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Official 4th Gen Shiny Discussion

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Face Oblivion
Hey everybody. I thought I'd let you guys know how my 4th gen hunts are going.

HG: Badge Quest/Lapras - 10,000 SR << finally a HG BQ shiny that's taking a long time to shine. Yay... >.>
SS: Slowpoke - 320 encounters
Platinum: Badge Quest - 1200 encounters

I've also been noticing that my Heart Gold seems to be freezing every now and then. You know how when you SR, the screen goes white for a moment before it reloads - well it's been staying frozen on the white screen and I've had to switch the DS off and take the cartridge out. I sure hope a shiny Lapras wasn't going to appear on one of the times it's frozen... >_<

I saw your Headbutt shiny video! Congrats on the shiny. About the freezing, that might be down to the game card being a little out of place. Or it could be something like dust. I don't know, but check for little bits of dust. It might be that...but don't think I'm correct, it's what I've heard. Good luck on the hunts though!

I'm over 2,550 REs now, and I hope it comes before 3,000. I dread a shiny Abra though >.<


Well-Known Member
If it freezes on the white screen before the game loads, you're not going to miss anything. The game hasn't loaded, so it hasn't generated any potentially shiny pokemon yet =)


Active Member
just got a shiny pikachu on 4 chain it's female and gentle nature and i am willing to trade it


Shiny Hunter
in the battle:
walking with it:
stats and ability:

if you couldnt see the nature its docile


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OMG. So I was in the rock tunnel looking for a Machop for my dex when suddenly...
RE aswell


Novice Shiny Hunter
A few days ago I chained a Mareep in the car. (never chain in the car, it's ridiculous) I got a shiny Mareep at 24ish!!! Also, I chained a geodude to 55, but then my ds turned red and I was in the car, so yeah. I accidental ran into a machop and so broke my chain, sigh.


Shiny Hunter

shiny psyduck 2086 encounters best of luck to heliotrope


it shone! ^_^
Congrats on new shinies, especially the shiny Psyduck - it's a great looking shiny. ^_^ (too bad Golduck doesn't look as nice...)

No new shinies from me, but I'm still hunting. Here are how my current 4th gen hunts are going:

Heart Gold: Badge Quest/Lapras - 12,400 soft resets
Platinum: Badge Quest - 3300 encounters
Soul Silver: Slowpoke - 1035 encounters

Sigh. I wish Lapras would shine already... u_u


Shiny Hunter
yea that hunts gone over odds :( i hope u get it as for me im SRing for eevee atm im at 475 SRs

i dont plan to evolve her :D
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Face Oblivion
Good luck Helio on the hunt for Lapras! It will shine soon. Currently at 5,400 REs. Will it shine soon?


Pokemon Master
I got a shiny kecleon in diamond on route 210 by natural encounter. still have it in my white game.


Well-Known Member
Oh~ I just tried to get a shiny mrmime at celadon's casino and it shined on my 5th SR! Its female and hasty!

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Recently captured a shiny Misdreavus while chaining in Pearl version. I got it on an early shiny patch at chain 26 but the chain broke soon after. Oh well congratulations on all recently obtained shinies everyone!


it shone! ^_^
New shiny! After 4756 encounters my 5th Platinum badge quest shiny has appeared... and it's a shiny Buizel, one of the shiny I'd been hoping for. ^_^

Video: shiny Buizel

Now I just want Lapras to hurry up and shine in Heart Gold. I'm currently at 14,000 soft resets for it.


Face Oblivion
^Congrats! Nice shiny to add to your collection indeed. Lapras will shine soon, for sure!

I am currently focusing on my Skorupi MM hunt in White, so my hunts are on hold otherwise.


Shiny Hunter
nice one congratz helio i really like buizel hope u get lapras soon

im on my 8th hunt in my BQ at 2034 REs~

Metagross Guy

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