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Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

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Someone beat me to Torchic, so here's my new one.

Taillow --- Aro17 --- November 20, 2011


Joltik Queen <3


Old claim: Shelgon --- Clock --- November 1, 2011
New claim: Sharpedo --- Clock --- November 20, 2011


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So much for an update toda- yesterday. /looks at time being 1:46 am

Hopefully it will be after sleep and work. Wasn't expecting that nap to last four hours, ha ha.
Old claim: Sableye --- Jonah the Great --- October 8, 2011
New claim: Turtwig --- Jonah the Great --- November 11, 2011

In that case...

Old claim: Cubone --- {(•)___(•)} --- July 20, 2011
New claim: Sableye --- {(•)___(•)} --- November 21, 2011

BTW it's really funny how like 5 different people claimed Typhlosion without looking at the previous posts...


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Anybody want my headache? Or my lower back pain? Or the crick in my neck? Or the general feeling of just wanting to curl up in a corner and sleeping for a week?


aurasageluke said:
Pokemon (( Lucario )) --- aurasageluke --- Date (( November 13, 2011 ))

(Dunno how this works, but I hope I claimed him!)
Failure to follow the --- claim form --- correctly, including the right date format, means a failure in getting your Pokemon, as well as a strike. One week ban until November 29.


Superpower Emboar said:
Bouffalant --- Superpower Emboar --- November 11, 2011

Chuck$$$ said:
Mesprit --- Chuck$$$ --- November 11, 2011

Jefko said:
Braviary --- Jefko --- November 11, 2011

OceanHero said:
Armaldo --- Oceanhero --- November 11, 2011

Jonah the Great said:
Old claim: Sableye --- Jonah the Great --- October 8, 2011
New claim: Turtwig --- Jonah the Great --- November 11, 2011

StarMasterWarrior said:
Staraptor --- StarMasterWarrior - November 11, 2011
Staraptor's owner, SomeoneIGuess, hasn't been on for a month. http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=225415

Darkoon said:
Ferrothorn --- Darkoon --- November 13, 2011

Already claimed, I'm afraid!


All other claims and claim changes not mentioned here have been approved and added to the list. Newcomers got the lineface. Of doom. Fear it.

Remember, this post only covers the claims on page 120. Any claims on page 121 and beyond have NOT been dealt with!


Undercover Rocket
Old claim: Gengar --- Twilight_trainer --- October 6, 2011
New claim: Lugia --- Twilight_trainer --- November 24, 2011

Last claimer hasnt been on for a month.
Kabutops --- The First Zombie --- November 24,2011
now I haz brain carv-vgvmvhvcmnc, I mean turkey carver :D
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