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Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    Shouldn't it b one in 8? Weird.....
  2. DarkForce

    DarkForce Unknown Trainer

    It should be, but I don't think she gives you a female one. I think the eevee is set to male, though if anyone can prove me wrong I'd be happy to know
  3. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    If you Can stand the very low chances eevees in grottoes have a 20% chance of havin a hidden ability
  4. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    But it would be just like gamefreak to make breeding one impossible
  5. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    1. The Eevee is apparently set to be always male.

    2. This is not B/W 2 Help thread, B/W 2 has its own Help thread, in its own subforum

    3. Ugliduck99, please don't double post, use the Edit button instead :)

    Everything in Hidden Grotto has 100% chance of having a hidden ability. However, Eevee is not available in Hidden Grotto, except if you download a currently Japanese-only Funfest Mission event.
  6. ShinyUmbreon189

    ShinyUmbreon189 RealTalkRealFlow

    I finally decided to purchase Pokemon Black a couple days ago and I noticed there is literally nowhere I've been to EV train in Sp. Atk. It's all attack and that's pretty much it. I only got 2 badges and would like to EV train my Modest Tympole in Sp. Atk but where can I do it? If I can't anytime soon then I'm getting rid of it and finding another water Pokemon thats a physical attack cos this is ridiculous.
  7. manniezmoll

    manniezmoll I'm a girl, dangit!

    Maractus & Sigilyph give 2 sp att EVs. looks like you can train in desert resort...
  8. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    Can someone plz answer my question
  9. 1quacka1

    1quacka1 Lazy Collector

  10. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    the best place for SAtk EV is in Celestial Tower......both Elgyem and Litwick gives SAtk EV, and they're the only things you'll see there.

    The problem is, Celestial Tower can only be accessed once you reach Mistralton, and that's after the fifth Gym.
  11. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    Thanks a lot

    I can't get ice punch but is there another good ice type move for a weavile
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  12. Esteban Ruh

    Esteban Ruh New Member

    Hey everyone i'm pretty new to breeding so i have a question about that.
    I have been breeding a modest kadabra with a modest abra, and the kadabra(female) has the synchronize ability, and is holding the everstone to boost the odds of modest offspring, but every egg that hatches has the Inner Focus ability, and i'm trying to get Synchronize. Is there a reason why none of my hatched abras have synchro? or should i just keep trying?
  13. Ok so I tried to raise a Breloom to catch pokemon its move set is:


    -Giga Drain

    -False Swipe

    -Sunny Day

    But at level 100 its not cutting it. So now I have decided to go with Gallade with the move set:


    -Mean look

    -False Swipe

    -Psychic/Close Combat

    What would be a good nature, characteristic and EV’s for my Gallade with this move set?
  14. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    ....if your intention is to capture Pokemon, that Breloom is already perfectly fine. Especially with Spore having 100 accuracy.
    Just replace Giga Drain with Seed Bomb or Brick Break, Breloom's SAtk stat is not good.

    And you don't have to EV a Pokemon whose sole purpose is to capture Pokemon :p

    It's just bad luck. Keep trying :)
  15. VelveteenWolf

    VelveteenWolf Electricity Trainer

    Can you Ev train with just items? Like once you use all the Vitamins for a stat, use wings witch are unlimited use? And if you played through the game with Samurott, now Lv 50, and then decide to Ev train it, just use Ev berries to reset the stats? Do I have to pay attention to Iv when Ev training or are they separate? Thanks!
  16. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can use vitamins and wings to fully EV train a pokemon.
    Yes, you can use EV berries to reset the EVs of your Samurott to zero.
    IVs are completely separate from EVs, and they don't change. So they will not affect your EV training in any way.
  17. Ugliduck99

    Ugliduck99 Wobbufet fan

    IV's are different from EV's. EV's are gained by battling and items IV's are passed on through breeding

    And can someone respond to my question.

    A good ice type move for weevile but not ice punch
  18. Savanny Killersaurus

    Savanny Killersaurus In Another Castle

    Ice Shard could work for priority. Other than that, there's not that much that can replace Ice Punch I'm afraid. :(
  19. VelveteenWolf

    VelveteenWolf Electricity Trainer

    Thank you! That really helped a lot! Is it better to use items or to gain by battling?
  20. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    It doesn't really make a difference, although battling for EVs save you money and you gain exp at the same time
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