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Official Age Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, May 26, 2004.

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  1. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    I noticed that this is a common topic, so here's an official thread. Here's what I think the charactors ages are (AMERICA):

    Ash: 13/ 14
    Brock: 16/ 17
    Max: 8
    Jesse: 21/ 22
    James: 20/ 21
    May: 10

    There's big controversy around May. Some think that she's older than ten because of a chest. HA! These thoughts are most likely from males. How should I know? I had a chest at ten. As well as err, other things. Some people develop early. Get over it.
  2. Moo

    Moo Guest

    Well this hopefully should clear things up Misty should be 16 by now right? Yeah didn't they say in the Anime that she was 10? and maybe another thought on why they think May isn't ten is because of her height and well you know what comes after that
    Yeah that other information was a bit excessive... and Too much info (even though I'm a male and probably would appreciate that info)
    And in the great pokemon starter Panic the girl Stephnie was said to be 10 years old

    And In Duel Masters (off tpic yes but it is relevent) the main character is supossedly 8-10ish while his friends are around the same age with chests
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2004
  3. Micro$oft

    Micro$oft Guest

    Here is what I think:

    Ash: 13/14
    Brock: 15/16
    Misty: 13/14
    Max: 8/9
    May: 10/11
    James: 22/23
    Jesse: 22/23

  4. Ash - 14 (when he started his journey- he was 10. Later a year with Orange Islands- 12. Johto- 13 and he started 14. Houen- 14)
    Misty- older than Ash - 15
    Brock- much older. When he was a Gym Leader he had to be older, maybe 15, so now probably he is 19.
    Max- 8
    May - 10
    Jessie- she is not so young, she looks much older. 25
    James- younger than she - 23
  5. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    Sorry, but, it helped in proving my point.

    Actually, since height is the first stage of girl's dovelopment, she could be tall. I was like 5.5 at ten. o.o;
  6. Moo

    Moo Guest

    Well its ok about the info im just bashful even though im not sure of its meaning but im sure im using it right. Though 5'5 at 10? you sure your not exaggerating?
    but what about the other points I was stating?
  7. Lu-Gi-Oh!

    Lu-Gi-Oh! Genin

    I agree with everything Shining Sierra proposed, except that I think that Jessie is more like 20/21 rather than 21/22. In one Kanto episode, the one where Ash tries to qualify for the Pokemon League by taking some tests, Jessie actually says she's 17. This means she should be 20 or 21 if 3 or 4 years passed in the anime.
  8. Lu, in this episode where Ash takes this test- Jessie LIES about her age.
    She would like to be 17, but she is much older.
  9. Shutterfly

    Shutterfly Guest

    oh boy, here we go again :D

    We have had tons of Age threads, so this will be the one and only for a while

    *stickies it *
  10. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    I don't feel like writing all this out again so I'm just c/ping this from my post in the other thread about the characters ages:

    When they started:
    Ash: 10 (Either he or the narrator said so.)

    Misty: 12 (I read this in the manga and I know the anime and manga aren't the same but I read it before I knew that so I'm used to thinking she's twelve.)

    Brock: 15 (I just think this seems like a good age for Brock when he started. Not too young, not too old.)

    Tracey: 15 (I think he started travelling with them at the same age as Brock and is a year younger than Brock.)

    May: 10 (She said so.)

    Max: 8 (My brother is almost eight and acts kind of like Max.)

    Jessie: 21-24 (In a the synopsis I read of the thing with Miyamoto in it (I think it was one of the CD dramas) it said that Miyamoto was talking about paying for her daughter's (Jessie's) daycare/preshcool (or something like that). Which means Jessie would be four or younger. It also said the part with Miyamoto is set approximately twenty years before the beginning of the anime. (Madame Boss also said something about her son (Giovanni) being a teenager. So he is probably aroung 33 at the beginning of the anime.) Like I said with the manga, I know that it's different than the anime but I got used to thinking this so I will continue to do so.)

    James: 22-25 (I think he's a year older than Jessie.)

    Professor Oak: 50 (He was about twelve in the fourth movie and was sent forty years in the future so he was around fifty-two when that happened.)

    Delia: 28 (In Pokemon Live it says she had Ash when she was 18 and Ash was ten at the beginning of the anime so that would make Delia 28. And the same concept as the manga and the CD drama applies here too.)

    Gary: 10 (But a few months older than Ash. I think they started the same year because they are the same age.)

    Age they are at now (IMO they are at least these ages.):
    Ash: 13
    Misty: 15
    Brock: 18
    Tracey: 17
    May: 10
    Max: 8
    Jessie: 24-27
    James: 25-28
    Professor Oak: 53
    Delia: 31
    Gary: 13

    It has at least been two years since the beginning of the anime because it was a year between their first two visits to Viridian City and because in the third movie they were celebrating it being the day Ash and Pikachu met. I think that at least a year has past since the third movie.
  11. The X

    The X Guest

    Heh, most people have already said my thoughts on this matter...

    Ash: 13/14
    Misty: 13/14
    Brock: 18/19
    May: 11/12
    Max: 8/9
    Richie: 12/13
    Tracey: 16/17
    Jessie: 24
    James: 24
    Professor Oak: 50-55
    Professor Elm: 30-35
    Professor Birch: 25-30
    Delia Ketchum: 30-35
  12. These are all just guesses and they're based on how far we've gotten in the states.

    Ash: 13-14
    Misty: 14
    Brock: 20-22
    May: She's 10, get over it people
    Max: 8
    Tracey: 14-15
    Gary: 13-14
    Jessie: 24-25
    James: 23-24
    Meowth: Umm...
    Delia: 30-35
  13. Ash500

    Ash500 Guest

    These ages are wrong! Ash looks and sounds younger than 13 or 14! And he's not that tall! Max is not 8 years old he's too young even though he's smart! And May said she was 10 years old which I believe!
  14. Ppk01

    Ppk01 Guest

    And here is the proof of Ash's original age.
    "Yes! I am Ash! ...And now that I'm 10, I can finally get my Pokémon license!"
    Taken from episode one. Thank you. Good day.
  15. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    That was the very first episode ever. It is a bit more difficult to find their age at the present time. Although we know time does not pass equally in the real world and in the animé world, we are able to make educated guesses about how much time has gone by, like when Ash sais it's been a year since his last visit to Viridian city and the party in the third movie celebrating the day Ash and Pikachu met. Since Ash visited Viridian city on the very day he started his journey and that day was presumably very close to, or in fact was, his birthday, he would be 11 the second time they went to Viridian. The third movie would be exactly a year from their visit to Viridian, making him 12 (athough it seems to me that the time between these two events would be over a year). Although we have had no clues lately to just how much time has gone by, I cannot believe that all the events between the third movie and the present time could take place in less than one year, leading me to the conclusion that Ash is 13.

    Misty and Brock's ages are much more difficult to estimate because we have no set point to calculate their age from, like Ash's birthday. But if we just assume that Misty was 10 to 11 when She met Ash, and Brock was 15, then Misty would be 13 to 14, and Brock would be 18 respectively. I don't think Misty was that much older than Ash when they met, because she seemed to not have very much experience with pokémon yet, example: choosing her Goldeen to battle when there was no water. So my guess is that Misty would only be a couple of weeks/ months older than Ash.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I felt it necessary to explain my point thoroughly.:)
    Last edited: May 26, 2004
  16. Moo

    Moo Guest

    Yes this is good and all but weren't there sources (or was that fan stuff) that at the beginning Ash was 10 Misty was 11/12ish and Brock was 15 and add all that year stuff and it would be Ash 13 almost 14 Misty 15 Brock about 18/19 TRacey ????? Max is 8 they said that in the anime I believe and May said she was 10 THOUGH that is somewaht strange considering the recent US episode of Having a Wailord of a time The Little girl was 10 but very small and undeveloped but May is a different case and almost as tall as Ash, Chest, and comparing to stephenie the girl from having a wailord of a time and Jesse and James are maybe 18-22ish area's but not sure
  17. Pikachu, I don't think we're in the 21st Century anymore...

    All well and good, but I'd like to present a flaw in all of these arguments and concerns:

    We are assuming that everything is being calcuated on a time scale, or rather a societal level, equal to modern first world society.

    Everyone is so concerned over May having "breasts" at 10 and such, and say that they don't usually happen to 10 year olds, or at least fomed that much.

    I say to them, "Terran 10 year olds, you mean."

    I will not dispute that in their world Ash and May (and Brock, Misty, Casey, Gary, et cetera,) were 10 years old when they started their journies. The key words here are "in their world." Meaning 10 of their years. Which may or may not equal 10 of our's. Solar conditions may equate to a longer year, or this world may be more conducive to earlier physical development.

    But that is actually a side issue which draws attention away from the key issue.

    Being allowed to go out into the wild or society at a certain age without having elders accompanying you (and no, Misty definitely does not count, and Brock's a borderline case...) means that that age is the generally accepted "Age of Majority". In American society, that's 18. Note the emphesis. In Pokemon scoiety, the "Age of Majority" could easily be 10. I mean, very few people are allowed to have their own unsupervised Pokemon before that age.

    Doesn't mean that Mothers aren't allowed to worry about their sons. I mean, Barbara Bush probably frets over even the children we don't hear about often, let alone the two that are famous. It's motherly nature.

    And it is also a good son who obeys and comforts his mother. (But I bet you don't want to hear verses from the Bible here...)

    Okay, now you're asking, "Well what idiot proclaimed that you're basically an adult at 10?"

    Charles Darwin.

    Seriously, though, you have to remember that their world has one thing that our world doesn't. One quite dangerous thing that probably was quite lethal if uncontrolled.


    Pokemon who could either manipulate the elements, or just flat out out-muscle other species, including Humans.

    Given the dangers of untamed or rogue Pokemon, it could be easily seen that the life expectancy of the average human was short. We're talking probably 30 years with a wide range (25 either way).

    Now, it is true that humanity somehow gained superiority over the Pokemon. The fact that Pokemon training is seen as a sport rather than as a military exercise is proof of this.

    So why didn't the "Age of Majority" increase along with life expectancy?

    Well, this is my personal opinion, but Pokemon society is more progressive than many societies in our world. It may well be that the people decided that allowing the 10 year olds of the future to keep at least some of the responsibility of their ancestors would allow them to grow into better citizens.

    Now some would say that Life Expectancy may not have changed all that much. The 40 year gap between Sammy and Prof Oak seems to counter this line. However, before you throw it out, consider that this series was created in Japan, where life expectancy is higher than in America and the elderly quite often live to at least 100. Professor Oak could still be an example of a well-aged man, at 80-90 of our years and still going strong. :083: in America, but quite possible in Japan.

    Now, I will not dispute that at least two, and probably three and a half, years have passed since the start of the Anime in their reference frame. Nor do I dispute Ash and May's original ages, as they are stated in the Anime (and implied in the games). I do, however, question the other ages relative to Ash's. At least their starting points.
  18. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Well, I am pretty sure that the pokémon world was intended to be part of the actual world, our own planet. There are those who would dissagree, but there is a different thread about that I believe. In this case, A year in their world and a year in our world would be the same. I used "Their world" and "Our world" to differentiate between the made-up cartoon realm, and real life, not to suggest that they live on a defferent planet.

    Now there are those people who are thinking "Wait, you just said time passed differently in the animé than in real life and now you said that a year is the same time. What I meant was that when they say a year has gone by, they mean 365 days. The fact that time passes differently remains.
  19. Here's what I think...

    Ash - 14
    Misty - 14
    Brock - 18-20
    Jessie - 21 (In the Santa episode, she said 10 years again when she was 7 or 8...something like that so that would make her 18)
    James - 21
    May - 10
    Max - 8
  20. I actually have something smart to say?...wow...

    I don't want to be called sexist or any thing of that nature. This is just my opinion and theroy anyway.

    I think May's uh...endowments...*cough* are the result of natural selection. For instance, Charles Darwin (thank you Tom) pointed out that all living species "fight" to survive. For example, peacocks with the prettiest feathers mates well but, the one with the unattractive feathers die and don't mate. So this may be no different. Have you noticed that almost all women with big, uh... you know what I'm talking about, are usually the ones that guys want to date, or are more successful in the field of ahem, reproduction? This is just another way of us to "fight to survive" to keep the human race going with better genes.

    Of course, this is just speculation. And maybe a little too deep for a cartoon show.:D

    Now I must go from smart mode back to crazy mode.
    *runs off to make up for lost time*:D
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