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~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread 2.0 ~*~

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Weedle -Slashergirl07 - October 28, 2008

poor weedle it must feel unloved


Well-Known Member
Shadow Lugia - glink0 - October 28, 2008

it says its claimed but the person hasn't been online for months
Kabuto - PocketmonMaster -October 29, 2008

There were so many good ones there; but I just can't go past Kabuto.

Darkrai's Best Friend

Ultimate Trainer
Tangela - Darkrai's Best Friend - October 29, 2008


Burn, baby, burn.
Rattata - Matchre - October 29, 2008

How is Rattata not claimed? I think I'll change that...


Goddess of Mischief
Eep, sorry, didn't know that Garchomp already got claimed... ><

Swinub - Ruby Moon - October 31, 2008

Hope I did it right this time |DDDD
Want to claim:

Unown L Form – LordLati – October 30, 2008

To claim:

English Pokemon Name - User Name - Date (use Month Day, Year format, please)

If I used the wrong format please tell me the right format for alternative forms


Wailord - S_A_L_Poke - November 1, 2008


Palette Professor
Old Claim: Phanpy - GDE - October 11, 2008
New Claim: Wailord - GDE - November 1, 2008


Shellos (West Sea Form) - Susi - November 1, 2008



Shiny Master
Aw, darn it. Wailords been double snatched already. >>

Spheal - Road - November 1, 2008

Thanks much. :D

elite ralf

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happiny - elite ralf - november 2, 2008

EDIT: may I unclaim munchlaz too?
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Ain't I cute?
Staravia-froslass123-November 1, 2008


pure 1337ness
Porygon-Z - 343- November 2, 2008
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