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Offensive Trick Room Doubles

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by CyberD888, Oct 9, 2013.


How do you find this team?

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  1. CyberD888

    CyberD888 Travelling Trader

    Before I start, I noticed how this site tend to focus more on single battles (mainly OU, just like Smogon). So I just wanted to say that my team here is made with only doubles in mind. That said, I am also a strictly doubles player so those experienced in double battles, please feel free to give your thoughts on my team.

    Chandelure - Focus Sash
    Flash Fire
    252hp/ 252spatk/ 4spdef
    -Trick Room
    -Heat Wave
    -Shadow Ball
    My premiere Trick Room setter. I know most people opt to choose Cresselia or Dusclops to set up Trick Room but since my team focuses on all out offense, I don't want to risk having dead weights that can't deal significant damage on their own. Focus Sash is self explanatory; this guy can't take surfs or earthquakes. With Fake Out support, he will set up Trick Room on Turn 1 since he can't be Fake Out'd due to being a ghost and if there's a taunt user, Fake Out support will deal with that. Memento is there to take him out without losing momentum if the situation calls for it.

    Hariyama - Flame Orb
    252hp/ 252atk/ 4def
    -Fake Out
    -Close Combat
    -Ice Punch
    My Fake Out supporter. Unlike Hitmontop, this guy is still a big threat after Fake Out; his Close Combat is absurdly powerful thanks to Guts. Ice Punch is there to deal more damage to Garchomp, Salamence, etc.

    Tyranitar - Life Orb
    Sand Stream
    252hp/ 252atk/ 4spdef
    -Rock Slide
    When I see a rain team, this guy will be one of my counters. The sandstorm he brings, along with the Sp.Def boost, helps him take water attacks surprisingly well. Life Orbs helps to give the extra punch and Superpower is mainly there for coverage.

    Rhyperior - Earth Gem
    Solid Rock
    252hp/ 252atk/ 4def
    -Rock Slide
    This guy is a monster. Under Trick Room, very little can stand up to his attacks. In fact, the only time I've seen him lost is when Trick Room couldn't be successfully set up or when it times out. Earth Gem is used to give power on his first Earthquake. Megahorn is used to deal with pesky Cresselia or other grass types; with Trick Room, he should be able to outspeed the grass types and one shot them with Megahorn. His defense is also insane; he once survived two consecutives Earthquake from Garchomp, with enough hp to survive another round.

    Camerupt - Fire Gem
    Solid Rock
    252hp/ 252spatk/ 4def
    -Earth Power
    -Heat Wave
    This guy's role is simple. Come in when Trick Room is up, blast out a full powered Eruption and Heat Wave or Earth Power anything that survived next turn. With Solid Rock, this guy is surprisingly bulky, being able to survive Earthquakes but he still will go down against Surf. With Fire Gem, his full powered Eruption easily dents anything bar 4x Resistances like Kingdra.

    Cradily - Leftover
    Storm Drain
    252hp/ 126def/ 126spdef
    -Giga Drain
    -Sludge Bomb
    The odd guy out. This guy is the closest thing to a rain counter that I can think of. With sandstorm up and a Stockpile boost, he's pretty much impossible to kill and if he can get a Storm Drain boost, along with health recovery with Giga Drain and Leftover, and you have a highly frustrating foe to beat. Sludge Bomb is there to hurt Ludicolo more but other than that, it's nothing. To be honest, this guy is the odd guy out of my team since he requires set up to put on an offensive pressure. If there are recommendations of an alternative rain counter, do tell me. I have Guts Luxray in mind but other than that, I'm not sure who to put.

    That's my team. If anyone can help to improve it, that'll be greatly appreciated.
  2. Immediately, I see a problem. You only have one TR setter. A fast Follow Me user alongside a Taunter destroys your lead combo, and makes your team almost all dead weight. Since weather is mostly a non-issue if you can control your trick room, I would suggest replacing Tyranitar or Cradily with a standard Doubles Reuniclus. You can find the EVs on Smogon. It provides a backup TR user in case Chandelure fails to set up Trick Room (be it by inner focus mons ignoring the flinch and targeting chandelure, or taunt), and has a good offensive presence that you are looking for. Since this team is so reliant on Trick Room, having an extra setter or two is vital.
  3. Zoroark312

    Zoroark312 Member

    Yeah, this guy's definitely right. You need at least 3 TR users in a TR team. I've got 4 on my team, I find that 3 doesn't work for me.

    EDIT: Just noticed you have terrible typing. Ex: 4 of your pokemon are weak to Water.

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