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Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

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I hatched a shiny Spiritomb on Diamond on my 9th egg without MMing it! :D
Currently hatching Snorlax eggs in hopes of finding a shiny.


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Caught two shiny Vulpix and evolved one into a Ninetales yesterday. Now I've got Corsola, Ninetales, Pachirisu, Luxray, Gyarados, Electrode, Tentacruel, Psyduck, and Vulpix. Currently hunting for Caterpie and Seviper.


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One time, I encountered a shiny Nidorina in SoulSilver and I caught it.


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hatched a shiny pidgey in 64 eggs. (masuda method) I was wanting a female adamant natured pidgey, but its male and modest.

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I've seen three wild shinies in 4th gen. One was a Tentacool in SoulSilver, which I caught. The other two were Camerupt and Geodude in Diamond, both of which I failed to catch.

I did get the shiny legendary beasts/Pichu/Gyarados in HGSS, but I don't think they really count.


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I just caught my first shiny 2 days ago in Platinum... It was a Shellos.

At first when I saw the silhouette I just mutter "Shellos..." Turn out it to be a lighter color. I was so surprised to see stars around it and I regretted to mutter XDDD


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i have a shiny crobat
i would trade for any of these or any of their earlier stages seviper beedrill kabutops nidoking armaldo charizard aggron arbok ninetales mightyena mew lugia ho-oh rayquaza groudon ariados arcanine victreebell cloyster metagross salemence haunter electrode marowak hitmonlee scizor tauros jolteon mewtwo sudwoodo gliscor corsola skarmory raikou suicune sableye houndoom relicanth torkoal altaria zangoose lunatone solrock whiscash claydol dusclops huntail gorebyss drifblim spiritomb garchomp drapion abamasow rhyperior heatran giratina darkrai
just pm with offers


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Last night I was on Route 24 looking for a Venomoth in HG when a shiny Bellsprout appeared! When I saw it come across the screen I thought that the colors looked kinda weird and my game must be glitching or something but when I saw the sparkles, my mouth dropped haha. This is my first ever random shiny and there's only a 5% chance of finding a Bellsprout at night too!


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just mmed a bulbasaur. It took 603 eggs. Its hardy nature. Next is squirtle.


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I just received a shiny Cranidos from hatching 413 eggs. :D

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Does anyone still RNG in Gen IV? I've got shinies to trade for a Flawless Pikachu, but i can't seem to find anyone. I know gen IV is a bit behind but i'm really looking for one so i can start my HG playthrough. Is it because it's not a fair trade, or what?


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I just chained 6 shiny Ralts! FOur female, 2 male. I'm really excited, I've never had chaining luck like this. Expect a few of them to come to the trading corner soon :3

Also, I have no ideas for nicknames. If you have something creative you should message me or leave me a profile comment :p


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Calming down from my state of confusion and amazement.

So, here's a little background info. I've been a shiny hunter for about two years and I usually gain shinies through dumb luck or masuda method. The last time I got a shiny was in November so it's been a while. But, I kept hatching eggs and I didn't get anything so I decided I'd trade over my valuable pokemon and then I'd start SR-ing as a bit of a change up.

And now ladies and gentlemen, an hour into SR-ing, with a 108 SR's I've gotten a shiny totodile! I'm amazed, this is the fast hunt I've ever had. I've spent over 16,000 sr's--suffered through three shiny poochyenas for a torchic and then just this? It's awesome.

I named him Vali and he's serious natured.

Here's hoping the luck continues. Off to go squeal now.


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just hatched my shiny squirtle. It took 677 eggs. Its naive. Now i have all of the kanto starters. im gonna trade them over to platinum and start over in ss. Im gonna use a shiny team.


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i just got a used copy of platinum yesterday finish the pokedex and now am chaining shinies my best so far is 16 bibarels


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Does anyone still RNG in Gen IV? I've got shinies to trade for a Flawless Pikachu, but i can't seem to find anyone. I know gen IV is a bit behind but i'm really looking for one so i can start my HG playthrough. Is it because it's not a fair trade, or what?

I might be people aren't looking for those shinies/what your're offering. I find if you let people choose rather than offering only a choice of 1 or 2 pokemon, you get morep people talking about offers with you.


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Just a question. I'm breeding an Empoleon and a Japanese Ditto. The Empoleon and Ditto aren't mine originally. For Masuda Method, does one of them HAVE to be with my OT?
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