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Offical Nickname Discussion thread


Paramore & Hayley<3
I nicknamed my female Azurill in Black 2 as Shawna for no apparent reason. Then it evolved into Azumarill and turned into a male -.- (apparently it is possible. I did think it was a glitch in my game). I eventually changed it's name to Shane so it all (sorta) worked out.


Cold turkey.
I nicknamed my Tepig in W2 "Piggu" because that's Chinese for pig. I think. I only nickname my Pokemon when I have "OMG I JUST THOUGHT OF THE BEST NICKNAME EVER" moments.


You can call me Bliz
I normally dont nickname my pokemon, but recently while playing SoulSilver and Sapphire, ive been naming my pokemon after Borderlands characters/things.lol Like Zubat is Rakk, Camerupt will be Rakk Hive, Houndoom will be BA Fire Skag or something.lol


I named my Terrakion, Terriyaki for competitive use at the world championships in San Diego, I know it's misspelt and I learned that when I battled someone else with the same nickname, just spelt differently .-. Anyways, yeah, best nickname I have thought of, ever. And I will continue using it on Terrakions!

By the way, the reason for it is they sound the same =p And I thought it was funny.


Always flyin'
I need a good nickname for my Aerodactyl can anyone help?

Aero is something I can always fall back on for me. You could maybe do some research to find some minerals, or stones, or jewels or something to go with the fossil them. If it's a female, I think Jade would be cool, but that's just me.


pain in the ***
Need a name for Aerodactyl can anyone help?

I just named mine "Fang". Original, ain't it

I name my starter and most of my team, and I do name other pokemon as I catch them. Not all of them, though.
Infernape - "Sparks"
Luxray - "Flash"
Bibarel (HM slave) - "Sawtooth" (anyone who knows beavers will get that one)
Scyther - "Katana" (because the pokedex entry says it moves like a ninja)
Gyarados - "Fin" (I was being a bit sarcastic when I named it, and now I can't be bothered to change it)
Giratina - "Darkstar"
Dialga - "Timelord" (just because)
Regigigas - "Titan"
Drifloon - "Spiritsong"
Finneon - "Flutter"
Garchomp - "Snapjaw"
female Gible - "Lockjaw"
Vulpix - "Fireheart"
Dodrio - "Bolt"
Et cetera

I also have a Ditto aptly named "Wobble".

In Pearl, I have...
Infernape - "Ember"
Luxray - "Shock"
Palkia - "Silver"
Gyarados - "Stormfang"

And a few others I can't remember off the top of my head


New Member
I nicknamed my tepig - "Bacon" because i imagine that's what he smells like.


Aerial Ace
Doing a star theme for my (rather oversized) Black 2 team.

Persian: Leon (from Leo, a star name that means lion)
Rufflet: Warcry (He would've been called Aquila (eagle) or perhaps Orion (hunter) if I'd remembered to rename him before trading and resetting my other game .-.)
Servine: Serpens (Snake)
Jolteon: Alrai (The star Alrai means 'sheperd dog'. Also, rai has something to do with lightning I think)
Vibrava: Chara (Means 'joy' because I couldn't find one that's appropriate and it's a girl so I don't want Draco)
Lapras: Polaris (North star; pole star)
Scolipede: Centaurus (Centaur)
Galvantula: Asterope (Bolt of lightning)
Linoone: Sagitta (Arrow)
Archeops: Alathfar (Talons)
Starmie: Yildun (Just 'star')
Still trying to decide on a 12th member that would fit the name Orion.

Oh, and if anyone wants some theme ideas, I've got some: spices, gemstones, minerals, and weather. Themes are nice, you know. They make your team more cohesive.


Pokemon Breeder
Well, I love nicknaming my Pokemon. I'll list my favorite:

Piplup: Happy Feet
Dunsparce: Little Puppy
Starly: Peep
Ho-Oh: Oh-Ho
Chikorita: Venus

I'm soooo creative...

HolyNova Lucario

Average as average can be
:503: Samurott (Mizurai): 'Mizu' means water in Japanese and the 'rai' part comes from samurai but also means thunder. So you can call him 'Water Samurai' or 'Samurai of the water'.
;359; Absol (Mysticol and Sol): 'Mysticol' for my shiny Absol, notice that the 'o' replaces the 'a' in mystical. For my normal Absol I call it 'Sol', you can interpret the name in two ways 'Sol' as in 'Soul' or 'Sol' as it is crying out the last bit of it's name.
:642: Thundurus (Boltrus): I replaced the 'Thundu' with 'Bolt' because it sounds better with bolt in it's name.
:641: Tornadus (Galerus): I replaced the 'Torna' with 'Gale', gale is like a strong gust of wind.
:498: Tepig (Empig): I call it 'Empig' because I don't plan on evolving it and it is a spin-off to 'Emboar'.
;448; Lucario (Aurio, Aurious and Aurackal): When I obtained my first Lucario I instantly name it 'Aurio' because it is based on Aura and I like Oreos and I linked the last part of it's name with the word aura. My second Lucario was from an egg that I breaded with my first Lucario and Ditto, I named it 'Aurious' and my third Lucario I obtained in Black 2 and named it 'Aurackal', again based the name on aura and this time I based the name on a Jackal because Lucario is a jackal.
;392; Infernape (Bablaze): The 'Ba' part is from Baboon and I just added 'blaze' because it it a fire type.
;445; Garchomp (Chomper): I named it 'Chomper' because of the 'chomp' part of it's name and because the chompers Gible have inspired me.
;384; Rayquaza (Skydra): Its called 'Skydra' because It is based on the sky (ozone layer to be precise) and the 'dra' comes from being a dragon type pokemon.
:643: Reshiram (Pyraura): The 'Pyr' comes from 'Pyros' (don't think I stole it from Bakugan) which means fire and the 'aura' comes from it's ability 'Turboblaze' which says 'It is unleashing blazing aura' also the name sorta suits it.
:644: Zekrom (Rairyuu): It is a Japanese name. 'Rai' means thunder and 'ryuu' means dragon in Japanese put it together it becomes 'Dragon of thunder'.

I have a lot more pokemon with unique nicknames, please rate these nicknames.
please rate them

Chewiana Jones

Need a name for Aerodactyl can anyone help?

How about Pterry? I think that's my favorite name for an Aerodactyl, but I named mine Icarus since it was the flyer on a Soulsilver post-game team with names from Greek mythology. Still sounds pretty cool, though. If it's female, then I have no idea (and congratulations if it is; female fossil Pokemon are pretty rare).

Chewiana Jones

I once named a full team of six Pokemon on Firered after different types of lettuce. I had Romaine the Bellossom, Escarole the Magcargo, Iceberg the Lapras, Mache the Murkrow, Radicchio the Xatu, and Mizuna the Tyranitar. The other six out of the twelve I caught in the Sevii islands were Quixote the Dunsparce, Jekyll the Crobat, Santiago the Kingdra, Pip the Togekiss, Porthos the Heracross, and Hannibal the Donphan. Yeah, I'm weird like that...


Im An OxyMoron!
For a female Aerodactyl, Amber? After its fossil.

I used to always call a fire type starter Blaze or Flame when I was younger. Terrible lol!


pain in the ***
I just got my hands on a copy of Black 2. If I catch a female Blitzle I'm going to name it "Kate" after my sister, because Blitzle is an electric zebra and my sister has a thing for zebra patterns. She's got a zebra pattern coat, shoes, shirts, purse, even a sweater with zebra ears and a mane on the hood