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Official Colosseum and XD Help Thread - Small questions go here!

Discussion in 'Colosseum and XD FAQs' started by ellie, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Approved by Angeling

    This thread is for all small questions about Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Before you ask a question, check all of these links:
    3rd Generation Pokedex
    Colosseum's Page
    XD: Gale of Darkness's Page
    3rd Generation Attackdex
    3rd Gen Berrydex
    Game Mechanics
    List of Missed Colosseum Shadow Pokemon Locations
    EVing in Colosseum Guide
    XD's Orre Colosseum Guide
    General XD FAQ thread
    General Colosseum FAQ thread
    Greevil/Shadow Lugia Strategy thread
    Colosseum and XD Glitch Discussion
    Colosseum Compatability Guide
    Colosseum Walkthrough
    Colosseum's Colosseum Mode FAQ
    Colosseum Scenario Mode FAQ
    Colosseum-to-GBA Conectivity Guide

    Plus some other websites that would be useful:
    Smogon's List of 3rd Generation Tiers
    Smogon's Competitive Pokemon Movesets
    Gamefaqs's Pokemon Colosseum Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Gamefaqs's Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Walkthroughs/FAQs
    Psypoke's Psydex (has all the XD tutor moves)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Which is better? Colosseum or XD?
    A: Unlike most of the other games that have been paired together, Colosseum and XD are very different.
    Colosseum is mainly an easy access to the majority of Pokemon that debuted in Johto. It is shorter than XD and has less side-quests to do afterward. It also has very easy access to all 3 of the Johto starters in the storyline, and Ho-oh is obtainable via Mt. Battle.
    XD is mainly to fill holes in your Pokemon collection. It includes some Pokemon from every region, and many of them are either hard-to-obtain (Chansey, Farfetch'd, Dragonite, Pinsir, etc.), or previously were only obtainable in one game (Zangoose in Ruby, Magmar in Leaf Green, Scyther in Fire Red, etc.). It has many things to do later (including obtaining a rare Lucky Egg), is longer, and has wild Pokemon. It also has Lugia and the 3 Johto Starters (but they are very hard and tedious to get), and nearly every single Pokemon obtained in the game comes with a special move it cannot get with any other means, and some rare Egg Moves.
    For which is better, I would say if you only have one pair of games (Ruby and Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green, or just Emerald), Colosseum would help you fill up your Pokedex better. If you have one game from each pair (Ruby and Leaf Green, Emerald and Fire Red, etc.), XD would help you fill in the holes. If you have all of the 3rd Gen GBA games.. XD would probably be better for you because of the rare moves.

    Q: What Pokemon are obtainable in Colosseum and XD?
    A: Colosseum's obtainable Pokemon can be found here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/pokemon.shtml
    XD's is more split up. These are the Shadow Pokemon you can get: http://www.serebii.net/xd/pokemon.shtml
    The Johto starters with these special movesets: http://www.serebii.net/xd/johto.shtml
    These through Pokespots: http://www.serebii.net/xd/pokespot.shtml
    And the following with ingame trades: http://www.serebii.net/xd/trade.shtml

    Q: Which Pokemon can learn Nightmare/Sky Attack/Selfdestruct (the special XD tutor moves)?
    A: Psypoke's Psydex has all the tutor moves that each Pokemon learns on its specific page. I don't believe there is a list of every Pokemon that can learn each move, but this will help if you want a specific Pokemon to have that move.

    Q: Can Pokemon be shiny in Colosseum/XD, and if so, how will I know?
    A: Yes, they can be shiny. They have slightly different colors than the GBA games for the most part (Filb.de has all of the images, but it's down right now, so if anyone has another resource for the colo/XD shiny images, please message me!), but it should be pretty obvious. Besides the color, two orange orbs should fly out of the Pokeball with it. Shadow Lugia will have the same shadow color as before, but it'll have the two orange orbs so that should tell you, but they aren't entirely obvious, so pay attention!

    Do you have a good website to help or think that a particular question belongs in the FAQ? Send me a PM or profile message and I'll take a look.

    If your question's not here (and belongs in this thread), ask away!

    (The following has been added in by the edit-ninja bobandbill)

    Thought it might be an idea to take every question asked so far not covered above in the FAQ/links, list it here, and provide the answer as well, ORRE (geddit? see, I spelt 'or' as 'Orre'... see, the region is... oh, never mind) a link to the post that answers it (so this remains under the character limit easily). So now you can look in the first post here to see every question asked so far - chances are one you want to ask has already been asked and answered.


    Also, for an easy-to-find way for a certain question, use the Ctrl+F function.

    - What is the Master Ball Glitch?

    ANSWER: It is a glitch that works only on Colosseum, in which you can reuse the Master Ball. This post describes how to do it.

    - Where do you get the Master Ball?

    ANSWER: For Colosseum - at a certain point when you go through Realgam Tower, you get an e-mail from Rui's dad. Go to his house in Colosseum, and he'll give you it.
    For XD, Professor Krane will tell you during the game (before you go to Citadark Isle) to come to his lab - a new set of stairs would appear. Go down and talk to him - he'll give you the Master Ball.

    - When can I start trading Pokemon?

    ANSWER: You can only do so when you beat the main storyline. You can trade from the basement level in the Pokemon Centre in Phenac City.

    - Where can I get Colognes?

    ANSWER: You can buy them from the Poke Mart in Agate Village. First however you need a Cologne Case, which you can get from a Trainer near the Pokemon Centre in Agate Village (after you deal with the trouble in Mt Battle). It helps purify your Pokemon.

    - How do the Random Number Generator for shiny Pokemon in Colosseum/XD work?

    ANSWER: This is unknown, due to the problems with hacking intot he coding for GCN games - nobody seems to know for sure. 'Possibly' it's the same as R/S/FR/LG as they may have reused the same system, but this is unknown and entirely unconfirmed.

    - Can I SR for a shiny/certain natured Ho-Oh?

    ANSWER: No, you cannot. The game automatically saves when you obtain it - before you can view it's stats. IF it is shiny it may show in the image of it that appears when you get it, but this is highly unlikely and it may save before it.

    - In XD, I've noticed that the trainer Zook's Zangoose chnages gender in different battles! Is there something wrong with my game?

    ANSWER: No - it is just a glitch/lazy programming that is evident in everyone's game. Link to more + explanation.

    - Can I trade Pokemon from Colosseum/XD if I use the Wii?

    ANSWER: Yes, you can. You still need however a GBA/GBA SP, and a GBA-GCN cable.

    - Can you get the Leichi Berry from Colosseum/XD/

    ANSWER: No, you cannot.

    - Can my Golbat evolve into a Crobat in Colo/XD by being happy enough?

    ANSWER: Yes, it can (same for the other 'happiness' Pokemon like Togepi). However it may take longer than the GBA games, due to the game's programming.

    - I am unable to trade from Colo/XD to my GBA game, and I'm doing/done everything right! Why is this?

    ANSWER: Your GBA game may be a fake, meaning it will not show up according to the GCN/Wii you are using to trade. Otherwise, double check that you are doing everything right, and that there is no dust in the slots/cords.

    - In XD, I got told by the Miror B radar that he was somewhere, went there, but only Folly/Trudly were there and he didn't show up. Is this normal?

    ANSWER: Yes, it is, but it is a rare occurance. You'll have to wait until the radar goes off again and hope he is there that time.

    - If I use a different Colo/XD game disk to the one I had before but still have the save data on my memory card, will it use that data?

    ANSWER: Yes, it will. This is the case for any GCN/Wii game.

    - How do you soft reset on XD/Colosseum on the GameCube?

    ANSWER: You can SR by pressing the reset button on your GCN, or by pressing B, X and Start buttons at the same time on the Gamecube controller for XD (not Colosseum).

    - How do I get certain Battle CDs? I know the location but I cannot get it...

    ANSWER: You need to have beaten certain parts of the game (or the main storyline) before you can get some Battle CDs, like number 21.

    - Has there ever a Jirachi Bonus Disc for Colosseum in the UK?

    ANSWER: No, it didn't. (The UK did get Jirachi via Pokemon Channel though).

    - If I don't catch the Shadow Pokemon in the final battle for the main storyline for both Colosseum/XD the first time round, can I go back and try again?

    ANSWER: Yes, you can. This will cause you to 're-beat' the storyline again while having another shot at tose Shadow Pokemon - not that any you did get will be replaced with normal yet also powerful Pokemon the next time you go.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2008
  2. Jonah

    Jonah herd u liek mudkips?

    My Colosseum and XD games tell me that the data on my memory card is corrupted. I've been trying for 10 minutes to get it to work, but it won't. What does this mean? Is there any way I can get my game back? Can the memory card be fixed?

    Relevant information: Beforehand, it sometimes told me that the memory card data was corrupted, but when I took the card out and blew on it to get the dust out (and did the same with the Memory card slot on my Wii) it worked. And when I look at the memory card on my Wii's data management, it's still got Colosseum and XD listed as games.

    I have several other games on this memory card that I want to play, and they've got too much progress to just delete them, so please help me!
  3. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Is your memory card a third-party one? (like Madcatz, or some other company that's not an Official Nintendo one). If so, I have one that tells me that sometimes and I just blow on it, like you said, try taking it out and putting it back in, or just leaving it for a little while, and that usually solves it. If none of those things work, your memory card might be completely broken.

    Oh, and you say you have other games on the card? Try loading with one of those games, that might help.
  4. Jonah

    Jonah herd u liek mudkips?

    My card is a Nintendo one with a lot of memory, and none of my games are being read.
  5. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Hm, that's odd. Tech Help would probably be a better place for this since people there probably know more about.. technology stuff. All I can say is try blowing on it, leaving it out, anything that might fix it, and try to buy a new memory card so you won't risk losing your data again.
  6. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku Well-Known Member

    I have a quick question: I've seen a video on YouTube that has a player using what they called a "Master Ball glitch", and does anybody know about this, and does it even work? I'm asking this because I've been thinking of using this "Glitch" but I don't wanna waste my Master Ball on a Pokemon that I don't want to use it on if it doesn't work.
  7. Gigafrost

    Gigafrost Anime Connoisseur

    If it was a Pokemon Colosseum glitch then it's a well-known glitch that works with any pokeball, essentially.

    Basically, battles in Colosseum are all double. For your first pokemon, you throw a pokeball at the opponent's shadow pokemon. For your second pokemon, you go into your items and swap that pokeball with another one. The end result is that your character will throw the pokeball but none will be used from your inventory.
  8. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I used it a few times. It's a really cool glitch.

    Another question: Where do you get the Master Ball in Colosseum? I know you get it from your Partner's Grandpa, but I don't remember when you go to get it.
  9. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    You just go to his house and talk to him after he gives you an email. I believe it's the one that cuts off. If you're not at that point in the game yet, it's when you get to Realgam Tower and you defeat 2/4 of the Cipher Admins in the rooms.
  10. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku Well-Known Member

    OK, so I have to go to Realgam tower, yeah, I remember the cut-off email.

    Thanks for the info, I was going to go crazy if I didn't find out.
  11. Scizor9306

    Scizor9306 Well-Known Member

    i am very frustrated and need help
    i lost the snag machine to the dudes and went to the shadow making machine and lost to the thug with the dark zangoose (which i really wanted but lost the snag machine!), but i have no idea where to go next. i researched and it said to go and talk to emili, but she does nothing... help please!
  12. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    According to gamefaqs, this happens:
    There are two guards blocking the entrance into the lair, so you'll have to
    leave for now. On your way out, you'll receive an e-mail from Secc in Pyrite
    Town telling you that something's come up and you should visit him. Since
    there's nothing more to do here, set your next destination to Pyrite Town!

    I checked several FAQs/walkthroughs and they all say that. If you haven't gotten the email, try going to Pyrite Town anyway.
  13. Topaz Archer

    Topaz Archer TheWorldIsQuietHere

    What is a recommended team for beating Mt. Battle in one go to get the Starters?
    In XD, if it matters.
  14. Celebi25

    Celebi25 New Member

    It doesn't really matter, just use a diverse team with Pokemon that you like. In the later rounds the opponents will rely a lot on moves like Explosion and Earthquake, so having Flying/Levitating Pokemon and Pokemon with Protect would be helpful. Basically, you will want your team to be at least around Level 70, which is the highest level Pokemon that you will enounter. You will encounter many different Pokemon along the way, so having Pokemon types that complement each other well is what is most important... Try to not have more than 2 members of the team sharing a weakness, and if you do have 2 Pokemon that share a weakness, be careful about having them out at the same time. It's really not too hard, you will do good, just make sure to not change your team or anything once you start your challenge, because you won't get your starter Pokemon then. Also, you can get the other starters by repeating the challenge again.
  15. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    which game has more johto pokemon Coliseum or XD.... i wanted to get one but i wanted to get a more Johto Pokemon team
  16. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Colosseum has almost every Johto Pokemon, so Colosseum. XD has a few, but not as many since it has more Kanto Pokemon.
  17. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Coliseum Q's

    how long does it take before u can purify someone?

    does it matter if u dont snag em all?

    what is hyper mode?

    where is the poke center in Pyrite Town?

    or do u have to pay to rest at the Hotel
  18. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    -You can purify a Pokemon after you beat the Peons in Agate... it's kind of awhile, but not really unbearable.
    -Nope, the only thing is you won't get all of the available Pokemon... but you can just get what you want.
    -Hyper Mode is basically a mode where you can't use items on a Pokemon and it may disobey you, but it has a much higher crit chance for Shadow Rush. You can also call it while it's in Hyper Mode to make it closer to purification.
    -There is no Pokemon Center.
    -No, you don't actually have to pay, iirc you can just go to the back without paying. You can also use the Colosseum to heal once you get access, or use the long way and use the PC in the Police Station to heal each individual.
  19. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    couple more Colluseum q's

    From Ageto Village, how much farther is it before the game ends?

    when can i start trading with R/S/E and FR/LG?

    Where are the three dogs/ho-oh/lugia, and when can i snag em?

    are pokemon around 33-35 at a good enough level at Ageto Village?
  20. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    I don't think you can start trading until after you've beaten the story mode. You can't get Lugia, I remember the dogs being on Mt Battle, but I don't know if it's all of them and I don't remember if I'm right. And I beat the game in 40 hours, so that's all the questions I can help you with xD

    Sorry for my limited memory, I've only played through Colo once. I've been thinking about doing it again, but I haven't gotten around to it.

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