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Official Emerald FAQ thread! (Includes info on the Rustboro girl!)

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PLEASE, for the love of god, read this before posting a question! Thanks. :)

In no particular order:

1. Q: What do I say to the guy in Rustboro to make his daughter happy?

A: Finally, someone has figured it out!


Put in your Trainer ID and choose the type of wallpaper you want. It will give you a completely random combination of letters to tell the father based on these factors.

For more information, please see the Rustboro girl mini-FAQ at the bottom of the post.

2. Q: How do I get Espeon/Umbreon? My Eevee keeps evolving into

A: Unlike in G/S/C, where day/night was 6 to 6, this game’s day/night is 12 to 12.
Umbreon = 12 midnight to 12 noon
Espeon = 12 noon to 12 midnight

Don't ask me why Nintendo did it that way, I don't know. :p

3. Q: What does Altering Cave do? All I find is Zubat!

A: The speculation was that we would be able to change the Pokemon in Altering Cave through Wonderspots. These are machines that you use Mystery Gift with, and they've been used at Pokemon Rocks America and the Pokemon Center in NYC to give out the Tickets for Deoxys and Lugia/Ho-oh. Unfortunately, there have been no Wonderspots for Altering Cave (in Japan or elsewhere), so it's basically a feature that they probably had every intention of doing something cool with, but just never did for whatever reason. The Altering Cave Pokemon can be obtained in Emerald, Colosseum, and now in Pokemon: XD.

(For the record, the rumor was that Japan had e-cards to change Altering Cave Pokemon, but someone living in Japan informed me that this wasn't true--they didn't have access to the Pokemon, either. They also translated the Japanese Pokemon website, and there's no mention of Altering Cave e-cards along with the others. Whoops. x_X)

4. Q: There’s a house in Sootopolis that has a room that’s blocked by stuff. What’s inside there?

A: This is another feature from the Japanese game that was left out of the English one.

Just like the similar house in R/S, this was for using battle e-cards. But again, there are no e-cards for the English version of Emerald, so the house is useless.

5. Q1: How do I get Houndour/Miltank/other Johto Pokemon?
Q2: How do I get into that area of the Safari Zone that those two guards are blocking?

A: This will open up once you’ve beaten the Elite Four. You can catch all of the Pokemon in here that, before now, were only available in Colosseum

6. Q: EVs? IVs? HP? What is all this?

A: EVs are effort values, IVs are individual values, and HP stands for Hidden Power. There are pages on the main site for all of these:


Here’s a more in-depth guide on GameFAQs (you’ll need to copy/paste):


There's also an EVs/IVs discussion sticky here in the forums if you have further questions.

7. Q1: How do I get the Eon Ticket/Aurora Ticket/Mystic Ticket/Old Sea Chart?
Q2: How do I get the other Lati@s/Deoxys/Lugia/Ho-oh/Mew/Celebi/Jirachi?

A: Since Emerald isn’t compatible with the e-reader, you’ll need to scan the Eon Ticket (which is an e-card) into your R/S game and then mix records with your Emerald. Remember that you can't transfer the Ticket if it was cheated in, if it was gotten from mixing records with someone else, or if they're out of Tickets (you can only transfer a few total). Also, the purple end of the cable needs to be in the R/S game. The Eon Ticket will take you to Southern Island, where you can catch the Lati@s that isn't wild in your game.

The other Tickets are given out by Wonderspot (see question 3 for more info).

The Aurora Ticket (for Deoxys) was given out at Pokemon Rocks America and at the Pokemon Center in NYC for a few days sometime last year. There is now a current event for Deoxys in Houston, Texas--Deoxys will be available daily from March 10th to the 19th, and every Saturday and Sunday from March 25th to May 14th! More information can be found at www.pokemon.com or www.spacecenter.org.

The Mystic Ticket (for Lugia/Ho-oh, on Island 9) was given out at the opening of the Nintendo World Store, and at the San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, the Pokemon World Championships 2005, and Pokemon Rocks America 2005. There is currently another event at the Nintendo World Store, from late January through early February, but they are not sure how long it will last for. You can also get Ho-oh in Colosseum, and Lugia in XD.

Mew became available, NOT through the Old Sea Chart, but through a Nintendo promotion at Toys R Us stores in September '06, where you just had to trade any one of your Pokemon for a Mew. They were available for that one day only.

Jirachi was available through a bonus disc you got when you preordered Colosseum. It can also be obtained from the PAL version of Pokemon Channel.

Celebi was available at Pokemon's Journey Across America tour for their 10th anniversary. They came to multiple cities around the US and then to New York City for the final celebration.

I will add info on events as I get it. Please note that I'm not putting up info on events outside the US, as there are a bunch of them and it's hard to keep track.

8. Q: The lady at the ferry won’t take my Tickets! There’s only a rock at the Southern Island! My Deoxys and Mew won’t obey me!

A: You cheated. Don’t.

9. Q: How do I trade with FR/LG?

A: You need to beat the E4 and get the National Dex in Emerald, and in FR/LG you need to do the same, plus fix Celio’s Network Machine.

10. Q1: How do I get to Mirage Tower?
Q2: The other fossil sunk into the sand, how do I get it back?

A: Mirage Tower will appear and disappear at random. Keep going back and forth from the desert until it appears, then go through it with the Mach Bike.

Once you’ve gotten the first fossil, and you’ve beaten the E4, you can go to the Fossil Maniac’s house West of Fallarbor. There will be a tunnel underneath, with wild Whismur, Loudred, and Ditto, as well as your remaining fossil.

11. Q: How can I rebattle the gym leaders?

A: You can’t until you beat the E4. Then it’ll be random whether one will come up in your Match Call or not.

12. Q: Shinies? How do I get them?

A: For every Pokemon that you meet in the wild, get from an Egg, etc, there is a 1 in 8,192 chance that it will be shiny. You can try for a shiny Pokemon like a starter or a Legendary by saving in front of it and reseting the game until it is shiny.

For more info, please see the Shiny Discussion/FAQ sticky.

13. Q: Who's this Apprentice guy? What does he/she do?

A: They'll ask you questions, and build their team based on your answers. You'll get to fight them in one of the areas of the Battle Frontier, or even have them as your partner in a 2 vs 2 battle, so be careful what you tell them.

14. Q: Hey! Surskit's not supposed to be in this game! What gives?

A: No, it's not. But there seems to be a glitch where, if you mix records with R/S, you can get a "swarm" of them on a certain Route, just like you can in R/S. Just go with it. It's a good thing.

15. Q: Huh? My Pokemon came back to me when I tried to release it! How do I get rid of it?

A: This doesn't have to do with happiness, as the game might suggest (____ came back! Was it worried about you?), but HMs. If the Pokemon you're releasing is the only one you have with Surf, it can't be released. Teach another random Pokemon Surf, then try again.

16. Q: The guy at the daycare says my Pokemon don't like each other! Why? Will they breed?

A: Yes! The message that you'll get when the Pokemon are not compatible is "They prefer to play with other Pokemon." The phrase, and how many steps it takes to get an Egg, depends on your Pokemon's species and trainer ID number.

Different IDs and Same Species = Fast "The two seem to get along very well."
Different IDs and Different Species OR Same IDs and Same Species = Medium "The two seem to get along."
Same IDs and Different Species = Slow "The two don't seem to like each other."

17. Q: My game has a poor translation, deletes itself randomly, and the cart is black! What's wrong with it? Is it glitched?

A: Unfortunately, you have a fake game. Real versions are translucent green. Unless you want it to keep deleting your saved data, buy a real one.

18. Q: I've heard that once you get 100 rocket launches in the Mossdeep Space Center you can go to the moon and catch Jirachi and Deoxys. Is this true?

A: For the umpteenth time, NO this is not true. Jirachi and Deoxys can only be obtained through the methods listed in question 7. The number of launches equals the number of weeks you've been playing your game, and that's all.


Q: I don't understand this at all! What "Rustboro girl" are you talking about??
A: In Emerald, there is a house in Rustboro with a little girl who won't laugh. Her father will ask you to tell him something to make her laugh. If you tell him the right word, they will give you a special wallpaper for your PC.

Q: I can't access the site!!
A: It goes down often, probably because so many people are visiting it. Try again later.

Q: I can't read any of this!
A: It is in German. There is an option at the top of the page to change it to English.

Q: Can you have more than one wallpaper at a time?
A: No. If you give a new "phrase" to the father, you will have the new wallpaper instead of the old one.

Mewtwo's Guardian Demon

Thank you very much on the Emerald information, TRJessie579. I am going to relay the information to my mom. She has an Emerald too. Now my custom Wallpaper looks cool. :)

Oh, I got myself a shiny Surskit after record mixing with my mom's Ruby cartidge. I am pretty lucky there.

~MGD. ;150;♥


My Heads Exploding!!
Go to the mix records center....I think....


Record-mixing advice.

Yes, just like in Ruby/Sapphire, a mixing-records-place appears on the second floor of the Pokémon Center after you have played for a while. You mix records just like you did in Ruby/Sapphire, plugging the trade/battle(and now mix-records) cable into both Gameboys, and you follow the instructions you are given. This will definately get you the other person's secret base, and the television will spout random things about the other Gamer's adventures. It will possibly get you tickets the other person has obtained.

Question about the Rustboro Girl: Do I plug in the random letters and numbers, or am I supposed to give the Dad a word for each of the letters and numbers?


Obsessive Beader/Mod
tinypearl38 said:
Question about the Rustboro Girl: Do I plug in the random letters and numbers, or am I supposed to give the Dad a word for each of the letters and numbers?

That one. :D Tell him exactly what you got from the generator.

Solar Crimson

A Crimson Tide
Here's a question: Do Steven only battle you once, or can you battle him multiple times (like the Gym Leaders)?


you can only battle Steven once per game (until you reset and start again)

10 char= minimum 10 characters for a post.


Held Items.

Pokémon—Held Items


Abra—Twisted Spoon (VR)
Aron—Hard Stone (VR)
Bagon—Dragon Scale (VR)
Banette—Spell Tag (VR)
Cacnea—Poison Barb (VR)
Chinchou—Yellow Shard (VR)
Clamperl—Blue Shard (VR)
Corsola—Red Shard (VR)
Dodrio—Sharp Beak (VR)
Doduo—Sharp Beak (VR)
Dusclops—Spell Tag (VR)
Duskull—Spell Tag (VR)
Geodude—Everstone (VR)
Girafarig—Persim Berry (VR)
Graveler—Everstone (VR)
Grimer—Nugget (VR)
Gulpin—Big Pearl (VR)
Hariyama—King’s Rock (VR)
Horsea—Dragon Scale (VR)
Kecleon—Persim Berry (VR)
Koffing—Smoke Ball (VR)
Lairon—Hard Stone (VR)
Linoone—Oran Berry (R); Sitrus Berry (VR)
Loudred—Chesto Berry (VR)
Lunatone—Moon Stone (VR)
Luvdisc—Heart Scale (R)
Magnemite—Metal Coat (VR)
Magneton—Metal Coat (VR)
Numel—Rawst Berry (R)
Pikachu—Oran Berry (R); Light Ball (VR)
Poochyena—Pecha Berry (VR)
Relicanth—Green Shard (VR)
Roselia—Poison Barb (VR)
Sandshrew—Quick Claw (VR)
Shuppet—Spell Tag (VR)
Skitty—Leppa Berry (VR)
Solrock—Sun Stone (VR)
Spinda—Chesto Berry (VR)
Staryu—Stardust (R); Star Piece (VR)
Trapinch—Soft Sand (VR)
Vulpix—Rawst Berry (R)
Whismur—Chesto Berry (VR)
Zigzagoon—Oran Berry (VR)


Abra—Twisted Spoon (VR)
Arbok—Poison Barb (VR)
Chansey—Lucky Egg (VR)
Clefairy—Moon Stone (VR)
Cubone—Thick Club (VR)
Dewgong—Aspear Berry (R); Nevermeltice (VR)
Ditto—Metal Powder (VR)
Dragonair—Dragon Fang (VR)
Fearow—Sharp Beak (VR)
Graveler—Hard Stone (VR)
Haunter—Spell Tag (VR)
Jigglypuff—Oran Berry (VR)
Kadabra—Twisted Spoon (VR)
Machoke—Focus Band (VR)
Meowth—Nugget (VR)
Misdreavus—Spell Tag (VR)
Onix—Hard Stone (VR)
Paras—Tiny Mushroom (R); Big Mushroom (VR)
Parasect—Tiny Mushroom (R); Big Mushroom (VR)
Raticate—Oran Berry (R); Sitrus Berry (VR)
Sandslash—Soft Sand (VR)
Seel—Aspear Berry (R)
Sentret—Oran Berry (VR)
Skarmory—Sharp Beak (VR)
Snorlax—Chesto Berry
Staryu—Stardust (R); Star Piece (VR)
Swinub—Aspear Berry (R)
Venomoth—Silver Powder (VR)
Vulpix—Rawst Berry (R)

(R) = Rare
(VR) = Very Rare


Life sucks, man.
This site says you only get 4 rematches with Gym leaders. So far I have had rematches with each one at least 5 times.


You can rebattle Gym Leaderrs as MUCH AS YOU WANT. It's only after the 5th rematch taht their pokemon won't grew anymore


I figured this out too, there has been heaps of people asking about it, now we can finally clear this up.

Its so stupid we can't battle Steven more than once. He gives awesome experience.
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Life sucks, man.
Ok thanks for the info.


i no this sounds stupid but i only just got emerald and havent played ruby for ages but where can you get strength i need it for magmas hideout


Defeat Wattson, get HM06 from the man in the house below the bicycle display on the left of Rydel's Cycles, go to Verdanturf Town, go inside the cave, rock-smash the rocks between the two lovers and you'll get Strength.


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Brightpowder is 30%, Focus Band is 10% (according to GameFAQs).
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