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Of Stars and Boundaries!

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Zhydra, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Pokestar Arc Part 2 Chapter 2: Summer Took A Train Home!

    Elio and Lillie went to Nimbasa City in hope that they go to one more town in the region.

    Elio was reading the map on the Dex. "Aniville town. Not much other than a place you go to if you want to see trains. Also a place trains go to for repairs."

    As the two were about to enter a place called the Gear Station, Elio received a text from Mallow about how the captains, as well as the two skull members were doing. "Aside from Mina, we just finished watching a football game and Guzma is about to challenge some of the players."

    Elio asked. "We are in Nimbasa at the moment, you want me to check on your progress?"

    Mallow answered. "Its around the end of the month and most of us have our last pokemon ready. Soph just had Tyanmo evolve and plans to keep it an Eelektrik a little while longer. Guzma really wants to have the Larvesta evolve."

    Elio was sent another text as he was head toward the big game stadium alone. "Hey Lillie, if there is something you need to do by yourself, now is a good time! Meet you at the gear station in a few minutes?"

    Lillie nodded. "This is your business anways. I'll be at the pokemon center calling home!"

    Elio continued his text message to Mallow. "Larvesta takes a while to evolve. How close is it to evolving?"

    Elio finished as he stepped into the stadium to see a variety of trainers that have been defeated in a pokemon battle.

    Mallow waved at Elio and texted. "Depends... you seem to know about this pokemon."

    Elio sent one more text message as he saw the next battle. "Hang on, I am checking right now."

    Elio saw the Larvesta hold his own against a Galvantula for a small time before he had to be switched for a Pinsir, the rest of the battle was a clear sweep. Elio shouted to Guzma as he saw how much the Larvesta had grown.

    Guzma noticed and asked annoyed. "What do you want?"

    Elio answered. "Lillie and I have been busy killing time. I thought I check on how you and the others are doing again!"

    Guzma looked down at the Larvesta and sighed. "He evolves late, from what this one guy said it takes a while to get good after he evolves. Soon as I get done training him I may switch to Masquirain by the time that tournament comes... he been in the P.C for an entire month ever since I started training this guy."

    Elio smiled. "That is perfectly fine, what is important is you end up with a variety of options for when you get back and would give a few people a run for their money."

    Guzma nodded. "I found out more about that Volcarona from some old red haired guy. He had one of these things and gave me some tips, supposedly he was champion of this region. He even has a lot of bug types, funny enough!"

    Elio nodded back. "Good to hear, I am going to check on the others! Mallow said they are doing well but I never personally said hello to most of you in a month!"

    At The Pokemon Center.

    Lillie began to call home to see what has happened during the week.

    Kukui's conversation was rather brief as Burnet was busy in the background. "We saw you in pokestar and Burnet had not stopped talking about the up coming Big Monster films that is coming!"

    Lillie wondered and asked. "Was Burnet a fan of this?"

    The professor smiled and nodded a brief answer. "Yes."

    Lillie smiled. "Elio has his group ready for the tournament and it is still a over a month away. He is checking up right now. Other than two things, he lets them do what ever they want. We just finished up the Brycen Man series and got started on the Giant Monster series!"

    Burnet approached from the background. "Don't spoil things for us, we haven't seen the series end yet! Any places you visited on Unova?"

    Lillie spent what felt like an hour describing all the places she and Elio visited. She described all five bridges on Unova, marking the Village Bridge as her favorite, described what they saw in the Marine Tube and even told them that she and Elio went and fought a couple Gyms for the sake of fighting the Gym Leaders at there strongest. Leaving out the detail of the walkway when she confronted Elesa. The two over the screen smiled that Lillie was having a good time in Unova before the girl wanted to end the conversation.

    Burnet began to say his farewells. "Glad you are having a good time! Let us know if anything comes up."

    As the call ended, Lillie prepared to gamble by calling Aether.

    On the screen was a slightly irritated but calm Lusamine trying to keep some composure. "Hello Lillie, how is your trip to Unova?"

    Lillie was a little nervous but mustered up the courage. "Fine mother. I think something happened back home."

    Lusamine gave a genuine smile as she nodded. "I see you been busy in Poke star... Burning Wave? Where did you get that name?"

    Lillie immediately answered on hearing the question. "I heard of two gangs that were in the Hoenn region that caused trouble a long time ago. Elio and I thought of the names after working around the script."

    Lusamine took a deep breath at the mention of the boys name and requested. "Please don't mention his name to me at the moment, not until I see the last episode. Gladion went to Unova... probably to have a word or two with him. Changing the topic, I also heard you caught a pokemon not many people know about. Wicke is busy making something to help us find out. I take that boy was responsible for that video as well?"

    Lillie answered in Elio's defense. "He asked before he sent it... Rotom posted it anyways."

    Lusamine was about to glare and calmed herself down; she raised a hand to Lillie signaling that she was angry at Elio and not to her. "I am sure he would handle that... thing!"

    Lusamine attempted to end the conversation on a positive note. "Anything else happened I need to know about?"

    Lillie shook her head before the two said their goodbyes.

    Lillie left the pokemon center satisfied and found Elio waiting at the Gear Station. "Lillie, care to witness the end of summer?"

    The duo held hands as they journeyed to the subway system and took the brown train toward Aniville town. The town itself was not significant save for a few houses and a small ledge showing the Train stationed for inspection and repairs and the multiple tunnels that takes the trains in and out of the town.

    They were given a view of an old gray train with a green stripe before the Rotom Dex described. "BZZT! This train is normally found in Tubeli..."

    The duo were more interested in the flute play, the view and the fact they were ending summer than listening to Dex. Lillie frowned and spoke. "Elio, much more people on Alola know about what we are doing."

    Elio looked back in curiosity and asked. "You talking about us hiding Blattron? I kind of told Lana and Guzma about him when Lana called me out of hiding something."

    Lillie shook her head at the answer. "No... it is much more than my brother who seen the Brycen man films you know!"

    Elio frowned with her as he asked. "Let me guess... she was among those that saw it?"

    Lillie nodded as Elio began to ask. "What happened this time?" Lillie took a deep breath and answered. "Nothing, she seems more mad at you."

    Elio shrugged. "That's probably never going to change."

    Lillie agreed. "Though our discovery on what Wela and Melta have told us given something to do."

    Elio blinked in response. "As long as they don't do anything reckless and keep it to Alola. A Heatran isn't going to show up on that region for another four years."

    Lillie and Elio ended the conversation as they noticed the train being taken out of the repair station; a shiny white train with a light green stripe took its place.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  2. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Pokestar Arc part 2 Chapter 3: Technology and Nature.

    The next day after summer has ended Elio and Lillie decided that to spend the time they have, training the pokemon they had captured. Lillie borrowed Elio's Salamence to travel to Driftveil and Nacrene city. In exchange for some shards, she had the tutors teach her Druddigon the moves stealth rock and fire punch.

    Lillie heard that a couple routes past Virbank city were good places to begin actual training and left Elio to raising the Genesect. "You were given a set of drives over a year ago? Alright, see if he wants them and don't put him into a fight he can't win."

    Elio agreed to the request and with a small goodbye kiss, they left for their own method of training.

    Near the industrial plan known as the Virbank Complex, Elio took out the Genesect to introduce him to four cassettes. "Hey Blattron, I heard from some guy around a year ago that these things can do something rather cool regarding the move you have. Techno blast!"

    The Genesect eyed the drives in curiosity and pointed toward the yellow cassette.

    Elio took out the orange drive and placed in the yellow drive, the Genesect felt a small volt course through his back. "So boss. I am guessing these things change the type of that techno blast?"

    Elio nodded. "Probably, the shock drive looks like it will change techno blast to an electric type move, very strong and more accurate than thunder; water types and flying types will be easy targets for you! The burn drive looks like it will change it to a fire type."

    Genesect looked at the red drive bored. "Flamethrower exist for that... so moving on?"

    Elio frowned in disappointment as he agreed, placed the red drive in his back back and showed the blue drive. "The douse drive seems like it would make your techno blast into a water type, your only fighting chance against fire types otherwise."

    Elio showed the icy blue drive. "Then the chill drive, with this dragon types will help you fight back against most dragon types!"

    Elio was prepared to place the other three drives in his back pack when he heard a certain rough voice shout. "Ya finally got caught!?"

    Elio turned around to find Guzma leaning against a wall, giving him a stare that was felt from miles.

    Elio smiled as he answered. "Since you are talking about the finale. Look like it, we should have double checked the bugs before that weather machine plan even started."

    Guzma shook his head in remembering the Brycen Man film. "Next time do that!"

    In a small stare at the Genesect, Guzma asked. "That thing still has problems?"

    Elio nodded. "I haven't brought him out for a battle in over a weak."

    Guzma kept glaring at the Genesect and asked. "What the hell is even wrong with it?"

    Elio answered back to the skull boss. "He has a problem feeling things on a physical level because of the cybernetics. Aside from electric attacks and possible mental attacks, he can't feel pain. He can eat... but he cannot taste. As an Apex predator, he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, or the closest thing Lillie and I can give... a good battle! We taught him to not pick a fight with everything around him... at the cost of Shockums kicking his ass!"

    Guzma was about to glare at Elio over the last sentence as the Genesect spoke. "I know what you are about to say. I saw that Raichu as something not worthy my time when I saw the larger creature. That was a mistake I won't repeat!"

    Guzma was disturbed by the Genesect speaking and asked the trainer. "Does he even get along with your pokemon?"

    Elio was about to answer until the Genesect chuckled. "There is that Silvally that feels similar and I want to fight with him, then the Mew that gave me ideas on how to keep feeling alive."

    The Genesect looked over to the trainer in curiosity. "I know that Incineroar is a rather strong pokemon... but what of that Sharpedo? He looks like a good hunter!"

    Elio laughed at the last question and answered in a frown. "Their nickname is Bully of the Sea! They were victim of over fishing though because of their fins being used for food stuff."

    The Genesect crackled and asked. "Just the fins? Why not the whole prey?" Elio made a glare into the distance and answered. "Because people are wasteful!"

    The Genesect chuckled in agreement as Elio thought of an idea. "I still have something you may want to see... hey Guzma, is that Golisopod of yours wanting to battle?"

    Guzma did not take his eyes off the Genesect and asked. "On three conditions. Three against three, single format and bring that Genesect out. I want to see how it fights!" Elio smiled as he signaled the Genesect to get ready.

    Vs Pokemon Trainer Guzma

    Guzma took out a pokemon and shouted. "Golisopod, lets mess em up with an aqua jet!"

    The Golisopod's life orb siphoned health as he rammed into the Genesect at high speed. Elio shouted toward the excited Genesect that downloaded a special attack boost. "BLATTRON OPEN UP WITH A TECHNO BLAST!"

    The drive on the Genesect's back glowed yellow as an electrical beam was shot out of his gun and at the Golisopod for a knock out. As the Golisopod twitched from the knock out, Guzma prepared to call him back and grinned a glare at his opponent. "If that is how you going to play! Pinsir come out and use close combat!"

    The Pinsir entered the field and rushing in to beat the Genesect down, blow after blow was felt as Elio shouted. "BLATTRON TAKE THAT PINSIR OUT WITH FLAMETHROWER!"

    The Genesect's gun began to let loose a flame as he cackled. "I downloaded what was needed for that last one boss, lets see if he can handle this!" In a torrent of flame the scarfed Pinsir was knocked out by the burn, Elio was about to call the Genesect back as he protested. "Boss... what are you doing? This is fun, I can actually feel the blows!"

    Elio saw the pattern as he gave him a stern frown. "Blattron... there is more to living than just pain. What are you actually feeling in battle?"

    The Genesect crackled, unaware of Guzma about to draw another pokemon out. "The feeling of the opponent putting up a worthy fight. Being able to over come it despite the situation... pride that I can do it!"

    Elio shrugged. "That is better, now after beating those two... what if I told you he has another strong bug that would knock you out at this point?"

    The Genesect asked annoyed. "Either let it or fall back? Eh let it, I am not exactly one to run from a battle!"

    The boy frowned more. "Not falling back when you have the option and know you are about to lose is what got you killed in the first place you know!"

    Guzma lost his patience and sent out a Scizor. "If you are letting it stay put, then you wouldn't mind if I do this! Scizor finish it off with bullet punch!" The Scizor rushed at the Genesect in blinding speeds, punching its metallic claw in the its face for a knock out.

    As it fell flat on the ground, the Genesect growled. "That was fast.."

    Both trainers were about to tell him what the move even does, with Elio beating Guzma to the explanation. "Bullet punch hits first regardless. Unless there is a psychic terrain; an opponent with dazzle or queenly majesty for an ability cancel moves like that as well."

    Guzma frowned as he helped continue. "After that beating, you were about to fall over anyways. Now lay down while I beat the rest!"

    Elio took out a lure ball and shouted. "MISTER MISSLE! MEGA EVOLVE AND USE CRUNCH!"

    The Sharpedo leaped into the water as he mega evolved; his strong jaw's glowed as he leaped out of the water and crunched into the Scizor, Guzma grinned and shouted. "Mess him up with an x scissor!"

    The Scizor's limbs glowed as he slashed an x pattern into the Sharpedo for a knock out. As the Sharpedo reverted back, Elio called him back and tossed a net ball. "BUMBO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION AND WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS!"

    The Golisopod startled the Scizor with a first impression sucker punch; the Scizor began to dance in vigor and let loose a z move as Elio shouted. "SUCKER PUNCH THAT SCIZOR OUT!" As the Scizor was moments away from glowing the Golisopod punched him where he wasn't looking for a knock out.

    Elio petted the Golisopod on a job well done and called him back in the ball.

    He began to pet the motionless Genesect as he began to take out a net ball. "Scizor is kind of like you in type... Bug steel, difference is its ability technician. Bullet punch by itself is very weak... not so weak with that ability."

    The Genesect asked as he laid down. "Not related to that move, but the reason you don't want me near fire?"

    Elio spoke in a firm tone. "One fire move and you are out! I am getting you to a pokemon center, but I want to see if you learned anything. How are you feeling otherwise?"

    Genesect groaned. "Was excited, now I feel like I want to lay down for a while..."

    Elio rolled his eyes before he called the Genesect back. "That was because you were knocked out!" Elio looked back at a frowning Guzma who was shaking his head. "Sorry if this was hard to watch. Blattron is much, even in comparison to Gladiator who was at worse reckless."

    Guzma remembered the midnight Lycanroc Elio raised to have been battle hungry before he asked. "How long are you going to keep doing that?"

    Elio frowned. "Hopefully never again! Right now he knows that smaller pokemon can be very powerful. Not just the large menacing ones. Getting into a fight with too many tough pokemon at once will result in... that. He also knows about cooperating another pokemon and respecting another for its power. It is bad if the first thing he wanted to go after were... them."

    Guzma cringed at the knowledge that the Genesect wanted to go after Ultra Beasts and shouted. "That's just crazy!"

    Elio nodded. "I told you what he is. It is natural for something like him to view anything not his kind as either something worth a hunt or not."

    The skull boss glared at the Alola champ and grunted. "If I didn't know you two had that Mew, I would have said that Genesect was the craziest thing you caught!"

    Elio smiled at the net ball. "At least Blattron knows more things other than pain, so... you seen the Big Monster series yet?"

    Guzma folded his arms in a glare. "Yeah when we getting to the Garchomp?"

    Elio shrugged and answered. "When something goes horrible wrong... like that big Gabite getting into a fight with another large pokemon." Guzma laughed loudly. "Like what? A Tyrannitar?"

    Elio cringed at the mention of the pokemon Gladion has. "Bad enough that one is actually coming to kick my ass! I am already looking for a hole somewhere in Nimbasa city."

    Guzma laughed even harder. "Then we have all sorts of pokemon fighting each other. Add that Heatran I seen ya with and it be an all out monster brawl!"

    Elio glared. "Knowing that Tyranitar, it wouldn't care who he fights. That Larvesta is looking pretty strong from last I seen. You have any idea's when it is going to evolve?"

    Guzma shrugged. "Should evolve any day now. I seen one evolve... but that seemed like it was out of nowhere."

    Elio was lost in thought in understanding why would Larvesta evolve very late in comparison to other bug types. "Maybe a Larvesta goes through the pupa stage very fast upon evolving from what we seen with Solaire. Most pokemon tend to evolve at random anyways unless you actually go out of the way to do the math."

    Guzma heard of levels before, he never understood how it work with evolution other than the pokemon grows. "If you are going to be busy thinking about it, I am going to check around Nimbasa city. See ya later!"

    As Elio waved his farewells, he began to head to the pokemon center until he found Lillie return with a tired out Druddigon and a large basket. "Soon as we heal up, I want to find an Autumn Deerling at the route you caught Auggy."

    Elio smiled and began to joke. "Then go do it! No one is stopping you."

    Lillie glared back and puffed up her cheeks. "May we please go together? I have a picnic ready for us to spend the afternoon welcoming the fall."

    Elio requested. "Only if we train the two afterwards. I heard that the ones caught in the fall look different and when they evolve they look even more different." The two held hands as they went to the pokemon center to prepare for the afternoon.

    Elio and Lillie took a flight on the Salamence to Driftveil City and took a small walk to the route between the city and Chargestone cave. They were greeted to the grass and tree's turning orange and what was summer heat became pleasantly cool. The duo found a place not too far off from the main road that was not covered in fallen leaves and prepared a picnic to watch the Autumn weather.

    Elio noticed that Lillie was paying more attention to the weather than actually looking for a Deerling as he took out the nest ball and whispered. "So Auggy, how you like the fall?"

    As a Deerling emerged from the ball, what was green fur changed to an orange color as it sat down in a corner on the picnic blanket to yawn. The Rotom Dex translated. "BZZT! It is lovely when it begins. BZZT!"

    Lillie saw the differences and smiled. "Looks like I don't have a real reason to look for one."

    The Deerling shrugged. "BZZT! If one comes to you, it will come to you. BZZT!"

    Elio joined in the smile. "In case we forget the seasons back on Alola, we have this guy to help. What do you want to do instead?"

    Lillie looked Elio in the eyes and answered. "Enjoy the sight, this was the real reason I wanted to come out here. How is the Genesect?"

    Elio took a deep breath as he answered. "Better. He along with Mister Missile and Bumbo had a battle with some of Guzma's pokemon. Guzma wanted to see Blattron in battle and I had one of the drives I wanted to test out."

    Lillie asked as she enjoyed the weather. "May we send him, Isaac and Cain out? They may want to see this as well."

    Elio nodded as he took out a net ball and opened it up while Lillie did the same with a pokeball and master ball. The Leafeon sat next to Lillie, as Mew jumped into a pile of fallen leaves.

    The Genesect clacked as he viewed the sights. "This is new..."

    Elio smiled as he began to teach the Genesect more. "Changes in the seasons, what was summer is now fall. In a few months it will be winter, and a few months after that it will be spring!"

    The Genesect stared at the leaves and listened to the sounds as he sat down. "Boss... why am I feeling relaxed?"

    Elio raised an eyebrow at the question. "I don't know... why?"

    The Genesect chuckled as he remembered his past life. "I had that feeling in between hunts, seeing the currents flow. Small debris rush through the sea bed."

    A leaf blown past the Genesect as he mentioned debris. "Like that."

    The duo smiled as the Mew giggled. "BZZT! Sorry about that, a leaf got caught in a breeze after I jumped in a pile. BZZT!"

    The Genesect looked upward toward the sky as he listened more. "Still wish I can feel that wind."

    Lillie was moments away from giggling with the Mew until she heard the Genesect's words and frowned in pity. "Blattron..."

    A gray bird much like Unfezant flew past them in the blue sky. The Genesect took a much smoother jet like form as he flew off to the distance, leaving the duo startled and worried from a loud zoom noise.

    Elio and Lillie blinked as they shouted in unison. "What?"

    Elio turned toward the startled Dex and asked where the Genesect flew off to. "BZZT! I don't know, it just took off BZZT!"

    As the two felt more worry, they felt a strong gust of wind as the Genesect returned and changed to a land bound form.

    Lillie puffed up her cheeks, ready to scold the Genesect. "Blattron! What did you do and where did you go?"

    The Genesect had a large berry with pink and green stripes in his claw. "I looked at the bird, I thought was swimming out of the water... then I saw myself change and swam to find something."

    Elio laughed at what he heard. "Swimming out of water is called flying! Or floating... really depends on the pokemon."

    The Genesect chuckled back as he presented the two with the berry. "I found a plant that had this on it, I seen plant life before as well as those who feed of them. Most tend to be boring... but necessary hunts."

    Elio was looking at the unusual berry and asked. "Why is that?"

    The Genesect tried to calm himself down as he remembered more. "Learning experience for young ones, food when nothing larger is around."

    Lillie looked curiously at the berry as she asked. "Why did you bring that berry then?"

    The Genesect stared at the two trainers and asked. "It looked new, I thought you would know."

    The Dex analyzed the berry, was looking something up and flashed an exclamation point. "BZZT! That is a Watmel Berry. Exceedingly sweet, this berry is huge! Some are discovered at 20 inches! Very rare in this region. BZZT!"

    Elio grinned at the find and shouted. "Sweet! Know anywhere we can plant thi..."

    Lillie found a patch of soil as she heard the pun and began to dig a hole. "Would this do?"

    Elio had the Genesect give the berry to him for planting into the soil. Looking curiously the Genesect asked. "You did that to grow more?"

    The Mew used his psychic powers to create a bubble of water to douse the soil as the duo nodded an answer.

    More curious about the trainers, the Genesect asked. "Why did you come here?"

    Lillie answered back. "Because this is the first time we seen the seasons change dramatically in this region and I thought we appreciate it while we still can."

    The Genesect shook his head as he asked again. "No not that. You two are not native to this land... why did you come here?"

    Elio answered back in a grin. "The Pokemon World Tournament. I brought Guzma and the others here early because most of them needed to get a pokemon for a 6th spot on their team. By the time it is actually time, we will be ready to compete with the rest of the regions of the world."

    Genesect glared as Elio spoke of a series of battles. "And you are not letting me fight this because?"

    Elio pointed at the tired out Mew. "Because last time we were in a place like that, they did not let him in. Once the World Tournament has come and gone, we plan to go back to Alola... then I have something you can enjoy."

    The Mew was done playing in the leaves as he meowed to Lillie to let him back in the master ball, the Genesect yawned. "Okay, I am done seeing and want to go back in the ball. Let me out when you want to show me something."

    As Elio took out the net ball and let the Genesect back in, the duo returned to enjoying the sights as they wondered. "Who knew a Genesect could fly?"

    Lillie smiled at the things she discovered about the Genesect. "Blattron is able to feel emotions. It is some of the physical senses he has trouble feeling."

    Elio finished. "For a pokemon that was considered a top hunter, that is still a bad thing. Lillie, do you think we should get go..." The Leafeon was initially startled as he saw something creeping into Lillies bag and hissed, a Deerling with a pink flower and pink stripes had its nose in the bag when it pulled a nest ball out. As the ball fell on its head, it was taken into the ball.

    The duo looked in shock as the ball shook.

    Shake...shake...shake... click!

    Elio was silent for a moment as he and Lillie called their remaining pokemon back into their balls. He noticed the differences between his Deerling and the Deerling that caught itself as Lillie picked it up and sighed. "And that happened..."

    Wanting to take the capture out of their minds, the duo decided to take a scenic route back to Nimbasa to see if they were able to see a soccer game. To their misfortune, they missed it and found Guzma just knocked out a Leafeon with his Larvesta. It began to glow as it surrounded itself in a cocoon of flame, in a flash of flame it took the form of a large moth and scattered the embers all over the field. The duo smiled at the Larvesta evolving into a Volcarona and silently left the stadium to find something else to do.

    Lillie whispered to Elio. "Do you want to go the Ferris wheel and view the sunset again?"

    Guzma saw the newly evolved Volcarona and grinned. Ever since the incident where Elio's Larvesta evolved in front of him, he wanted a chance to either have such a pokemon or raise one and see what would happen.

    He asked the Volcarona. "Alright, how ya feeling?" The Volcarona performed a dance in hope that its trainer would understand what he was trying to say.

    Guzma had some idea and smirked. "Alright, So keep training ya for a week. After which you don't mind if I swap you out for an old bug of mine? He been in that box for a mo.."

    A Rotom Dex sneaked behind the Guzma and buzzed at the Volcarona's next dance pattern. "BZZT! If that one is with you for longer, I don't mind! Just let me learn another move to replace some of my..."

    Guzma and the Volcarona glared at the Dex; the former asked in a teeth gritting tone. "Did ya come here by yourself?"

    Dex grinned. "Last two I seen talked in dance as well. But they wouldn't let me translate what they say, Something about wanting to have enough dignity to express their wor.."

    The Volcarona was not amused as it stopped dancing and kept a glare, the Dex buzzed. "BZZT! Alright, I sneaked behind them while they were on a Ferris Wheel back in town. BZZT!"

    The Volcarona looked at Guzma in request that he return to the net ball. As Guzma called him back he growled at the Dex. "Great you ruined his mood. Get out a here!"

    The Dex was chased out by the angry skull boss and flew back to the amusement park to find Elio and Lillie holding hands in preparation to leave the Ferris Wheel.

    Elio was startled and glared at the Rotom Dex. "Where did you run off to!" The Dex wanted to change the subject and buzzed. "BZZT! I want to translate one of those moths and even that one didn't wan..."

    Lillie joined in glare as Elio began to explain what she knew of Volcarona. "If you hand not learned anything from Solaire or Sunne. Volcarona's are intelligent and prideful enough that they don't need a translator to... speak. Considering Guzma wanted to raise that Larvesta alone, we were lucky enough just to run into it evolving. Now we may want to leave before he finds us and calls Elio out!"

    Elio had the Dex go back in his back pack as he took out Salamence. "Back to Virbank City?"

    Lillie yawned and was nuzzling to Elio. "It's been a long day and we need to get ready in a couple of days for the next film!"
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  3. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Pokestar Arc Part 2, Chapter 4: Rising Growth!

    A week after the incident with the giant Gible becoming a giant Gabite, things have quiet down in the unknown labs. Elio and some of his researchers were developing a device that would shrink the Gabite down to normal size using the old growth machine for the parts. As the device was built and ready to be tested on random objects, the power went out.

    A scratching sound was heard during the brief moment as an alarm was triggered.

    Head of security Lillie received an emergency call to see that the Gabite does not escape when they were moments away to getting him back to normal size. "Okay, Just keep the Gabite there long enough for me to get there with Remmer!"

    Lillie managed to find the Gabite close to the exit when she tossed a pokeball toward the door and shouted. "Mele, block Chewy's exit!"

    The Venusaur stood as he had toxic spit on him to no effect, with a sludge bomb being shot at the giant Gabite to make him back away.

    Lillie got to the Venusaur's side and shouted toward the Gabite. "Chewy! You know we cannot let you outside until we can get you back to normal, Professor Elio was about to test a ray that should help you." The Gabite roared as he duel chopped its claws into the Venusaur that prepared to use synthesis.

    Lillie frowned as she prepared to give the giant Gabite a scolding. "Mele is not going to be poisoned and we just reinforced the floor, so digging is not going to work. The ray is going to be ready soon and we need you back in your nest."

    Gabite shook his head and roared, causing a rock slide to pelt the Venusaur.

    As the Venusaur flinched, the Gabite was about to walk out of the door and dual chop the him out of his way. "Mele use giga drain to make Chewy back away!"

    The Venusaur inhaled as it drained the giant Gabite for a heal. The Gabite backed away as him roared in a terrified tone. Lillie saw the fear and shouted. "I am sorry Chewy, but Mele has to do this to keep you from getting out. Please, let us help you."

    The Gabite heard explosions from the distance and tried to dual chop the Venusaur again in a desperate attempt to escape. The Venusaur kept healing the damage as the Gabite became more frantic until he began to glow and grow into a much larger Garchomp. Unable to even fit in the lab, the giant Garchomp tore through the reinforced floor and dug into the ground for a successful escape.

    Lillie heard her communicator buzz as she asked. "Professor Elio... what happened?" The voice over the communicator shouted. "It's Steve! He was working for some money grubber this whole time!"

    In the room that had the growth machine. The assistant pressed his glasses as he shrugged. "Some guy offered me ten million poke dollars if I helped create a giant pokemon capable of taking down the Titanic Tyranitar King."

    Elio shouted back. "Titanic...Tyranitar. You telling me there is a giant version of that pokemon!"

    Steve nodded in a smirk. "Yep. It was the reason my employer... had issues with a mecha Tyranitar. Now then, time to show you what this machine really does!"

    Steve sent his Wobbuffet out and turned the lever, a beam was shot causing the patient pokemon to increase into a giant size.

    Elio glared. "MOE COME ON OUT AND USE ROAR!" The Wobbuffet used a safeguard expecting a toxic from the Houndoom when he was scared back into his ball, clearing the way for the growth ray.

    The professor glared at the machine and shouted to Steve. "Seriously?! That was suppose to be a tool of science!"

    Steve shrugged as he made his comeback. "The machine controls the growth pattern of a pokemon, it still does. How does the reason make it different? Curiosity... money?"

    Elio nodded at the reason before he continued. "Maybe, but this is way too much for a pokemon to naturally handle, Moe come back. MELTA LETS PUT AN END TO THIS!"

    The professor called the Houndoom back and sent out out a Heatran that was quickly greeted by the growth ray shrinking her down. "Damn it! Melta use earth power while I prepare the next move!"

    The growth ray shot a thunderbolt at the side gun into the Heatran, causing her to shake in pain as Steve taunted. "Makes you feel better it can shrink a pokemon down. Thanks for the test, now we don't really need you anymore; also my name isn't even Steve, its Marco!"

    Elio posed like a blooming flower for the Heatran to use. "BLOOM DOOM!"

    As the power of nature was absorbed from the world outside, she destroyed the machine in a giant beam. Elio took the heavy ball to call the Heatran back and shouted. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS ON THE MOLE!" Marco was about to look away when the hypnotic waves lured him into a deep sleep.

    As Elio was about to call his security staff, the chief rushed in to report bad news. "Chewy had evolved and escaped. Is that machine..."

    The professor calmed down as he told her what happened. "We had a mole that needed to be knocked out, get him into a cell, I am going to check to see how badly damaged this thing is."

    As Lillie locked the knocked out Marco in a janitors closet, she returned to see Elio placing enough of the machine back together for limited use and asking her. "Do you have a light ball I can borrow?"

    The chief security rummaged through her bag and brought out a yellow orb; as the professor thanked her and took a cracked orb out, he finished repairing enough. "This should be enough for one good shot. Lillie, tell the boys they may want to get this thing out. We need to find Chewy stat!"

    An unsuspecting city, not too far from the labs, was busy minding their business when they felt a small rumble. Past the large mountain, a Garchomp the size of a five story building was terrified of what was about to happen in the lab and began to search around.

    Unaware of the professor and security chief trying to draw his attention. "Remmer, we need to get Chewy in position! Lillie do the boys have that ray in position?"

    Lillie took a moon ball out and nodded. "They have it charging as we speak! Galil use follow me!"

    The Clefairy waddled next to the giant Garchomp and began to whistle. The Garchomp turned around and found the professor, a Hypno, the security chief and a Clefairy calling to him for attention. He tried to dual chop the Clefairy to no effect as the Hypno waved his pendulum to send the Garchomp into a deep sleep.

    As the Garchomp fell forward, he at a small blue berry to shake himself away.

    Lillie looked over to Elio and asked. "Is hypnosis really necessary?"

    The professor nodded back. "We need to get his attention and keep him here long enough for the boys to fire! After which we owe Chewy a lot for what we put him through!"

    The duo waved their hands and shouted for the Garchomp to focus his attention, with Elio shouting out. "You have a problem you do take it to us! The people in that city did nothing to cause this!"

    The Garchomp spit toxic at the Hypno in an attempt to poison him as the Clefairy used moon blast to keep his attention towards the group. Hypno ate a small green berry to cure himself of the poison and thought of a nasty plot to deal with the Garchomp.

    The Garchomp roared loudly as the professor tried to look him in the eyes. "I was the one who caused this, so come at me!"

    The security chief whispered back to the professor. "Professor let me distract him!"

    The Garchomp backed away as he let loose a stone edge on the Clefairy.

    Lillie shouted. "Galil use protect!"

    Elio saw the Clefairy block the massive stone edge and shouted. "REMMER USE ANOTHER NASTY PLOT!"

    Garchomp roared loudly as a small floating screen with blue eyes and a face buzzed into the field. "BZZT! Give me a fight! BZZT!"

    The professor looked in astonishment by the strange device. "Who are you?"

    In a wink the screen answered. "I am Rotom... Pokedex and translator! This big guy calmed down a little and wants to battle ya!"

    Lillies shook her head and asked. "Would be an idea, but we have no idea what would happen if we do!"

    The Garchomp growled in an attempt to warn the two. "BZZT! If you are not going to fight, then leave! He is coming to give me a fight! BZZT!"

    The professor cringed and asked who as the Garchomp roared. "BZZT! Titanic Tyranitar King! BZZT!"

    Elio took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down and asked Lillie. "I rather we don't deal with that. Do we really have to knock him out?"

    The chief security was about to form tears in acceptance. "If this Garchomp is not stopped we would have two giant pokemon to deal with... I am sorry Chewy."

    The Clefairy tried to keep the Garchomps attention as he dig into the ground, missing a psychic blast from the Hypno. As the Garchomp risen from underneath the ground to strike at the Clefairy for a knock out, the Hypno knocked the Garchomp out with a psychic blast. As he was about to fall, he let loose a stone edge on the distant machine about to fire. The ray struck the Garchomp, glowing energy began to spill all over and into the pokeballs Elio and Lillie have. One in a pokeball, one in a great ball and one in a heavy ball. In dread the duo sent out a giant Volcarona, a giant Hydreigon and a giant Heatran. In the crater, the Garchomp was back to normal size, but still glowed; immobile.

    The duo were about to try and figure out what happened when a booming voice echo'd in their heads. "Can you here me?"

    Lillie was startled by the loud voice and asked. "Who is this!"

    The voice in their heads began to address himself. "You have heard of me once. The Titanic Tyranitar king, you have caused a great disturbance in this world."

    Elio cringed. "Figured that much out with a good chunk of our pokemon being giant. The machine is completely wrecked, it is going to take months to get it repaired to get them back to normal. Chewy looks back to normal... but he is still glowing and not moving."

    The voice replied "I know! The energy from that machine had caused it. Now I have awakened to come and stop this madness!"

    The professor and security froze in fear with the former speaking to himself. "What the hell have I done?!"

    The voice boomed back. "You tried to fix a problem you helped create, I will arrive in the next five full moons. You are best to prepare!"

    The three giant pokemon looked around more confused than angry, they began to chat to each other with what to do with Rotom translating.

    The giant Volcarona glared at the Dex and danced to the others. "BZZT! Something is coming in around a couple weeks ! We need to train! BZZT!"

    The giant Heatran frowned and roared. "BZZT! I wanted to be back to normal size... this is not normal! BZZT!"

    The giant Hydreigon giggled and smiled. "BZZT! Hurray! We get to fight each other! BZZT!"

    The research group have a new problem, they were to evacuate the city while three giant pokemon began to fight each other.

    Looking at the havoc he caused, Elio began to smile toward his chief of security. "I am going to jail for this! If we live through this, I just want to say your the best security guard an officially mad scientist could ask for!"

    The security chief wanted to hold his hand... until the professor laughed at himself mad. "If they ask about you. I am telling them you were only doing what was told!"

    As the duo finished the film, they were greeted to the director having a new problem as they pet the Gabite and the annoyed Garchomp. "In order to top this off we need a Mega Tyranitar. Nate doesn't have a key stone and we need a pokemon with a strong bond to make it work."

    Elio nodded about one thing he has. "If we need more than one mega evolved pokemon... I have a Garchomp that would fill in the role of Chewy. But I do not have a Tyranitar myself."

    In a mellowed growl, the Garchomp shrugged in acceptance. "BZZT! I don't know you enough to have me go through that nonsense.. and I wish that Dex didn't say anything! BZZT!"

    Elio and the Garchomp glared at the Dex; it was shoved into the back pack. The director calmed himself down as he congratulated the group. "This isn't the first time this happened. When we have something that would work, we will let you know!"

    Elio and Lillie nodded back as they prepared to explore one more area in the region.
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    Pokestar Arc Part 2 Chapter 5: Duel of Champs.

    After Elio and Lillie finished the next part of the Big Monster series; Lillie wanted Elio to follow her to where she trained the Druddigon. Elio found himself in a small town that only had one real highlight, a clock tower.

    As they entered the town, they found Nate talking to an red haired middle aged man about some people he knew. "And speaking of which there they are!" The duo greeted Nate as he introduced himself to one of Unova's former Champion's Alder.

    Lillie saw two of Unova's Champions and asked. "Since Elio and I are both Champions... how about we battle?" Elio smiled at Lillie in as the opposing duo agreed, Alder shouted. "Kiai!"

    Vs Nate and Alder

    Nate sent out an Emboar, Alder sent out an Accelgor.

    Elio tossed his net ball and shouted. "BUMBO COME ON OUT!" Lillie took a pokeball and shouted. "Sunne, lets start this battle with a quiver dance!"

    The Accelgor was given a first impression sucker punch as he used giga drain on the Golisopod. The Emboar shot a flamethrower at rather high speeds to cause the Golisopod to make an emergency exit; the duo realized something was odd about the Emboar.

    Elio took another net ball and whispered. "Tetra, get a poison ready on that Accelgor!"

    Lillie whispered to the Volcarona as she pointed at the Emboar. "Sunne, use bug buzz on that so called Emboar!"

    The Emboar was startled as the Volcarona buzzed into it for a k.o, revealing itself to be a Zorark. The Accelgor giga drained the Qwilfish as he was countered by poisonous slap of the tail for a k.o. Alder sent out a Bouffallant, Nate sent out an actual Emboar.

    Lillie whispered. "Sunne, use fiery dance on that Bouffallant!"

    Elio nodded at the Qwilfish use water fall on the Emboar. Both pokemon stood as the Bouffallant used head charge on the Volcarona for as the Emboar followed with a rock slide to knock the Volcarona out.

    Lillie called the Volcarona back and whispered. "Shockums use thunderbolt to knock that Bouffallant out!"

    The Raichu shot the Bouffalant down as Elio signaled the Qwilfish to use a waterfall on the Emboar for a knock out.

    Alder sent out a Volcarona as Nate looked in hesitation. "Elio, if you are going to bring that Genesect out. You mind if I bring... him out?"

    Elio nodded as he pointed. "Bring on the dragon! Hey Alder, do you happen to met someone who may have called themselves destruction in human form?"

    The former Champion recalled and nodded. "He heard that some of my pokemon are bug types and he wanted to battle. He had me down to Volcarona before his Heracross was knocked out!"

    Elio glared back in determination as Nate sent out a large gray dragon with black parts sticking out and ice like features at its edges. Its back erupted in wires as it latched itself unto its generator like tail, glowing blue as it roared!

    Nate shouted. "Kyurem use fusion bolt!"

    The Qwilfish puffed up as she saw the Kyurem glow into a blue electrical ball and slammed into her for a knock out. Elio felt the impact as he called the Qwilfish. "I am sorry about that..."

    Lillie frowned as she shouted. "Shockums use thunder wave to paralyze that Volcarona!"

    The Volcarona was paralyzed before it was able to attack, leaving a hesitate Elio to shout. "Blattron! Focus on that Volcarona with a techno blast!"

    Lillie posed for the Raichu to use. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" As the Volcarona was struck by the intense bolt, it struggled to move as an electrical beam shot out from the Genesects gun.



    In a chuckle the Genesect looked over to the Raichu. "I felt the flame... good wo..."

    Nate shouted. "Kyurem use freeze shock."

    The Kyurem began to charge up an icy power; it ate a red herb and shoot an electrical freeze shock at the Raichu for a brutal knock out. The Genesect glared as it prepared its order. "This is going to be fun!"

    Elio nodded and shouted. "BLATTRON USE FLASH CANNON!" A beam of light was shot out from the gun and unto the Kyurem. It still stood as it used a fusion bolt to crush the Genesect.

    The Genesect got up from the impact and shouted. "That didn't even hurt!"

    The two trainers eyes widened in worry as Elio shouted. "FINISH IT OFF WITH A FLAMETHROWER!"

    A flame erupted from the gun as it spayed all over the Kyurem, causing its icy tendrils to retract from the tail as it fell on its back; signaling a k.o.

    The Genesect knelled over as it began to crackle pain. "Boss... you knew I was lying."

    Elio petted the Genesect on a job well done. "You still did a good job."

    Lillie took out a pokeball to call back the knock out Raichu, whispering. "You did a good job in taking that Volcarona down."

    Nate saw the duo and smiled with them as he looked toward Alder. "See, I told you they were strong, think we can give them a pass?"

    Alder agreed with Nate with nate as he spoke about a place in Black City. "If you two wish to challenge yourselves further then there is a place called Black Tower, it's normally a place for some of the strongest trainers in the Unova region."

    The duo listened until Elio helped them finish. "I think we seen that tower, if it is as tough as you say it is then that is why it isn't so easy to get in."

    Lillie smiled in determination. "If we can take on Mount Battle and the Battle Frontier then Black Tower shouldn't be much! I hope we can bring Isaac and Blattron with us though."

    Nate smiled back. "I was able to bring Keldeo with me into this. You can if you want!"

    The young duo gave their thanks before letting the excited Genesect back in his ball and flying off on a Salamence.

    As they left Nate spoke out loud to Alder. "And we are going to see these two champions at the World Tournament!"

    Alder smirked. "It's always exciting to see trainers gather and give out their best!"

    Nate agreed. "Everyone has that talent somewhere, it just needs to be seen and felt!"

    Nate felt a ring on his phone, it was Yancy and he blushed. "Sorry about this. Yes?"
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    Pokestar Arc Part 2 Chapter 6: Climbing Black Tower.

    Elio and Lillie flew back to Black City in preparation to challenge Black Tower. The boy asked. "If we are doing this together. I am getting Solaire, H.P and Blattron for this, what is your choice?"

    Lillie did not hesitate to answered. "Onua, Swoops and Isaac! They haven't been in a battle over a week!"

    Elio thought something over about some of Lillies pokemon. "Speaking of pokemon that haven't been in battle, what about Medic?"

    Lillie thought it over and smiled. "I had Medic with Kukui and Burnet. He is very helpful when the professor test new moves on himself and they get a bit out of hand. Rammas kind of went a similar way Samson and Loki have."

    Elio nodded back and asked. "In other words, you keep her around and have her for battle, but she kind of isn't for tournament's or competitions. Lets see what this tower is all about?"

    The duo entered to be greeted to a red tile interior of the tower and the building itself looked crome from the inside. As they went up the elevator to challenge the Black Tower together, they found a couple rules regarding the place. One is they only have to fight two trainers, one who opens the key to the boss of the floor and the boss of the floor. As long as they do not make eye contact with wandering trainers, they would be able progress the floor's in relative speed.

    The final rule they discovered is that they would be able to give their pokemon items, they were not able to directly heal their pokemon. As the two discovered the rule, Elio sighed. "Me running in taking everything out may not be the best decision."

    Lillie held his hand and spoke her peace. "From what we learned about this, we need to think of a way around it!" They went past the first two floors with little problems as they avoided trainers when they can and follow the clues to the gate keepers. As they entered the third floor, they realized the higher they went the more complicated navigating would get as they entered a maze. It felt like an hour of navigating as they found two back packers holding keys.

    Vs Back packers Patrick and Ned

    Patrick sent out a Marowak, Ned sent out a Mantine. Lillie shouted. "Onua... get ready for a switch!"

    Elio saw the type match up and shouted. "SOLAIRE GET READY TO BURN!"

    The Golurk saw the Mantine before it was switched out for the Mew, Elio began to pose a rising flame for the Volcarona to use "INFERNO OVER DRIVE!" to quickly knock the Marowak out in a fire ball. The Mantine set up an aqua ring as Patrick sent out a Rhyperior.

    Elio shouted. "Before that Rhyperior takes you down, use giga drain!"

    Lillie joined in order. "Isaac follow up with a shadow ball in case its solid rock proved too much!"

    The Volcarona inhaled as he drained the Rhyperior for super effective damage, leaving it to be knocked out by a shadow ball. The Mantine let loose a surf of water to damage the Volcarona and Mew. With only the Mantine left, the Mew thought of a nasty plot as the Volcarona began to dance in preparation for a another giga drain and shadow ball to knock it out. A Ludicolo was sent out only to be quickly knocked out by a bug buzz. As the gate keepers were defeated, they fled the room toward a door that was locked and opened it for the challengers to confront what looked like a male ranger dressed similar to Carmen and a woman with supplies needed to care for pokemon.

    Vs boss duo Owen and Caroline

    Owen sent out a Machamp, Caroline sent out an Audino.

    Elio shouted out. "SOLAIRE TAKE FLIGHT!"

    Lillie shouted. "Onua, you should have a better time with this!"

    Elio shouted at the Volcarona to use fiery dance on the Audino; the Audino to help the Machamp with its next attack. The Machamp let loose a rock slide to quickly knock out the Volcarona.

    Lillie shouted out. "Onua use high horse power on that Audino!" The Golurk kicked into the Audino for a knock out as Elio switched the Volcarona out. "H.P! GET READY TO MEGA EVOLVE!"

    The Kangaskhan was sent out of her great ball as she prepared the young in her pouch for mega evolution.

    Caroline sent out a Venomoth as Elio shouted. "NOW! USE FAKE OUT ON THAT MACHAMP!"

    The Kangaskhan duo startled the Machamp as the Venomoth used bug buzz on the Golurk for tinted damage. The Golurk used high horse power to knock the Machamp out.

    Jeffery sent out a Slaking in preparation to use return on the Kangaskhan duo, sending them back as Elio shouted. "FINISH THAT VENOMOTH WITH A RETURN!"

    The Venomoth was about to use skill swap as the Kangaskhan knocked it out, the Golurk kept using high horse power to send the Slaking barreling back to loaf around. Caroline sent out a Clefairy with an eviolite ready to be the center of attention. Elio and Lillie switched over to Genesect and Mew on seeing the tactic. The Clefairy kept being the center of attention as the Slaking channeled his affection into a strong punch at the Genesect.

    Lillie shouted. "Isaac use flamethrower, we need to take that Clefairy down now!"

    Elio shouted to the Genesect. "BLATTRON FLASH CANNON THAT CLEFAIRY TILL IT STOPS MOVING!" The Mew blew in flames as the Genesect shot a flash cannon on the Clefairy.

    It began to draw in more attention as Lillie posed for the Mew to use. "SHATTERED PSYCHE!" The Clefairy was quickly smashed through a psychic barrier for k.o.

    The Genesect grumbled as he was uncertain of what to shoot. "Are these things that anno..."

    Elio nodded. "Yes they are! Lillie uses a Clefairy for the exact same thing! NOW BUG BUZZ THAT SLAKING OUT!"

    The Genesect buzzed into the Slaking for a knock out, leaving Owen with a Gyrados. It intimidated the two pokemon as the Mew let out a psycho boost in preparation for the Genesect to shoot it down with an electric techno blast for a k.o

    The duo descended back down as they had their pokemon healed up for the fourth floor. Much to their misfortune, it was dark and they had difficulty navigating. Elio and Lillie decided to hold each others hands so they would not get lost. As they wandered across the dark maze they battled many trainers that they stumbled into in the dark, with the mega Kangaskhan and the mega Pidgeot, they quickly cleared the way and encountered another group of gate keepers.

    Vs Gate Keepers Umbra and Caterac.

    Umbra sent out an Umbreon, Caterac sent out a Bibarel.

    Elio shouted as he tossed a ball. "SOLAIRE GET READY FOR BATTLE!"

    Lillie took the master ball and shouted. "Isaac, set up a nasty plot!"

    The Umbreon let loose a confuse ray on the Volcarona as the Bibarel simply used a double to avoid being damaged.

    Lillie glared as she posed for a "SHATTERED PSYCHE!"

    The Bibarel was caught in a psychic hold and flung across psychic barriers for a k.o.


    The Volcarona struggled to keep flight and aim, he managed to hit the Umbreon; sending it on its knees as Caterac sent out an Octillery.

    Lillie shouted. "Isaac, while we have the chance use flamethrower to knock that Umbreon out!" The Mew inhaled as it finished the Umbreon off with a flamethrower, leaving the moody Octillery to lower its defenses and shoot a strong hydro pump at the Volcarona.

    Umbra sent out a Chansey with an eviolite, in a sigh Elio switched the Volcarona out and shouted. "H.P COME ON OUT!"

    Lillie shouted to the Mew. "Now Isaac, take that Octillery out with a psycho boost!"

    The Mew channeled its power in a psychic explosion to quickly knock the Octillery out, leaving the Chansey to spit toxic at the Kangaskhan. Lillie took the master ball to call the Mew back, she whispered to the ball. "You did good Isaac. Onua, lets keep hitting that Chansey!"

    The Golurk crashed into the battle with the Kangaskhan mega evolving and punching in unison against the Chansey that countered with a seismic toss. In another return and high horse powered kick, the Chansey was knocked out. As the battle ended, the two continued to roam into the dark until they found the boss duo of the floor, a psychic duo named Rahk and Kui.

    Vs Rahk and Kui

    Rahk sent out a Reuniclus, Kui sent out a Cofagrigus. Elio sent out a Volcarona as Lillie sent out a Golurk.


    Lillie saw the Reuiniclus and shouted. "ONUA TAKE THAT REUNICLUS OUT WITH A SHADOW PUNCH!"

    As the Reuniclus was quickly taken out by a shadow punch, the Cofagrigus used will-o-wisp to burn the Golurk. Irritated, Lillie called the Golurk back. "You did good. Issac, come on out!"

    The Mew was greeted to a shadow ball as Rahk sent out a Snorlax that body slammed not soon after.

    Elio shouted. "KEEP DANCING!"

    Lillie joined in shout. "Isaac use shadow ball on that Cofagrigus!"

    The Cofagrigus was hit but still smiled until Elio shouted. "SOLAIRE HELP THE MEW OUT WITH FIREY DANCE!"

    The Volcarona and Mew worked in unison until the Cofagrigus was knocked out. The Snorlax body slammed the Volcarona as Kui sent out a Golurk that was quickly knocked out by a giga drain.

    Lillie saw that the Mew would not take more damage and called him back as she saw a Tangrowth being sent. "Swoops lets finish this!"

    The Snorlax crunched into the Pidgeot as the Volcarona began to dance a fiery inferno to knock out the Tangrowth.

    With the Snorlax by itself, Elio shouted. "NOW USE BUG BUZZ UNTIL THE SNORLAX GOES DOWN!"

    Lillie raised a key stone and shouted. "Swoops! Mega evolve and use hurricane!" The Snorlax was carried across the room by a hurricane and was buzzed into; it was left confused as it tried to find a place to rest, only to fall on his head and be knocked out by the next combination. The last pokemon sent out was a Gigalith that had his sturdy broken by a giga drain and heat wave combination. The duo were annoyed by how long each of the floors were as they began to take the elevator down in preparation for the next six floors.

    Four of the five floors were nothing unusual for Elio and Lillie, save for them being long and tedious with each one. Most were a maze with twist and turns, leading to them wandering until they found the gate keeper and defeated the boss of each floor. As they ascended to the ninth floor, they found that most of the way was already cleared for them. With the gate itself being open, the duo wondered who and why when they saw a man in a blue jacket with a machine on his left arm and an orange haired woman waving to greet the two. "Look's like.."

    Lillie waved back. "Hi Rui, hi Wes!"

    Wes turned around and grinned at the duo. "Hah! Look like you two finally got here! We already took out the boss of this floor."

    Lillie and Rui talked about the places they been on Unova; the girl made the mistake of mentioning her and Elio taking a part of the Brycen Man series.

    Rui gasped in shock and gave a false scowl in questioning. "Your the Burning Wave? Oh that is it!"

    Wes saw his wife draw out a timer ball and shrugged. "Guess we are the boss's of this floor. Lets see if you two are strong enough to take us both on!"

    Vs Wes and Rui

    Wes took out an ultra ball and shouted. "Ultima lets start this show!"

    Rui tossed the timer ball and joined in. "Tsunami lets show them who you are!" A Tyranitar entered the battle with Suicune by her side.

    Elio took out a pokeball and shouted. "SOLAIRE LETS DO THIS!"

    Lillie took out a dusk ball and shouted. "Onua, lets take these two on!"

    The Golurk recognized the woman standing behind the Suicune and tensed up for battle as he was shot by scalding water. Wes activated the key stone on his machine and shouted. "Ultima, Mega evolve!"

    Elio shouted to the Volcarona. "SOLAIRE USE BUG BUZZ ON THAT TYRANITAR!"

    The Volcarona buzzed into the Tyranitar to deal moderate damage as the Tyranitar countered with a stone edge for a quick knock out. Lillie shouted. "Onua use high horse power! We need to take that Tyranitar down now!" In a massive kick, the Tyrantiar was sent crashing into the wall and reverted back knocked out.

    Elio called the Volcarona back and shouted. "BLATTRON COME ON OUT!"

    Wes called back the Tyranitar and grinned as he tossed a beast ball. "Thundaga! Lets show them."

    Elio and Lillie noticed the Xurkitree and nodded to each other. "BLATTRON FOCUS ON TAKING DOWN THAT SUICUNE WITH TECHNO BLAST!"

    The Suicine was shot by the electrical techno blast and calmed its mind for its next attack.

    Wes shouted to the Xurkitree. "Thundaga, use energy ball to knock that Golurk out! See if we can't get a beast boost going!"

    The Xurkitree glowed green energy and tossed an orb at the Golurk for a knock out, it began to shriek as its aura glowed brighter.

    Lillie called the Golurk back, took a master ball and shouted. "Isaac, we need you to take that Xurkitree down!"

    Wes was about to order the Xurkitree to use baton pass as, Lillie placed one finger to each side of her hand, raised her left hand in a sign and used two fingers of her right hand to press at the side of her head, posing for the Mew to use. "SHATTERED PSYCHE!"

    The Xurkitree was slammed through psychic barriers for a knock out as the Genesect shot another techno blast, knocking the Suicune out.

    Wes called the Xurkitree back and chuckled. "Well... that went that plan. Aero come on out!"

    A timer ball was tossed letting out a Tornadus.

    Rui called the Suicune back and sent out an ultra ball. "Go Beary!" Out came a Bewear that looked ready for battle.

    Wes shouted out. "Aero use hurricane on that Genesect and don't stop!"

    The Tornadus waved his arms as he brewed up a hurricane to sent the Genesect flying, it held on as Lillie shouted. "Isaac, use flamethrower on that Bewear!"

    The Mew inhaled a flamethrower to deal extra damage to the fluffy Bewear as Elio shouted. "BLATTRON TAKE THAT TORNADUS OUT WITH ANOTHER TECHNO BLAST!" The Tornadus held on a focus sash as it was shot by the techno blast.

    Rui shouted. "Beary use return on that Mew!" The Mew was sent flying back from the Bewear's punch, straight into a wall.

    The Tornadus knocked the Genesect out with another hurricane as Lillie shouted. "Isaac, use flame thrower to knock that Bewear out!" The Mew came through to see the Bewear charge with his paws in a punch; the Mew inhaled and knocked the Bewear out with a torrent of flame.

    Rui tossed a great ball shouting. "Tiff fly in the field!"

    An Altaria with a stone on her forehead prepared as Rui began to shine her bracelet. Elio called the groaning Genesect back and shouted. "H.P WE NEED THAT TORNADUS DOWN! MEGA EVOLVE AND USE FAKE OUT!" The Mega Kangaskhan leaped in front of the Tornadus and clapped in unison for a knock out as the Altaria began to glow to mega evolve in a much fluffier form.

    Rui shouted. "Tiff use dragon dance and then use return on that Mew!"

    Lillie shouted. "Isaac use psycho boost, we need to take that Altaria down before it can power up!" The Mew channeled its power into a psychic explosion; the Altaria still began to dance and increase her speed as she channeled her affection in one strong pixalated smack with one of her wings.

    Elio saw the Mew flying back into the same wall knocked out and shouted to the Kangaskhan duo. "H.P, MAGGIE! END THIS FIGHT WITH A RETURN OF YOUR OWN!" The Kangaskhan duo channeled their affection into two strong punches, sending the Altaria flying back and reverted back to a less fluffier form. Wes and Rui were defeated.

    Lillie asked if Wes or Rui knew anyone else that came up in the tower.

    Both shook their heads as Elio asked. "What are you doing here?"

    Wes shrugged at the question. "I had Quake visit Abundant Shrine for his duty in the fall. He won't be done till close to winter so I am stuck in this region for a bit. In the mean time I have Aero and Raiden with me to keep them out of trouble."

    Lillie was about to ask about the Suicune before Rui answered. "Yes he was a shadow pokemon. Same with Tiff and the latest one, Beary."

    Elio noticed a legendary beast when he saw one and asked if the duo had any others.

    Wes raised two fingers. "One is Firaga, an Entei. The other is a Sabre, no I don't know how Team Snagem got their hands on another Raikou. There is one other pokemon I met a long time ago... but I never captured it."

    Elio knew of the trio master of the legendary beast and asked. "Since the three legendary shadow pokemon were the three beast... did that mean they turned Ho-oh into..."

    Wes interrupted him with his own answer. "Oh no! Ho-oh was the reason Evice did not get away when Rui and I defeated him... Ho-oh came out of nowhere to be honest."

    Elio's eyes widened at the answer. "I heard more about Ho-oh when I was doing an old school report on Lugia. Doesn't Ho-oh only present itself to those pure of heart?" Wes's usual grin of arrogance faded into a frown of uncertainty as he heard the question. Elio noticed the frown and apologized if it bothered him.

    Lillie began to chance the subject. "How is Thundaga behaving?"

    Wes calmed down as he answered. "He gets along with Edgar and most of the others. One good thing about Raiden being reckless is that Thundaga has plenty of electricity. Other wise he strange... but friendly. Certainly not the weirdest pokemon I seen."

    Lillie looked confused as she asked. "If an Ultra Beast isn't the strangest thing you seen... what is?" Wes asked if their Dex had information on a pokemon called Sigilyph.

    Elio took a tied up Rotom Dex out of the bag and undid the bindings before ordering him to show. "BZZT! Come on that translation added more drama! Sigilyph. The Avianoid pokemon. The guardians of an ancient city. They always fly the same route while keeping watch for invaders. They use their psychic powers to attack. Despite their odd anatomy, they have a gender and everything! BZZT!"

    Wes listened to the description as he added one more pokemon found on Unova. "You may have seen it in Twist Mountain but I don't even know what to make of Crygonal... other than it is a face that is very dangerous. Don't not touch those chains on its face if you value your life."

    The Dex showed a picture of what Wes was talking about leaving Elio and Lillie confused to what the pokemon even was other than in Lillie's own words. "Maybe it is a giant snow flake?"

    Elio wondered. "It's a pretty rare pokemon. I heard people in the Battle Tree that came from this region say it is only found in Twist Mountain and it is best found in winter."

    Wes agreed. "If your into ice types, it's worth giving it a look since it has levitate for an ability... not a pokemon I am all that interested in!"

    Rui agreed. "Every pokemon has a place somewhere."

    Lillie listened and began to finish the conversation. "We have one more floor before we finish. See you later?" The two adults waved goodbye to the kids as they saw Elio struggle to focus away from the Crygonal.

    As Elio and Lillie ascended to the final floor, they found that someone had reached the floor before them and much like the ones from below, that someone cleared the way for them. As the approached the opened gate, they found a black haired goth woman talking to what looked like a energetic red haired teenager.

    The duo recognized the woman as Cindy and shouted while she was speaking to the teenager. "Your belief in team work is fascinating but you seen how well Prissy has proven that with your o..."

    The goth woman heard a familiar girl shout. "Hello again Cindy!"

    Cindy turned around to be greeted by Lillie waving hello and Elio wondering about who she was about to challenge. "Oh my, you two again?"

    Elio saw the two trainers and asked Lillie. "Who goes after what look like Alder's grandson and who gets Cindy?"

    Cindy took a deep breath as she answered. "If you must know the young man I just defeated goes by the name of Benga... a powerful trainer in his own right."

    Lillie was about to ask. "Then... how about me and Elio fight you together?" Cindy let out a faint smile at the idea.


    "Might as well."

    Vs Pokemon Trainer Cindy

    Cindy shouted out. "Elizabeth, Fridgette, show them your power!" A Nidoqueen and Glacion joined the battle, Elio and Lillie sent out a Volcarona and Golurk.

    Elio shouted to the Volcarona. "SOLAIRE SET UP A QUIVER DANCE!"

    Cindy gestured to the Nidoqueen and Glacion. "Use ice beam to dismiss that Golurk."

    The combined ice beams knocked the Golurk out, Lillie called it back and tossed a master ball. "Isaac get ready!"

    The Mew floated as Elio ordered the Volcarona. "Fiery dance that Glacion!" The Glacion was knocked out as Lillie posed for the Mew to use "SHATTERED PSYCHE!" to knock the Nidoqueen through a barrier.

    Cindy kept a smile as she called the Nidoqueen and Glacion back to send out a Xatu and Pheromosa. "Sage, do something about that Volcarona with psystrike; Prissy dispatch that Mew with a bug buzz!"

    The Xatu attempted to use psystrike as he was quickly knocked out by a bug buzz, the Pheromosa was hesitate to issue Cindy's order to use bug buzz on the Mew; Cindy requested a small moment before they continued the battle.

    The duo agreed to wait as Cindy spoke calmly. "Prissy, I know those two had helped you in the past. I understand how you would feel ungrateful for battling against them. But this is a friendly sprawl at worse." The Pheromosa looked behind in questioning.

    Cindy frowned in understanding the question. "Compared to those... waste of oxygen you helped thwarted a couple weeks ago, these two are still your friends, regardless of trainer." The Ultra Beast let loose a faint shriek as she and turned back to the battle.

    Cindy apologized to the two trainers for wasting their time. "After this, would you like to get together at Village bridge for some tea and sandwiches? I plan to have Prissy try something new in comparison to the poffins normally I given her."

    Elio shrugged at the answer, Lillie answered with a smile. "That would be very nice!"

    Cindy made a faint smile as she began to signal the battle to continue. "Prissy, dispatch the Mew with a bug buzz!"

    The Pheromosa sent the Mew crashing against a wall with a loud buzz and glowed a stronger aura to increase her speed.

    Lillie called the Mew back and sent out her last pokemon, a Pidgeot. "Swoops come out and Mega evolve!"

    Cindy called the Xatu back and sent out her next pokemon. "Morpha, lets put an end to that Volcarona's nonsense!"

    Lillie knew she was in a corner and shouted. "Swoop's use protect to buy us more time!"

    The Pidgeot prepared to protect itself as Elio shouted. "SOLAIRE USE FIERY DANCE TO TAKE THAT PHEROMOSA DOWN!"

    Cindy saw the fire attack and frowned. "Prissy... use baton pass."

    The Pheromosa tossed a baton and retreated into the beast ball as Cindy took out a dusk ball. "Wilbur, be ready for a flash fire!" The Chandelure was hit by the fiery dance; he giggled and ignite in a flash fire. The Venomoth used stun spore to paralyze the Volcarona.

    Elio saw the battle turning against him and Lillie and switched to his Kangaskhan as the Chandelure knocked the Pidgeot out with an overheat. Leaving Lillie unable to battle and her heart racing, it was up to Elio to win. "H.P use fake out on that Chandelure, then get ready for the big one!"

    The Chandelure flinched as the Venomoth missed his stun spore, Elio raised his keystone and shouted. "H.P Mega evolve and use crunch on that Chandelure!"

    The Kangaskhan's child grew and leaped out of the pouch as both felt another over heat, they crunched in unison at the Chandelure for a knock out as the Venomoth paralyzed the Kangaskhan.

    Cindy tossed the beast ball back. "Prissy, this has gone on long enough!"

    The Pheromosa entered the battle as she heard her trainer order. "Prissy, bug buzz! Morpha use quiver dance!" The Pheromosa buzzed into the Kangaskhan for a knock out.

    Elio gritted his teeth as he cakked the reverted duo back and sent the Volcarona out. "SOLIARE WE NEED TO KNOCK ONE OF THESE GUYS OUT!" The Volcarona did not fare that much better as the Pheromosa shot him down with the Venomoth shooting a venoshock.

    Elio began to pose like a rising flame. "SOLIARE IF YOU CAN," the Volcarona struggled as he glowed a flame; he heard his trainer shout "INFERNO OVER DRIVE THAT VENOMOTH!"

    The Volcarona followed the order and shot a massive inferno at the Venomoth for a knock out; the Volcarona was about to fall as the Pheromosa struck with a bug buzz k.o.

    Elio called the Volcarona back and tossed a net ball. "BLATTRON WE NEED TO PUSH!"

    Cindy recognized the Genesect as it stared at the Pheromosa in excitement; she shouted abruptly. "Regardless of your condition you will find no pitty here, Prissy use quiver dance!"

    The Genesect downloaded a special attack boost as he saw the Pheromosa dance elegantly, his gun began to ignite in anticipation as his trainer ordered. "FLAMETHROWER THAT PHEROMOSA!"

    The Pheromosa showed a sash and was staring anticipating the damage, she cringed in pain as she held on and felt a burn! As the Pheromosa was attempting to focus a blast, she fell from the burn for a k.o!

    Cindy took a deep breath on the defeat as she prepared to call the Pheromosa back. "Thus it has ended! Still, excellent work Prissy."

    Benga saw everything and was prepared to take his leave in excitement. "Hey, hey! You two better come to Floccesy town when you can! I know someone who will give you something awesome!"

    As the three trainers saw him leave, Cindy asked. "When do you want to met at the sandwich shop?"

    Elio and Lillie looked at their watches to check the time, the trip to the Black Tower took them nearly the entire day and it was evening.

    Lillie already agreed to having a meeting as he and Elio's stomach's rumbled. "We could use some dinner anyways."
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    Pokestar Arc Part 2 Chapter 7: Sandwich's and Secrets

    As the sun began to set on the Village Bridge Elio and Lillie had arrived on foot to meet with Cindy over sandwiches.

    As a reward to their pokemon for the hard work the duo payed for the six pokemon they had each baring the Golurk who doesn't eat and Genesect who would rather stay in his ball. "You gave me some of the best fights today... question, what is the difference between those knock outs and the one against the Raichu and Scizor?"

    Elio answered back. "Incidents like with Shockums and that Scizor are never going to happen again. Most of the time when I battle, I tend to be very aggressive. If there is a pokemon that it is not safe to switch period, I often have the pokemon give it one more hit before going down."

    The Genesect crackled. "In other words, you have us give it our all in order to achieve victory. If one of us is about to go down, we are to try and take them down with us?"

    Elio nodded as he took out the net ball. "Yep... are you sure you want anything?" The Genesect began to press the button on the ball. "Unless you can bring back my sense of taste... don't bother!"

    The rest of the pokemon had a sandwich party with their trainers, baring Cindy who arrived late and let three of her pokemon out, Venomoth, Glaceon and Nidoqueen.

    As the group were eating, Lillie asked Cindy why does she travel, she received her answer. "To see the world from time to time. My family live near Floccesy town. We stay in touch."

    Elio asked her. "I know you don't like making friends with many people. What about the few you do have?"

    Cindy kept a smile. "Nigel and Jeffery are distant companions. We call from time to time about the places all over the world. I tend to keep my distance from most people baring those two... and Mindy who makes visits in Sinnoh lively."

    Lillie noticed the forced smile and asked. "Why do you distance your self from people?"

    Cindy closed her eyes as she answered Lillie. "I am not a saint and never will be. If you want us to be friends... you would only be hurt in the end."

    Elio heard the words as he finished the next bite of a razz berry. "Why?"

    Cindy frowned as she answered. "For the sake of your spiritual health, stay away from certain pokemon. Celestial Tower is home to one such damaging pokemon."

    The duo were about to ask what pokemon when the Dex began to show a picture of a wax candle with a yellow eye and a purple flame, Cindy gave the Dex a glare to not speak of Litwik as she spoke her piece. "If you came across a tiny purple candle... they are far from helpful."

    Elio tried to lighten the mood as he finished another bite and spoke. "Lillie and I have some ghost pokemon ourselves. Aside from the ones I caught to fill the pokedex the few I actually use is a Mimikyu and a Cofagrigus."

    Elio took the Rotom Dex and pressed a couple buttons, showing Cindy a pokemon that looked like Pikachu.

    Cindy was about to giggle at the image. "Why would such a creature desire the image of another?"

    Elio felt a chill in his spine that someone would ask a dangerous question. "Because Mimikyu's true form tend to cause people to die of freight and it wanted to be loved. That kind of became an issue when I started to raise Lost. She was very brave for what she is and is usually there for me when the situation became dire."

    Cindy began to sip her tea as she spoke of what she knew of Mimikyu. "From what I heard their disguise also allows them to take one hit before it falls over."

    Elio smiled as he remembered the trials. "I know! When I fought Totem Mimikyu I had H.P take him down easily with her scrappy ability... and getting a hit in was the hard part for nearly everyone else. Any secondary affects will still go through the disguise but a free turn to do what ever you please is useful! Makuta is a Cofagrigus that is very protective of me and Lillie during our trip to Orre! He normally spends most of his time sleeping in my basement!"

    Cindy asked in regards to the Cofagrigus. "You leave him behind because?"

    Elio kept a smile in response. "Because I need someone to guard my stuff. Ghost pokemon don't tend to eat much and the basement reminds him of a tomb!"

    Lillie began to tell Cindy of a couple ghost pokemon she has herself. "Makuta was a rescue along with Pete. Elio rescued him while he was a Yamask... Pete is a Banette."

    Elio nodded. "I was the one who trained Pete and he is a trouble maker! He is very content with being in the house with Makuta as long as we give him enough toys to keep him company."

    Lillie smiled wider as she continued. "Even when we weren't using Pete for battle, he is normally there when we feel down. I have another pokemon with me that was another rescue, Onua!"

    Cindy stopped with her sandwich at the mention of the Golurk. "Where pray tell were they rescued fro..."

    Cindy saw the duo frown as she stopped herself. "Do you actually want to tell me or is it personal?"

    Elio was hesitate to speak as he answered. "Remember the people I told you about at Sinnoh... they hurt Pete, Onua, Makuta, Cain, Isaac, Prissy, Ghorchi and countless others."

    Cindy flinched in disgust as she looked at the Mew, Leafeon and Hydreigon; she went stoic and attempted to go back to the topic on ghost types. "Is there any other ghost pokemon you know about that you want to talk about?"

    Elio kept a frown as he nodded. "It is one I want to get out of my system... but it isn't something I want to talk about either. Lillie have you seen my mother with a dusk ball that had a smiley face sticker?"

    Lillie shook her head. "No I do not... she did say she has a Gengar."

    Elio froze in response and warned Lillie. "That ball has him. His name is Otto and he was rescued from a bad home. The person who rescued him traded him to my mom who took care of him and lets just say... that Gengar is a psychopath! She never lets him out unless she knows my life is in danger or someone had hurt me."

    Lillie froze as she asked. "When did you see that pokemon?"

    Elio took a deep breath as he remembered. "When I was around four, I sneaked into a kitchen to try and steal some cookies. My mom caught me in the act and toss an orange at me, telling me to go to bed. When I did just that some burglar broke into the house and had me at knife point. Despite my mom trying to warn him to let me go, the bastard hurt me with the knife. Then she sic Otto at him!"

    Lillie flinched and asked. "What happened at that point?"

    Elio calmed himself down as he finished the story. "My mom had Otto steal the knife from him, she took me out of the room and ordered the Gengar to teach the burglar a lesson. She treated the cut wound and we had milk and cookies while the Gengar took the man outside... by a shadow ball to the face. The problem is that Otto didn't stop with just chasing him off and my mom was rather disturbed when the Gengar came back disappointed. That was the only time I saw that Gengar, may we change the subject."

    A long silence was felt before Lillie asked Cindy. "What do you think of Unova?"

    Cindy was half way finished when she answered. "A conflict of truth and ideals. This region actively encourages them, how is Alola?"

    Elio began to describe the Alola Region. "Unique among the regions. One it has its own system different from the Gym's this region or Kanto have. Second it has a wide variety of customs!"

    Cindy finished her tea as she nodded. "I heard it became part of of the league system some time ago... why such a change?"

    The Elio's grin of pride turn into a frown. "While I like the grand trials... people sometimes have too much expectations out of you. Sometimes you cannot keep up or make it. I have heard way too many people get kicked out of their homes by family because of this." Cindy frowned from the answer and asked. "So it was eventually changed to something more ideal?"

    Elio raised a finger and answered. "While the trials are needed to get to the league and challenge the champion. The champ had to inspire the people to get somewhere. The only expectation he has for these people is making it to the Elite Four."

    Cindy glared at Elio for what he was not telling her. "I know you are the champion of Alola, so you can drop the charade!"

    Elio shrugged in defeat and confessed. "Among the challengers I have, one of which was a youngster I met early on my journey. Three particular I kind of drove off the region was a trio of numb skulls that had some major set backs during their attempt to redo the trials."

    Cindy kept a stoic look and asked. "Had they gotten to the Elite four and proved their worth to you? Or have you set your expectations too high?"

    Elio shook his head. "They gotten past the Elite four and the only reason I have that expectation is because I am a tough trainer. I don't plan on letting my title go any time soon so just getting to me is an achievement!"

    Cindy sighed as she asked. "How then were they driven out?"

    Elio raised three fingers in answer. "Again, major set backs due to some scumbags taking advantage of them. Followed by the same ones attacking Alola on at least two occasions. When the three numb skulls finally got to me for my title, I defeated each of the three. Then they were given an invitation out of the region... I last saw them wanting to go after Sinnoh's league system!"

    Cindy raised a finger as she tried to reassure the Alolan champ. "As a champion, if you go easy on anyone, you are going to end up loosing your title! They left to embrace what the world has to offer, nothing more!"

    Cindy noticed the time was getting late and called back her three pokemon. "I will be right back. Do enjoy your time here."

    Elio and Lillie looked at each other as they attempted to find a topic to talk about. Lillie began by counting the regions. "We have been to Alola, Kanto, Orre, Sinnoh and Unova. Any plans on where we would end up going to?"

    Elio had no foresight and shook his head. "Other than Johto. Sinnoh was more of a vacation trip and we only went to a few places. Hoenn has a contest system like the one in Sinnoh. Orre... I don't exactly have a reason to go back save for seeing two places get eaten by Harux!"

    Lillie flinched at the brutal desire and began to ask about one region. "Any reason you would have to visit Kalos?"

    Elio shook his head. "I don't know much about the region. Other than a factory that makes pokeballs... and that I like the region's taste in clothes. I rather settle on Alola after we are done with Unova. I had a project I was working on before this trip that is super secret. So much of a secret that I cannot even hint you, Hau or anyone what it is!"

    As the two were talking about the regions, the Rotom Dex sneaked out of the restaurant to follow Cindy.

    He saw her looking around to make sure people were not watching before she let out the Pheromosa. "My apologies. I made a promise to not let the public see you."

    The Pheromosa looked at the trainer unwrapping a sandwich as she gently placed a plate toward it. "It is something many trainers go to this village for and share with their pokemon. Seeing how timid you are... I picked something you would like, I also have some fried Nanab berries if you prefer something smaller."

    The Pheromosa was hesitate as she took a small piece of the sandwich and nibbled at it. In quick speeds the Ultra Beast grabbed the rest of the sandwich and began to eat more, with Cindy smiling at the her. "Dangerous indeed! As powerful as you are... Wilbur was and always will be hard to handle in comparison."

    The Pheromosa tilted her head and blinked at the mention of the name before its trainer explained. "You passed the stats over to him in battle, but you only met him when the boy calmed you down. I should warn you, he is not something I take out either."

    Cindy took out a dusk ball to let out a Chandelure that looked at the Pheromosa and began to cheer.

    Rotom heard the language and was unnerved. (More fuel?!)

    The Pheromosa blinked at the alien like phrase as Cindy glared at the Chandelure. "No she is not! She simply wanted to meet you! You are not to have another one for a long while."

    The Chandelure giggled and smiled in a language the Dex was able to understand. (Come on, she wouldn't be missed!)

    Cindy took a deep breath as she saw the Chandelure's body language. "Ten years of this Wilbur! Even with the foulest of souls you are demanding an innocent!? If that is what you think about her then this conversation is at an end save for the next battle! Good night!"

    Cindy recalled the Chandelure as she began to calm down. "Do not let that old Chandelure worry you. You were simply frightened of the world, he is just a wicked creature."

    The Rotom Dex felt something behind him, as he turned around he saw a Xatu looking town on him in a blank stare. "BZZT!"

    In a flash of light, the Dex found himself back in Elio's back pack with no memories of what had happened. The pokemon and their trainers finished the sandwich party unaware of what happened.

    As they recalled their pokemon, the Mew floated toward Elio's back pack meowing about something as it let the Dex out. Lillie asked. "Isaac, what is wrong?"

    The Dex translated the Mew's meow in a daze. "BZZT! Curiosity nearly killed the Dex! BZZT! Hey!" Lillie glared at the Dex as she scolded it. "Dex, we know what Cindy has and why she went out! Don't be nosy!"

    Mew meowed in a smile, signaling the Dex to translate what they needed to know. "BZZT! I know Prissy is happy with the sandwich! BZZT!"

    The Mew noticed a Xatu standing behind the two trainers and began to retreat into the master ball.

    Cindy returned with another sandwich in astonishment. "Sage, what are you doing?"

    The Xatu stared silently as it gave a faint glow. The woman offered her pokemon a bluk sandwich and nodded. "Thank you for handling it."

    She returned to a smile as she explained to the duo what she was doing. "I was just introducing Prissy to another pokemon I had with me for a while. They are unable get along!"

    Elio asked why as the Xatu began to glow in response. Cindy signaled the Xatu to stop as she answered the Elio's question. "You know enough of Chandelure, even in comparison to others of his kind. Wilbur is a wicked creature."

    Elio took a deep breath in understanding what a Chandelure is. "Sounds like he is a handful, even compared to what I heard. Where are you heading next?"

    Cindy took out a brochure describing Hoenn. "This region lovely place to visit next year or so. It has some contest to partake in... and some sights to explore."

    The three saw the sandwich shop about to close as they began to finish up and leave. The duo thanked Cindy for the small talk as she gave them a farewell bow. "Should our paths cross again."

    Elio brought out Salamence to fly him and Lillie back to Virbank. "We visit Floccesy town in the morning?"
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    Pokestar Arc Part 2 Chapter 8: Organizing Where To Fight.

    The next morning Elio and Lillie flew to Floccesy town to find Nate talking to Benga about the latest people he saw battle. "That sounded like a close match both you and those two had, speaking of those two."

    Nate smiled as he held an egg case containing a blue egg with a large red marking. "Either of you two are able to take this?"

    Elio and Lillie shook their heads in response. Elio saw the look of disappointment from Nate as Lillie gestured. "If you want the egg Elio... you can have it. You finished the battle anyways."

    Elio walked to a pokemon center to deposit his Salamence, as he returned he astonished Nate by being willing to hold the egg in open arms with a Volcarona behind him. "Hey Solaire, bet you hadn't done before!"

    With an egg case strapped onto his front, he thanked Nate for the gift before he and Lillie went back to Virbank to figure out their day.

    Nate sighed. "If I managed to do it right, he is going to enjoy a rather rare catch!"

    Back at Virbank.

    Elio and Lillie were discussing the next plan when they received a text message from a family member. Elio received a text from his mother reading. "That Gabite is very big, what have you been feeding it?"

    Lillies text message was from Gladion. "I should be at Unova in the next day. He better not be hiding!"

    The duo agreed to split apart and finish business before meeting up. Elio answered his mother in sarcasm. "Bunch of Watmel berries... and what ever came out of the growth control machine."

    His mother texted him back. "I seen more ridiculous things from the Pokestar films. One film involving an eldritch creature, our hero went absolutely nuts to where the horror itself was scared of him!"

    Elio asked. "How?" His mother answered. "King of the universe levels of megalomania."

    The boy laughed as he responded. "Least we haven't seen a Tyranitar fly yet."

    Elio waited a few minutes until his mother asked. "Please tell me you didn't say that out loud?"

    Elio texted back. "No."

    Elio's mother texted back a rant. "Part of the reason the big monster series stopped making new films was because they ran out of good ideas. They had the trainer fight a Hydreigon, Volcarona and Slaking even. Gotten to a point where they had him use Tyranitar for the finale of them, that point they just flat out stopped. I sooner have it end with dignity than them coming up with ideas like that!"

    Elio sighed when he realized what his mother was talking about and asked. "And the Gible thing?"

    Elio's mother responded back. "Good idea on paper, lets see where this leads. I heard they planned something with a Garchomp for a long time."

    Elio asked "Any guesses with what they are going to do?"

    Elio's mother answered back. "Please don't spoil things for me. If it is what I think it's going to be... its going to be exciting!"


    Lillie found a secluded place to begin texting her brother. "Elio won't be hiding from you. Why are you coming to this region?"

    Gladion answered. "Two reasons. One, I want to see how he is taking care of that Genesect; second we have the basic information on key stones and how Mega evolution alters the pokemons body. Most we already knew but it seems that the stone focus's the energy into the pokemon's body to trigger the transformation. We need to know how a bond between trainer and pokemon actually plays a part."

    Lillie told what she does know. "They talk a lot about how the bond between trainer and pokemon are needed for this..."

    Gladion texted back with knowledge of what Lillie found out on Orre. "Knowing the mega shadow pokemon the bond is not needed if you just care about its power and not about about the lives of everyone around you. That was the reason why that Mega Swampert caused all sorts of problems just by using the shadow version of earthquake. I seen a Shadow Mega Garchomp obliterate an entire building when it was dazed from its outrage. The scariest part was that is what those lunatic's wanted from them."

    Lillie knew of Gladion's Tyranitar and asked. "Are you worried about how Tyranitar would be able to handle mega evolution?"

    Lillie waited for a couple minutes before she had an answer. "A little. I seen Wes handle his very well. How did it go with Mele the first time around?"

    Lillie remembered most of how she found a Key Stone and began to text. "I got a Key Stone after a small... encounter with a rampaging Ho-oh that flew away. Mele became stronger and was able to withstand heavy damage, first time he had issues with carrying all the additional weight. Maiden and Medic took it well. Swoops was already assertive and Mega Evolving had him go all out. Lakila is not ready just yet and I will not have her go through that unprepared."

    Lillie waited until she received a text message that comforted her. "I might want to talk to Elio about some of the others. A professor from Kalos gave us the information on the positives so now it is a matter of figuring it out the negatives to Mega Evolution and connecting the two. At that point it is figuring out where the Key Stones actually come from, we still have no idea!"

    Lillie smiled and texted back. "We are normally at Virbank city, Nimbasa city, one of the bridges... or Castelia city."

    Gladion texted a question. "Castelia has a wide open place?"

    Lillie thought about the many people that would be in the cross fire and texted back. "One place in that city converges the street's. There is also a Gym at Aspertia City we could use instead."

    Gladion texted trying to refuse the request to use the Gym. "As long as no one gets in between Tyranitar and who ever Elio sends out, or anywhere close. I doubt a Gym would let us fight on their grounds."

    Lillie wanted to reassure Gladion that Aspertia may not mind such a battle and texted. "The gym itself is also a school yard."

    She received another text confirming her brothers approval. "Better than a street being destroyed... again! Tell him to just be ready!"

    Lillie finished the message with a farewell. "I will, see you tomorrow brother."

    Elio's messages from the captains and two skulls were another update on their pokemon training. Sophocles had his Eelektrik evolve into an Eelektross, Guzma finished training his Volcarona enough that it have better moves, he switched his Ariados for his Masquerain and was last seen socializing the two moth pokemon.

    Some of the captains asked about how long they have left, due to feeling homesick; Elio texted back to comfort them. "Less than a month away. We should focus on gathering up to Driftveil. By the time the big monster series comes and gone, most of us will be ready."

    Elio's one other response was from Kaiwe explaining how he was behind in comparison to the others, with his summer job he had to shuffle between training and earning money. Lana found someone at Castelia city that would trade bottle caps for making their pokemon hyper trained. Some were nervous about the fact it was eight of them against gym leaders from all over the world.

    Elio texted to all of them. "Heard they all are their own levels of tough. New order in case you are all worried, just do your best!"

    The group texted him back. "We will see how far we get."

    Elio noticed Lillie coming back with an update herself. "My brother would be here in a day, he has another reason to come here besides... talking to you."

    Elio asked what was Gladions reason, Lillie answered back. "He wants you to battle his Mega Tyranitar. Aspertia Gym sounds like a good place if we ask!"

    Elio grinned nervously. "Now he is sending the big guns! Might have Kalden sit this one out since Gladion wants to see how well Blattron is doing!"

    Lillie frowned anticipating what is going to happen. "While he is doing well... brother might be mad about some of the things we had to do to the Genesect."

    Elio cringed anticipating one bad day. "I already had a plan for Blattron to just tell him everything, those two moments of hard knocks are going to knock my socks off at worse!"

    As the two stared back at each other, they prepared for the next day.
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    Pokestar Act Part 2 Chapter 9: A School Yard Brawler And A Critic!

    The next day, Elio and Lillie parted ways to prepare for Gladions arrival. Lillie was on a bench in Castelia watching the port for any ships.

    As one arrived with a small amount of people, Lillie found her brother leaving the boat and was overwhelmed by the large city. "Welcome to Unova brother!"

    Gladion heard a shout and was greeted by a hug from his sister. As he returned the hug he asked. "Good to see your well, where's Elio?"

    Lillie pointed at a boat resting on another dock. "He is in Virbank City getting ready for you. We also have something to show you if you plan on staying for a while."

    Gladion looked over to the distance and assured Lillie he is staying in a pose. "Tournament is in less than a month, so there is no point in leaving over one battle. I had information about Castform and Absol being from this region and came to personally see them go home. I might as well pay a visit to a couple places."

    In Virbank City.

    Elio had his team switched up in preparation for Gladion's arrival and went near the Virbank Complex to introduce his Genesect to a new drive. As he took the shock drive out and placed a douse drive, the Genesect looked at its trainer questionably when the trainer answered. "In case he has that Silvally of his is changed into a fire type. This is a pokemon that is capable of taking on many types depending on a type of memory disk given. It even affects their signature move, multi attack. Techno blast is much stronger... but it has less types in comparison and you don't have a same type... never mind."

    The Genesect asked. "Boss... you mind telling me more about what a Silvally is? Only time I seen you bring up what he is... he got mad."

    Elio looked around to make sure no one was listening, save for a roaming Magnemite and a Koffing blissfully unaware, not another living thing was near to listen. "Silvally was a pokemon created to go up against some pokemon called Ultra Beasts. Like that Buzzwole you fought or as of a couple days ago, Prissy, who is a Pheromosa. Silvally was called Type: Full and were made to be a replica of another pokemon that can take on many types. Problem is they were not treated very well and they went nuts when the RKS system was installed. They had heavy, uncomfortable helmets put on them as an result to keep that power suppressed; labeled as failure's and frozen away for I don't want to know how long. They were then called Type:Null. Three of them existed; one Gladion has, one I have and a third one that disappeared."

    The Genesect growled at the knowledge and asked. "Let me guess, all the stuff you tried for Kalden you tried for me?"

    Elio nodded. "Save for the treat thing and the hard knocks I had to do to you. Hard to really feed something that has an old helmet on him. Lets just say Kalden... or Eden, did not like being touched."

    The Genesect chuckled and asked. "What happened?"

    The trainer cringed at the memories. "He leaped on me and had me pinned down... a warning that I may want to back off. Before you ask, no I did not use him to round Suplex Bug and the others up. I had Lost do that."

    The Genesect tilted his head in response. "And that one is?"

    Elio took out a quick ball and opened up to a Mimikyu, she leaped into her trainers arms wanting affection as her trainer continued his answer. "You be surprised how good she is at giving a burn and letting me have a good shot at capturing those things! Once I told Eden about what Lost did and how he didn't have to worry about Ultra Beasts... he became much happier and the two became fast friends. To the point where I can actually pet him! I was also playing a game with him watching. He saw me try to take down this dragon boss and distract me a couple attempts when he asked... one time I had to tell him that the game had no pause button and I needed to concentrate. Dex let him throw a fit."

    The Genesect stared and asked. "Okay what did he say?"

    Elio frowned at the words he remembered. "If you are not going to have me take those things down, then what sort of weapon am I? That word bothers me! I told him that when he decides he no longer needs that helmet that he has a variety of options to be something much more! He then asked what boss I was fighting."

    The Genesect asked what boss Elio was battling as he answered in bliss. "One of the most complete dragon fights period. The name isn't important but it has something to do with Kalden's name. He then asked that I play another game that had more dragons, they were less difficult in comparison to anything the first game he taken interest has to offer... so he wasn't completely impressed. Then I showed him a game where you play as a maniac that fights dragons and shouts people off of cliffs."

    Genesect laughed at the description and asked. "Did you have him look at other type options?"

    Elio raised a finger. "I did, I told him the pro's and cons of each of the types. Including dragon type, he got excited when I mention that word." The Genesect stared and asked. "You had a pokemon that was devoid of a purpose and showed him something he wanted to see... to be?"

    Elio smiled. "That helmet came off a week later when he was comfortable with battling again. He gave me a puppy dog look when he wanted me to give him the dragon memory... that point his training actually began. First move he learned in place of multi attack... draco meteor from a tutor, second one that followed was flame thrower, followed by flash cannon, crunch is there for when I went against psychic types or anything that would take special attacks well. Went to the league for title defense and I ended up having the same bastard who created him try to go after my throne. He was a joke and has an ego way too big."

    The Genesect glared into the distance, tempted to shot a techno blast to stem his rage. "What did you do?"

    Elio smiled wider. "I kicked his ass. Just as an act of spite I had what is changed to the name Kalden come out to battle. That butt hole should not have called him a weapon."

    The Genesect saw the pattern with his trainer and the word weapon. "I seen how you act enough times to know you don't take that word lightly... did you talk back?"

    Elio nodded before standing bold and proud. "I told him that Kalden is much more than a simple one purpose weapon. He is a dragon forever more... I had Kalden use draco meteor to finish off that Alakazam after crunching that toothy fish of his, a Bruxish."

    The Genesect cackled loudly and sadistically. "And that is the very reason he never changed to another type!? Any other pokemon you have that are like that?"

    Elio shook his head. "Kalden's move pool may be similar to most dragons... but he is still Kalden. He gets along really well with most of my other pokemon... barring the Ultra Beasts which I don't even use often. If you are talking about pokemon that had a run in with bad people, you met Isaac or Mew. Gladions Tyranitar was also among the pokemon hurt by this group called Cipher when it was a Larvitar. Cipher is dead and that Tyranitar is a power house."

    The Genesect was about to go back in its ball. "When he brings that Tyranitar out, you are going to let me know anyways! Now I want to fight that and Silvally."

    As Elio had the Genesect and Mimikyu go back in their balls, he noticed a boat arrived with Lillie and Gladion entering the dock. The Dex began to play violin music to signal Elio's doom; he glared at the Dex and told him to back off. Soon as Elio noticed the Gladion approach he began to count down expecting him to yell.

    Instead of a furious yell, Gladion calmly asked. "Do you know where Aspertia City is?"

    Elio saw Gladion draw out a pokeball, expecting a battle. The Dex flared up with a marker near Floccesy town.

    Aspertia City was a small city in the most south western corner of Unova, there was not much save for a mountain side where one would be able to have a view of the region and a school. When they approached the school, Lillie knocked on the door in hope for answer.

    The three were greeted to a young blonde woman in a orange jacket and a green hat, wondering who would visit at the time of day. "Oh! Juniper told me about you two, my name is Bianca! What are you doing here?"

    Lillie shook Bianca's hand and pointed toward the two boys. "They wanted to have a battle in the Gym. I heard it was also a school yard, if that is okay with you?"

    Bianca placed a finger under her lip on hearing the idea before smiling back. "That would give the students a good visual on what a pokemon battle is. I'll be right back!"

    Minutes have passed until they saw a black haired teacher came out to introduce himself as Cheren and see what was going on. "Hilda mentioned you; what do you want?"

    Elio pointed toward Gladion and answered. "I think we have a small dispute and if we try doing this in Castelia city, cars would be sent flying into a building."

    Cheren stiffened up his tie before he asked. "Why are you taking that kind of destruction to a school ground?"

    Elio answered back. "Mega Tyranitar, Mega Kangaskhan, a Genesect and Z moves! All that in a city street would be a big old mess!"

    Cheren was lost in thought as he answered. "This would help with teaching the students how exactly do all those things contribute to in battle. This would work."

    Cheren guided the three to a school yard and told them to wait until he and Bianca were able to gather the students for an audience.

    Elio walked toward one end of the school yard before asking. "So, how is that Tyranitar doing lately? Feel excited?"

    Gladion stared back, not amused by his rival's optimism. "Anything about Mega Evolution I need to know about?"

    Elio shrugged. "They get a power boost and become a bit more unruly. Which is why I am facing the building!"

    As the students gathered to see the battle begin, Lillie joined the audience with a smile as she let out her Druddigon. "Battles are going to be more challenging as you grow. Let's show you why." The two trainers ready themselves as the battle began.

    Vs Pokemon Trainer Gladion.

    Gladion sent out a Crobat as Elio shouted. "OKAY GLADIATOR! LETS START THIS BATTLE!"

    The midnight Lycanroc recognized the Crobat and trainer as he grinned for the order.

    Gladion saw the sash and shouted. "Crobat, use x scissor to break that focus sash!"

    Elio shouted back. "GLADIATOR, ROCK POLISH THEN STONE EDGE!" The Lycanroc began to reduce the drag as the Crobat swiped his wings like that of scissors. The Lycanroc slammed his fist's into the ground and knocked the Crobat out with point blank stones.

    Gladion prepared his next pokemon. "Weavile, finish that Lycanroc off with a brick break!" The Weavile chopped into the Lycanroc a knock out before he slammed his fist to the ground.

    Elio called the Lycanroc back and took a quick ball. "LOST GET READY!" A Mimikyu emerged from the field waiting for her trainer to begin a fairy like pose. "TWINKLING TACKLE!"

    Gladion shouted. "Weavile, use ice shard Mimikyu!" The Mimikyu's disguise was ruined as she glowed strange light and flew toward the Weavile. In a tap on his chest he flew toward the school building in a thump.

    Gladion saw the impact as he called the knocked out Weavile back. "Lucario, come out!"

    As the Mimikyu slashed into the Lucario with a shadow claw Gladion glared and began to pound his fist's together for the Lucario to use "CORKSCREW CRASHER!"

    The Mimikyu was drilled in multiple locations, leaving a mark across the school yard as she was drilled into the ground for a knock out.

    Seeing the overall impact, Elio cringed as he called the Mimikyu back. "You still did good Lost. GO SURFER!"

    An Alolan Raichu floated out to the battle as Elio shouted. "TAKE THAT LUCARIO OUT WITH A THUNDERBOLT!"

    The Lucario was shot with electricity for a knock out, leaving Gladion to switch out for another. "Porygon-Z, take that Raichu out with dark pulse!"

    The Raichu let loose a psychic blast as the Porygon-Z knocked him out with an aura of bad thoughts. Elio called the Raichu back and tossed a pokeball. "BRIMMY! TAKE THAT PORYGON-Z DOWN WITH DARKEST LAIRAT!"

    The Porygon-Z shot a tri attack in an attempt to stop the spinning Incineroar and was knocked out. Gladion called the knocked out Porygon-Z back and began to glare directly at Elio. "I hope you are actually prepared for this. Tyranitar lets do this!"

    A Tyranitar with a stone on his forehead emerged from the ball and shook the battlefield in a sand stream. Gladion activated a keystone on his Z Ring, raised it high into the air and shouted. "Tyranitar mega evolve and use dragon dance!"

    The mega energy glowed from the stone and flowed into the Tyranitar's mega stone, causing him to glow, grow larger, his back plate splited and his chest became much like a menacing face; as the Tyranitar danced, Elio shouted. "BRIMMY USE CROSS CHOP TO TAKE THAT TYRANITAR DOWN!"

    The Incineroar began to chop at the Tyranitar with his fighting move; the Tyranitar backed away to dodge the attack.

    Gladion shouted to the Tyranitar. "Take that Incineroar out with a stone edge!" As the jagged stones began to emerge, Elio and the Incineroar knew they messed up.

    The Incineroar was sent flying back to the trainer knocked out from the intense blow. "Brimmy come back. H.P COME OUT AND MEGA EVOLVE!"

    Elio sent out a Kangaskhan; he prepared mega evolution and caused the child to grow to a larger size, both glared at the Tyranitar and prepared for battle. "H.P USE FAKE OUT TO BUY US SOME TIME!"

    The Tyranitar flinched from the double clap as he rushed a stone edge into the Kangaskhan, the mother slammed her fist into the ground to let loose an earthquake with the child following the same move.

    The Tyranitar roared as he heard Gladions next order. "Finish that Kangaskhan off with ice punch!" The Tyranitar rushed at the Kangaskhan and punched her in the face with an icy fist, causing her to fall over and the child to revert back to its smaller size. K.O!

    The Tyranitar roared at the Elio as he was preparing his last pokemon.

    The Dex smirked and translated. "BZZT! Is that your best? BZZT!"

    Elio glared as he tossed out a net ball. "BLATTRON WE NEED TO TAKE THAT TYRANITAR DOWN!"

    The Genesect emerged to the scarred school yard and began to size the mega Tyranitar. "Heh! So that is Mega Tyranni.."

    Gladion shouted in fury. "Tyranitar use stone edge!"

    The Genesect saw the Tyranitar stomp his foot and dodged large jagged rocks as Elio shouted. "FLASH CANNON, NOW!"

    The Genesect knocked the Tyranitar out with a beam of light from its gun. As the Tyranitar fell back, he reverted back to his regular form in a loud thud.

    The Genesect chuckled at the sight. "Fearsome... I like this!"

    Elio with a determined glare. "Don't celebrate just yet Blattron, be ready!"

    Gladion called the Tyranitar back and sent out a Silvally with blue highlights. Elio blinked awkwardly as he recognized the type. "Well... that douse drive isn't useful now. Ah well, its better this than being a sitting duck for Silvally's fiery claws. BLATTRON JUST USE BUG BUZZ UNTIL EITHER ITS OUT OR YOUR OUT!"

    The Genesect began to buzz as the Silvally swiped at it with water infused claws. In another buzz the Silvally was knocked out. The Genesect chuckled at its trainer. "A predictable foe is never fun boss! You thought it was one thing but it was really a water type!"

    Elio giggled at the fact the Genesect called him boss a second time before regaining his composure to shake his rivals hand for the battle. "Good battle, that Tyranitar is ridiculously strong."

    Gladion looked at the Genesect and noticed a blue cassette attached to its gun. "You were expecting me to use the fire memory... were you?"

    Elio had his hand behind his head and answered nervously. "Kind of, Genesect has some drives that do something with its main move, techno blast. Burn, shock, chill and douse! Very strong attack!"

    Gladion kept a frown as he described the Genesect. "An artificial pokemon that's main move changes type when you give it an item."

    Elio asked in a frown to Gladion. "May we talk about this later? Because that sound too familiar."

    Both rivals nodded as Gladion changed the subject. "Care to tell me what that... film was about?"

    The Genesect noticed the subject change and shrugged. "Let me know when you are going to actually talk. I'll be in the ball if you need me."

    Elio took out the net ball and let the Genesect call himself in as he asked. "How about if we show you? Pokestar is north of Virbank and we can't miss it."

    As Lillie saw her Druddigon smile with her, she over heard the students cheering.

    A black haired boy shouted. "That Tyranitar was brutal. I like it!"

    "That Pikachu was a cutie!" Lillie shook her head at a red haired girl and told her. "That is a Mimikyu... a little more dangerous in comparison."

    The red haired girl blushed before she corrected herself. "That Mimikyu is a cutie!"

    A stocky brown haired girl shouted. "I never seen that Raichu before, neither that Sil... big dog!"

    A brown haired boy hid behind Bianca and whispered. "That robot is scary."

    A blue haired girl whispered to him. "I found it to be kind of cool in how fast it is!"

    A blonde blue eyed girl wondered curiously. "I never thought a Kangaskhan would have her baby grow and fight!"

    Lillie saw the two rivals approached much calmer than they were moments ago.

    Her brother's frown lessened as he asked. "He told me you two have been working on something while you were waiting for the world tournament?" As the group began to leave, Lillie thanked Cheren and Bianca for letting them borrow the school yard.

    Cheren let Bianca wave them go by as he looked at the damage. He began to tell the students in a rather instructive tone. "Battles tend to be like this often. The more intense the match, the more destruction it tends to cause!"

    After the trio left the Aspertia Gym.

    They began to head back to Virbank on foot. Elio had his Mimikyu and Lycanroc switched for the Volcarona and egg before they left.

    Elio asked. "You found anything different in the Tyranitar after it mega evolved?"

    Gladion shook his head as he answered. "I didn't see much other than he is much quicker to attack."

    Elio added to the answer. "He used dragon dance, hits like a truck and to be honest if Blattron did not dodge that stone edge... it would have been a lost for me. Tyranitar as a species is naturally aggressive, Pinsir is also a naturally aggressive pokemon and mega evolution adds nothing to that personality other than making it more excited."

    Gladion thought of his rival's words and asked. "I need to fight more often with Tyranitar before I make a conclusion?"

    Elio nodded in agreement. "From what Dex said about most of the Mega evolved pokemon and from what I seen. Not every Mega pokemon suffers that much of a change, though H.P is a rather special case in that Maggie is the one who mega evolves and the two fight together. The problem is Maggie is the one who becomes much more aggressive while H.P worries until after she turns back to normal. Good thing to note, most of the side effects of mega evolution tends to fade once they power down, the problem is handling the pokemon during that transformation since most of them sound harmful. How is that Tyranitar normally?"

    Gladion took a deep breath before answering. "He likes to battle, he gets along with Silvally very well and stays away from Lucario for... obvious reasons. The others are allies to him at worse."

    As the trio made it to the Poke Star theater, Elio noticed the egg shaking violently in the case and placed it down.

    Crack... Crack... Crack... pop!

    Out of the egg was an unusual Gible, it was a lighter shade of blue and his underbelly was yellow, unaware of where it was born.

    Elio grinned and he picked the Gible up with his bare hands as the Dex began to grin and identify the pokemon. "BZZT! Gible has outrage and Iron head as its two moves. Also give it a hug while you are at it boss. Right on your face! BZZT!"

    Elio was about to ask why it said that until he felt a sharp pain in his hands, he placed the Gible down and saw his hands scrapped and bloody. "Rough Skin! How about I give you the name... Sharp Scale?"

    Gladion glared at Elio for the name as he explained the reason. "On the count of his scales being sharp enough to hurt. Either this or Sharp Tooth."

    The Gible barked wide awake in response. "BZZT! You gave me name! Give me food! BZZT!" Elio gave it a magost berry before sending him back in a quick ball that was in the case.

    Lillie took out a first aid kit to treat Elio's wounds as Gladion placed the Rotom Dex in Elio's back pack. The duo wanted to show Gladion the last of the three Brycen Man film's they were in before the day was over.

    To Gladion, after he saw the two villains performance, he began to guess exactly what the weather machine was going to do to the Pelipper and Torkoal. "It is going to make their lives miserable."

    As soon as the machine began to extract more than just the two pokemon's power, he saw the villainous duo call off the plan, take the two pokemon and run. What he did not expect was Lucario Boy to use a Keldeo to stop the Brutal Tide from making it to the escape boat. Otherwise, he knew Elio and Lillie enough to view their performance as what they would do if they were Saturday morning cartoon villains.

    As the film ended, Gladion spoke his peace. "If those two expected to get away with this, they had another thing coming. I saw their plan falling apart when they started caring about their pokemon and the weather machine caused that Pelipper and Torkoal to panic. Why did you two decide to be villains?"

    Lillie answered. "I had no idea other than playing along with what Elio was doing."

    Elio answered with a question. "Remember that Snorlax plan I had? In there, I can actually be the villain and do much more than a small scale road block!"

    Gladion placed his hand over his face in reaction to their answers. "This is about as nuts as the Snorlax one, if it would actually get in peoples way, hurt people... to an extent and if there was an off switch for when it goes too far. What were you going to do with the city?"

    Lillie answered back to her brothers question in a mischievous smile. "Take it over, then take over a couple more."

    Gladion rolled his eyes at his sisters answer until he saw another couple films. "I see you two had fun with this, did you two partook in these two films as well?"

    Elio nodded as he raised a finger. "It would be easier if we show you this one as well. It isn't complete and the boss want's the third film to stand out more."

    Gladion agreed to watch the first of the two big monster films and was initially glaring at the initial premise. "A research project involving a pokemon gone wrong..."

    Lillie signaled her brother to keep watching. "It gets better, keep watching."

    Gladion calmed down until he saw what Professor Elio was doing to the giant Gible. "Your actually getting it to calm down... how does this go wrong?" Elio signaled his rival to keep watching. Gladion saw what looked like the professor nearly succeeded with calming the Gible until it evolved into a Gabite. He nearly laughed at the emergency being called code Chewy and found the image of his sister in a security outfit odd in itself.

    As the film ended with the giant Gabite being lured to sleep by the Hypno, Gladion took a deep breath and asked. "While you and Lillie were in Orre... how many times has that Hypno used hypnosis to solve your problems?"

    Elio tried to count the many times he had his Hypno use hypnosis. "I lost count. Been good at capturing pokemon, been good at capturing goons, funny enough I used a sleep powder instead to knock Lusamine out. You think having Remmer use hypnosis on the other wise rampaging giant Gabite a little extreme?"

    Gladion answered back. "It is capturing pokemon 101, it would have been much worse without it. Did they have that Gible evolve in one take?"

    Lillie shook her head in answer. "They have a Gible and Gabite with the same gender and same nature. Their personality is a little different, but even we wouldn't have noticed unless we personally look at them."

    They left the film to find one more that Elio starred in alone Gladion read out loud. "Love and Battles? What did you do?!"

    The Alolan champ felt Gladion's tone of anger and answered nervously. "Even if I show you, you would still want to punch me in my face!"

    Lillie joined his brother in a frown. "He didn't notice a girl was flirting with him until it was too late... he broke her heart!"

    Gladion saw a blush from Lillie that told him all he needed to know as he noticed the next big monster film was about to rerun. "I want to see how far you two actually gotten in this."

    The plot of the second film was similar to the first one in concept. The giant Gabite was kept in a habitat as the researchers began to find a way to bring it back to normal size, something went wrong and the Gabite tried to escape again with security chief Lillie trying to calm the Gabite down. Gladion noticed that the Gabite would not have been terrified to go back if something sinister wasn't about to happen.

    He saw the Gabite evolve into a Garchomp, escape and saw the not so dramatic reveal. Elio's assistant was a mole the entire time, part of the reason the giant Gible mess happened and that the guys name wasn't really Steve. He wasn't amused by the assistants plan to create more giant pokemon but felt some tension by Elio's choice of words in response to what the machine was suppose to be used for.

    Gladion found the climax ridiculous as he saw the giant Garchomp shrink down and three giant pokemon taking his place. "The only reason you keep that Rotom around was because of his functions being useful?"

    Elio nodded. "He is an annoying ass hole, now keep watching!"

    Gladion looked at Elio's over the top laughing. "And the professor has officially gone insane!"

    Elio smiled at his rival. "He had a hand in creating five giant pokemon, with another on his way. He tried to fix one problem, made it worse, realize that he is finished... of course he would go kukoo. Want to find out if this ice cream shop in Castelia is still open today?"
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    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Mystery Arc. Chapter 1: Catching Up.

    Elio and Lillie introduced Gladion to the ice cream shop in Castelia City and began to talk about more about his plan in Unova. "Now that we showed you what we were doing, what are you going to do now Gladion?"

    Gladion's frown toward Elio lessened as the explained his plan. "That Castform and Absol you handed over to me came from this region. I need to find where they lived and release them back into the wild. I also need to do more battles with Tyranitar to see more results of mega evolution. After that... I have nothing else save for waiting for the World Tournament, Lillie is kind of alone once it starts."

    Lillie puffed up her cheeks in defense. "I made some friends during my journey in Kanto!"

    Elio frowned as he began to ask. "Does a friendly enemy count? Because me and team Alola can still be that!"

    The two siblings listened and were unable to answer, leaving Elio to have to text his captains and two skulls. "Does a friendly enemy count as a friend?"

    Most of the Alolan representatives were about as vague as each other when they gave their answer. "Depends."

    Lana answered teasingly. "We get along despite how many times I hooked you. ;)"

    Plumeria answered back. "If you mean how often we fight then chat like nothing has happened... yes."

    Guzma answered with a question. "Do you even remember last year anymore?"

    Elio answered back to Guzma. "and a couple weeks after I became champ... and the battle tree. Lets not forget that around four or so months ago, you worked with Wes to try and take me down!"

    Guzma replied back. "Lol!"

    Elio read his messages and looked at the two siblings with as much uncertainty. "You two are right, their isn't much of a clear answer."

    He showed Gladion and Lillie the series of text's as he gave his overall answer. "I have minions that I don't even lord over, being alone sucks! Anything happening at home I need to know about?"

    Gladion shrugged as he answered. "One of the four corrupted key stones was cleansed and we are in the process of cleansing another. We were also building a small probe designed to attach itself to a Heatran and study where it exactly goes. Although Wicke told me that Lusamine was rather quick to let me come to this region."

    Lillie interrupted her brothers suspicious. "Mother saw the film herself, she and Elio do not get along!"

    Elio and Gladion nodded in conclusion as to what happened at Aether; Gladion moved on to everyone else at Alola. "Hau had a reason to stay on Alola along with the Kahuna's."

    Elio kept a frown at the thought of Hau being by his lonesome. "The Kahuna's being bound to the Alola region is the reason I had to bring Plumeria and Guzma with me for this. Speaking of which I will be right back!"

    Elio walked toward the central part of the city, leaving Gladion and Lillie to talk things over by themselves.

    Lillie smiled toward her brother. "Thank you for coming."

    Gladion gave a smile back to his sister. "Not a problem, I know he is trying to help with... that issue. But the World Tournament is a competition."

    Lillie began to ask. "I know mother was calming down from the last episode when I left... so what actually happened."

    Gladion frowned back. "Lusamine seemed to be trying to find something to keep her mind busy. The psychic type incident helped until it was no longer a problem. Otherwise nothing seems out of place besides the Heatran project giving another thing to do. That shadow pokemon incident was tiring on nearly everyone."

    Lillie frowned when she was reminded of the shadow crisis. "Brother... you know how bad it was when we fought Isaac. I told mother they forced him into hyper mode and what he tried to do... but I never told her how they did it."

    Gladion's frown returned sharp as he asked. "Let me guess... she had a small part in that."

    Lillie nodded. "We know that they turned Isaac into an XD class shadow pokemon. All the horrible things they done to him to keep him under control... to make it into something... evil. They used the venom of that Ultra Beast they captured to make the Mew more powerful, not even caring of what it does to its mind, the Mew..."

    Gladion saw his sister about to cry as he helped her finish. "Snap into swarming Alola with... I don't even want to know. The many forms it took, how unpredictable it was, the fact it attacked the bastard trying to tell it what to do, what ever it did to Elio, to trying to kill itself. Please tell me she didn't actually help these..."

    Lillie shook her head. "Elio had Maiden help us get the truth out of her, she said no on that question. That night where she asked me what happened with the Mew, what did she do after I had her leave the hospital?" G

    ladion's scowl lightened at the answer, took a deep breath and. "I was about to call her out that since Elio's coma was none of her business, I found her in a room by herself crying... What did that Mew even do to Elio? Just bringing up what it been through set's him off!"

    Lillie paused before answering. "He never told me. He said he seen what was done to the Mew... and felt it. I never seen him break down like that... ever."

    Gladion's frown faded on hearing the answer. "If he doesn't want to talk about it, then that is his own choice. That is the reason why neither of you two want Mew alone?"

    Lillie nodded and glared into the distance as she remembered a certain group. "And then those people from Team Plasma said Elio didn't really care for Isaac. I have not been so angry with a group of people in months!"

    Gladion's eyes widened at what he heard. "Lillie... why did you and Elio go after these dangerous people?"

    Lillie turned around to give her brother a sharp frown not unlike her brothers. "They said things about trainers capturing pokemon and battling with them being an offense. Then turn around and use pokemon for their own evil goals, if they were not stopped they would keep trying to hurt more people and pokemon."

    Gladion began to feel a frown returning as he tried to change the subject. "How are you two treating the Genesect?"

    Lillie calmed down and answered. "He is getting better. He is starting to get along with our pokemon more, he still has problems physically feeling things."

    Her brother listened and asked. "What did you two do?"

    Lillie took a deep breath and answered. "You have to talk to Elio about most. Blattrons obsession with running into battle was what got himself killed in the first place. He tried to hunt Primal Kyogre in a past life and we had him battle with Shockums..."

    Gladion's frown returned and finished. "And he lost?"

    Lillie cringed in remembering. "What is worse is we found out that electrical attacks actually cause him pain and he saw it as a way to feel alive!" Gladion glared where Elio was at. "Since you did not call me about any other issues. He started to find more about life?" Lillie looked her brother in the eyes. "Again talk to Elio about it. We never had to do that to him again."


    Elio's phone call to Hau began with the two happily greeting each other before the champion asked. "Anything happened while we were away?"

    Hau answered back in a cheer. "I saw you in some movies. I never thought you would be actually try being a villain and you were funny in the end of that Garchomp film. Other than hanging out with some people... it's lonely and I miss having you around."

    Elio began to reassure his friend on the phone. "Me and the others will be back in less than two months. Next time we won't be gone nearly as long."

    Hau calmed down over the phone as he began to say his goodbyes. "Let me know how far team Alola gets!"

    Elio grinned and said his goodbyes. "I will, talk to you later."

    Elio returned to where he left Gladion and Lillie, only to find them distraught about something. "Okay what actually happened?!"

    Gladion stared at Elio and answered. "Nothing you need to worry about. Lillie told me you done most of raising the Genesect. She told me you had him fight against a Raichu with a Z move, why?"

    Elio frowned back. "Does him wildly going after a you know what or a legendary that would kill him sound better in comparison? He needed to learn why getting into a fight with everything and everyone is a bad idea. He gotten better when I had him work with my Sharpedo, Blattron respected him as a partner and even respected Shockums after the two worked together."

    Gladion kept his frown. "Is there any other time you did something similar?"

    The Alola champ spoke about a specific encounter he had with Guzma and how he had the Genesect fight his bugs. Gladion listened. "Genesect seem like it is good at taking down a few pokemon before it gets taken out. Mind if I see him and ask how he actually feels?"

    Elio did not hesitate to take out the net ball to let the Genesect out. Gladion looked at the confused Genesect before he asked. "Okay, how exactly did he train you?"

    The Genesect was startled by the question and answered. "Making me work with another pokemon."

    Elio knew that there was no way Gladion would get a confirmed answer from the Genesect if its trainer was listening and asked. "Hey Lillie... you mind if we go somewhere?"

    Lillie looked over to ask why the question as Elio answered. "Need to go somewhere.. anywhere but here. Blattron, just tell Gladion everything I did to you and don't sugar coat it!"

    Elio took out the Salamence as he offered Lillie a ride, leaving Gladion and the Genesect alone to talk.

    The Genesect knew why his trainer left in a hurry and started. "The crazy things started after I told the boss and Lillie about a dream I had of a hunt. Turn out I started a fight with something I shouldn't have and that something finished that fight rather quickly. That something was called Kyogre, then they had me go against that Raichu with the Z move... that hurt but I learned about how even the small ones can win fights. Next the boss had a fight with some strange guy who wanted to talk to me afterwards. I liked the bosses Sharpedo; he managed to stop that guys Zoroark... boss said they are rather dangerous for me to face."

    Gladion nodded. "I will let that one slide. Zoroark is a pokemon that can learn a fire move, the problem is you usually don't find out until it is too late."

    The Genesect agreed. "Another thing I noticed is the boss and Lillie hate it when I called myself a freak... second time the boss got really upset."

    Gladion asked. "What did Elio do when you call yourself that?"

    The Genesect groaned. "He tells me that I am more than that... to the point if someone else ever call me that he would actually fight them."

    Gladion placed his hand over his face. "This is like Kalden."

    The Genesect made the closest thing he would have to a smile. "Then he added a shock drive into my gun!"

    Gladion calmed down before he asked. "Did Elio let Guzma overwhelm you?"

    The Genesect shook his head. "Nah. He got uneasy when I said I was enjoying taking damage. He tried to tell me of when I should actually fall back..."

    Gladion interrupted. "He tried to give you a choice to go into the ball after facing what pokemon?"

    Genesect clacked. "A Golisopod and a Pinsir! I wanted to continue... that was a mistake!"

    Gladion frowned more. "After Elio tried that... what else happened?"

    The Genesect returned to a still smile. "He and Lillie took me to see Autumn. I saw a bird and wanted to fly... so I did and brought something back! Then I got into a fight with a large electrical... ice dragon called Kyurem! That Raichu did good with helping me take down that Volcarona. Took the Kyurem down after it shot the Raichu down."

    Gladion took a deep breath at what he was told. "Okay Elio was right about one thing. You like fighting and if that Kyogre and Kyurem were anything, you like to fight powerful and dangerous pokemon. Any other times you were knocked out?"

    The Genesect remembered. "There was this place called Black Tower. I didn't exactly mind with all the fighting, but the two were more bothered by it than I am. I did get knocked out a couple times, but that was mostly what happens in battle. I took most of the opponents out before I was knocked out myself."

    Gladion's frown did not loosened as he listened more. "That is how Elio battles most of the time. If he finds an opponent that isn't save to switch on, he has the pokemon out do as much damage as possible."

    The Genesect tried to remember more. "Other than the two trying to make me feel... welcome. Nothing else happened."

    Gladion's frown loosened as he asked. "How do you even feel about this?"

    The Genesect crackled a question. "They have a way to get me out of this shell, back 300 million years and never told me?"

    Gladion placed his hand over his face again. "No!"

    Genesect cackled. "Then it's been good. I feel more alive, have about as close to a pack I can get here! When is the boss coming back?"

    Elio and Lillie came back with a basket containing four watmel barries.

    Lillie was apologizing to Gladion and the Genesect. "Sorry it took us a while. We had rough winds and Salamence was starting to catch down with something." T

    he Dex flared up in response. "BZZT! He bumped into a Seismitoed and we had to give it a pecha berry! BZZT!"

    Elio smiled at the Genesect and began to pet it as the Salamence was resting for a moment. "So, was I being too hard on you Blattron?"

    Gladion gave a lightened glare to Elio. "The Z move from the Raichu was extreme at worse. But he seen more to life than just battling."

    The Genesect looked back at his trainer. "Hey boss, you mind if I go back in the ball."

    Elio took out the net ball and let the Genesect go back in; he explained to Gladion. "Before you ask, he been doing that ever since I caught him!"

    Gladion nodded as he asked. "Knowing what he see's himself as, what else have you told him?"

    Elio placed his fingers together. "How I raised Kalden... I thought I tell him exactly what a Silvally is before he fought yours just to let him know that I at least have an idea of what he is going through. Even Blattron questioned some of the things I did with Kalden. Like never changing his type to something other than dragon."

    Gladion shrugged. "I am not asking if the two are friends. But I do know just by looking at the Genesect that you would not bring him anywhere close to Aether."

    Elio grinned wanting to change the subject. "Blattron would probably end up shooting people if he ever goes there. Do you want to head to Nimbasa City? We always keep missing a game, but there is some relaxing moments!"

    Elio noticed his Salamence stretched and was ready for flight again. The Salamence carried Elio, Lillie and Gladion to Nimbasa City; the trio of trainers hoped they were finally able to see a game. They found themselves able to buy a ticket to watch an off season baseball game. Lillie had Mew out to watch and cheer while Elio and Gladion were more focused on just watching the baseball game. It lasted until a Throh scored a homerun.

    As the trio were about to leave, a woman Lillie recognized was looking around the stadium for someone to battle. "Hilda?"

    Hilda searched far and wide for a new trainer to battle, when she saw a blonde teenage boy in dark clothes unaware that some one wanted to battle. "Hey kid! You want to battle?"

    Gladion was initially startled by Hilda asking such a question before he agreed. "It will give me something to do."

    Lillie was too late to stop the battle and warned her brother. "Careful, Hilda has a very powerful pokemon!"

    Elio was about to leave the seat when he heard the words and sat back down. "And now the real game begins."

    Vs Pokemon Trainer Hilda

    Hilda took out a great ball and shouted. "Okay Senti lets start this battle!" Out came a Sigilyph.

    Gladion posed as he took out a pokeball and shouted. "Crobat, lets start with acrobatics!" The Crobat flew into battle and rammed into the Sigilyph.

    Hilda shouted out. "So we are having that, Senti use psychic!" The Crobat was hit with a psychic blast and rushed into the Sigilyph again with acrobatics for a knock out.

    Hilda called the Sigilyph back and took out a pokeball. "Terror, take that Crobat out with a return!"

    Gladion saw the Stoutland emerged for battle and shouted. "Crobat use cross poison, see if we cannot deal more damage!" The Crobat slashed his venomous wings into the Stoutland and was rushed for a k.o.

    Gladion called the Crobat back and tossed another ball. "Lucario come out!"

    The Lucario arrived on the stadium and sensed a prescience in one of Hilda's great balls.

    Gladion shouted out. "Lucario take that Stoutland down with an aura sphere!"

    An aura was channeled into a blast and was tossed at the charging Stoutland, knocking him out as Hilda prepared for her next pokemon. "Jelly come out!" A Reuniclus entered the stadium as Gladion began to pose for a "CORK SCREW CRASHER!"

    The Reuniclus endured the drill and distorted the dimensions in a trick room. Hilda looked interested in the move. "That is a flashy move, even in comparison to what... Reshy has."

    Gladion spoke out in defense. "It's a Z move, they are all like this!"

    Hilda smiled at the frown as she shouted. "Jelly knock that Lucario out with a focus blast!" The Reuniclus channeled a ball of pure energy and shot it at the Lucario for a knock out. Gladion posed as he called his Lucario back and shouted. "Silvally, lets take out that Reuniclus!"

    A water memory Silvally leaped unto the field and prepared for the next attack. Reuniclus tossed a focus blast and missed the Silvally as Gladion shouted. "Use x scissor for a knock out!"

    In a slash, the Reuniclus was knocked out, leaving Hilda to switch and shout. "Pythus! Check this one out!"

    Gladion saw the Serperior and shouted. "Silvally keep using x scissor until that Serperior is down!"

    The Silvally slashed its claws in an x pattern as Hilda shouted. "That trick room Jelly and I set up got us in a pickle. Pythus use coil, then use seed bomb!"

    The Serperior began to coil herself as she took the next attack and tossed an overgrown seed bomb to knock the Silvally out.

    Gladion called the Silvally back and shouted. "Porygon-Z we need to take that Serperior down with tri attack!"

    The Porygon-Z shot three beams at the Serperior for a knock out. Hilda glared in determination as she called her starter back and tossed a heal ball. "Healy lets show them who is boss!"

    Out came an Audino with a stone on its chest. It reacted to a key stone Hilda had on her bracelet as the trainer shouted. "Mega evolve and begin with a dazzling gleam!" The Audino glowed as she took on a more angelic form, she shot out dazzling light at the Porygon-Z as it kept shooting tri attack as ordered. The distorted dimensions returned to normal as the Porygon-Z shot another tri attack at regular speed, the Audino shot back more light. The Porygon-Z shot another tri attack and caused the Audino to revert back to her normal form.


    Hilda called the Audino back, very crossed as she tossed a great ball. "Reshy... show him!" Gladion was startled as he saw a large fury, white, blue eyed dragon that crashed unto the field.

    Elio and Lillie felt the radiating heat as they saw the dragon of legends, Reshiram enter the field. She channeled her power into a intense blue flame and quickly knocked the Porygon-Z out.

    Gladion called the Porygon-Z back and took another pokeball. "Tyranitar, get ready to mega evolve!"

    Gladion prepared the key stone as the Tyranitar entered the stadium, ready to battle the legendary dragon as he mega evolved.


    Hilda saw the mega Tyranitar as a threat and shouted. "Reshy, use earth power!"

    As the Reshiram roared and caused the ground underneath the Tyranitar to erupt, Gladion shouted. "Use stone edge to end this fight!"

    The Tyranitar stomped and impaled the Reshiram with jagged rocks, causing her to fall over for a knock out.

    The Tyranitar began to approach the dragon still battle hungry when Gladion noticed and shouted. "Tyranitar that is enough!"

    The Tyranitar acted like he was unaware, Gladion cringed and used his keystone to power the him down. "That is enough!" The Tyranitar powered down to his regular form, being able to actually hear his trainer and flinched. (Wha...)

    Gladion prepared to call him back in his ball. "You have done well enough and it's going to take a while to get use to this!"

    Elio sighed as he saw the pattern. "It is always with the more aggressive pokemon."

    Hilda saw the lose and smiled, raising her arm to congratulate Gladion on the victory. "It has been a while since someone actually beaten me like this!"

    Elio and Lillie descended from the seat to join in congratulations when the Gladion asked. "Where did you get that dragon?"

    Hilda grinned nervously as she was twirling her long pony tail. "Trying to stop N from letting himself be used, I rather not talk about it. Trying to convince him to move on from all that and it's been very hard to do." Gladion raised an eyebrow and asked what happened. Elio and Lillie froze at the question neither wanted to hear.

    Hilda's cheerful face turned grim at the question. "Some power mad monster took him in at an early age and essentially brain washed him to think all trainers treat pokemon like garbage. All for the sake of using him to gain control of the legendary pokemon known as Zekrom and control of the Unova region by riding the trainers of the region of their pokemon. Took me getting something through N's head for that manipulative monster to show his true colors. N had another run in with him four years later when he took the power of Kyurem to try and freeze Unova. I was at Johto looking for N when this happened. Bastard took his Zekrom and forcibly fused it front of him. Nate has both Kyurem and Zekrom... turn out they were from the same dragon and while it took a while. Kyurem is still himself, just with Zekrom's personality and his ideal's written over Kyurem's barren cold personality. It is still a brutal pokemon, just nowhere near as extreme."

    Elio and Lillie were about to approach Gladion when he asked the two. "Anything else you ran into when you were fighting Team Plasma?"

    Lillie took a deep breath as she answered. "We encountered some goons that work for someone. Elio and I were told of someone named Ghe..."

    Hilda interrupted the girl with concern for her mental health. "I hope to Reshy that you never actually met him. I heard that monster tried to organize a come back after getting his hands on another dragon! Nate and I banded together to take down Team Plasma, he told me that they didn't even know what it was yet they tried to take control of it anyways. From what Looker shared with me... they were going to have that pokemon devour Unova as a terrorist attempt!"

    Gladion placed his hand over his face at remembering Elio's conversation about an Ultra Beast. "You have any idea where he is?" Hilda paused as she explained more. "I had to call someone to pick up the body, I don't even want to know what happened but he was a shambling husk when I saw him. Good riddance but it is very odd that he didn't even have any pokemon when I saw the mess... kind of a good thing though."

    Elio understood one que and kept the thought to himself. "Cindy... you didn't."

    Gladion asked Hilda. "Why are you concerned about the missing pokemon... and why you considered them missing to be a good thing?"

    Hilda understood why he asked and answered. "His Hydreigon has max powered frustration. That should be a good clue to how he treats his own pokemon, if they were taken from him then that means they won't be abused by him anymore."

    Elio and Lillie looked at each other in worry over one thing that was solved. Wes had something to do with taking Ghetsis down, he was the only person who still had a Snag Machine and would have plenty of motivation to want to take him down.

    Hilda saw the three lost in thought and apologized. "I am sorry if that bothered you, the world is a scary place never knowing ever lurks in the shadows. Or who people really are in the dark."

    Elio wanted to change the subject and asked Gladion. "Mind if I give you a tip in dealing with an aggressive mega evolution?"

    Gladion broke his thought of concentration and answered. "Anything that might help. Tyranitar normally backs off when the opponent is knocked out."

    Elio nodded. "You did it right by powering him down when he began to try going for the kill. Do that but be much quicker because I seen a Lucario go from a cool headed pokemon to something much more ruthless when it mega evolves."

    Hilda over heard and joined in on her insight. "The rush of mega energy tends to do that to a lot of pokemon, some of them tend to cause a lot of pain or just drive their power out of control. This is the reason why N doesn't exactly like them all that well. I don't see the out of control power in Healy, but I did see that from an Aerodactly that a trainer just had a key stone and mega stone for. It is never a good sight to see a pokemon go out of control."

    Gladion cringed and agreed as Lillie broke her curiosity to ask. "You know where N is now?"

    Hilda smiled at the question. "At Lostlorn forest talking with the Zoroark, he is great friends with one of the most illusive species of pokemon I have seen. Thank you for the battle Gladion!"

    The three said their farewells to Hilda as Elio began to wonder. "I might want to visit the Shrine of Abundance."
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    Mystery Arc. Chapter 2: Detective Elio Is On The Case.

    The next day, Elio got up to let a sleeping Lillie know he was going out. "I am going to the Abundant Shrine and I am taking Isaac with me for something important."

    Lillie began to whisper she saw Elio getting ready. "Does it have anything to do with your super secret project?"

    Elio shook his head. "No, but this is a result of it! Go back to sleep and if you want to, show Gladion a couple of the Gyms in Unova. I do believe we missed Driftveil's and Mistralton's gym. It might help in his notes on what exactly makes the bond work, tell him to just say I want to challenge the gym at their hardest."

    Elio attempted to give Lillie a kiss on the forehead; Lillie dodged and kissed him in the lips. "Good luck on your journey!"

    Elio switched his Volcarona for his Bibarel and flew to Black City. He went north and explored the water falls of route 14 until he found a place called the Abundant Shrine. The place itself looked like a fertile land ready for farmers to begin planting crops, a small shrine to the northern section of the fields was seen. Elio took the Mew out and stood in front of the shrine with a small offering of a poffin made from a tamato berry. After what felt like an hour, Landarous flew from the sky to notice a familiar looking trainer and a Mew awaiting him.

    The Mew's eyes glowed in helping Elio understand what the Landarous was about to say. "What trainer has entered this place? I am busy making sure the crops this fall grow!"

    Elio stood boldly as he asked. "Do you know where Wes is? I need to investigate something."

    The Landarous picked up the offering and answered. "He is around Accumula town, wanting to go after specific pokemon found in the Hidden Grotto's scattered in this region."

    The Mew sensed dread in Elio as he took a small bow. "Thank you and how are the other two?"

    Landarous shrugged. "Wes has both of them in line while I am busy, I over heard what that Rotom was translating and he wasn't too far off. They are too unruly to be left without someone keeping them in line! Is that all you wanted?"

    Elio smiled and answered. "I thought I leave you something anyways, no sense being rude to a demi god."

    Landarous sensed a vision from the Mew and nodded in understanding. "Your use to doing something like this?"

    Elio answered back before he began to leave. "When I get the chance... the Tapu's are a bit on the fickle side at times. See you later!" The Landarous said his farewell as he returned to his duties, trying to guess what would Elio want with his trainer.

    As Elio and the Mew began to fly on Salamence. The boy petted the frowning Mew. "You didn't want Lillie to see the mess, I understand that. I noticed something was up with Cindy when she referred to the Cipher goons as fuel for Wilbur... anything you may have known otherwise?"

    The Mew's eyes glowed as he shared a vision to Elio. One of Cindy telling her Chandelure that the Pheromosa was not fuel and called the Chandelure a wicked creature to his face.

    When they flew to Accumula town, Elio was puzzled by what was happening between the trainer and the pokemon. "She did say she had that Chandelure for a while... that must be why she warned us about getting a Litwik. I think the two have more resentment to each other than we thought."

    The Mew looked around in helping Elio find Wes and Rui; the trainer asked him. "I need you to be a lie detector. Something doesn't seem right!"

    Elio and the Mew found Wes to be looking at his PDA for something while Rui was looking at the screen with him.

    Elio waved and shouted. "Hey Wes, hey Rui!"

    Wes saw the Mew and grinned in a question. "Okay, why do you keep waving rare pokemon in front of someone who is would steal it?"

    Elio did not want to answer and asked. "Dumb question. When did you meet this Cindy?"

    Wes frowned at the question. "When were chasing down the Plasma Sub. It rose up and gave me a good landing shot from Tiff. Right when it got to the Marvelous bridge, Cindy joined in with a Xatu and Pheromosa. We were at the generator when those two dragons tried to sink it!"

    The Mew nodded and meowed. Elio began to think about the answer when he asked. "Those pokemon you said you did not remember catching. Do you actually remember?"

    Wes was about to ask why Elio was asking questions when the boy answered. "I am investigating something important. Again, do you actually remember catching that Hydreigon and the few others?"

    Wes shook his head to the answer. As the Mew nodded it gave Elio another vision; blank no memory.

    Elio gave a false smile and asked. "Does Rui or any of your pokemon remember?"

    Rui shook her head as Wes answered. "None of our pokemon remember either. Though that Hydreigon acted like he was not treated will through out its entire life."

    Mew nodded and shared Elio a vision of what he seen in Rui's memories; Blank.

    Rui noticed something was strange and asked. "What is that Mew doing?"

    Elio's smile turned into a frown. "Making sure that something connects with what you are saying. I had him deal with something like this before, foggy memories or amnesia is one thing... but it looks like something was wiped clean. Don't worry about this, focus on what you are doing in this region."

    Wes glared at the duo in response. "I am an asshole, but I don't lie to a kids face like that."

    Elio nodded back. "I know. Isaac is here to confirm something."

    Wes calmed himself down as he asked. "You think someone did something to our memories. Everything else is intact but where we were the during that one day last month."

    Elio nodded and asked. "Do you two know anything about what a Chandelure does to people?"

    The two nodded before Wes answered. "A pokemon that steals souls and burns them. Leaving the rest of the body behind, we don't have it and we never will because of that risk."

    Elio asked a small question. "If someone has done something irredeemably horrible... like any of the bastards directly responsible for XD-00.. what ever... would you intentionally leave their fate in the hands of those things?"

    Wes flinched at the answer in horror. "No!"

    Elio pondered the mystery more as he spoke to the duo. "For you two, I suggest you don't worry about my questions. Leave that to me. You two seen poke star studios lately?"

    Wes shrugged at the question. "That? I heard a couple of actors have made changers to some of the films. But it isn't exactly something I watch. Rui watches them however!"

    Rui gave Elio a shush, letting him know that she knew of the Brutal Tide; she asked. "How is that Genesect doing?"

    Elio's smile returned as he prepared to leave. "He is getting better! Gladion is in the region if you two wanted to chat!"

    Wes hid a smirk. "None of my business to get involved, but good to know!"

    Rui sighed in defeat. "If our paths cross!"

    Elio waved goodbye to the two as he signaled Salamence to get ready for flight. The Mew frowned as they began their flight to Driftveil.

    Elio smiled at the Mew. "I know, that person Hilda talked about did an awful lot of evil to even deserve something like this... thank you for helping me with this. It is hard to restore memories that have been forcibly wiped. Even that guy in the Pelago, for all the faded imagery had something important in there that is easy to find... if not takes a while."

    In the Driftveil Gym.

    Gladion had finished defeating the last trainer as he pressed a button to descend into the bottom of the Gym.

    He found what looked like a business man in a large hat with an emerald. "Kept me waitin', didn't ya kid?"

    Gladion began to pose in preparation. "Someone told me this would be something to do."

    The man introduced himself as Clay as he made a determined glare. "A certain someone told me you were tougher than ya look. How 'bout we see if she was right."

    Vs Gym Leader Clay

    Clay sent out a Golurk as Gladion tossed a pokeball and shouted. "Go Crobat use acrobatics!"

    The Crobat flew into the field and began to strike at the Golurk as it was struck by jagged rocks, with another acrobatics the Golurk fell. Clay called the Golurk back and sent out an Excadrill that was hit with acrobatics. "Knock that Crobat out with a rockslide!" The Excadrill countered with a rockslide and sent the Crobat crashing to the ground.

    Gladion called the Crobat back and shouted. "Lucario, use aura sphere to knock that Excadrill out!"

    The Lucario leaped into battle and began to channel his aura into a blast, knocking the Excadrill out.

    Clay sent out a Seismitoad that took the aura sphere and countered with an earth power to knock the Lucario out.

    Gladion called the Lucario back and shouted. "Silvally lets do this!"

    Out came a Silvally with green highlights, Gladion ordered mimicking claws being swung. "Take that Seismitoad out with multi attack!"

    The Silvally's claws glowed green as it knocked the Seismitoad out.

    Clay sent out a Mamoswine, Gladion saw the ice type and called the Silvally back. "Good work. Weavile, we need to take this Mamoswine down!" The Mamoswine breathed a frosty breath and caused icicles to crashed down on the Weavile.

    Gladion ordered in more agression. "Weavile use brick break!" The Weavile chopped into the Mamoswine as it let loose an earthquake to knock him out.

    Gladion called the Weavile back sent Silvally back on the field. "Finish that Mamoswine off with a multi attack!" In grass infused claws, the Mamoswine was knocked out. Clay sent out an intimidating Krokodile as the Silvally used multi attack for less damage. As the Krokodile crunched into the Silvally, it was knocked out by another multi attack. Leaving Clay to his last pokemon; a Claydol that was slashed by the first multi attack, countered with psychic and was knocked out by another multi attack.

    The Gym leader grinned as he adjusted his hat. "Man oh man. It feel's good to go all out and still be defeated." Gladion shook Clay's hand in thanks for the battle as he pressed the elevator to take himself back to the entrance of the gym.

    Gladion left the gym satisfied on the win and disappointed that he did not have a good chance to use the Tyranitar.

    Lillie congratulated her brother on the victory when he asked. "You have any idea where Elio went off to?"

    Lillie nodded. "He told me he was going to Abundance Shrine before he left."

    Elio swooped to the pokemon center on the Salamence.

    He waved toward Gladion in an attempt to ask if he defeated the gym; Gladion answered. "It is a gym that specialized in ground types and Silvally was able to handle it. I never had a chance to use Tyranitar here."

    Elio understood the reason. "Those are ground types, Tyranitar may be able to take a lot but ground types were still going to be a problem!"

    Lillie was curious of the sudden trip and asked. "Why did you fly off?"

    Elio frowned as he began to speak what he was investigating. "I was looking for Wes about something... good news he really does not remember anything about the day we were taking Team Plasma down. I even had Isaac help and he found nothing of note."

    Gladion and Lillie found the information a little vague before the girl asked again. "Why did you fly off?"

    Elio kept his frown at the siblings as he answered. "Lillie, Gladion, someone wiped away Wes's memories about what had happened when we went to tackled Team Plasma. I don't know how or who... and don't want to know why."

    Gladion wondered and asked. "Should we do something about this? It sounds like someone is benefiting from no one figuring out the truth."

    The Alola champion shook his head. "I do not recommend we get ourselves involved until we have more evidence. Isaac seems to know more... but he doesn't want to tell us."

    Lillie asked the guilty looking Mew. "Isaac, do you know what has happened?"

    The Mew meowed as the Dex was let out of the bag to translate. "BZZT! Yes, I do. I think you should stay away from Cindy for a while. BZZT!"

    Elio took a deep breath in acceptance. "She did something horrible to a horrible person... did she?"

    Mew nodded. "BZZT! Very! I don't want to talk about it unless I have to. BZZT!"

    Gladion glared at Elio before he asked. "Alright... what were you finding out?"

    Elio's face turned in dread as he answered. "Cindy has a Chandelure, she referred the worse of the worse as fuel! I wanted to know if she was hiding something from..."

    The Mew was startled by what teleported behind Elio, a Xatu began to glow as he let loose a flash of light.

    The Mew used his psychic powers to block the Xatu's power and shook his head while the three trainers are in a trance like state. (Please tell me... why?)

    The Xatu began to caw as it used its wings to speak in sign. (Nine years I kept this this secret. Wilbur lured her down a dark path...!)

    The Mew meowed in argument. (She followed the dark flame of her own free will. What was she going to do the three?)

    The Mew looked at the three trainers in worry as the Xatu spoke again in sign. (That is my job. To make sure they forget about her.) The Mew sighed as it shared the Xatu a memory of its past.

    The Xatu froze in disgust and shock before speaking in sign. (Wha...what is this?)

    The Mew meowed in questioning. (People that had hurt me. Is this the type of people she refers to as fuel?)

    The Xatu did not hesitate as he waved his wings. (Yes...oh yes!)

    The Mew glared at the Xatu in questioning. (Has these types of people been the only ones She fed to that Chandelure?)

    The Xatu signaled back. (Those were exactly what that Chandelure used as examples to have her go on that mission.)

    The Mew asked from the answer. (Some of those people really deserved it, others don't and their fates are not up to her to decide. Does she even realize this?)

    The Xatu signaled the answer. (Yes. It became more apparent to her when she took care of Prissy. That Chandelure kept speaking of how she is destructive and didn't belong!)

    The Mew asked. (Did Cindy sent you to do this?)

    Xatu made a short sign. (No!)

    Mew glared at the Xatu and hissed. (Then why are you here?)

    The Xatu shivered. (If they found out... the future I had foreseen would come to pass.)

    Mew shook its head at the answer. (How long has she had you?)

    Xatu signaled. (Nine years... She was very kind to us all.)

    Mew nodded and asked. (You are afraid about what she is going to do to herself?)

    As the Xatu nodded the Mew frowned. (She can't keep doing this without eventually condemning an innocent soul... you know this and she knows this!)

    The Xatu flinched in astonishment as it shared the Mew a vision. (Something has changed!)

    An image old broken castle within a place called victory road, a large wormhole opening up. "Go there!" The Xatu teleported out as the trio of trainers came through from a daze, unaware of what had happened. The Mew began to share with the group the image he had seen and meowed.

    The Rotom Dex translated in a shiver. "BZZT! Something very bad is about to happen! BZZT!"

    Lillie saw the vision and asked. "What happened?"

    The Mew meowed in a hurry as he wanted Elio to bring out the Salamence. "BZZT! Cindy has been doing something very bad! BZZT!"
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    Mystery Arc Chapter 3: Cornering A Serial Killer.

    The trio flew on the back of Salamence to Hamulia City as they rushed toward the place called Victory Road.

    Nate was near the entrance to let the two Champion's and Gladion in on the agreement that they do not challenge the league unless they have the badges. "This is kind of an emergency, let them in."

    The trip through victory road was long and tedious as they found themselves underneath what looked like the ruins of a castle. With repels, a Silvally and Bibarel to push boulders and carry the group, they eventually found themselves at a stairway leading to the upper section of the castle. As the group saw the in side of the castle, what looked like was once grand was now nothing but ruin.

    The Mew guided the three in and meowed in warning. "BZZT! Follow and stay out of the rooms. BZZT!"

    The trio made it to what looked like an old throne room that had a climatic battle a long time ago. In the walk way was a goth woman looking down in anticipation for people to arrive. Cindy noticed the three and got up in a struggle to greet the trio. "I knew when Sage went to stop you from figuring it out you would come. I suppose you know my little... secret."

    Gladion calmed himself down as he asked. "When you referred to those people from Cipher as fuel... that was something you didn't want us to hear?"

    Cindy frowned in response to the answer and tried to look him in the eyes. "It was a slip of the tongue and I thought I lost you. But I knew you three would eventually figure it out and not a moment too soon."

    Elio shook his head in an attempt of denial as he asked. "I know what you use as fuel for that Chandelure. Why?!"

    Cindy replied in a small breath. "At first, it was to keep Wilbur alive. Just pick the souls of those so foul that Hell itself would have trouble welcoming them, the absolute scum of the Earth that the world would be better off without!"

    Gladion and Lillie froze on hearing what Cindy had confessed to.

    The goth woman took a deep breath as she saw the glare from the group. "Do you even know the last soul Wilbur burned? I have been told enough about him. He took that poor boy at an early age, pretending to be his father. Used him as a means to obtain one of the legendary dragons while preaching about why being a pokemon trainer is a sin!"

    Cindy gritted her teeth in hatred as she continued. "His real goal was just to get rid of every last trainer on Unova while he himself kept his pokemon. With a plan on disposing of N once his use was at an end..."

    Lillie broke from the chill and asked. "That person sounds horrible. Why would..."

    Cindy interrupted the girl and helped her finish while laughing at herself. "Why would someone do that? A megalomaniac's desire for power!"

    Elio shouted at Cindy with a question. "And before him? Because that guy deserved what he got and he isn't the reason we are here calling you out!"

    Cindy looked away from Elio as she stared at the throne. "Most were among Team Plasma themselves. The ones who preached about trainers abusing pokemon. Then they turn around when you are not looking and do monstrous things to pokemon and trainers alike."

    Mew meowed. "BZZT! You actually think yourself the one to judge their fate in the end? BZZT!"

    Cindy answered back to the Mew. "From what I have been told, two years later... that thing, had many pokemon stolen from their trainers and had them turned into psychological tools. He was attempting to freeze Unova in ice and attempted to do this to that young man Nate..."

    Cindy pointed at the Mew in an argument. "Their latest scheme to dispose of the two you cared about... have a device used to force a pokemon's bodies to do what ever they said. Then use them against the trainer! What pray tell do you even call that? Forcing you to do something against your will with only your mind being able to watch?"

    The Mew had a flash back of what Cipher had done to it and began to huddle in panic. Lillie held the Mew in her arms in an attempt to comfort it and asked Cindy. "Why did you come here?"

    Cindy clenched a dusk ball in a combination of guilt and insanity. "I just wanted to find someone... to talk to regarding Wilburs behavior, that I didn't listen to that young man at the time and that he was right!"

    Lillie looked in confusion and asked. "This looks like some old ruins, who do you expect to find here?! You should have told that Chandelure no when his problem started!"

    Cindy cringed at realization. "Then I already crossed the point of no returned!"

    Elio shook his head at what he was hearing, to him this woman was speaking insanity. "Listen... those people really are evil! But what you are doing to solve that problem is messed up and way too extreme to be taken lightly!"

    Cindy smiled at Elio and the others. "If you want to do something about it. Just tell me where I belong and I will gladly go... it is as simple as that. Sage will save you the heart ache and you will have him, Fridgette, Morpha, Elizabeth and Prissy as a conpensation."

    The trio looked in horror as they realized what Cindy was about to do to herself as she called out. "Wilbur... is the fire ready?"

    What looked like an old throne was set aflame by the giggling Chandelure, he began to wave signaling Cindy to follow. The trio sent out their pokeballs; Elio shouted. "H.P WE NEED TO STOP THIS MAD WOMAN!"

    The Mew in Lillies arms began to calm down and floated, Lillie calmed herself down to begin her command. "Isaac... we need to stop Cindy from hurting herself."

    Gladion took out his Silvally and swapped a grass memory for a water memory. "Silvally get ready for that Chandelure!"

    Elio tried to think of what to say to Cindy in a desperate attempt to convince her to stop. "There is a place where you can get help! Snap out of this!"

    Cindy shook her head and was apporaching the flame.

    Elio and Gladion shook their heads. "She has lost it..."

    Cindy took the pokeball, net ball, beast ball and great ball and tossed them to the trainers, with their buttons unpressed they rolled at the the trios feet. Elio shouted. "H.P STOP CINDY IN HER TRACKS! IF WE CAN'T TALK HER OUT OF THIS WE WILL DRAG HER OUT!" The Kangaskhan leaped to where Cindy was attempting to walk to and held her in.

    The Chandelure hissed and began to shoot out a fire blast at the Kangaskhan. Gladion prepared a water memory, the Silvally shot out a grass memory and took the disk in, turning from a green hue to a blue hue as the trainer shouted. "Silvally, block that fire blast and stop that Chandelure!" The Silvally took the fire blast and shrugged it off like it was nothing.

    Cindy tried desperately to make the group let her go and tossed out a nest ball containing a Xatu. "Sage! Please make sure the others forget me... those three would take good care of you!"

    The Xatu froze in place in fear of what his trainer was about to do, it signaled and cawed in refusal.

    The Chandelure grew impatient and hissed at the Xatu. (What are you doing?! Don't you see she crossed it years ago! This is fitting!) The trio were about to act against the Chandelure when they felt a ripple began to form in between the Kangaskhan and the burning throne. An Ultra Wormhole opened up. Within moments a Buzzwole crashed unto the castle, unaware of where it was and looking around in panic.

    Lillie's heart leaped as she prepared a beast ball. "Not now! Any time but now!"

    The Chandelure shrieked as it drew close to the Ultra Beast and blew out a massive fire blast at the frightened Buzzwole. The Ultra Beast shrieked in pain and fear as he flexed and punched into the Chandelure with an thunder punch, he began to fly its way back into the flashing Ultra Wormhole in a screech.

    The Chandelure glared at the three trainers and began to aim at them, Elio saw it and shouted. "H.P USE RETURN TO KICK THAT CHANDELURE BACK! I THINK THAT WORM HOLE IS ABOUT TO COLLASPE!" The Kangaskhan rushed to the Chandelure and channeled her affection into a scrappy kick, she slipped and miss aimed the kick, what was suppose to be in a better corner for a beat down was directly into the Ultra Wormhole. As the group froze at what happened, the wormhole flashed more and more until the Chandelure was sent flying out by a what looked like a punch of electricity. The wormhole collapsed behind the Chandelure, leaving the group startled and confused to the ordeal.

    Gladion calmed himself down as he asked the crazed woman. "I just want to ask... why were you trying to walk into fire?"

    Cindy looked down in despair at the question, not even bothering to answer back. Gladion tried to ask. "Okay then... why did you agree to give the Chandelure what it wanted?" The Chandelure erupted in a totem aura and let loose a haunting shriek.

    The Mew turned on its power and gave the group an understanding of the Chandelure's language. "Why did she do that?! She told you already... but I aught to tell you why I asked her to do it! To gather more souls to stay ever lit! I gave her the idea to find those most deserving to burn, those no one would miss. She wouldn't even be missed if she let that Xatu take the two over there out of the picture. But no she wanted to be called out by these two!"

    Elio and Lillie flinched when the Mew meowed. "The fate of souls are not yours to judge. Mr Dusk told me that he takes the wayward to meet their fate... and warned me about those who see them wander forever more. Why did you try to go after Prissy? She didn't do anything other than falling out of that wormhole."

    The Chandelure spin in rage at the mention of the Ultra Beast and tried to ignore the question. "I gave her what she wanted! A powerful pokemon that do what she wants! Partake in those stupid contests! All I asked was a soul or two to last me a couple years!"

    The Chandelure giggled. "I thought I had her over for more, when she finally got around to give me that monsters soul! When she started every sneaky thing imaginable; arriving unannounced, having that Xatu take them away make sure they know nothing! She was already telling you enough that you wouldn't think of other wise! I only wished she just gave me those two when she had the chance, then you would have never known."

    Elio, Lillie and Gladion were about to begin battle against the Chandelure when Cindy flinched at the mention of Wes and Rui. "Wilbur... Wes was one of justice. Why did you seek him and Rui?"

    The Chandelure flared up in anger toward its trainer. "They were about to get in the way... you had to be a goody goody and let those two walk away. Then Sherlock and Watson over there decided to get nosy and find out!"

    The Chandelure pointed at Elio and the glaring Mew before it giggled. "And to answer the Mew's question, she tried to hurt people and you all gave her hugs and kisses thinking it would all be okay. When I started asking for what I want, you all act like those souls mean something to you! What does that roach have that I don't?"

    Elio shouted out at the Chandelure. "YOU SEEN HOW SCARED PRISSY WAS OF THIS WORLD! Yes she is destructive, but..."

    The Chandelure hissed as he spit a flame toward the boy. "But nothing! I sense the feelings, don't you ever think of someone that deserves this kind of damnation?"

    Elio glared at the Chandelure, refusing to give an answer as he prepared his key stone. The Chandelure glared at the three and whined. "You do know someone? Shame that girl didn't find them sooner!"

    The siblings refused to think about it as they prepared themselves, the Chandelure took a sign of disappointment as the Mew meowed and glowed for battle. "They knew one horrible person that caused many horrible things to have happened... but again, that one's fate is her own to decide now. Not yours!"

    The Chandelure giggled at the Mew. "Oh please, deep down you wanted her to burn! Even that two shoe brat wanted her to burn!" The Chandelure pointed at Elio as he explained who. The siblings glared as they prepared for battle, while Elio joined in glare.

    The Chandelure stared at the group and giggled. "No matter, I will burn you all for this!"

    Vs Totem Chandelure

    Cindy glared at the preparing Chandelure and shouted to her Xatu. "Sage... air slash this wicked creature!"

    The Xatu swiped his wings toward the Chandelure to make him flinch, giving the group enough time to set up. The Chandelure glared at the trainer who is turning on him. "If you had just me burn these three when they came this wouldn't have happened! Your soul would have burned with them!"

    Elio raised his key stone and shouted. "H.P MEGA EVOLVE AND USE CRUNCH!" The Kangaskhan's child grew and both lunged at the Chandelure, both crunched into it as Lillie began to pose. "Isaac. SHATTERED PSYCHE!" The Mew grabbed the Chandelure in a psychic hold and slammed him across psychic barriers before shattering through one. Gladion glared sharply and ordered. "Silvally, use multi attack to purge this hellfire!" In watery claws, the Silvally clawed into the Chandelure, sending him screeching until he began to let loose a confusing light at Lillie.

    Elio blocked the light and began to feel dizzy, the Kangaskhan saw the trainer in trouble, grabbed the four trainers and rushed far away from the Chandelure trying to engulf the boy in flame. Cindy glared at the Chandelure trying to go after another soul and shouted. "Wilbur... please stop! The only thing the boy and the others have done was find the truth!"

    The Chandelure glared at its trainer in annoyance. "It is too late for that nonsense! You should had taken the hint when daddy stopped me!"

    Lillie heard enough from the Chandelure and shouted. "Would you just stop it! Don't you even care about the trainer you raised you? Who let you see more of the world?"

    The Chandelure giggled. "Enough to be a fuel source! But why would you even care for a killer?" The Kangaskhan crunched into the Chandelure while the Mew shot a shadow ball in response. The Silvally slashed its water infused claws again while the Xatu set up a light screen in preparation.

    The Chandelure was knocked down by the multi attack and began to erupt in a massive over heat, sending the pokemon flying back as it roared. Cindy tried to call the Chandelure back into the dusk ball, the beam enveloped the Chandelure for what seemed like a successful call back; the ball ignited not soon after and was about to explode. The Mew and Xatu glowed and tossed the ball away from the trainers. Elio had his Kangaskhan use another crunch as Gladion let his Silvally carry out the order and prepared.

    As the Chandelure laid defeated, Elio spoke coldly to Cindy. "That Chandelure used you and it took you this long to find out. Thanks for trying to solve this problem by calling him back... but now that ball is destroyed."

    Gladion glared back. "Please tell me you are not planning on catching this thing?" Elio gritted his teeth. "Catch it and make sure he never hurts anyone ever again!" Elio took out a dusk ball and was about to throw.

    Lillie sighed at Cindy thinking it was over. "You still have a lot of explaining to do, the law outside will want to talk to you!"

    Elio was about to toss the ball when the Chandelure began to ignite, spit a flame at the exit and incinerated the dusk ball as it was hurled to him. "I am ...not finished!"

    The totem aura reignited to a much angrier Chandelure. Lillie tossed a pokeball and shouted. "Lola we need to keep this Chandelure down!"

    Gladion tossed out his Tyranitar and mega evolved it. "We need to keep fighting back!"

    Elio glared as he tossed a quick ball and shouted. "LOST! WE NEED YOU TO TAKE THIS CHANDELURE DOWN!"

    Lillie tossed a great ball back at Cindy. "You done many horrible things, please tell me a pokemon isn't this e..."

    The goth woman opened the great ball to let out the Nidoqueen and shouted. "Elizabeth use earth power!" The Chandelure shot a shadow ball in rage at the Nidoqueen as the large group of pokemon began to prepare for blow after blow.

    Elio attempted to take a dusk ball out before the Chandelure began to glow in an intense heat. "Your souls are mine! Your pokemon's souls are mine! All of your souls are mine!"

    The Chandelure began laughing maniacally before Elio began to toss the dusk ball... until the trainers noticed a shadow emerge from behind the Chandelure.

    A booming voice was heard from the creature shouting. "It is time!"

    Gladion recognized the Darkrai and ordered. "Darkrai use dark void to banish this thing!"

    The Darkrai agreed as he generated a massive black void, unleashing massive tendrils to grab the Chandelure. "What... what are you doing?"

    The Darkrai glared at the Chandelure. "You have done enough, it is time to go to sleep!"

    The Chandelure began to struggle for a brief second before the hands yanked the Chandelure into the void. The hole closed as the as the trio were shaking on their knees.

    Gladion was the first to snap out of the close encounter and asked. "Thanks, what are you even doing here in the first place?"

    The Darkrai answered in a rather gentlemen like nod. "I was passing by when I sensed something. If you must know... that Chandelure would not be bothering anyone anymore!"

    Lillie was terrified as she struggled to get up. "Da...Darkrai... please tell me a pokemon is not this terrible?"

    The Darkrai sighed as he turned to the Mew and Xatu. "I was told from the Master of Space that in another realm, one particular has done much worse than what you have seen! You two, you know what needs to be done. See that this does not happen again, I bid you all farewell!" The Mew and Xatu glowed in unison as they teleported the group out!

    In a flash of light, the four trainers found themselves on the shady shores of Undella town with a group of pokemon dazed and confused.

    Cindy began to call a phone, a voice familiar to Elio was heard. "Cindy... what are you doing?"

    Cindy frowned at him and answered. "Getting help, Looker has given me his phone number."

    Elio helped her finish. "Looker seems to know people; you know that once you do this, your going to be locked up for a long time!"

    Cindy took a deep breath as she looked over to her Xatu. "Sage...See that they forget this... please! Then make sure the others I had myself involved with forget about me. Then you can go with those two."

    Lillie frowned before she shouted. "Why? Why are you making us forget this?"

    Cindy looked over to Lillie... hesitate of telling her. "Ten years... ten years I have been doing this. I had done this and it's gotten so far that a couple of children got involved!"

    Elio kept a glare at the woman. "Question about you. Were you trying to be our friend because you wanted to be our friend... or was it just so we can call you out on the fact you had been a serial killer for this long?"

    Cindy calmed herself down as she answered. "Yes to both. I did enjoy the time we got along... you shouldn't have to worry about me any longer!" The trio glared at the woman as the Xatu began to glow.

    The woman waved fair well and whispered. "May we never meet again!"

    In a flash of light.

    The trio came through with a Mew looking around. Elio noticed the Beast ball and net ball and realized they had a Pheromosa with Baton pass and a Venomoth. Lillie noticed the pokeball and great ball, she realizes she has a Glacion and a Nidoqueen.

    Gladion felt a small dread and asked. "You think we should call home... something happened and I don't even remember what." Elio and Lillie had the pokemon sent to the P.C as they nodded in agreement.

    The trio called their pokemon back and went to the pokemon center in preparation to call home.

    Elio began by texting the people he brought with him to Unova. "Anyone know what happened a day ago?"

    Elio had an answer from Guzma. "Just finished up getting that Volcarona some better moves. I'm going to use him in the battle tree if nothing else. Kukui won't see me coming!" The rest of the captains were nothing significant other than some places they been.

    Elio shouted to the siblings. "Okay I checked on everyone I brought over here... nothing specifically bad happened to them."

    Lillie frowned in worry. "It is good to hear... but I would still like to call home. Why does the word Chandelure ring in my head."

    Gladion stared in the same worry. "Lillie... are you sure you want to talk to people about that pokemon?"

    The Mew meowed in response as the Rotom Dex crawled out of the back back and revealed a picture of a Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure. "BZZT! What you fought recently involved one of these pokemon BZZT!"

    Gladion read the Dex entry for the Litwik line out loud. "Litwik, the candle pokemon. Litwik shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and pokemon, which becomes the fuel that it burns. While shining a light, it pretends to be a guide, it leeches the life force of any whole follow it. Lampent, the lamp pokemon. The spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire. It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on. Chandelure, the luring pokemon. Being consumed in Chandelures flames burns the spirit, leaving the body behind. The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever."

    Elio felt fear in hearing the Dex entry and texted. "Have anyone we know ran into a member of the Litwik line?"

    The messages answered similarly. "We read the Dex entry about that thing already and like you said none of us have a reason to go after one."

    Elio nodded to the siblings, confirming that what ever involved Chandelure did not involve the captains or skulls. Lillie dialed Kukui's number on the video screen in an attempt to figure out more of what had happened.

    The call began unsuspecting. "Professor... do you have any idea of what happened yesterday?"

    Kukui looked confused at the question. "On Unova... no, though Burnet was busy about something important last week. Otherwise nothing out of the ordinary happened on Alola during the week. Why did you ask?"

    Lillie found the answer reassuring and answered back. "Because something happened yesterday that involved a Chandelure."

    The professor froze in fear at the name. "Lillie... why did you mentioned that pokemon."

    Lillie stared back in confusion, dread and determination. "Because that name is the only thing I remember!"

    The answer left the professor as confused as the three as he asked. "Could you get Elio on the screen? I want to know if he remembers anything better."

    Elio was already heading to the screen when he heard the professor speak his concern.

    Lillie stepped out to let Elio speak. "I know, I just had my underlings give a report if they met anything from the Litwick line... they never ran into them."

    Kukui listened and asked. "Did you try catching one?"

    Elio felt something ringing in his head. "No... I would never go after that thing! They are powerful but to me they are not worth the risk!"

    Kukui's worry didn't fade as he spoke of what he knows. "I have heard of rare sightings of Litwik on Alola... but it is rare that a trainer on Alola captures this for the sake of capturing them."

    Elio nodded back. "What do they do with them?"

    Kukui shrugged. "I have no idea other than training them for battle and keeping them from hurting people. Could you get Lillie back on the phone?"

    Elio got off the seat and signaled Lillie that she can go back to her conversation.

    Elio thought of one other person who may have known and texted his mother as he saw Lillie talking more about what she does remember. "Mom... have you ever heard of Chandelure? Because that name keep's ringing."

    Elio's mother texted back. "Please tell me you did not go after a wild Chandelure?! You father told us about that pokemon being no good around a house. Even Otto would never attack the family."

    Elio texted back. "No I did not. That pokemon scares me."

    Elio's mother replied back. "It is rare you actually say that about a pokemon. Otto, Nihil... that jellyfish Looker said you caught and the thing called Xurkitree."

    Elio frowned as he continued. "We know Otto is nuts. It is less Nihilego and more its venom thats scary, Xurkitree just hits hard."

    Elio saw the next message reassuring his belief. "Which is why they are kept in their balls most of the time. Unless they are actually needed or you want to prove a point!" Elio texted back to end the conversation. "Exactly!"

    Lillie finished her call to Kukui, reassuring him that she and everyone she knew on Unova were safe before she ended the call. "I remember Gladion fighting a miss Hilda... she is a very nice lady and a powerful trainer who has a Legendary pokemon!"

    Kukui wondered as he asked. "What pokemon is that?"

    Gladion answered knowing he remembers THAT much. "Reshiram. The Vast White Pokemon, the literal embodiment of truth! It has a rather special move in the form of blue flare... if you see a brown hair woman wearing short pants and a pinkish baseball cap... that's her!"

    He blushed for a moment at the description of Hilda as Kukui was more intrigued by the move. "You think you will see her again at the world tournament?"

    Lillie nodded. "She use to be a champion of this region! We are ending this call before we get distracted!"

    Kukui agreed. "It's morning over here, good luck with the rest of your journey!"

    Both hanged up.

    Lillie's next call was to Aether, in worry that something may have happened while both siblings were away.

    Much to their relief, Wicke picked up unaware of anything specific save for the look on their faces. "Miss Lillie... what is wrong?"

    Lillie looked in confusion and answered. "We don't think anything is wrong. Had anything happened the last couple days?"

    Wicke shook her head. "Not of note, though your mother is having an episode."

    Lillie's confusion turned to worry as she asked what happened, Wicke took a deep breath and answered. "It was a flash back about the incident. I was able to calm her down though, you and Elio's activities in poke star were able to work in a pinch when."

    Lillie and Gladion felt some relief that nothing catastrophic happened.

    Gladion asked over the screen. "Tell her that we are fine. Lillie is only asking because something happened a while ago, we don't remember it and the word Chandelure kept ringing our heads. Thought that you or someone at Aether knew something."

    Wicke cringed in fear as she asked. "Chande..."

    Behind her a loud familiar voice boomed as a blonde woman that rushed in anxiety, signaling Wicke to step aside for a moment. Lusamine asked rather loudly, harshly and with a stern face. "You two did not have an encounter with that pokemon?!"

    Gladion and Lillie glared at Lusamine to calm down as Elio heard the shout; the dark haired boy nuzzled his way through and spoke to Lusamine. "Listen, I am about as stumped as these two. Chandelure is the most dangerous pokemon in this region, very rare for a trainer to even have because of this and from what I know, its evolutionary line not even their own trainer is safe. I told people I know to stay away from this pokemon for good measure but why does that name keep ringing?"

    Lusamine realized what she shouted, calmed down more and she answered Elio's question with a question of her own. "That name kept ringing maybe because you three fought one and something was done to make you forget?"

    Elio was more baffled as he asked. "Hate to sound paranoid or that I am accusing, since I over heard that things on Alola have been... boring, but do you know anything about what happened?"

    Lusamine shook her head in answer. "No I have not. Like you said, Chandelure is a very dangerous pokemon for anyone to take lightly."

    The Mew listened in and nodded, reassuring Elio of what he heard as he frowned. "Coming from you... that is still strange to hear or believe."

    Lusamine glared Elio for questioning what she told him and continued in a sharp frown. "Since you don't believe this, let me tell you what I know about this pokemon. It... feeds... off...of...souls!It...doesn't...even...wait...for...you...to...die...like...its...pre evolution...Lampent! Even as a Litwick it will kill you just for being near!"

    Elio kept a frown continued his thought. "I knew most of that already, most pokemon tend to be like all the others..."

    Lusamine nodded. "And you are right on that one, including Chandelure. It still doesn't change that a wild Litwick, a poorly trained one or dare I say a malicious one, is still among the most dangerous pokemon to deal with when it is a Chandelure."

    Gladion glared in hesitate agreement as Elio spoke his mind in thought. "A wild Chandelure is pretty rare in itself..."

    Lusamine smiled at the statement. "There are reports that wild Litwick are found on Alola... probably due to smuggling. But the locals have the right idea to make sure something is done. Most of the time they have a trainer who knows how to raise one go capture them. The Litwick is normally not a problem by that point." Elio kept a frown. "I am still not going after them unless I have to."

    Lusamine kept a smile at Elio's stubbornness and a more genuine smile of concern toward her children. "If that one incident a couple months ago is anything. You already caught one and gave it back to its trainer. Lillie, Gladion... are you two alright?"

    Lillie nodded. "Yes mother."

    Gladion sighed in annoyance. "No one we knew ran into these things, aside from not remembering... no one is hurt."

    Elio and Gladion ended their conversation while Lillie prepared to end hers. Lusamine took a deep breath of relief as she prepared to see a disappointed face. "Lillie, before you ask. I am going to be busy and wont come to this tournament to personally watch. Don't let me hold you down okay."

    Lillie hid a disappointed frown as she smiled back and said her farewells.

    As the screen flickered off the trio sighed in relief on the information they found.

    Gladion began looking at the Rotom Dex's map and whispered. "Since we don't exactly have anything worry about back home, I am going to get Absol back home. I'll be back later tonight!"

    Gladion went out the door as Elio was prepared to call the Mew back.

    Lillie yawned as she sent out her Venusaur. "I'm going to watch the news until brother gets back!"

    Elio yawned back. "It's been a long day anyways!"
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    Big Monster Finisher Arc. Chapter 1: The Wind Blows.

    The next day after Gladion returned the Absol to the route near the Great Chasm. He noticed Lillie and Elio marking gyms that none of them had went to.

    Lillie rose up to speak to her brother. "If you want to go to the Humilau we might be able to catch the Gym Leader before he swims. Only other one I can think about is Mistralion Gym?"

    Elio joined in the conversation. "Aspertia... we already been to. Lillie and I had already met the Gym Leader of Mistralton, she is nice enough to fly us over to Lentimas town."

    Gladion shrugged at the description. "Humilau sounds like a water type gym, so Mistralton is going to have to do. Anything about the Gym Leader I need to know?"

    Lillie smiled at the answer. "She goes by the name of Skyla and really likes flying. She is also friends with the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City."

    Gladion stared at the two and asked. "You went after the gyms because you were bored. You also told them, I do not want a badge, but I want to challenge the gym at their strongest because you don't want to nose in on a regions championship?"

    Elio nodded. "Also because of the World Tournament... Lillie and I are stuck to watching this. Do you want to do the gym challenge in this region?"

    Gladion shook his head. "Not really."

    Elio sent out Salamence and signaled the siblings to hop on for a quick flight to Mistralton City. When they landed, Gladion prepared an electric memory for Silvally and stepped into the Gym.

    After he told the receptionist what he wanted, he saw a gym guide being blown to the entrance and immediately saw what the Gym was. "A wind tunnel, so find cover for when the wind blows. Got it."

    Gladion spent what felt like nearly half an hour fighting off pilot's, finding shelter when the large fan began to blow and generally feeling cold.

    He made it to what looked like a shelter containing an arena and saw a red haired woman with a two piece blue outfit, looking cheerfully at the challenger. "Hee-hee! I've been waiting for you. Your a tough trainer who can face the wind and not get blown off!"

    Gladion posed in preparation for the battle. "You realize your Gym Puzzle is pretty dangerous? Get ready because here I come!"

    Vs Gym Leader Skyla

    Skyla took out a pokeball and shouted. "Braviary, lets soar into battle!"

    Gladion took his pokeball and shouted back. "Silvally lets start with multi attack!"

    The Braviary was slashed with electric infused claws as Skyla shouted. "Fight back with crush claw!"

    The gem around the Braviary's neck glowed as he clawed his talons into the Silvally before being knocked out out by another multi attack.

    Skyla switched and shouted. "Archeops, come out!" Gladion saw the Archeops and switched Silvally out. "Crobat lets take this bird out!" The Archeops began to let loose and earthquake as the Crobat entered, no effect.

    Gladion shouted. "Get it low enough with acrobatics!"

    The Archeops was knocked out of its determination as the Crobat's flying gem glowed and struck in a boosted acrobatics, Skyla glared and shouted. "Don't give up just yet, hit it with a stone edge!" The Archeops grumbled in defeat as it let loose jagged rocks into the Crobat, the Archeops took another acrobatic attack and countered with a stone edge.

    Gladion called the Crobat back and tossed his next pokemon. "Weavile take that Archeops out with ice shard!"

    Archeops was knocked out as Skyla prepared her next pokemon. "Mandibuzz use brave bird until that Weavile is out of flight!"

    As the Weavile continued to shoot icy shards, the Mandibuzz rammed like the brave bird she was, then another share of attacks. The Weavile shot another ice shard as the Mandibuzz ate a strange blue berry known as an Apricot berry, increasing her defenses and knocking the Weavile out.

    Gladion switched and shouted. "Porygon-Z finish it off with thunderbolt!"

    The Mandibuzz was shot down by a bolt of lighting as Skyla switched. "Swoobat come out and calm yourself!" A blue hairy bat with a heart shaped nose flew in and calmed her mind for the next thunderbolt.

    Skyla cheered and was posing like a plane. "Okay now use air slash!" The Porygon-Z was about to strike down as a slash of air made it flinch and exposed to a psychic blast for a knock out.

    Gladion called the Porygon-Z back and shouted. "Tyranitar mega evolve and use crunch!"

    The Tyranitar stood on the field as it waited for the key stone to activate, the Swoobat tried to tempt him to not attack with attract and was crunched, being tossed back for a k.o.

    Skyla glared in eager determination called the Swoobat back and tossed another pokemon out. "Swanna we need to take this Tyranitar down! Use scald!"

    A white swan flew and burned the Tyranitar with scalding water as Gladion shouted. "Dragon dance, then stone edge!"

    The Tyranitar danced and stomped on the ground, causing jagged stones to knock the Swanna back to her trainer for a k.o.

    Skyla called the Swanna back and sent out her last pokemon. "Unfezant we cannot give up here, keep using u-turn!"

    Gladion looked back at the brown Unfezant in determination and ordered the Tyranitar. "Tyranitar use ice punch then finish it off with crunch!"

    The Tyranitar punched into the female Unfezant with an icy fist before having her bounce off of him. In a mighty roar, he crunched his fangs into the Unfezant and tossed her back for a k.o.

    Tyranitar roared and wanted to keep attacking the knocked out opponent. Gladion prepared the keystone and shouted. "Tyranitar, the battle is over. Stand down!"

    The Tyranitar was barely able to recognized his trainers commanded, he reverted back to its normal form as Gladion powered him down. It took a deep breath before looking back at its trainer in a nod.

    Gladion gave him a small pet on the back. "It's okay, mega evolution can be very tiring!"

    The Tyranitar agreed as he was called back. Skyla took the defeat rather well and shook Gladion hand. "We got to fight at full strength! My pokemon and I have been happy to battle a trainer like you!"

    Gladion didn't mind the challenge as he shook back. "This was gave me the results I was looking for, thanks!"

    The trainer looked around looking for a short cut back until Skyla pointed in the direction the Gym door was. "Fastest way back is a hop, skip and flight all the way back!"

    Gladion was curious as to what the Skyla meant as he looked closer to find no visible short cut. His eyes widened at realization that. "You don't mean the fa..." The fan began to blow a strong gust of wind.

    A scream of shock was heard in the gym!

    Elio and Lillie were busy out side of the gym, reading the Rotom Dex and waiting for Gladion to finish when they saw him shivering and about to fall. Lillie rushed to her brothers side to hold him steady. "Brother what has happened?!"

    Gladion answered as he regained balance. "The Gym's puzzle involved a wind tunnel and it is the short cut back. Not pleasant!"

    Elio cringed at the insanity and waited for Gladion to calm down as he spoke of his experience. "The Castelia Gym was a bit weird in the elevators. Your handling the mega Tyranitar better?"

    Gladion nodded back with a more steady thought. "Better. Tyranitar seems to be one that likes to keep fighting even after he wins a battle, it seems that he has problems hearing me other wise."

    Elio told his rival some of his own experience. "That seems like the main thing with most of the aggressive ones. A lot is going on for them that while their power is great, an inexperienced trainer has to deal with a lot more when the pokemon is moments away from going out of control. It is also the burst in power they get that causes destruction all around if you allow it; for example H.P got into a fight with a Mega Garchomp in an enclosed building... that room had to be redone."

    Gladion took a deep breath at the information. "The bond between the trainer seems more if they trust you enough to make the decisions for them during its transformation. Otherwise they are put into such a great strain that they will lash out if they are kept in that form for long!"

    Elio grinned back. "Think this is enough for a conclusion?"

    Gladion kept a frown. "Enough of a conclusion that we need to know."

    Lillie spoke of what she knows from the Rotom Dex. "Brother, I think the Castform's home is in the route between Chargestone and Driftveil."

    Elio joined in the thought. "After that you want to take the scenic route to Virbank?"

    Gladion, glared at Elio in refusal. "We go through Chargestone, get the Castform home. Then we have Salamence fly us."

    As the trio made it past Chargestone cave with their hair standing, Gladion took a dusk ball out and pressed a button. The Castform recognized the three and looked around to what just happened.

    Gladion asked Elio. "Since you did catch him, should you tell him... or should I?"

    Elio took a deep breath. "Castform... does this place look familiar to you?"

    The Castform looked around, recognized the area and smiled. Elio grinned and waved goodbye. "Then this is where you were from, get on out of here!"

    Small tears descended from the Castform as he began to fly up into the atmosphere.

    Lillie saw the tearful look on Elio's face and saw the next watmel plant had grown another batch of berries. "It is always hard to see this..."

    Elio smiled at the two as he drew out Salamence. "It was hard with Punctchy... and was worth every moment sending the you know whats home!"

    Gladion took a deep breath of frustation at the mentioned of the Ultra Beasts. "I know you are not going to send them home a second time!"

    Elio nodded. "Venom can't stay out of trouble, Gapper tried to stay out of trouble, I have no idea about Prissy... but if the you know whats have baton pass... they were among the XD. I might try again eventually, but only if this becomes a recurring problem." The siblings took some thought as they went on the Salamence.

    Lillie stared at Elio and silently told him."If they are happy with you... don't worry,"

    It was a windy day during flight, the Salamence had to carry more weight; in an attempt to find a good landing spot he chose Castelia City.

    Elio petted the ashamed Salamence in whisper. "It's okay, your not exactly a ride pokemon and this is close enough anyways."

    The Salamence roared before going into his ball. The trio found the boat to Virbank missing as they discuss more plans before the tournament.

    Elio was the first to ask. "It is going to be a couple more week's till the tournament. Anything you two have planned still?"

    Lillie nodded back. "Finish the Big Monster series if we can. I want to continue raising Stalagas more."

    Gladion shrugged. "I have nothing to really do save for either doing more gyms or writing something down for miss Wicke."

    Elio grinned at his plans. "I still have to raise Blattron, Sharp Scale and Auggy. Blattron might finally get to interact with Kalden better. Everything else, we have the Ferris Wheel, trying to see the next game and Aniville town to see more trains of you all want!"

    Gladion raised an eyebrow and asked. "Anything else you found in this region?"

    Elio nodded. "The minions... if you don't mind me calling them that, found their own things to do. Funny thing about what Lillie and I found out about Deerling. They change the color of their fur depending on the season, so we decided to go on a picnic and enjoy the autumn sights."

    As Lillie blushed at the mention, Gladion glared. "Not interested in what you were doing."

    Elio shook his head and replied. "No, Lillie wanted to see an autumn Deerling herself until we found the fur thing out. That point we had no real excuse for us to look and Blattron found us a rare berry. What happened as soon as we were done however..."

    The Dex flared up to show a picture of an orange Deerling with a yellow flower and yellow stripes and a Deerling with a pink flower and pink stripes. Lillie mustered up the courage to explain what happened. "The one with the pink flower caught herself!"

    Gladion nearly laughed before catching himself and frowning. "Sorry about that. How did that happen?"

    Elio cringed and tried to warn Gladion. "Careful, last time I delved into making one of those jokes... Lillie got mad!"

    Lillie took a deep breath as she blushed in embarrassment. "The Deerling was sneaking in my bag and got out a nest ball... she tapped at it and..."

    Elio looked over to the ocean in hope that the boat would arrive before Lillie mentions the bag; she had better luck of a shiny pokemon going into the bag willing than she ever had with Nebby.

    Lillie sighed knowing what Elio is trying not to listen."After what that Deerling did, this is never going to die down!"

    Gladion shook his head before he sneaked a smile to his sister. "I understand what happened now. Those types of pokemon are pretty rare."

    Elio received a text from Plumeria as he saw the boat arrive. "Some captain was busy auditioning for a spot at Poke Star... Roxie kicked his butt."

    As the trio arrive to the Poke Star theater to find Nate or the Director of the Big Monster Series, Lillie found an unusual surprise.

    A tan woman she was familiar with looked like she just saw a series of films and smiled before realizing who just entered "Lillie?!"

    Lillie smiled and cheered. "Burnet! What are you doing here?"

    Burnet tried to think of a good reason she would visit Unova out of the blue. "I wanted to meet up with Fennel and Juniper. I also want to cheer for you during the World Tournament, I saw you get upset when you and Elio realized you would be in separate teams and was planning to make this a surprise!" Lillie saw the second reason being the more likely and embraced the woman for a hug in happy tears.

    Nate found the Elio and Gladion pleasantly surprised by the turn of event's and called them over.

    Elio noticed Nate wanted something and asked. "You finally found something that would work? Tournament is in a couple weeks and by then we will all be busy!"

    Nate nodded as he asked something of Gladion. "The director is looking for a way to make the finale of the three films stand out, I heard Elio has a familiar looking Garchomp that would play the role for the character Chewy..."

    Gladion frowned and made a pose in refusal. "Not interested, I don't act!"

    Nate frowned in disappointment. "Well that is one idea gone. The director still still wants to use a Mega Garchomp... and I might have to use Mountain and Soly... or a Tyranitar of my own and a Noivern I traded a Larvesta for. Problem is I don't have a mega stone and those two have worked together too many times for people NOT to recognize me!"

    Elio joined in the collective frown and asked. "Is Lillie and me still needed for the final act? This one seems more about the pokemon than the human actors."

    Nate nodded. "Someone needs to give orders to the giant pokemon. At that point it is essentially letting the pokemon fight!"

    Gladion noticed the words and asked. "Just giving orders?"

    Nate raised a couple fingers as he explained the general plot of the third act. "We need a small scene with someone worthy of being a partner for an Avatar of the Titanic Tyranitar king. Kind of involves two pokemon going up against two Tyranitars, one of the trainers pokemon has to be a Tyranitar."

    Gladion glared at the movie star and made one demand. "Don't use my name and don't give me any cheesy lines!"

    Nate pointed at Elio and Lillie as he grinned. "Most of the script they followed up to a point. They essentially shaped the plot on their own."

    The two teenagers shook hands on the agreement as Gladion stared at Elio. "I am doing this because I want to see Lillie finish this. The last loose end we need to tie up!"
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    Big Monster Finisher Arc Chapter 2. Tyranitar Fighting All Pokemon!

    On the shore of an unknown city, a a blonde teenage boy felt a small voice was beckoned by an unknown force. He saw a maid glowing a yellow light and floating in stasis, a Tyranitar was summoned.

    The teenager took a pokeball and shouted. "Lucario come out!"

    A roar was heard from the woman as a voice rang in the teenager's head. "At last someone approaches."

    The teenager frowned in response to the voice. "Care to tell me what this is about?"

    A roar came out in response. "A great calamity is occurring and I seek to put an end to it."

    The teenager looked over to the distance and saw three giant pokemon fighting in each other before he heard another roar. "My body no longer exist, so I am borrowing this woman to speak to someone... worthy. I hope I found what I am looking for."

    The teenager kept a scowl as he posed for battle. "If you are looking for a fight, you found one!" The voice responded back. "That is reassuring."

    The teenager shouted. "Lucario take that Tyranitar out with an aura sphere!" The Tyranitar ate a chople berry in preparation for the fighting move and countered with an earthquake for a k.o.

    The teenager called the Lucario back and tossed a pokeball. "Tyranitar get ready for a dragon dance!"

    The Tyranitar danced as he took a super effective earthquake, in response he stomped his foot and knocked the opposing Tyranitar out with a stone edge. Another Tyranitar was summoned, the teenager ordered. "Tyranitar use ice punch!"

    The Tyranitar punched his opponent with an icy fist and was countered by a thunder punch; in a stomp the teenagers Tyranitar knocked the opposing one out with a stone edge.

    The teenager frowned at the floating woman and asked. "Now then, what were you looking for and how you planned to stop this!"

    The voice in his head spoke. "I am looking for someone to serve as my Avatar. That Tyranitar would be suitable for my power." The teenager frown became sharper. "I am not having someone take control! He had to deal with that once and it was enough."

    The voice corrected himself in response to the misunderstanding. "Let me be more specific, They receive a power boost needed to fight back against something of... that size. Think them like a representative of my power rather than actually me. They still act as their own, it is also a temporary effect."

    The teenager looked at his Tyranitar and asked. "Are you okay with this?"

    The Tyranitar nodded and roared. The voice roared back at the Tyranitar. "Okay... stand back trainer." The Tyranitar glowed and began to grow.

    In a mountain side a lab was being closed.

    A professor giving his workers a massive paycheck and was telling them to leave. A Heatran, Volcarona and Hydreigon finished fighting each other when the lava dome sensed foot steps in the distance. Approaching from behind the mountain, a Mega Tyranitar the size of a 8 story building approached with a Silvally that had brown highlights and slightly smaller than the giant Heatran.

    The Tyranitar roared issuing a challenge as sand steamed across the land.

    The professor laughed bitterly as his chief security approached. "This was going to happen. Hey Lillie, you can still walk away from this, I caused this mess."

    The chief security shook her head at refusal. "I am not leaving you to fight this thing alone! Ghorchi get ready!"

    Elio shrugged and shouted. "Solaire we need to fight back against that Tyranitar, use bug buzz!" The Volcarona buzz loudly at the Tyranitar as the Hydreigon cackled to shoot a flamethrower at the Silvally.

    The Tyranitar let loose a stone edge to knock out the Volcarona, as he fell he shrank back and landed next to Elio. "So knocking it out stops this... Melta get ready!"

    The Volcarona was called back as the Heatran got itself ready for the next attack. The Silvally critically slashed at the Hydreigon in an x shape pattern as the Heatran prepared to shot a beam of light at the Tyranitar.

    In a slash of earth infused claws, the Silvally knocked the Heatran out; sending her flying back and shrinking down to normal size as the Hydreigon was punched in the face by the Tyranitar's icy fist. The Hydreigon giggled as he shrank down and was knocked out.


    The Security chief nearly giggled before reminding herself the Mega Tyranitar was serious business.

    The professor laughed as he drew out a key stone. "Lillie, get out of here! If he wants a fight he is about to get one!"

    The security chief froze and argued protest. "Professor please don't! We have no idea what it would do to Chewy's mental state!"

    Elio looked back in a desperate smile. "If these guy's beating the others down is anything, it might finally do something about his size! You have your paycheck, should be enough to settle you for the next twenty years!"

    The security chief looked in tears before she kissed him on the lips and ran. The professor activated the key stone and shouted. "CHEWY, MEGA EVOLVE AND START THIS WITH DIG!"

    The Garchomp risen from the mega energy, grew larger, has his fins melt into scythes and roared in a frenzy. The Silvally clawed into the Garchomp with earth infused claws as it burrowed into the ground. The Tyranitar danced as the Garchomp dug up and used a sand force pounce to knock the Silvally out.

    As the Silvally shrank down, the Tyranitar crunched into the Garchomp; the Garchomp lashed out in an outrage to push the Tyranitar into a mountain. The Tyranitar's fist glowed into an icy punch and sent the Garchomp barreling back, reverting to a smaller size, back to the size a Garchomp would normally be as he reverted back to his normal form.

    The Tyranitar roared before energy left, shrinking it back down to its normal size; revealing a blonde teenager standing behind him and giving the professor a glare.

    A young man in a red outfit and silver helmet arrived on a jet to find what looked like a giant fight had happened and saw a teenager giving a glare and a professor that was raising his hands up in surrender. "Okay, who is responsible for this?"

    The professor pointed at himself before shouting. "That would be me! The Giant Garchomp, the Giant Volcarona, Giant Heatran and Giant Hydregion. This mad man right here! Also the reason Titanic Tyrannitar had to show up!"

    The young man introduced himself as a member of the Unova task force and tossed a file of reports showing a business man. "You actually helped this guy? From what I found he had a mole do something about a team studying something."

    The professor looked at the reports before shaking his head. "No, but I made things a lot worse trying to fix this!"

    The task force member took a deep breath in response and asked "You wouldn't mind coming with me to court... anyone else involved in this?"

    The professor frowned in dragging his staff into the mess and nodded. "Some assistants keeping files and a security force. I told them to leave so they don't have to suffer my screw up!"

    The task force member pointed at the teenager calling the Tyranitar back and asked the professor. "Anything you know about him?"

    The professor looked at the teenager closely and saw the resemblance. "He looks like he is related to my chief security officer. Otherwise it seemed he was the one keeping the Titanic mega Tyranitar in check so he doesn't do anymore damage than expected."

    The teenager made a sharp scowl at the answer. The task force member smiled at the frowning teenager and shouted. "Your free to go."

    As the teenager left into the sunrise, the task force member frowned at the professor. "I am afraid they are going to have to testify for you in court... are they going to be okay with this?"

    The professor laughed loudly in response. "If they are going to try to save my hide... let them. They are already set and my entire research degree is gone at best!"

    At the Pokestar theater.

    Elio was cheering at a frowning Gladion. "You did great! That Mega Tyranitar, Silvally combo was able to wipe the floor with four pokemon."

    Gladion interrupted him and asked in an over protective frown. "You know you two did it again... right?"

    Elio stopped grinning and nodded as Gladion's placed his hand under his chin in curiosity. "How exactly do you keep the act going though?"

    Elio answered back. "Take the entire Laura scene. I pretended that I am more oblivious to when a girl likes me, then act as if I just realized she had a crush on me. Next to no excuse with the Brycen man one, the recent one... I pretended that I screwed up monumentally and I am about to own up to it. No need having people take the fall for doing their jobs!" As the two were discussing, they saw Lillie talking to Burnet over the things she had been to in the Unova region. Including the mysterious incident she did not remember that involved a Chandelure.

    Burnet froze in fear and asked. "Are you and the others alright?"

    Lillie nodded as she shouted to Elio. "You may want to tell her what you know!"

    Elio approached a worried Burnet that asked. "You have any idea what happened... or what lead to you fighting something like that?"

    Elio shook his head in response and answered. "No, I do not. I know that if a wild Chandelure was out, it would be captured just because it is a pokemon that is far too dangerous to be allowed to roam. I certainly would not allow anyone to be near that thing unless there is a good reason for them to come. I would also have a pokemon that is very good at sensing ghost types because of this. I even told my minions that they are to stay away from this specific pokemon."

    Burnet listened and asked. "What could have happened to make you forget something that important?"

    Lillie sensed something in the master ball and let the Mew out. The Mew's eyes glowed as it spoke to the woman. "Miss Burnet... promise you wouldn't tell them."

    Burnet agreed as she was given a small vision. "This is what actually happened."

    Burnet was given a vision of a woman in black confessing to something and a foul Chandelure. It ended with the Chandelure being dragged into a void and a Xatu doing something.

    As it ended, Burnet was rather confused as the Mew explained. "That woman crossed lines she shouldn't have in an attempt to do something about some very evil people that were terrorizing this region. She is getting help!"

    Burnet calmed herself down and asked. "What else were you doing in Unova besides these films?"
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    Pokemon World Tournament Arc. Chapter 1: Knowledge and A Big Lie.

    The next two weeks the group of four spent most of their time enjoying some of the activities found on Unova.

    As Burnet decided to have a small get together with Juniper and Fennel, Elio and Lillie wanted to come with her and bring the Genesect. "Blattron, do you want them to study you for a bit? I promise they won't hurt you."

    The Genesect crackled in response. "If they want to know more about me... sure thing boss."

    Gladion was rationalizing going. "This seems like a few knowledgeable people... could be worth the time!"

    The group journeyed to Nuvema town and went to a lab at the corner of town. Burnet immediately recognized a brown hair woman talking with a scientist Elio and Lillie were familiar with.

    Lillie was the first to shout. "Hello miss Fennel!"

    Fennel turned around and was very startled at Burnet, the brown haired woman told Fennel to calm down as she introduced herself. "Hi there Burnet, welcome to Nuvema Town. I see you brought some company with you!"

    Burnet nodded and smiled. "These three trainers have came to Unova sooner than I have!"

    Gladion was attempting to stay quiet when Lillie requested that he introduce himself to the professor. "Brother, we heard of this woman before. Miss Juniper?"

    Juniper nodded as she gave herself a more specific introduction as she shook the groups hands. "Everyone calls me the Pokemon Professor!"

    Gladion sighed in defeat that he is going to have to socialize with more people. "Name is Gladion... and I am aware most of the regions have a professor!"

    Elio joined in as he spoke his peace and showed the Rotom Dex. "Kukui may have told you about me. Your the one who studies pokemon's origins?"

    Juniper smiled as she was prepared to invite them over to her lab. "That is correct, your the one who registered every pokemon native to Alola?"

    Elio nodded as Lillie introduced herself most bold out of the group. "My name is Lillie, we met miss Fennel over a month ago and we gotten ourselves distracted when we came down here to meet you. Sorry about that!"

    Juniper did not mind. "With what was going on, I understand why."

    Burnet was tackled by an excited Fennel who made a request. "Lets head to the lab before and catch up more! Burnet it has been years!"

    In the lab, Juniper was preparing refreshments as Burnet gave a better explanation as to how she knew the other two researchers. "Because I was studying other dimensions in the Unova region, miss Fennel and I's work tend to be more cooperative with each other! The Dream World tends to be an unusual place that is said to connect somewhere in the region."

    Lillie listened as she asked. "Which is why the dream radar was made in the first place?"

    Fennel nodded. "It is the only other way to see what goes on in that world. Then Burnet's research took her to another region that had incidents of another dimension."

    Gladion began to frown at where the subject was going and asked. "Then you two met Juniper because the research kind of involved her with the pokemon from that world?"

    Elio answered for the ladies. "Kind of, Fennel knew Juniper so it was only a matter of time before they interacted!"

    Juniper listened and recalled it. "Fennel called me that day for a get together over casteliacones."

    The younger trio imagined it until the Alolan Champ asked. "You mind if I show you Rotom Dex?"

    Juniper doesn't really mind as the Rotom Dex buzzed nervously. "BZZT! Boss, this is making things awkward! BZZT!"

    The professor was taking a look at the Alolan native pokemon and asked. "A trainer I knew told me of another pokemon you wanted me to see?"

    Elio nodded as he let out a Genesect, Juniper and Fennel were startled by the Genesect verbally asking. "What do they want?"

    Burnet sighed, unnerved even as she known about the Genesect from Lillie over the two week's she was on Unova. As the three researchers began to study more of the Genesect, they found most of the information to be what Elio, Lillie and Gladion already knew.

    Juniper frowned and showed them what was known. "Genesect is a resurrected fossil from 300 million years ago, built to be a weapon. Because of its cybernetic enhancements it has a case of function over form."

    Elio asked the three scientist. "Anything you people can do to make Blattron at least taste things?"

    Juniper brought a small dusty file and answered. "I am sorry, we do not know how it was made to answer that. There is one person out there that might be able to make modifications to the Genesect to at least have that. He use to be a part of Neo Team Plasma four years ago before he disbanded them. He is someone who wanted to find ways for a pokemon to reach its maximum potential, regardless if it is morally sound."

    Elio remembered on person he met on Alola and asked Gladion if they can talk outside. Leaving Lillie to tell the two everything she knew of what had happened.

    Gladion frowned and asked. "What do you know?"

    Elio frowned back. "I remember meeting some scientist that was hanging out with the Aether Foundation. A blonde guy with a blue strip of hair in a lab coat with a cooling system. I met him a couple times on my journey... he gave me the four drives after telling me about a pokemon called Genesect and we often meet at the Battle Tree. Goes by the name of Colress, you don't happen to have heard of him, have you?"

    Gladion shrugged. "A little, he was studying Z crystals and was part of the reason we wanted to study about Keystones in the first place. I never really spoke to him and he was also studying a place called the Poke Pelago."

    Elio took a breath of relief. "In case we don't find a solution for Blattron here, I have another thing on my to do list. Find Colress, figure out what he knows and try to convince him to help Blattron. If Blattron can at least have his sense of taste back... he would finally happy!"

    Gladion raised an eyebrow and asked. "A list? What else do you have planned?"

    The Alola champ grinned. "The Pokemon World Tournament next week is one of them, having to deal with title defense again is another!"

    Gladion made a sharp frown, knowing Elio had more planned. "What do you know that you are not telling me?"

    Elio's grin faded into a cringe. "Remember what you said about your father being caught in a you know what?"

    Gladion glared back. "I thought I told you to stay out of our family business!"

    Elio's cringe turned into a frown of acceptance as he expects to get punched in the face. "Something I know of fallers... if they are stuck in you know where for too long they start loosing memories, I have been working on a project that might help restore memories. I even experimented on myself to find some more dor..."

    Gladion grabbed Elio by the collar of his shirt and lifted him. "How long have you been keeping quiet about this?!"

    Elio kept calm as he answered. "Until I had things confirmed. If the guy I found at... place.. place.. is who I think it is, then he doesn't remember squat! If I told you and you found out he doesn't remember you all. Would that do you or Lillie any good?"

    Gladion shouted in frustration, having something trinkling from his eyes. "How are you even going to fix seven years of what has happened?!"

    Elio frowned. "Can't change what is done, might repair what is broken. Isaac and Nebby have been good in finding key memories and figuring it out. I may or may not have to work on someone with Alzheimer's. My other option is to have two pokemon help me figure out what happened regarding that Chandelure. This isn't something I found out of nowhere, I talked to someone who knew quite a bit about psychic types and affecting memories!"

    Gladion lifted Elio down as he calmed himself down. "Who?"

    Elio smiled as he answered. "The Being of Knowledge himself. Uxie!"

    Gladion glared at what he heard, to him Elio is speaking insanity. "You went to a pokemon that could wipe your memories clean and asked him that?"

    Elio laughed as he explained. "Isaac went to visit him while Lillie and I were busy knocking each others brains out in a snow ball fight! She went to check Snowpoint city, I checked Lake Acuity!"

    Gladion's glare faded as he shook his head at what he heard. "That makes way too much sense coming from you. When are you going to try and get him back, if it is even him?"

    Elio was in thought in how he was going to try his scheme. "Soon as we get back from the world tournament I plan to get started on another memory experiment. Once the results are in, I will let you know if I found out about what happened with Chandelure! If I do... expect me to get started on finishing the... project as soon as possible! I got the idea after Lillie caught the Shadow Mew and I went into..."

    Gladion looked away as he stopped his rival from mentioning the coma. "When you saw and felt things you wished you never did."

    Elio nodded. "It was also the things I saw when I went ins..."

    Elio stopped himself as he remembered, Gladion sighed and patted him on the back. "If you don't want to remember that detail... don't!" Elio made a quick smile. "Thanks! Please keep this a secret a little longer!"

    Gladion was about to speak his opinion when he heard his sister ask behind him with a Rotom Dex floating to Elio wanting to ask some questions himself. "What are you two talking about?"

    Gladion answered back. "We were talking about the Genesect!"

    Lillie nodded as she asked. "What did Elio say to make you... upset? I heard you shout from in the lab!"

    Elio knew Lillie was close to finding out, so he thought up a lie and thought it up quick. "Something about me knowing of another pokemon that was artificially created! I don't know if Isaac knows it or not, but they are related. Very aggressive pokemon!"

    Dex grinned maliciously and began to show a picture when Elio turned off the picture. "He already knows Dex! Don't bring the picture up again!"

    Gladion and Lillie glared in response; Lillie asked with a shocked stare. "I heard Oak had a Dex entry for that one... may we not talk about that one?"

    Elio kept the lie going. "I already mentioned him... and was about to get punched in the face when I explained the things I knew."

    Gladion took a deep breath as he spoke his mind. "After Silvally, the shadow pokemon and Genesect I really don't want to hear about another pokemon like this."

    Lillie nodded in understanding and glared at Elio. "You shouldn't have brought it up to him! Now come inside! Juniper wants to know about Mew."

    As Lillie walked back in, Elio began to apologize to Gladion when he knew she was out of hearing range. "I am sorry for bringing a pokemon like that up and sorry I had to lie to Lillie like that."

    Gladion kept a glare as he scared the Rotom Dex into Elio's backpack. "I meant what I said about that pokemon. Be happy that you stopped the Dex from actually telling me!"
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    Pokemon World Tournament Arc Chapter 2: Speak of The Genetic Pokemon!

    The following week had not been pleasant for Elio. Lillie did not talk to him because to her, mentioning the artificial pokemon to Gladion of all people was a terrible thing to do. Lillie asked why Elio even brought it up; the excuse that it slipped did not help him as she came to the conclusion that it was no accident.

    As they prepared for the World Tournament in Driftveil city, Gladion saw the signs of a break up and asked Elio. "Are you going to tell her what you actually told me? Or at least enough, because keeping this up is just going to make it worse!"

    Elio cringed in questioning. "What am I suppose say! That the thing I actually told you was the super secret project?"

    Gladion took a deep breath as he calmly answered. "Either you tell her yourself or I do!"

    The words frightened Elio to wanting to confront Lillie who was staring at the sea; Lillie noticed Elio, glared and began to shun him as the boy sweated nervously. "You know that thing I told Gladion last week?"

    Lillie gave Elio a cold shoulder. "I don't want to talk to you!"

    Elio felt pressure as he continued. "I lied to you about that!"

    Lillie felt shock at what she heard and coldly asked. "Are you going to tell me what it is then?"

    Elio struggled to get the words out. "Remember that super secret project. I blurted a list of things I wanted to get done... that was the first thing on the list before this trip and for good reason!"

    Lillie's turned around and gave Elio a burning glare. "Why are you not telling me what this project is?!"

    Elio frowned as he felt an intense mental burn. "It may or may not involve someone you know..."

    Lillie still glared as she answered. "Who? Or is it so important you are going to keep it hidden from me!"

    Elio looked Lillie in the eyes as he answered. "You want to know why I cannot tell you this? If I tell you and my plan doesn't work... it is just going to hurt you."

    Lillie was still angry when she asked. "Would it have been so bad that lying to me would have been a better choice? Especially like the lie you used?"

    Elio answered back bluntly. "It would have!"

    Lillie began to think what Elio was trying to do, puffed up her cheeks, placed her hands on her hips and was beginning to wag her finger. "Your still not going to tell me... so answer me this. Why did you think lying to me that you told my brother about Mewtwo was a good idea?! Now he knows of another pokemon he was better off not knowing about!"

    Elio grinned nervously as he answered. "Because I thought you would believe that!"

    Lillie gave a sharper glare. "It worked! Slip of the tongue indeed!"

    Elio cringed in response. "Worked too well?" Lillie took out a great ball and let a Gardevoir out that sensed what Lillie wanted and prepared. "Anything else you lied to me about?"

    Elio shook his head and blushed at the things he told her during the time he knew her. "No."

    The Gardevoir yipped and nodded. Lillie's glare turned into a red blush as she remembered the things he said to her over the span of two years. "How long do you plan to keep this secret hidden? Do I have to ask my brother?"

    Elio looked down in shame. "A couple more months at best, the project is going to be the first thing I am getting back on! If this works, this would be the best thing to have happened. More so than the shiny Deerling! You can ask him if you want...but it the project doesn't work it's going to hurt."

    The Gardevoir yipped and nodded. Lillie still blushed like a tamato berry and glared as she finished lecturing him. "I won't ask him! Don't ever lie to me again!"

    Elio took a breath of relief until Lillie continued to look him in the eyes. "This is for the tournament!"

    Lillie kissed Elio in the lips; Elio returned it and continued for what felt like minutes.

    As they broke the kiss, Lillie went ahead of him to check the inside of the building the tournament was in with Burnet following her.

    Gladion sneaked up and asked Elio. "You told her the truth?"

    Elio smiled. "Told her that it is the project I was working on. She had to sic Maiden to make me tell her a couple other things."

    Gladion glared. "What else did she ask?"

    Elio continued to grin. "If there was anything else I lied to her about, I did not! I also told her how long this project is going to take! She may or may not ask you about this!"

    Gladion took a deep breath at what he heard. "She took it well?"

    Elio cringed as he answered. "She is still mad that I lied to her! But it was a lot better than I expected."

    Gladion looked around to see if anyone was listening. "I don't see any gym leaders heading here just yet, so I'll ask. What pokemon were you referring to? Because saying that out loud seemed like a dumb idea."

    Elio took the Rotom Dex out and had it show Gladion a picture of a gray cat like creature with a purple tail.

    Gladion's eyes widened as he recognized the image. "That looked like one of the forms that..."

    Elio nodded before he finished. "Much like Silvally, it was a replica of an already existing pokemon, Mew. Unlike Silvally that was made from a bunch of pokemon... this pokemon was cloned."

    The Dex described the pokemon. "BZZT! Mewtwo, the Genetic pokemon! A pokemon created by recombining Mew's genes Created by scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments! It is said to have the most savage heart out of all pokemon! BZZT!"

    Gladion looked in horror at what he heard. "How long had you have that Dex information?!"

    Elio frowned as he answered. "Seven months ago! After all the things I learned from raising Kalden, this was the last pokemon I wanted to actually tell you about! Oak sent me this after he saw the information on Type:Null."

    Gladion rolled his eyes in disgust. "Why did they create this pokemon?"

    Elio shrugged. "Oak never said... he told me Red captured this and he is not saying anything. Rumor has it that this pokemon has two mega forms, much like Charizard."

    Gladion placed his hand over his face and sighed at his rival's stupidity. "Of course she would believe that! Any other pokemon I need to know about?"

    Elio thought of it. "While there are artificial pokemon... they are nowhere near as extreme as this. We also have pokemon brought back from fossils if they count."

    Gladion glared into the distance and asked. "Want to hear what Wes told me about that happened during the Second Shadow Crisis?"

    Elio gulped in fear as he asked. "Is this payback?"

    Gladion took a deep breath. "Depends. He got this information from Michael."

    Elio joined in the frown. "Okay what the hell did Cipher do during that!?"

    Gladion made a sharp scowl as he answered. "We all know about Hyper Mode... during the Second Shadow Crisis their was a more mediocre version of that called Reverse mode. Does everything that happens in Hyper Mode except replace the critical hit bonus with the pokemon being in constant pain!"

    Elio frowned and let his rival know he wanted the subject to drop. "First a factory for this... now I have that imagery in my head! What else did he tell you? Because Bouy was an Azurril when one of the employee's found him!"

    Gladion answered back. "Wes never told me, now lets forget about this and get this tournament started!"

    At the World Tournament building.

    The teams for Kanto, Johto, Unova and Alola began to gather to register their teams.

    Lillie frowned when she saw Elio and Gladion having a frown like they heard of things they wished they hadn't. "What were you two talking about?"

    Elio calmly spoke out. "Horror stories that I am going to hear again in my nightmares!"

    Gladion looked around the grand building and asked. "What happened?"

    Lillie took a deep breath as she calmed down. "In around a week the other groups are coming here, most of Kanto and Johto don't seem to mind us talking to each other as long as we don't ask about the other teams."

    Lillie registered her team of her Venusaur, Venomoth, Porygon2, Raichu, Leafeon and Vaporeon as she continued. "Burnet agreed to look after Isaac while we are doing the champion ship. You mind if she keeps an eye on Blattron?"

    Elio nodded as he registered his team of his Incineroar, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Kangaskhan, Silvally and Raichu "I need to give her some ground rules about him. But sure... I am sorry that I lied to you like tha..."

    Lillie smiled as she stopped him. "We worry about that when we are back on Alola."

    The group were startled by the shout of Guzma looking down on a bet table. On one end, was a Lure ball, a Moon Ball, a Heavy Ball and a Love Ball betting for him with the names, Grimsly, Iris, Alder and Elio. On the other was two love balls, a heavy ball, a lure ball and a moon ball with the names, Caitlin, Shauntal, Marshal and Lorelei betting for a Giovanni. "Hey! What is this about?!"

    Elio cringed. "Yep, I hope we make it far!"

    Lillie read the names and spoke about Lorelei. "She use to be a part of Kanto's elite four a long time ago."

    Elio grinned at Guzma and he explained what happened. "I started a wager than you end up beating this one gym leader from Kanto. Goes by the name Giovanni, boss of this gang called Team Rocket!"

    Guzma glared and shouted. "Okay what the hell were you saying about me!?"

    Guzma shook his head as he saw Elio smiling confidence in him. "You are expecting way too much off of me! Who the hell did you bet with?"

    Elio answered. "Unova's elite four! Look like one of Unova's champs have faith that you would win as well and bet on you."

    Guzma looked at the box again in a glare. "Aside from you... only two of those names I remember."

    Lillie frowned as she read the names. "Iris was also Unova's champ. Your telling me Mister Grimsley was the only elite four member that bet for you?"

    Elio kept a grin and spoke. "What do you say minion! Are you going to prove those naysayers wrong?"

    Guzma looked at Elio in confusion at what was expected. "You do know that there is no guarantee I am going to actually fight this guy... right?"

    Elio shrugged in response. "In that scenario... the bet is render null and void. It would be a disappointment, but that is the more likely thing that would happen. It is a lot of Gym leaders and everyone is fighting for the top!"

    The rest of team Alola arrived to greet Elio. Ilima remembered he read about some of the Gym Leaders of the various regions. "Aspertia Gym may be a school yard... but one Gym Leader from the Hoenn region is also a top student herself!"

    Mallow, Kiawe and Lana got together to make a rousing speech to each other as while Sophocles moaned unaware that Plumeria was listening and glaring. "Why am I the only captain from Ula'Ula that got to go?"

    Mina glanced at the place and asked Elio. "I noticed we came here early. You want us to stick around this place during this?"

    Elio nodded as he gathered the groups attention. "They have a hotel for you all for this reason. Now that we are all prepared I have something to say to all of you! First thing I want to say, us being here is one achievement in itself! You all are about to fight gym leaders from all over the world in the next few days! Kanto and Johto are already here... by this point were know enough of Unova to be slightly prepared for what they have to offer! We also have Sinnoh, Hoenn and Kalos that all have their own surprises in store! Even if we don't make it to the top or anywhere close, be proud that we get to show the world what Alola has to offer!"

    Lana did not like the possibility of team Alola being low and shouted. "Get on with it!"

    Elio nodded as he raised two fingers. "Second and only order I have for you all during this. As representative's of Alola, just go in their and see how far you can get!"

    Mallow raised her hand for a question. "While we are busy cooking up this tournament, where will you be?"

    Elio frowned as he answered Mallow. "As much as I want to go fight these guys... I am in a small pickle. Once the gym leaders are all done fighting, we have a very special division. The champions of the regions battle each other to see who is considered the best of the best! I fought some of them before... but let me say they are no picnic. leave them to me!"

    Plumeria asked a question herself. "I noticed you and Lillie got into an argument before you came here... what was it about?"

    Elio cringed. "That is a little bit personal. She is a part of team Kanto and is a champion. So any concern you may have over her... don't!" Plumeria shrugged as she knew enough.

    Lillies introduction to team Kanto was less dramatic; as she stood next to a man with spiky red hair and a cape, a man in a white t shirt and baseball cap, a man with brown spikey hair and a black shirt and a man in a red jacket and yellow baseball cap. The man in the cape known as Lance was telling a dark skinned man in an orange shirt, a green haired woman in swim clothes mimicking someone, a lieutenant, a woman in a kimono, a purple hair ninja, a blue hair woman with bracelets, an old man, a black haired man in a red shirt and a mysterious man in a black jacket and a fedora sitting in a corner about what was going on.

    The purple haired ninja, Janine recognized Lillie and whispered. "Have you surpassed the teacher yet?"

    Lillie smiled at the gym leader and whispered back. "When I came back to Alola I surprised him to a title challenge. He beat me by the skin of his teeth. We fought each other on Orre and I beaten him a couple times! He is preparing something for me and my brother... though I wished he didn't lie to me about what he was talking to my brother about."

    Janine asked if it was the first time this happened, Lillie nodded. "He pretended to have brought up a pokemon I had read from an old Dex in Oaks lab."

    The man in the red baseball cap known as Red looked over in silence as he listened in. "..." He took a dex to show a picture of Mewtwo and pointed to the picture.

    Lillie answered the silent question. "That one, why did he think it was a good idea?! Now my brother knows it exist!"

    Red looked down in regret. "..."

    Lillie asked. "Are you going to show him?"

    Red nodded as Lillie frowned in worry. "He has a Genesect, just battle him somewhere far away!"

    Red stared back in question. "..."

    Lillie answered back. "Genesect... or as we call him Blattron is a pokemon that existed a long time ago. Revived from a fossil and turned into a cyborg. He had a small issue where he wanted nothing more than battling, he still likes to battle but he found more to life... or I hope he does."

    Red nodded as he walked out of the meeting when the brown haired man known as Blue recognizing the behavior. "He wants to pit that old thing against the Genesect. That Mewtwo had been through a lot, I heard there was a similar incident that happened in Kalos with one."

    Lillie looked in astonishment. "Why would someone create another Mewtwo?!"

    Blue's arrogant smirk turned into a cringe. "You are going to have to ask who ever is from Kalo's that has one, because Red is not going to tell anyone."

    The meeting ended as Lillie wanted to warn Elio of what was about to happen only to find a confused Burnet wondering about where some people had ran off to. "Burnet! Do you know where Elio and my brother went?"

    Burnet shook her head. "Gladion, Elio and the Mew went off with a man in a red hat and Nate right when I was about to be given the Genesects ball. The Mew signaled Gladion that he may want to witness something in a secluded place."

    Lillies heart sank in worry. "They are speaking of a pokemon Red has... I hope they know what they are getting into!"
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    Pokemon World Tournament Arc. Chapter 3: Genetics vs Augmentics!

    Near the entrance to Victory Road, Nate agreed to let Red, Elio and Gladion pass through the gate on the account that they stay away from the pokemon league. "Tournament is about to start anyways... so the League is closed."

    The Mew guided the three to what looked like an old castle as Elio smiled in appreciation. "Thanks again for helping Red pick a place."

    Red and the Mew smiled as the pokemon meowed and the Rotom Dex translated. "BZZT! You and Gladion spoke of what is considered to be the most powerful pokemon of all, are you sure you want to meet it? BZZT!"

    Elio took a deep breath in anticipation. "To be honest... I am a little scared. I am sure Blattron would have a good fight though."

    Gladion looked at Red and the Mew to ask. "You know anything about this pokemon save for it being... aggressive?"

    Red and the Mew nodded in unison. "BZZT! I had a small... talk with him a long time ago. He exist for battle, he wanted someone to show him if there is more to it. He is still aggressive to anyone who angers him and he is still far from soft. But like Genesect and Silvally he wants to feel his existence has a real meaning. BZZT!"

    Elio felt uncomfortable in talking about the pokemon he was about to face. "Did he find it?"

    Mew and Red nodded. "BZZT! To find someone that respects him as a living creature. To at least try to feel some empathy. The things you done for Kalden would be acceptable. While some of the things you done for Blattron are necessary for a predator not of this time to learn. BZZT!"

    Elio agreed. "I know, doing that to a Silvally or a Mewtwo is suicidal!" The group found themselves in what looked like a throne room.

    Gladion let Silvally out and whispered. "If the pokemon Red has is who I think it is... do you want to watch?" The Silvally barked as the Mew looked at the two in worry.

    Elio took out Genesect and whispered. "Hey Blattron... got someone for you to fight are you ready?"

    The Genesect crackled a yes as Red tossed out an ultra ball and let out the pokemon the minors feared of facing, Mewtwo. It held on to a life orb as it glared at the Genesect.

    Elio felt the pressure induced stare as the Genesect asked. "Boss... I am feeling something strange?"

    Elio nodded. "What is it? Because this pokemon looks tough as it is!"

    The Genesect cackled. "Intimidated... knowing you, we are not backing away form this?"

    Elio asked back. "Do you?"

    The Genesect answered happily. "No! This is the type of foe I dreamed of!"

    Elio nodded as he shouted. "BLATTRON USE TECHNO BLAST!"

    The douse drive glowed as a torrent of water shot out of the gun, the Mewtwo swiped its hand and created a light screen to absorb the damage, it's eyes glowed before it shot a thunderbolt out of another hand.

    The Genesect was shot back as it laughed. "This opponent is fun!"

    Elio nodded as he shouted in a determined frown. "USE BUG BUZZ NEXT!" The Genesect was about to let loose a buzz when the Mewtwo placed its hands close together and created a massive psychic ball to strike the Genesect down. As the Mewtwo felt the damage it shot the orb, in an explosion the Genesect was sent barreling back and fell on the ground for a knock out.

    Mewtwo looked at the creature before it in a stoic stare; a telepathic voice was heard from all around the room. "What exactly am I looking at?"

    Elio noticed and answered. "Genesect a..."

    The Mewtwo's eyes glowed and answered before it was finished. "An pokemon resurrected from the fossil of a hunter eons ago. Designed to be a weapon... design for battle and nothing else?"

    Elio looked down with a frown. "It is bad enough that he cannot physically feel most things."

    The Mewtwo stared at the twitching Genesect. "He seemed to enjoyed this despite knowing what he was up against. Part of the reason why you tried to... stem this craving?" Elio nodded as Red prepared the ultra ball.

    Mewtwo kept its glare at the two before it. "Now all he needs is to find an actual reason to be here. Something you are trying to help him find?"

    Elio grinned foolishly. "Yes... if I can find away for him to at least taste things again it would be a start."

    The Mewtwo shook his head in response. "You are trying to make it enjoy life... a simple desire."

    The Mewtwo turned to see an intimidated Gladion and a Silvally glaring at it. "That one was also brought into this world through... artificial means?"

    The Silvally barked as Gladion tried to prepare for the comment. The Mewtwo looked away less amused. "I see, humans never do learn!"

    Mewtwo turned his attention toward the Mew as Gladion was about to answer something.

    Mewtwo made a small gesture that Gladion doesn't need to speak. "I don't even need to read his memory to know what happen... neither do I need to read yours! You took that pokemon out of a lab to make it more and to make yourself more!"

    Gladion cringed as the Mewtwo looked at the Mew in questioning. "You brought them here to so they could see what they were speaking of?"

    Mew looked down on nodding, with the Mewtwo curious about the emotion. "Is their something you don't want to talk about?"

    The Mew meowed back and nodded as the Mewtwo glared. "A group of humans did what?!"

    Elio froze in realization. "Isaac... please don't."

    The Mew was hesitate to answer when the Mewtwo asked. "Is it better if I just read it?"

    Elio shouted out. "Please don't! He had been through enough and I don't it's a good idea to go deeper!"

    The Mewtwo stared at Elio intensely. "I didn't ask you! Perhaps you seen enough to comprehend it?"

    Gladion tried to signal Elio that he was about to do something stupid when the boy gave a focused glare. "I hate thinking about it! The only thing I can say about what was done to Isaac is... evil."

    Mewtwo's eyes glowed as Elio was halfway finished with his sentence and obliterated a wall in a reflex of rage and shock. "They removed his capacity to feel anything but hate! Then they kept altering his mind untill he could no longer think?"

    Elio nodded as he continued. "They didn't even stop... when me and some people I know went to rescue Isaac..."

    The Mewtwo's eyes stopped glowing as he interrupted. "The Mew was turned into something... unspeakable?" Elio felt something trickling down in silence.

    The Mewtwo stared at the Mew and began to read until it stopped in a flinch with its eyes widened. "It's no wonder that human broke down..." The Mewtwo signaled Red to get it back in its ball. "I need to think about this, they will bring more for battle the next time we meet."

    Elio took the net ball and began to pet the Genesect. "Sorry about this."

    The Genesect laughed faintly. "This was a fight I liked, what are you sorry about?"

    Elio struggled to answer. "Being more of a softy than I want you to see!"

    The Genesect crackled in worry. "Do I want to be out here for what you are about to do?"

    Elio laughed in an attempt to make the Genesect feel better. "Nah! You need to get to a pokemon center! I bet Lillie is worried sick about where you and Isaac have been!"

    Red remained silent at what he heard as Gladion is seeing more of Elio's behavior pattern. "Do you need a minute to calm down?"

    Elio looked back in a tear hidden smile and shook his head. "No, I'm good!"

    Elio wiped something off his face and began to thank Red. "Thanks for showing us the Mewtwo! Anything else we need to know about him... or are we better off not knowing?" Red shook his head in answer. Elio and Gladion called their pokemon back as they all prepared an escape rope to leave the cavern.

    As Red called his Charizard for a flight back to Driftveil, Elio prepared Salamence for him and Gladion.

    The teenager saw Elio shaking trying to get on the Salamence when he asked again. "Are you alright?"

    Elio frowned at the question and stopped sitting down on the grassy ground. "Not really, I hate bringing up what was done to Isaac. I hate it even more when other's get nosy about it, they are better off not..."

    Gladion sat down next to him and patted him on the back. "You just don't want to say anything in front of Red or the Mewtwo? The more that know what happened, the better we are able to keep that from happening again."

    Elio began to cry loudly as he agreed, Gladion gave him hug in an attempt to calm him down. "I'm still telling Lillie where we have been and what we seen."

    Elio was breathing heavily as he thought about where they been before mustering up the strength to get on Salamence. "That is fine... hey, have we actually been here before?"

    Gladion looked back before he got on. "Feel's like we have."

    The two boys flew back flew back to Driftveil.

    Elio went to the pokemon center to heal the Genesect as Gladion waited.

    When they went back to the Tournament Stadium they found Lillie with her hands on her hips and her cheeks puffed up. "Where have you two been?"

    Gladion answered. "Some old castle."

    Elio answered. "Red wanted to battle my Genesect... Mewtwo is a very scary pokemon!" The two boys nodded to each other in agreement as they let Mew out. T

    he Mew nodded as the Dex translated from the back pack. "BZZT! He is scary! But he has been doing very well! BZZT!"

    Lillies puffed up a frown was directed at the Mew. "Isaac, you know my brother would rather not see that pokemon and you didn't do anything stop this!"

    The Mew nodded back and meowed. "BZZT! I know... I thought Mewtwo would like to know that Genesect and Silvally did happen... he wasn't exactly happy to know this. But he isn't happy about a lot of things, BZZT!"

    Gladion spoke his peace before the Mew continued. "The Mew told him about where he had been... that was the one time I saw the Mewtwo get... mad."

    Lillie saw Elio's crestfallen look and asked. " You tried to stop Isaac from telling him more?"

    Elio nodded. "Problem was by the time I explained... he was already finished reading my memories, may we please end this! I don't want us to have to be enemies on a bad note!"

    Lillie gave Elio a hug in an attempt to keep him calm. "We have three more days before that happens, who won?"

    Elio took a deep breath as he answered. "Mewtwo... but Blattron didn't seem to mind it that much."

    Lillie whispered back. "Anything I might want Burnet to know?"

    Elio whispered back. "He isn't going to be in a fight in a while, expect him to fly off if allowed to. If he doesn't want to be out... he will let her know. She can try to be affectionate to him... but he isn't going to feel it."

    Lillie gave Elio one last whisper. "When we hand him over, you should tell him that Burnet is trying to help! Okay?"

    The duo broke their hug as they checked to see what regions have arrived. "Sinnoh, Hoenn and Kalos?!"

    Lillie warned Elio. "Kalo's has some gym leaders with have pokemon capable of Mega Evolving. That is their greatest asset!"

    Gladion listened to Lillies warning as he noticed a red haired man in a dark blue sweater glaring at the bet box. "Seriously? Someone bet on him?!"

    The man glared at Gladion. "What are you staring at?"

    Gladion was unfazed as he answered. "The bet is kind of dumb, but it isn't anything to be upset about."

    The man looked away with a humph! "I am only here to because he invited me to watch... maybe find some strong trainers when I get the chance."

    Elio and Lillie noticed and asked who; the man rolled his eyes and answered. "Some guy named Ethan. You didn't think just one champion from each region would come to this?"

    Lillie kept quiet as Elio pondered. "This region has a history of at least four champions if I can recall."

    The man raised his hand in response as he added more. "Kanto and Johto have the same league. You are dealing with a history of five! Latest one beaten Lance but refused the title."

    The man grumbled in annoyance as he walked out, leaving Elio to grin about what he was up against. "Sixteen Gym Leaders against eight! I like those odds!"

    Lillie frowned. "For the sake of balance... the Gym systems of Johto and Kanto are separate. But they both share the same amount of champions."

    Elio grinned even wider. "Five champions against one! Even better odds!"

    Lillie puffed up her cheeks as she asked both boys. "We have three days before this starts. We talk to Burnet more, then organize a trip to Aniville town to see some trains? I heard of some very unusual trains that they are working on daily!"
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    Pokemon World Tournament Arc. Chapter 4: A Round of Hope Raising.

    At the end of the three day wait, Elio and Lillie decided to have one more stop at the Ferris Wheel before the tournament began. As the cart risen, Lillie wondered what the Elio was planning. Elio was in a corner feeling significant guilt and felt stupid at the fact he lied to Lillie.

    She made a small glare as she scooted over to huddle him. "What are you thinking about?"

    Elio took a deep breath. "The dumb thing I did over a week ago."

    Lillie shook her head at what she heard. "What's done is done. Could you at least tell me what the project even is?"

    Elio swallowed nervously as he tried to pick his words carefully. "Someone I found that may be important to you. He doesn't remember anything, I am having Isaac and Nebby help conduct a couple memory related experiments to see if I can't get his memories back."

    Lillie thought over what Elio was doing and asked. "What type of experiments are you talking about?"

    Elio pointed at himself as he answered. "Using two powerful psychic types to help reawakened blocked out memories from long ago. That was the first one, second one and most important, using two powerful psychic types to help deal with full blown amnesia. Don't worry, the first one was done, I self volunteered to be the test subject!"

    Lillie's eyes widened at remembering some of the things about Fallers. "And your not telling me more because this person may have be a Faller?"

    Elio stared out into the sunset. "I am not telling you until I get more results!"

    Lillie shook her head at what she was hearing. "If your not going to give me the name... could you at least describe him?"

    Elio raised a finger in answer. "Only thing I am telling you is that he runs the Pelago!"

    Lillie wondered as she thought of it out loud. "I know that is where most of the pokemon trainers captured go to when they are in storage... least on Alola. It is connected to Alola's P.C and until we have more people doing things similar it is going to stay like that. While the P.C's are slowly merging into the whole, it is really just accounts that originate on Alola that uses the service."

    Elio cringed at the knowledge. "All the reason that Molayne is busy. The pokemon everyone from Alola had captured are in that area... but it is still a hassle."

    Lillie frowned at why Elio was being secretive of what he was doing. "Until you have something that works... you want Gladion and I to stay away from that place that was why you are quick to change the subject when I ask?"

    Elio nodded as the Ferris Wheel began to descend. "I'm sorry it took this long and I am more sorry for trying to keep this from you!"

    Elio called out Salamence for a flight back to Driftveil while Lillie began to ponder more. "He didn't found who I think he found... did he?!"

    As they came back to watch the World Tournament. Lillie handed Burnet the Mew's ball as Elio handed over the Genesect's ball and gave her a warning. "Let him out if you want to... but do tell him he is not going to see a battle for a while."

    Burnet understood as she found a good seat for the two to watch the matches together. "You know that you don't have to be so separated from each other during this. No one would really mind."

    Lillie picked the seat as Elio sat next to her blushing. They watched the lights flare up one corner, the flamboyant normal type captain Ilima began to approach to find a brown haired woman in a black dress and red tie, the leader of the Rustboro Gym, Roxanne. "Would you kindly demonstrate how you battle and with which pokemon?"

    The trial captain smiled as he introduced himself. "It is not the battle results that interest me, rather it is the carefully thought out strategies or novel tactics employed by trainers." Both looked at each other in determination as the battle began

    Ilima vs Roxanne!

    Roxanne sent out a Golem. Ilima sent out a Smeargle. "Set up a sticky web and stealth rock, should take care of any sturdy she may have!"

    The Smeargle shot a web out of his tail as he was punched by a fiery fist; the Smeargle set up pointed stones and was punched again for a knock out. Ilima called the Smeargle back and sent out his next pokemon. "Toucannon, lets take that Golem out with bullet seed!"

    Out came an angry toucan with a glowing beak that began to shoot multiple hard seed's at the Golem for a knock out.

    Next pokemon Roxanne sent out was a Probopass. "Probopass use power gem until that Toucannon is knocked out!"

    The Probopass shot a barrage of gem lasers as the Toucannon countered with a bullet seed; in another power gem the Toucannon was knocked out, Illima called him back and sent out his next pokemon. "Bewear, come out and use drain punch!"

    The Bewear emerged to the battle and quickly knocked the Probopass out with a brutal punch. The next pokemon Roxanne sent out was an Armaldo that was slowed by the web and was hurt by the rocks. "Armaldo use rock polish and rock slide!"

    Illima ordered with a calm charming look from his blue eyes. "Bewear use ice punch until that Armaldo is knocked out!"

    The Armaldo polished himself as he took an ice punch and countered with a rock slide in an attempt to flinch; the Bewear braced himself and punched a chilled fist for a counter, knocking the Armaldo out. Next pokemon Roxanne sent out was a Carracosta that rammed into the Bewear with an aqua jet and was unable to do much damage to the fluffy Bewear; the strong arm pokemon used a drain punch to keep himself healthy and knocked the Carracosta out in two punches.

    Roxanne knew she was defeated by kept going in an attempt to figure out Bewear. "Cradily, use giga drain... I know its ability has a lot to do with our disadvantage!"

    The Cradily used giga drain and was knocked out by another drain punch. Roxanne sent out her last to the battle field; an Aggron that had its sash broken from the stealth rocks and smashed its head onto the Bewear. The Bewear's fluffy body absorbed the blow as he prepared an earthquake for a knock out.

    Roxanne was intrigued and shook the captains hand. "It seems I still have much to learn, I would have to partake in this tournament again and study more on the Alolan pokemon."

    Ilima shrugged as he asked. "Still there are many ways to over come a type disadvantage, talk to you after this round is over?"

    Elio was in the audience looking at the fight in determination. "It is no wonder he was interested in fighting this woman. Rock types are resistant against normal types and there isn't many good options for dealing with them."

    As the two trainers left the stadium, the next battle began. The blue haired fisher girl found her self confronting a blond military man, the leader of the Vermilion City gym, L.t Surge.

    Lillie frowned sharply. "I hope Lana is able to pull through, because unlike what rock types have in resisting normal type attacks, electric types do more damage against water types rather than take less damage."

    L.t Surge smirked and took off his sun glasses. "When it comes to electric-type pokemon I am number one! I'm going to zap your pokemon!" Lana glared with her cheeks slowly puffing up, not amused by her first opponent.

    Lana vs L.t Surge

    Surge sent out an Electrode. Lana sent out an Araquanid. "Electrode, shock that Araquanid with a electro ball!"

    The Electrode twitched as it sent out an electrical orb, sending the Araquanid back as Lana shouted. "Use liquidation to sink this ball!"

    The Electrode was swatted by a water bubbled limb as it let loose a signal beam for a knock out. Lana sent out a Lanturn that took the next beam and scalded the Electrode for a knock out.

    Surge grinned at the water electric type and sent out an Electivire. "Using that pokemon to resist the electric offense? Electivire, use earthquake!"

    The Lanturn was hit by the quake as it burned the Electivire in scalding water; the Electivire use cross chop for a k.o.

    Lana glared as she called the Lanturn back and sent out a Cloyster. "Lets hook this with a shell smash, then icicle sphere to reel this in!" The Electivire rammed into the Cloyster with a wild charge; the Cloyster's sash held, smashed her shell and shot the Electivire down in record speed with icicle sphere.

    Surge sent out a Lanturn. "Take it out with a thunder!" The Lanturn was pelted with a rock blast as its wide lens gave it the accuracy to knock the Cloyster out with a thunder bolt from the ceiling.

    Lana glared at the Lanturn as she called the Cloyster back and took out a net ball. "Seismitoad, use earthquake!"

    Surge frowned in determination at what he saw. "A water and ground type? Lanturn use blizzard to focus it down!" The Seismitoad felt the chill as he pounded his fist to the ground to knock the Lanturn out.

    Surge sent out a Magnezone and shouted. "Use magnet rise to avoid that quake then focus it down with signal beam!"

    Lana saw the move coming and shouted. "Use drain punch to heal up! Then hydro pump!"

    The Magnezone was punched and as he shot at the Seismitoad, it was dazed and hit itself before being shot with a flash cannon. Lana shouted again as the Seismitoad to use hydro pump again, he croaked and shot the Magnezone down for a k.o.

    Surge called the Magnezone back, sent out Jolteon and shouted. "Use quick attack, then iron tail!" The Seismitoad was pelted by the rushing Jolteon as he let loose an earthquake. The Jolteon ate a yellow berry with a green stem to withstand the damage and swatted at the Seismotoad with the stub of his tail.

    Lana ordered. "Now finish that Jolteon with an earthquake."

    The Jolteon was knocked out as Surge saw the Seismitoad about to faint and switched. "Raichu use fake out and we will be able to finish this!"

    The Raichu entered the battle; his life orb glowed as he leaped in front of the Seismitoad and clapped for a knock out.

    Lana called the Seismotoad back and sent out a Primarina looking down in defeat. Surge shouted. "Raichu use volt tackle and end this match!"

    The Raichu rushed in an electrical tackle, unaware of the Primarina eating a light bulb like berry until it was too late. The Raichu felt the recoil as Surge realized what happened. "A Wacan berry?!"

    Lana grinned and looked up at him in the eyes smug. "Hooked ya! Primarina use moonblast!" The Primarina channeled the power of the moon to knock the Raichu out, ending the battle.

    Surge nodded in defeat. "That's a shocker."

    Lana extended her hand toward the electric gym leader in silent sportsmanship, smiling smug that she outsmarted an electric type specialist.

    As the two left the stadium, the next two trainers was the grass captain Mallow and one of the two leaders of the Mossdeep gym. A black haired man in a blue outfit, the psychic type trainer Tate. "I can make myself one with my pokemon, can you defeat this combination!"

    Mallow smiled and replied. "I'll show you I can do more than cook!"

    Mallow vs Tate!

    Tate sent out a Xatu. Mallow sent out a Tsareena. "A flying type! Tsareena get out of there with u-turn!"

    The Xatu began to set up a light screen as the Tsareena dashed and kicked back to her trainer.

    Mallow prepared the pokeball and tossed another. "Lurantis get ready for some payback!" The Xatu let loose a psychic blast as the Lurantis swiped at the Xatu for a payback knock out.

    Next pokemon sent was a Reuniclus with a life orb, Mallow knew of this pokemon and shouted. "Lurantis use solar blade!"

    The Lurantis began to absorb sunlight as it ate a red herb before shooting a large solar blade from its fore arm and slashed into the Reuniclus as Tate began to pose like someone else was doing the same. "Reuniclus use psychic to knock that Lurantis out!"

    The Reuniclus used a psychic to knock the Lurantis out in a blast. Mallow called the Lurantis back and shouted. "Leavanny use x scissor to knock that Reuniclus out!" The Leavanny slashed her fore arms in an x shaped pattern and knocked the Reuniclus out.

    Next pokemon Tate sent out was a Solrock. "Use rock slide, we got to keep trying!"

    Mallow prepared as she ordered the Leavanny. "Switch to leaf blade and keep on doing it till that Solrock goes down!" The Solrock was slashed by the Leavanny as it let loose a rock slide, in another slash of a leaf blade the Solrock was knocked out.

    Next pokemon Take sent out was a Gallade. "Knock that Leavanny out with an ice punch!"

    Mallow ordered with a cheer. "Use a sticky web and it will be all good!"

    The Leavanny shot a sticky web across the field and was knocked out by an ice punch! "Tsareena get ready!"

    The Gallade ice punched the Tsareena again as Mallow posed like a blooming flower for the Tsareena to use. "BLOOM DOOM!"

    The Tsareena channeled the power of nature as she knocked the Gallade out in a powerful beam.

    Next pokemon Tate sent out was a Bronzong that was slowed down by the web, the Tsareena u-turned out of battle as Mallow shouted. "Sceptile come on out!"

    The Bronzong rolled into a Gyro ball and rammed itself into the Sceptile as its stone reacted to a bracelet. "Sceptile, mega evolve and use focus blast!"

    The Sceptile mega evolved and shot a focus blast at the Bronzong; the Bronzong used another gyro ball to knock the Sceptile out, causing Mallow to puff up her cheeks and switch. "Trevenant come on out!"

    A possessed tree emerged to battle with a iron ball as it began to shoot shadow ball after shadow ball as it took gyro ball after gyro ball. As the Bronzong was knocked out, Tate sent out a Claydol that hovered over the battle. The Claydol glowed as it let loose a psychic blast and knocked out the Trevenant.

    Mallow called her Trevenant back and shouted. "Maractus, lets cook up a petal dance!"

    The Maractus began to dance in petals and knocked the Claydol out in a vortex of petals, winning the round.

    Tate smiled in defeat as he nodded. "It look like the bond between you and your pokemon are stronger than mine."

    Mallow cheered in victory as she prepared to leave the arena. "Can't wait to serve up the rest of the tournament, see you later!"

    The next two trainers was the fire captain Kiawe vs the leader of Shalour city, a blond roller skater by the name of Korrina. "Time for Lady Korrina's big appearance!"

    Kiawe prepared himself as he shouted. "I will show you the dancing of me and my pokemon!"

    Kiawe vs Korrina

    Korrina sent out a Hawlucha.

    Kiawe shouted. "Come, Marowak!" A Marowak with a bone shape pattern on its skin and a glowing spectral club emerged to battle.

    Korrina shouted. "Hawlucha use sky attack!" The Hawlucha began to glow and consume a power herb to launch a strong feather like blast at the Marowak as Kiawe shouted. "Take that Hawlucha down with a shadow bone!"

    The Marowak braced for the sky attack, his thick club began to glow and he smacked the Hawlucha for a knock out.

    Korrina called the Hawlucha back and shouted. "Poliwrath use scald to take that Marowak down!"

    As the Marowak was knocked out by scalding water, Kiawe called him back and tossed another ball. "Come, Talonflame!"

    The Talonflame flew out of the ball in awaiting the next order. "Swords dance, then use brave bird!"

    The Poliwrath scalded into the Talonflame; causing him to eat a sitrus berry in preparation to knock Poliwrath out with another brave bird. Next pokemon sent out was a Machamp that was knocked out even quicker, followed by a Heracross that was knocked out even faster, the Talonflame was knocked out from recoil, forcing Kiawe to switch out. "Come, Turtonator!"

    A large fiery turtle with a glowing shell prepared for Korrina's next pokemon, a Lucario with a necklace and a particular stone. Korrina activated a keystone on her glove and shouted. "Lucario, Mega evolve and use aura sphere!"

    The Lucario glowed as his black highlights began to glow and wave as he began to sense the aura of its opponent.

    Korrina shouted. "Use aura sphere!" In quick speed the Lucario channeled a large amount of aura and tossed it at the Turtonator, sending him nearly falling back as Kiawe shouted. "End this dance with over heat!"

    In a raging inferno the Lucario was sent flying as he reverted back knocked out. Korrina called the Lucario back and pretended that the lose was a big deal until she shook the trial captains hand in congratulations before the two left.

    The next two trainers was the electric captain Sophocles and the leader of the Driftveil gym, Clay. Sophocles knew he was at a type disadvantage but continued to find an intimidating looking business man. "If yer going to bellyache about a type disadvantage, just forget 'bout fighting."

    Sophocles looked back in determination as he sweated. "I had been planing this for months, I am not going to go down easily!"

    Clay adjusted his hat in a grin. "That what I been wanting to hear!"

    Sophocles vs Clay.

    Clay sent out a Mamoswine. Sophocles sent out a quick ball and shouted. "Go Eelektross!"

    The Mamoswine stomped and jabbed the Eelektross in rocks when it spit an acid spray, weakening its special defenses as it was hit again before inhaling for a giga drain for a knock out. Next pokemon was a Flygon that was hit with an acid spray as it used dragon dance, in an outrage the Eelektross was knocked out.

    Sophocles sent out a Magnezone and shouted. "Focus a flash cannon until that Flygon is taken out!"

    In a couple blasts the Flygon was knocked out, in its place an Excadrill was sent out. Clay ordered in confidence. "Alright, take it out with a drill run!" The Excadrill placed its metal claws together and began to drill into the Magnezone for a knock out.

    Sophocles called the Magnezone back and tossed another pokeball. "Electivire...just use fire punch!"

    The Electivire punched into the Excadrill, burning it as it drilled into the Electivire. In another punch the Excadrill was knocked out. Clay sent out a Seismitoad that took a giga impact and countered with an earth power for a k.o.

    Sophocles sent out a Vikavolt with an assault vest. "Bug buzz until that Seismitoad is out!" The Vikavolt buzzed into the Seismitoad as it countered with a hydro pump; both traded blows until the Vikavolt knocked out the Seismitoad.

    Clay's frown didn't fade as he tossed the next pokemon. "Krokodile, get rid of that Vikavolt with a rock slide!" The Krokodile knocked the Vikavolt out with a rock slide.

    Sophocles knew he was about to be defeated as he switched to his next pokemon. "Togedemaru, use fell stinger!" The Krokodile used another rock slide as he took super damage from the bug type move.

    Clay switched the Krokodile over to a Golurk as the Togedemaru tried to use a spiky shield, only to be knocked out by an earthquake. Sophocles sent out an Alolan Golem in prepareation for the next order.

    Clay sighed not taking his gaze away. "Use earthquake, this kids been through enough t'day!" Sophocles felt the sting of defeat as he saw the Alolan Golem get knocked out. Sophocles tried to tough it out as he shook the ground type gym leaders hand.

    Clay grinned back in response. "What's important was how ya react to losin'. That's why folks who use losin' as fuel to get better are tough!"

    As the two left the Arena Elio marked something on his to do list. "Tell Soph that bad match ups happen." Lillie patted Elio on the back in pity.

    The next two trainers was Plumeria and the leader of the Pastoria Gym, Wake, a man dressed as a pro wrestler with several fans cheering at him from the background. As he yelled about how he plans to pull the opponent under the wave, Plumeria simply let loose a poisonous smile. "Hope my dumb little bro's and sis' are watching!"

    Plumeria vs Crasher Wake

    Wake sent out an Empoleon. Plumeria sent out a Gengar with a stone on its forehead. "Gengar, mega evolve and use shadow ball till it goes down!"

    The Gengar mega evolved and shot a shadow ball at the Empoleon; the Empoleon use surf and was knocked out by another shadow ball Wake sent out a Gyarados. "Dance and bring that Gengar down deep with earthquake!" The Gyardos use dragon dance as he took a sludge bomb; the Gyarados slammed his tail fin into the ground and caused an earthquake to quickly send the Gengar flying and back to its regular form.

    Plumeria switched and shouted. "Crobat, use brave bird to finish of that Gyarados!" The Gyarados was knocked out by a brave bat as the Crobat began to take recoil damage.

    Wake sent out a Floatzel and shouted loudly. "AQUAAAA JET!" The Floatzel shouted in excitement as he rammed into the Crobat. Aqua jet and brave bird collided until both were knocked out, Floatzel for the damage and Crobat from the recoil.

    Plumeria called the Crobat back sent out a Scolipede as Wake sent out a large pink sea slug called Gastrodon. "Hit it with a mega horn and don't stop!"

    As the Scolipede rammed into the Gastrodon as Wake shouted. "Pull it under with counter!" The Gastrodon took the damage and tossed the Scolipede back for a knock out.

    Plumeria called the Scolipede back and shouted. "Muk... mess em up with crunch!"

    The Alolan Muk crunched into the Gastrodon with its fangs for a knock out, tossing it back for the next opponent. Wake sent out a Poliwrath that pounded his fist's together and rammed into the Muk with a waterfall punch; the Muk used poison jab and poisoned the Poliwrath. In another waterfall the Muk flinched and was exposed to another for a knock out.

    Plumeria growled in annoyance as she called her Muk back. "Salazzle use sludge bomb and get ready!" The Salazzle pelted the Poliwrath with unsanitary sludge for a knock out, leaving Wake with his last pokemon, a Ludicolo.

    Knowing that the battle is over Plumeria posed for Salazzle to use the Z move. "ACID DOWNPOUR!" The Salazzle shot a pool of acid at the Ludicolo for an super effective knock out.

    Wake felt bummed out at the battle being over. "How will I say this... I want more, I wanted to battle a lot more!"

    Plumeria broke a sweat as she called the Salazzle back and nodded to the gym leader in sportsmanship. "This was a show they would like anyways!"

    Next two trainers was Guzma vs the gym leader of Opelucid city Drayden. The dragon gym leader was.. impressed by Guzma's determination to beat the tournament down. Both glared at each other as the battle began.

    Guzma vs Drayden.

    Guzma took a pokeball and shouted. "Golisopod mess em up!"

    Drayden send out his Salamence. "Show us the future!"

    The Golisopod opened up with a life orb boosted sucker punch as the Salamence called down a dragon meteor, forcing an emergency exit.

    Guzma sent out a Heracross that looked around and glared at the Salamence, ready for the key stone to activate. "Punctchy... Mega evolve and use rock blast!"

    The Heracross mega evolved as it was greeted to a fire blast; he aimed his bulb like arms, they opened like insect wings to may holes and shot the Salamence down in a barrage of rocks for a k.o.

    Next pokemon Drayden sent out was a Flygon, the trainer roared. "Use fire blast to finish that Heracross off!"

    Guzma glared at the Flygon as he called back the Heracross. "Masquerain, start a quiver dance... then mess em up with an ice beam!"

    Drayden kept ordering. "Again, do not relent!"

    The Masquerain took a massive fire blast as he began to perform a dance, he knocked the Flygon out with a frigid ice beam. Next pokemon Drayden sent was a Haxorus that took an ice beam and held on with a focus sash; the Harxorus on order lunged at the Masquerain for a k.o.

    Guzma called the Masquerain back and tossed another ball shouting. "Ariados, sucker punch that Haxorus out of here!"

    The Haxorus was punched for a knock out. Drayden called it back and sent out his next pokemon. "Burn with a fire blast!"

    The Hydreigon inhaled with all three heads and quickly knocked the Ariados out with a fire blast. Guzma switched to his Golisopod that made a good first impression on the Hydreigon and knocked it out with a brutal punch.

    Drayden sent out a Druddigon as Guzma ordered. "Rock slide that one!"

    The Druddigon braced for the damage as he and Drayden swung in unison. "Dragon tail!"

    The Golisopod was sent out of the battle as Guzma let him in his ball in a grin to send his next pokemon out. "Scizor... get ready!"

    The Druddigon prepared a fire fang as Guzma began to pose for the Scizor to use. "SAVAGE SPIN OUT!" The Druddigon was wrapped in silk before being thrashed across the arena. The cocoon was sliced in two by the Scizor, knocking out the Druddigon. The last pokemon Drayden sent out was an Altaria that prepared its physical defenses with a cotton guard as the Scizor began to dance, with in a couple dances the Scizor began to slash at the Altaria with a night slash before finishing it off with a bullet punch.

    Drayden grunted at the sting of defeat and gave the hand shake of sportsmanship to Guzma. Guzma was a little shy about another grown up showing him respect as the two parted ways.

    Next two trainers were Mina and the leader of the Azalea town gym, a purple haired bug catcher named Bugsy. Mina awkwardly stared at the sight of a grown adult with bug capturing equipment and began battle.

    Mina vs Bugsy.

    Bugsy sent out a Yanmega, Mina sent out a Klefki. The Klefki was a prankster and began to set up a light screen before air was slashed. As the Yanmega tried to use air slash, the Klefki use flash cannon, before trading a giga drain for a dazzling gleam. In another trade of air slash and and flash cannon the Yanmega was knocked out.

    Bugsy sent out an Armaldo that was greeted with a flash cannon. "Eek! Armaldo get rid of that Klefki with Earthquake!"

    The Klefki was knocked out, Mina called it back and sent out an Azumarril. "Take it out with waterfall!"

    The Armaldo was rammed for a k.o as Bugsy prepared to switch. "Scizor use swords dance and don't stop on the bullet punch!" Scizor began to used a swords dance and was rammed by another waterfall before using bullet punch. The Azumarril knocked the Scizor out with one more water fall as the two traded blows. Bugsy is sweating as he called the Scizor back and sent out a Pinsir that quickly knocked the Azumarril out with a bull doze.

    Mina sighed and sent out a Ribombee. "Use pollen puff, then get ready for turn this match around!" The Pinsir braced for the pollen puff and attempted to use guillotine.

    He missed, Mina posed like that of a fairy and was giving an intense glare directly at Bugsy as her Ribombee glowed in a strange light. "TWINKLING TACKLE THAT PINSER OUT OF THE WAY!" The Ribombee enveloped the stage with a pink mist, floated to the Pinsir and tapped him out for a k.o.

    Next pokemon Bugsy sent out was a Heracross that was hit with a dazzling gleam, missed with stone edge and was knocked out with another dazzling gleam. Bugsy sent out his last pokemon, a Shuckle that was greeted to a pollen puff before splitting its low power with the Ribombee. With its increased power the Shuckle hit the Ribombee with stone edge as it took the a dazzling gleam. In a critical blow the Ribombee was knocked out. Mina sent out a Granbull that finished off the Shuckle by playing rough with its shell.

    Both trainers stared awkwardly at each other before leaving.

    As Elio sized up team Alola's victories, Lillie watched most of the other regions fight each other.

    For team Kanto:

    The gym leader of Pewter city, Brock, had defeated the gym leader of Fortree city, Winona.

    The Gym leader of Cerulean city, Copycat had defeated the gym leader of Anistar city, Olympia

    Lillie had witness L.t Surges defeat at the hands of Lana as well as saw the gym leader of Celadon city Erika, defeated by the gym leader of Snowpoint city, Candice.

    The Gym leader of Saffaron city, Sabrina defeated the gym leader of Virbank city Roxie.

    The gym leader of Vermilion city gym, Cal, defeated the gym leader of Castelia city Burgh.

    The gym leader of what was Cinnabar island, Blaine, defeated the gym leader of Courmarine city, Ramos.

    The former gym leader of Vermilion city, Giovanni defeated one of the ex gym leaders of Straiton, Chilli easily.

    As the round progressed, most of the Unova team, the Johto team and the Kalos team had been knocked out.

    Lillie left the audience to check on Elio and see how he was managing team Alola.

    She found him comforting Sophocles about the lose by saying. "Bad type match ups happen, least you went down fighting! For now, watch and see what happens."

    As she was listening to half of the sentence, Lillie was greeted by another unpleasant noise, a pink haired woman crying loudly and a man in a yellow baseball cap trying to calm her down.

    The man introduced himself as Ethan and began to apologize for the woman. "Sorry about this, Whitney cries when she looses... it should stop right about."

    Whitney began to calm down as she apologized for what happened. "Sniff! Why did I have to fight Chuck so early!"

    Lillie had a chance to talk to Elio about what she felt about the tournament. "This is a rather brutal tournament. Most of Unova is eliminated and Johto isn't far behind."

    Lillie saw the tournament rounds and saw to one conclusion about the tournament. "Sooner or later the teams are going to end up battling each other."

    Elio grinned, telling Lillie he is alright with it happening until both saw the match ups for the next round and flinched.

    Elio's grin faded quickly as Lillie began to take back what she said. "If they are able to handle this one at least!"
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    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    Pokemon World Tournament Arc. Chapter 5: Team Alola is Having a Rough Match up!

    Elio and Lillie returned to their seats for the next round. Among the first battles, Elio saw Ilima approach the arena to confront a black haired man in a red jacket and blue jeans. The leader of Petalburg Gym, Norman.

    Ilima heard of him. "You tend to have new trainers visit you only after they collected four of the badges? Why is that?"

    Norman smirked in memories. "It became a tradition after gave that request to my first challenger. You better give me your best shot!

    Ilima vs Norman

    Norman sent out an Ambipom, Ilima sent out a Smeargle.

    Norman shouted in a tone very familiar to Ilima. "AMBIPOM USE FAKE OUT!"

    The Ambipom faked the Smeargle out of a set, dealing more damage through the Ambipom being a technician. The Smeargle was punched by a return from the Ambipom's fist like tail as Ilima shouted. "Smeargle set up a sticky web so we can have a speed advantage!"

    The Smeargle was sent flying from the damage and aimed his paint brush like tail to spray a web all over the battle field.

    Norman ordered. "FINISH IT WITH A FIRE PUNCH!" The Ambipom leaped up with his other fist like tail glowing a flame and sending the Smeargle crashing on the floor for a k.o.

    Ilima called the Smeargle back and sent out a Bewear; the Ambipom used fire punch the Bewear as Ilima shouted. "Use drain punch to heal yourself and knock that Ambipom out!"

    The Bewear punched into the Ambipom to heal and knocked him out in one punch.

    Norman stared in determination and called the Ambipom out. "EXPLOUD, COME ON OUT AND USE FIRE BLAST!"

    An Exploud entered the stage, slowed by the web and punched by a drain punched. He inhaled and knocked the Bewear out in a critical hit fire blast.

    Ilima called the charred Bewear back and tossed his next pokemon. "Raticate, we can still do this if we damage that Exploud before it does too much!" Out came black fur Raticate with puffed up cheeks that was given the order to use return, in its hustle he sent the Exploud back.

    Norman ordered. "I heard of that ones typing... FOCUS BLAST AND DON'T STOP TILL YOU HIT!"

    The Exploud shot a focus blast and missed, he inhaled again as Illima ordered. "Sucker punch!"

    The Raticate rushed in and knocked the Exploud out with a swipe of its tail. Next pokemon Norman sent out was a Slaking that didn't even need the order to knock the Raticate out with a hammer arm. Ilima cringed at the crater as he called it back and sent out a ferret like creature called Gumshoes.

    The Slaking loafed around as Ilima posed like that of a Z, Gumshoes glowed in strange light as Ilima ordered it to use. "BREAKNECK BLITZ!" The Slaking was knocked into an eject button and was switched out for a Staraptor that quickly beaten the Gumshoes down in close combat.

    Ilima sent out a Toucannon that took the blows form close combat and ordered. "Shook that Staraptor down with rock blast!" The Staraptor attempted to dodge and was shot down by three rocks shot from the Toucannon's beak. Norman saw the Staraptor knocked out and called him back.

    He grunted as he sent his next pokemon. "BOUFALLANT PREPARE!" A Boufallant was sent out as Toucannon beak was heating, Norman shouted. "STONE EDGE!"

    The Boufallant's life orb siphoned as he stomped his hooves and caused the ground underneath the Toucannon to shatter in sharp rocks, knocking it out and leaving Ilima to his last pokemon; a Cinccino that smacked the Boufallant around with a tail slap and was knocked out by a head charge, the Boufallant fainted from the recoil. Ilima was defeated and gave Norman the hand shake of sportsman ship.

    As the two left the arena, the next two arrived.

    Lana found herself confronting what looked like a spiky blond man in a blue jacket and a bored expression. "Seriously, a water specialist?"

    Lana looked back about as amused. "Seriously another electric specialist?"

    The gym leader of Sunyshore city, Volkner sighed in defeat. "Let's get this over with."

    Lana vs Volkner

    Volkner sent out a Luxray, Lana sent out an Araquanid. Volkner took a bored breath and ordered. "Luxray, use wild charge."

    The Araquanid was quickly knocked out, leaving a glaring Lana to send out a Cloyster. "Use shell smash, then icicle sphere!"

    In an look about as amused as when the battle began, Volkner shouted. "Use thunder wave to shut that down, then use wild charge until it is out!"

    Cloyster was paralyzed by the thunder wave as it smashed parts of its shell, in the first wild charge, it held on, in a second wild charge it was knocked out. Lana called the Cloyster back sent out a Seismitoad that was crunched as it knocked the Luxray out with an earthquake.

    Volkner kept a frown as he called the Luxray back for a Raichu, he ordered dully. "Raichu use grass knot!"

    The Raichu's grass gem glowed as it grew two blades of grass next to the Seismitoad as he prepared another earthquake, he fell over as the grass twisted for a knock out.

    Lana sent out a Primarina, Volkner ordered his Raichu. "Keep using thunderbolt until it is knocked out!"

    Lana puffed up. "Use moon blast, we don't got any bait for this!"

    The Primarina shot a moonb last at the Raichu and was knocked out by a returning thunderbolt.

    Lana called the Primarina back and sent out her Lanturn shouting. "Finish that Raichu off with scald!"

    Volkner shrugged. "Use grass knot and Electivire will do the rest!"

    The Raichu used a grass knot and was knocked out by scalding water. Volkner called the Raichu back and sent out an Electivire shouting. "Use bull doze until that Lanturn is knocked out!"

    The Lanturn was hit with a bull doze as Lana ordered her to keep using scald, the Electivire used bull doze again for a k.o.

    Lana called the Lanturn back sent out a Toxapex, mentally exhausted. "Just use baleful bunker and hope this does something!"

    Volkner shared Lana's pain. "Only way to get anything good out of this now is to keep fighting. Electivire keep using wild charge until you knock that Toxapex out!" The Electivire used wild charge and was poisoned from the spikes. The Electivire charged again and the Toxapex attempted to wall. Within two more turns, the Toxapex was eventually knocked out. Both trainers looked at each other with less enthusiasm as they walked away.

    The next two trainers was Mallow and the leader of Lavaridge city.

    A red haired woman with a black top and blue jeans by the name of Flannery. "I am going to demonstrate the fiery moves I honed close to a Volcano. Mallow sweated at the realization of what she was going up against and prepared for battle.

    Mallow vs Flannery.

    Mallow sent out a Tsareena, Flannery sent out a Torkoal. Mallow shouted. "Tsareena use high jump kick!"

    The Tsareena leaped into the air and kicked down at the Torkoal. Flannery tensed up and shouted so loudly the entire audience heard her. "OVERHEAT!"

    The Torkoal burst into flames and quickly knocked the Torkoal out. Mallow glared switched the Tsareena for a Sceptile that mega evolved and took the Torkoal out with a focus blast. Next pokemon Flannery sent out was a Magmortar that began to use flame charge.

    Mallow shouted her order. "Use focus blast until that Magmortar is knocked out!"

    The Magmortar took the damage as Flannery ordered. "FLAME CHARGE!" The Magmortar glowed hotter as it sped up another charge and dodged a focus blast.

    Mallow saw the Magmortar's speed and shouted. "This is getting too hot, use detect and try another focus blast!" The Sceptile detected a fire blast and dodged, as he tried to shoot a focus blast again the Magmortar knocked him out with a flamethower; causing him to revert back to his normal form.

    Mallow called the Sceptile back and sent her next pokemon. "Lurantis, watch out for fire blast and use payback!" The Lurantis entered the battle and dodged the Magmortar's fire blast that erupted from its arms.

    The Lurantis swiped at the Magmortar with payback for a k.o; Flannery called the Magmortar back and sent out a Camerupt.

    Mallow saw the threat and shouted to the Lurantis. "Solar blade we need to damage that Camerupt!"

    The Lurantis glowed sunlight, ate a herb and shot a massive solar blade to crash into the Camerupt, pushing him back as Flannery coughed and ordered in a more excited tone. "Take that Lurantis out with a flamethrower, we have this match!"

    The Lurantis was knocked out by a flamethrower, Mallow sent out her Maractus. "Knock that Camerupt out with a petal dance!" The Camerupt was shot back by the petals for a knock out. Flannery called the Camerupt back and sent out her next pokemon, a Houndoom.

    Flannery ordered an overheat with intense energy, Houndoom roared and knocked the Maractus out. Mallow sent a Trevenant that was also knocked out, followed by a Leavanny confronting a panting Houndoom.

    Flannery faced her hand toward the Houndoom. "Alright, finish this fight with a flame charge!" The Houndoom ignited and knocked the Leavanny out in one hit.

    On defeat Mallow gave Flannery hand shake while her cheeks were puffed up. "Looks like I got cooked!"

    Flannery was about to laugh at the pun as she smiled. "You still fought back rather well." The fire type gym leader had an idea. "After this is over, you want to go check something out on Twist Mountain?"

    Mallow was curious. "If I can make us something for the trip, sure!"

    As the two became fast friends, they left the arena. The next two challengers to enter was Kiawe and the leader of Canalave gym, a purple haired man with a shovel named Byron. The man introduced himself to Kaiwe, calling himself a wall, ready to take the challenge.

    Kiawe vs Byron.

    Byron sent out an Aggron, Kiawe shouted. "Come Marowak use bonemerang!"

    The Alolan Marowak entered the arena and glared at the Aggron; he tossed his bone at the pokemon like a boomerang, the Aggron was hit initially and prepared a head smash as the returning bone knocked him out.

    Byron called the Aggron back and sent his next pokemon. "Excadrill use earthquake!"

    The Excadrill slammed its claws to knock the Marowak out, causing Kiawe to switch to his next pokemon. "Come Talonflame! Use flare blitz to knock that Excadrill out!" The Excadrill was knocked out by the flaming Talonflame.

    Byron sent out a Bastidon and waited for the Talonflame to use flare blitz, as the Bastidon took the damage he order. "Bastidon, push back with metal burst!"

    The Talonflame was sent back and healed with a sitrus berry; the Talonflame rammed again and was knocked out by the second metal burst.

    Kiawe called the Talonflame back and sent out an Arcanine. "Use close combat to finish off that Bastidon!"

    As the Bastidon was beaten down, Byron prepared a Magnezone to take down the Arcanine. "Set up a reflect." Kiawe saw the defense boost coming and shouted. "Arcanine use swords dance, then follow with a flare blitz!"

    The Arcanine danced and rushed into the sturdy Magnezone. Byron grinned as the Arcanine had it in a corner and shouted. "Take it out with explosion!" The Magnezone took itself out in an explosion and sent the Arcanine flying back for a k.o.

    Kiawe switched out and shouted. "Come Turtonator!"

    Byron shouted. "Bronzong set up a trick room and use zen headbutt!"

    Kiawe shouted. "Turtonator, over heat!" The Turtonator let loose intense heat at the Bronzong as the dimensions distorted.

    The Bronzong channeled psychic energy as it began to ram into the Turtonator eating a white herb. "Turtonator use shell trap!" The Turtonator stood and set his shell ready, as the Bronzong rammed into the shell, it exploded, knocking the Bronzong out. The next pokemon Byron sent out was a Forretress that was shot with a dragon pulse as it let loose an earthquake. In another overheat, the Foretress was knocked out ending the battle in a victory for Kiawe. The two trainers gave each other a hand shake of sportsman ship.

    The next two challengers was Plumeria and the leader of Veilstone city, a pink haired woman with bandages, Maylene.

    Plumeria looked at the woman and asked. "Fighting type?"

    Maylene nodded as she prepared with a kick. "Whenever your ready!"

    Plumeria vs Maylene.

    Maylene sent out a Lucario. Plumeria sent out a Gengar that was ready to mega evolve. "Start it up with a shadow ball!"

    The Gengar mega evolved and shot a shadow ball, sending the Lucario back as he rushed at the order to use ice punch.

    Another shadow ball knocked the Lucario out as Maylene prepared an Infernape. "Take that Gengar out with a flare blitz!" The Gengar shot out a sludge bomb as the Infernape rushed in a flare blitz for a knock out. Plumeria sent out a Crobat that knocked the Infernape out with a brave bird. Maylene sent out a Gallade that ate a berry to withstand the Crobat's brave bird and countered with a psycho cut. Plumeria sent out a Scolipede that took the Gallade down with a mega horn. Maylene sent out a Machamp that took a gem boosted poison jab and knocked the Scolipede out with a stone edge.

    Plumeria sent out a Salazzle and began to pose for her to use the Z move. "ACID DOWNPOUR!" to knock the Machamp out; the next pokemon Maylene sent out was a Medicham.

    Plumeria glared at the psychic/fighting type and took out her pokeball. "Salazzle you messed them up enough. Muk get em!" The Alolan Muk took no damage from the zen head butt as Maylene prepared to switch Medicham for Toxicroak. The Toxicroak set up a substitute as the Muk crunched to break the substitute.

    Plumeria switched back to Salazzle as the Toxicroak began to bulk up. "Mess em up with a flamethrower!" The the Toxicroak began to sucker punch the Salazzle as he was knocked out by a flamethrower, leaving Maylene to send Medicham back out. "Salazzle use protect!"

    The Medicham attempt to zen headbutt the Salazzle before it was blocked. Plumeria switched over to the Muk as the Medicham was stuck on a choice scarf and was eventually knocked out by poison jab.

    Maylene nodded in defeat. "You are much too strong!"

    Plumeria shrugged. "Your not too bad yourself."

    The next two challengers were Guzma and the gym leader of Snowbella City, a large man wearing a thick blue jacket as a cloak, Wulfric.

    Both looked at each other in a glare before Wulfric spoke. "Y'know what? Depending on your pokemon and what moves they have, I could be your most challenging opponent yet or I could be a total push over."

    Guzma asked. "What kind of pokemon you even use?"

    Wulfric crossed his arms and answered. "Ice types!"

    Guzma shook his head in response. "Still going to beat you down anyways!"

    Guzma vs Wulfric

    Wulfric sent out a Mamoswine as Guzma sent out a Golisopod. "Mess em up with aqua jet!"

    The Golisopod's life orb glowed as it rushed into the Mamowine to deal significant damage, the Mamoswine used stone edge to sent the Golisopod backwards and causing him to make an emergency exit out of battle. Guzma prepared the pokeball as he tossed another one in. "Scizor mess em up with bullet punch!"

    Guzma sent out a Scizor to finish off the Mamoswine.

    Wulfric sent out a Avalugg as Guzma prepared for the next order. "Use bullet and keep beating it!"

    The Avalugg took a bullet punch as Wulfric ordered. "Use avalance to keep doing some damage!" The Scizor was pelted by large chunks of ice as he rushed in again for a knock out.

    Wulfric sent out a Lapras that took an x scissor. "Now hydro pump that Scizor out!"

    The Scizor was shot out for a k.o; Guzma called the Scizor back and grinned in aggression. "Punctchy get ready to mega evolve!"

    The Heracross emerged to battle with a determined look as he prepared himself to mega evolve, as he transformed Guzma shouted. "Use rock blast!"

    The Heracross shot out a barrage of small boulders until the Lapras went down from the fifth rock. Wulfric called the Lapras back and sent out a Weavile with a kings rock on his head.

    Wulfric ordered. "Get em with an ice shard!"

    The Weavile tossed ice shards and caused the Heracross to flinch, it tossed another again as the Heracross heard Guzma's order. "Keep beating them down with rock blast, never let up!"

    The Weavile was pelted by rocks for a knock out, flying to the ceiling and falling down.

    Wulfric called the Weavile back before it landed and sent out a Cryogonal. "Shoot em up with an ice beam!"

    The Cyrogonal shot the Heracross with intense cold, it was about to faint from the damage as Guzma order. "Take it out in close combat!" The Heracross rushed in and punched the Cryogonal, tossed it across the wall in a brutal fashion.

    Wulfric called the Cryogonal back and sent out his last pokemon, an Abomasnow with a particular stone.

    Wulfric activated a key stone on his necklace. "Now, mega evolve and use ice shard!"

    The Abomasnow glowed as it grew into a larger, slower size and finished the Heracross off with an ice shard.

    The Heracross reverted back, feeling sore as Guzma prepared to call him back. "Ya still wiped most of him out. Golisopod lets finish this, first impression!"

    The Golisopod made a good first impression on the Abomasnow, startling it as he swung a punch for a knock out. The Abomasnow reverted back to its basic form as the fight ended.

    Wulfric stood impressed. "Outstanding! I am tough as an iceberg, but you smashed me through and through."

    Guzma posed and laughed. "That's cause I beat ya down and didn't let up!" Both shook their hands as they left the arena.

    Next two challengers was the fairy captain Mina and the leader of the Humilau city gym, Marlon. Mina was greeted to a tan blue haired swimmer that wanted to sweep the audience.

    Mina vs Marlon

    Mina sent out a Klefki, Marlon sent out a Carracosta. "Smash your shell and sweep with a waterfall!"

    Mina anticipated damage and yawned ready to take a nape. "Klefki, get a reflect up!"

    Klefki set up a reflect as the Carracosta began to smash parts of its shell for more speed and damage.

    The Carracosta rammed into the Klefki with a water fall as Mina ordered. "Flash cannon and dazzling gleam!"

    The Klefki shot back at the Carracosta as it rammed again, dazzling light knocked it out.

    Marlon called the Caracosta back and sent out a Quagsire. "Get that Klefki out with a strong earthquake!"

    The Quagsire took a dazzling gleam from the Klefki as he slammed his tail, causing the ground to erupt for super effective damage. The Quagsire was shot again and knocked the Klefki out with another one.

    Mina called the Klefki back and sent out a Ribombee. "It's weak enough for a energy ball! Go do that!" The Ribombee tossed an energy ball and knocked the Quagsire out; Marlon called the Quagsire back and sent out a Wailord, as the Ribombee tossed another energy ball for super effective damage.

    Marlon ordered without a care in the word. "Keep using bounce until that Ribombee goes down!"

    Mina looked up and saw the Wailord crash down on the Ribombee for super effective damage, she ordered the Ribombee. "Knock it out!"

    The Ribombee tossed another energy ball for a k.o.

    Marlon sent out a Jellicent that shot a shadow ball and was countered by an energy ball. Mina began to pose like that of a fairy for the Ribombee to knock the Jellicent off with a "TWINKLING TACKLE!"

    Marlon sent out a Starmie, it took super effective damage from the Ribombee's pollen puff as the trainer shouted. "Scald that Ribombee out and get ready with a light screen!" The Starmie knocked the Ribombee out with scald, and set up a light screen as Mina sent out a Shiinotic.

    She gave an intense glare. "Giga drain and we will have one more pokemon!" The Shiinotic inhaled and knocked the Starmie out, leaving Marlon to send out his last pokemon.

    A Cloyster wearing a kings rock that was given the order. "Knock that Shiinotic out with a icicle spear, then smash that shell away!"

    The Shiinotic was pelted with spears for a knock out as Mina prepared to switch. "Azumarril... play rough!" The Cloyster used shell smash and was played rough, Marlon ordered the Cloyster to use rock blast. The Azumarril flinched from the first barrage and took another. The Azumarril rushed to play with the Cloyster for a winning knock out. As Marlon was swept away from the tournament, Mina walked out of the arena to look at some sights.

    Elio began to mentally mark how much of team Alola was left as Lillie saw that team Kanto did not fare any better.

    Brock was defeated by the gym leader of Sootopolis, Juan.

    Copycat was defeated by the gym leader of Luminose city, Clemont.

    Jeanie defeated the gym leader of Laverre city, Valerie.

    Sabrina was defeated by the gym leader of Heartholme city, Fantina.

    Blaine defeated Candice.

    Giovani defeated the gym leader of Mauville city Wattson, Cal defeated Clay.

    Lillie left the seat to see what was happening, as some of the defeated gym leaders prepared to watch the rest of the tournament.

    Elio was busy giving the defeated captains, Ilima, Lana and Mallow a similar speech he gave to Sophocles. "Bad match ups happen and you went down fighting... speaking of which I wonder what the other four are fighting next?"

    Elio read the next round as he noticed Guzma saw who he was about to fight.

    Elio read out loud. "Cal, Norman, Jeanie... Giovanni!"

    Guzma asked. "Anything I need to know about him?" E

    lio frowned in an attempt to spread determination. "Yes, he specializes in ground types. Expect him to have rock type moves to go with it!"

    Guzma cringed from the frown as he noticed. "Your seriously giving me that look because he is tough!"

    Elio nodded. "This may be one of your hardest opponents in this tournament... oddly enough the only actual thing at stake are rare pokeballs that were in a bet. Show this boss who is the boss!"

    As Elio gave the four members of team Alola a pep talk for the next round, Lillie was curious as to what Elio had planned when he is back on Alola. If he found who she thought he found, she would want to ask more questions. As the four prepared for the third round, Lillie took her chance.

    Elio saw her was nervous about something and asked what was wrong.

    Lillie wondered about the tournament between champions and shoke her legs. "I am a little nervous about the Champion Tournament... these are some of the strongest trainers from all over the world."

    Elio smiled to her. "What does that say about you? To be among them? You'll be fine!"

    Elio noticed more was on Lillies mind and asked. "Something still on your mind?"

    Lillie nodded. "That project... does it have anything to do with my mother?"

    Elio gritted his teeth in how close Lillie is to finding out. "Kind of, she doesn't know anything and it is best it stays that way, my project is more for you and Gladion anyways."

    Lillie discovered what Elio was planning and began to smile as she had another thought. "If your plan didn't work... how would that hurt me or Gladion?"

    Elio's cringe turned into a frown. "Raising you with hope, drop that hope and it shatters into a million pieces. How bad would that make either of you two feel?"

    Lillie took the image out of her head thought of it more. While Elio's memory plan would work, there was a possibility of something going wrong; she worried even more about the worse happening. "Why do you do these sorts of thing to yourself?"

    Elio answered as he pointed to himself. "Because that one incident with Otto was a repressed memory. That makes me a good candidate! Now with that mysterious Chandelure incident.. a wiped memory is harder to deal with than amnesia! No sense going over the top in remembering every detail so next best thing is if Isaac and Nebby can't make me remember enough."

    Lillie shook her head at what she heard. "If that works?"

    Elio grinned in excitement. "If it works on a wiped memory... then at that point amnesia would be a joke if they are willing to remember."

    Lillie was still worried over where Elio came up with the insane idea. "Where did you get that idea?! You were about to sacrifice quite a lot to achieve this!"

    Elio answered. "I got the idea that something needed to be done when Gladion told me a bit of why... some one some one may have started to go crazy. When I asked Nebby for help, she told me that she didn't know where to look and if she tried wildly it would make things worse! Isaac is able to see into memories very well and can look where Nebby could not!"

    Lillie's asked more. "Was this why Gladion was mad at you the other day? As well as why you came up with the most outrageous lie I have heard of!?"

    Elio's grin became nervous. "If it doesn't work, Gladion will have my hide for telling both of you this!"

    Lillie nodded to what she confirmed. "Is Isaac even comfortable with doing something like this to you again?"

    Elio frowned at remembering. "Isaac was nervous about where he was suppose to look. Nebby was good at reassuring him that actually messing around with those memories is her job."

    Lillie heard the general plan Elio had; she smiled closed her eyes and puckered up her lips. "Thank you."

    As Elio realized what was about to happen, a buzzer was heard signaling the next round. Both blushed as they went to their seats holding hands instead!
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    Pokemon World Tournament Arc. Chapter 6: Bet's are on!

    Elio and Lillie returned to their benches to view the next round of the world tournament. The fire captain Kiawe approached the arena to confront the leader of the Viridian City Gym, Cal. "I traveled out here just so I can battle you people!" Kiawe prepared his pokemon for the next battle in a dance pattern.

    Kiawe vs Cal

    Cal sent out a Blastoise, Kiawe sent out a Marowak.

    Cal shouted out on seeing the Marowak. "Alright if that Marowak is anything like what we normally see, just use surf until it goes down!"

    As the Marowak was washed by the wave Kiawe shouted. "Marowak use shadow bone!"

    The Marowak's thick club glowed as he hit the Blastoise in the face; the Blastoise knocked the Marowak out with another surf as Kiawe prepared a switch. "Come Turtonator!"

    The Turtonator confronted the Blastoise, Cal raised an eyebrow knowing his can't really get a good switch. "Shoot that Turtonator with an ice beam!"

    The Turtonator was shot in the back by the ice beam as Kiawe shouted. "Use dragon pulse until it goes down!"

    The Blastoise was shot with a dragon pulse as it let loose a surf.

    The Turtonator shot back at the Blastoise for a k.o. Cal sent out a Feraligatr that readied his muscles. "Use water fall until it goes down, it should be enough!"

    The Feraligatr charged with a current as Kiawi ordered. "Turtonator use shell trap!"

    The Turtonator's shell began to glow as he braced for impact; the Feraligatr slammed into the shell and was knocked back by the explosion, he held onto the stage by his claw and charged back at the Turtonator again for a k.o.

    Kiawe called the Turtonator back and shouted. "Come Talonflame!"

    The Talonflame rose as it awaited its next order. "Talonflame knock that Feraligatr out with brave bird!" The Talonflame began to rush at the Feraligatr like the brave bird he was for a knock out.

    Cal sent out a Charizard with a stone necklace as he activated a key stone. "Charizard, mega evolve and start using air slash!"

    The Charizard glowed as its wings and tail extended, its presence caused intense sunlight in the arena. Kiawe knew he needed more damage and shouted. "Talon flame use swords dance!" The Talonflame danced in vigor as the Charizard slashed the air at him. The Talonflame ate a sitrus berry as he used another brave bird to knock out the mega Charizard.

    Cal cringed that he may have lost the match and called the reverted Charizard back. "Shoot! Come on back, Typhlosion we got to keep fighting; try and use fire blast!"

    A Typhlosion was sent out and inhaled with flames erupting from his neck.

    The Talonflame heard Kiawe's next order. "Again!"

    The Typhlosion was knocked out before he was able to shot the fire blast. Cal sent out a Venusaur and heard the opponent order. "Flare blitz!" Cal saw the Venusaur knocked out and had some relief as the Talonflame was knocked out by the recoil damage.

    Kiawe called the Talonflame back and complemented him on a job well done before he tossed another pokemon out. "Come Arcanine!"

    The Arcanine glared as Cal sent out his last pokemon sent out, a Meganium.

    Kiawe began to pose like a rising flame to prepare the Arcanine for an "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!"

    Cal knew of a Z move and shouted. "Meganium, try and block that with protect!"

    The Meganium protected itself from some of the damage as Kiawe flexed in vigor. "Use flare blitz and this fight is over!"

    The Meganium was knocked out, leaving Cal disappointed in himself. "I lost... darn it!" The two shook their hands as they prepared to leave the arena.

    The next two opponents were Mina and Norman. Mina yawned. "Your the next opponent?" Norman nodded, folded his arms and stared in determination. "Give it you all!"

    Mina vs Norman

    Norman sent out an Ambipom as Mina sent out a Klefki.

    Norman immediately shouted. "FAKE OUT!"

    The Klefki flinched as Mina broke out of her sleepy daze. "Wha... Klefki use reflect."

    The Klefki snapped out of the bored daze and set up a reflect. Norman ordered the Ambipom. "FIRE PUNCH UNTIL YOU KNOCK THAT KLEFKI OUT!"

    Ambipom began a series of fire punches, the Klefki was hit for super effective damage and was knocked back.

    Mina glared intensively. "Light screen, then use flash cannon!"

    The Klefki added a light screen to the reflect as the Ambipom punched again; the Klefki countered with flash cannon as the Ambipom uppercut her for a k.o.

    Mina sent out a Ribombee. "Pollen puff that Ambipom, we have everything set up!" The Ribombee tossed an explosive pollen to knock the Ambipom back.

    Norman called the Ambipom back and tossed the next pokemon. "EXPLOUD, FIRE BLAST!"

    The Exploud was charging up as Mina ordered. "Again, get it right in its mouth!"

    The Ribombee tossed the next puff, the Exploud ate it and began to cough hard.

    The Exploud coughed a massive fire blast that sent the Ribombee flying back for super effective damage, Mina flinched at what happened and ordered. "I think that pollen puff worked too well, knock it out with a dazzling gleam!"

    The Ribombee danced and knocked the Exploud out with dazzling light. Norman called the Exploud back and sent out a Staraptor.

    Mina posed for Ribombee to use "TWINKLING TACKLE!" to knock the Staraptor out.

    Norman flinched as the Staraptor was sent crashing to the ground, called it back and sent out was a Boufallant.

    Mina was relaxing more as she ordered. "Pollen puff again, we done a good amount to him!"

    The Ribombee tossed another pollen puff as Norman shouted. "BOUFALLANT HEAD CHARGE!"

    The Boufallant knocked the Ribombee out as the reflect faded. Mina called her Ribombee back and sent out a Granbull to intimidate the opponent.

    The Boufallant's life orb powered up an earthquake as Mina ordered. "Play rough, if we can keep this damage we might win this!"

    The Granbull played rough as Norman shouted to the Boufallant. "HEAD CHARGE!"

    The Boufallant's life orb glowed as he rammed the Granbull into the ground for a k.o, the Boufallant fainted from the recoil.

    Both trainers called their pokemon back, Mina tossed an Azumarril. "He's pushing us back, Azumarril push them back more!"

    Norman sent out his next pokemon. "GO SLAKING, GIGA IMPACT!"

    The Slaking entered the battle and slammed his palm at the Azumarril; the Azumarril pushed back and played rough, causing the Slaking to fall on an eject button and back into his pokemon.

    Norman sent out a Sawsbuck with antlers like that of autumn. "THAT AZUMARRIL IS WEAK ENOUGH, FINISH IT WITH HORN LEECH!" The Azumarril was jabbed with the Sawsbuck's antlers and drained for a knock out.

    The Azumarril was tossed to Mina as she called him back. "You done enough, Wigglytuff we just got this one and the Slaking left!"

    The Wigglytuff entered the battle as Norman ordered. "RETURN!"

    The Sawsbuck rammed into the Wigglytuff as Mina ordered back. "Flamethrower until I saw otherwise!"

    The Wigglytuff inhaled and shot the Sawsbuck back in flames, Norman gave the next order. "Rest, that berry should do the rest!"

    The Sawsbuck rested to heal to and ate a chesto berry as the Wigglytuff used another flamethrower. The Sawsbuck used horn leech to heal itself and pin the Wigglytuff in a corner.

    Mina ordered. "Finish it with an ice beam and get ready!" The Sawsbuck was shot off the Wigglytuff for a k.o as Norman prepared the Slaking. "GIGA IMPACT AGAIN!"

    The Slaking entered the battle and quickly knocked the Wigglytuff out, leaving Mina with her last pokemon. "Shiinotic, now that we got a chance, get that thing asleep!"

    The Shiinotic entered the battle and saw the Slaking loafing around, she tossed the spores to send him asleep as Mina glared. "Use giga drain and don't stop!" The Shiinotic tapped at the Slaking and began to drain him.

    The Slaking felt more damage in the span two turns as Norman kept shouting. "WAKE UP AND GET THAT LAST GIGA IMPACT!" On the second shout, the Slaking woke up and slammed the Shiinotic into the ground for a knock out.

    Mina stared in defeat as she called the Shiinotic back, Norman was still impressed. "We both gave everything we had!"

    Mina agreed as she shook his hand. "I got something to paint anyways, good match!"

    The next two trainers that entered the arena was Plumeria and another poison type specialist, the leader of Fuchsia city, Janine.

    As Plumeria entered the arena she was greeted by Janine entering the arena in a flash. "I'm Janine! I am a modern ninja! Feel the horror of the poison type pokemon I use!" Plumeria let loose a poisonous smile as she drew out a ball.

    Plumeria vs Janine

    Plumeria sent out a Gengar, Janine sent out a Nidoqueen. "Gengar, mega evolve and mess em up with a shadow ball!"

    The Gengar glowed, mega evolved and shot a shadow ball at the Nidoqueen and was knocked out by an earth power counter.

    Plumeria glared as she called the reverted Gengar back and sent out her next pokemon. "Scolipede, take her out with a double edge!" The Scolipede entered the arena and rushed into the Nidoqueen for a knock out.

    Janine called the Nidoqueen back and tossed another pokemon out, a Crobat. Janine silently nodded to her Crobat to knock the Scolipede out with a brave bird.

    The Scolipede was sent back to Plumeria, she petted the pokemon and called it back. "These match's ups stink for you. Crobat, come out and mess this one up!"

    Plumeria's Crobat flew in to see the opposing Crobat prepare for a move. The skull Crobat rammed like the brave bat she is as the ninja Crobat protected itself. The ninja Crobat rammed like the brave bat she is as the skull Crobat rammed back with a zen headbutt. Both Crobats rammed into each other like the brave bats they were, knocking each other out from the recoil. As both were called back, Janine sent out a Tentacruel as Plumeria sent out Alolan Muk.

    Plumeria glared at the Tentacruel and shouted. "Muk, keep crunching until that Tentacruel goes down." Janine pointed in silence to order the Tentacruel to shoot scalding hot water at the vested Muk; the Muk crunched into the Tentacruel. The Tentacruel rested to full health and ate a chesto berry, it crunched again. The second scald burned the Muk as the third crunch hit a critical location on the Tentacruel for a knock out. Next pokemon Janine sent out was a Venomoth that began to use quiver dance.

    Plumeria shouted. "Muk, use rock slide and don't let up!" The Muk pelted the Venomoth with stones for did super effective damage and was countered by a bug buzz; the Muk tossed them again and was knocked out by the next buzz.

    Plumeria called the Muk back and sent her next pokemon. "Toxapex, mess em up with liquidation!" The Toxapex was greeted to a psychic blast as it swatted at the Venomoth with a liquidation for a k.o.

    Janine sent out a Roserade, she spun around and ordered in a hushed tone like she is tossing something. "Roserade, take that Toxapex down with a leaf storm!"

    The Toxapex was blown away for a knock out, Plumeria called her Toxapex back and sent out her last pokemon. "Salazzle, finish this with a flamethrower!" The Salazzle let loose massive flames and knocked the Roserade out. Janine sent out her last pokemon, a Weezing. As the Salazzle shot flamethrower, the Weezing shot thunderbolt. In another torrent of flame the Weezing was knocked out, ending the fight.

    Janine gave Plumeria a respectful bow. "You done well!"

    She raised a finger to her nose, about to disappear in ninja speeds as Plumeria stopped her. "Your telling me your and Roxie are the only poison type gym leaders around?"

    Janine flinched and nodded. "We normally get together for a castelia cone after the tournament..."

    Plumeria grinned. "You mind if the three of us talk after this is over?"

    Janine agreed as she disappeared, Plumeria left the arena in preparation for the next round. The next two opponents entered. Guzma walked to the arena and was greeted by a cold stare of a man in a black coat and a fedora; the boss of the disbanded Team Rocket Giovanni.

    Guzma shook the determination back into himself and shouted with his arms folded. "Want to see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form, its your boy Guzma!"

    In an annoyed look, Giovanni took his hat off. "For your insolence, you will feel a world of pain!"

    Guzma vs Giovanni.

    Giovanni sent out a Nidoking, Guzma shouted out. "Golisopod, lets mess em up with an aqua jet!"

    The Golisopod's life orb began to siphoned and glowed, he rammed into the Nidoking in brutal speeds.

    Both the Nidoking and Giovanni glared, the Rocket boss shouted. "Use thunderbolt !" The Nidoking shot a thunderbolt from its horn at the Golisopod, causing him to make an emergency exit.

    Guzma switched and shouted. "Pinsir come on out and use earthquake!"

    Giovanni glared harder as the Pinsir knocked the Nidoking out with earthquake. "I remember hearing about that one bug pokemon Wimpod. Both it and it's evolved form have a similar ability?" Guzma didn't want to say what Wimpod's ability is as Giovanni sent out an intimidating Krookodile.

    Guzma shook his head as he shouted. "Keep using earthquake on that Krookodile!" As the Krookodile was hit with an earthquake, it bit into the Pinsir with a fiery fang; the Pinsir slammed again and was knocked out by another fire fang.

    Guzma called the Pinsir back and sent out a Scizor. "Finish it off with bullet punch!" In a rush the Scizor knocked the Krookodile out, as Giovanni prepared to send out a Gliscor. Guzma ordered the Scizor to use bullet punch again as Giovanni snapped his fingers; the Gliscor's fangs ignited as he countered the bullet punch with an intense bite for a k.o.

    Guzma called the Scizor back and tossed a previous ball. "Golisopod, get out there and mess em up with an aqua jet!"

    The Golisopod was sent out exhausted as his orb glowed again, he rammed into the Gliscor for a knock out and fainted from the life orb. Guzma called the Golisopod back as he sent out a Heracross. "That's more than enough you beaten up!"

    Giovanni sent out a Hippowdon, sand began to stream as Guzma shouted with an activated key stone. "Punctchy mega evolve and use bullet seed!"

    The Heracross mega evolved as Giovanni ordered. "Use stone edge and this would be over!"

    The Heracross shot a barrage of seeds as he saw the Hippowdon stomp. The Heracross leaped ahead of the rocks and aimed again at the Hippowdon for a knock out. Giovanni shrugged it like it didn't really matter and sent out a Garchomp, he pointed and the Garchomp used outrage to brutally attack the Heracross.

    Guzma flinched and shouted. "Punctchy... use pin missile!"

    The Heracross pushed the Garchomp was pushed back with the pin missle as he was called back. "That's enough of a beating; Masquerain, come out and intimidate!" The Masquerain intimidated the Garchomp with his wings and took the blunt of the outrage, when the Garchomp finished the Masquerain was knocked out.

    Guzma gritted his teeth, called the Masquerain back and shouted. "Ariados, come out and finish this!"

    As the Garchomp stood dazed and hit himself, Guzma shouted. "Set that toxic thread up, when he tries to beat at ya... you know what to do!" The Ariados shot a venomous thread all around as Garchomp snapped out of confusion; he roared in and lunged at the Ariados that dodged to the side and hit him in the head with his legs for a sucker punch k.o.

    Giovanni's smirk faded as he sent out his last pokemon in dignity, a Rhyperior that was slowed and poisoned by the thread. "Rock blast!"

    As the Ariados sucker punched again, the Rhyperior knocked it out with a three rock barrage. Guzma called the Ariados back and shouted. "Punctchy, lets finish this off with bullet seed!" The Heracross's arms opened up as a long barrage of seeds kept beating on the Rhyperior until it was knocked out. Guzma felt relief and smiled arrogantly that he won.

    Giovanni sighed and saw it as a set back. "Me lose?! Still, you fought well!" The two trainers left the arena, with the rest of the round to finish.

    As the third round was near a close.

    Gladion walked out to the central lobby stretching bored until he found something on. The red haired man he met earlier looked like he was about to smash the bet box with a rock.

    Gladion shouted in questioning. "Hey! What are you doing?"

    The man looked Gladion in the eyes and smirked. "See a bunch of useful and rare pokeballs. They left this out here, that is their own fault."

    Gladion glared back. "Aren't those very common in Johto? Why are you stealing them?"

    The man glared sharper. "They are supporting either a coward or a reckless idiot, I hate that!"

    Gladion shrugged in defeat as he posed for battle. "I'm still not letting you get away with this!"

    Vs ? ? ?

    The stranger sent out a Weavile as Gladion shouted. "Crobat, come out!"

    The Crobat hovered over the Weavile with a flying gem underneath. "Take that Weavile out with acrobatics!"

    The gem glowed as the Crobat was energized enough to knock the Weavile out in one hit. The man called the Weavile back and sent out a Magneton that took another acrobatics. "Thunder bolt!"

    The Magneton shot the Crobat back for a k.o.

    Gladion called the Crobat back sent out a Silvally with a red hue. "Take it out with multi attack!" The Silvally's claws glowed with the essence of the fire as it slashed into the Magneton for a knock out.

    The stranger glared at the Silvally as he switched. "Humph, Meganium use body slam!"

    The stranger sent out a Meganium that took another multi attack and leaped. The Silvally took the damage and knocked the Meganium out in another swipe.

    The stranger called the Meganium back and sent out a Gengar. "Use dark pulse then follow with a sludge bomb!"

    Gladion shouted. "Use crunch!" The Silvally lunged at the Gengar and was shot back by a pulse of bad thoughts for a flinch, the Gengar hacked a sludge bomb at the Silvally for a k.o.

    Gladion called the knocked out Silvally back and sent his next pokemon. "Weavile, knock that Gengar out with night slash!"

    The Weavile smirked and clawed at the Gengar for a k.o.

    The stranger called the Gengar back and scoffed. "I don't believe this. Alakazam lets do this!"

    An Alakazam entered the battle as Gladion ordered. "Again!"

    The Weavile slashed and realized Alakazam held on with a focus sash.

    The man shouted. "Take it out with a focus blast!"

    The Alakazam channeled a strong blast at point black range, knocking the Weavile past Gladion for a k.o.

    He called the Weavile back and tossed another ball. "Lucario, get in this fight!"

    The Lucario sensed the opponent as Gladion's hand twitched. "It doesn't matter how fast the foe thinks they are, finish that Alakazam out with extreme speed!"

    The Lucario grunted and rushed at the Alakazam for a k.o.

    The man was down to his last pokemon as he called the Alakazam back. "Don't think you won already! Crobat, lets keep fighting!"

    The Crobat flew out of the ball and listened to the order. "Confuse ray!"

    The Crobat let loose an odd light, confusing the Lucario as he countered with a super effective psychic blast.

    The man ordered. "Air cutter!"

    The Lucario was sent back from critical damage and was about to faint as Gladion posed for a "CORKSCREW CRASHER!" to end the fight. The Crobat was drilled across the room for a knock out!

    The man called his pokemon back and began to run to the door, he was tripped by a familiar man in a blue jacket. Wes was not impressed by the would be thief saw the man try to get up to ask who he was.

    Wes answered instead. "You were about to trigger a silent alarm. If the kid didn't do anything... you would have been caught, the only reason this dumb bet started in the first place is because a kid had enough confidence in the skull boss to take down the rocket boss."

    The red haired stranger and the man in the blue jacket glared at each other, the stranger asked. "How would you know?"

    Wes shrugged. "For starters, it was easy for Guzma to want to come along with a small scheme I had on Orre. He made a good first impression of Alola, so I saw him as a strong trainer. The champ gets along with him despite some of the things he played a part in."

    The red haired man asked what happened as Wes ignored him and smiled as Gladion. "How have things been going?"

    Gladion shrugged as he showed the keystone. "Had one of the corrupted key stones cleaned up. Thought I take it out for some test runs in this region by fighting the Alolan champ among several other people."

    Wes's smile didn't fade. "Mega evolution... it does take a while to get use to the power boost."

    The red haired man glared at the machine on Wes's arm and asked. "What are you even doing in this region? Because you look like you havent come from any place I heard about."

    Wes sighed as he would rather talk to Gladion. "I had an agreement I wanted to fulfill, there is not much good to say about Orre. So kid, anything else I need to know about or have things settled down on Alola?"

    Gladion rolled his eyes at some of things that have happened and answered. "Aside from Elio planning something borderline insane, it's mostly good on Alola!"

    Wes saw a woman in a pink dress used her power to teleport.

    She began to add the pokeballs used in the bet to the ones who bet on Guzma. "And he bet against the elite four... Anyways as soon as Rui is done with the shop in this city, I plan to watch with her. How much did I miss?"

    Gladion frowned and answered. "Most of the gym leaders tournament."

    Wes frowned back. "Better late than never." As Wes began to finish his conversation, the saw the man get himself back up.

    Wes asked in concern. "You are going to try anything funny again?"

    The man calmed down as he began to walk out. "I will be heading to a pokemon center... by then he should be gone."

    Wes wondered what the man's problem is as he saw Rui arrive with a confused look and several supplies needed to watch a series of fights. "Did I miss anything?"

    Rui noticed Gladion's keystone and smiled silently before requesting to Wes they go find a seat.

    Wes knew what that meant as he gave his farewell to Gladion. "See you around then!"

    Gladion shrugged it off. "Same."
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    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    World Tournament Arc Chapter 7: Champions Gather. Complications Are Made!

    Lillie saw the round end:

    Team Kanto had been defeated with Blaine being bested by Fantina.

    Her and Elio watched Flannery defeated by Volkner.

    Juan was defeated by the leader of the Blackthorn City gym, Claire.

    Clemont defeated the gym leader of Dewford town, Brawly.

    The duo returned to the main hall, Elio saw a small box with his name on it. In it was a lure ball and a love ball, Elio obtained a lure ball and love ball!

    Elio attempted to congratulate the three remaining members of Team Alola.

    Kaiwe was the last official captain in the tournament. "This event is only going to get more intense now that fewer of us are left."

    Plumeria did not mind how far she actually gotten. "One more round before the semi finals, I'm sure at least one of us is going to get there."

    Guzma was about to agree until he saw his next opponent on the listing and shouted. "Who the hell is Volkner?"

    Lana over heard after watching the tournament and answered with a crossed look in her eyes. "Some guy that is bored no matter who he fights!"

    As the group heard the answer, a familiar man over heard with a black haired woman with pig tails in a white shirt, orange skirt and wearing a sweater at her waist. Lucas was about to speak when Candice beaten him to the explanation. "Volkner prefers very close battles or generally opponents that can beat him, being the top Gym Leader in Sinnoh..."

    Lana frowned as she continued. "Means that to get to him you have to be tough yourself or your just going to be another pushover to him."

    Lucas agreed. "It gotten so bad he was going to retire and go after the Sinnoh Pokemon League!"

    Elio put some thought and asked. "Who are the final gym leaders people normally fight before taking on the Elite Four?"

    Lillie listened and answered. "Cal took over as Gym leader of Viridian city after Blue retired. It is often the last gym trainers face before going to victory road. Johto's final gym leader is said to be from Blackthorn city... Clair."

    Hilda was busy shaking off disappointment as she overheard. "My last one was Drayden, but I was in an emergency to do something."

    Nate overheard and joined for his part. "Marlon was mine!"

    Elio grinned his answer. "Technically mine was a totem Kommo-o! A type of pseudo legendary dragon fighting type with special scales used in its attacks!"

    Ethan over heard and joined in the conversation. "Minor thing with the gym leaders, Clair and Whitney... they are not someone who hands a badge over even after you beaten them."

    Lillie asked why as the man adjustes his cap. "Whitney cries when ever she looses. When I first met her... I lost to her Miltank quite a few times and even after I had to wait for her to calm down. Clair was a little different, she had me go through some trial at the Dragon den."

    Lillie frowned at the answer. "She sounds tough for what she is... unless you bring a fairy type." Ethan laughed at as he added more. "Or you bring a Mamoswine to defeat anything not Kingdra. What is bad about this tournament is the only two fairy gym leaders... or in Alola's case Mina, have been beaten and she had been wiping the floor with everyone else."

    As the group spoke to each other, a man in a strange white hat finished talking with Norman and joined in with a brown haired woman in a red bandanna.

    Elio noticed trainers and asked. "What is your story? Because the Grand Trials have you battle an extremely tough pokemon and the guys I gathered with either are captains... or close enough to one."

    The man introduced himself as Brendan and the woman introduced herself as May. "As you overheard, Norman is my dad and the leader of the Petalburg gym. It is the first city I visited but he wanted me to gather some badges before I fought him."

    May joined in as she blushed. "I was Brendan's neighbor for quite a while and I always come along to watch him!"

    Lillie remembered the Slaking Norman had and spoke her peace about it. "It is very strong, but its ability hinders it."

    May nodded back. "Gives Norman a good excuse to give it Giga Impact... has to wait another turn anyways and of someone counters it that means Norman won't have to be helpless for a whole turn. Not to mention the Eject button which means you have to hit it fast to get rid of it."

    As the group of trainers became larger, a dark haired young man in a blue jacket was with a purple haired woman in goth clothes and purple eyes. They were looking at the standings as the man smiled impressed. "Look like Kalo's has gotten pretty far in this year!"

    Elio noticed the man mention the Kalos region and asked. "Anything about it I need to know about the region, save for that I like its tastes in clothes?"

    The man introduced himself as Calem as he raised three fingers. "One, Kalos has a small history about where Mega Stones came from and a great war that happened in the region three thousand years ago. Second and this is a warning, the locals like to ask for tips way more than you are comfortable with. Third... aside from a pokeball factory, Lumiose city, a palace and a castle... not too much other than some gorgeous sights."

    Lillie asked what do the locals tip for, Calem took a deep breath and answered. "The ones that make sense, calling people to a small mansion. Others are basic service... and I mean basic! Then there is a con artist in an old house. He tells the worse ghost stories imaginable and expects you to pay him for it."

    Lillie shook her head at the mention of the ghost stories. "What was the story even about."

    Calem shrugged. "I nearly fell asleep! How I met my girlfriend was scarier!"

    The goth woman introduced herself as Magdoline as she made a face not unlike a member of Elio's elite four, a small purple haired girl named Acelerola.

    With an overly cheerful face she giggled. "He met my sister who liked to hang around in a building in Luminose city! I went to talk to her... I wasn't the one she wanted to talk to. So she told me about someone I would want to talk to, that was when I met Calem as we started talking."

    As she giggled at the memories, a Mew floated behind her and looked curiously. Magdoline felt something as she turned shivering, she saw a Mew that meowed in response to the silence as the Dex emerged from Elio's back pack to translate. "BZZT! It's okay, some of my friends don't like talking to people! BZZT!"

    Magdoline stared in pure horror and backed away to her boyfriend.

    Calem found the reaction to a pokemon like Mew awkward and asked. "Maggy this pokemon isn't scary, are you okay?"

    Magdoline blinked and asked. "You don't see it?"

    Elio and Lillie stared at the Mew to try and find something odd, Lillie answered. "It's a Mew we had for several months. We rescued him from a group of horrible people."

    Magdoline understood the answer and whispered. "You don't see the shadow?"

    Elio glared at what he considered to be a crazy person. "I don't and I don't want to. Isaac is fine now save for a couple episodes!"

    The Mew looked curiously as its eyes glowed and meowed to let the group know he wasn't seeing anything too suspicious. It would have been the case until the Mew's blue eyes widened in horror. Elio and Lillie saw the reaction and asked what was wrong. The Mew twitched in desperation as he showed the duo a vision from the eyes of Magdoline.

    They saw a strange malevolent creature hovering behind the Mew; it had dark purple fur, it's eyes glowed red and glowed a dark aura, they heard a faint whisper in their heads as they recognized the Shadow Mew. "I... am...still...here!"

    Elio was the first to have reached for the Mew to take him away from the doppelganger. "Isaac... that isn't you!"

    The Shadow Mew let loose a deep chuckle. "Keep...saying...that!"

    In a panic the Mew turned off the vision, the two trainers began to shiver cold as they heard a maniacal laughter ringing in their heads. "That...won't... stop...me!" Elio and Lillie began to see memories of their encounter with the Shadow Mew, how it took a variety of forms, some that made no sense, others bothered them in some way, hearing constant gibbering screams as the battle went on. The duo held onto each other it felt more and more real, for everyone else it looked like they are mentally gone from reality.

    Magdoline tossed out a dusk ball containing a Chandelure that saw the rapid visions, the trainer whispered to him. "Lighty! You see it to?"

    The Chandelure flinched at the foe and chimed in shock as he shot out a shadow ball at what looked like an invisible foe. As the shadow ball hit something, the two children, the Mew and Magdoline heard a distorted shriek in their heads. Magdoline began to shout. "Finish if with fire blast and banish this demon from whence it came!"

    As the Chandelure shot an all consuming flame, the entire group saw a figure twitching mad as its essence poured into the luring pokemon. The Mew charged up a psycho boost at the figure to make it go away. He, Elio, Lillie and Magdoline heard an even louder distorted screech in their heads before it faded.

    The four collapsed in response as the Chandelure began to fly back into his ball and shrieked in complaint. The Rotom Dex shivered and translated. "BZZT! Miss Maggy, please don't make me fight something like that again! BZZT!"

    Calem rushed over to Magdoline and asked. "What happened?"

    The hex maniac took a breath of relief as she pointed at the Mew next to Elio and Lillie. "That demon is gone... for now, you may want to worry about where it is coming from."

    Elio and Lillie tried to comfort the Mew that was about to cry, the duo themselves were about to cry. The group of disturbed trainers were broken away by Gladion and Burnet.

    Gladion saw the duo shivering and asked loudly in anger. "What happened?!"

    Lillie struggled to answer as Burnet tried to approach her to calm her down. "That thing..." The Mew bawled as Elio helped Lillie finish, he was about to throw up. "That thing we thought several months ago... that Shadow Mew... its still there!

    "Gladion looked around at the witnesses and asked. "Could anyone explain what happened?!"

    The Mew was shouting loudly as the Dex frowned backed away to ask. "BZZT! You want me to translate this? BZZT!"

    Gladion gave Rotom a glare in answer. "BZZT! Okay... BZZT! Bad me wanted to hurt these two! Bad me was suppose to be gone! BZZT!"

    Magdoline cringed at what she caused and apologized. "I some times see things that aren't there for most people, Lighty and I see evil things like this a lot."

    The Mew rushed out of the duo's arms and into the master ball Burnet had, Lillie rushed into Burnet's arms for comfort. As the group stared at what was happening, the majority were disturbed by what they seen.

    Guzma thought to himself and shook his head. "That Mew is starting to have problems."

    Elio struggled to get up as he tried to get to a chair and calm down. "That isn't you Isaac... that isn't you..."

    Plumeria noticed the Alolan champ was about to fall back on his knees, helped him get up and placed him on the bench. She patted him on the shoulder to calm him down and ask. "Whats wrong kid, because this is the first time a lot of us have seen that?"

    The Alolan champ was calm enough to stop talking gibberish and answered. "I don't want to talk about it. Please, I don't want to talk about it."

    The buzzer for the next round was about to go off until the man in charge looked at what happened. "Mind if I give you all a bit more time?"

    Plumeria glared and asked. "The two kids and the Mew got messed up bad by something, you think now is a good time?!"

    The man backed away. "I'll give this another hour before I start, sorry about that."

    After what felt like minutes, Elio and Lillie stopped panting and were able to have a clear thoughts.

    The Alolan Champ forced a smile and asked the other trainers. "I know Hilda and Nate beaten the pokemon league, but why are you all here?"

    Ethan, Brendan, Lucas and Calem gave a common answer. "We beaten the pokemon league and we were invited to represent it's champions!"

    Lillie flinched, her legs were still shaking. "You all had a pokedex at some point?"

    The group nodded and showed them. Ethan noticed one person missing. "There is one other among us that normally hangs around with Blue, you all have a thing for starters?"

    The trainers all agreed and vowed to keep it a surprise from each other.

    "Author Talking to you the reader. If you actually think I am having the Mohn side plot end on this downer note. Keep reading this series, this as well as the Mew's problem is going to be tackled in the next fanfic! For now just enjoy the current world tournament plot!"
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