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Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

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Does any1 know a good way to teach my patrat iron tail besides using smeargle? And what is a good way to teach smeargle irontail if thats the only way
Hey, I'm on Liberty Island I just caught a Jolly Victini with these IV's:

Victini - #494 (Jolly)
HP: 14 - 19
Att: 20 - 26
Def: 0 - 6
SpA: 29
SpD: 14 - 19
Speed: 7 - 13

Do you guys think it worth resetting for a modest/timid/naive/rash, or given the high SP attack IV and special attack boosting moves like Work Up would a mixed set be all right to run with jolly?

Thinking of a set like this:
Work Up
Wild Charge
Flare Blitz

please help!


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I am currently headed for Victory road, but I get stuck when Cheren wants to challenge me one more time. Before I fight him, I did save....

He has the grass starter and I have the water starter. His starter's leaf blade is slicing through my team. My fire pokemon aren't very strong so they are sitting in the day care (should have put them there much sooner). I know that Flying and Ice Types can defeat him, but my flying is only at level 35 or 36 and my ice types have little training right now.

Where's the best place to train the Pokemon to get them stronger? I am going to use the lucky egg to help with the EXP points to level up...

I have a Munna, but that's not a type that can defeat him.

Thanks for any help!


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can anyone tell me where to get heart scales?

There's a house in Driftveil City just west of the pokemon center, she'll ask for a specific move and if you show her a pokemon with that move she'll reward you with a Heart Scale.

You can do this once a day.


I missed Celebi in the special give away and my Diamond that had my Celebi was stolen, so I want to know is there any other way to get Celebi in my game, Dreamworld for instance?

Trainer Frankie

The big root item that increases the amount of hp you steal from opponent...does that make dream eater take more hp too?

Trainer Frankie

Ok, thanks.

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2nd gen all the way!
Is it just Me or is it after the elite four your team feels really weak. My team is around lvl 53 and i'm facing trainers that are useing 65s. Is this normal or am I just weak?


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hey guys, I caught an Axew with Mold Breaker, but when it evolved, it's ability changed to Rivalry. Is this a glitch? I was under the impression that pokemon kept the same ability when they evolved if their evolution also possesses it (which fraxure does)

The pain about this is that Rivalry keeps costing me battles :mad:
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