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Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

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(Current Owner Banned)

Ferrothorn --- GoldenCrs --- November 6, 2011

Meowth City

Staff member
Old claim: Deerling --- meowth_city --- September 8, 2011
New claim: Zebstrika --- meowth_city --- November 6, 2011

Crimson Darkness just dropped his claim.
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Mesprit --- Animegirl1429 --- November 6, 2011


Scizor --- RandomError --- November 7, 2011


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zoroark77 said:
Wooper--zoroark77--October 27,2011

reddog95 said:
Galvantula----Reddog95.-------October 30th 2011

koalalover said:
Boufullant-koalalover-oct. 30 2011
Hopefully no one claimed it. It is my poke-zodiac!

Xenevix said:
Kabuto - Xenevix - October 30 2011
Failure to follow the --- claim form --- correctly, including the right date format, means a failure in getting your Pokemon, as well as a strike. One week ban until November 14.


tepig rules said:
Jigglypuff-tepig rules-October 28,2011

You're still not following the claim form correctly; three hyphens, not one. Strike two, two week ban until November 21.


-Zane- said:
Wartortle --- -Zane- --- October 30, 2011

SmeargleLOVERGuriBuru said:
Ninetales --- SmeargleLOVERGuriBuru --- October 31, 2011
Already claimed, I'm afraid!


All other claims and claim changes not mentioned here have been approved and added to the list. Anybody who tried to claim without being a member for a month? Bad rulebreakers, no biscuit for you! /dunks said biscuit in tea

Remember, this post only covers the claims on page 117. Any claims on page 118 and beyond have NOT been dealt with!


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sunkern --- shinytactics14 --- November 7, 2011


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solosis --- epicdrill --- november 9, 2011

yes it says its already claimed but lucario44444444 is banned and hes the one who claimed it and
Vycksta said:
The one month rule also applies for inactivity. If you've made a claim and then don't come on SPPf for at least a month then it is rendered null and void. Getting banned from SPPf, no matter for how long, will also cost you your Pokemon whether you are making a claim or HAVE claimed one.


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Well, I might as well try.

I can't see when the last time he logged on was, but PokemonTrainers has not made a post since September 29th or so. If this counts, then:

Old claim: Bibarel --- Road --- August 2, 2010
New claim: Mienshao --- Road --- November 9, 2011

If not, I'll remember that for the future.

Ace Trainer Nick

Veteran Ace Trainer
Pidgeotto - Ace Trainer Nick - November 10th, 2011
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Armaldo --- Drake Pokétrainer --- November 10, 2011

The previous person who claimed this pokemon has been offline for almost two months so yeah ^^;


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Castform --- Sound --- November 10, 2011


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Old claim: Torchic --- ShinyLugia101 --- September 17, 2011
New claim: Kirlia --- ShinyLugia101 --- November 10, 2011

UmbreonKit333 hasn't been on since September 30. Have some Proof.
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