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Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

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Well if you've not done anything suspicious in your game then there's nothing to worry about ^.^ I think i once caught something in my game really late at night/super early in the morning and i forgot i had it. Nice surprise when i woke up lol.

That's what i think you've done i mean it's so easy to teach it a hm and then forget since they don't run out.


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@ blckdemondrgn: Wow out of all those Beldum only one was Adamant with a synch... i was extremely lucky then, as i only had one chance with my shiny Beldum and it is adamant.
Well it isn't that bad, after all my earlier shiny beldum hunts were actually 50% chance of getting adamant instead of this unlucky 1 in 7 chances.

I main/specialize in hunting shiny beldums so it isn't a big deal as I should have around 15+ maybe 20+ shiny beldums currently (though traded two off). Also I have a satisfying shiny adamant beldum with possibly my best ivs caught in a luxury ball (I try to catch most if not all shiny pokemon in luxury ball and the fact it one of the pokeballs hardest to catch with a pokemon with a legendary catch rate is awesome).

So I just catch beldums hoping to get a better stat one but overall it is good practice.

One of these days when my comp is fixed I should trade most of my shiny beldums since it is cramping my boxes as I've little space left.

Thanks for the luck 11tjcoulombe and again good luck to all you shiny hunters.


Chain of 44 for a Larvitar broken by a Gligar...FML!


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does the spiked ear pichu wi-fi event for europe and us give u a NORMAL SPIKED EAR PICHU OR A SHINY ONE? i got a shiny one!
I think you are confused, go re-read the event information again.

On wi-fi from today you get the pikachu coloured pichu on diamond/pearl/platinum (not the spikey eared one) but when you trade it to heartgold and soulsilver you unlock the spikey eared pichu event.


1525 Eggs!!
Well I haven't posted here in a long time haha, well kinda, but Congratulations on everyone's new found shinies!

Well.....I STILL haven't gotten my Masuda Method shiny Eevee! I'm around 2,100 eggs as I haven't had much time to hatch in the last two days, but I'll make up for it this weekend since I have virtually no homework! Yee haw! Maybe some March Madness luck will kick in and help me with that! haha

Good luck to everyone!


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Found my newest shiny today:

Caught him in a net ball, now he's a shiny Tentacruel. Good luck to all of your hunts.


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After many chains broken - some in the 30s! - I finally got him! What, you ask?
Keep in mind this is Pearl I'm playing, and that the little critter only has a 1 in 50 chance of being found, let alone a successful 40 chain! I was thrilled when the pink sparkles came up. One shiny I quite wanted really. I feel like one of the best shiny hunters EVER! Due to his red cloak, skull face and ghostliness, I named him Hades. He's Modest and often dozes off. Don't care about natures, they're interesting little tidbits to me. My 38th shiny (including the Pichu). Oddish and Zubat next. Luckily, they're a lot less frustrating!
Good luck on your hunts, guys and girls! Hey, if I can get an adorable scarlet Duskull onPearl, I'm sure you can hatch/catch Eevee, Spiritomb, Azelf and whatnot in a week or three's time! ;]

dragon user

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yeeeeaaahhhh whoooot, i caught my first shiny ever ^^, it was a houndour which is now a houndoom. so yay.

Neurotic Nuckelavee

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Sorry I was so grumpy last time I posted here, I've finally managed to pull through and get a chain of Croagunk up to 40 and have since reset and caught 7 bouncy little blue poisonous frogs! :) The chain ended while resetting for #8 when my thumb slipped and I ran into a patch of grass.

This time I used an adamant syncher and here are the results(not in they were order caught):

#1. Adamant(Female ) Ability: Dry Skin, with fairly good speed and awesome HP, Defense, and possibly flawless Attack. She's absolutely wonderful :)

#2.Adamant(Male) Ability: Anticipation, Very well rounded, might have perfect defense and all but his Special Defense IVs are in the 20 range

#3. Adamant(Male)Ability: Dry Skin, okay, very nice speed IV possibly has 0 IVs in his Special Defense though, his attack and defense are also a bit low but his Special Attack is good.

#4. Adamant(Male)Ability:Dry Skin, good IVs all around on this fella with a possible perfect speed IV

#5. Hardy(Male)Ability: Anticipation, good IVs on everything except a so-so special defense and a possible 0 in defense. This little guy happened to be carrying Black Sludge though so that's a nice little bonus I didn't expect ^_^

#6.Brave(Male)Ability:Dry Skin, horribly speed, but very nice attack and special defense.

#7. Naughty(Male)Ability:Dry Skin, Nice HP and special defense but a letdown on pretty much everything else.

I wish I had gotten a few more females but oh well, I got very lucky with most of their natures and IVs and most have Dry Skin so I'm very content with how this hunt finally came to a close :) Good luck to everyone else's shinies, especially to those who are breeding for them.

Congrats to hitoshura0 on the shiny Tentacool and Chibi_Muffin for the shiny Duskull they are very cute in red, I just whish Dusknoir was red in shiny form too. Also congrats on catching a shiny houndoom dragon user I'll probably go after one of those soon.


1525 Eggs!!
Congratulations to hitoshura0 for shiny tentacool! Congratulations to Chibi_Muffin on your shiny Duskull, I know u have been hunting for that one for a while! And also Congratulations to dragon user for your first shiny!

Anyway, I've been hatching a lot of Eevees lately, and I'm at around 2,400 hatched Eevees using the Masuda Method! Since the Eevee that was in the daycare is level 100, I decided to switch out Eevees for a slight change of pace, so I put in an Eevee that I got during the closing ceremonies during the Vancouver Olympics, haha ya.

It seems that no one has had much luck with Masuda Method shinies lately, hopefully all of us Masuda-ers will get some much deserved luck soon!

Until next time, Good luck!

EDIT: haha Neurotic Nuckelavee you just barely beat me, haha nice job on your successful Crogunk chain! You sure do like those shiny frogs haha! Looks like you've got a nice spread there too!
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slice and dice
next friday i plan on keep restarting until a shiny drifloon appears. how many times does it usually take for a shiny to appear if i keep restarting right in front of it.


slice and dice
next friday i plan on keep restarting until a shiny drifloon appears. how many times does it usually take for a shiny to appear if i keep restarting right in front of it.


i wantz beef!
next friday i plan on keep restarting until a shiny drifloon appears. how many times does it usually take for a shiny to appear if i keep restarting right in front of it.
usually a little over 8000 times but iv had it happen in under 30 its just pure luck.
oh and good luck hope you get it.


Trash Mainer
next friday i plan on keep restarting until a shiny drifloon appears. how many times does it usually take for a shiny to appear if i keep restarting right in front of it.
If you tire of waiting, you can always change your DS calendar to Friday.


Forever now
I've hatched 1,400 eggs of Horsea so far w/ no shiny, n I don't think it'll show up anytime soon so I decided to put in on hold n started w/ a new hunt on my Platinum copy (I've won the race w/ Pieman anyway, lol).

I'm trying to sr for shiny green Kabuto in Oreburgh town. 5 fossils each sr. So far I've done 350 sr, looks promising n easy.
I transferred the fossils from my japanese Pearl, not sure if dug up all the 5 dome fossils or cloned it. Can't really remember.

Good luck everyone.


lv 8 Shiny Hunter
ok after around a month of SR, my shiny azelf finally shone!!!

Man I wished I was actually counting the PPs as I was trying my hardest to catch this thing in a luxury ball. If I did my calculation correctly, at best I could catch it 6% if it was asleep and 2% w/o (cause of uproar). Unluckily even after around 180+ balls it failed, so close to the end I chucked only dusk which as well failed. So sadly, I had to use one of my few master balls to catch it - personally don't like to use it and don't like how master balls looks. So if I were to continue w/o master ball, I had to catch it within 6 moves left >_<.

Well I am satisfied with what I caught, though sadly naive sync abra failed. I got an adamant one - not bad, at least no negative speed nature.

So my master ball caught shiny azelf has this iv spread:
12-13 hp
24-25 att
16-17 def
27 sp. att
16-17 sp. def
4-5 speed

*Was originally trying to catch as many shiny legendaries with luxury balls, but may only try with half of each total move pp before moving onto better pokeballs before resorting to master ball.

Maybe I'll try to shiny hunt later this week but not soon with shiny cresselia. want to at least train/breed a few pokemons before moving onto my next shiny hunt which may be my longest yet.

Good luck to all shiny hunters.


Shiny Hunter
Figured I'd finally sign up here since none of my friends seem to care about the shinies I find ;>.> Grats on the shiny Azelf, I'll be working on that once my Palkia comes up in Pearl.

Had quite a bit of luck in the Platinum chaining department today:

2x Zigzagoon

3x Oddish

1x Snubbull

Duskull and Sentret have eluded me again -.-


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It annoys me that some shinies have barely a difference, Phanpy for example.

I don't see why people are doing thousands of sr's to get shiny Totodile/Cyndaquil. They're no brilliant difference. It doesn't seem worth not playing the game and instead spending days sring.

THOUSANDS of soft resets and WEEKS of not playing the game to get a shiny Articuno? Not worth it. (Especially when there is barely a difference in coloring)


lv 8 Shiny Hunter
thanks for the congrats on azelf.

Anyone have any tips for hunting cresselia? Only reason I ask is because it is annoying to me to:
1. talk to cres
2. walk to the sailor
3.leave the island via talking to the sailor
4. then choose a route to find cres

Cause I've watched a french pearl/diamond one where after they talked to cres they immediately flew.

Btw I am using my platinum to hunt cres, so dunno if this is the only way or if I beat cres then elite 4 I can do the same as pearl/diamond method above - though they didn't pick lunar wing up or talk to sailor.


Pokemon Trainer
I am so happy! On sunday I was playing my Platinum, I was up at Fuego Iron Works. I then went over to Route 205 on accident and I went into the grass. I was so surprised. I had found a Shiny Buizel!!! I caught it in a great ball I think. I am very happy, I got one of my favorite Pokemon as a shiny! I am not going to use it in my platinum I am going to trade it to SS.
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