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Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

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Here's the update as promised, although sadly due to me being BUSY AS USUAL I could only do a little.


poketoon said:
I looked at this guys owner and he has been inactive so...
aloa said:
lets see... not starmie, so...
Staryu - aloa - 2/6/11
Epicpip said:
I claimed the cutest thing EVER!

Lillipup-Epicpip-February 11 2011
Failure to follow the --- claim form --- correctly means a failure in getting your claim. No strike, however, because of my taking forever to get to them.


Crobat Ray said:
Agirudaa/Accelgor --- Crobat Ray --- February 5, 2011
AndyBananny said:
Woobat --- AndyBananny --- February 14, 2011. Happy Valintines Day!
Pokemon491 FTW said:
Zebstrika---Pokemon491 FTW---February 15,2011
Shadow XD001 said:
Old claim: Flygon --- Shadow XD001 --- July 8th, 2010
New claim: Buizel --- Shadow XD001 --- February 15th, 2011

TehCoolBuizel Hasn't been on since August and was the previous owner of Buizel. So, I'd like to claim Buizel please.
Already claimed (( or in the case of Buizel, swiped )), sorry!


Monochromatic said:
Lilligant --- Monochromatic --- February 13th 2010

Previous claimer hasn't been on since last November.

According to the profile Onyx was last on this morning at 3:33 am GMT. On that account I cannot take the claim change, unless for any bizarre reason what-so-ever you have screenshot proof.


Dean said:
Old claim: Marshtomp --- Dean --- October 25, 2010
New claim: Flygon --- Dean --- February 15, 2011
Denied on account that Shadow XD001 was beaten to claiming Buizel. Therefore he still has Flygon and you, Marshtomp.

All other claims and claim changes not mentioned here have been approved and added to the list. Unless you were a newbie trying to claim, to which you got a warning. Cause I are mean and you should read the first post.

SatanJr said:
Ur cute .-. :3 xD <3
Old claim: Tirtouga --- Lbsweet96 --- September 17, 2010
New claim: Spheal --- Lbsweet96 --- March 20, 2011

Junpearl63 hasn't posted in over a month, but it doesn't show me when he was last active.


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Wow, I got pretty lucky, the claimholder of Metagross hasn't been on since Jan. 4th. Hopefully nobody got this between where it's updated to and my post.

Metagross ---TehBrawlGuy~ --- March 20, 2011


Hoenn Trainer
Solrock --- SSuperFreaKK --- March 21, 2011


Americus Heracrosius
Seismitoad --- Piemonster24 --- March 21, 2011

If that's taken (not sure if it is based on the claim post) then

Klang --- Piemonster24 --- March 22, 2011
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Since allaboutthecute already got virizion before my post,

Old claim: Pawniard --- Innocent Bystander --- January 2, 2011
New claim: Tynamo --- Innocent Bystander --- March 22, 2011


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I call Marill!



Pokemon Breeder
Fraxure --- SoulSilverSwampert --- March 22nd, 2011
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