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Offical Nickname Discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lt. BLEU™, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. M.P.

    M.P. Retired

    I don't usually nickname Pokemon, but I did once when I played FireRed. Some of my favorites were:
    - Ace (Pidgeot)
    - Darkside (Haunter) named after the first boss of Kingdom Hearts.
    - Psycho (Hypno)
    - Diggernaut (Dugtrio)
    - Dong (Primeape) named after "Expand Dong".
    - Greengrass (Gloom) named after Claude Greengrass from TV series Heartbeat.
  2. Totoxert

    Totoxert Indigo Plateau Champ

    I give nicknames to my Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.
  3. Nockturne

    Nockturne Well-Known Member

    I always call my Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable's "Clefabulous" now that we get enough characters to do so. And my Tauros' "Notaurious"
  4. Smithy4224

    Smithy4224 Living Dex Collector

    I've played six main series games ever since I finally got good at Pokémon years ago: Pearl, White, Black 2, X (which I've raised two teams in), Alpha Sapphire, and HeartGold (during a bit of a retro kick). However, I didn't do much nicknaming at first; I'd give the occasional name when I came up with one, but it wasn't until X that I decided to give names to my teams as well. And here they are:

    X - Main Team
    Fyraga, Delphox - Named for the fire magic from Final Fantasy, with a y in place of the i because I thought it looked mystical
    Bugzzy, Diggersby - At first, a reference to Bugs Bunny, but then I spelled it like the Kirby character because I could
    Bulblax, Venusaur - A twofold reference to Pikmin; it's a direct reference to the massive Emperor Bulblax boss, and a nod to the Pikmin and the Bulbasaur line both being plant/animal hybrids
    Bluebell, Florges - Very simple; a blue flower Florges, named for a blue flower; I gave similar flower names to the other four colors of Florges as well
    Muramasa, Aegislash - A reference to the mystical katana, Muramasa
    Everest, Aurorus - Named for the great mountain, since Aurorus is a huge Rock/Ice type

    X - 2nd Team
    Woofer, Noivern - Named for the large, bass-y type of speaker
    Eggplant, Gourgeist - I named him Eggplant because he's shiny, and shiny Pumpkaboos/Gourgeists are purple instead of pink-ish orange
    Casey, Alakazam - I gave him the name as an Abra, because I saw that it was Abra's Japanese name and found that quite amusing
    Filia, Mawile - Named after the main character of Skullgirls, who has a similar head mouth in her hair named Samson; if this Mawile I caught had been male, he would totally have been named Samson instead
    Goosey, Barbaracle - I named him after a variety of stalk barnacle called the goose barnacle
    Jet, Pangoro - Pangoro's gangster-ish looks reminded me of West Side Story, so she got named for one of the gangs in that play

    Alpha Sapphire
    Gex, Sceptile - Named for the title character in the Gex games
    Scarfy, Linoone - Since he's shiny, he's bright orange; between that and the Silk Scarf he's equipped with, I decided to name him after the Kirby enemy
    Famalia, Sableye - Named for a magic spell from Layton vs. Wright, which can summon a ghostly familiar; after learning about Sableye's design origin, the Hopkinsville Goblins, I decided that if I ever raise another Sableye, it will be named Hopkins
    Rollo, Azumarill - I honestly don't remember why he's named Rollo; probably something to do with the Marill line's roundness
    Vesuvia, Camerupt - Named after the notorious Mount Vesuvius, although I changed to a feminine suffix since I caught a female Numel
    Ruby, Latias - Given the games' names and her red coloration, the name Ruby occurred to me instantly; after catching her counterpart later on, I named him Sapphire to match

    Lightan, Typhlosion - After naming the protagonist Gold, I named my Cyndaquil Lightan as a reference to the odd and obscure Gold Lightan
    Happy, Togekiss - Named after the character from Fairy Tail, because Togetic reminded me of him for some reason
    Prince, Nidoking - Named after the artist formerly known as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince", because of his purple coloration and the presence of king in his species name
    Nieve, Glaceon - Another simple one; nieve is the Spanish word for snow
    Faraday, Magnezone - Named after Michael Faraday, inventor of the Faraday cage; doubles as an Ace Attorney reference
    Stella, Starmie - An actual name, derived from the root stell-, meaning star

    A couple of other nicknamed Pokémon include a Masquerain named DeMasque (another Ace Attorney reference), and a whole alphabet of Unown that each have a name starting with the letter they resemble. My apologies to anyone who doesn't like massive posts, but I just felt like sharing and got carried away.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
  5. NotoriousHD

    NotoriousHD Active Member

    I can get behind that.

    As a kid I was a huge WWE fan. I used to name Pokemon after them. Golem = (The) Rock, Snorlax = (The) Big Show and Charizard = Eddie (Guerrero - aka 'Latino Heat')
  6. Bumblebee5253

    Bumblebee5253 Hive Master

    I like naming my Pokemon, some that I can remember are the following:

    Chespin - Nutface
    Shiny Elekid (My favorite Pokemon) - Bumblebee
    Latias - Guardian
    Shiny Durant - Pym
    Shiny Staryu - Argentum
    Shiny Ponyta - Azula
    Shiny Paras - Gravemind
    Kyogre - Poseidon
  7. SoraPrince

    SoraPrince Little Brother

    I have never nicknamed.
    I have once, but I shortly restarted and such because the different names confused me sometimes on who leveled up? :S
    Just wasn't special to me since nobody else was watching.
    I think nicknaming is better for lets players
  8. Smithy4224

    Smithy4224 Living Dex Collector

    Random thoughts led to a couple of reference-based nicknames I rather like; I haven't used them yet, and may never use them, so I thought I'd share here.

    Ghidorah, for Hydreigon - From the Godzilla monster King Ghidorah, who is also a three-headed, armless dragon
    Louie, for Infernape - From The Jungle Book, specifically the scat-singing orangutan King Louie, who wanted to learn how to make fire
    Baskerville, for Houndoom - From the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles, since the titular dog is a massive hellhound
    The Fat Man, for Snorlax - From the TV show Jake and the Fat Man; I also considered Cannon, another TV character played by the same actor
  9. Pogeymans

    Pogeymans Member

    Ha funnily enough I've also had a Pidgeot called Ace.

    I nickname all my Pokemon even ones I just shove in the PC or wondertrade. It's like naming pets, I have to do it.

    I use influences from all over the place (pop culture, literature or things that fit the scheme or Pokemon species name conventions). I tend to put more thought to my party Pokemon. Here's some random examples because I've had 1000s of nicknamed Pokemon by this point-

    Taillow Swift the Taillow.
    Goozilla the Goodra
    Shrewdance the sandshrew
    Guernica the Gyarados
    Eevil the Umberon
    Inflox the Delphox
    ZZ Drop the Drowzee
  10. Case Azula

    Case Azula Hades's Assassin

    I remember nicknaming my Charmander Greymon for some reason.
    I nicknamed my Beartic Pooh, I was half asleep after being forced to watch a Winnie the Pooh marathon with my niece and nephew.
    I remember naming my Bisharp Jason Vorhees because I thought he looked like a serial killer.
    My Loppuny I named Pam Anderson....don't ask or judge.
    And I named my Gardevoir and Gallade Brittany and Alvin respectively. I just finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel and I was just pumped and singing the songs from the credits is all...again don't judge or ask...
  11. Wryteous

    Wryteous Rogue Trainer

    I haven't actually named pokemon personally for ones that I use on my team since Gold and Silver... and even then, all I did was just a small quirk of removing the first sylable of the name. Cyndaquil became Daquil. Etc.
    I think it was mainly inspired by the naming from the stadium series at the time
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
  12. Vinnythebro

    Vinnythebro New Member

    A funny story about my Miltank, named "Vanilla"

    One day, I was sick, and I wanted Vanilla icecream. RIP for me, there was none, so I tried to make some home-made icecream with milk. I did, and it was the best thing I've ever ate! Best part is (and the reason why I named her Vanilla) the next day after eating the icecream, I was better.

    Miltank's milk heals sick pokemon according to many sorces, so I thought "Why not"
  13. Vinnythebro

    Vinnythebro New Member

    I also Always nickname my starter "Matthew jr.", and if it where to be a female, it's name would be "Mattie"
  14. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    I'm running through X right now, and I'm doing an 'all-female, all feminine' run. I have the following so far:

    • Lila the Delphox (Named for a Miraculous character)
    • Sammy the Furfrou (Named for the biblical figure who had great strength drawn from his hair)
    • Cleo the Nidoqueen (Named for Cleopatra)
    • Ursula the Octillery (Named for the Disney Villainess)
  15. LiamP2004

    LiamP2004 New Member

    Yes I always Nickname my Non-Legendary Pokemon.
  16. Jirachi100

    Jirachi100 Kirby Fan

    I give names to almost all of my Pokemon. My brother does this too. We often end up with dumb or hilarious names when we can't think of a good name.
    Examples of some of mine:
    Sparky (Pikachu)
    I'm Flat! (Stunfisk)
    Bunbun (Buneary)
    I'm creepy (Hypno)
    Emerald (Rayquaza)
    Why not? (Wynaut)
    Luna (Cresselia)

    I've done a lot more names, but I don't want the list to be long.
  17. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    I usually give nicknames to my team Pokemon/Shinies. A few I can list off the top of my head are:

    Bonnie (Shiny Purrloin)
    Epona (Shiny Rapidash)
    Houdini (Shiny Hypno)
    Squishy (Shiny Inkay)
  18. Lor D. Chuckle

    Lor D. Chuckle Veteran Nerd

    I named my Ampharos Goku (From Dragon Ball Z).

    Why? Well for one it's mega evolution grows hair (much like ss3), and I also taught it hyper beam. I thought it was funny to shout Kamehameha every time I decimate an opponent.
  19. Thornhorn

    Thornhorn New Member

    I name Aggron Retinazer and my Garchomp Spazmatism (TERRARIA REFERENCE) :)
  20. Wintendo

    Wintendo Human

    I need a good Forretress nickname for a team I'm raising. I want it to suggest that the Forretress is going to use Explosion, which is untrue. I appreciate nicknames not only for their distinguishing abilities but also for the possibility of giving the Pokemon a competitive edge. Is that kinda low and dirty?

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