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Offical Nickname Discussion thread


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Sandslash - Needlemouse
Alolan Sandslash - Frostmouse
Nidoking - Baragon

Wigglytuff - Puddin
Vilepulme - Death Bloom
Parasect - Corpus

Venomoth - Morph Moth
Golduck - Kappak
Alakazam - Psijic
Alakazam - Foxy Shazam

Rapidash- Epona
Alolan Muk - Viscous

Cloyster - Crushell
Hypno - Sleeper
Lickitung - Pinkertong
Rhydon - Rhinox
Starmie- Star Saphire
Jynx - Rouge

Pinsir - Kuwanger
Crobat - Kurosu
Ampharos - AndroidDream
Slowbro - Rainman
Slowking - Amadeus

Donphan - Topsy
Smeargle - Beethoven

Chansey - Creme Egg
Blissey - Cadbury

Beautifly - Crayola
Ludicolo - Ridikolous

Shedinja - Husk

Swalot - Gallblad
Sharpedo - Sharkira
Wailord - O'Lawd!!!!

Cacturne - Noctus
Altaria - Cumulus
Crawdaunt - Red Lobster
Claydol - Eyeclops
Cradily - Pakkun
Armaldo - Exoskell

Salamence - Dragonuv
Hippowdon - King Hippo
Lumineon - Neonescent
Abomasnow - Wintergreen
Tangrowth - Mojumbo

Dusclops - Yamiyoru

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Lycanroc - DuranDuran in reference to a well known song
Another team I have mostly completed. My Daedric Princes team in the eshop version of Pokemon Silver

Sheogorath the Feraligatr (Leader)(reference: Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness from The Elder Scrolls series)
Peryite the Koffing (reference: Peryite, Daedric Prince of Pestilence from the Elder Scrolls series)
Boethiah the Ampharos (reference: Boethiah, Daedric Prince of Deceit from the Elder Scrolls series)
Hircine the Noctowl (reference: Hircine, Daedric Prince of the Hunt from the Elder Scrolls series)
Malacath the Sudowoodo (reference: Daedric Prince of the Spurned from the Elder Scrolls series)

However I have not yet caught the member who will have the nickname "Azura" (reference: Azura, Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn from the Elder Scrolls series)


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Scorbunny- Beckham (after the only soccer player I can think of off the top of my head)

Latias- Tia (I was roleplaying for my Alpha Sapphire playthrough and pretended that Latias was my traveling companion disguised as a human until the big reveal on Southern Island. I gave Dr this nickname to fit with her human disguise).

I also nicknamed my Porygon Silphi: partly a play on words for “selfie” since they can inhabit devices like Rotom, and partly reference to Silph Co. since they created it


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I've been giving my Pokemon nicknames lately in the Generation 5 games. In Black I'm using nicknames associated with fruits like Cherry for Krookodile and Apple for Lilligant. And in White I gave my team nicknames related to zodiac signs like Aquarius for Simipour and Virgo for Gothitelle.


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My whole UltraSun team has nicknames - Riley the Bewear, Ursula the Ninetales, Ariel the Primarina, Cupid the Lurantis, Theo the Toucannon and Silvia the Drampa.

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Lycanroc - Jordan (a sly reference to The Wolf of Wall Street)


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My current Ultra Moon team is named after team 7 & 8 from the Naruto series.

Decidueye - Sasuke
Alolan Ninetales - Naruto
Kommo-o - Sakura
Midnight Lycanroc - Kiba
Wishiwashi - Shino
Salazzle - Hinata

Some make sense and some don’t but they work for me.


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The only game I took the time to nickname my pokemon was Omega Ruby and they were:

Sceptile - Pinetail - It's tail literally looks like a pine tree.
Steelix - Jawbreaker - No reasoon aside from him being steel.
Ninetales - Kit - Baby foxes are called kits. I know its unoriginal, but I really like the name.
Azumarill - Neptune - After the Roman god of the sea.
Altaria - Cumulus - After the type of clouds.
Exploud - Boomer - Self explanatory really.

I would nickname more often, but I have literally sat at a naming screen for like 10-15 minutes before giving up and sticking with the original pokemon name. I really loved the feature in LGPE that let you nickname and change the nickname from anywhere even though I didn't really use it. Hopefully, SwSh will have the same feature because I'd like to maybe try to nickname some of my pokemon.


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Back when I started playing Pokémon Colosseum, when I was 12, I came up with the dumbest names for my pokémon.

The worst was probably naming my Macargo Coal-Mover. I picked up the game again and my new team consists of… (Colosseum spoilers may follow.)

Suicune - Susie - I have a bad habit of naming my pokémon with nicknames that start with the same letter as their species. This is the last time, I swear.
Granbull - Plum - Because purple.
Murkrow - Bartok - I decided to make him the same as the character in my old comic.
Ariados- Rhonda - For weird reasons I hesitate to specify, but purifying this pokémon was… an adventure.
Vibrava/Flygon - Adagio - Because he's kinda slow, but still a very good boy. (Adagio is Italian for "slowly".)
Hitmontop - Merry - Named after Merry from Lord of the Rings because you have 1-3 chances to catch him in the game's plot. I caught him on the third try, so he went on quite the journey and is now a warrior.


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A few nicknames from my Sword team:

Espio the Drizzile: After the character from the Sonic series.
Deimos the Corvisquire: After one of Rei Hino's/Sailor Mars crows companions from Sailor Moon.
Laegjarm the Sizzlipede: After the Fire Emblem Heros characters.
Wendy O City the Toxel: Somewhat inspired by Wendy O Koopa from Mario (who happens to be named after a female rock star) but using the last few letters from its evolved form.


I just recently restarted Crystal version on the Virtual Console, and I'm nicknaming all of my Pokemon. I nicknamed my Waninoko (Totodile) "Jaws", and I'm trying to think of clever nicknames for the other Pokemon that I'm planning on capturing, including Strike (Scyther).

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Better names for a Totodile would include Irwin and K. Rool. The first is in tribute to a well-known celebrity, the second a reference to a video game character that finally got into a Smash game last year.


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Ever since I started playing Pokémon I always nicknamed my teams, even if they’re really cool or just really stupid
My most recent team in Shield:
Billie Jean the Intelleon (just thought it was funny)
Krauser the Obstagoon (named after the main character in Detroit Metal City, who's a Death Metal vocalist)
Dimebag the Toxricity (named after dimebag darrel, the legendary guitarist of pantera)
TabascoSauce the Centiskortch (cuz she’s hot)
Gizmo the Grimmsnarl (gremlins hehe)
Kaybub the Corviknight (it’s my friend’s favorite Pokémon, named it after the stupid nickname I call him)

Some other Pokémon I used in Shield a lot that I gave cool nicknames
Kayako the Cursola (named after the girl from the grudge)
Stewart the Dragapult (stewart.)
Sargon the Runegrigus (named after sargon of akkad, a Mesopotamian ruler)


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Shield team
  • Hooligan the Cinderace(aka soccer hooligan for the football Pokemon)
  • Korn the Toxtricity(metal band for the punk rock Pokemon)
  • Edgy Boi the Grimmsnarl(because it is an edgy boi)
  • Woody the Claydol(its a clay toy, Woody is from Toy Story)
  • Pertinax the Falinks(Falinks is a Roman phalanx, Pertinax was briefly emperor of Rome after Commodus' assassination)
  • Linear the Duraladon(I got it from an in-game trade)

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Lycanroc - C. Crisp (refers to a cereal which has a wolf mascot)
Toucannon - Sam (refers to a cereal which has a toucan mascot)
Ursaring - Halas (refers to the founder of the Chicago Bears)
Beartic - Nelvana (refers to an animation studio which has a polar bear mascot)
Pikachu - Fievel (refers to the protagonist of An American Tail)
Noibat - Stellaluna (refers to a book with a baby fruit bat as a protagonist)
Crobat - Wayne (refers to the real identity of Batman)


My favourite ones on this page are Halas, Epona, Wayne and Foxy Shazam. I have a Sceptile named Vatika (Sanskrit for 'garden') and a Magikarp-turned-Gyarados named Brook. Karpe Diem is clich2

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A good name for a female Toxtricity could be Luna, in reference to the character from The Loud House.


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I started nicknaming my Pokemon with my Shield team and they were.

Sunny the Cinderace
Luna the Thievul
Lefou the Chandelure
Cone the Vanilliuxe
Sgt Kicker the Hitmonlee
Electro the Vikavolt

I'm considering doing SoulSilver playthrough just gotta think of nicknames for my potential team.