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Offical Nickname Discussion thread


I’m Back...
Some of my recent teams nicknames:

Chesnaught: Fredrick
Greninja: Deadpool
Gogoat: Billy
Mawile: Jealousy
Malamar: Kracken
Latios: Latio
Latias: Latia
Zangoose: Levi
Seviper: Big Boss
Gardevoir: Emmeryn
Gallade: Chrom
Swampert: Mikau
Swalot: Pepto-Bismul
Walrein: John Lennon
Tyrantrum: Lockjaw
Mamoswine: Gannon
Ninetails: Rao
Blaziken: Zaxby
Ampharos: Thor
Ambipom: Aibo
Frogadier: Takamaru
Noivern: Gerome
Dusknoir: Jalhala
Toxicroak: Rash
Magnezone: RoboCop
Pidgeot: Redwing
Espeon: Gestalt
Torterra: Atlas
Floatzel: Tails
Garchomp: Franky
Aeigslash: Falchion
Meganium: Aerith
Trevenant: Whispy

Yeah, mostly are kind of nerdy while Gestalt is one that is a play on with the fact Gestalt is a type of Psychology.


When I nickname my Pokemon, I do something a little weird. I use the first letter of that Pokemon's name (The final evolution) and pick a name starting with that letter. For example, I would name my Piplup, Ethan, because Empoleon starts with E. It's kinda weird, but it helps narrow down a name.

Anyone else do this?

YES! I had a Mudkip called Simon, everyone was like, what the hell did you call it Simon for? Simon the Swampert. It works. Chuck the Chesnaught (actually works with Chespin too haha), Julia the Jynx etc. I do this most of the time, plus some references to other things like Avatar, plus general life things. I'm kinda weird with my nicknames. Rhyperior will always be RhyQuinn. He's my mascot, and the first half of my name is influenced by him so he has to be. xD


I'll explained my Omega Ruby team (thus far, still beating the game)-
My starter (Mudkip) was named Yesung after the stage name of the corresponding Super Junior member. He is my favorite singer and is absolutely undeniably amazing, just like my baby lol
I named my Breloom Chun Li because look at Street Fighter 4 and have a nice laugh.
I named my surskit Wasserkaefer because that is german for water beetle. I know it isn't a beetle based pokemon, but I still liked the name.
Ralts was Zauberin because Zauberin is a witch in German. I associated psychic and fairy moves to resemble witchcraft or magic.
Seedot was named Kaede because I forgot that oaks had acorns and maple trees have samaras. It was late at night.
I named Poochyena Daiki honestly because at the time I thought it was a cute name for him.

Also, my favorite pokemon I own is named BoltStream. I've had him since I was ten. It was a period of time where I enjoyed mashing two words together to make names.
I nicknamed both Latias & Latios that I have caught on my Alpha Sapphire game.

Latios- Azure its related to blue right maybe not the most creative name.
Latias- Suriel
Kyogre- Arufa Shi


Dark Type Trainer
Everybody has these awesome nicknames that are named after Gods and such. I wish I was creative enough to come up with names that actually represent something.

Meanwhile, I just string random letters together, and if the result sounds like something that isn't completely ridiculous, I type it in.


Poison Gym Leader
I'm use too many puns, but I'm going to do it anyway :D

My Poison types ((I'll post a different type next week or something ))

Dragalge: Need Kelp? ((Self-explanatory?))
Nidoking: King Pin
Nidoqueen: A Royal Pain
Muk: The Blob ((The movie))
Scolipede: The Tingler ((The Vincent Price Movie ))
Venomoth: Mothra ((...))
Amoonguss: 1-UP ((It' sa me! Mario!))
Vicreebell: Audrey II ((Feed me Seymour))
Shiny Mega Gengar: King Boo ((Oh cmon, they look alike ))
Crobat: X-Wing ((Star Wars...))
Skuntank: Chaw-haw-haw ((PMD reference))
Weezing: Carbin D. Ox-hide
Drapion: The Scorpion King!
Venusaur: Rafflesia
((Biggest Flower?))
Tentacruel: That one Hentai ((...))
Quilfish: Kid's Bathtub Toy ((*Squeak*))
Toxicroak: Choke till'ya Croak
Arbok: Kobra
((tusm I nialpxe?))
Serviper: Coil and Trouble ((Instead of Boil. I was a bit lost here...))
Roserade: Super-Lettuce! ((She has a cape...))
Swalot: Did I hear Buffet?
Garbodor: Over-Population
((of Pollution!))
Vileplume: Evil Toad
Ariados: Kill it with Fire!!!
((Some of you agreed with this one...))
Beedrill: MegaSpear! ((The totally awesome Japanese name. I really prefer that one))
Dustox: Inferior Venomoth ((You know it's true, and I actually like Dustox))

Hmm... I think I got all the poison types. oh well :/
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Fox Trainer
In Animal Crossing, there's a system that lets you reset a villager if they came from someone's town that set something offensive for them to say. Is there ANYTHING like that in Pokemon XY? I got a shiny Shuckle named CallumsDick, and there really needs to be a way to reset offensive nicknames like in Animal Crossing.
the only stable nicknames i have is Solaris for solrock and Lunaris or Lunosis for lunatone. the others i have are velmdor for my ciccino, magus for my delphox, useless for my gyarados(hate that thing.) lacey for my clefable. bell for my gardevoir....etc. i just pick nick names based on the first letter i click on when i go to name them. thanks to this i have a venosaur called kisterrijj lol


Well-Known Member
I like to give my Pokemon real names. I just gave my Mudkip the name Jason. It fits in my head, for some reason.
I give mine some odd names. Some I try t be clever with, like the sandile named Mecisto (genus of long-nosed crocs) and others are just silly - I have a goomy named Gweep because it's the noise king zora makes.


Well-Known Member
Starting another team for a journey around Kalos...or maybe Hoenn. I like Kalos more, but I could travel round Hoenn to fill the Pokedex for that. Some may or may not make the current main team, but I always like to train new stuff because reasons.

Hydreigon (Phlegmeth)- The word "phlegmatic," also doubling as an alternative way to spell "Flemeth," the witch from the Dragon Age series who can shapeshift into a dragon.
Kecleon (Sorrow, 1-4)- Kind of meant to be pointlessly weird nickname at first glance. But if you read it as though it were a cataloged name, it would be "One for Sorrow," the title of a book I like, featuring a character to feels invisible in his community, befriends a ghost, and ends up slowly transitioning into a ghost himself.
Mantine (Hermes)- Loosely related to the Roman God, Mercury, which is the namesake of Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Guardian of Water. I thought about naming him/her "Crikey," but I think I'd go to hell for doing that.

Gallade- ...I dunno, but I want to think of one.
I've had some wierd names in the past. And some pretty funny.

Cyndaquil was aptly named Smokey.

I had a legion of Zigzagoons with different names. Examples are ZigZag, Ziggles, Ziggy, Ziggler, and Jeff.
A butterfree named butter. A nidoking named Lebron. A

Bation Bob

"The Rock"
I recently started a new file on Pokémon Heart Gold, and I decided to do something I don't often do. Naming themes. I made the theme "Video Game References" and here's what I came up with.

Dodongo the Typhlosion
Elthunder the Ampharos
Ness the Alakazam
Volvagia the Dragonite
Plessie the Lapras
MetaKnight the Gliscor

How'd I do?
In Pokemon Y, I encountered a Shiny Illumise (Lv 13, Female) while I was training my Pidgeotto (Nicknamed Birdy) and to my surprise it appeared so I switched to my Butterfree ( nicknamed Bugsy) and caught the Shiny Illumise in which I named 'Shiny' A fated encounter? I wasn't trying to look for shiny Pokemon! It made my day! So, I added Shiny (Illumise) to my team!


Fire Pokemon Trainer
I always nickname my pokemon, here are some of them:

Charizard: has a few different ones

- Charmer - This is the name i gave my very first Charmander back in blue, it's a nickname that stuck and i still use today. There have been a few other nicknames for Charizard when i wanted to try something else.

- Arokh - Named after the dragon Arokh from the PS2 game, Drakan the Ancients' Gate.


- Ghost - The nickname of my first Ninetales, now used for male shiny

- Kyuubimon - Named after the Digimon version of the Kyuubi.

- Aya - My default nickname for female Ninetales, named after the character Aya from Ceres.

- Shira - Nickname for my shiny female Ninetales


- Dodger - Name for my first Jolteon, and the default for any i raise for competition. Named after the Oliver and Co character.

- Ryota - Nickname for my White 2 run Jolty. Named after my fan name for Kakashi's ninken Urushi before his official name was released.

- Raiden - Nickname for my replay FireRed Jolty. The god of thunder and lightning in Japanese Mythology.


- Mino - I originally wanted a female Leafeon in Platinum to name Midori, but got a male, so it ended up becoming Mino. it was completely random, yet close enough lol. Nickname has stuck ever since.

Umbreon: Umbreon has got through a lot of nicknames ^^;

- Shadow - First Umbreon i ever had.

- Kage - Japanese for shadow

- Kagemon - My answer to frustration over no good Digimon games lol

- Tsukino (f) - Named after a Naruto OC i created. Means Moon Field

- Tsukiko (f) - Means Moon Child


- Phoebe - Named after the Charmed character

- Vi - Named after the Buffy character, default name now.


- Perry - shortening of Peregrine Falcon, my favorite bird, which the pokemon is based off. Plus it's a French name and X and Y is based on France.


- Spice - default name for Pikachu that won't evolve. Named after the Spice Girls lol


- Marie - Altered version of my childhood best friend's name. Default name for Raichu.


White Fang - my first Houndoom, named after the wolf, and my hope for a future wolf pokemon.

Yurei - means spirit. default name now


- Leatherhead - Named after the Ninja Turtle's crocodile friend


- Sapphire (f) - Name for my first Swoobat in Black

- Kitt (m) - Name in White 2 run, named after Kitt from Knight Rider which i was watching at the time.


- Hajime - Means beginning, since Black was the first pokemon game i actually got excited over since Gen 2. it brought me back into the fandom, thus a new beginning. I never let my Tepig evolve.


- Willow - double meaning, named after Willow from Buffy as well as the Black Widow spider, my favorite.


- Miyagi - after the Karate Kid character.
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Draco rex
I nickname every pokemon I breed and I have bred quite a few. some are good. some are bad. some are cliche. some are pretty creative. Here are some:
Gumdrop the female Sylveon
Barbara the female ferrothorn
Sucho the male feraligatr
Maximus the male donphan
Jessica the female lopunny
Mizunobi and Gekkomaru, both male greninjas
Prometheus the male Charizard (X mega)
Stella the female clefable
Marceline the female crobat
Nosferatu the male noivern
Gypsy the female venomoth
Mega Mama the kangaskhan (mega)
Ferrari the female scizor
Phyllix the male leafeon and Leafa the female one
Cecil the male lapras
Headlights the female lantern
Argus the male xatu
Bubble Jet the male azumarill
Ryuko the female garchomp
Twiga the female girafarig
Scissorhands the male gliscor
Cold Claws the male Weavile
Pablo and Frieda the smeargle couple
Regina the female serperior
Amplitude the female exploud
Lobolectric the male manectric
Hotpot the male crawdaunt
Bananarama the female tropius
Rock Cod the male relicanth
Wukong the male infernape
Ba Jie the male emboar
Loona the female drifblim
Iago the male chatot
Mr. Clean the rotom wash
Le Coq the male unfezant
Toxanne the female SHINY Scolipede
Sebek the male krookodile
Pharaoh the male cofagrigus
Lady Thug the female scrafty
Bella the female gothitelle
Odette the female swanna
Nanuk the male beartic
Slice n' Dice the male bisharp
Browzer the male chesnaught
Scarlett the female Delphox
Icarus the male Talonflame
Azeroth the male pyroar
A whole set of florges named after European royalty...Antoinette: white, Catherine: orange, Victoria: Blue, Isabelle: Yellow, Elizabeth: Red
Cleo the female furfrou
Super Soaker the male blastoise (mega)
Nosferatu the male noivern
Hot-Keys the female Klefki
Muffin-Top the female slurpuff
Sephora the female aromatisse
Hannibal the male Barbaracle
Red Tide the female Dragalge
Eliza the female Heliolisk
Caesar the male Tyrantrum
Rawxie the female hawlucha
a pair of aegislash named Bloodlust and Heathcliffe
Harime Nui the female banette (mega)
Metaceratops the male aggron (mega)
Mecha Mind the metagross (mega)
Gma Willow the female shiny trevenant


Well-Known Member
Training up three more Pokémon to add to my growing list of Pokémon I don't really use. The name of the game this time is fictional locations.

Froslass- Named her "Feiyin," which is simply "Fei'yin" without the apostrophe. Fei'yin is an ancient city in Final Fantasy XI located in a glacial region. Monsters that are encountered there are primarily undead and arcana. It is also the location that players can fight Shiva, the summon in the Final Fantasy series that represents the ice element.

Bulbasaur- Named him "Abadis," after the Abadis Forest in Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Horsea- Named him "Innsmouth," after the fictional Massachusetts town in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Innsmouth is inhabited by people who have mated with sea dwelling monsters that worship a (presumably) extraterrestrial "God," Dagon. In most depictions, Dagon is a giant humanoid with fishlike characteristics. Over their life course, the citizens of Innsmouth eventually become sea dwelling creatures themselves.