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Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

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"At the end of the day you showed me the way, I'm never in doubt... someone's watching over me."


Raiden193 said:
Mawile --- Raiden193 --- October 24, 2011

Just checked, Mawile412 hasn't been on for a month.

Since September 21st, to be exact.

barak446 said:
Pikachu-barak446 - 24 october2011
Failure to follow the --- claim form --- or the claim change form correctly, including the right date format, means a failure in getting your Pokemon, as well as a strike. One week ban until November 8.


2rsa said:
Braviary...2rsa...october 24,2011

You're still not following the claim form correctly; hyphens, not ellipses. Strike two, two week ban until November 15.


MudkipFan said:
Gyarados --- MudkipFan --- October 23, 2011

ImpyreFox said:
Torkoal --- ImpyreFox --- October 24, 2011

XxSilverThunderxX said:
Ampharos--XxSilverThunderxX--October 26, 2011
Already claimed, I'm afraid!


All other claims and claim changes not mentioned here have been approved and added to the list. Minus the newbies as usual. TUT TUT TUT GUISE, FOLLOW DEM RULES. It's not like I spammed them in the Georgia font like I do everywhere else. 8|aa

Remember, this post only covers the claims on page 116.

leafstormfire said:
It says that Jigglypuff isn't taken, but you've posted after the claiming post. Is it already claimed?
When I do my updates they are a page at the time and I'll mention twice which page I have done... like for instance, this post has dealt with every claim on page 116. Page 117 will be done in a few days to a weeks time and so on and so forth.

It's a pretty strong chance that whoever has tried to claim Jigglypuff has posted on page 117, which hasn't been done. That said, it all depends on whether the person has followed the form correctly.


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bouffalant --- golem12 --- November 1, 2011
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I'm so sorry vycksta since last time you didn't tell me what i did wrong i didn't know what to do.


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2rsa said:
I'm so sorry vycksta since last time you didn't tell me what i did wrong i didn't know what to do.
Psh, no need to apologise. I hold no malice or anger of any level towards you at all.

If you, or anybody else reading this, have any confusion over things, just drop me a PM or a visitor message and I'll answer. I keep the update posts as brief as possible so it's not a jumble of tiny font and what-have-you.


Stay frosty
Bouffalant --- shinytactics144 --- november 1, 2011


Arm Wrestle?
EDIT: Just checked last page. Darnit.

Old claim: Nidoran♂ --- WeatherEffectRain --- May 29, 2011
New claim: Kabutops --- WeatherEffectRain --- November 1, 2011

I didn't bother to check if Kabutops was asked for by someone else, but... Eh.

It's funny, APPARENTLY I'm the only one who likes Kabutops XD

EDIT: Fixed it, Lol. Thanks the ash man 83, Lol.
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Shelgon --- Clock --- November 1, 2011


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Guise, try and keep non-claim comments out of the thread, please. I'm fine with one here and there on rare occasions, but not an overload. 8(


Yup, 'tis me!
Braviary --- Cynder --- November 2, 2011


burning it down
Turtwig --- TurtwigFan1 --- November 2, 2011

Abus0ru hasn't been online since the 26th of August so I really want to claim Turtwig. Thank youuuuu.


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Old claim: Tyrogue --- Assassin9399 --- May 7, 2011
New claim: Mesprit --- Assassin9399 --- November 5, 2011

Andy787 hasn't been on since 3 October.


Highly competitive
Jirachi --- RegiGuy --- November 5, 2011
The holder starfire_jirachi hasn't been on since July 25th, 2011.
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