug me!"

The Genesect tapped into the button on the net ball as he let himself back in.

Elio put it away and petted a disappointed Silvally. "Blattron is another pokemon that needs help. I am sure he will warm up to you some day!"

Lillie asked the others what they were planning to do.

Cindy smiled. "I just want to settle back home, it has been nice talking to you. Good day!"

Wes and Rui answered almost in unison. "Explore this region while we can."

Nate looked at Elio and asked. "I think I seen someone that looks like you... mind if I give the coordinates to somewhere if you want it?"

Elio gave a stoic smile. "That would be very helpful, since I been wanting to do something for over a year."

He turned toward Looker and asked. "Your going to be staying a while longer or are you going to investigate the other regions?"

Looker frowned as he had a job to do. "We have to make sure no more wormholes have opened up. If we find anything we will let you know!"

Once the group disbanded, Elio asked Lillie. "You want to go catch a Heatran?"

Lillie looked at the sunset, kissed Elio on the lips and sighed in mental exhaustion. "Tomorrow. I just want to think about what I seen."
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Pokestar Arc Part 1 Chapter 1: Forging Rising Stars!

The next day, Elio awoke to find Lillie was missing. In her place he found a note that was very similar to what he wrote back on Sinnoh. Elio smiled as he woke the Rotom Dex up. "We need to get going before Lillie catches who I think she is going to catch!"

As Lillie ran ahead by ten minutes, she found Reversal Mountain to have been very steamy in comparison to before. A hot humid feel came with the inner mountain being shrouded in a fog.

As she descended to the deepest part of the mountain, she sent her Raichu out to whisper a specific order she wanted from her. "Shockums, as soon as the Heatran comes I need you to use thunder wave. Then I will have Lola do the rest." The Raichu smirked and charged her cheeks as she prepared for what was to come. Lillie placed the Magma Stone in the center most part of the room and waited for something to happen. A Heatran fell from the ceiling and crashed into the ground upon sensing a familiar stone.

The Heatran looked curiously at the girl and growled, beginning the battle.

The Raichu's cheeks crackled and shot a thunder wave at the Heatran; the Heatran was paralyzed as it stomped on the ground to use earth power.

The Raichu was knocked off her feet as Lillie prepared to switch her out. "Good work Shockums! Lola, come on out and use surf." The Vaporeon was sent out as she was greeted by a lava plume. In a glare the Vaporeon used surf to wash the Heatran to the chamber wall.

Lillie saw the Heatran struggle to get up and prepared to capture it. "Go dusk ball!"

Shake... pop!

The Heatran attacked the Vaporeon with another earth power; forcing Lillie to use a hyper potion to keep her Vaporeon up. "This should keep you up. Go dusk ball!"

Shake...shake... pop!

The Heatran was unable to move as Lillie tossed a third dusk ball.

It popped an instant as Lillie prepared a fourth one. "Go dusk ball!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Lillie felt the humidity die down as she picked up the dusk ball. She raised it up like the trainer who inspired her until she heard a click noise from the distance, followed by a whisper. "Crap!"

Lillie saw a nervous Elio with a Rotom Dex.

She leaped in shock and asked in a shout. "Eek! How long have you been watching me?"

Elio answered innocently. "When you had Lola use surf and started tossing balls!"

Lillie looked at the Rotom Dex and asked. "Were you recording this?"

Elio nodded as he answered. "Yes! A legendary capture without a master ball is not an achievement to over look!"

Lillie grabbed the Rotom Dex in an attempt to find the video as Elio asked. "You want this posted for everyone to see?"

Lillie puffed up her cheeks and was about to say no; the Dex winked and shouted. "BZZT! I am posting it anyways! BZZT!"

In a panic, Lillie saw the video loading and began to press buttons rapidly as Elio's smile turned into a cringe of horror. "Come on delete!" It was too late, the Dex dinged as the video was uploaded into the internet.

It was called Cute Girl Catches a Heatran.

Comments began to flood the screen, many have said.



Not a shiny :(

I tried to catch that... but then it knocked itself out.

What are you going to name it?

How many Heatrans are out there?

I want to catch one too!

7/10 too much water!

Rotom chanted. "BZZT! Likes, Comments, Subscriptions, you are a star Lillie! BZZT!"

Elio gritted his teeth as he yanked the Dex and pressed a mute button. "And this back fired in the worst way possible." Elio expected to be slapped across the face for recording something Lillie didn't want him to and allowing the Dex to uploaded it with out either of the two's final word.

Lillie thought of something else and instead smiled. "I plan to go to Virbank city to go check on Poke Star. Do you want to go search for someone while I do that?"

Elio calmly answered. "I am saving that for much later."

Lillie held his hand in an assertive grip. "Would you like come with me then?" Elio nodded as Lillie guided him out of the cave.

As the duo flew to Castelia city on the back of Salamence, Elio prepared his series of text messages regarding the captains and skull members progress. Most were as basic as their pokemon's training was going well.

Guzma's was a bit more specific. "I am still working on it!"

Elio texted back to Guzma. "It is a good thing you have a sixth bug type already. Larvesta takes a while to evolve as it is."

The two's conversation ended with Guzma replying back. "Kind of a back plan in case this takes too long, I'll have that Volcarona anyways."

Elio finished his conversation when he saw Lillie petting her Heatran on his metal crown. "Do you like the name Wela?"

The Heatran growled as the Rotom Dex turned off the mute button and translated. "BZZT! What that? BZZT!"

Lillie explained the name. "It is a volcano in the Alola region."

In a small excited roar, the Heatran looked like he smiled. "BZZT! Volcano? I love volcano's! BZZT!"

Elio went back to the pokemon center to switch his Salamence over for his Heatran as he wanted to see something happen. "Melta! I got someone for you to meet!"

A second Heatran was in the street as she looked around to find another Heatran, she backed a way and roared. "BZZT! Other territory!? Didn't mean to intrude.

BZZT!" After more looking the Heatran realized where she was, calmed down and let loose another roar. "BZZT! Lillie caught you? BZZT!"

Lillies Heatran growled. "BZZT! Look like it! How did he catch you? BZZT!"

Elio's Heatran groaned and roared. "BZZT! Stranger messed with stone. Made me mad, kid caught stranger before I got it out, I wanted both out! BZZT!"

Lillies Heatran groaned as well as he explained what happened with himself. "BZZT! I felt a stone near by while I was cooling down. Found her... wanted to see what she wanted. BZZT!"

Elio's Heatran screeched. "BZZT! Don't worry, she knows enough. She want to take you to nice places and take good care of you! BZZT!"

Lillie giggled as she asked the two Heatran. "Excuse me, how often do do two Heatrans meet?"

Elio's Heatran answered in a growl. "BZZT! Not often. We mind each others business! BZZT!"

Lillie's Heatran attempted to smile as he roared. "BZZT! Unless we go deeper into the Earth! That is where we hatch! BZZT!"

Elio and Lillie's eyes widened at what they heard. Lillie's Heatran asked Elio's Heatran a question in a growl. "BZZT! How often do these two travel? BZZT!"

Elio's Heatran looked at the two trainers and growled back. "BZZT! Better question you should have asked is how often are these two together. What I know is they were happy on Alola. The two let me go into volcano! BZZT!"

As the two Heatran's ended their conversation, they nodded to their trainers to be let back in their balls; bystanders looked awkwardly at the two Heatrans having a conversation. The boat to Virbank city finally arrived as the duo began to wonder what exactly was there about Heatran that they don't know about.

As Elio and Lillie took a boat to Virbank they noticed several things of the city. It looked like it was a huge industrial city, with the sky being covered in cloud. The duo explored the city before they found Plumeria talking to a white haired teenage rock star about two pokemon. Koffing and Grimer. With Plumeria talking about how the regional version was dwindling in numbers, while the Alolan variant managed to thrive.

The rock star mentioned about how Koffing also thrived on garbage when Plumeria saw the two kids walking over to join in. "These are the two I told you about Roxie."

Roxie told Plumeria that she would introduce herself. "Thank's for the heads up, but I got this. Your all in this region to challenge us?"

Elio nodded as he asked. " Pretty much. I heard this city has a Gym, your the Gym Leader?"

Roxie laughed. "That tells me your not from this region! If you are here for a concert, you missed it a day ago! By the way Nate told me to hand this over to you two."

Elio and Lillie received an invitation to Pokestar studios.

Roxie glared on seeing the two's faces light up. "Nate saw something in you two don't screw up and prove him wrong!"

The duo left the two poison type users to continue their conversation as they journeyed to a shiny movie studio to the north. As they were let in, they were greeted to a number of Movie directors and actors getting ready for the next big film.

Lillie froze nervous at what she was about to get herself into. "These are people who may have had years of experience. What ever we do here is going to be seen around the world."

Elio noticed what Lillie was feeling and gave her a hug to calm her down. "I wouldn't worry about it. Normally in these types of places we are better off just doing what the boss says and sticking in character. Unless there is something we are not comfortable with. That point screw the script!"

As Lillie regained her confidence, she and Elio noticed a director talking to Nate about an upcoming film involving thwarting a villain called Brycen Man.

The two noticed the new comers as Nate began to greet them. "You showed up! Hey Sergeo, these are the guys I told you about!"

The group were busy shaking hands as Nate told them the two buildings of note. The flashy one with the images was where actors go to perform for the films and the theater is where most people go to watch. If they were good enough, they get released later on in the week.

Elio smiled at the explanation. "If we really stunk at these, only a hand full of strangers will actually see it? Good to hear."

Lillie was even less nervous

The director asked that if the two would like to help start some Brycen man films. The duo agreed as Sergeo continued. "While, Nate over there said you two have potential. I want to see if you two can follow a script well enough before I let you two do what ever you please. I had a couple ideas myself, Nate normally adds some odd twists to what was expected."

Lillie nodded in agreement. "We understand why you are doing this. If you don't then most of the movies would not come out well, wasting everyone's time."

The duo were given one rental pokemon each. Elio had a Condeldurr, Lillie had a Meinshao. The objective was to use the two pokemon they have to keep Nate's Lucario up long enough until the third turn. Then take out another actor by the name of Brycen's three pokemon, a Houndoom, a Krokodile and an Alolan Persian were taken down by the third turn.

The plot was Brycen man had Lucario boy cornered and was about to beat the hero while he had a bag of gems with him. When a couple of courageous bystanders try to rescue the hero and fight back. Most of the rental's move set, focus on one of the two dealing significant damage to the dark types, while the other uses the move wide guard to protect themselves from the move's earthquake and heat wave, move's that would most certainly knock out the Lucario as it dealt damage to multiple pokemon.

The duo's choice in dialogue was simple but effective as it was about the reason they were fighting back. "No one would be around to stop the bad guy from terrorizing the city."

It was cliched but enjoyable to watch to the test audience.

At the theater, Elio, Lillie and Nate talked about the films average ratings. "You two did well enough, but the director wanted to try something a little different from what we normally do."

Elio smiled as he whispered to Nate. "Tell him I have one crazy idea. Mind if we do this again? I have a Golisopod that would love to be in this!"

Lillie wondered what Elio meant until Nate agreed. "Most of the time you had to follow the script before you get to bring what you want, since you two have done that. I want to see what you are really going to bring."

As the two left for the P.C, Lillie put thought in what she wanted to bring. "You haven't been into a battle in a while Sunne. This should be good for you."

When they returned, Elio had a net ball ready as Lillie had a pokeball ready. As the scene replayed, it began with a blue haired villain in a purple outfit named Brycen man about to defeat Lucario Boy, with a pair of bystanders about to do something about it. Brycen man sent out an Alolan Persian, Krokodile and Houndoom.

Elio shouted out in a rather calm tone. "Bumbo, come on out!"

Lillie joined in a cheerful tone. "Sunne, I need you out here!"

A Golisopod and Volcarona entered the city streets. The Houndoom used protect as the Krokodile was about to set off an earthquake.

Elio shouted bold and proud. "Bumbo, give this villain a good first impression!"

The Krokodile was startled by the Golisopod's stature as he was knocked out by a swing from its claw.

Lillie shouted to her Volcarona. "Get ready for a quiver dance, we need to take that Houndoom out now!" Brycen man ordered the Persian to attack Lucario with a night slash, laughed at the two bystanders and asked. "Why are you protecting a person you don't even know?"

Elio grinned maliciously and answered. "Protecting him? We just want to see what is in that bag you have over there!"

Lillie joined in as she played along and pointed at the bag. "Thank you for having Lucario Boy be in no position to stop us!"

Brycen Man's usual malicious grin turned into a look of confusion. "If you only want the bag... why are you trying to stop me?"

Lillie answered back in a genuine smile. "Because you are in our way! Sunne use bug buzz to knock out the Persian!"

Elio shouted in response. "BUMBO! TAKE THAT HOUNDOOM OUT WITH LIQUIDATION!" The Volcarona buzzed loudly at the Persian for a knock out, as the Houndoom tried to force the Golisopod to flinch with a dark pulse; the Houndoom was knocked out by a liquidation.

Brycen man was knocked backwards by the overwhelming force as the duo went in to grab the bag of gems. The villain asked the who the two were. Elio kept a grin as he introduced himself as the Brutal Tide, Lillie giggled with him as she introduced herself as the Burning Wave.

Lucario Boy struggled to get up as he saw the two pose. "Wait... what are you going to do with them?" The Brutal Tide let loose an evil laugh as he boasted. "If this has a bunch of those gems that boost the damage of a move, they can be useful in helping our pokemon kick butt!"

The Burning Wave joined in laughter. "They might be one use only, but we can do what ever we want to this city with their power! Since you are still hurt, I suggest you go rest while we rob a bank. See you later!"

As the cast saw the film and gasped, the director smiled at the result. "Now we are getting somewhere. I need a week or so to continue this."

Brycen returned to his blue robe and asked Nate about one of the two actors. "He called himself what again?"

Nate grinned. "Alola's dark terrible tyrant. Even now his minions are all over Unova plotting something against the world tournament!"

Lillie saw her performance and began to apologize to Nate. "I am sorry I said all those horrible things to you."

Nate shrugged. "It is called acting. To be honest, Sergeo was thinking of ways to spice up the Brycen man series. We nearly done every setting thus far, except one particular I hoped happens because of you two."

Elio made an arrogant grin as he explained himself. "I always wanted to be a villain in this."

Lillie took a deep breath and told Nate a small story about what Elio tried to do several months ago. About how he tried to convince a former gang to help him block many pathways with Snorlax's.

Nate made a semi serious scowl as he asked Elio. "And how was such a dastardly plan foiled?"

Elio laughed and answered. "When a brave maiden came to confront me on the throne and quickly convinced me to call off the Snorlax blockade!"

Nate thought of who the maiden was as he saw Lillie blush. "You two might want to go check some of the others movies being made. I gave some word to the other directors about this, unless you are performing badly you can use your own pokemon for the other films. Expect some of the actors to go nuts!"

The only other film the two were interested in was a series called, Love and Battles. Normally separate love stories, with the latest one being a retelling of an earlier done film.

As the duo read the script, Elio frowned as he thought to himself. "I can work around this, but Lillie won't like it."

Lillie saw the lines and did not have the heart to even act in such a story and asked. "This is way too much for me to do with a clear conscious. Are you seriously going to do this?"

Elio sighed. "I might and it may be hard for you to watch. I hope you don't mind me trying something... odd about this."


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Pokestar Arc Part 1 Chapter 2: Acting.

A boy was busy in a city deciding where he should train next, he locked eyes with a blue haired woman a couple years older than him.

As she approached, the boy asked. "Hello! I do believe our eyes have met! Are we to battle this day?"

Laura tossed a Smeargle with a red tie into battle and answered nervously. "Why... why yes they have met."

The boy smiled as he shouted. "Tolley! Look's like we have someone to train with!"

He tossed a dusk ball and send in a Bronzong. Laura was a little hesitate as the Smeargle began to grumble in a language understandable only to other pokemon. (What is she doing? Lets beat him and get his prize money!) The Bronzong's eyes glowed as it saw its opponent.

Smeargle grinned as he saw a defensive pokemon before him. (That is some nice defenses you got there... it be a shame if all that was cut down!)

The boy saw the determined Smeargle began to compliment it. "It seems like he is ready for this! Tolley is more than prepared for what he has to offer." Laura smiled back. "I'm sure he is."

The Smeargle shook his head in disagreement. (No he isn't. Soon as my combo is set up your hopes are going to be cut in half.)

Laura glared at the Smeargle. "Don't interrupt this."

The boy was a little nervous at what the Smeargle has as a move set and spoke. "Well. Don't be too hard on Tolley, he had only recently came to this region and has not fought a Smeargle enough to know what to expect."

Laura looked at the boy in bliss. "Don't be too hard on Smeargle either, he had only recently learned some new moves I would like to try out."

The Smeargle grinned smug. (Mind reader and guillotine buddy!)

The boy thought his strategy through. "I wonder what the Smeargle has for a move set? If she is this confident, then I am to take this nice and slowly."

Bronzong glared at the Smeargle who was ordered to calm himself down.

The boy shouted his first two orders. "Tolly, set up a trick room, then use the move light screen!"

As the Bronzong distorted the dimensions to where it would move first, it blocked the coming dark pulse with a yellow screen.

The Smeargle groaned at the move combination and complained. (Why didn't you have me use the other combo, I could end the fight right now!)

The Bronzong made a faint echo like question. (Light screen instead of Gyro ball? Unusual.)

Laura saw the move combination as it countered her Smeargle's. "You used a light screen to keep dark pulses damage low? Interesting strategy."

The boy replied back. "Of course! Without trick room your Smeargle would have had the advantage!"

Laura blushed as she realized the boy had more on his mind than just a battle. "Do I use the combination on him now? No, I want to see how far this battle would go."

Both Smeargle and Bronzong were worried about what their trainers were doing, with the Bronzong humming in concern. (Master please let me use gyro ball. I fear this Smeargle has something much worse than boosting a special attack.)

The boy ordered the Bronzong to set the trick room off. (Master... do you forget what flinching does?)

In response to the Bronzong's concern, the boy raised a finger as he spoke to Laura. "I would like to see how much a boosted dark pulse can do against a Tolley. He is mainly a defensive pokemon and I wish to see more!"

Laura looked away at the boys reason. "He is very considerate of his opponent, too much for his own good! Smeargle use dark pulse."

Smeargle shrugged as used dark pulse. (Okay now I can actually work with this. But I wish you have me use the other combo!)

The boy shouted out. "Now then, Tolley use psychic on that Smeargle if you can!"

The Bronzong's eyes glowed as it generated a psychic blast at the Smeargle, sending him back as the impact was rather strong for him to handle. Smeargle tried dark pulse again to flinch the Bronzong.

The Smeargle was half way to fainting as he barked back to the trainer, who was still unable to figure out what he was saying. (Come on let me use the combo, this Bronzong is too durable for dark pulse and we got somewhere to be!)

The boy looked at the determined Smeargle and asked. "It is a rather well cared Smeargle, where did you captured it?"

Laura remembered how she obtained the Smeargle and answered. "Smeargle was given to me when it was an egg. I raised him from birth and continued since."

The boy grinned at the response. "Wish I can say the same about Tolley, he was but a Bronzor when I found him near a place of legends!"

Laura's eyes widened. "Since he is not from this region, doesn't that mean you visited..."

The boy nodded. "Yes, Mount Cornet!"

Laura's eyes widened in curiosity. "Cornet? How much of Sinnoh do you know?"

In a smile the boy answered. "Enough that the very foundation of our reality was born on that region! I know that Smeargle is known to learn moves that are normally exclusive to those legends."

Laura blushed as she tried to regain some composure. "Enough of that. May we continue our battle? You do not have to hold back for me!"

The Smeargle hopped at what he heard. (She isn't going to throw in the battle. Finally I can use the move!)

The Bronzong glowed its eyes and emitted a dark hum. (At last! We shall end this!)

Smeargle began to read the Bronzong's mind in predicting where it would try to dodge, the boy shouted. "Tolley, set up trick room! We are finally done talking!"

As the dimensions distorted, Laura tried to warn the boy of what she was about to do. "Do you know of this combination?"

The boy frowned and nodded. "I do! Mind reader is very good if used with an inaccurate move! The most dangerous of them tend to cause a knock out no matter what I set up!"

Laura is blushing uncontrollably. "I cannot believe I am doing this to him."

She slipped her tongue and gave another warning. "I have something to tell you after this battle!"

The boy flared up red as he realized what she was about to say and responded. "I have something to tell you myself... I am not sure how you would react... Tolley, gyro ball!"

The Bronzong began to spin and use its other wise low speed to run the Smeagle over as he generated two sharp blades for a guillotine. In a blow, the Smeargle was knocked out.

Laura began to confess something as she shouted. "There is something I want to say to you!"

The boy looked down in guilt at what he was about to do and stopped her. "I know what you are about to say... but I cannot return those feelings."

Laura was startled and confused as she asked. "What? Why?!"

The boy began to explain why he said what he said. "It is not that I don't think you are pretty, nor do I think that Smeargle is not a well trained pokemon. But I am already spoken for!"

Laura cringed as she felt something in her chest break and asked struggling to keep cool. "Wha... then why did you try to prolong this battle?"

The boy smiled nervously. "I thought you wanted to make a conversation while we talked about our pokemon. I kept it going till we were done talking."

Laura took a deep breath as she tried to hold back tears of heart break. "I did enjoy our conversation..."

The boy began to apologize in an attempt to fix the damage he has caused. "We can still be friends if you want. Want to go for a casteliacone? You can even keep the prize money if I ruined your strategy."

Laura took a smile of relief. "Thank you! Next time, read the signs sooner than later!"

As the film ended, Elio was out in the theater chatting with the actress Diana.

The teenage woman asked him. "I know that part was not of the script. The heart break really is a nice twist to most of these; where did you get the idea?"

Diana saw a green eyed blond girl blushing at Elio, giving her the answer. "Okay I see how you were able to do that, see ya later!"

Elio waved the actress goodbye as Lillie gave him a look of curiosity. "Some one else? Who was that boy talking about?"

Elio answered in a shrug and a sharp frown. "No idea, he was dumb enough to not see the signs until late in battle and look what happened because of that jerk! Now, any ideas for the next Brycen man flick?"

Lillie thought of a couple. "We use our Z moves and Mega evolved pokemon to show Lucario Boy that we mean business?"

Elio joined in thought. "I have a Sharpedo of mine I been training for a while. What do you plan to bring?"

Lillie answered back. "I have Swoops and his heat wave! If we are going for a fire and water theme, we need one more pokemon of that type. Vulca needs to be raised up more before anything though."

Elio nodded in agreement. "I need to call Kukui about getting Tetra in the P.C."

Elio and Lillie left Poke Star Studios to go call home in the Virbank pokemon center. Elio called home and wanted to talk to Professor Kukui about the Qwilfish that was left with him.

As the professor appeared on the screen, he noticed Elio acting excited over something. "It hasn't even been a week, something happened?"

Elio nodded before he answered. "Yes. But it isn't anything you need to know about just yet! How is Tetra doing? I need her in the P.C for a small trip to this region!"

Kukui gave an apologetic frown as he answered. "That Qwilfish kept being startled over nearly everything that has happened. To the point where she nearly hurt the other pokemon too many times than I want to count. As a result, she is already in the P.C and at the Pelago. Why are you asking?"

Elio's grin faded as he answered. "Oh it is a surprise! Lets just say Tetra is going to be on T.V soon!"

Elio said his farewells to the professor as he let Lillie use the screen while he went to the P.C to switched his Silvally and Mimikyu for his Sharpedo and Qwilfish. "I never knew why I call you Mister Missile, but it works!"

Lillie giggled as she made her conversation with the professor brief. "We have been doing very well in this region, could you have Burnet on the phone? We may have met a few people on Unova she may have known."

Kukui smiled as he got off the chair and let his wife take over. Burnet smiled at a smiling Lillie and asked. "You met Fennel?"

Lillie nodded. "I want to ask. Since you two worked on dreams for a while, how do those connect with other dimensions?"

Burnet listened and answered. "Trainers often go into a bed like machine she invented. They bring a pokemon of their choice to explore a place called the Dream World. Unlike... that one incident Elio had. Most of the time they explore the realm to find what they find, often what they find in the Dream World tends to go into a place in Unova that link's between realities. Some times they are items, sometimes they are pokemon with hidden abilities. They use to be called Dream World abilities for a time."

Lillie took the information to heart and asked. "How does your Dream Radar involve the Kami Trio?"

Burnet remembered her research as she answered. "Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus may all look alike from last you seen them. But they have another form called Therian forms that are rumored to be what they looked like in the Dream World. They often transform when they look into a mirror. Tornadus turns into a bird like creature, Thundurus turns into a serpent like beast and Landorus turns into a type of cat. They even have different abilities from what they normally have in those forms."

Lillie found the information interesting as she asked. "Some of the pokemon Elio had met while he was in... that coma. Would it be possible for them to cross over if he meets them again?"

Burnet nodded. "They would, though some of them would be very special even among what they look like. You are going to have to ask him yourself if he wants to."

Lillie looked over at Elio who was comforting a Qwilfish in a tank and smiled back. "Elio and I have something going on in this region and I can't wait for you to eventually see it! Talk to you after you see it?" Burnet was curious to what Lillie meant and began her farewells.

As the conversation ended, Lillie asked Elio about some of the pokemon he knew from the Dream World. Elio answered back. "If it is something that involves them crossing over. I don't think it would be a good idea for some of them, some of them already exist in this world and two of them I met are you know whats!"

Lillie understood. "Are they as dangerous as the actual ones?"

Elio has no answer. "The one that meant to be something I was afraid of was more terrified of Isaac. The one that was meant to be a scapegoat... actually helped me wake up when she gave me a photo. Those jellyfish are too instinctual to really do that."

Lillie wanted to drop the subject at the mention of a Nihilego. "Was it something that already existed to you?"

Elio nodded. "One I found in Wela park acted very similar to the one in the dream... responded to the name Krell all the same. The only difference is the dream one responds much more than a simple call and orders. Again, she gave me a photo and told me to take the stairway up."

Lillie looked in confusion and came to a conclusion. "Do you ever see those pokemon again? Because this sounds like something much more than your mind dreaming them up."

Elio shook his head. "No, I have not. I don't know how it even works other than something going on in my head."

Once the two finished the conversation about dreams, Lillie began to call Aether in hope to talk to Gladion or Wicke.

To her fortune, Gladion picked up and greeted her. "It's been a bit busy here... how have you been?"

Lillie answered back by explaining the places she and Elio have been as well as the places she had yet explored. She also mentioned that she captured a Heatran.

Gladion sighed at the mention of the pokemon. "Someone posted a video about that. Elio did that?"

Lillie smiled nervously at the question. "Yes and no! Yes because I sneaked out ahead of him this time and he followed. No because Rotom dex..."

Gladion gave a sharp frown as he heard the answer. "This isn't the first time something like this happened. Could you put Elio on the phone."

Elio over heard as he called his Qwilfish back in her ball. "I knew this was about to happen."

As the duo switched places, Elio was greeted with an overprotective glare from Gladion that asked. "Enough people had seen it and they were doing nothing but praising her. This is the only reason why this isn't going to be worse. Anything else that happened?"

Elio frowned as he described a couple encounters he and Lillie had with a group called Team Plasma and the things that had happened with them.

Gladion continued his glare at the answer. "That sounded a lot different than what Haley reported about those guys a couple months ago."

Elio explained a bit more. "That group was the ones who actually believed in their cause. That actually cared about what they were preaching. The ones Lillie and I took out... was the other half. The ones that preach all that yet attempt to exploit pokemon for conquest and then they started saying things about Isaac and the other..."

Gladion raised a finger and told Elio to not bring up the Mew. "Please don't! I know talking about the Mew bothers you, what did these people tried to do?"

Elio made it very vague about what happened. "They found a former shadow pokemon Lillie and I sent back home. He fell out of a hole, tried everything possible to stay put and wait for me to pick him up. They tried to control Gapper as a means of taking over Unova. Also Lillie and I have our hands on another pokemon that we are not going to bring to anywhere Aether related."

Gladion flinched as he asked. "Why would you say that?"

Elio took out a net ball. "Think it is better if I show you. Blattron, I want to introduced you to a video phone!"

Gladions eyes widened at what looked like a purple robotic insect that glared at the screen. It crackled as it looked at Gladion. "This how you talk to one another from a distance? Some things I had hunted used something similar... but without the need for technology!"

Gladion was about to ask what is the pokemon Elio brought out, when a Silvally approached from behind his trainer for attention and distracted him.

The Genesect identified the pokemon Gladion was petting and asked Elio. "That another Kalden?"

Elio corrected the Genesect in fear of Gladion being angry about what happened with the second Silvally. "No, technically the name of that pokemon species is Silvally. Kalden is just a nickname I gave it. Like how I called you Blattron!"

Gladion calmed down about the Genesect and regained his composure. "Could you explain what that thing is?"

Elio spent five minutes explaining what he knows about the pokemon Genesect. How it was a pokemon that was revived from a fossil, turned into a cyborg and had a gun attached to his back. Silvally looked curiously at the Genesect as he listened to the brief description.

The Genesect chuckled a little as he asked. "There is more to this one and Kalden than you are telling me... right?"

Elio's went stoic as he remembered what he knew about Type:Null and why he still had a lingering grudge against Aether. He calmly soothed the Genesect as he whispered. "It doesn't matter what they call Kalden, he is a dragon forever more! Don't ever let anyone call him or you the word weapon... because you are more than that!"

As he looked back to Gladion on the screen, he gave a calm stoic face as he explained what happened to the Plasma group. "What matters on Unova is these people are no longer a threat."

Gladion listened to the news and groaned in disgust. "Some of the things you done for Kalden are not working for the Genesect, are they?"

Elio nodded as he faced downward in shame. "He can eat, I can pet him. Hey Blattron... do you feel anything when I do that?"

The Genesect looked at his trainer and answered. "Aside from feeling you pushing me a little... that what a petting is suppose to be?"

Elio smiled. "Kind of. But you are suppose to feel a little more. Anyways Gladion, he cannot even taste food. He is an Apex predator before he died from something, the only thing that does work at the moment that he likes to fight pokemon he thinks are strong. We also found out more about Heatran, turned out they are not just found in volcanos. They are also found beneath the earths crust, that is how they travel to many regions."

Gladion written some information down as he looked at the Genesect. "Still their is something you are not telling me. Anything else you and Lillie did?"

Elio's stoic look returned to a more lively smile. "Nimbasa City had a Ferris Wheel we went to!"

Gladion placed his palm on his forehead at what was happening as he asked. "He is doing that with Lillie again. Is that all?" Elio smiled as he continued. "For now, yes. Remember, if anyone ask, you don't know who Blattron is!"

In a usual glare, Gladion responded. "I was writing down about Heatran. Where did you get that information?"

Elio answered back. "Lillie and I asked Melta and Wela more about them! Little **** Dex may be, he is a good communicator!"

Gladion's frown loosened in humor. "Very well. Put Lillie back on."

Elio turned around to see Lillie trying to hug the Genesect. "Okay Lillie, you can come back to what ever you were talking about."

Lillie went back to talk to Gladion a little more, the brother asked. "What exactly happened when you confronted..."

Lillie frowned. "They tried to force Lola, Cain and Ghorchi to attack me using some device that controlled their bodies. It was Ghorchi who broke free enough to destroy it, when that didn't work they tried to use Gapper on Elio..."

Gladion's frown became sharp again at thought of another group trying to use an Ultra Beast. "What happened?"

Lillie answered. "Gapper remembered him and went in the ball willingly after Elio talked to him about something."

Wanting the subject on Team Plasma to end, Gladion asked. "Anything else you are doing. The World Tournament is still a couple months away?"

Lillie grinned mischievously. "You will find out soon enough!"

Gladion looked over Elio trying to make a conversation with the Genesect. "Try to keep Elio from showing that one off, least not until I get a closer look at it and figure out more."

Lillie understood. "All Blattron needs is to know more about the world he is in."

Gladion kept a frown. "There is more to that, what does it actually see in the world?"

Lillie answered as she felt mental pain. "Nothing at the moment. Though I wished he didn't call himself a freak, it hurts to even hear someone call someone that... least of all themselves."

Gladion took a deep breath as he spoke his mind about the Genesect. "It is a pokemon that was long dead, revived through artificial means to be a weapon; it did not ask to that and from what I seen he wants to feel something. He seems to get along with Kalden, but that is probably because of their... origins. Since you are not going tell me what you are doing, I assume it is another big one?"

Lillie nodded and kept silent. Gladion hid a faint smile as he said his good nights.

As the call ended, Lillie turned around to see Elio, Genesect and an escaped Mew trying to play together.

The Genesect didn't mind the Mew trying to talk to him, though it was not effective due to what era he came from. "Sorry kid. I don't even know what these lakes even are! Hey... boss!"

Elio smiled in unusual glee. "You finally called me boss! Anyways what you want?"

The Genesect chuckled at his trainers behavior. "You mind if I try to find one thing out before I go back in the ball?"

Elio tilted his head in question. "What?"

The Genesect looked at the Mew and asked. "I want to know if I can even have... a dream."

Elio shrugged. "If you can still sleep, you can do that. Just don't go out on hunts while Lillie and I are asleep, okay!"

The Genesect grumbled as the two trainers and Mew began to use a room for for the night. "Yeah, yeah!"


Master of Chaos!
Pokestar Arc Part 1: Chapter 3: A Shocking Wake Up Call.

The next day, Elio awoke to a Genesect that chuckled himself awake. "Mmm morning! Your feeling better?"

The Genesect stared in silence and answered. "Good news, I can dream! I am still not sure if I actually feel better."

Elio petted the Genesect. "Care to tell me what it is about?"

The Genesect answered with a stare. "Nothing much, is that Mew around?"

The Mew woke up to the question and wiggled his way out of a sleeping Lillie's arms. The Genesect and Mew talked to each other a little, before the Mew shared Elio a small vision. He saw a hunter going after a great beast in the vast sea.

As it ended, Elio flinched at recognizing the leviathan. "It ended when you went after Kyogre... you actually managed to hurt it. Problem is Kyogre is a very powerful Legendary pokemon. It looked a little different from the books though."

Dex woke up and buzzed a picture. "BZZT! Does it look anything like this? BZZT!"

Elio saw the picture of the creature. It looked much like Kyogre except its red highlights were replaced and it had a transparent, yellow glow. "Yes! That!"

The Dex grinned at the answer. "BZZT! Primal Kyogre... what it looked like eons ago! BZZT!"

Elio swallowed at the information. "Kyogre at more power! Blattron... you thought it was a good idea to go after this?"

The Genesect cackled so loud that he startled Lillie awake. "Of course! Everything else I had hunted at least once! But that... would have been the hunt to end hunts!"

Elio gave a frown that wanted to lecture the Genesect. "Obviously! How did the dream even end?"

Lillie was startled again by a loud cackle that answered. "I took a good swipe, then I saw blue lights! I remembered getting another good hit on it before it ended!"

Rotom Dex blurted what the move was. "BZZT! Origin pulse! BZZT!"

Elio glared at both. "A signature move of a legendary pokemon. Are you telling me that didn't even hurt?"

The Genesect sat down on the floor as the thought of it. "Oddly enough... it was only a sting. That was when the dream ended!"

Lillie heard the story and was worried for the Genesect's life. "I think that is how you... died?"

The Genesect shrugged at the answer. "Look's like it! Anyways... I take you two are going somewhere I am not needed. See ya."

As the Genesect retreats back into his ball, the two trainers stared at each other in worry.

Lillie spoke first. "I am worried about what will happen if he is in a serious battle. If he rushes to a pokemon beyond his power... he is just going to get himself killed!"

Elio agreed. "Bad enough that he wanted to hunt Ultra Beast right when we captured him. If he tries that on a Celesteela... he is just going to fry. The only thing he actually wants to do is battle without much regard to who."

Lillie stared at the net ball trying to think of what to do for the Genesect. "He needs to learn that if he gets into a fight with everyone, he is only going to get hurt."

Elio sighed. "Only way for someone like him to actually learn that is if he gets beaten in battle. He already knows fire type moves are bad for him... so if he see's a pokemon with that type of move, he will find out very quickly."

Lillie frowned more. "What pokemon would he not expect..." She thought of something and got up to head toward the P.C to switch her Volcarona out for her Raichu. As she came back to the room she sent out her Raichu who was yawning a good morning and realized her trainer was not in a good mood. "Do we really need to do this, because this seems cruel?"

Elio frowned back. "Shockums was one of the first pokemon he seen in this world and he didn't even try to fight her. It would work...but do we really want to do this? Because I don't." The two thought it for ten minutes before they shook their heads. Elio groaned as he got himself up to prepare for the day.

A couple minutes later the duo were out of the pokemon center and prepared for the short battle. Lillie had her Raichu out, with both being hesitate to actually battle the Genesect.

Elio tossed the net ball out. "BLATTRON! COME ON OUT!"

The Genesect landed in battle as he looked around and crackled. "You have me out here for a battle?"

Elio nodded as he pointed at the Raichu. "She is your opponent!"

The Genesect stared at the smaller pokemon and asked. "That one... what makes it worth a thrill?!"

The Raichu prepared a thunderbolt as Elio gave a stern look. "Only way you are going to find out is by battling! Get a bug buzz ready!"

The Raichu shot a thunderbolt at the Genesect as it let loose a loud buzzing noise back. Both were sent back by the damage, the Genesect laughed at the Raichu. "Ha... that actually hurt!"

Before Elio shouted for a techno blast, Lillie posed for her Raichu to use the move. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" As energy surrounded the Raichu, she shot out a massive bolt of electricity at the Genesect, who had enough time to think. "Oh cra..."

In an explosion, the Genesect was knocked out; twitching on the ground.

Both trainers cringed as they approached the Genesect that struggled to get up. Lillie asked. "Are you... okay?"

The Genesect chuckled at the aftermath. "You had me fight that... Shockums, to teach me a lesson?"

Elio struggled to keep his face firm. "Yes. Did you learn anything?"

The duo heard a faint cackle from the Genesect. "That the small ones are still able to put up a fight! But why was that and the big guy's punch able to hurt me... but Kalden biting me didn't. I saw how deep it went!"

Lillie saw the metal exoskeleton and wondered. "I think your cybernetics done something for your nerves, you think it is the electricity going through you hits everywhere in your body?"

Elio snapped his fingers. "That has to be the only way it would cause pain. I am sorry that we had to do this to you, I'll get you back to the poke center for a heal. The next battle should be an actual one instead of this."

He took out the net ball to call back the Genesect before he heard the mutter. "At least I know I am actually alive!"

Elio cringed as he rushed to the pokemon center to heal the Genesect, while Lillie sat down and cried at what she done; the Raichu tried to make her trainer feel better as until both saw Elio come back.

He helped Lillie up and spoke his mind. "Let Blattron be my worry. This should never happen again."

Lillie calmed down as she wiped her eyes. "I hope it doesn't. Should we go to Castelia City next, we need to train Vulca and Tetra up?"

Elio nodded back as they went to the port to begin their next adventure.

As the two enter Castelia City, the duo thought of how they were going to raise the Slugma and Qwilfish for the next Brycen Man film. Lillie saw the map to Icirrus city and whispered. "I am going to start Vulca's training there, do you have a good chance to get that thing done here?"

Elio nodded. "I would. Just go on ahead and I will catch up to you soon enough."

Lillie kissed him on the cheek before she went to a pokemon center to bring out her Pidgeot for a flight trip to Mistralion City, leaving Elio with Rotom Dex to pin point the location of a specific office building. He switched some pokemon out for an semi old team. "Least no one I know has to see this."

In the building Elio grunted as he asked a busy green eyed, red haired receptionist with freckles and her fingers are dancing at a key board. "Excuse me.. I am looking for a Benjamin Sun?"

The receptionist sighed annoyed at the distraction and asked the boy. "Why? Do you have an appointme..."

She saw similarities between the boy and who he was looking for and began to direct him. "Third floor and third cubicle on the right!"

Elio spoke calmly as he saw the name tag. "Thank you miss Candy."

As he took the elevator and followed the directions, he found a man with dark hair and blue eyes; he was busy filing paper work and finished a call. Elio saw the floor itself having less people, despite how busy everyone in the floor were. By the computer screen, he saw an old family photo of his mother, father and himself when he was around the age of three.

The man finished one sheet of paper and began to reach for another when he recognized the boy stand before him. "S...on?! You have grown since I last sa...!"

Elio interrupted and glared. "Cut the crap pops! You didn't even stay on the phone to hear what I did on Alola!"

Benjamin looked down in guilt. "I am sorry, I was busy with a report and I had to keep it short."

The man felt a stare of disappointment as his son continued. "Was that report more important than knowing your kid became Alola's champ?! Screw the excuse, I want to see if your team is even any good!"

Benjamin sighed as he filed for a break. "Is it going to end in less than ten minutes?"

Elio shouted. "If it doesn't even last five minutes then we are going to have problems! Lets take it outside!" Out of the office building, a few people stood by at what looked like a battle.

Vs Office Worker Benjamin

Benjamin sent out a Gallade as Elio shouted. "LOST, LETS KICK SOME BUTT! OPEN UP WITH A SHADOW CLAW!"

The Gallade sneaked behind the Mimikyu to attack from the shadows, ruining her disguise before he was knocked out by a shadow claw.

Benjamin sent out Staraptor, its intimidating presence lowered the Mimikyu's attack and charged like a brave bird for a knock out.

Elio called the knocked out Mimikyu back. "GLADIATOR! MAKE SAMSON PROUD!"

Out came a Lycanroc that was eager for battle as Benjamin shouted. "Okay Talons, use close combat!"

The Lycanroc was beaten down, but held on with a focus sash as Elio shouted. "ROCK POLISH! THEN USE STONE EDGE!" The Lycanroc polished himself and erupted jagged rocks into the Staraptor for a knock out.

Benjamin sent out a Torterra into the field as Elio shouted. "USE REVERSAL TO GET THAT TORTERRA READY FOR LOKI!"

The Lycanroc used his worn out body as he lunged for an attack to send the Torterra flying back. It took its tree and slammed it into the Lycanroc like a wood hammer for a knock out as it landed.

Elio switched the Lycanroc and shouted. "LOKI LETS TAKE THAT TORTERRA OUT!" An icy blue alolan Sandslash emerged and saw her opponent; she breathed intense cold in the air above him. Icicles crashed down at the Torterra for a knock out.

Benjamin looked at the Sandslash and sent out his Golem. "That's a strange Sandslash."

Elio glared. "Yeah it is, Alola has some pokemon that are different from the same species found elsewhere in the world. Shame we never talked about that. LOKI USE IRON HEAD, THEN FOLLOW WITH AN ICICLE CRASH!"

The Golem flinched from the iron head and was left open for an icicle crash knock out. Benjamin sent out a Golduck and shouted out. "I think I get what type this thing is, Mally use focus blast!"

The Golduck shot the blast into the Sandslash for a knock out, leaving Elio to switch another pokemon out. "SURFER LETS TAKE THAT GOLDUCK OUT WITH A THUNDER BOLT!"

The Golduck was quickly knocked out by the Alolan Raichu, leaving Benjamin with his last pokemon. "Tristan, lets try and last long here!"

Elio wasted no time with the Roserade as he shouted. "Use psychic until he goes down!" The Roserade was shot with a psychic blast as he shot out a leaf storm for a knock out.

Elio glared as he sent out his next pokemon. "GUPPY! USE DARKEST LAIRAT AND THIS FIGHT IS OVER!" The Roserade tossed a sludge bomb before he was knocked out by the Incineroar, ending the fight with an angry Elio looking at the office building.

As he healed his pokemon up, he asked his father. "Does your boss have pokemon as well?"

Benjamin froze. "W...why did you ask?"

Elio answered back. "I know he keeps you extremely busy to the point that you cant really be around. But you didn't even visit this year! Mom said it had something to do with him laying off workers and you having to work even harder to keep the money coming. You didn't even try to ask him why he was doing that?!"

Benjamin shivered in fear. "If I do that I would be asking more questions..."

Elio glared back as he helped his father finish. "And you are scared that if you ask, you would have to stand up to him,which may result in you losing your job. I know it is hard these days to keep a full time job. But this is way too much! By the way, mom says hi!"

Elio walked back to the building and the receptionist answered before he asked. "Top floor!"

Elio entered the elevator and ascended to the top of the building, to find a brown haired man in a business suit rapidly calling on phones and working on much more paperwork than even his father was dealing with.

As Elio approached, the man spoke without directly looking at the boy. "Benjamin, what do you want? If it is about a raise, wait until I am done with this report on the poke marts!"

Elio coughed loudly to tell the man actually looked up; he saw a child that looked like one of his employees. "Oh... sorry I mistook you for someone else. You his kid?"

Elio glared. "Yes... why do you work him to the point that he can't even visit his own family least of all talk to them for that long?"

Elio saw the name tag with the word Monty as the man took a deep breath to explain his motives. "An economy shift happened, I had to lay off workers just to keep this company afloat and your father is among my best workers!"

Elio frowned as he drew out a great ball, Monty glared as he finished the next sheet of paper. "Kid... do you even know what I just said? I had to do it to keep this business alive!"

Elio went stoic. "I do... I still kicked that chicken's butt a new one and now I am about to kick yours!"

Monty drew out a pokeball. "What are you... some kind of champ?"

In an blank stare, Elio answered. "Yes!"

Monty grinned as he placed the paper work in a secure desk. "Big mistake kid!"

Vs Market boss Monty

Monty sent out a Nidoking as Elio shouted. "H.P, LETS SHOW HIM WHO IS THE BOSS!"

Out came a Kangaskhan that prepared for her trainer to activate the key stone. "MEGA EVOLVE AND USE FAKE OUT!"

The Kangaskhan duo rushed to the Nidoking and clapped in front of him before he shot a sludge bomb. Elio shouted. "NOW USE EARTHQUAKE!"

In a strong rumble, the Nidoking was knocked back into some file bins knocked out. Monty felt some relief. "And that is why I invested in having this building prepared for that move. Now Dragonite,Come out and show that Kangaskhan who is really the boss!"

The Dragonite was crunched by the Kangaskhan duo as it used dragon dance and used outrage for a knock out on the Kangaskhan.

Elio switched out as he shouted. "LOST, WHILE IT IS STUCK IN THAT MOVE! USE SWORDS DANCE AND FOLLOW WITH PLAY ROUGH!" The Mimikyu took no damage as she danced in vigor and played rough with the Dragonite for a knock out. Monty sent out a Sigilyph and had it use air slash for a flinch. The Mimikyu's disguise was broken and held as she shadow clawed the Sigilyph for a knock out.

Monty grinned. "Okay, you think that thing is a big shot! Talonflame, brave bird!"

The Talonflame flew from its quick ball as it rammed into the Mimikyu for a knock out.

Elio called the Mimikyu back as he shouted. "GLADIATOR LETS DO THIS! ROCK POLISH THEN STONE EDGE, DO NOT STOP!"

The Talonflame struck the Lycanroc with wings of steel; the Lycanroc polished himself and knocked the Talonflame out with stone edge. Monty sent out a Chansey with an eviolite in hope of good luck. Lycanroc jabbed stones as the Chansey spit out a toxic liquid. Another stone edge was used as the Chansey used a softboiled egg to heal herself. Another stone edge critically hit as the Chansey used seismic toss to keep the damage stable.

Elio saw his Lycanroc was about to fall and shouted. "FINISH IT WITH REVERSAL!"

As the Chansey was tossed to a closet for a knock out, Monty called her back and glared. "Gyarados! Lets show that wolf how unruly workers get treated around here!"

The Gyarados barely fit the room as he intimidated the Lycanroc for less damage from stone edge. With a rushing waterfall, the Lycanroc was knocked out.

Elio called him back to his ball and tossed another ball. "SURFER LETS FINISH THIS WITH A THUNDER BOLT!" The Alolan Raichu saw the Gyarados and quickly knocked it out with a thunderbolt, ending the battle and leaving Monty's office in a mess.

As the boss saw his desk still in good condition, he regained his composure and asked. "Okay then... I know Ben would normally come up here himself to talk to me rather than send his kid to do..."

Elio shouted out loud and clear. "I came here on my own terms!"

Monty frowned at what happened and asked. "Your happy that you kicked my butt over this in hope things actually change because of it?"

Elio frowned as he called back the Raichu concerned for his trainer. "No... no I am not! I just want to come here myself to see what was happening and why."

Elio walked back to the elevator to see his father rushing out to find out what happened. As the boy began to descend, Benjamin was startled to see the office a mess and a knocked out Gyarados being called back into his ball.

Monty looked at the worker in question. "Care to explain what this is about?"

Benjamin took a deep breath as he asked. "Remember that one report you had me do over a year ago?"

Monty nodded and smiled. "I know, biggest market shift we had yet"

The worker frowned as he continued. "I had to take a small break to call my wife over the reason why I wasn't able to visit them... I rushed and hanged up before my son went to tell me some big news..."

The boss sighed loudly as he put the picture together. "And he did not take it well when the entire year had been busy! I was more expecting you to ask me for a raise over all the work I put you through."

Benjamin grinned nervously. "I still want to ask you over something... doubt it would change much."

Elio walked out of the office building and growled in disappointment. "When you are thrown into a machine... anyways, I need to switch my guys back around before I go check up on Lillie."

He switched his pokemon until it composed of Golisopod, Incineroar, Sharpedo, Genesect, Qwilfish and Salamence before he flew over to Mistralton City. "If I take my time with raising Tetra, Lillie should be ahead of me enough that I might catch up to see Vulca evolve!"

He landed to see Lana and Guzma glaring at each other over something.

He wanted to find out what was going on and asked. "Alright, what happened?"

Lana did not keep her eye off of Guzma and answered. "On our team or not, he caused Alola all sorts of trouble. He was getting in the way when I was training Palpitoed up."

Guzma looked at the champ as he remembered something that was painful. "And she told me nothing about Stunfisk!"

Elio placed his palm over his face and shouted. "Knock it off you two! We are here to relax, enjoy the sights and prepare. We are not going to go to the top if you are all bickering!"

Lana and Guzma looked away in an attempt to end the fight.

Lana spoke to the Alolan champ. "I saw Lillie going near Dragonspiral tower by herself, anything happened?"

Elio shrugged. "Nothing really. Just something I wanted to handle alone and I want her to have no part in."

Guzma raised an eyebrow as to what when Elio answered the silent. "It isn't much, someone I knew let me down a year ago and I wanted to find out why; called him out on it in the only way I know how. Seriously he could have stayed on the phone for more than... never mind. I already had it taken cared of so none of you have to worry."

Guzma had a basic idea of what happened and changed the subject. "That Larvesta I caught almost a week ago is starting to get stronger, other than that... not much save for finding out about that fish."

Elio nodded. "If you don't want to talk about Stunfisk, don't! Small tip with Larvesta, once it evolves into Volcarona, it becomes a special attacker in place of what was a physical attack. They take even longer to raise than a Dratini to a Dragonite without constant training, so don't worry about its moves until you are sure it is going to evolve."

Guzma shrugged the advice as Lana remembered something important she heard from Lillie. "Your girlfriend said you two caught something recently. What is it?"

Elio grabbed Rotom Dex out of the bag and set up a picture. "I caught a Deerling, unique type of grass and normal. They have a different look depending on the season! Lillie caught a Heatran in case you did not see the video Dex posted... and I am going to get smacked if I say the name of the video."

Lana saw the look in Elio's eyes and noticed deception. "You are hiding something else!"

Elio sighed as he nodded. "At the moment Blattron prefers to be let out mainly for battles. To compensate for not bringing the pokemon out, here is a picture."

Elio brought up the dex entry for the pokemon Genesect. The two trainers read the vague description, but knew an artificial pokemon when they see one. Guzma immediately saw similarities between Genesect and Type:Null and began to glare.

Elio saw the look and spoke. "I want to drop this subject. Blattron is not well at the moment."

Guzma shouted at the top of his lungs. "No ****! What's the next thing someone makes, some angry cat that can mess you up by looking at ya?"

Elio wanted the subject to end as he remembered one entry a man named Oak sent from Kanto. "Dex has an entry for that one as well... and I am not going to show him. He is related to Mew and that is all I am saying in the matter."

The Lana and Guzma realized that they delved into things they were better off unaware of and changed the subject.

Lana gave Elio directions as to what was up ahead. "Past Icirrus city is Opelucid city, a high tech town. Further down is Village bridge; you will know when you get there."

Guzma shrugged. "This region is nothing but bridges!"

Lana nodded as she explained one more area of note. "Four years ago they built an under water tunnel that I want to see more of! What are you trying to raise all the way over here? Changed you mind about your team for the tournament?"

Elio laughed. "No, none of that. Tetra needs to be ready for something coming up."

Lana glared. "It's about that Qwilfish? I don't like the way she looks at me!"

Elio understood where Lana was coming from. "Tetra gets like that when ever something startles her. Problem is everything startles her and she puffs up. Are we going to get along though?"

Both grumbled as they shouted in unison. "Fine!"

Lana went to Chargestone cave, while Guzma wanted to see if he would get a flight to Lentimas town. Elio saw the rainy path ahead and began to go forward to Twist Mountain.


Master of Chaos!
Pokestar Arc Part 1 Chapter 4: An Eventful Encounter!

"Vulca, finish that Woobat with ancient power and we should be pass this mountain!" As the Woobat was knocked out by the Slugma, Lillie called him back into his ball as she journeyed to Icirrus city. The city itself was a rather swampy place, with windmills standing up tall. The main place nearby that was of interest to Lillie was a place called Dragonspiral Tower, a place that use to have a pokemon of legends.

Lillie looked up the tower and thought. "That might be a good place to train Vulca up."

As she journeyed up the tower was, it proved to not be a pleasant for training a Slugma, as she had to deal with Golett's and a strange dragon pokemon named Druddigon. She journeyed higher into the tower to see if she would find any more pokemon to fight, fewer variety came until she ascended to the very top. She found three things unusual in what was considered an ancient ruin, an adult brown haired woman with a pink hat, a white shirt, short pants and a black vest on top of a large white furry dragon.

The woman was chatting with a young man with green hair, brown paints, a black baseball cap and a white shirt; the dragon noticed something and alerted the woman. "Wha... Hey! Nate told me about you!"

Lillie recognized the man and woman as N and Hilda before she introduced herself. "My name is Lillie, its nice to meet you!"

Hilda shouted to N. "This is the one Nate told me about... where is the other kid?"

Lillie took a deep breath in figuring out why Elio wanted to go off alone and answered. "He had business and planned to catch up when he is done. I am raising Vulca to be a star in something!"

Hilda smiled as she recognized what Lillie did in a film. "This is the Burning Wave that Lucario Boy is going to have to deal with! What you plan to do with that Slugma once it is a Magcargo? Use it for a dastardly heat wave across the city?"

Lillie thought over the doomsday plan and answered. "Something like that. I wanted Vulca to do a little more than just hatch a single egg."

N smiled at Lillie. "Mind if I talk to Vulca for a moment?"

Lillie shook her head as she tossed a pokeball to let the Slugma out. It took five minutes of talking to N before the Slugma sighed and went back to Lillie to be called back.

N told Lillie what the Slugma told him. "You save his life and he wanted to make it up to you. I understand why you don't pet it... he seems excited about this movie you planned to star him in."

Lillie smiled and asked. "If you want to talk to some of the others, Shockums, Lola and Cain had some interesting stories to tell." As she sent out a Raichu, Vaporeon and Leafeon, they were greeted to the strange but friendly man who wanted to hear what they wanted to talk about.

Hilde smiled nervously at the pokemon as she whispered to Lillie. "A little birdie told me that you and that kid have a Mew with you?"

Lillie nodded as she opened up a Master ball to let Mew out. "If you want to see Isaac, sure! Just that he may have been through things he rather not talk about."

Hilda asked what as Lillie looked down in remembering. "I rather not talk about shadow pokemon... it is sick and I want it to just be a bad dream."

The Mew floated toward the Reshiram and chatted as N finished talking to the Vaporeon and began talking to the Raichu and Leafeon.

In a few minutes, N wanted to ask Lillie about one more pokemon she had with her. "I think this Ghorchi has more it wants to talk about. Cain and Shockums told me quite a bit about Orre... least the parts they want to remember."

Lillie frowned as she took out a great ball. "Ghorchi is very nice, but there are things even he doesn't want to talk about." Both adults were surprised as Lillie sent out a pokemon they did not expect a person like her to have, a Hydreigon.

N frowned as he looked the Hydreigon in the eyes. "These people... they hurt this one as well?"

Hilda asked Lillie. "I hate to ask. Where did you get that one?"

Lillie looked Hilda in the eyes and answered. "I rescued him from the same people who hurt Cain, Isaac and all the others. Elio told me about this specific pokemon."

Hilda saw the Hydreigon and wondered. "When did you find him as? Deino? Zweilous?"

Lillie looked down in remembering some of the Hydreigons history and began to shed tears. "No... I think those people killed Ghorchi's old trainer and stole him when he was an ad..."

Hilda hushed Lillie as she saw her shaking. "That's enough... I raised one of these myself. Lets let N ask Ghorchi about that if he wants to."

The Mew floated to Lillie and signaled her that the things the Hydreigon was talking to N about was something Lillie did not want to hear. Lillie saw the Hydreigon was about to cry over something when N petted him. "If you want to stop talking about her that is fine. Let us talk about what is now."

The Hydreigon had tears trickling until he calmed down; it began to talk about something else, for over an hour straight. The two ladies in the back wondered what the Hydreigon was talking about. He seems to find it rather pleasant... until he began to talk about something that made him angry.

N listened and asked "They tried what to you?" The Hydreigon growled as he continued, he became more angry until he flew to an edge and shot out a stream of fire in rage. Hilda asked N what the Hydreigon was talking about.

N frowned and spoke back to the two ladies. "He was doing this again! Lillie... that Hydreigon was well raised and that black robed man said things he did not agree with while trying to force him to hurt you. At least two people this Hydreigon knew showed him nothing but kindness. One raised Ghorchi from an early age and he misses greatly, the other is you." The Hydreigon flew back and apologized to the group before smiling to finish the conversation. After he finished, he went back to Lillie to go back in his ball.

N looked over to the distance before he asked one more question. "Anything you and Elio found when you were stopping Team Plasma?"

Lillie raised two fingers. "One I am not suppose to tell you about. You are to talk to Elio yourself, second one is a pokemon called Genesect!"

N flinched and quickly shook his head. "Dudley defiled it anyways. Where is this pokemon?"

Hilda went over to the mans side and tried to persuade him. "N, don't!"

Lillie spoke anyways. "Elio has him. He named it Blattron."

Lillie had a ring on her phone and checked the caller I.D "Elio, now isn't a good time!"

The boy over the phone apologized. "Sorry about that. I am heading toward Icirris city and Tetra is starting to become much stronger. I'll call you when I get past this mountain!"

Lillie sighed at who may not be happy about what Elio has with him. "Alright, I'll see you later."

N listened in from the distance and asked. "Who is this Tetra?"

Hilda held the man's hand. "Please... I am sure the kid has things under control."

N smiled back at Hilda. "I know. The Hydreigon and Leafeon told me enough about him. I still want to meet Elio myself."

N used an escape rope to exit the tower, leaving Lillie and Hilda worried.

Hilda shouted as she was getting ready to run. "We need to get down on the tower and stop him. What exactly do you know of this Genesect?"

Lillie explained how the Genesect has problems feeling things save for the desire for battle.

Hilda nodded as Lillie called her three pokemon back. "Some Pokemon Rangers had dealt with a small pack of them three years. As hunters they will attack things for a variety of reasons. This one sounds like it was resurrected alone. From what you told me about the Giga what ever, you two were already at a last resort to give him a wake up call before he got worse." Lillie agreed Hilda called Reshiram back into its pokeball before the two ladies ran down the tower.

After Elio fought his way past Twist Mountain.

He began to have his Salamence do something about the Stunfisk infestation as he raised his Qwilfish for the upcoming film. "SALAMENCE USE DRAGON CLAW!"

As the Trap pokemon was swatted deep into the swamp, where no one would step on it, Elio saw a particular man with green hair looking around Icirrus city.

Elio knew that this trainer was a strong one and thought to himself. "My team isn't in the position to fight this guy just yet. I may be able to sneak to a pokemon center to heal up before..." The man looked at Elio from a distance and began to approach.

Elio sighed. "Crap!" The Dex buzzed loud enough for anyone to hear. "BZZT! He might just want to talk to you! BZZT!"

Elio prepared to confront the man as he introduced himself. "I know you are looking for me, names Elio!"

The man introduced himself as N as he spoke. "I have heard a little about you. What has brought you so far into Unova?"

Elio grinned nervously. "I am raising Tetra up for a poke star film. I have Mister Missile and Bumbo ready to be the main stars. So far that Qwilfish seems to be enjoying the training... long as I don't shout at her."

N signaled Elio to follow him to a place filled with clearer water. As he saw the Rotom Dex he asked. "I heard you normally use that Rotom to translate what a pokemon is saying. How does it feel about that?"

Elio looked at the Dex and answered. "While I said it a couple times. He seems to like it most of the time. Dex, do you have a final word?"

The Dex flared up in a buzz. "BZZT! I love it! Lets me see things no other Rotom has seen before! BZZT!"

Elio continued. "He gets annoying at times, but we been through a lot. He also serves as a pokedex, a camera... a PDA as well as other things. I had heard of you a couple times already though. You want to talk to Tetra about how things had been for her?"

N nodded as they made it to the front of Dragonspiral tower.

Elio took out a net ball and tossed it to the water. "Alright Tetra, this guy wants to talk to you!" The Qwilfish landed in the water and bobbed her head to find a strange person looking at her.

Elio warned N about one bit of information. "Tetra did not come from a nice place. She has a bad habit of nearly everything startling her, which causes her to puffer up. I don't exactly battle with her much and the noises became rather much that she had to be taken out of the tank."

N looked at the Qwilfish and he asked Elio a question. "I heard something called shadow pokemon... do I need to know about that?"

Elio cringed at the memories of Cipher. "Other than a bunch of monsters hurting pokemon in ways I don't want to think about anymore. You do not."

The Qwilfish bubbled in the water in an attempt to communicate. The Dex translated. "BZZT! I don't even remember what happened. But I hate being startled. BZZT!"

Elio smiled at the Qwilfish as he softly spoke. "Good you shouldn't remember those times! Now then, Dex don't be rude!"

The Dex was placed into Elio's back pack as the boy apologized for the Dex's behavior. "Sorry about that N, carry on!"

N continued to ask the Qwilfish. "How are things now?"

The Qwilfish lifted her head out of the water to bubble something at the strange man. In a nod, N smiled. "Tetra likes the idea of staring in a film. What is it about!"

Elio laughed like a villain. "The Brutal Tide and the Burning Wave making an uprising!"

N looked over toward to the sky and asked. "What did you come to this region for?"

Elio grinned. "The world tournament. I brought in a hand picked selection of minions to represent Alola. We came here early specifically to train and enjoy what this region has to offer!"

N's smile turned into a frown at the next question he asked. "I also heard you had another run in with people that tried to hurt pokemon... again."

Elio frowned back. "I knew this was about to happen. Lillie and I had to deal with some of Team Plasma... or more specifically the hypocrites. If they really thought battling with pokemon was wrong, then they should have released their pokemon when they had the chance and be done with it. Then they tried to drag a pokemon they had no knowledge of into their schemes."

N asked what pokemon Elio was talking about; Elio zipped his lips. "I am not telling you the specific details, but a couple months back Lillie and I had to deal with some people that tried to weaponize pokemon by making them into soulless killing machines. Among them... the XD shadow pokemon have been hurt the worse. Seven pokemon not of this dimension were kidnapped from home for this specifically. Lillie and I went out of the way to send them back home after helping them get better but they kept getting themselves into trouble. Gapper actually tried to stay put and wait for me. But Team Plasma tried to use him. He remembered me and willingly went into the ball."

N saw that the trainer had good intentions and regretted the next question he was about to ask. "I heard you have one specific pokemon under your care. Mind if I see him?"

Elio noticed a Mew floated down to nuzzle him. "He and I went to places. He was also among the XD shadow pokemon... and he suffered a lot even in comparison to them. Because of this... he is not going back to the wild."

N continued to frown. "Why would humans do something this horrible to this..."

Elio interrupted him as he held tears back. "Because they lost the right to call themselves human when they began this shadow pokemon nightmare. I rather not talk about it more than I have to!"

N began to apologize for accidentally bringing the conversation back to the shadow pokemon and changed the subject. "I was not trying to refer to the Mew. Do you even want to bring the Genesect out?"

Elio wiped his eyes and smiled. "Small problem, he rather have the next one be a good battle. If I bring him out for another talk or another lesson in why his behavior is dangerous he is just going to be even more hurt."

N walked toward a distance on hearing the word battle. "Well then... which battle format would you two like?" Elio grinned as he had the Qwilfish back in the ball. "Sorry about this Tetra, this is going to be noisy. Going to do double battle because Blattron now needs to learn how to battle with another pokemon!" N didn't mind. "Four vs four?" Lillie and Hilda descended from the Tower to find out they were too late to stop a battle from happening. Hilda whispered to Lillie as she noticed the Mew floating back to her. "At this point, we wait and see what happens."

Vs N

N tossed two pokeballs and shouted. "Come out my friends!"

A Vanilluxe and a Carracosta entered the battle field. Elio took a lure ball and a net ball and shouted. "MISTER MISSILE! BUMBO! LETS DO THIS!"

A Golisopod and a Sharpedo with a particular stone entered the field, with the Sharpedo swimming in the water. Elio shouted the first order. "MISTER MISSLE USE PROTECT! BUMBO GET A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION ON THAT VANILLUXE!" The Sharpedo sent out a barrier to block the Carracosta's focus blast as the Golisopod startled the Vanilluxe for a sucker punch. The Vaniluxe used freeze dry on the Golisopod for super effective damage, the Golisopod had to make an emergency exit.

Elio prepared the two net balls as the Sharpedo began to increase in speed. "BLATTRON LET THIS BE YOUR FIRST REAL BATTLE!"

A Genesect emerged from the net ball to begin downloading modifications to its special attack. "These look interesting... what is that strange turtle?"

Elio smiled at the Genesect as he activated a keystone. "Carracosta is similar to you in that it is a fossil pokemon. The difference is that it can feel things and it along with every other fossil pokemon tend to have a rock type. MISTER MISSLE MEGA EVOLVE AND USE WATER FALL TO KNOCK THAT CARRACOSTA DOWN A COUPLE PEGS! BLATTRON FOLLOW UP WITH A FLASH CANNON!"

The Sharpedo glowed as his snout and fins grew, with scars and spikes covering his body. He roared as it rammed into the Carracosta at high speeds. As the Genesect began to fire, it saw the Carracosta, puff in smoke and became a Zoroark. The Zoroark flinched from the damage as the Genesect shot into it for a k.o.

The Genesect looked back to find his trainer startled by the pokemon. "Boss... was that suppose to happen?"

Elio shook his head. "No, Zoroarak are faster than you and have moves that will take you out quickly."

The Genesect looked at the Zoroark being called back into its ball as it saw the Sharpedo roaring for the next challenger. "From what you shouted earlier... this is a pokemon I am suppose to work wi..."

N frowned at the Mega evolved Sharpedo and shouted. "Vanilluxe, use freeze dry to knock that Sharpedo out, please!"

The Sharpedo felt himself dry out from the freezing temperatures, reverted back to his normal form and laid in the water knocked out.

Elio called the Sharpedo back as he shouted out. "BRIMMY COME ON OUT!"

Elio noticed N shaking and switched the Zoroark for a Klinklang. "Not a huge fan of Mega Evolution?"

N shook his head. "While I heard of the bond between trainer and pokemon being a key part in the formula... their screams are not something I want to hear for long."

Elio nodded. "I understand why you would say that. Once the pokemon mega evolves, the trainer needs to keep the pokemon level headed during the boost in power and extreme body modifications. BLATTRON KNOCK THAT VANILLUXE O..."

The Genesect wasted no time as he shot a flash cannon into the Vanilluxe for a knock out. "Seriously, I liked that Sharpedo!"

Elio agreed with the Genesect and saw the Klinklang shoot a thunderbolt at the Genesect. "And you are not being knocked out this battle. BRIMMY FLAIR BLITZ THAT KLINKLANG OUT OF HERE!"

The Incineroar rammed into the Klinklang in an inferno, knocking it out and leaving N to his fourth and last pokemon for the battle. Out came a Carracosta.

Genesect saw the Incineroars power and asked the trainer. "What do you call a group that sticks together, a pack?"

Elio placed his hand under his chin and thought of the question. "Family is another good word. But if you want to call it a pack, sure! NOW USE BUG BUZZ ON THAT CARRACOSTA! BRIMMY JOIN IN WITH A DARKEST LAIRAT!"

The Genesect let loose a loud buzz on the Carracosta as it rushed into the Incineroar with an aqua jet for super effective damage. The Incineroar took the hit and spun into the Carracosta for a knock out. Ending the fight.

N smiled in satisfaction at who the Genesect was being cared by.

The Genesect cackled until he saw the Incineroar called back into his ball. "This... this is what makes me keep going!"

Elio was about to sent the Genesect back into his ball when N spoke. "Wait... could you leave that one out for a moment?"

Elio grinned nervously at the impatient looking Genesect. "Blattron... you want to stay out a while longer, I think he wants to talk to you?"

The Genesect sighed in defeat. "He did something that startled us both. Interesting enough to get a couple words."

As the Genesect approached the strange man, N began with the first and most simple question. "How do you feel of being here?"

The Genesect returned a question with a quesiton. "You mean in this place? It looked nothing like home. It was all in a vast sea. But... it is peaceful. I just wish I don't have to look at myself some times."

N saw the Genesect's reflection in the water and frowned. "What do you actually see in the reflection."

The Genesect chuckled. "Me and my kind use to be among the best of hunters. Our skill unmatched! I saw that reflection as unknown prey at first... until I noticed it was me. Then he came along to capture me!"

N looked over at Elio and asked more. "Why?"

Elio took a deep breath at his choice of words. "It is an unknown creature that is pretty dangerous to everyone around it. I dealt with something like this before, either they are to be sent back home, destroyed or protected before they get themselves or other people hurt."

The Genesect joined in. "You woke up one day after a hunt! Everything around you is different and even you are different! Can't feel the rush of water, the taste of food, you very voice is..."

The Genesect growled in rage and disgust as he continued. "Altered! What would you even call yourself at that point?!"

N answered the question with one word. "Hurting."

Elio had his own answer to the Genesect. "Lost."

The Genesect cackled at the two's answer. "Hurting? Oh I wish I could feel pain like I use too... that is what makes the hunt exciting. What do you even mean by lost?"

Elio answered. "You don't know where you are, when you are, or even what you are! Lost your way and need to find a place."

The Genesect found something out and asked. "You absolutely hate it when I call myself a freak?"

Elio struggled to say his answer he felt the sting of the Genesects word to describe itself. "I said it once already and I will keep doing it until I get it through to you. You are much, much more than that! Don't ever let anyone call you that or if they do... tell me and I do something about it!"

The Genesect laughed. "What are you going to do, get into a fight with who ever says that?"

Elio nodded. "Yes. My move set is bite, mega kick, sucker punch and close combat!" Elio apologized to N about his out burst.

N found Elio's willing to fight for his pokemon interesting and asked the Genesect. "How are you feeling now?"

Genesect took a deep breath as he remembered most of the times he was let out of the ball. "Alive. Knowing that I can still feel something, can still dream... can still look at another hunter in pride. Gets better with each thing shown to me!"

N looked at Elio frowning as he finished the conversation with the Genesect. "I see... thank you for telling me!"

The Genesect chuckled. "Thanks for the fight!"

The Genesect signaled Elio to call him back into the net ball, the trainer sighed. "I might introduce him to something that would make his signature move much stronger soon. But he and Isaac are not going to the World Tournament, it would give him enough time to know more."

N smiled. "I hope that Genesect finds a place in the world one day."

Elio took a deep breath as he smiled. "He will eventually. Thank you for the battle."

The two trainers shook hands as they began to part ways.

Lillie and the Mew rushed to Elio for a hug while Hilda smiled at the three before whispering to N. "Told you he had it taken cared of!"

N took a deep breath as he recalled the places he visited. "There is still much of the world I want to see."

Hilda patted him on the back. "Well, since this kid has a bunch of people from Alola over for that world tournament in the next couple months, I might finally get ya to watch and see what the regions have to offer in the best of the best; it took me five years to find you! Of all places... I still had a hard time wondering why you hid in that old worn out castle!"

N remembered the place; he was staring in the distance until Hilda held his hand to snap him out of the trance. "Forget about that place, lets go visit the Ferris wheel again, it has been a week!"
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Pokestar Arc Part 1 Chapter 5: To Challenge Dragon Types.

As Elio and Lillie left Icirrus City for the next town, they fought their way through a swamp with a large amount of Stunfisk before they made it to another bridge of Unova. A large metallic bridge that went by the name of Tubeline Bridge. The duo looked underneath and quickly discovered why such a bridge had to be sturdy, it was a bridge that had trains rush underneath where people cross. As they crossed the massive bridge they had a small encounter with two bikers that were making fun of the two for not even having a bike and drew out pokeballs, ready for battle.

Vs Bikers Morgann and Jeremy

Morgann sent out a bull with an afro named Bouffalant, Jeremy sent out a Joltik.

Elio took a Net ball and whispered. "Tetra, get ready!"

Lillie sent out a pokeball and whispered. "Vulca, lets keep your training going!"

A Qwilfish plopped on the side walk with a Slugma looking on over to the two pokemon.

Elio ordered out. "Tetra use poison jab on that Boufallant!" The Qwilfish splashed into a distance, puffed herself up and jabbed her spiked body into the Bouffalant. The Boufallant rammed its head into the Slugma as the Joltik shot an electro ball into the Qwilfish.

Lillie saw the Joltic and ordered Slugma. "Flamethrower that Joltik!" In a stream of flame, the Joltik was quickly knocked out.

Elio's ordered the Qwilfish. "Tetra, finish that Bouffalant with a waterfall!" The Qwilfish turned herself around and rushed into the Boufalant with a waterfall forming underneath her.

The Bouffalant was slammed for a knock out, leaving Lillie to correct the two bikers. "We had a two person motor bike back at Orre!"

In confusion, one of the two bikers asked. "Why didn't you bring it with you then?"

Lillie gave them a stern smile and answered. "We could not fit it on the boat, but it had served us well!" The two bikers drove aside and let the two cross with no further trouble.

The duo found themselves on a rather short route, composing of one large shopping mall with stairs, a paved road, a couple rough looking hooligans and a small forest at the side. Rumor of a dangerous pokemon named Swalot lurked in the forest during the time of the month, so they focused on taking a small stop to buy a couple things. Most was stocking up on pokemon food and travel supplies. Elio found a t shirt with a Krokodile image on it. Soon as the duo bought a couple drinks from the vending machines and left, they had a brief encounter with a biker and a man in a Krokodile jacket, proclaiming themselves as two bad dudes teaming up to do something battle related. Elio had a brief flashback of his encounters on Orre and drew out a net ball in preparation, with Lillie trying to calm him down and drew out a pokeball.

The battle itself was nothing much save for going against two Scraggy. The Qwilfish poisoned one Scraggy with a poison jab and was hit with payback; the Slugma was hit with a high jump kick from the other Scraggy and used ancient power to damage the Scraggy and give himself a small boost. The Qwilfish rushed into the second Scraggy with a waterfall k.o, while the Slugma used flamethrower to know the other one out.

As the two bad dudes spoke that their plan was using the power of friendship, Elio sighed and was quick to yell. "You should have said that earlier because last time we were doing something and got swarmed with worse!"

Lillie knew Elio was referring to Orre and patted him on the back and dismiss the bad dudes that were a bit startled. "Those times are over Elio, let it go. Thank you for the battle."

As the duo enter Opelucid city, they were greeted to what looked like a chromish city. High tech lights flowed around. Aside from the gym, everything looked like it changed in comparison to nearly everywhere else in the region.

Dex flared up and began to talk about the Gym Leader. "BZZT! Gym is ran by some guy named Drayden. His main training method involved wrestling with his pokemon. He had an apprentice that he raised like a grand daughter named Iris. Both specialized in dragon types. BZZT!"

Elio's eyes widened at the gym, aside from the Pre Gym in Orre, he had never been to a pokemon gym before.

The thought of going up against a horde of dragon type pokemon enticed him as he was about to head toward the pokemon center to switched his pokemon out when Lillie stopped him. "Before you go off and do what I think you are about to do. I want to ask if you were able to find who you were looking for?"

Elio nodded back to Lillie. "Yes! I made it very clear to both him and his boss that I am not happy with what had happened. Tetra should be strong enough to make a Solo debut once we get to the next route. How is Vulca?"

Lillie smiled. "Another day of training and he should evolve." Elio pondered about one form of training he heard that was effective in Unova. "I heard when trainers are in a rush to evolve their pokemon, they tend to go after this one pokemon called Audino. Very common in this region and most trainers go after them because of the experience."

Lillie frowned back. "I heard of it as well, but after everything we been through with Medic... do I want to do that?"

Both shook their heads in answer. Elio frowned back. "No need for us to constantly go after one type of pokemon. Fact that Audino normally does everything but attack is a little unsettling."

The two decided to change the subject, Lillie asked. "You are about to go challenge the gym of this city?"

Elio nodded. "Dragon type gym! I want to switch some pokemon around and Kalden would love to fight against a dragon!"

Lillie nodded back. "Be careful, dragon types are good against other dragon types!"

Elio smiled back. "I know, plan to build a team that would beat these guys anyways!" Elio took a trip to the pokemon center and switched his team around for his Hitmonchan, Mimikyu, Silvally, Lycanroc , older Incineroar and Hypno. "I haven't had Remmer actually battle in several months, he should do fine anyways!"

Elio rushed into the pokemon gym and shouted bold and loud. "I don't want a badge, but I want to challenge this gym at its strongest!"

After having his pokemon registered, he proceeded into the main puzzle of the gym. A dragon statue he had to step on and direct it to climb to the top of another dragon statue, while fighting his way through trainers that were training under Drayden. Most have pokemon he seen before in the Battle Tree and Battle Frontier, but rare that he seen them in places outside of Alola or Sinnoh. A slender green dragon with blades on his face called Haxorus and a blue gargoyle like dragon with a crimson head named Druddigon. While he had no regrets in letting Gladion see to the Axew being taken cared of, Elio had more interest in Druddigon. He rarely seen this pokemon used in comparison to the others, though he remembered the roaming rock star Ryuki mentioning every dragon type he had seen had their own charm to them.

As Elio fought his way to the very top, he found the dragon statue facing the other head on and pressed the button going forward. Both dragons rammed their heads together to make a bridge, leading him to what looked like an old but very muscular man that lead the gym. Elio gave Drayden a look of determination and respect as the gym leader explained that he was not only the Gym Leader of Opelucid city, but the mayor of the city. He himself sought to improve himself as any other trainer and chose to become a Gym Leader to see what the next generation of trainers had to bring. As the two drew out their pokeballs the battle began.

Vs Gym Leader Drayden.

Drayden pulled up his sleeve before he sent out his first pokemon. A Haxorus, entered the field as Elio shouted. "MAC, LETS TEST THIS GEM OUT! START WITH FAKE OUT!" The Hitmonchan emerged from the ball, holding a normal gem and sized up his opponent; he rushed in front of him and slammed his fist together for a boosted fake out. The gem glowed dim as the Hitmonchan rushed to the Haxorus for a mach punch. In a rage, the Haxorus beaten down the Hitmonchan in an outrage for a knock out.

Elio called the Hitmonchan back as he shouted. "GLADIATOR COME ON OUT!" The midnight variant of Lycanroc grinned as Elio ordered him to use rock polish, the Haxorus continued to use outrage, sending the Lycanroc flying back and holding on with his sash.

Elio shouted out. "USE STONE EDGE!" The Lycanroc rushed up to the Haxorus and knocked him out with jagged stones for a knock out. The next pokemon sent out was a Flygon, Elio ordered. "USE REVERSAL TO GET THAT FLYGON READY FOR LOST!"

The Lycanroc tossed the Flygon aside and was knocked out by a flamethrower. Elio called the Lycanroc back for a Mimikyu who looked down at the height. "LOST START WITH A PLAY ROUGH!"

The Mimikyu dashed toward the Flygon and missed, grabbing on the ledge with her true tendril as the Flygon erupted an earth power to knock her disguise down. The Mimikyu glared and leaped on the Flygon, directing it toward the bridge as she continuously played rough with its neck for a knock out. Drayden recognized the pokemon as a fairy type and shouted. "Druddigon! Take it out with an iron tail!"

Elio shouted back. "LOST USE PLAY ROUGH AGAIN! SEE IF WE CAN'T TAKE IT DOWN!" The Mimikyu beaten down on the Druddigon as she saw its tail glow and swatted her back with sheer force for a k.o.

Elio grinned at the Druddigon as he called the Mimikyu back and prepared a pokeball. "Time to fight a dragon with a dragon! KALDEN COME ON OUT!"

Drayden was intrigued by the strange dog like creature and asked. "I never seen that one before, seemed different from most dragon types I heard about."

Elio nodded as he answered. "It is a pokemon that was built to become any typ..." The Silvally growled at the mention as Elio continued. "Because he doesn't like me mentioning that he was built, nor the system that was built into him. I had him become a dragon type and he stayed that way ever since. NOW KALDEN TAKE THAT DRUDDIGON OUT WITH A FLASH CANNON!"

The Silvally shot a white light from its mouth and knocked the Druddigon out.

Drayden called back the knock out Druddigon and nodded as he heard the Silvally roar. "I see you both take pride in that choice. Lets see how well it can do against this. Hydreigon, show them!" A Hydreigon flew into the battle and immediately shot a dragon pulse at the Silvally. The Silvally felt the super effective damage and held on by his claws as he roared for a draco meteor. Meteors crashed from the ceiling and sent the Hydreigon crashing to a balcony bellow for a knock out. Next pokemon sent out was a Salamence that quickly clawed into the Silvally for a knock out.


The Incineroar was hit with a dragon claw, roared and lunged into the Salamence, constantly beating on it until it crashed unto the bridge again. Drayden looked in fierce fire as he sent out his last pokemon, an Altaria. The Altaria set up a cotton guard to absorb the constant blows as it used dragon dance an outrage of her own. In a couple blows, the Incineroar was knocked out, leaving Elio with one more pokemon. "REMMER! GET A HYPNOSIS UP THEN USE NASTY PLOT!"

The Hypno looked around and was greeted to an Altaria beating down on him. With a swipe of the pendulum, the Altaria fell asleep, leaving the Hypno to think of something devious to what it wanted to do.

Elio shouted out. "You figured it out already Remmer, but use dream eater for a quick heal, then use psychic to finish it off!" The Hypno nodded as he inhaled a dream to restore his health. The Altaria woke up and rushed into the Hypno again, nearly sending him over the bridge until he let loose a psychic blast to sent the Altaria falling for a knock out.

As Elio congratulated his Hypno on a job well done and was about to call him back in the pokeball, Drayden placed his hand under his bearded chin to ask. "What drove you to request a gym battle? Most trainers that come here do it either to train or earn a badge."

Elio smiled as he answered in excitement. "I haven't been into a gym before... came for the World Tournament and due to my position as Alola's champ, I can watch you fight the closest thing to gym leaders I can gather. But I can't really fight any of you during the event. Part of the reason I didn't want a badge and requested fighting the toughest pokemon you have. To see how strong you people actually are."

The gym leader nodded and asked. "What will you do now that you fought in a Gym?"

Elio nodded back and answered. "Since I am in the middle of training a Qwilfish for Poke Star studios, I might give Nimbasa or Castelia a visit on the way back. I want to see what this region has to offer. Been to Sinnoh but the Gyms were not a priority at the time." The two said their farewells as Elio called his Hypno back and pressed the button going down.

As he descended from a heated battle, he left the gym with a smile and found Lillie with an strange egg in a glass tube. Her Hydreigon blushed as Lillie asked Elio. "How did it go?"

Elio looked back in a grin. "I liked the dragon puzzle and the gym leader was a challenge! When we head back to Castelia, I might want to tackle another gym. Where did you get that egg?"

Lillie smiled. "A former champion of Unova. This region had four total champions in the last six years. Alder, Hilda, Iris and Nate. Iris wanted to wait until the Tournament before we have a chance to actually battle."

Elio looked down on the egg and asked. "Iris gave you that?"

Lillie nodded. "After I let her see Ghorchi, she has a friendly Hydreigon herself." Duo saw the sun setting down and realized it was getting late.

Lillie saw the pokemon center and asked. "We head out in the morning? I heard the next bridge has better sights in the sun rise."
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Pokestar Arc part 1 Chapter 6: Traveling Across The Shore.

The next day Elio and Lillie got up to switch some pokemon out and travel to another short route. During the brief training, Lillie had her Slugma defeat an Amoongus and began to evolve.

He glowed as he grew larger, his eyebrows shrank and the magma on his back began to harden into a shell. "Cargo!"

"BZZT! This route seems easy to train! BZZT!" As the duo trained more, they found themselves about to travel to a rather unusual bridge.

"BZZT! Village Bridge. It is a town that was built on a bridge by Unova's first settlers when flooding became a massive issue, the people keep this bridge under good condition ever since. It also has a sandwich shop! BZZT!"

The duo thanked the Rotom Dex for the explanation and began to notice the music as they began to cross.

Elio stopped for a moment and asked. "Mind if we get some breakfast and enjoy this until we get bored?"

Lillie agreed as she let Elio take her to a sandwich shop to go. As the two found a bench to sit on, Elio received a large amount of text messages from the group. Mallow had her Swaddloon evolve to a Leavanny and was heading to Castelia, Kaiwe had his Darumaka evolve into a Darmanitan and was stuck in a part time job in Castelia. Ilima found a light stone and has his Minccino evolve into a Cinccino, he was heading to a place called Aspertia city because the Gym also served as a school and thought he check it out. Plumeria's Whirlipede had evolved into a Scolipede and she shifted between hanging out in Castelia city and Virbank city depending on her mood. Lana had her Palpitoad evolve into a Seismitoad and she was in Humilau city, with a pokemon she captured that Elio may want to see. Sophocles was busy training the Tyanmo, exploring the more high tech places in Unova and meeting the various people that live in the towns.

Mina's message was very basic. "Busy checking out some bridges!"

Guzma's message was a question. "Brutal tide?!"

Elio texted Guzma back. "Wonder if Lucario boy would be able to stop these two villains?"

Guzma immediately sent back a warning. "Don't be pulling that Masked Royal crap on me kid!"

Elio texted back. "Only place I can be a villain and get away with it!"

Guzma texted back. "Yeah yeah, I found that out months ago. Why the other one is getting herself dragged into this?"

Elio showed Lillie the message; the girl grabbed the phone and texted. "Because the director wanted something new to happen with the Brycen man series. This is why Vulca and Tetra are being trained."

Elio cringed at the message back. "Who is Vulca?"

Lillie continued to text. "Vulca was a Slugma, now he is a Magcargo."

Guzma replied back aware that both kids were texting on the same phone. "You plan to have an fire/rock type not a lot of people use? If your going to go for a water and fire theme, it isn't the dumbest thing I heard. Don't mess this up!"

After the messages ended, Lillie apologized. "Sorry about doing that."

Elio shrugged. "It's cool, I was going to text something similar anyways. I think he would have found out this eventually. You have any idea of what might be in that egg?"

Lillie looked closely at the blue egg with red stripes and shook her head.

She immediately saw the connections between the egg color and a pokemon she remembered in Dragonspiral tower and apologized again. "No, I do know! I fought a couple in Dragonspiral tower. A pokemon called Druddigon."

Elio glared at the egg in jealousy. "Congratulations."

The remaining morning in Village Bridge was spent with the duo finishing breakfast, enjoying the sights and music until they decide to leave for the next town. They fought their way through a couple trainers in a grasslands until they reached to a walled up town.

The Dex flared up as the duo wondered the towns history and buzzed. "BZZT! Lacunosa town! Other than the wall, the towns people kept a curfew because of a pokemon of legends that have crashed nearby that preyed on the town. Goes by the name of Kyurem and lived in a Great Chasm not to far from here! BZZT!"

Lillie remembered seeing the dragon and wondered. "Elio, you think we may want to explore the Chasm a little? I know Kyurem was already captured, so we don't have to wo..."

Lillie felt something in the back of her head telling her to let her Mew out. As the Mew floated toward the direction of the Chasm, he meowed. "BZZT! Mum's, Pop's... I don't think it is a good idea to go there still. BZZT!"

Lillie shook out the trance and asked. "Why? Something dangerous is still there?"

The Mew shook his head and frowned. "BZZT! A horrible person got what he deserved and I don't want either of you two to see it by accident. BZZT!"

Lillie wondered and asked. "Since you warned us..."

Mew nodded. "BZZT! It was a fitting but grim end. BZZT!"

Elio flinched and asked. "We make a straight trip to Undella town and go through the Marine tube? From what Lana said about what she caught, I want to see it before she leaves that city. Good thing I have Bob for this!"

Mew smiled and meowed. "BZZT! I like seeing fish! BZZT!"

As the duo held hands and walked out of the town, away from the Chasm, they were eventually greeted to a view of the sea. They traveled across the sand bars and surfed though some water ways for a quick travel away from most trainers that would have gotten in their way. Lillie found a star piece and a couple pearls after seeing something shine in the sands, Elio found a bigger pearl and a string of pearls.

The Dex buzzed information about the beach. "BZZT! This is a common place for beach combers to come and make a quick buck! BZZT!"

Elio glared at the Rotom Dex. "You know we are use to this scenery by now. I still like the view to appreciate it though."

As Lillie felt something wiggle on her back, she checked to see the egg was moving. She was still deciding what to name it as she asked Elio about the pokemon Druddigon.

Elio shrugged. "Not much other than they live in caves. Seen them around the battle tree a couple times and Ryuki mentioned that few new dragon trainers actually see them as a first pick."

Lillie wondered herself and asked why. Elio answered in a frown. "Druddigon is the only dragon type pokemon that have one type and doesn't have an evolutionary line. Drampa and Turtonator have a similar problem in that they don't evolve into anything stronger and are bellow other dragons in sheer unrestrained power. Of course Drampa has normal type added to it and Turtonator has fire type. Most other dragon types are either pseudo legendaries, legendaries, or incredibly strong."

Lillie frowned back. "What is even wrong with Druddigon?"

Elio took the dex and pressed a couple buttons. "Do you see anything wrong with Druddigon, Drampa, Turtonator?"

Lillie shook her head to read the numbers. "Elio, trick room solves their main problem with speed; they are still very strong pokemon." Elio agreed. "A Druddigon yesterday was able to withstand Lost's attack and take her out with one iron tail!"

As the two were about done traveling the route, Dex flared up more about what else makes Druddigon special. "BZZT! Druddigon has two abilities to make it stand out from other dragon types. Sheer force, which it has a wide enough move set that it can and will use to fight back against fairy types. The other is rough skin, which it has enough moves that it can set up for the team and still be able to fight back. It can take a hit much better than Sharpedo, so defensively it is one of the better dragon types. There is even some move tutors across these region that can teach a Druddigon some very useful moves... for some green and red shards. BZZT!"

Elio began to look in his bag before Lillie stopped him. "What are you doing?"

Elio offered to help Lillie. "In case you want to check them out, how many shards do you have?"

Lillie took some shards from her own bag and refused the offer. "I have more than enough, but I rather have the Druddigon learn these moves when it is actually old enough to battle."

Elio smiled back as they came to the inter way to Undella town. They saw an entry way between a mansion and the Villa where Cynthia lurked.

Lillie recognized the entry way to the Marine Tub and asked. "If we keep going now, we might catch up with Lana before it gets late."

Rotom Dex flared up in describing the Marine Tube as they entered. "BZZT! An undersea tunnel built using cutting edge technology. 9.8 inch thick glass used to withstand the pressure and what ever large pokemon may bump their heads in. BZZT!"

Elio smiled at the Dex. "Expect a view?"

The Dex buzzed a yes as the two descended into the tunnel, they found that Dex was not exaggerating with the description. Small lights outside the tube showed the duo a view under the sea. Seeing the surface trickle the light of the sunset above and showed many Basculine, and Frillish swimming. A Shellder and Cloyster rushed through the sea floor as the Mew was spinning around trying to count all the aquatic pokemon that swam by them. The two trainers looked down at the dark trench and wondered more about what lived down in the depths.

Elio put thought and wondered. "Wonder what is it like for most pokemon down in the sea?"

Dex flared up. "BZZT! More pokemon tend to show up in the morning. Staryu and Starmie tend to be more active at night anyways! BZZT!"

Lillie finished taking in the sights as she noticed the end of the tunnel. "Tomorrow we take our time when we walk down here?"

Elio finished spotting an Octillery that was crawling into a small cave as he heard. "With how many water types exist, part of me want's to see more of them."

The Mew flew behind an agreeing Lillie as he meowed. "BZZT! Lot's more that you want to count! BZZT!"

As the duo exited the tunnel, the found themselves in Humilau city. The city itself was one island connected together by a wooden pier and a dozen resort cabins. Leading out of the city toward the pokemon league and the Great Chasm. Elio and Lillie were looking around to find Lana fished up a golden bottle cap. As Elio shouted out, Lana was initially startled before she was able to place the bottle cap in the bag.

As she placed her supplies away she saw the duo and smirked. "Didn't expect you two to have gotten here! This is the thing I found with Lapras!" Lana took out a dive ball and tossed out a pink Frillish.

Lillie saw the Frillish and asked. "I seen enough of them and their evolved form. But what do you know about them?"

Lana was about to answer as the Dex began to describe it. "BZZT! Frillish, the floating pokemon. They paralyze prey with poison, then drag them to their lair five miles below the surface to drown them! Its evolved form also sinks ships. The crew always disappear thanks to these guys! BZZT!"

Elio and Lillie looked at each other in remembering another pokemon they knew of and silently asked each other with their eyes. "Another scary jellyfish?"

Lana looked over to the Gym on the island. "If you are wondering, the Gym leader is normally busy swimming. Most trainers have to fish him up to get him to go in."

Elio smiled. "Or get to him before he starts swimming. Anything you know about this Frillish?"

Lana took a deep breath at Elio's ignorance. "This one is a female. The males have a much more disturbing stare and are blue, I already told you I evolved my Palpitoad, but check him out now!"

Lana sent out a Seismitoad as she smiled in pride. "Being a water type and a ground type would help give me an edge over electric types!"

Lillie heard noise coming from the egg case on her back and wondered about how big would a newly hatched Druddigon; Elio asked Lillie. "You want to take on this gym for practice?"

Lillie shook her head over how late it was and answered. "I already been to gyms. What makes it different from the ones in Kanto?"

Elio looked down and tapped his fingers together in making a poor excuse. "The dragon one was pretty cool."

Lana glared at what Elio was talking about and spoke her mind. "From what I heard, Alola is the only region that has a system that is different from the others. Every region has a gym... Alola has the trials."

Elio nodded back at Lana. "I know, somethings on Alola I never want to change."

Lana shook her head as she pointed to the pokemon center. "I think you have been walking around in this region enough for one day, go lay down for the night!"

Lillie held Elios hand. "We only wanted to catch up to you and check out what you caught. Where are you heading?"

Lana stared at the Dex before she asked Lillie. "You said you rescued a type of fish while you were at Orre?"

Lillie nodded. "Basculine! Kukui said that while Bass stays away from everyone in the tank, he is rather content with staying in one place."

Lana smiled at the answer. "There are two types, red stripped and blue stripped. They do not get along with each other, since you have the blue stripped one, I want to see if I can't find a red stripped one!"

Dex flared up the two pictures of Basculine. "BZZT! They are pretty common in this region! If you find a lot of blue stripped ones... a red one is occasionally found in their schools! BZZT!"

Lana yawned as she called back Frillish and Seismitoad. "Going to crash in a room at the pokemon center." Elio and Lillie followed Lana into the poke center, ate dinner and went into a room with two double bunk beds.

Lana whispered before she leaped at one of the beds for the night. "If I wake up before you two, I will be at the rivers fishing. ZZZ"

As the duo began to drift off as they described most of their day.

Elio whispered with the sleeping Mew at his side. "Village Bridge and the Marine tube were pretty to see."

Lillie looked down at the boy from the top bunk and agreed. "They were. If the Gym in this city is not open tomorrow, Nimbasa has something a little special I heard about."

Elio looked up at Lillie and smiled. "What is that?"

Lillie blushed. "There is two gyms technically that are run by the same Gym Leader. Both are near the Ferris wheel. One is a roller coaster puzzle. The other..."

Lillie was nervous about what the second gym is. "The other is a walk way."

Dex buzzed quietly in fear of Lana and whispered. "Bzzt! "Elesa. Goes by the nickname the Shining Beauty. She works as a model. Bzzt!"

Elio's smile grew wider. "Now I want to see what makes that stand out in comparison to the dragon gym."

Lillie looked even more nervous, Elio saw it and whispered more. "You actually want to take Elesa on?"

Lillie smiled as she prepared to go to sleep. "I do, I have Onua and Cain to help me. I heard Elesa is friends with Skyla. In fact most of the Gym Leaders in this region tend to know each other."

Elio took a deep breath as he remembered their encounter with Team Plasma and thought of the World Tournament. "We already took care of the worse parts of Unova. The hypocrites that like forcing an opinion. From what I know the Gym leaders from the other regions do not show up until things begin. Once team Kanto comes along... things are going to be a little hostile at best. Just do what you normally do and see how far up you can get!"

Lillie was about to fall asleep when Elio tried to give her a pep talk about what they came to Unova for. "These are regions that have been in the league system a lot longer than Alola. Don't expect things to be easy."

Elio was about to let himself drift to sleep when he heard the warning. "No fun if they hold back. Tetra and Vulca are going to have fun once we get back to Virbank." Lillie whispered good night as Elio yawned the words in return.
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Pokestar Arc 1 Chapter 7: Finding Out Illusions.

The next day, Elio, Lillie and the Mew woke up to Lana getting her gear ready for the road. The fisher girl noticed the two waking up and questioned. "Your up early, I thought you still be snoozing at around this time?"

Lillie was busy rubbing her eyes as she answered. "We have been doing this for a while, it wasn't until the Orre trip that Dex..."

The Rotom Dex woke up and grinned. "BZZT! How did it go again? Oh yea.."

Elio gave Dex a glare, warning him to not make the noise. "I'm up already, is there even a pokemon down at the tube worth seeing this early?"

Dex set up a picture of Alommola. "BZZT! Couple hours these three pokemon would show up! BZZT!" Dex set up a picture of pistol like fish, a small manta ray and a larger manta ray. "BZZT! Remoraid, Mantyke and Mantine! BZZT!"

Elio was about to set an alarm clock as Lillie asked. "Let's see if the Gym Leader is even up this early before we have to actually get started."

Lana finished getting her fishing gear ready before she head out the door. "If he is snoozing, your better off just getting your day started at that point."

The duo got up after Lana left and got themselves ready for the day.

Much to their misfortune, the gym was not open as they decided on the next best thing. "I got my alarm set anyways, want to see the sun rise? Soon as Mantine starts swimming, we can start our travel back to Nimbasa."

Lillie heard Elio's question and blushed. "Your more interested in seeing these pokemon out in the wild?"

Elio nodded. "From what Dex got from Oak, Mantine is a pokemon that sometimes leaps out of the water. Very docile even among water types, Mantyke hangs out with Remoraid close to the surface.. which in turn help Mantyke evolve into this Mantine. Remoraid itself latches on to Mantine to eat scraps if it hasn't evolved into Octillery. That tunnel would give us a good under view of a Mantine before it makes that leap."

Lillie listened and wondered what it would be like. "It would be one way to too it."

The duo agreed to wait a couple hours before going into the Marine tube for their journey back to Nimbasa. They saw a large school of Mantyke and Remoraid swimming near the surface, with a Mantine floating above the Mantyke. Much to Lillie's surprise, a Remoraid swam close to the Mantyke; the small kite pokemon glowed as it grew bigger into a Mantine and disappeared from the surface after it evolved, with the older Mantine disappearing afterwards. When the duo saw the two Mantine splash back down, they saw themselves at the end of the tunnel rather satisfied with the sight.

Mew meowed when they were back in Undella town. "BZZT! Thanks for letting me see the fishy's again mum's, thank you pops! BZZT!"

With the Mew back in his ball, the duo went south toward a short route that was mainly small bridges over rivers and waterfalls leading down into the sea.

Dex flared up and buzzed. "BZZT! There is more to this route if you decide to have that Bibarel help you explore! BZZT!"

Elio nodded. "I know it is the end of summer and Wes came to make sure Landarous is back at the shrine on time."

Once the duo were done seeing the waterfalls, they found another cross way into another high tech city. Unlike Opelucid city, it was less crome, the streets looked like they were stone and the buildings were black. "BZZT! Black City a modern city of ongoing development! It draws many people to it. BZZT!"

Lillie saw a large black tower stand out above all the other buildings. Dex flared up. "BZZT! If you remember Mount Battle, then Black Tower isn't much. Find a trainer in each of the levels and advance to the top! You need to show your worth more in this region before you are invited. BZZT!"

The duo frowned at hearing the words before Lillie asked. "I thought chasing off Team Plasma and being champions were enough!"

Dex shook himself and grinned. "BZZT! You need to tell that to someone of great importance to this region. BZZT!"

Elio sighed. "I was going to go after this another time anyways, anything else of this city we need to know about?"

Dex flared up. "BZZT! It also has a market for rare evolutionary items. BZZT!" The duo listened to the information and nodded as they progressed past the city.

The next route was a roadway paved onto a sharp cliff. Dex flared up in describing what the building is. "BZZT! It use to be a place where people transfer pokemon from another region over. With the new technology making it obsolete, this has been reused to linking P.C's all over the world. You have Amanita to thank for us being able to get our pokemon all the way from Alola to Unova and back again! BZZT!"

As the duo were in front of the building, the egg case began to move much stronger, giving Lillie the hint that it was about to hatch as she placed it down and lifted the case. The egg shook a couple times and began to crack, out of the egg a Druddigon was born.

Dex buzzed as he described the pokemon. "BZZT! Druddigon the cave pokemon. It infiltrates tunnels that pokemon like Diglett, Dugtrio have dug and quietly waits for prey to pass through. The skin on its face is harder than a rock, in narrow caves it squares off against its enemies and charges face first right into them. It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings, when its body temperature falls, it can no longer move. Its a female and the two moves it has that are of note is Glare and Sucker punch. BZZT!"

The Druddigon didn't care for the dex's description as she laid a little to enjoy the sun. Lillie immediately saw the size of the newborn to be much smaller in comparison to the ones in Dragonspiral tower and attempted to pet her on the shoulder.

Lillie felt pain as she placed her hand on the Druddigon. In a yawn the Druddigon apologize as she saw her trainer cringe in pain. "BZZT! Look like I have rough scales... sorry about that. BZZT!"

Lillie's palm began to bleed as Elio took some medical bandages and began to wrap the hand up. "One way to find out its ability. Are your alright?"

Lillie nodded. "It's just a scrapping. Druddigon, do you like the name Stalagas?"

The Druddigon stood back up at the name as Lillie explained. "In caves there are things called stalagmites, formations that are found on the bottom of the cave."

In a growl, the Druddigon nodded as she requested going into the dusk ball on top of the case. "BZZT! Sounds good to me. BZZT!"

Lillie tossed the ball for a willing capture; aware that if she was to bring the Druddigon out on Alola, she would do it only indoors or if the sun was not too intense.

Lillie asked in concern. "Elio, since you like dragons a lot, anything you know about raising one from an egg?"

Elio smiled. "Kind of I raised a pokemon that I named Chompas. While he was a Gible, he was always hungry but well mannered, as a Gabite he changed to wanting to horde anything that looked shiny. As a Garchomp became much more well mannered even in comparison to when he hatched, but brutal. Treat raising Stalagas like you did with Swoops. When she want's to battle, it will let you know very quickly. Speaking of which, what is your favorite type? Because if you get Po and that Trapinch to evolve, you will end up with five dragons total."

Lillie thought for a minute and answered. "Dragon types are pretty cool... but they are not my favorite type. Grass is my favorite, followed by water with ice being close behind water."

Elio grinned as he spoke of his. "Ice types are pretty cool. But mine is a tie between fire and dragon, bug type being just behind them."

Lillie shook her head at the pun as they proceeded to the fifth and final bridge of Unova they have not crossed. "BZZT! Marvelous bridge! This bridge has absolutely nothing of interest! BZZT!"

A janitor over heard and began to tell them a small tale of the spirit of a deceased girl that use to play in the area, long before the bridge was even built. Elio did not believe the story and thought it was payback for what the Dex said.

Lillie was nervous about a spirit. "Elio... I had a small run in with some angry ghost when I went to Lavender town. They were not happy about their graveyard being reused as a radio station."

Elio froze at what he heard and asked. "They built... a radio station... on top of a place where the dead lay? I be an angry ghost as well. Starting with the who thought it was a good idea to build it!"

As the duo were talking about ghost, Elio did not see where he was going and bumped into a girl that looked a year younger than him. As Elio tried to get himself up, he began to apologize when the mysterious girl vanished.

Elio whispered to a confused Lillie. "I have a soft spot for ghost types due to how spooky they are."

Lillie felt a shiver down her spine and turned around to see the same girl giving Elio a look before she went back to her game. The duo kept walking past the bridge in silence and unto the last route before Nimbasa City.

They found themselves on a road with Nimbasa city within viewing distance. Out of the main road was a forest way leading somewhere.

The Dex buzzed up information of the forest. "BZZT! Through the woods is a place called Lostlorn forest. It has rare sightings of a pokemon named Zoroark! BZZT!"

Lillie thought of a pokemon that may want to interact with his kind and asked Elio to stay put while she goes switch a pokemon around. After a couple minutes Elio began to pop his head around the forest area, with the temptation to scout ahead.

As he wondered, a brown haired woman in a red hat, a red vest, black clothes and a rope shouted from behind. "Hey! What are you doing?"

Elio was initially startled when he answered. "A friend of mine wants to explore this forest for a bit. One of the pokemon she rescued was a Zorua... now a Zoroark. She probably wants to see a wild one for herself and have Spy interact with it."

The woman introduced herself as Carmen before she showed a stern face. "She also told you to stay put! Now are you going to be a patient boy and wait?"

Dex flared up in response. "BZZT! Lillie got mad the last time he did something like this! You want to know what else he did behind her back? BZZT!"

The Rotom rushed to Carmen and showed her a video called, Cute Girl Captures a Heatran! After watching the video and seeing the growing comments congratulating the girl on a job well done the Dex buzzed. "BZZT! He filmed it when she was busy, I posted it when he was asking. BZZT!"

Carmen let the Dex back to Elio when she asked. "Most of the comments seem to compliment her achievement. Why do you want to go to the forest?"

Elio did not hesitate to answer the question while Carmen smirked. "The reason other than the issue with Spy is to take in the sights. I already caught a couple pokemon in this region that are pretty cool. Though Blattron has some issues."

The strange woman shrugged at what they would find in the forest. "I heard that species of pokemon in Lostlorn likes to play around with intruders. Most who try to capture it tend to end up going around in circles just to find them."

Dex described Zoroark. " BZZT! Zoroark. The Illision Fox pokemon. It doesn't just transform itself, it also has the power to make hundreds of people see its illusion. If it thinks humans are going to discover its den, Zoroark shows them visions that make them wander around in the woods. BZZT!"

Carmen interrupted the Dex before he continued with more information on the pokemon. "They don't even need to use force... powerful pokemon they might be."

Elio laughed in agreement. "True. Spy however hates it when he is discovered. He likes taking the form of either Cain or Lola... a Leafeon and Vaporeon."

Carmen laughed back. "How many times have you fallen for that trick?"

Elio groaned in remembering. "Lost count. Even when I notice something is up, like one is watching T.V by itself or I notice the actual one is with Lillie. Latest encounter with a Zoroark would have had Blattron knocked out if I didn't make it flinch. Although that one time, I found out my opponent was using a Zoroark and it was way too obvious."

Carmen smiled at the information and spoke her mind about the pokemon. "Even the most crafty trainers tend to fall for it. Not realizing what it is until it is too late. I am going to make sure no one gets lost in the forest, trying to find something they shouldn't have. It is nice talking with you."

Elio smiled back at the woman. "Same."

As Carmen walked away toward the forest, she puffed up in smoke and revealed to Elio her true identity. A Zoroark that turned to grin at the trainer before she leaped into the tree's.

Realizing he had been fooled, Elio shouted out. "Not this again!"

An echoing laughter was heard from the forest in response to the scream. "BZZT! Your kind are always the most fun! BZZT!"

Lillie returned with a Leafeon to see a frustrated Elio laughing at himself. The Dex grinned at Elio and asked. "BZZT! Care to guess who is who boss? BZZT!"

The Leafeon used leaf blade to display what he is, calming Elio down enough to tell Lillie what happened. "A Zoroark tricked me again!"

Lillie wondered what would a Zoroark want to do so far out of the forest before she shook her head. "I want to see how crafty a Zoroark can be. Do you want us to go into this forest?"

Elio glared in determination. "I need to spot a Zoroark sooner or later. Because what this one did was impressive!"

The duo head into the forest to find nothing significant save for a thick forest and a male back packer standing in front of a trailer. The duo sighed in disappointment before Lillie switched her Leafeon to Vaporeon. Elio knew what this Vaporeon actually is and winked at him.

The Vaporeon sniffed at the back packer and cheered in excitement, the mysterious man responded to the strange pokemon and asked. "You want to see what makes this forest special? Nothing special save for some thick trees and waterfalls near by."

The Vaporeon looked at the distance and shook her head in disbelief as the back packer smiled. "You are certainly more crafty than I thought."

Elio placed his hand over his face at realizing what he was really seeing and spoke to the man. "Some lady named Carmen told me about one pokemon in particular. Zoroark, one of the craftiest pokemon I have the misfortune of knowing!"

The back packer shrugged. "Just about anyone falls for their tricks. She told me you had one good guess. The pokemon it looked like normally has a trigger when you encounter it, right?"

Elio shouted out. "Yes!"

Lillie giggled as she realized who the man really was and played along. "I have a Zoroark named Spy. When we first met, he was a Zorua that took the form of an Ekans. Caught me off guard when I had Onua attack it... neither of the two were well though. When Spy became well, it wasn't until I started raising him that I noticed how many times he played the same trick on Elio one too many times."

The back packer introduced himself as Jordon, having trust the two with his name and continued. "Every Zorua and Zoroark tend to do that to people regardless if they catch on or not. I wonder... what happens when the boy discovers he was really Spy?"

Lillie frowned. "Not good, he gets scared and attempts to sneak out to try another disguise."

Jordon joined in frown, not wanting to know what happened with the Zorua during the time. "They normally do that when danger is close."

Elio heard the words and began to ask. "Wait a minute... Carmen knew an awful lot of things about that pokemon... and she is a park ranger, someone who should know a thing or two about Zoroark."

Jordon made a grin at what the boy was rambling about. "Oh and a Hiker camping around these woods haven't just looked up about this?"

Elio shook his head. "No. How do you know they would be in danger when a couple of trainers are trying to take care of it?"

The Vaporeon grinned mischievously at the back packer as he attempted to find a word to say.

Elio raised an eyebrow as he attempted to ask. "You don't happen to know about who Carmen actually is... do you?"

Jordon scratched the back of his head as he explained what he knew of the woman. "She normally explores outside the forest to let the pa..."

Lillie pointed a finger at the suspicious man. "Stop playing around! What are you?"

Jordon shrugged in defeat. "Okay kid, you got me!"

He puffed in black smock as he revealed himself to be a Zoroark. The Vaporeon laughed as he revealed herself to also be a Zoroark.

The Rotom Dex was startled to find two Zoroark laughing with each other. "BZZT! Carmen, had always been better at disguising herself. Something about getting to know the wandering humans. BZZT!"

Lillie's Zoroark pointed at Elio in a cheerful grin. "BZZT! Got to know them to fool them longer. What does she know about his kind though? BZZT!"

The wild Zoroark shrugged. "BZZT! Nothing, she takes a different form time to time and tries to get a conversation going. Then let the rest of us know if the human has any intention of hurting us... or capturing us. BZZT!"

Lillie took a deep breath and explained the reasoning. "We just want to see if we can't spot a Zoroark and see how they act in the wild. I already captured one and Elio doesn't have any intent on capturing any. He just wants to see if he can find one without being played for a fool again."

The wild Zoroark chuckled and leaped into the trees. "BZZT! That is what makes your kind fun to fool! Especially when you think you found out! BZZT!"

Lillie returned her Zoroark to his ball as she looked at Elio in suspicion. "How much did you tell Carmen?"

Elio blushed. "I wanted to scout this forest a little while you were busy. she called me out on it. Dex showed her the video and we have more comments praising what you did.

Other wise I assumed she was a park ranger keeping people from getting lost."

Lillie puffed up her cheeks at what happened. "You weren't actually planning on catching one ahead of me... were you?"

Elio looked her in the eyes as he answered. "No! I caught two pokemon in this region and that is enough for me!"

The Lillie looked him in the eyes as well. "Since the actual Gym is a walk way, see if you can find a way to watch me win!"

Elio shook her hand. "You got yourself a deal!"
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Pokestar Arc 1 Chapter 8: A Styling Lillie!

Elio and Lillie finally returned to Nimbasa for a few reasons. The Magcargo and Qwilfish have finished their training and were ready for the next Brycen man films. The duo took a visit to the pokemon center, with Elio placing his Silvally and Bibarel in the P.C for baby sitting the Druddigon and Mew. Lillie switched her team around to have her Golurk, Leafeon, Venomoth, Kingdra, Porygon2 and Darmanitan in preparation for confronting the Gym Leader.

Elio took the Druddigon out while he sat on a bench as he and Lillie entered the amusement park. As she entered the first gym, she shouted boldly. "I do not want any badges but I want to fight the gym leader at her strongest!"

As she registered her pokemon, she prepared to deal with the main puzzle of the gym, a series of roller coasters, leading her from one section of the gym to another. Some had a trainer riding in one and they were ready to challenger her. Most of the pokemon the trainers had were Electivire, Zebrastrika, Ampharos and Emolga. As she fought her way through the roller coasters, she made it to the deepest part of the gym, in front of a pokeball logo was a model dressed as electrical blue with black highlights, taking the place of the Gym Leader. She told Lillie that to complete the challenge, she had to go to the actual gym past the Ferris Wheel, but only if she beats her in a battle!

As Elio waited a few minutes for Lillie to fight in the false gym, he kept the Druddigon company until he decided to try and get into the actual gym to the walk way show. The bouncers let him in only because Elesa had a call from Drayden that two travelers were coming to challenge some of the gyms.

Elio noticed the Druddigon not liking the loud noise coming from the door and took the dusk ball out. "It's okay Stalagas, you have been a very good girl! Dex, stay out and tell Lillie where I am!" Elio found the crowd obnoxious, the light show was something he was not use to, but he found a spot that he would shout in for when Lillie arrived into the gym.

As Lillie exited the first gym, she noticed Elio was missing, with a Rotom Dex looking board. "BZZT! Boss is in and he is waiting... doubt you would actually hear him in the crowd. BZZT!"

Lillie saw the flashing building and walked in with determination. Inside the walkway was one thing she feared to face. Models dancing in the spot light, prepared for battle. The first one sent out an Electivire.

Lillie tossed a dusk ball and shouted. "Onua! High horse power!" The Electivire punched the Golurk with a fiery fist and was kicked by the Golurk for a k.o. Next pokemon sent out was an Ampharos that shot a signal beam before being knocked out with a high horse power kick.

The second model sent out an Ampharos that shot a signal beam and also was kicked out of the battle, with a Zebrastrika sent out to use flame charge; it too was knocked out.

As Lillie prepared to dispatch the third model she heard a faint shout in the background. "ONUA! ONUA!" Lillie quickly defeated the last obstacle with the knowledge that Elio was watching her. As the spot light and screen focused on the main stage, Lillie saw a black haired woman in a blue jacket with red lightning stripes. The clothes underneath was a green two piece with yellow stripes. Elesa wore a white head band with a red and blue light glowing and her pig tails look like a type of wire.

As Lillie approached the Gym leader spoke out. "Welcome to the main stage. My beloved pokemon and yours shall compete! Lets see who's star shines the brightest."

Vs Gym Leader Elesa

Elesa sent out an Emolga.

Lillie took a dusk ball and shouted. "Onua! Lets do this!"

The Emolga's flying gem glowed as she used acrobatics to deal significant amount of damage to the Golurk. Lillie shouted. "Onua use ice punch to knock that Emolga out!"

In a punch of an icy fist, the Emolga was sent flying back to the gym leader knocked out. Elesa called the Emolga back into the ball and gave the ball a small kiss. "You done good Emolga. Galvantula come on out and use energy ball to finish off that Golurk!"

The Golurk was shot with the power of nature and was sent falling back knocked out.

Lillie called the Golurk back and shouted. "Skitters! Set up a quiver dance!" Galvantula shot a thunder at the Venomoth as it danced. The Venomoth cringed as Lillie gave the next order. "Use bug buzz for a knock out!" In a strong buzz, the Galvantula shrieked and flipped over from the noise.

Elesa sent out an Ampharos as Lillie shouted. "Use baton pass!" The Venomoth use a baton and switch places with the next pokemon. "Cain! Come on out!" The Leafeon felt faster before being shot with a discharge.

Lillie nodded and shouted. "Cain, use sword dance!"

Elesa saw the dancing and shouted back. "Ampharos use cotton guard to show some style and reduce the damage!" The Ampharos set up a ball of cotton to absorb the blow.

Lillie shouted. "Cain now use leaf blade!" In a slash of a leafy tail the Ampharos was knocked back as he shot a signal beam for super effective damage. Lillie ordered the Leafeon to use another leaf blade.


The Ampharos was struck a critical blow and was knocked out. Elesa sent out an Eelektross, the Leafeon channeled his affection into a strong blow into the Eelektross as he was countered by a flamethrower knock out.

Lillie called her Leafeon back and tossed her Venomoth back into the battle. "Sludge bomb that Eelektross and get ready for the next pokemon!"

The Eelektross was knocked out from the filthy sludge as Elesa prepared to send out her next pokemon. "Zebrastrika show them your shine with a flame charge!"

Lillie saw the fast opponent and prepared a switch. "Skitters, you done good. Go Sony!"

A Porygon2 with an eviolite took the flame charge and felt only a scratch.

Elesa shouted her next order "Zebrastricka, use wild charge!"

The Porygon2 was rammed by the electrical rush as Lillie calmly ordered. "Sony use trick room to take advantage of the speed, then use recover!" The dimensions distorted and allowed the Porygon2 to recover the damage as another wild charge was rammed into him.

Lillie shouted as she took the advantage. "Okay Sony, keep using tri attack until that Zebrastrika is down!" The Zebrastrika took the attack and used me first, shooting the three beams at the Porygon2; the Porygon2's own tri attack caused the Zebrastrika to be frozen. The Zebrastrika was pelted by the tri attack two more times before being knocked out.

Elesa called the Zebrastrika back and took her last pokeball. "Okay Stunfisk, spark that discharge until we have that Porygon2 paralyzed!"

The Stunfisk grinned as she electrocuted the Porygon-2, Lillie shouted. "Use recover one more time and keep shooting the Stunfisk until it goes down!"

The Porygon-2 recovered health before it was paralyzed from the next discharge, Elesa signaled the Stunfisk to use earth power until the Porygon2 went down. Each traded blows until the Porygon2 was able to deal the final tri attack needed for a knock out. The Porygon2 struggled to cheer with Lillie as the battle ended in victory.

Elesa smiled. " Well... now you... you're a more wonderful trainer than I expected. Your fighting style swept me off my feet."

The spot light moved from Elesa to Lillie as the large screen began to flash the girls image.

As Lillie felt over whelmed by the fame in victory, she heard a faint shouting in the background. "Yeah! I knew you would beat her! Sony! Skitters! Cain! Onua!"

Lillie turned around to leave the gym, only to be accompanied by the Gym Leader and the models she defeated on her way out. "This is a little too much for me just winning..."

Lillie walked out with her ears still ringing, Elio ran out with his voice sounding hoarse. "You... huff... did it!"

On hearing the tone Lillie asked. "Are you alright, what happened?!"

Elio coughed as he answered. "Shouted too loud cheering you on."

Lillie blushed and gave Elio a kiss, unaware of the Gym Leader that came out to talk to the two. "You two want to challenge some of the gyms because you once the tournament starts you are forced to watch? For what is suppose to be opposing teams you two get along."

Lillie smiled at Elesa. "That is because team Kanto isn't here yet and we don't have a reason to battle each other yet! We already talked that once it starts, we are to get as far as we can."

Elesa shared in the smile. "It is dazzling how not even a rivalry ruins that bond two have. That moment when you and your pokemon shine shine the brightest going all out."

Elesa's smile broke as she felt her phone go off, she excused herself. "What? Another show?"

After the gym leader finished her call she apologized. "Sorry about this, I need to get another show started. See your teams at the tournament if I don't see you then?"

Elio and Lillie waved goodbye to the gym leader as they prepared for their trip back to Virbank City for the next Poke Star film.
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Pokestar Arc 1 Chapter 9: The Heist.

It was a quiet evening in the city, when a super powered doomsday jet was about to take off in another battle against Lucario Boy. Within the distance, a marauder dressed in blue, with a black cape emerged to strike. The Brutal Tide glared at the Brycen Jet as he drew out a net ball.

Out of the cockpit of the jet, Brycen man leaped into battle. "Muahahaha. So what are you doing here Brutal Tide? Care to join me in taking Lucario Boy down?"

The Brutal Tide laughed back in refusal. "I already have a partner keeping him at bay long enough for me to come after you. Heard you got a black diamond worth a lot of money. We could also use it to make a doomsday weapon ourselves, one that would wash you out of this city!"

Brycen man grinned maliciously. "Sorry but that diamond is used to power the Brycen Cannon! Care that I use it to clean you out?"

The Brutal Tide tossed out the net ball and shouted. "BUMBO! SHOW HIM WHAT YOU GOT!" The Golisopod attempted to make a good first impression until Brycen man's dazzling presence stopped the attack giving him an opportunity to make a u-turn back to the jet to let out a Mandibuzz. "Muahaha! Don't think that trick would work on me a second time!" The Mandibuzz let loose a night daze as she was sucker punched into a Zoroark, causing the Golisopod to make an emergency exit back into his ball.

The Brutal Tide grinned back. "I still have something planned for this. Tetra use stockpile!"

The Qwilfish plopped on the street and began to inhale; the Zoroark made a u-turn into the Brycen jet as Brycen Man jumped back into the scene. "Muahaha! You think your Qwilfish's defenses can hold against me for long?"

The Brutal Tide shrugged to Brycen Man and grinned maliciously. "One more turn, then I can get to the fun part!" The masked villain directed his cane to the Qwilfish to let loose a psychic blast, shooting her back for super effective damage as she inhaled more air and threw a baton.

The Brutal Tide laughed as he had the Qwilfish return and shouted. "MISTER MISSILE! COME ON OUT!" A Sharpedo plopped on the street in place of the Qwilfish and took no effect from the next psychic blast, he became faster as the Brutal Tide flashed a key stone as the Sharpedonite reacted.

Brycen Man sweated at the stones. "You wouldn't"

The Brutal tide laughed. "Tetra done a good job in preparing her defenses, boosting Mister Missile's bulk and luring you back in the open. Now witness the power of Mega Sharpedo!"

The Sharpedo mega evolved into a much more menacing form as the Brutal Tide shouted. "MISTER MISSILE BEGIN WITH WATERFALL!"

The Mega Sharpedo roared as it rushed into Brycen Man at high speeds, he used an eject button to fly back into the jet and shot out the Mandibuzz.

The Brutal Tide shouted. "MISTER MISSILE! USE ICE FANG!" The Sharpedo's strong jaw emitted a frosty aura as he bit into the Mandibuzz, causing her to switch out to a Zoroark that was quickly defeated by a waterfall. As the Mandibuzz came out to be tossed aside by the icy fangs and a rush of a waterfall.

Brycen man shouted. "How can some one like you have this power!"

The Brutal Wave smiled. "Found a key stone and the mega stone around a year ago. Mister Missile and I go a little back. I show him the world, in return he shows the world his power! I don't even need the diamond save for powering some machines! It is just fun to steal such a prize!"

The Brycen Jet shot its pilot back into the scene for a last stand.

The Brutal Tide shouted "MISTER MISSLE! USE CRUNCH THEN WATERFALL!" Brycen man let loose a night shade as he was crunched with vicious fangs, before being tossed into the street for a waterfall, knocking him out cold. The Brutal Tide got on the Sharpedo's back as he aimed for the jet to leap into the machine, take the diamond, jump back onto the Sharpedo and rush into the sea for an escape from the torn apart jet.

The Brutal Tide grinned in a satisfied whispered. "Now to go check on my partner in crime to see if she needs help with Lucario Boy! If she doesn't I am sneaking to this one island I know of."

Deeper into the city.

Another bank was being robbed by a girl in a red outfit and a flaming masquerade, when Lucario Boy arrived to the scene to confront the Burning Wave. "Stop what do you think you are doing!"

The Burning Wave smiled and waved. "Hello again! Aren't you suppose to be going after Brycen man this time of week?" Lucario Boy scowled. "Not when you are terrorizing the city. Justice has a tight schedule."

The villainess laughed at the thought of battle. "No matter, with the power of this fire gem, Vulca will most certainly stop you!"

The Burning Wave sent out a Magcargo with a fire gem as Lucario Boy sent out a Lucario to hurl an aura sphere.

The Magcargo was shaken before the fire gem glowed into him. "Vulca use flamethrower!" T

he Lucario was burned by intense flame and was knocked out of the fight, having Lucario Boy switch for another Lucario. "Don't think you can get away with this!"

The Burning Wave kept a smile as she focused her concern toward the Magcargo. "We already are. Look like Vulca had been hurt though."

The Burning Wave frowned as she called the Magcargo back and whispered. "You did good. Sunne come on out!"

The Lucario lunged in close combat in an attempt to defeat the Volcarona. She attacked again in extreme speed as the Burning Wave shouted. "Use fiery dance to take that second Lucario out!"

As the second Lucario was burned out for a k.o, Lucario Boy sent out an Emboar and shouted. "You may think you have beaten me, but I have one more pokemon with me. Didn't expect Baker, did you!"

The Burning Wave looked in shock. "I have not! But I have one more surprise for you. Use hidden power!" The Volcarona glowed before he shot out a mysterious blast, dealing moderate amount of super effective damage as the Emboar rushed in with a flare blitz for a k.o.

The Burning Wave rushed to the Volcarona to pet him and called him back to the ball, glaring at the hero. "That's it. Swoops! Lets blow this one out of our way!"

The Burning Wave sent out a Pidgeot with a stone that reacted to a key stone on her bracelet. Lucario Boy looked in horror. "I didn't know you had mega evolution!"

The Burning Wave smiled in victory as the Pidgeot began to mega evolve "It is for when this happens. Swoops! Mega evolve and use Hurricane!"

The Emboar was blown away by the strong winds, sending him flying toward Lucario Boy, having him knocked off his feet and into a building as the Burning Wave dropped the bag of money."Sorry about that. This does mean that the Brutal Tide should have no distractions for what we were really after. He should be taking down Brycen Man any moment now."

The masked hero asked the villain. "What is he going to do to him?"

The Burning Wave took a deep breath as she relieved the hero of his worry. "Nothing major, he is just stealing something from him. I am going to see if needs my help now that you are distracted and out of the way! See you later!"

The Brutal Tide leaped into the sea as the Burning Wave found the wrecked ship and the knocked out Brycen man. The Brutal Tide was about to look around with the diamond in hand before he heard a shout. "Hey! Where do you think your going with that diamond!"

The Brutal Tide was statled and blushed. "Was about to make an escape and meet up with you."

The Burning Wave pointed toward where she flew. "You know that I was this way; you dirty, double crossing..."

The Brutal Tide saw the Burning Wave was about to have the Pidgeot use Hurricane and ordered. "Mister Missile... use protect and then get me to the shore to deal with this personally."

The Sharpedo let loose a protective barrier as he dashed to the shore, the Brutal Tide began to explain as he stepped on the shore. "I wasn't going to back stab you! What is more cool than making a dramatic exit on the back of a mega evolved pokemon?"

The Burning Wave glared. "Doing all that and playing me for a fool! Vulca and Sunne got hurt distracting Lucario Boy!"

The Brutal Tide powered the Sharpedo down and took a deep breath. "Okay then... if that is what you believe."

He presented the black diamond in an attempt to convince the Burning Wave to fly down, she did not let her guard down as she asked. "What are you doing?"

The Brutal Tide looked at her in a genuine smile. "What do you think we should do with this black diamond?"

The Burning Wave blushed. "We need a base anyways... but where?"

The Brutal Tide pointed at an island in the distance. "Look like a rather cool lair. Thought if you didn't need help with Lucario Boy, I let you know where I was after hiding this thing."

The Burning Wave froze with tears as she realized what her partner tried to do and what she was about. "... I am sorry... I am so sorry!"

Brutal Tide looked her in the eyes. "I should have told you where I was going if my job was done... thought it would have ruined the surprise."

The two villains kissed each other in apology as they went to sell the diamond and use the money to have a hide out built.

With Lucario Boy and Brycen Man unable to stop these two villains separate... how are they going to stop them?

Elio and Lillie blushed at their performance as some fans gave them some unusual clothing. Elio obtained a blue bandanna, Lillie obtained a red hoodie. The duo left the studios holding hands as they traveled to the the Viribank pokemon center for the night. They saw some Pokestar reruns, they vary from Nate fighting an eldritch horror, to him having to talk a giant woman into calming down.

Elio wondered. "How many of these Nate stared in?"

Lillie smiled as she calmed down. "Seem to be a lot of them."

After seeing a film involving a magical door, Elio raised an eyebrow at the ending. "Prince falls in love with an evil queen?"

Lillie answered the question with her own. "Us being villains?! Or what you did to poor Laura?"

Elio grinned at the last question. "Moments where you get too much into the act. Still ended rather well despite the heart break!" As the duo saw the films they stared in are about to come on the rerun, the duo sent out the Golisopod, Qwilfish, Volcarona, Sharpedo, Pidgeot and Magcargo; the Qwilfish and Sharpedo were placed into a tank as they watched the screen.

After the Love and Battles film ended, Elio had a text from his mother. "Someone else?"

Elio was about to send a text when the Brycen man episode began to air. "Your watching this again?"

Elio's mother text back. "Of course, I do this when I get bored and video games with Meowth don't sound good at the moment. I got a call from your father regarding something you did... why didn't you tell me about this?"

Elio texted back, making sure Lillie was not watching him. "Because some of my friends have it much worse and you know it. I just wanted to give him a piece of my mind."

Elio received another text. "He didn't even call at all this year until you did something. Said that his boss was rather impressed when he explained that he was being worked too much. What did you do?"

Elio felt stoic as he answered. "Battled him... then battle his boss. Kicked both of there butts!"

Another text asked. "Anything else that happened?"

Elio answered back. "No, he is still working hard."

The next text message was an attempt to change the subject. "What are you and the Burning Wave going to do to the city?"

Elio chuckled as he asked Lillie, she asked him to text. "Take it over... then at least two other cities."

The conversation ended with Elio's mother sending. "Lol!"

The duo watched the Brycen Man film and thought about what they did in the latest film. Elio took a deep breath and spoke out loud. "This is going to suck for me."

Lillie held his hand. "I am sure everyone at home will understand that it is only a fi..." The duo realized what they done may have not been the best idea as the Golisopod and Volcarona smiled watching themselves on T.V.
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Pokestar Arc Part 1 Chapter 10: Forms Of Art!

The next day Elio and Lillie got up wanting to challenge the one of the gyms. The Virbank gym was closed with a logo of Roxie telling any early birds to get lost. In a frown of disappointment the two took a boat ride to Castelia City.

Elio smiled back in optimism. "Going to switch my team around for this one, you want to go in ahead of me?"

Lillie shook her head. "I beaten the last one, have your turn." The boy nodded back before going into the pokemon center for a quick switch. "Cumustrich and Odon haven't been in a battle for a while, Guppy been getting more attention in comparison to his son so back to Brimmy and Melta is a last resort."

When Elio let Lillie have the Rotom Dex and went into the Gym, he shouted that he wanted to fight the Gym at its strongest. Elio was puzzled by the Gym's main puzzle. The entire place was littered with spider silk that when Elio took a closer look at the entrance, sucked him in and elevated him higher.

As he was spat out, he was entranced by how odd it feels. "A spider silk elevator... weird." Looking up he saw a large cocoon and guessed that was where the Gym Leader is in. The trainers in the way were strange clowns that have the pokemon Leavanny, Crustle and Scolipede that got in his way. As he fought more, he noticed some of the directions in the elevators take him to different directions should he desire to skip some of the clowns.

As he went higher, he found himself in a strange room soaked in dripping paint with a brown haired man in a green sweater, red scarf and a long pair of green and red stripped pants awaiting him. Elio knew it was a gym leader as the man introduced himself as Burgh. "Someone that want to see what this region has to offer? My bug types are scurrying with excitement about getting to battle you. Lets get straight to it!"

Elio took out a net ball and shouted. "Bring it on!"

Vs Gym Leader Burgh

Burgh sent out an Accelgor. Elio shouted out. "ODON TAKE FLIGHT AND USE AIR SLASH!"

The Accelgor set up spikes as the Yanmega knocked it out with a slash of air. Burgh noticed the challengers first choice as he called the Accelgor back. "How many bug types do you have?"

Elio answered back. "Much more than Odon. Volcarona is one of the prettiest pokemon I have seen... and a few other bug pokemon have their charm."

The gym leader smirked as he sent out his next pokemon a Crustle, Elio shouted out. "ODON USE AIR SLASH TO BREAK ITS STURDY IF IT HAS IT... OR MAKE IT FLINCH IF YOU CAN!"

The Yanmega slashed the air, sending the Crustle back as it let loose a stone edge for a knock out.

Elio called back the Yanmega and shouted. "CUMUSTRICH! BRAVE BIRD THAT CRUSTLE OUT!" The Doduo leaped from the great ball and rammed into the Crustle like the brave bird he is for a k.o. Burgh sent out an Durant that was rammed with another brave bird before missing a rock slide in its hustle for a knock out.

Elio saw the chance and shouted. "CUMUSTRICH FINISH IT OFF WITH RETURN!" The Dodrio channeled his affection into a strong kick, sending the Durant flying back for a knock out. Burgh sent out an Excalvier that took the brave Dodrio's attacks and rammed its iron helmet into it for a knock out.

Elio called the Dodrio back and whispered. "You done good taking those bugs out. BRIMMY FLARE BLITZ US A WIN!" The Incineroar was let into the wet field and quickly knocked the Excalvier out.

Burgh sent out a Vespiquin that was also knocked out by the flare blitz, leading him to send out his last pokemon, a Leavanny. "I have a bad feeling about this. Leavanny use bug buzz to take that Incineroar down." Weakened from the recoil, spikes and the buzzing Leavanny doing critical damage, the Incineroar fell backwards from a knock out.

Elio called the Incineroar back and sent out out another net ball. "BUMBO GIVE THAT LEAVANNY A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION!" The Golisopod startled the Leavanny with his immense size and sucker punching it for a knock out.

Burgh frowned at the fact that the battle was over so soon, but was more interested in what the challenger brought. "I have heard of this pokemon a couple months ago. One of two evolutionary lines that have the combination of bug and water type."

Elio stopped himself from calling the Golisopod back. "Bumbo was the reason I got interested in bug types. Araquanid is also an interesting pokemon in itself due to how despite the combination, it basically has fire resistance... and have a water move that hits even harder."

The gym leader smiled at the explanation and asked. "I don't want to hold up anymore of your time... but may I take a closer look at Bumbo?"

Elio shrugged. "Bumbo, do you mind?"

The Golisopod shrugged back, the trainer answered Burgh. "He doesn't mind."

Outside of the Gym.

Lillie saw on a bench with her Druddigon out, both looked at a cloudy sky and contemplating what they wanted to do as they wait for both Elio to defeat the gym and the Virbank gym to open.

The Druddigon looked at Lillie and made a growl, with the Dex translating. "BZZT! When we going to get in a fight? BZZT!"

Lillie's eyes widened at how it wasn't even three days of the Druddigon's life. "As soon as we are done seeing a couple of the gyms. We might want to visit a couple places to get you some new moves."

The Druddigon smiled. "BZZT! Whats wrong? BZZT!"

Lillie smiled back at the Druddigon. "You were born two days ago. Took this one pokemon I raised from an egg at least a week before he wanted to battle."

Wanting to change the subject, Lillie took out a poffin made from a Pinap berry and Iapapa berry to feed to the Druddigon. "Your want to try something new?"

The Druddigon took the poffin and was munching happily, Lillie over heard a familiar looking clerk talking on his phone. "I am taking a small detour boss. I might be late by five minutes."

The phone replied back in a darker voice. "Five minutes late from how early you normally are Ben. I think that is part of the reason that kid came over and said something? If you are trying to look for him, I don't think it is a good idea."

Benjamin took a deep breath as he spoke about what happened the previous week. "I called my wife the other day. Patricia wasn't exactly happy either that I completely forgot to call her a couple months ago to tell her I am fine. I normally call at least a couple times a year... then last year when things started getting busy I hadn't exactly..."

The boss across the phone interrupted Benjamin. "I am the one who puts you through the work. You already talked to me about cutting you a little slack when this should have happened sooner. I don't think a kid would travel all the way over here for just one thing, so think what he wants from you!"

Benjamin thought for a moment. "Neither were happy that I forgot to talk to them... otherwise they were at least happy to hear from me."

A snapping of fingers were heard over the phone. "Think you might try calling home more often? It is going to take a couple months at best before I can get away with you visiting that Alola region. In the mean time... try figuring out what he has been doing."

Benjamin answered back. "That sounds like one idea."

Monty scolded him from across the phone. "Letting me do all the thinking was what got you in this mess in the first place, next time speak up!" As the phone call ended, the clerk he waved a good day toward a curious Lillie.

Elio walked out of the gym with a satisfied grin and to Lillie curious as to what he had done.

Elio shouted out. "Beaten the gym leader, now, who wants ice cream!"

The Druddigon tilted her head at what ice cream was as Lillie answered. "Ice cream is a treat that may be too cold for you to handle."

The Druddigon sighed in disappointment as she requested being called back in the dusk ball.

Lillie called the pokemon back and asked Elio. "You want to tell me what happened when I left for Kanto?"

Elio scratched his head. "Aside from the clean up of the you know whats... not much."

Lillie shook her head. "Talking about at home. I overheard someone that looked similar to you talking about what you did."

Elio frowned at who he was talking to. "It's a waste of time, but I'll tell you since you asked. It was normally that time of year when my pops calls home to let me and my mom know that he is alright. I was excited to tell him that I became Alola's champ; right before I asked my mom to hand it over, he said his goodbyes to my mom and hanged up. He normally uses his phone for work only so calling him at that point was pointless. Fast forward to a year later when he did not even call home at around the time you came back."

Lillie frowned at the information. "And the reason you never talked to anyone about this?"

Elio looked Lillie in the eyes to let her know why he never told her of all people. "Because in comparison to the things I have helped you and Gladion with... in comparison to what I found out about at least a few people I knew from Alola. I am a spoiled brat complaining about nothing and I need to get over this!"

Both were looking each other in the eyes upon hearing the words, Elio asked. "Lillie, could we please chance the subject?"

Lillie nodded as she understood and asked. "Heard they are trying some new flavors of Casteliacones! Want to try some with me?"

Elio smiled. "Sure!"

Elio and Lillie tried some casteliacones that had pecha berries and sitrus berries as they waited for the boat they were on to travel to Virbank.

Lillie was half way done when she thought to herself. "I don't need a mega stone for Maiden... so she is going back to a scarf. Shockums, Onua, Poley, Sunne and Spy should do a good job in defeating Roxie."

When they arrived to the gym, both were let in, with Elio sitting down to enjoy the rehearsal and Lillie wanting to challenge the gym leader. Roxie was too busy with the music and singing with her Weezing to hear Lillie ask, forcing the challenger to battle the gym leaders band mates, a roughneck playing the drums named Nicky, and a female guitarist named Billy Jo just to turn the music down.

As the music died down Roxie glared at the challenger when she heard of wanting to be challenged at her strongest. "Least I got some rehearsal done. Now I am going to knock some sense out of ya!"

Vs Gym Leader Roxie

Roxie sent out a Scolipede. Lillie took a great ball and shouted. "Maiden! Lets do this! Begin with psyshock and don't stop!"

Roxie shouted back as the Scolipede stood. "Scolipede, set up toxic spikes! I want that poison out stat!" As toxic spikes littered the ground, the Scolipede was knocked out with another psyshock. Roxie sent out a Crobat that quickly knocked the Gardevoir out with a cross poison.

Lillie called the Gardevoir back and shouted. "Shockums! We need to take that Crobat out with thunderbolt!"

The Raichu stepped unto the battlefield and on a spike, feeling poisoned as Roxie shouted. "I knew this is coming, Crobat set up a tail wind!"

As wind blew into the field, the Raichu made quick work of the Crobat with a thunderbolt as Roxie prepared to switch to her Weezing. "Alright! Get ready to rock! Start off with Venoshock and keep doing it until that Raichu goes down!"

The Weezing swelled and shot strange liquid into the Raichu, sending her tilting back as she shot out a thunderbolt. After the two traded blows a second time, the Raichu fainted from the lingering poison.

Lillie called the Raichu back and took out a great ball shouting. "Poley! Need you to clear these spikes! Then use flash cannon!"

The Magneton hovered above the spikes as the Weezing blew a flamethrower for super effective damage.

With a combined beam of light, the Weezing was shot down for a k.o, leaving a growling Roxie to toss the next pokemon as the tailwind died out. "Amoongus! Send that Magneton into a snooze before it ruins more!"

As the strange pokeball like mushroom known as Amoongus was shot with a flash cannon, it flung spores unto the Magneton, sending it asleep.

Lillie called the Magneton back. "You done good. Sunne, begin with fiery dance!" As Lillie tossed a pokeball to reveal a Volcarona that was poisoned by the spikes, he began to dance in flames to knock the Amoongus out.

Roxie shouted. "Oh that's it! Drapion come on out and use cross poison!"

Lillie glared in determination and shouted. "Sunne, use quiver dance then follow with another fiery dance!" The Volcarona began to perform a dance as the Drapion took its two pincers and slashed into the Volcarona. The Volcarona danced a massive inferno to quickly knock the Drapion out.

Roxie tossed out a burst garbage bag known as Garbador and shouted. "Take it out with a gunk shot!"

As the Volcarona performed another fiery dance, the Garbador shot a wad of garbage into the Volcarona for a knock out.

Lillie called the Volcarona back. "A trip to a pokemon center should clean that up. Poley, come out and finish this!" Out came a Magneton that was awake.

Roxie and Elio were not falling for it. "What is the things real name? Because I know a certain fox when I see it!"

Lillie raised her finger and whispered in a mischevious giggle. "We know! Poley... use night daze to end this fight!"

In a mischievous grin from the Magneton, the Garbador was knocked out from the pitch black wave, ending the battle.

Roxie glared. "It isn't that you win, it is that I lost!"

The gym leader was upset that her pokemon felt upset about the loss as Lillie shook her hand over a good battle. Roxie was still crossed as she pointed outside. "If you want to listen to more, come back when I am in a better mode!"

Elio and Lillie were politely escorted out of the Gym as they thought about what happened.

Elio spoke his mind and asked. "I know Weezing is a pokemon found in Kanto and a couple other regions. Anything you know of it?"

Lillie nodded and answered. "I seen a couple of them. Koffing is kind of cute for a poison type, with how happy they look. Weezing however does not look very happy."

The Rotom Dex flared up with a picture of Weezing. "BZZT! Weezing! The Poison gas pokemon. A very rare and sudden mutation that can result in two small Koffing twins becoming conjoined as Weezing. It loves the gases given off by rotting kitchen garbage BZZT!"

Elio cringed at the knowledge. "Okay... so like Muk, it isn't exactly healthy to be around. Though I see why Weezing's are prospering while Muk is dwindling. Garbage is very common."

Lillie wondered if Elio was going to go capture a pokemon in the industrial area as the boy shook his head. "Relax I am not going to bring home a Koffing... my mom is not exactly a fan of smoking in a building."

As the duo went to check on the next Pokestar film, they saw that they were late for taking part in the next Love and Battles scene and the film itself was already done by Nate and a female clerk. The plot was the two arguing about pokemon being let in the house. In a twist, it was the pokemon who took the role of keeping things under control while the two trainers used uproar.
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Pokestar Arc. Chapter 11: An Audience.

A week later, in a small house near Iki town and Hau'oli a brown haired woman finished playing a game called Mario Kart with her Meowth and began to see the next poke star film that was airing. After finding out her son was starting in a couple film's, she wanted to see more.

She saw the next chapter in the Brycen man series and began to share pop corn with her Meowth as she saw the Brutal Tide and Burning Wave execute the plan of one distracting Lucario Boy while the other stole a valuable and important diamond from Brycen Man. "I heard Tetra has a special move called..."

As the woman saw the Qwilfish toss a baton, she knew that the Brutal Tide planned to enhance the Sharpedo's bulk and speed before Mega Evolution. As she continued to watch the Brutal Tide's victory over Brycen Man, she saw most of the Burning Wave's distraction plan succeeding with flying colors. "She seems to care much about her pokemon despite how audacious she is towards everyone else."

Elio's mother continued to smile as she saw the climax, where the Burning Wave succeeded in distracting Lucario Boy and was about to meet back with the Brutal Tide, unaware that he was about to go hide the diamond without telling her.

Soon as she saw the Burning Wave giving her partner a death glare, she expected the two villains to be at each others throats. "Wait... what is the Brutal Tide do..."

Elio's mother giggled as she saw the two kiss. "How is Lucario Boy going to take these two down now that they have truly become partners? Would he have to result to... nah! Brycen Man hates him way too much!"

In a house on the shore of Melemele.

Kukui and Burnet were watching T.V when they too saw the latest Brycen Man film. Having known about Elio and Lillie deciding to be villains made them wonder how they were going to keep it going.

Burnet smiled as she asked her husband. "You think I should go catch up with Fennel and Juniper? They were all the way in Unova and it has been years."

Kukui shrugged. "If you want to go to Unova and chat with some friends, sure. Elio and Lillie's theme seem awfully familiar to a group Birch told me about. One is a group of fire type users, the other is a group of water type users; they don't get along with each other."

Kukui noticed the Brutal Tide with a Mega Sharpedo going against the Burning Waves mega Pidgeot and remembered. "I think I remember Elio telling me about this one. Speed boost rare on a Sharpedo, but it is a useful ability for giving it an edge over... wait what is he doing?"

The two saw the villains kissed in apology over the misunderstanding and smiled. " For what is suppose to be ruthless villains... that is kind of sweet."

In a hotel room.

Gladion was watching with his Silvally the Brycen Man series. Having realized Lillie followed Elio into being a villain, he wanted to see how the two were going to play the part. "If it is as ridiculous as the Snorlax plan. It seems that Lillie is enjoying being the... Burning Wave."

Gladion petted the Silvally and saw the action, until they found themselves annoyed by Elio taking the diamond and jumping into the sea with the mega Sharpedo. "She is the other way around and you have the diamond... If the Burning Wave is going to see it as anything but a..."

Much to what Gladion predicted, the Burning Wave suspected a double cross, leaving the Brutal Tide with a lot of explaining to do. It was not until the Brutal Tide hand the diamond over and ask his partner what to do with it that Gladion saw suspicions in the drama, until he saw the two kiss. Gladion glared sharply at the conclusion with his Silvally barking a question.

Gladion understood what the Silvally meant. "Wicke should be done with that Keystone if it hasn't already been cleansed. We might be taking a trip right now!" Silvally nodded as he was called back into the ball, Gladion left the room to head to Aether Paradise.

As he descended to the labs, he found Wicke putting notes on Heatran together as she began to figure out how to effectively monitor the pokemon's activities deep within the earth. Gladion approached Wicke and asked if they were done studying the Keystone.

Wicke answered with a nod and explained what was needed. "Enough to know the basics. We still need to find out how the bond even plays a part in Mega Evolution since it was proven to not be needed for the transformation."

Gladion took a deep breath and asked. "Have you seen anything on T.V lately?"

Wicke took a deep breath and remembering the last Brycen Man film she watched. "What did Elio do in Unova this time?"

In a scowl Gladion answered. "Nothing, except kissing Lillie on camera... Tyranitar looks ready and I wanted to see this Genesect up close. I'll be taking a boat to Unova in a couple hours. Keep an eye on Lusamine... I'll be back!"

Wicke frowned and asked. "Are you sure leaving for Unova is the best decision?"

Gladion nodded back. "I have an excuse to go. We need a pokemon with a strong bond on the field for study and Tyranitar might be the best option to go against what ever Elio brings. That Kangaskhan of his should at least help with the best results."

Wicke handed Gladion the cleansed key stone and smiled. "Alright, do know that Lillie would be a.."

Gladion kept his frown as he helped her finish. "She would be alone once the World Tournament starts. Once I head to Unova, I won't be back for a while because of this."
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Pokestar Arc Part 1. Chapter 12: Villains Grand Hour.

In a secret island base, a device used to control the weather had been built. It was a simple dome like base design to fit two pokemon, carry a damp rock and heat rock, and amplify the power using a fire gem and water gem. From there it would go into a large satellite like dish to channel the power to the atmosphere. As the Brutal Tide prepared a Torkoal and Pelipper for the machine, the Burning Wave prepared to send a broad cast; a hole was shot into their base, with Lucario Boy and Brycen Man ready to stop their plans.

A Lucario and Krokodile arrived on the scene, with the Brutal Tide and Burning Wave sending out a Golisopod and Volcarona.

The Burning Wave shouted a question. "What are you two doing here?!"

Lucario Boy shouted his answer. "Stopping you from exploiting pokemon for your nefarious schemes!"

The Pelliper and Torkoal sat unaware as they were placed into the machine, having been petted and fed by the Brutal tide; he sighed at the accusation and answered. "Oh come on, these two pokemon are not hurt. If this machine works well, they are not going to get hurt during this nor afterwards. It simply uses there ability to cause intense sunlight or torrential rain. Rest of you however."

The Brutal Tide laughed manically. "They won't be happy about having non stop rainy days and scorching temperatures that will ruin the city if they don't give us what we want!"

The Burning wave joined in laugh. "You two saved us the trouble of looking for you. Prepare to be foiled once again!"

Brycen Man laughed back at them in response. "Lucario Boy is my nemesis! I will not have a couple of new comers take him down or destroy this city. That is my job!"

Lucario Boy rolled his eyes and shouted. "No matter, prepare to face justice!"

Both bug pokemon were intimidated by the Krokodile as it was given a less than stellar gem powered first impression of the Golisopod. The Volcarona quickly knocked out the Lucario out with a fiery dance as he was sent plummeting to the ground by a rock slide from the Krokodile for a k.o. The Golisopod was sent back in its ball in an emergency exit, with both villains glaring in annoyance. The Brutal Tide sent out a net ball containing the Qwilfish as the Burning Wave sent out a Pidgeot ready to mega evolve.

Lucario Boy cringed at the team up as the Burning Wave smirked to ask. "Were we were so much of a bother that you decided to team up?"

Lucario Boy shouted his answer. "If you use this machine, many people are going to suffer for this! You realize that?"

The Brutal Tide shrugged as he pulled a lever to activate the machine. "Only until they give us what we want! Who knew the most unusual and overlooked pokemon can be the key to complete conquest! I got some treats prepared for the Pelipper and Torkoal afterwards!" The Pelipper and Torkoal looked around as a machine began to extract something from them and glowed.

The caped villain scratched his head over something he and his partner did not think of. "The hard part is deciding if we are using rain or sunlight."

The Burning wave stared at the Brutal Tide without taking her eyes off the opposing duo. "We will decide after we beaten these two! Swoops, Mega evolve and take that Krokodile out!" In a massive hurricane, the Krokodile was sent flying toward the machine for a knock out, with a Lucario being sent out to calm its mind.

The Brutal Tide ordered as Brycen Man switched to a Bisharp. "Tetra, use stockpile, then get ready for the big one!"

The Pidgeot let loose a heat wave as the Lucario hurled an aura sphere to try and knock him down.

The Brutal Tide began to pose like a flowing wave as he grinned. "You might think you have the advantage. Nothing will prepare you for Hydro Vortex!" In a glow of energy, the Qwilfish knocked the Lucario into the lake and swam around it in high speeds. The Lucario was thrashed by the vortex before the Qwilfish rammed into him to finish the attack for a knock out. Brycen man snapped his fingers as the Bisharp let loose a metal burst to knock the Pidgeot out.

The Burning Wave called the powered down Pidgeot back, glared at the duo as she noticed the Torkoal and Pelipper feel uneasy. "Keep them off me while I check to see what is going on with the weather machine. That shouldn't happen."

The Brutal Tide shook his head. "They are having us in a corner. Let me get out one order and get too it! Tetra use water fall to finish of this Bisharp!" Lucario Boy sent out an Emboar that was preparing an earthquake as the Qwilfish knocked the Bisharp out with a rushing waterfall. As the Qwilfish was knocked out, the Brutal Tide and Burning Wave called their pokemon back when the machine began to power up more and sent the Pelipper and Torkoal into a panic.

The caped villain took a deep breath as he shouted back. "I got you covered. Figure out what is going wrong!"

Burning Wave checked and saw the machine was extracting much more than just the power of the pokemon's abilities. "Oh come on!"

Several quick button presses caused the gems to be separated from the stream, slowly powering down the machine. The Brutal Tide glared as Brycen man unleashed a Zoroark and shouted. "BUMBO COME ON OUT AND GIVE A FIRST IMPRESSION!" The Golisopod startled the Zoroark and sucker punched it for a knock out, leaving Brycen Man out of the fight and Emboar to knock the Golisopod out with a flare blitz.

The Burning Wave pulled a lever up to turn the machine completely off. Let the scared Pelipper and Torkoal out and hugged them in apology. "I am sorry... if we known it would have still hurt you..."

She shouted at the Brutal Tide as she called the two pokemon back. "Take him out and lets get out of here!" As she proceeded to get to the escape boat, Brycen Man pursued her.

The Brutal Tide sent out a Sharpedo and ordered. "MISTER MISSILE USE PROTECT!" The Sharpedo sent up a barrier to absorb the Emboar's super power as the Brutal Tide activated a key stone. "MEGA EVOLVE AND END THIS FIGHT IN A WATERFALL!"

In a rush of a waterfall, the Sharpedo quickly knocked out the Emboar and rushed back to his trainer, waiting for him to get his back as the villain pressed a button in his wrist. "Don't follow us this plan had already went downhill!" The Sharpedo rushed with water as he and his trainer leaped into the water.

As the Burning Wave was about to make it to the boat, she noticed Brycen Man caught up with her and laughed. "Look's like your weather plan had failed! How about you just give up."

The Burning Wave shouted. "Never! That machine just had a bug we didn't see... if we known we would have done something about it! Now Torkoal and Pelipper need to rest."

The Burning Wave shouted out to a ceiling and pointed upwards. "Wela, I call upon you!"

A Heatran crawled down from the ceiling and leaped near the cat walk ready for the first order. Brycen Man sent out a Houndoom that began with a dark pulse as the Burning Wave posed like she was lowering herself to the ground, one hand on the ground and the other in the rain. "Wela, use TETONIC RAGE!"

The Heatran glowed strange energy as he stomped his foot and sent the Houndoom into a fissure; ramming the Houndoom into a deeper hole and causing an eruption with the Houndoom knocked out. Brycen Man sent out a Malamar that was shot with a fire blast and countered with a super powered blow to push the Heatran back.

The Burning Wave shouted. "Flash cannon and be ready for the next opponent!"

The Malamar was knocked out by the flash cannon, leaving Brycen man to switch to his last pokemon, a Weavile. "Use night slash to take that Heatran down!"

The Heatran was slashed by the Weavile as the Burning Wave shouted. "Use lava plume to knock that Weavile out and keep this guy from following us!" The Heatran knocked the Weavile out in scarlet flame as he spat lava unto the catwalk.

Any hope of pursuit was blocked as a boulder fell in the way, leaving Brycen Man to find a large sack of stolen gems. "Well, what do we have here?"


The Brutal Tide was about to reach the escape boat himself when he saw Lucario Boy pursuing him on the back of a blue unicorn with a red mane. The caped villain asked while on the back of his Sharpedo. "What is that pokemon?"

Lucario Boy answered. "Keldeo! A member of the swords of justice. They composed of Cobalion, Terrakion, Verizon and Keldeo."

The Brutal Tide blinked. "A group of legendary pokemon composing of four... that is rare among legendary groups."

The masked hero pointed at the villain. "That will get you nowhere! Prepare to face justice!"

The Brutal Tide whispered. "Mister Missile, keep using water fall!" The first rush caused the Keldeo to flinch as Lucario Boy shouted. "Use secret sword to stop his escape!" The Keldeo took another water fall as its horn glowed; it slashed into the rushing Sharpedo, causing him to revert back and be knocked out. The Brutal Tide flew into the water and swam up to call the knocked out Sharpedo back.

He saw the Burning Wave on the boat and shouted. "Go on without me!"

The escape boat backed up before the Burning Wave took his hand.

The Brutal Tide was greeted with a glare that asked. "You think I am going to leave you!?" As the boat began to go forward at high speed, Lucario Boy leaped at the escape boat with a Keldeo knocked the Heatran out of the fight with a hydro pump.

The Burning Wave called the Heatran back and tossed a pokeball. "Rammas! Keep using giga drain, we need to shake this hero off!"

The Brutal Tide was asked the Pelipper to join, as the Pelipper was about to fly into action the Burning Wave shook her head at both "After what we put him and Torkoal through... let me handle this. You drive!"

The Brutal Tide sighed as he called the Pelipper back, started the engine and floored it, causing the boat to go at high speed as the Keldeo blew more icy wind at the Vileplume; the Vileplume knocked the Keldeo out with a sludge bomb.

Lucario Boy called it back and tossed a pokeball shouting. "Unfezant, get sky attack ready!" A large gray bird with a long red head plumage began to glow as the Vileplume shot another sludge bomb, The Unfezant used sky attack for a knock out.

The Brutal Tide had the Burning Wave take the wheel as he tossed a master ball. "ISAAC USE PSYCHO..." As the Mew was about to use its attack, the boat stopped was it was in high speed. Lucario Boy held onto a rail as the two villains slammed into the front of a boat, with the Mew being held into the Brutal Tides arms.

The Burning Wave looked back to find that the Brycen jet used a freeze ray to freeze the boat in its tracks, they were unable to escape. The two villains looked at each other, knowing they were beat. In an odd twist, Lucario Boy let the two go. Despite the villainous duo listing their list of actions including; theft, taking advantage of a hero and villain, putting two pokemon in danger, terrorism, the hero's reason was because they were good trainers that cared for their pokemon. They were let go on the terms that because they have no machine to go back to and lost the gems, they were better off just going home. The Brutal Tide boasted they succeeded in causing havoc, while the Burning Wave insist that they had fun.

As Elio and Lillie exited the theater, they were greeted by more fans and received what looked like a matching uniform that went with the bandanna and hoodie they received before. As one group complemented one of the actors, they ignored the other.

Elio asked a tan woman with long black hair why when she answered. "Because her set up is like a group we once fought. Most of us still have a grudge."

The woman glared at an overweight man that gave Lillie a similar answer before he to glared back at the woman.

When the duo returned to the pokemon center, they talked over what happened.

Elio asked first. "Why did the Burning Wave not escape when she had the chance?"

Lillie giggled. "After what the Brutal Tide did to win back her trust. I don't think she would be able to do it without feeling bad."

The Dex flared up as he looked at the T.V screen. "BZZT! Speaking of what he did! BZZT!"

The duo looked in horror as they watched their performance from the previous week being aired across the regions.

As soon as the film ended, Elio received a text message from his mother. "The Brutal Tide had a trust issue with his partner in crime?"

Elio took a deep breath as he texted back. "It is a diamond that is used to amplify a weapon, least of all worth a lot of money. Of course villains are going to try to lie, cheat and back stab each other. Been done so much that even if the one holding the goods had no intention of cheating the other, the partner in crime would assume the worse."

Elios mother asked. "He value trust and friendship over that diamond?"

Elio laughed as he answered. "Pecking order from lowest to top. Everyone, The item of value, himself, the few friends he has... and the pokemon he has with him!"

Elio's next message back read as his mother texted back. "Lol! That black diamond is awfully low on the pecking order." Elio sent one more message. "The top three are actually things he values on a personal level. Some more than others."

As Elio began his messages, Lillie had one from Wicke. "It has been a while since she did this."

Lillies read her first message and frowned at Wicke's warning. "Master Gladion told me about some of the things you are doing on Unova. Anything I need to know?"

Lillie texted back. "No. Did he see the latest poke star film?" Wicke answered the question. "Yes. He is on his way to Unova... I fear the worse is going to happen."

Lillie blushed. "He shouldn't worry, Elio and I are fine."

Wicke responded. "I know. He has a couple reasons to go and is using your performance as an excuse. I did not expect you two to be villains in this!"

Lillie answered. "When are we going to expect him?" Wicke's answered the question. "Two weeks."

Lillie thought long until she had an idea of another film series that was going to start soon. "I heard the Big Monster series is about to happen very soon. Any ideas what that might be about?"

Wicke answered. "I heard of those films. The main pokemon is always Tyranitar, but if you plan to star in those. Try to bring a pokemon that would be good against a pseudo legendary pokemon, they are known for their great power."

Lillie had a couple ideas as she thanked Wicke for the idea.

As the two finished texting, Elio yawned as Lillie warned him. "My brother saw the film..."

Elio smiled nervously at what he heard. "Saw that coming when we found out reruns are going to be on T.V. Where should I start digging my grave, because Undella town and Nimbasa city sound like good places?"

Lillie took a deep breath at what she heard and tried to calm Elio down. "Gladion is not going to kill you. He will be here in two weeks and I have a plan for him to calm down."

Elio asked what was her plan when a rerun of the big monster series began to air, Lillie began to watch when she answered. "We watch this and get some ideas. We should have a spot in a couple of days."
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Master of Chaos!
Pokestar Arc Part 2. Chapter 1: Make The Gible Grow!

With in a lab in a corner of Unova, a group of scientist began to research the growth pattern of pokemon. As a machine was used to better control the growth pattern of a pokemon named Gible, a fuse broke. A professor at the age of twelve by the name of Elio, approached the malfunctioning machine with a pokeball ready, in an attempt to safely and quickly extract the Gible.

The machine began to short circuit as it opened the case, releasing a Gible the size of an adult human.

From the communicator a voice shouted. "Professor, I been getting readings of a significant growth pattern in Gible. What happened?"

Elio spoke back to the communicator as he tossed a pokeball. "The machine malfunctioned and Chewy isn't so little! I am going to have to calm him down and see how it affected its growth."

As a Meganium with a yellowish hue and a orange flower emerged from the ball, she was greeted to the Gible spitting out a toxic liquid.

The professor sighed at the situation as his brown haired assistant Steve spoke from behind a glass window with a communicator. "Sir I think the growth has changed it somewhat. It is behaving in a much more aggressive and much more intelligent level."

The professor looked back at the communicator and asked. "Like weakening the opponent before going in for a k.o?"

Steve nodded. "Exactly, I am getting the containment protocols for this. Focus on keeping him in the room!"

Elio shouted to the Meganium. "Use aromatherapy to cleanse the toxin out of you!"

The giant Gible roared as he let loose a blue flame, doing a set amount of damage to the Meganium in a dragon rage.

The professor shouted to the Meganium. "Focus on staying up while we calm him down, use Synthesis!" The Gible lunged at the Meganium with his rows of teeth and bit into the her while she continued to heal.

Mechanical claws sprang to life and began to hold the Gible in place until the professor shouted back. "What are you doing? Jungle has this she is close enough to start calming him down!"

Steve pressed his glasses. "Sir this is necessary for keeping him contained. Other wise he is going to escape!"

Elio ordered. "I rather it is more willing to stay put and let us study it than pinning it down! Turn it off and only do it if it is a last resort!"

The assistant began to question. "But sir.."

The professor shouted back. "Turn it off Steve!"

The assistant gave in and turned off the claws, leaving the Gible to spit toxic at the Meganium as she healed. The Gible bit into the Meganium again as he smelled a pleasant aroma and calmed down.

Elio smiled as the giant Gible began to back away. "Look, we were studying your growth patterns. I have no idea what had happened. But lets find out together... maybe even fix this Chewy."

The professor was about to extend his hand until the Gible shot a dragon rage at the Meganium. "Jungle, use synthesis to stay up!" The Gible shot more toxic that was immediately cleansed by the Meganium's aroma. As he took one more smell, he calmed down more and began to look around to see what was happening.

The professor was about to pet the Gible whispering. "There, there your sa..." The Gible glowed as his limbs began to extend, his body grew, his fin and tail grew until it evolved into a giant Gabite.

Elio looked in astonishment at the building sized dragon until the mechanical claws began to activate. "We are not out of the woods ye... No Steve, get a Wobbufet before he esa..."

The Gabite shrieked as he began to burrow his way under the metallic floor, seeing the destruction Elio took a communicator and began to speak. "Lillie we got a code Chewy, repeat a code Chewy!"

The chief of security was a blonde green eyed girl in a security guard outfit as she heard the communicator rang.

As soon as she heard the code name, she rushed in with a Vaporeon ready, having a radar ready to track the now evolved Gabite down. As she entered what looked like an exit to the lab and into the open world, she found the tracker to have been removed. Upon looking up, Lillie saw a giant Gabite leap from the ceiling and roared.

The security chief called back on her communicator to ask in a rather harsh tone. "Professor... what did you do?"

The professor over the communicator answered. "Trying to figure it out. Keep him busy long enough for me to get into sector 04. I'll have Remmer ready to calm him down to where we can put him in a safe environment. If he gets out into the town it is game over!"

Lillie had her Vaporeon ready as the Gabite spit out toxic to badly poison the Vaporeon; the Vaporeon ate a pecha berry she had to cleanse herself of the toxin as Lillie shouted. "We need to set up. Use wish!"

As the Vaporeon looked up in the sky, Lillie look of dread turned to a more gentle one. "Listen Chewy, it is going to be alright. We made a mistake and we are going to fix it!"

The Gabite screeched as he used duel chop on the Vaporeon in an attempt to get her out of the way. "Lola, use surf to push him back!"

The giant Gabite was pushed back from the wave of water as the Vaporeon began to heal from her wish. Lillie talked back into the communicator. "Professor, Chewy is trying to push through!"

The the professor ordered and encouraged Lillie. "Do something to make it not be afraid of you! You have done this before with a Bagon that tried to jump off a cliff."

Lillie confirmed the order. "Roger, Lola use wish!"

The security chief looked the Gabite in the eye as he shot a dragon rage at the Vaporeon. He tried to duel chop again, only for the Vaporeon to protect herself from the blows and healed from the wish. The Gabite spit toxic on the Vaporeon as she wished again.

Lillie kept a look of determination and shouted. "Chewy! Let us help you!" The Gabite took a deep breath as he shot a dragon rage, Vaporeon used protect. As the Vaporeon healed and used another wish, Lillie heard another ring from the communicator. "Silent alarm is activated. Got the boys preparing his new nest, had to use some of the biggest gems we can find!"

The Gabite dual chopped unaware of the Wobbuffet behind him and a Professor having a Hypno ready.

Gabite shrieked as it tried to dig, only to be held in place by the shadow tag. He tried to dual chop the Vaporeon when Elio had the Hypno about to swing his pendulum. "Alright Remmer, use hypnosis to get Chewy to fall asleep."

As the pendulum swung, the Gabite began to lower his head enough for the professor and security guard to sooth him asleep. Elio took a deep breath as he called a group to carry the giant pokemon over to his new habitat. "Some of the boys have gathered up enough dirt and rocks to make something like a cave! I have another group ready to keep him happy and content. Steve and I are going to spend the next week figuring out what went wrong!"

The professor patted Lillie on the shoulder. "Good work on having him stay put long enough!"

Elio stared at Steve and smiled. "Good work on using the Wobbuffet to keep Chewy from fully escaping."

After the film.

Elio and Lillie were petting the Gible and Gabite on a job well done for acting like one character.

Lillie was curious about one thing. "If they are going for having you two be huge... wonder how a Garchomp is going to play out?"
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