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Offering 14 Charmanders


New Member
I have 12 males and 2 females. Here are there natures
Male: Hasty, Naughty, Calm, 2 Hardy, Modest, Gentle, Quirky, Careful, Bold, Rash, and Relaxed
Female: Brave and Docile

I'll take just about anything as long as its not something like zubat, shinx, geodude, etc.
Take a Piplup for one?
Brave all right?
What name?

Mine is in my sig.


Veronica Taylor fan
Could I have a Modest Charmander? ^^

These are some random Pokemon I have up for trade. Machoke, Kadabra, Pichu, Noctowl, Anorith, Floatzel, and Skuntank. Would you take one of those Pokemon for it?
I'm just getting there now.


New Member
Ok Hiei I added you and Im ready to trade the Gible for the female char brave perferably if not the ohers fine. im signing on now
I am on...

Your name is Hiei and FC is 4897 2751 2641?