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Offical Nickname Discussion thread


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Do you nickname your pokemon

Official by Nutter t.kk

Nicknames are sign of Uniqueness, make you Pokémon stand out from the crowd.

This is the place to discuss your Pokémon's nicknames.

I've created this thread after many starting threads about them.

  1. GPD Rules and Serebii Forums Rules still apply.
  2. When Listing your Pokémon please give reasons behind the name. - For Example: ;181; Decker (Named after the main character in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick, as it's line are all Electric Sheep.)
  3. No Pure Team listing. You can't just post a list of Pokémon with their nicknames, you most comment on them.
  4. Rude and Offensive names/teams are not allowed. You can earn infraction points and your post edit or deleted.
  5. You can talk about the nicknames Pokémon you receive in trades. (Example:;021; KENYA - Why did Webster named his Pokémon after a African country? (This is an ingame "trade" in HGSS))
  6. If the name features letters not common to US/UK Keyboards. You should post a Translation, as not all Visitors can see Non-english Characters.
    1. For Korean and Japanese names: Please state the how it sounds in "English" - :052: かット (Cat or more accurately Kaatu) - English word "cat" written in Japanese.)
    2. "Dingbat" characters (☺♀♂♠♣♥♦) should be treated like Japanese names, as you can "type" almost all of them as they appear in game. You can use a Windows program called Character Map (installed with most copies of Windows), or copy paste from other places for these ones that you can't type. Mac and Linux users could have similar Program to Character Map. (PM Nutter t.kk to tell him about them, I do have access to those Os, but I don't use them often) So ☺♀♂♠♣♥♦ is (Simley face) (Female) (Male) (Spades) (Clubs) (Hearts) (Diamonds)
  7. Only a single Pokémon Smiley per nickname. The Faces are allowed as they're symbols in the games.
  8. Do not ask for help with the games.

Just for convenience. Here is locations of all known Name Raters.

  • Lavender Town in Kanto
  • Goldenrod City in Johto
  • Slateport City in Hoenn
  • Agate Village in Orre
  • Eterna City in Sinnoh
  • Castelia City in Unova

The Orignial post below

so do you nick name your pokemons??
if yes let people over here know the best of the nick names you have given...
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no, i never give a nickname to pokemons
and you can/t imagine what kind of nicknames you can find online , its always funny.


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Yes, I do nickname my Pokemon because I believe that you create a special bond with the Pokemon and it also makes it different then other Pokemon.


Sometimes I do, but I've yet to do so for my White 2 game. Just haven't really felt the need I guess. Except for the Tranquill I caught, but it's not a very nice nickname. I was frustrated with it at the time...


debeo capere omnes
I named my Excadrill Duck. If you get this reference you are awesome.


debeo capere omnes
woah excadrill a duck......well i din't get the sense.....would you please explain the logic....:p

It's after Duck Zhang from the 'GONE' series by Michael Grant. Duck is a boy who is nicknamed the Human Drill because he can control his own density, allowing him to sink through the ground (or float away, but that's less relevant.) :)

Thomas Elliot

Just depends really. Most times I do not, can never come with any creative nicknames honestly. If I do name them I will usually use the Japanese name or some comic book character.


Pokémon Trainer
Nope, I've never nickname'd any of my Pokémon, and I don't plan to.

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
Nope. I've always wanted to but I can never think of what to call them and that's why I don't.

Lion Demon

Fairy Type Champion
Most definitely, It's a requirement for me to create creative names for my creatures! The only exceptions are legendary Pokémon to keep their respectable status!


Expert Killer Whale
If I'm using a Pokemon in my team or I might use it, I give it a nickname. My favorite nickname I've given one of my Pokemon is St. Elmo, my Eelektross. It's been named after the weather phenomenon, "St. Elmo's Fire."