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Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

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Hi guys!

Petilil on level 46 learn the Leaf Storm. But on that level Lilligant (her next form) learn the Petal Dance. So, my question is that: if I rise Petilil for level 46, and after that i give her a sun stone, will she learn both attacks?
Yes, Petilil/Lilligant will learn both attacks.

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I set my Dsi to today's date
Pokemon black says its autumn


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If you're asking why your game says it's autumn, it's because it's always autumn in March in the Gen V games (the season changes every month).
The cycle can be found here.

Oh yeah I forgot about that
Haven't played it since it first came out
I feel a little dumb


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Are there any items in trash cans or houses that you dont get from people?
I don't think there are any items that can only be found in trash cans, but you should definitely look out for the Leftovers in the trash can underneath the Village Bridge. Although that's not the only way to get Leftovers in BW (there's also Pickup and an ingame trade Munchlax that holds some), it's probably the easiest way imo.

I don't know about items in houses.
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