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Offensive Bug Team (White)


RnG- The Masterpiece
Special Attackers

Volcorona: Modest252spa/spe (Flame body)
Quiver dance
Bug Buzz
Fiery Dance
Giga Drain

Galvantula Modest 252spa/spe (Compoundeyes)
Bug Buzz
Volt Switch
HP Ice

Yanmega: (Modest) (252 spa, spe) (Tinted lense)
Air Slash
Bug Buzz

Physical Attackers:

Scizor (technician) (Adamant) 252 Atk/hp
U Turn
Bullet Punch

Heracross (Moxie) (Adamant) 252atk/spe
Close Combat
Stone Edge

Armaldo (252 atk, 252 spe) (Adamant) (Swift Swim)
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock/Aqua Tail


Well-Known Member
The AI rarely, if ever, switches out so Pursuit won't see much use on Scizor unless you intend to battle other players. Bug Bite is a nice option for a Bug type attack that doesn't switch you out.

With Tinted Lens, Bug Buzz + Air Slash gives you perfect neutral coverage on Yanmega bar Rock/Steel types. Therefore you should aim to get maximum supereffective coverage with your remaining moves. Psychic only really hits Poison types and all your physical attackers have a way of dealing with them. Use Hidden Power [Fighting] instead as that hits 5 types, including the aforementioned Rock/Steel types super-effectively.
Also use a Timid nature as Yanmega is quite frail and the extra speed pushes it above several pokemon.

Jolly nature on Heracross, as it already has Moxie to boost attack. Earthquake isn't covering much that your other moves don't already, so go with Night Slash instead to hit Ghosts.

At base 45, Armaldo is far too slow to be worth investing in speed EVs. Use 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def.