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Official Age Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, May 26, 2004.

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  1. Runé

    Runé Banned

    Here's a what a I thinks:
    Ash: 13
    Misty: 17
    Brock: 19
    Max: 8
    May: 10
    Gary: 13
    What about Ash's MOM! Wonder how she is? And Brendan?
  2. Ash: 13
    May: 10
    Max: 9
    Jessie: 22
    James: 22
    Brock: 17
    Delia: 35
    Oak: 62
    Tracey: 17
    Richie: 13
    Gary: 13
  3. Ash: 13 (They had to change his clothes now that he's a teenager. Then again, he might be 12, but that depends on whether or not the short before Pokemon 3 occurred in Johto. If it did, then that would mean that Ash is twelve going on thirteen.)
    May: 10 (I stand by this - puberty is said to occur earlier in girls than it does in boys)
    Max: 8 (maybe even 7)
    Jessie: 22
    James: 20-22 (I personally think that James is younger)
    Brock: 18 (He was fifteen at the beginning of the series)
    Tracey: 17 (I think that he was a bit younger than Brock)
    Richie: 13 (Same Age as Ash. They could have been twins, dammit >_<)
    Oak: 63 (I heard something about 60 being Oak's age at the beginning of the Anime. Whoever said 52 was off by a couple of years)
    Gary: 14 (I think that Gary turns fourteen sometime midway through AG, him being a couple of years older than Ash.)

    Misty: 14. I think each of her sisters, unless they mentioned someone being the oldest, are all triplets, and they are all 22-24.

    Delia Ketchum: 31-33.
    Norman: 33-35.

    Can I go to gym leaders now? There are no proof of these, except for speculation on my part.
    Brock: 18 (as mentioned earlier)
    Misty: 14 (as mentioned earlier)
    Lt. Surge: (at the time of gym match) 40-45
    Erika: 22-25
    Koga: 45-50....scary...
    Sabrina: Early 20's. Her father wasn't dirt-old, so...
    Blaine: Damn...do I even have to answer this one? He's older than Oak. No questions asked.
    Giovanni: 50s. He keeps himself well-groomed, so I believe that he could be in his 50s.
    I'll do Orange Islands once someone reminds me of all four

    Falkner: 16 (at time of Gym Match)
    Bugsy: <13 (C'mon...if anyone so much as thinks that he was a day older than 13, I'll sledgehammer them into the ground.)
    Whitney: 19 or so..(then again, considering how May was all...developed...at 10, Whitney might be 15 or 16.)
    Morty: Possibly my favorite gym leader. He will have had to be about 24-28, IMHO.
    Jasmine: About the same age as Whitney. These look like two girls who were best friends in High School.
    Chuck: ~45: (He really let himself go...)
    Pryce: 65. (Anime has a habit of making people look older than they really are. Plus, he mentioned something about his Piloswine disappearing at a timeframe of 50 years ago. He looked like about 15 or 16 in the flashback.)

    Clair: Definitely 25-27.
    Um...I think that Professor Birch and Professor Elm are the same age (Elm might be younger as a matter of fact), but Birch can be more physical when he has to, and Elm...well, Elm's just a nerd who probably already has a receding hairline.

    Norman: 33-35, like I mentioned.
    Roxanne: 17-20
    Brawly: 16-21 (I offered a bigger range, because with those surfer guys, you never can tell.)
  4. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    Oak - if he's 63 now then that means he had to be around 23 when Celebi teleported him into the future because he was teleported 40 years. At least I think it was 40, I haven't seen the movie.

    Misty's sisters - They do look like triplets in the anime but IIRC in the manga (not counting Misty) Lily's the youngest, Violet's in the middle, and Daisy's the oldest. I know that the anime and manga aren't the same thing but I just felt like pointing this out.
  5. Envy

    Envy Homunculus

    Uhhh, whoops, sorry. I like her for her personalitly more than her looks. i was just sayin.. sorry t anyone if i iffended anybody. I just try to make a point when i get going on something, and say things without thinking. So if i did offend anyone, i really am sorry for that!

    For me;
    Looks (Breasts, face): 45%
    Personality: 55%
  6. Kusadora

    Kusadora Guest

    Uh-huh, you mainly like a girl for the way she looks??? Sorry, but that just isn't what love should be about. Good luck findin' love in your life, may-is-cute...
    *sighs and walks away thinkin' : "well, i have done all I can do"
  7. Envy

    Envy Homunculus

    That's not really what i said if you looks you can see that i put 45% on looks and 55% on personality. She looks good, yes, but i like her personality even more. I mean, i'm not that shallow.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2004
  8. Kusadora

    Kusadora Guest

    OK, I am sorry I seemed harsh. I am just sick of men staring at girls' breats and nothing else. Sorry again for sounding mean. ^_~
  9. I think that it was more like 50 years, because at the time of this movie, I believe Oak was 62, since it occurred before AG started.
  10. jigglyskitt

    jigglyskitt Guest

    My opinion:

    Ash - 13
    Misty - 13
    Brock - 15
    May - 11
    Max - 8
    Jesse - 18
    James - 18

    There ya go. ^_^
  11. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    I asked some people who have seen the fourth movie and they said that it was only 40 years. So if Oak was 62 at the time then he was 22 when teleported into the future and that's definitely not true. He was around Ash's age which was around 12 so now Oak is around 52.
  12. Well, anime sure as hell adds ten years -_- If that's the case then Pryce must only be in his 50's...
  13. Well, like it or not, you cant tell someones personality from a distance.
  14. Hao Kaiser

    Hao Kaiser Aww... Crap.

    I aggree with most of you, except for max's age....I highly doubt that hes 8, i know girls mature faster, but 2 years isnt that much, and my 9 year old brother is taller than my 16 year old cuz...but anyways, i guess its pretty random in sizes.

    Max seems like one of those super smart , genus kids. I would say hes mabey 6, mabey 7, or almost 8...
  15. Clouded Leo

    Clouded Leo Guest

    Ash-10 (the charecters will stay the same age forever)
    Jessie and James-17ish
  16. ash - 14
    may - 10
    max - 8
    misty - 14
    brock - 16
    jesse - 18
    james - 18
  17. Ash - 14
    May - 10
    Max - 8
    Misty - 14
    Brock - 16
    Jesse - 20+
    James - 18+

    As for May, I think the idea of her stuffing makes the most sense.

    I have relatives at her age who are *not* that developed, and when I was 10 years old *No one* in my class looked like THAT.

    I suppose, though, that girls may develop at earlier ages nowadays. Perhaps it's something in the air xD

    That's what men do! We're supposed to! YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT! RAWR! xD
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2004
  18. cold_katanagirl

    cold_katanagirl Link Master

    Plusle fan Cloudy, and for every other person who thinks May stuffs. It's. Just. A. Cartoon. Why the hell would she stuff, SHES JUST DEVOLPED! SHE IS JUST A DRAWING WITH BIGGER BREASTS, WHO GIVES A CARE??? SHE SAID HERSELF SHE'S TEN, SO SHE'S TEN. YEARS. OLD. My sister started her period when she was EIGHT. Does that make her 12? And my sister's breasts were BIGGER than May's when she was NINE. SO JUST SHUT UP WITH THE BREAST THING, SHE'S TEN, PROBABLY ON THE BRINK OF ELEVEN, IF THEY AGE AT ALL. Whew, sorry if I sounded mean, but I HAD to get that off my chest! Pun not intended.
  19. Even if the pun was unintended, it still made me giggle :p

    And that was a bit TMI about your sister O_O But like I *said, in the last part of my post* I suppose girls develop at earlier ages now.
  20. Envy

    Envy Homunculus

    It's cool. I have a wicked tounge, too sometimes that's gooten me intoi trouble more than once.
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