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Official Age Thread

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when the show first started Ash was 10 misty was 12 and brock was 14


whipsmart said:
when the show first started Ash was 10 misty was 12 and brock was 14
But now Ash is 14 years old, Brock looked more older than Ash(14) when he was 14 years old.


Thats just speculation I think they never really showed the Characters growing older and such but seeing as how I'm not exactly sure on everything I'm simply assuming they don't state if this or that season was a year or so and don't really show the characters aging when they should


Eh, I'll just post my ages here as well. Note that these are for the japanese version.

Satoshi: 15 (10 at the beginning, he used a bit over a year in the Seikei Leauge, then it took 1 more year until the events in movie 3, about 2 more years after that to the end of Jouto, and he has currently spent about 1 year in Houen.)
Kasumi: 17 (2 years older than Satoshi)
Takeshi: 21 (He was a Gym leader when Satoshi was 10. I take it you need a great deal of experience. 16 works. Also, you don't see many boys under 16 behave the way he does around girls.)
Haruka: 11 (10 at the beginning of Houen, about 1 year has passed since then)
Masato: 8/9 (7/8 at the begiing of Houen.)
Musashi: 26 (This would make her 21 at the beginning of the series, which seems reasonable.)
Kojirou: 25 (1 year younger than Musashi. Yeah.)
Kenji: 20 (Considering he left home and moved to another country to work with a scientist, I find it hard to believe he was under 16 at the time.)

silver Groudon

Guys Dont Waste Your Time On Ages Of Ash And Co, Cause Ash , Misty, Brock Are Ageless Since The First Episode They Appeared In. You Will Say ' Ash Is 10 Years Old They Mention It In The 1st Episode' . Well...... He Was 10 Years When He Started His Journey But Since That Date He Is Ageless .
Ash Has Become An Icon! A Legened! When You Look At A Character Like Micky Mouse You Wont Say He Is 75 Years Old Although He Is! And The Same Thing Goes To Ash!


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Here some intelligent posts from Tom_Greenville and Ash500 :)

I have to say too, please don't calculate their ages! ;) That's a big error!

Okay, we know Ash was ten at the begin of his journey, but there was only one birthday moment - in the pre-movie of the third film.

Pokémon is more a ageless series like the simpsons. I don't know why some people make Ash and Co. so old o_O

But ... okay, here are some "realistic" ages:

Ash: 11 (no doubt - ten at beginning)
Misty: 11/13 (in Japan she was 10 at the beginning, but in America magazines written she was 12 and so she was 12 in America)
Brock: 15 (I think he was 14 at the beginn of his journey. His flirting reminds me one puberty of boys :D Maybe he's a little bit older)
May: 10 (no doubt)
Max: 8
Jessie and James: between 16 and 20 (It's hard to say how old they are, but I guess they are "older teenagers")


Heres my guesses. I say it's been 4 years since the start of the anime. 1 year and 4 months of kanto season, about 8 months of Orange Islands, 1 year and 7 months of Johto, and 8 months of Hoenn.

Ash: 14
Brock: 19
May: 10 (she could be stuffing for attention)
Max: 8
Pikachu: 6
Jessie: 22
James: 21

Defunct Characters
Misty: 16
Oak: 53
Tracy: 18
Richie: 15
Gary: 14
Casey: 13
Nicholi: 15


To all the people saying Ash is too short, some people are just short. I have a friend who was 14 1/2 and was only about 4' 10'' feet tall. He did grow taller later, but that's beside the point. It could be that Ash hasn't had a growth spurt or anything like that yet. That doesn't stop him from being 13 or 14.


Well I know somehting about the ages!I was at this one site and they had an interveiw with someone i forget who but there was this Q about the ages and the gut said the caracters are ageless.So that wraps it up for me!!I like to think simple folks you can't blame me.Blame the simpliceity of the world.


I've been thinking about this for awhile. Here we go:

Ash: 12
Misty: 14
Brock: 17
May: 10
Max: 8
Tracey: 16
Jessie: 23
James: 23
Professor Oak: 57
Delia: 34
Gary: 12
Richie: 12
Drew: 10
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Ryusuke Hikari

Rurouni Kenshin
Professor Oak-57
Pikachu-6 or 10

Wolf Goddess

May I say that at least two years has passed since Ash first met Brock.


ok here is what i know: trainers usually start when they are 10. when ash first came to that cycling bridge, the narator said it has almost been a year since ash started. i read somewhere that team rocket was 17 at their first apperance. so my opinion is:

jessie:21(could be a few months older than james)


Jessie and James were at the VERY LEAST twenty when the show first started.

And I don't buy the "ageless" shizola. How could they stop aging as soon as they hit a certain age? Is that age different for everyone--10 for Ash, 12 for Misty, 28 for Delia, etc.? We've seen pictures of the characters when they are younger; take Pokemon 3 for example. Of course they age.

Golden Pidgeotto

It's about time I say what I'm really sure of in the ages. I'm positive that every character in Pokemon only ages by personality and not by age. Ash is still ten. May probably just turned ten. Misty is almost eleven. Brock is twelve. Jessie, James and their rivals are all fourteen. Well maybe Jessie and James are thirteen because they seem younger and have young personalities. Ash's mom is in her mid twenties and well I dont really wonder what the Pokemon's ages are because it's not too important to me.


Um... Jessie and James are older than 13... They couldn't get into the Bug Catching contest because they were older than 16 remember? So My guess is that they are 18 or 19, Ash is 13, May is 10 or 11, Max is 8 or 9, Brock is 16 or 17, Misty is 14 or 15, Delia is at least between 25-28, and Gary is about 14. This is as of now.


Golden Pidgeotto said:
Brock is twelve. Jessie, James and their rivals are all fourteen. Well maybe Jessie and James are thirteen because they seem younger and have young personalities. Ash's mom is in her mid twenties and well I dont really wonder what the Pokemon's ages are because it's not too important to me.
Wow. I just...wow. I'm not even going to comment, I'm just at a loss of words.

1. Think about it, does Brock REALLY seem twelve to you? Do you know any twelve year olds who are that smart and are that obsessed with women?

2. Jessie and James. Thirteen. That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard about ages o_0 You do know that they couldn't compete in a contest once because it was only for people UNDER 16? They are at least 19. No younger, no way in hell.

3. How is Ash's mom in her mid-twenties?! That would mean she had Ash when she was fourteen or fifteen, and that's not too nice, recheck your math plz kthx.
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The Others

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i think ash is somewhere around the age 13 but correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the short for the ENTIE movie in millieum town and once ash, misty, and brock reached the fancy room after pikachu's adventure, didn't ash make the reamark that it was his 1 st year of being a pokemon trainer. been a while since i saw it but i think it was. and that short happened sometime while ash was in Alzela town (or however it is spelled, before the ILEX forest w/ celebi)

so what i see, if that was his 1st year of being a trainer, wouldn't make him 11? (at that time of anime)

Gen. Hanzou

Well, if May look's like that at ten, and she stays around for a few years, my status as a Pokeshipper might be hurt considerably


this is alittle off the subject but whats a pokeshipper???
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