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Offering shinies/legends/new-breds

Dragon Maniac

Pokémon Breeder
Hiya guys and gals, I'm back after a couple of days without pokemon..;)

Arcanine (lv 100, Gentle)
Typhlosion (lv 37, Quirky)
Lugia (lv 70, Quiet)
Deoxys (lv 30, Quiet)
Crobat (lv 55, Mild)
Salamence (lv 50, Quirky)
Rayquaza (lv 70, Quirky)
Regirock (lv 40, Careful)
Metagross (lv 90, Quirky)
Ditto (lv 43, Quirky)

2x Cresselia (Adamant/Rash)
2x Deoxys (Adamant/Impish)
2x Jirachi (Bold/Jolly)
1x Latios (Mild)
1x Groudon (Impish)
1x Kyogre (Lax)
2x Manaphy (Impish/Impish)

New Breds
2x Eevee (Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand)
2x Gible (Tackle, Take Down)
3x Squirtle (Tackle)
5x Poliwag (Water Sport, Surf, Waterfall)
4x Drifloon (Constrict, Minimize, Payback, Shadow Ball)
4x Chimchar (Scratch, Leer, Flamethrower, Torment)
4x Charmander (Scratch, Growl, Fire Blast, Flamethrower)
4x Pilpup (Pound, Surf, Waterfall)
1x Phione (Bubble, Water Sport)
1x Spiritomb (Confuse Ray, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball)

Magmar with Magmarizer
Electrabuzz with Electrizer
Fire Red/Leaf Green pokemon
Uncommon, cool poké's

Offer or pm me with your offers...

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Spriter/GM User
i have magby and elekid with items, togetic, and some firered/leafgreen pokes.
can i get any shinies? or the latios?

doctor worm

Well-Known Member
what do you want from leafgreen? i can give you tangela or articuno or any of the starters (except squirtle)

Dragon Maniac

Pokémon Breeder
I'm very interested in shiny Typhlosion. I have Elekid, Magmarizer and Ratatta shin since you want FR/LG pokes. I have others too. What are you looking for specifically?

BT ;383;

With pokés from leaf green, I mean the ones I can't catch in Pearl..since you can catch Rattata in Pearl..that's a no-no..
What can i get for a Poliwrath, and a Victrebell?
I'll give you a Lagit level 100 LG pokemon of your choice and an Elekid for shiny Typholsion.

Proto Entity

Crystal Spike
could i trade a celebi for the shiny deoxys? (i've got everything you want in your want list)
@ master gatr: What kind of pokemon you have?
@ Proto Entity: Add an Elekid and we have a deal..

I can offer you essentialy any 1st gen pokemon lv100. I'll need to park them, though.