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Official 5th Gen. EV/IV (Training) Thread

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I understand the process of IV breeding but after a whole lot of eggs I can get three stats 31 ivs no problem........... I gues my question is how are yo making flawless pokemon
no problem PM me
RNG abuse is one way, the other is hatching eggs until you get lucky, and the game generates three 31 IVs in addition to the three inherited.


Dragonic Power
I'm starting to get into EV training and I think I'm starting it off with my Rash nature Charmander. I got the right move pool I'm going with but the stats need a lot of work.


Just a guy
I'm trying to EV train my Gyarados, it's going well, but i don't think 6Hp/252 Attack/ 252 Speed work well for it. I want to think of another EV spread for it, anyone got any suggestions?


Dragonic Power
I would say raise defenses IF you want Gyarados to survive. Don't know if anyone else would think this is a good call but that's just me.

Golduck Is Cool

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Alright guys, I EV trained my first Pokémon. Never did it before. Got him to 100 today. He's none other than... wait for it... wait for it... Golduck!

Alrighty, did I do this right? Do these stats look right? First of all here's Golduck's base.

HP 80
AT 82
DE 78
SA 95
SD 80
SP 85

Here's what I did or what I think I did :)
252 Special Attack EVs. 10 Calcium. Equipped a Power Lens and knocked out 32 Litwicks.
252 Speed EVs. 10 Carbos. Knocked out 76 Basculin.
4 HP EVs. Knocked out 4 Frillish.

His final stats are...

Golduck Lv. 100 (Modest)
HP 286
AT 171
DE 176
SA 309
SD 169
SP 246

Does that look decent? Did I do it right?


Leader of Dark Shade
What specific Pokémon in the wild are good for battling and which stats do they help boost?


Well-Known Member
I have no idea how to go about IV breeding. I've been trying to look up tutorials but I am having no luck.
I know I new the powers items(which I only have two sadly) and some Pokemon with at least 1 Perfect Iv in stat... I don't know what to do after that.

I want to breed a Trapinch with perfect Atk and Sped at least but I am having no luck. I got a Trapinch with perfect spd but it's just not passing on that stat... I assume she won't pass it one without a power item?


Beginning Breeder
I just started to breed a 31/xx/31/xx/31/31 Timid Eevee and I have ran into a problem. The parents are a 31/xx/31/xx/31/xx Male Eevee with a destiny knot and the mother is a 31/xx/xx/xx/31/31 Eevee with an everstone but the babies always come out with 3 perfects IV's or lower. It would be much appreciated if someone could help me.
Update: I just reached my goal but I am now trying to breed a 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Timid Eevee so I am trying to catch a Special Attack Ditto.
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I've been doing soft reset on an event mewtwo.

wondering if i should keep this one :

Timid Hp 18 Atk 19 Def 30 Sp.A 28 Sp.D 26 Spd 3

I know the speed iv suck but the rest seem too good to pass up.
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