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Official 3rd Gen IVs/EVs/DVs FAQ and Discussion Thread!

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by TRJessie579, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    How's my new Timid Natured Gastly's possible IVs? Should I raise it? I checked it's IVs after leaving it in the daycare to breed and it leveled up to 36. I plan on transferring it to Pokemon Diamond. Here are it's possible IVs. Should I bother raising it or keep trying for something with a perfect IV?

    HP: 21, 22, 23
    Att: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
    Def: 24, 25, 26
    SpA: 25, 26, 27
    SpD: 22, 23, 24
    Speed:27, 28

    I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. Taylor Ray

    Taylor Ray Newest shiny

    Thanks WW42
  3. Buckeey

    Buckeey « Next hunt.

    After two days of Mudkip hunting, I ran across this one.


    HP - 21
    ATK - 20
    DEF - 29
    SpATK - 22
    SpDEF - 20
    SPD - 25

    Should I keep it, or keep going?=/*not sure*
  4. nubinator

    nubinator Banned

    keep going.
  5. KingBattlus

    KingBattlus i don't lose

    just got my BEST pokemon yet!!!!

    i was breeding for rhyhorn since rhyperior will dominate DP, and just got this little gem.

    rhyhorn, male, impish nature
    27 HP
    31 ATK
    31 DEF
    27 SP ATK
    30 SP DEF
    31 SPD

    totally awesome. also got an adamant female to breed with this guy for adamant rhyhorn babies if i deem it neccessary:

    rhyhorn, female, adamant nature
    17 HP
    31 ATK
    31 DEF
    27 SP ATK
    26 SP DEF
    23 SPD

    Together I expect another Wonderfully Outstanding Rhyhorn, of the Adamant nature. So if I decide to go for that, expect another update this weekend with the results.
  6. Finally bred a bagon with:

    flawless att
    flawless speed
    Dragon Dance

    I am still deciding whether it is worth going for double flawless chansey (HP, def) bold or just flawless hp bold, as it is harder breeding chanseys as you have to use another pokemon as chansey are only female. Chansey will be with aromatherapy BTW. ;123;

    EDIT: wow that first rhyhorn really is great - only 7 ivs missing. How many flawless IV's were there between the parents?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2007
  7. gradevoirs_leader

    gradevoirs_leader Salamance is god.

    If you guys rember a couple of days back i said i started breeding for a bagon i got one , it took me a very long time and a lot of effort but im happy with these. nature jolly ivs are
  8. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    ^ Are you joking, maybe you did somthing wrong in the Iv calculater.

    And kingBattlus I'd keep the second one. That thing would be good with a choice band. And it doesnt really need speed since it's very low anyways, so maybe go with the adamant one.
  9. shaoon

    shaoon Not normal

    I need to know somethings. If the IV calculator says 30-31, is that good? (that was an exremely stupid question, but I just want to be as sure as sure can get) Then, I have the potential to get a ralts with 30-31 defense and sp. defense IVs. How would be the best way to EV train? I was thinking about getting maxed hp EVs then going for defense and maybe sp. defense or sp. attack.
  10. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    The higher the number the better it is. (The highest is 31)
  11. PEE

    PEE Beginning Trainer

    hmmm i have 2 questions

    if i have a low level pokemon like a level 5 bagon is it better to raise it with rare candys as much as i can before i start battleing with it so that evs training for it would be better? the reason i ask this is becuase i read somewhere in this thread that.......you know instead of saying it ill copy and pasth what someone said

    Stat gain from EVs is NOT added up all at once, but gradually as your Pokemon gains levels. At LV 100, your Pokemon will have all the stat gain from EVs it is supposed to, but you may not see large stat gains all at once. For example, if you have a low level Pokemon battle 20 Zubat, you will not necessarily see a +5 gain when it levels up. However, you probably WILL see this kind of gain in a LV 50 Pokemon that’s just starting to battle.

    so if i where to raise bagon to level 50 with rare candys would he get faster results with evs training? or would this not make a diffrence?

    2.if i evs train a pokemon and then evole it does the evs carry over to the evoled pokemon?
  12. Raikou77

    Raikou77 Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't make a difference. If you EV trained Bagon at Lv.5 you just wouldn't notice the effects of EV training as much as you would if you EV trained it at Lv.50

    2. Yes, EVs are carried over to the evolved pokemon.
  13. Nintendo Smasher

    Nintendo Smasher Well-Known Member

    I have a female adament natured Bagon that is flawless in speed and a male, Docile (I think) natured Bagon that is flawless in special defense, they are both in the daycare.

    So my question is, in the end will I have a Bagon with flawless in both special defense and speed? Because I'm breeding for a day already.
  14. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    The chances get higher if there stats a flawless. So the more stats that are flawless the better the chance of hatching a flawless bagon in speed and sp.def.
  15. Nintendo Smasher

    Nintendo Smasher Well-Known Member

    When I later checked one of my Bagon, I noticed that it's sp.def wasn't flawless.
    Now I'm using a Bagon that is flawless in HP.
  16. crudent

    crudent Well-Known Member

    Breed flawless with more flawless to get a super IVed pokemon.
  17. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    You should aim for a bagon with flawless attack,speed,hp and 25-30 in defense and sp.def.

    First keep hatching until you get one with a double flawless stat then replace it with the one that only has one flawless stat. So somthing like this.

    Male Bagon
    Hp flawless
    attack flawless

    Female Bagon Item:Everstone
    attack flawless
    speed flawless

    You would want somthing like that in the daycare then keep hatching eggs until your happy.
  18. Nintendo Smasher

    Nintendo Smasher Well-Known Member

    I have a system for that that looks like yours actually.

    This is what I have now:

    Female Bagon
    HP flawless
    speed flawless

    In the daycare:

    Female Bagon
    speed flawless

    male Bagon
    defense flawless

    I also have a Bagon with flawless in attack and I'm still hoping for Bagon with flawless in sp.atk and sp.def.
  19. Ge64

    Ge64 Member

    Hi, im happy now :D
    i was starting to get worried when i only got +1 sp.att on my gyarados after training against exactly 24 gastlys and 2 cubones (and nothing else) from lv 40 to 41... but maybe its maxed already, right? (i trained it with exp share from a magikarp...)

    also, it was holding macho brace, but I havent defeated the 8th gym yet (i traded the macho brace with another game that already had it), does it work anyway (cuz theres no way to tell now)?

    then my actual question:

    I got a linoone with pokerus from ruby, but when I put it it my party it wouldnt spread. also the lady at the P.C. doesnt say anything about it. what causes pkrs to spread to the rest of your team?

    and another thing, on the site 'Game mechanics' page it says to tally all the pokemon you fightwhen EV training, but what i did was count the PP (if you train again weak pokemon its usually ohko anyway) and only record exceptions like when you needed two moves instead of one to faint the opponent pkmn. so then train until the PP for the first move is 0 and you'll know you've had 20/25/whatever of the pokemon you've fought (this only works when you train against only one pkmn of course but thats what EV training ususally is right)
    Last edited: May 21, 2007
  20. WhiteWizard42

    WhiteWizard42 Master Breeder

    the gyara was probably already maxed on EVs. it would've gotten at least a +3 on SAtk if it gained 48 EVs between level 40 and 41.

    as for pokerus, it spreads to the pokemon next to it in the party randomly after some battles. so just keep KOing wild pokemon, and it should go from one poke to the others. it doesn't spread on Colo/XD/FR/LG, though, and it also stops being contagious when it goes from the PKRS status bar to the little dot by the level.

    counting PP is fine, and it's actually what most people do.
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