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Official Animal Crossing Wild World Online Friend Finder!

Name: Mike
Town: BanditHQ
FC: 4639-1828-3361

Looking for towns to visit. I have loads of gifts to to give away such as Mario Sets, Royal Crowns, Millions of bells and golden tools.

Can I come to anyones town?

PM me if I can come and recieve ure great gifts!
Name: Jake
Town: NewPaltz
Friend Code: 3995-3814-1508

My town sucks, ha ha. Nothing good at all. I have apples here though. My house is filled with bugs and some fish. Then thats it. I could use some money if you want to give it to me. Give me a PM if you add me! :) .

Saint Smeargle

<3 Aw! Isnt It Cute?
Name: Petal
Town: Blossom
Friend Code: 201971288769

Please PM Me If you want to be friends.

I Restarted my town yesterday, And I Am a very experienced Animal crossing player.

I Want Active people as friends, not people who come to my town once and I Never see again.

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Vulpix Master

The Fire Trainer
Name: Jake
Town: Ashdene
FC: 4639-6702-2700

I have Peachs and would really, really like two Cherrys (one is still great but would prefer to).

Also I just want to visit someones town. Anyone want to go online now?


Well-Known Member
name: ultima5
town-name: anytown
friend code: 3436 9758 5296
fruit:apples, peaches, oranges, and pears.

send me a pm if you add me


#1 Munchlax Fan
Town fruit- Peach,cherries,apples,coconuts,oranges


herd i liek spindaz

PM me if you add me so I'll add you and we can meet on Wi-Fi!

P.S.: My gates are OPEN! Come now!
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Kibou no hikari
Yay, my new gold Zelda DS is here! I've restarted AC and here are my details, please PM me if you add me!
Name: Moonlite
Town: Serenity
FC: 3394-2058-2623


Why not?

Name: Kiddou
Town: Waarudo
FC: 3222-4106-1720

*This is updated info on my ACWW, so please PM me if you want to add me.
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Active Member
name: Picxel
town: Nicca
friend code: 3265-3706-8657
fruits: orange, peach, cherries, apples, coconuts

I'm trying to make Nicca a Cats only town,
number of Cats currently in town= 6

oh, and I need a pear :p


name: felix
fc:0946 1001 2835
have all fruits not much furniture
looking for friends


prof. happycat! ICHC
0774-3119-2371, Jake, Hokessin, my gate is always open!:)


prof. happycat! ICHC
0774-3119-2371, Jake, Hokessin, my gate is always open!:)


pokemon is boring

Right in front of my gate i have 12 money bags from 10,000$-99,000$,
an Arwing, and a golden net.

I just need someone to buy something from my store so i can get nookingtons, you can have everything above if you come and buy something.

PM me though if you want to.

ebil joey

Well-Known Member
Animal crossing party!! gates are open!!
Friend code is:5069 3414 7644

We're givin away free money!! if ya wanna come then just come.(my friends town, so theres already two ppl)
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Innocent Squirtle

Well-Known Member
resident name: you!
town name: paradise
friend code: 1289 7631 9350

I got this game at the 16 th of february. And I already caught all the fishes needed for the fish exhibit. (That doesn't mean I got a golden rod, though.) I have apples and oranges, with apple being the native fruit. And I'm also willing to part with a four-leaf clover. I also TT quite a bit. That's why it's currently august there right now.

And while you're here , don't forget to shop at Nookway.

That is all.
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☆C e l e b r i t y☆
People, I want to play today.

Town name: Sinnoh
Name: WaluRed
Fruit: Native peaches, pears, cherries, apples, oranges, and a coconut beach!
FC: 0430 8005 4911