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Offical Nickname Discussion thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lt. BLEU™, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. BlackoutSLM

    BlackoutSLM Elite Collector

    I've started nicknaming my pokémon some time ago and these are some of my favorites:
    shiny female Kommo-o - Indominus
    shiny Salazzle - The Big One
    female Sceptile - Delta
    Salazzle - Clever Girl
    female Galvantula - Spinnerett
    Tyrannitar - Postosuchus
    Feraligatr - Kaprosuchus
    Shiny Naganadel - Enzyme
    female Reuniclus - Mitochondria
    shiny Hydreigon - KingGhidorah
    shiny female Flygon - Fata Morgana
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  2. DLionHeart

    DLionHeart Member

    i always try to nickname my pokemon when i can come up with good names. In pokemon sun I had:
    male decidueye named Pikoi
    male incineroar named Tigrerra
    female primarina named Sirena
    male toucannon named Bullet
    female vikavolt named Voltage
    female kommo-o named Khakkhara
    and the event snorlax was named Pancake
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  3. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    Came up with some new ones on Pokemon Go.

    Nutty Prof. for the Meltan (that was known as Nutto before)/Ditto I caught recently
    Sparks for a Ponyta I have
    Shade for a Gastly
    Salad and Broccoli for a pair of Chikoritas I have
    Sandy and NameisMudd for a couple of Digletts
    SisterSludge for an Alolan Grimer
    Tangles for a Tangela
    Milky Way for an Abra
    Sunspot for a Growlithe
    Xena for a Wigglytuff
  4. literal trash

    literal trash Kaiser (please refer to me as this)

    I named by Budew (soon to be Roserade) in Platinum Elise after Elise from Fire Emblem Fates, since both Elise and Budew are wholesome, innocent and pure in my opinion, and also her title in FEH is Budding Flower, which Budew certainly is one.
  5. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    New Theme Team: Shredder's Minions from the 2012 TMNT series:

    Tiger Claw the Incineroar
    Rahzar the Lycanroc
    Fishface the Carvanha
    Bebop the Emboar
    Rocksteady the Rhydon
    Baxter the Cutiefly
  6. Pikachu111213

    Pikachu111213 Kid from Pallet Town

    Any cool nickname ideas for Passimian? I got a perfect one awhile back from breeding and still can’t think of a good name :/ Perhaps I should mention it’s not shiny.
  7. TokoyamiTheDark

    TokoyamiTheDark The Purple Karakasa

    My nicknamed mons' names depend on how I see them fit in which media, always led by my Solgaleo(Sun) Lunala(Moon) & Necrozma (both as I do not have US/UM.. Too similar to the originals). Some can be funny :p

    Beedrill - Stingmon (shiny, can Mega Evolve)
    Braviary - Aquilamon
    Charizard - WarGreymon (mega evolves into X, still trying to hatch a shiny via Masuda method)
    Feraligatr - ExVeemon
    Ariados - Shadow (not the hedgehog!)
    Galvantula - Venus
    Aegislash - Master Sword
    Alolan Muk - Master Belch
    Staryu - Starman (shiny, NOT gonna evolve it since its name is based from EarthBound, not Mario)
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  8. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Member

    I always nickname my teams, but I've found some Pokemon are harder to give decent nicknames than others. Some of my favourites are:
    male Chesnaught named Reinhardt, after the Overwatch character
    male Clawitzer named Pinchy, in reference to that Simpsons episode where Homer gets a pet lobster named Pinchy
    female Pyroar named Savannah, because was the best female name I could think of for a lioness that's not a name from The Lion King
    male Gogoat named Capricorn, after my star sign
    female Sylveon named Sakura, after the flower
    Golurk named Gipsy Danger, after the robot from Pacific Rim
    male Mudsdale named Bojack, after Bojack Horseman
    female Alolan Raichu named Malia, after Hawaiian pro surfer Malia Manuel
    male Skarmory named Metalhawk, after the Transformers character
  9. Jorik228

    Jorik228 Member

    Hi guys , thanks for sharing
  10. Bencif

    Bencif New Member

    I usually nickname most of my Pokemon in the mainline games. I've nicknamed a few in GO. I think my favourites so far are an Ampharos I named "DeanAmpharos" as a play on then WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose and a Shellos named "Chev" after Jason Statham's character from Crank, Chev Chelios
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  11. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    Lucario (Adamant) - Cobalt
    Lucario (Modest) - Auros
    Charizard - Drogon

    Greninja - Kouga
    Aegislash - Exgarde
    Hawlucha - Tizoc
    Dragalge - SeaTox

    Altaria - Icarus
    Scolupede - Killerbug
    Lopunny - Mimi
    Togekiss - Angel's Kiss

    Conkeldurr - Muscler
    Chandelure - Wisper
    Excadrill - Driller
    Galvantula - Shocker

    Scizor - Fire Ant
    Buzzwole - Muscle Bug
    Terrakion - Minotoro
    Mudsdale - Equestes
    Kommo-o - Komodo

    Exeggutor - Eggplant
    Alolan Exeggutor - Eggsy
    Alolan Persian - Garfailed
    Steelix - Adamantium

    Hitomchan - Punch-Out!
    Hitmonlee - Leg Day
    Hitmontop - Eddy Gordo
    Flygon - Sandragon

    Wishiwashi - Pisces
    Golisopod - Silverfish
    Decidueye - Stormcloak
    Lycanroc - My dog, Bigby...

    Corviknight - Midknight

    Only the ones worth posting.
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  12. Rahus

    Rahus Knight Of The Night

    My Serperior in both casual and competitive has always been Meme Snake and that will never change
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  13. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    Feraligatr - Armaggon
    Gardevoir - Titania
    Tyranitar - Gigas
    Dragonite - Kairi

    Magnezone - Rarecoil
    Metagross - Metarex
    Aggron - Metalrex
    Porygon-Z - Cybersix

    Machamp - Kinnikuman
    Empoleon - Kinguin
    Infernape - Gokong
    Alolan Ninetales - Frostail

    Swampert - Mudking
    Slaking - King Sloth
    Mawile - Elaine (I have no idea why...I just noticed this one going through my boxes)
    Azumarill - Marblue

    Roserade - Poison Red
    Forretress - Shrapnel
    Sceptile - Treeraptor
    Gyarados - Flops...

    Riolu - Lil' Cobalt

    Second batch.
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  14. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member

    More nicknames I have

    Let’s Go Eevee Second account game:
    Female Partner: Eevee Oddly

    Let’s Go Eevee main account:
    Partner- Symphony
    Female Pikachu: Aria

    Ultra Sun:
    Xurkitree- Livewire

    Omega Ruby:
    Glalie (Mega): Unichomp
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