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Offical Nickname Discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lt. BLEU™, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Shinyhunter1990

    Shinyhunter1990 Shiny Hunter 4 life

    I named my shiny beartic yogi bear
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  2. Gengarite X

    Gengarite X Active Member

    Named my female Fennekin 'Hermione'. Think that'll be a great name for a Braixen.
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  3. Kanto_Caper

    Kanto_Caper Active Member

    I don't tend to come up with overly clever nicknames, but every now and again I think of one I like.

    Charmander - Charizard: Char Char (because of the sound Ash's Charmander makes in the anime), Charmer (because he's so cute!), or Charlicola. (I chose this partly because it sounds like my favorite cartoon character "Batty Koda," but also because I meant Charlie Coala, like "Char Coal," but there weren't enough letter spaces.)
    Zubat: Batty Koda, after my favorite cartoon character from FernGully.
    Pidgey: Pidge, like the pet name the Tramp gives Lady in Lady and the Tramp.
    Pidgeot: When it fully evolves I renamed it Marahute, like in the Rescuers Down Under.
    Mankey: Pig Fist! Because it looks like cute piggy and uses its fists, especially when it evolves. ^^
    Gloom: Drooly, because it looks like it drools. All in good fun though, I like Gloom.

    Cyndaquil: Cinders because of its original name.
    Totodile: Toto when it's little, Dundee after it evolves as an homage to Crocodile Dundee.
    Hoothoot: Nyx (after the goddess of night) or Nocturn (after Harry Potter's Nocturn Alley), depending on its gender.
    Ampharos: Ruby because of the red marbles on its head and tail.
    Wooper: Whoopi after Whoopi Goldberg, who brought me as much joy as a kid that Wooper seems to feel just living life.
    Swinenub: Swiney! Because it's so cute! When it evolves, I rename it Maney after the mammoth from Ice Age.

    Torchic - Blaziken: Fire Bird.
    Zigzagoon: Zig Zag!
    Mightyena: Shadow.
    Raltz: Molly or Dolly because she looks like a doll to me.

    Snivy: Either Draco, Malfoy, or Slytherin. (That little serpent just gives me so much joy for looking like a walking Harry Potter reference.)
    Oswatter: Otter Pop! After one of my favorite frozen treats as a child.

    I can't really think of anything else.
  4. ninjadude199818

    ninjadude199818 New Member

    i named my Krookodile Tater Gator cause it rhymed XD. i also have a Goodra named Slime Shady after Eminem. an Aerodactyl named Pazuzu after the pet gargoyle the professor from Futurama had. a Delphox named Naruto because its a fox. a Cradily named Willy cause i thought Willy the Cradily sounded good. a Feraligatr named Donald idk what i was thinking tbh. and a Peliper named The Devil cause that thing managed to defeat Watsons Magneton by itself and from then on i called it the devil himself
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
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  5. MakeItTotter

    MakeItTotter Livin'

    I only recently started nicknaming my pokes in-game. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Misdreavus: Sin - A great fit for a Pokemon known for its mischief
    Fearow: Dynablade, from Kirby Superstar =)
    Leavanny: SlashMantis - Looks so docile, but with Swords Dance on hand and decent speed in-game, she becomes dangerous!
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    SOLARISENSHI telekinetic Trainer

    Up until Generation 4 maybe 5 I never nicknamed any of my Pokemon and left them with their original titles but now with the alola region being based off of Hawaii , and parts of Singapore from my observation I've been nicknaming any Pokemon I catch in Alpha Sapphire with a Hawaiian name using a English to Hawaiian generator on the internet I've actually named dragon Pokemon Drago koko and water Pokemon Aqua koko or just other Hawaiian sounding names I recently got a Charizard from a friend and called it pyrokuki
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  7. Kanto_Caper

    Kanto_Caper Active Member

    Replaying Pokemon Black, remembered a lot of nicknames.

    -Oshawott family: "Otter Pop!"

    -Pidove: "Flying Rat," because I hate pigeons. Later "Pheasant," because that's what its final form looks like.

    -Lillipup: "Scottie Dog," because that's what it looks like.

    -Patrat: "Alvin" from Alvin and the Chipmunks. That or "Timon" from The Lion King.

    -Sawk: "Sock 'em." (It's pretty funny when sending it out. "Go, Sock 'em!" "Your foe's weak. Get 'em, Sock 'em!")

    -Drilbur family: "Badgermole." I know it's a misnomer since it looks nothing like a badger, but I just love that word thanks to the show Avatar.

    -Blitzle family: "Blitzkrieg." Because that's literally German for "lightning war," or a lightning-quick attack in battle.

    -Sewaddle: Either "Snugglebug" or "Snugasabug," as in "Snug as a bug in a rug." Either one fits it, since the entire evolutionary line are basically bugs wrapped snugly in leaves, and they're all friendly creatures that go around wrapping up other animals they meet in the forest. Plus, every time I see Sewaddle I just think, "You're so cute! Cute as a bug! Snug as a bug in a rug! <3"

    -Yamask: "Damask." Because this poor sad soul of a child trapped in a Pokemon reminds me of a line sung by Johanna in the Sweeney Todd musical, "My cage has many rooms, damask and dark." That seems to describe Yamask, so that's it's nickname.

    -Litwick-Chandelure = "Miyazaki" because it reminds me of the friendly lamp Chihiro met in the spirit world. (Granted, these ghost lamps aren't so nice since they burn your soul for fuel, but who's keeping track?)

    Deerling: "Bambi" if a boy, "Feline" if a girl.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
  8. Sprat1993

    Sprat1993 Member

    Cant think of any good nicknames apart from one in particular but i think its a bit common for a venasaur.

    Any suggestions on names?
  9. SuicuneMei

    SuicuneMei hiii

    My brother had a meowth nicknamed "Gatoman" in leafgreen lol
  10. MrConfusedTurkey

    MrConfusedTurkey Well-Known Member

    This is from the anime, but on the episode where they rescue the carrier pidgey (in Johto), there's a part where a kid's grandpa is talking to his four pidgeys to give them instructions for where they're going, and calls them by name, and their names are Wingy, Flingy, Dingy and . . . Norman. Just found it amusing.
  11. Conquering Storm

    Conquering Storm Driver of the Aegis

    I nickname every Pokémon I catch, except for Mewtwo and Pokémon I hatch at the same time as many others.

    On my current Nuzlocke of Y, I decided to name all of my Pokémon after Sonic the Hedgehog characters. So my current team is: Espio the Greninja (named after a chameleon ninja), Rouge the Crobat (because the Sonic games' Rouge is a bat), Shadow the Lucario (because it's a cool name, and Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite Sonic character just as Lucario is one of my favorite Pokémon), Tikal the Florges (named after an ancient echidna priestess), Nephthys the Charizard (named after a vulture character who's exclusive to the comics), and Dulcy the Tyrantrum (named after a dragon character who's also exclusive to the comics).
  12. Megaguy

    Megaguy New Member

    I have a clever nickname for my Crobat, Vamplifier. It's a mix of vampire and amplifier, as it has both a thirst for blood and many sound based attacks
  13. Search_Ops_TeamD

    Search_Ops_TeamD ShaggySmurf

    I've come up with nicknames for my Pokemon Yellow team, which I'm currently playing:

    BOLT (Pikachu) - Pretty straight forward, Pikachu is know for its speed, and being an electric type it just fits. It's a Pikachu, no need to be too picky.
    RAFFLUS (Venusaur) - From the scientific name of the Kerubut flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii. Looks kinda like the flower Venusaur has on its back. This one actually took long to come up with.
    ARAGON (Charizard) - A mix between Eragon (from the novel) and Aragorn, the heir to the throne of Gondor. Just sounds like a dragon name, even if Charizard isn't a true dragon.
    NOBLE-FIVE (Blastoise) - Noble-Five is a member of Noble Team in the Halo Universe. He is a Spartan II supersoldier, characterized by his large build and wielding large weapons.
    AQUILES (Pidgeot) - A mix between the Roman a word for eagle, Aquila, and the Greek Hero Achilles. A true warrior indeed.
    HYPERION (Rhyhorn, eventually Rhydon) - Hyperion was one the 12 Titan children of Gaia. With Rhydon being such a beast, the name just came up and it fit so well.

    I've also chosen permanent nicknames for specific Pokemon for all my games, for example:
    SPAWN (Umbreon) - Spawn, if you don't know, is an antihero in the comics world. Not that I'm a fan, I just know he's supposed to be, basically, a knight of hell, with dark powers. So there you go.
    TOOTHLESS (Dragonite) - Haha, I mean, tell me it doesn't fit... Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon" is a dragon. Dragonite doesn't have teeth for all I know. Bam, instant win.
    NESSIE (Lapras) - Loch Ness Monster. It's what Lapras was designed from. Nessie sounds like a ladie's name, so I always try to get a female Lapras.
    METALSLUG (Steelix) - Metal Slug is an arcade game. But has nothing to do with Steelix, except for the fact that the name just fits; Metal=Steel, Slug=Snake.
    IRON SKY (Skarmory) - Generic, straight forward and fitting. Thought about it after watching the cheese movie of the same name with the Nazis in the moon taking over the world and stuff.
    MURAMASA (Scizor) - I got Muramasa from the name of the Ultimate weapon for the Ninja class in Final Fantasy III (DS version). Masamune is the second strongest weapon, perfect fit for Scyther.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
  14. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    Currently playing a shiny badge quest in X. I've been nicknaming my shiny pokemon as I progress:

    NightHopper - Froakie, now a Greninja, named for Greninja's black coloring and because frogs hop.
    Chloris - Oddish, now a Bellossom, named after the Greek goddess of flowers. I had a choice between Chloris and the Roman goddess, Flora, and Chloris won.
    Cordelia - Yanma, now a Yanmega, named after Corduliidae, one of the dragonfly families.
    Lamar - Skrelp, named after Laminariaceae, one of the families of kelp.

    I haven't hatched a shiny yet, but when I finally do, I'm going to name my Eevee Nostradamus (assuming it's male). It will eventually be a green Espeon.
  15. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    I started naming my Ditto from my Ditto farm after dead French philosophers: Foucault, Derrida, Sartre, etc.
    I have a Master's degree and was indulging myself.
  16. SebastiaanZ

    SebastiaanZ Well-Known Member

    Since I started my Pokemon Yellow journey again ... I decided to call my Bulbasaur Bruteroot and the Squirtle Shellshocker ... inspired by the Mewtwo Strikes Back Blastoise and Venusaur. Looking for a nickname for my Charmander :). I remember I called my Charmander Typhlosion when I didn't have Pokemon Gold or Silver yet, but that doesn't go up now :D.

    Anyone having a bright idea? I am out of them.
  17. kawaiiconcept

    kawaiiconcept TOP OF THE MORNIN'

    I named my Absol Aler
    'cus of the DEX entree saying it was a warning...
    or something...
    I also named the first eevee I caught Puffdoodle 'cus it sounded cute.
    It wound up an Espeon....
  18. Ouroboro_san

    Ouroboro_san Member

    I name all my Pokemon after Touhous. Or at least try to, it's hard when I have to nick-name something like Magnezone, because the Touhous are usually girls
  19. Raxacoricofallapatorius

    Raxacoricofallapatorius Exalted Meme Junkie

    I managed to nickname my entire in-game team for once.

    My Gardevoir is named Midna because she's shiny and has a vaguely similar color scheme when she mega evolves.

    Bisharp is Kotov, named after the Soviet chessmaster who coined the term "Kotov syndrome". Because Bisharp hits so hard and has wide type coverage, I could only imagine the trainer facing it having a hard time with constructing a strategy against it.

    Dragonite... became Foxy Grandpa. He's the oldest Pokemon on my team generation-wise and yet he still one-shots nearly anything thrown at him. Also, I've been a fan of Spongebob since I was a wee lad.

    I couldn't resist nicknaming my Chandelure ChandlerBing, because Friends.

    Milotic took a while, but I wound up calling her Morpha after the infamous Water Temple boss in Ocarina of Time.

    Lastly, Roserade simply became Juliet. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet..." These lines are actually in reference to the name Montague (Romeo's family), but Juliet is the one that says the line.

    Now for some more ideas:

    If I had an Abomasnow, it would be named Joe Biden.

    Slaking would be Harambe.

    Rowlet would probably be named Tootsie Pop.
  20. New Konoiche

    New Konoiche Active Member

    Something really random I've been doing for quite awhile is to play through each generation with all three starters and name them after three of my favo movie characters. And it's awesome because it works every time!

    Every gen, the starters are named:

    Alan (Zach Galifidinakis from the Hangover series): The quirky, introverted manchild)
    Helen (Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids): The prissy girly-girl socialite
    Owen (Sam Rockwell from The Way, Way Back - which I bet no one has heard of, but oh well!): The bad-*** slacker party boy.

    So, here's how it worked out:

    Gen 1: Venusaur = Alan, Charizard = Helen, Blastoise = Owen

    Gen 2: Meganium = Helen, Typhlosion = Owen, Feraligatr = Alan

    Gen 3: Sceptile = Owen, Blaziken = Helen, Swampert = Alan

    Gen 4: Torterra = Alan, Infernape = Owen, Empoleon = Helen

    Gen 5: Serperior = Helen, Emboar = Alan, Samurott = Owen

    Gen 6: Chesnaught = Alan, Delphox = Helen, Greninja = Owen
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016

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