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Official Age Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, May 26, 2004.

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  1. Lupin

    Lupin Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    Why is everyone basing May's age on her............well, developments. It's like Shining Sierra said at the beginining of the thread. Some girls grow up quicker than others.

    Though i agree with most peoples age guesses, i think that Ash is still 10. Ash and the others are like childrens book characters. They are trapped in the same age for all eternaty (with the exception of Harry Potter). After all, Mickey Mouse is over 70 yrs old, but does he look it.
  2. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Well, Mickey Mouse may have been created over 70 years ago, but there is nothing in the way he looks to suggest that any time has gone by, or that he has aged. In Pokémon, they actually state that time has gone by. If they just stopped making new episodes of Pokémon (please let that never happen) and say, 10 years go by, that does not mean that the characters are 10 years older. Similarly, in the animé, about 3 years have gone by, but it has been much longer than that since the show first aired. This just goes along with the fact that time passes differently here and in the animé.
  3. Keira

    Keira Guest

    I think they are as follow:

    Ash: 15
    Misty: 15
    May: 10
    Brock: 17
    Max: 8
    Tracey: 16

    I don't know why but when pokemon started on the U.S. I was 9-10 and in the anime the ages are kinda slow so if my math is correct it leads me think that Ash has 15, same age as me

    is only an opinion
  4. Atreyu

    Atreyu Well-Known Member

    My Guesses...

    These are my guesses:
    Ash - 13
    May - 10.5
    Max - 8 ('Nuff said)
    Brock - 18 (He looks it!)

    Sorry everyone...

    Added "sorry everyone" from a post later on. Each post must be at least 4 words long. Otherwise, it's SPAM. ~Lady Dragonrider
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  5. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    o_o Why'd you post your Ruby Team? That belongs in your sig, not a post about the characters ages. :/
  6. May Ledian19

    May Ledian19 Guest

    Ash: 14
    Misty: 16 (Ya, I got that from the Manga, but that's the only thing that actually stated Misty's age!)
    Brock: 19
    May: 10
    Max: 8
    Tracey: 18
    Jesse: 22
    James: 21

    Somehow, I don't believe Brock was 15 when Ash 1st met him, which leads me to believe my guess at 19 is very wrong. He just doesn't look that old in the 1st episodes! I got Misty's age from the Manga, I just guessed at Tracey's, I kinda calculated Ash's, I guessed at J&J's, and May is 10! And nobody is gonna steer me from that belief unless they give actual proof stated in the animie!
  7. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    Did you read my first post? I was wearing a size B and on my errrr... at ten! I was also around 5.5 feet tall. We're living in an age where puberty and pregnacy comes at young ages. Get over it.
  8. Haine

    Haine Well-Known Member

    Ash - 14 (wish it was 18 XD)
    Misty - 15
    Brock - 18
    May - 10
    Max - 8
  9. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    If you would like to comment on someone's avatar without also mentioning something that has to do with the topic of the thread the please PM them so that it won't be considered spam.
  10. That was also SPAM. You could have apologized in your earlier posts, people would hardly miss it since it's on the same page. Anyways:

    Ash = 13
    Brock = 18
    Misty = 13
    May = 10
    Max = 7
    Tracey = 17
    Jessie = 27
    James = 27
    Delia = 31
    Jiro (Brock's brother) = 10
    Flint = 42
    Mizuho (Brock's mother) = 42
    Daisy, Lily, and Violet = 16
    Most Joys = 27-32
    Norman = 31
    Caroline = 31
    Samuel = 53
    Gary = 13
    Most Jennies = 20-26
    Miyamoto (Jessie's mother) = 41
    James' parents = 51
    Jessibell = 22
  11. Shiny May

    Shiny May Guest

    I think Crystal Latios showed it very well about how old every character is. A year after every season and May told her age. Well maybe James and Jessie should be switched because I don't really know about that. They never told that.

    I wonder how old meowth is.
  12. jj984jj

    jj984jj Guest

    Here's what I think they are now:
    Original Name (English Name)
    Satoshi (Ash): 13/14
    Kasumi (Misty): 14/15
    Takeshi (Brock): 19/10
    Haruka (May): 10
    Masato (Max): 8
    Hiroshi (Richie): 13/14
    Kenji (Tracey): 16/17
    Shigeru (Gray):13/14
    Musashi (Jesse): 24/25
    Kojiro (James): 23/24
    Okido (Oak): 50-55
    Utsugi (Elm): 25-30
    Odamaki (Birch): 30-35
    (Delia): 30-35
  13. HyperKnux1

    HyperKnux1 Guest

    Here's my opinion:
    Ash: 14
    Misty: 14/15
    Brock: 19
    May: 10
    Max: 8
    Jesse: 19/20
    James: 19/20
    Tracey: 16/17
    Gary: 14
  14. Baby Bro

    Baby Bro Guest

    I've been telling myself that these ages are correct for almost a year now. Don't try and convince me otherwise.

    Ash: 13
    Misty: 15
    Brock: 18
    May: 10
    Max: 8
    Jessie: 27
    James: 27
    Tracey: 17
    Professor Oak: 58
    Delia: 32
    Gary: 13
  15. Moo

    Moo Guest

    After careful Real life observation or something like that I have determined that yes May is 10 and that Ash is a midget or hasn't hit the growth spurt yet thats is why May is as tall as him and such
    May/10 Stated in Anime
    Max/8 stated in Anime
  16. Cloudy

    Cloudy Guest


    Misty-14 1/2
  17. Sammi

    Sammi Guest

    *cracks knuckes*
    As of now...

    Ash: *thinks about reasoning* He's either 13 or 14; I don't think that the Orange Islands was a one-year thing
    Misty: I always saw her two years older than him... but I donno. So she's either 15 or 16
    Brock: As of now, I see him around 19 or 20. XD
    May: 10.
    Max: I see him as 8.
    Tracey: er... 16-18 range. *is clueless*
    Jessie: 22. Why that? I donno. She's in her 20s though. :p
    James: Jessie's age.

    And that's all. :)
  18. Mistypika

    Mistypika Guest

    I think they want May to look more female so they did it

    Ash: 13/14
    Misty: 13/14
    Brock: 16/17
    May: 10
    Max: 8/9
    Tracey: 16/17
    Jessie: about 20
    James: about 20
  19. frednmethod

    frednmethod Banned

    here' my guess:

    ash: 13
    misty: 15
    brock: 18
    max: 8
    may: 10
    tracey: 14

    and about may, the writers made her look more developed just because the viewers wouldn't want to see a female main character without any, if u know what i mean. that's the only explanation. she's still ten
  20. azngirlLH

    azngirlLH Battle Pyramid Champion

    As of now...

    Ash: 14(a year for each of the regions(kanto, johto, orange islands, hoenn), but there are only 4 gym to fight in the orange islands, that's around half of the time, so probably 13 and a half.) could also be 15, because pkmn has started around 5 years ago, but I'm more with 14.
    Misty: 16(wasn't there something about she being older than Ash by two years? or was that one?)
    brock: 19(im pretty sure he was around 14 when PKMN started. how many guys out there that are 14 goes crazy for cute girls?)
    tracey: 18/19(he looks around 13-ish wen orange islands started)
    May: 10(definately 10, it's been stated in the anime and ALL BEGINNING TRAINERS STARTS AT THE AGE OF 10... somebody said she looked '18' O___o)
    Jessie: 25(she definately looks older than James)
    James: 22/23
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