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Official discussion of Zatch Bell: Take over of a Millenium

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Hakuryuu, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    Okay! So here is the official discussion thread, which also serves as a help thread, for Zatch Bell: Take over of a Millenium! I helped Vy Low with both the RPG sign up sheet, and plot. (I wanted to make the thread. Just so there isn't any confusion. ^^;; )

    The Plot so Far:

    In the universe, their exist two world's. The Demon World, and the Human World. Both worlds were parallel to each other. Perfectly safe, innocent worlds. Similar in many ways. The creatures from the Demon world were called "Mamodos". Much like little human children, but with amazing powers and skills. Stronger than nearly all humans, these kids were what made the Demon World unqiue. For adults were almost non-existent. They had one purpose. To bear children and send them off to school. The school, much like a human school, taught these children wonderous things. The subject of will power, were students learned to believe in themselves and work towards their goals. Writing classes, so they might have some understanding of the symbols humans call "Letters". The class of music was a favorite amongst many children.The school was larger than any castle. Protected by a powerful orb. Shrouded in mystery... The mamodo's relied on the human's though. For not only did they give them a chance at the throne, but they were the ones who could give the powers they needed. For with every 1000 years, a great battle is fought between 99 mamodo children. The human's are given a spell book, which they use to read and fight in the battle. The "spells" are they key to the mamodos' power. This was the way it had always been. The humans' were to burn the other's books, and attempt to get their mamodo child king or queen on their world.

    Not all intentions of mamodo are pure. With ever bit of light that adorns any world, evil crawls deep within the hearts of the innocent. For this was the plan of one mamodo child. His heart full of evil and hatred. He was determined to rid the world of all existing mamodos. He, had a plan. He, and his book owner, waited and searched. They were searching for the 99 stone tablets that contained the Millenium Mamodo. He was Zophis, and his book-owner was Koko. Innocent Koko, un be knowest to her, was being controled. Her heart turned pure evil. Zophis did this so Koko wouldn't have any emotions but hatred. It was the perfect plan.

    In the previous battle, all the mamodos were turned into stone tablets by the most powerful mamodo known to demons alike. He was Goren on the Stone. A terrible site to be hold. He was the king of the mamodo world in the world of today. Anyone standing in his way, he would imprison them into a stone tablet. His power wasn't rivaled. All things seemed to go to plan.

    Finally, the moment had come. Zophis had successfully obtained every stone tablet. He stared at this work and smiled. Koko, by his side, grinned at their success. The moment had finally begun. He WOULD be king soon enough.

    " We have all the tablets, but how do you expect to control them?" Koko asked.

    "Easy my dear." Zophis hissed.

    He stared at the stones a bit. Lifeless, harmless, little stones. He laughed as he lifted his arms up. He focused for a moment. The stones were aranged in a complete circle. Each one carefully aligned and neatly placed next to each other. All of a sudden, they began to glow a violet color. A large quaking noise began to take place. The Earth shoke violently as each stone burst into a billion pieces. Zophis' laughter became louder and louder as each creature crawled out of the stone. He had done it. He awakened each creature successfully.

    He stared at the monsters before him. Their eyes glowing a crimson color. They snarled and thrashed about. For he, had changed their hearts to only hate and fight. The Millenium Mamodo didn't care who or what became king, just as long as they could take their anger out on any soul standing in the way. They were thirsty for blood shed. They wanted to fight and burn ever last book in the universe.

    Feeling it was to burn Gash Bell's book, Zophis, in his wicked mind, instilled fury and hatred upon the Millenium Mamodos.

    He failed to realize however, that excessive amounts of hatred destroys morals.

    The Millenium Mamodos betrayed Zophis. Loyalty, allegiance, broken by hate, the Millenium Mamodos went berserk. The wicked mamodo shocked from the revelations, goes into hiding, unable to accept that his seemingly "flawless" plan backfired.

    And now, the Millenium Mamodos decided to not only burn the Earthbound mamodo's books, but to also take over and rule over the demon world as well.

    Catastrophy,genocide, unnecessary blood spilling ensued as the Millenium Mamodos proceeded to the take over of the demon world.

    With their incredible strength, the novice mamodos of the Demon world posed no threat to the powerful Millenium Mamodos.

    After witnessing several wasted deaths and deciding that battling the Millenium Mamodos were futile, the headmaster of the Mamodo school summoned one of the school's most trusted assistants, Mopu.

    "Mopu...go to Earth...gather as many humans and mamodos from the ensuing battle...the battle for the king isn't of any importance now. Our world is in danger...quickly! Make haste--"

    Understanding the gravity of the situation, Mopu proceeded towards Earth. Carefully selecting humans and mamodos with potential, strength and kindness.

    His search was rewarded as he found twelve worthy candidates.

    "Listen to me...the battle for the Mamodo king has been postponed. A much greater war is being waged in our own world, MAMODOS! LISTEN! Our word is in danger....you twelve. I believe you twelve have grown stronger from the battle waged here on Earth. You are our only hope...."

    The RPGers:

    Vy Low: Kiyomaro Takamine and Gash Bell

    Hakuryuu: Dara Steele and Kisara

    §åmμråï Lïñ¢ðlñ: Steve Sandura and Chou

    Uysl: Damien Budokai and Hori

    Shikamaru: Mike and Ringer

    TheTurquoiseTauros: Justin Conway and Tawny

    Jerry Francis: Jerry Francis and Maxim

    Blitzkrieg: Ryu Namonaka and Lily

    grodon909: Thomas and Tox

    enflamedsteelix: Zane Boraido and Serenity

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. : Serenade Shine and Shroom

    Well, thats its for now! Be sure to post any questions you may have, and discuss whatever you'd like about the RPG! Thank you for joining. :3

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