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Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

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That would depend on many factors, such as your team style, what support you can give it, and you would like it to do.

Team style

heavy attacks with secondary attacks

type thumping moves

Nature stats boost

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What is better in-game? Serperior or Whimsicott? I really liked Whimsicott with leech seed, substitute, and Stun spore. However, I started with snivy, and want to know if Serperior would would be better for any reasons.


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My White file had a Serperior;
Adamant nature
Big Root
~Leaf Blade
~Return/Dragon Tail
~Leech Seed

Leech Seed to regain HP lost while using Coil, which will increase durability (+Atk, +Def, +Acc). Leaf Blade is the main STAB, with Return covering resistances, or Dragon Tail to remove a threat to your health.

Whimsicott is a fantastic annoyer pokemon, so unless you're fine with using a Pokemon that relies almost solely on status and such, use it.


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What are battle simulators (Like the one Serebii and others are working with) and how do you use them?

That would probably be Pokémon Online, it's a computer program downloaded from Smogon. Every item, move, nature, stat, and of course Pokémon are in it, and you are able to put a team together yourself, and battle others.


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Can you get event Pokemon from the start of the game?


I am going to be getting the event Tohoku Snivy next weekend. What nature should I soft reset for?

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is a metaphor
It means the people who program Pokecheck don't have a clue how it's generated. It applies mostly to 3rd Gen events.

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while ev training my zorua in celestial tower, i had my reshiram against a litwick. the litwick used Will-o-Wisp, but it didn't affect reshiram. anyone know why?


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Can someone please explain to me what Pokecheck is?
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