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Offical Nickname Discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lt. BLEU™, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Krokketto Prime Danjal

    Krokketto Prime Danjal Done with worldly lies

    I usually nickname my Pokémon, not all of them but if a good name pops into my head after I've caught one or if I already had one in mind then I will give it a nickname.

    However, this gen I seem to be lacking inspiration for good nicknames and so most of the Pokémon I have don't have a nickname. I'm also trying not to re-use nicknames that I've used in past games which is also making it harder for me to come up with good new ones.

    Most of the nicknames I use are usually just a play on the Pokémon's actual name/ appearance/ character and I don't change it even when it evolves and no longer makes much sense.

    Anyway a few selected ones I have come up with in my Moon game:

    Comfey- Chain (chain of flowers)
    Happiny female- Joy (a happy emotion and also the Nurse connection)
    Drifloon- Airhead
    Zubat- Newyearbat (I caught it on New Years Day)
    Igglybuff- Pop (yeah, sounds a bit cruel but...)
    Roggenrola- Speaker (cos it looks like one)
    Machop- Smaktup (as in smacked about!)
    Cubone female- Skull Grunt female symbol (why not?)
    Rockruff- Roksta (as in rockstar)
    Magnemite- Getschooled (caught at the school. Hoping it will hand out lessons to its opponents)
    Gumshoos (which I let evolve by mistake, didn't want it to evolve ever) - Dents (those teeth!)
    Magikarp- M. Sea Rage (based on a real MC by that name. Will obviously sound better once it evolves. I've come up with good nicknames for Gyarados over the years: Fierce (another DnB connection), Fishous (viscous)).
  2. Rayza16

    Rayza16 Sky Lancer

    My VERY first Pokemon was totodile in the original silver. I just named him Goku after my favorite anime character who in his series was powerful enough to destroy worlds. In the end I felt it was the best name I could give him because he was the only poke I EVER got to level 100, and I only used 1 rare candy.
  3. Swag Giraffe

    Swag Giraffe Member

    I nicknamed my Mudsdale in Sun Francis, after Francis the Talking Mule. That one was fun. And my Pyukumuku's nickname is George, and together we shall take over the world!
  4. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze Shiny Hunter

    Nicknames I'm most proud of and ALWAYS use are:
    Charizard: Chorizo (Gotta be male for it to click. Also first Pokémon and nickname EVER for me, so it has emotional attachment to me. And I'm Hispanic and LOVE chorizo! And i was hungry at the time :p)
    Gyarados: Ryujin
    Nidoking: Rampage
    Feraligatr: Raptor
    Garchomp: Ragnarok
    Gengar: Spectre
    Volcarona: Mothra
    Wailord: Shamu
    Alolan Persian: Garfield
    Groudon: Fireclaws
    Pikachu: Sparky/Shokku
    Smeargle:Michelangelo or Shinobu (Based off Magi creator)
    Zekrom: Ohmega
    Decidueye: Nightstalker (Based off Destiny Hunter class)
    Silvally: Chimera
    Golisopod: Goliath
    Crobat: Nosferatu
    Lopunny: Lilith
    Malamar: Cthulu
    Meinshao: Mr.Miyagi
    Muk: Biohazard
    Shedinja: Omen
    Talonflame: Phoenix
    Snorlax: Gluttony
    Mimikyu: Pikaboo
    Salazzle: Hazmat
    Sudowoodo: Voodoo
    Abomasnow: Evergreen
    Floatzel: Kibblez
    Camerupt: Pompeii
    Swampert: Skipz
    Emboar: Bacon
    Salamence: Shouryuu
    Skarmory: Jikan
    Arcanine: Hachiko
    Torterra: Kusachi
    (Don't know what the last 4 mean, but kinda rolls off the tongue, there's a possibility that I made them up. Lol)
    Also most of my grass starters and Simisage are mostly based off of weed. Don't judge me, please...
    Venusaur: Kush
    Meganium: Sativa
    Sceptile: Hash
    Serperior: Indica
    Simisage: Ganja
    Feel free to rate any of these nicknames! I would love to hear feedback on them! :)
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
  5. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    Thinking about it, I'm not really a nicknamer, but I always have nicknames that I WANT to give my pokemon but am too embarrassed to for one reason or another.

    I did nickname my 6th gen Klinklang Bastion (Overwatch), and my sparkly precious Shiny Joltik Sookie, but that's about it... though I did see some pretty cool nicknames in this small tourney I was in at a convention last year.
  6. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    I know I've posted here before, but I have no clue how long ago that was.

    Regardless- I've been nicknaming my Pokemon since Emerald, but some of my favourites have come out of my Nuzlockes. Here's a few of those favourites. Feel free to rate them if you so wish.

    Mienshao- Whiplash
    Samurott- Otori (works better with Osha/Dewott, but I digress.)
    Chandelure- Farewell
    Unfezant- Fluster
    Ambipom- Zotl
    Cubone- Orpheus
    Scyther- Grimm
    Houndoom- Quinn
    Crustle- Clockwork (takes context- I always imagine a little clockwork Crustle whenever I see it)
    Victreebel- Isabelle (I think it's actually going to become my standard female Victreebel name)
    Koffing- Cooper
    Dragonite- Ouroboros
    Venusaur- Kane
    Tympole- Metronome
    Cobalion- Forge
    Haxorus- Halberd
  7. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    If I nickname a Pokemon, there is reasoning behind it.
    Amphy - Ampharos - Named after Jasmine's Ampharos
    Rusty - Every Steelix Ever - Named after the Steelix you get from Jasmine
    Zazu - Chatot - After playing Mystery Dungeon, I felt like Chatot and Zazu were remarkably similar.
  8. DragonfireLS

    DragonfireLS New Member

    It sounds quite weird in my opinion, but I came up with the name "Hydrox" for my Vaporeon. Again, it probably sounds weird because 1, I was in a medival (probably spelled that wrong) kick during that time. And 2, I am not creative whatsoever and was running out of ideas. Even so, Hydrox is probably the best name I've ever come up with.
  9. DragonfireLS

    DragonfireLS New Member

    Okay, here are my (horrible) SoulSilver team names (thus far since I reset)
    Meganium: Terros (Reason for it is because "Terra" is kind of an earthy name, so I kind of made it more of a male name)
    Pidgeot: Zephyr (I looked up names related to air, then I looked up the definition of zephyr. It apparently is a gentle breeze or the west wind)
    Vaporeon (Previously mentioned): Hydrox (I explained it in another post, but I ran out of ideas for a name to sum it up)
    Ampharos: Fulc (Again, medival kick and I... well I made up my worst name yet! I have no idea what I was thinking when I named it)
    Sudowoodo: Xylem (This is a real word, though it doesn't apply well to Sudowoodo. It means "the system of woody tissue that transports water in a plant". It looked like a tree... and you can guess where it went from there.
  10. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Judge Mandolore Shepard Spectre Agent

    When it comes to the nicknames I give to members of my Pokemon teams, the nicknames are once that tend to follow the theme I use for the team. Here are the nicknames I have used for the team leaders for all of my Pokemon teams
    Delta the Blastoise (Game: Blue)(leader of my Star Wars Republic Commando Squads team)(reference: Delta Squad from Star Wars Republic Commando)
    Galvatron the Feraligatr (Game: Soul Silver)(leader of my Decepticons team)(reference: G1 Galvatron from Transformers)
    Revan the Swampert (Game: Sapphire)(leader of my Star Wars Sith Lords team)(reference: Darth Revan from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic)
    Napoleon the Empoleon (Game: Platinum)(leader of my World Leaders team)(reference: Napoleon Bonaparte)
    Durendal the Samurott (Game: White)(leader of my Legendary Weapons team)(reference: Durendal from The Song of Roland)
    John Rambo the Samurott (Game: White 2)(leader of my Anti-Heroes team)(reference: John Rambo from the Rambo movies)
    Enterprise the Greninja (Game: X)(leader of my World War II Ships team)(reference: American aircraft carrrier Enterprise CV-6)
    Luke the Swampert (Game: Alpha Sapphire)(leader of my Star Wars Jedi team)(reference: Luke Skywalker from Star Wars)
    Garland the Blastoise (Game: Blue [eShop version)(leader of my Final Fantasy Villains team)(reference: Garland from Final Fantasy I)
    Zebes the Primarina (Game: Moon)(leader of my Metroid Series Planets team)(reference: planet Zebes from the Metroid series)
  11. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Themed Nicknames

    I was wondering if anyone here has certain themed nicknames they follow. For example, each generation I take my top 3 Pokemon and give them names related to the "box" names.

    Gen 1 - colors
    Gen 2 - alloys
    Gen 3 - gemstones
    Gen 4 - birthstones
    Gen 5 - chess pieces
    Gen 6 - letters that sound like words (I use French ;P, Elle, Vie, Aime)
    Gen 7 - planets

    TBH I kinda want a better theme for gen 5 since the chess thing might be stretching it. Maybe some of your nickname ideas can inspire me :)
  12. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    I generally name mine, usually random names and that kind of thing. Oddly enough though Pokemon Moon wouldn't let me name a Feebas, Who Moved?. o_O
  13. windwakemeup

    windwakemeup Bee Prince

    I usually name my pokemon after my D&D characters or silly stuff.
  14. M.P.

    M.P. Retired

    I recently did a Platinum playthrough on another site, and encountered a Shiny Machop during it. I named it Bronze Mac... although the name wasn't really fitting anymore after it evolved (I forgot Shiny Machoke was green).
  15. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Next God

    Bronze does turn green overtime due to oxidation.

    On a different note... I want to replay Moon again and nickname the Litten I will pick "Brady". (after my sister's recently deceased cat)
  16. MewDragon

    MewDragon Member

    I usually name my Pokemon after weapons from Lord of the Rings

    Kingdra: Ringil
    Tyranitar: Orcrist
  17. TV_Games

    TV_Games Master Blaster

    I once found a charmander named Kevin. Now he is a charizard.
  18. TV_Games

    TV_Games Master Blaster

    I also named every ultra beast I caught. Kartana is MAN, WHY?, and a K. My buzzwole is Mansect
  19. KingZekrom333

    KingZekrom333 Grrr... HUNGRY!!!

    I captured a female alolan sandshrew and named it queen elsa from disneys frozen..i usualy nick name my pokemon after animated movie characters or based off their ookedex description.then i captured a male alollan sandshrew and named it jack frost from the animated movie rise of the gaurdians
  20. Sulfurian

    Sulfurian Well-Known Member

    Any ideas for a jolly shiny cobalion?

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