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Office 03 wont update

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by MS, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. MS

    MS Well-Known Member

    I have Microsoft Office 2003 SBE (Small Business Edition). And It completes all the updates except Service Pack 2. When it comes to Service Pack 2 :


    And clicking Agree & Install gives me :


    I've tried to install via their manual installation files but neither work.

    In this thread, don't give me crap like "wtf r u doing wit office!11" or "get Open Office or Wordperfect". Just answer the question k? k ;/
  2. Eileen

    Eileen Queen of Orudoran

    Strange... I never got that error. Did you provide your Office CDs when they asked for them?
  3. MS

    MS Well-Known Member

    During Installation of Office 03 itself yes. But it never asked during Service Pack 2 Installation.

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