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Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

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I was doing some SR for Rotom and a shiny one came across the screen. It's Lax nature and I got it into a Dusk Ball.


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I don't see how people can get such high chain counts, my highest has been 19 Kricketot, before that it was 12 Roselia. I've been practicing for days but I've only come so far. Is there any other tips or tricks someone can share?


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Sweet just after getting Rotom this morning, I was playing Diamond2 SEing for Dialga and it shined.


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is it possible to get a shiny from the mining museum


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wow lucky!!! are there any recommendations on what shiny pokemon to aim for? i'd prefer one thats a very noticable different color

If you have Pearl, Bagon is a good idea. Rare, and when evolved into Salamence, it's green.
Rapidash and Ponyta are both also easy to get and look very different- With gray flames and blue flames respectively.


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Does anyone have any suggestions about chaining low appearance rate pokemon (such as Trophy Garden pokemon)? I plan on chaining Porygon next time they appear, but seeing as they only get a 5% appearance rate, I'd like to have as much of an advantage as possible. I do know about the 4 patch patterns, so please don't lexture me about that.


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I have yet to encounter a single shiny and i have been chaining for months..... does anyone have any pointers? thx ahead of time....*depressed*


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Im currently SR'ing for a shiny drifloon
i've got to about 350 SR's which i know that to the 1/8192 chance of one appearing isn't that many and im not giving up but
does anyone have any tips to help me - i know there probably aren't any but what im doing at the moment is just standing in frount of it SR'ing away - tips such as a quicker way to SR that doesn't involve going right back to the begeinning of the opening sequence to the game
to those with the answers i know this will sound like bit of a stupid question but im just wondering


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Right now, I'm in the middle of trying to chain a Surskit, but they are becoming really resilient right now, since Starlies, Bidoofs, and Wobbeffets are popping in at random -_-;. Aw well, I'll just keep on trying.

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Just got a Shiny Ponyta... Got the chain to 40 then started reseting and on the second reset BOOM there she was!

After that the chain broke. Stupid Mightyena.

Naive nature (is it any good?)
and unfortunatly it has run Away instead of Flash Fire :(

But it's great for my first chainning shinny!

Now I'll continue to soft reset for a pinsir in my LG and then I'll try to get a shiny vulpix


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Congratz. And if you wanted Speed, then Naive is good. I think it lowers Sp. Defense.

I've only got a migrated shiny Golbat, but there was this onetime when I was chaining Roselia (that's all I'm any good at chaining) and I saw a shiny patch in the Pokéradar. Now I'm looking at my computer screen because I usually multitask like that and suddenly my Max Repel wears off whilst I'm not looking. I think everything's fine and just run over to that shiny patch hoping to get my second shiny and I just happen to run into a Staravia on the grass 2 tiles away from that shiny patch. =(


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