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Official Evolution Record Thread

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Ok, updated Ash and Brock with new lists. I've put them in the spoiler because it would become a very long post.
Pff.. Onix really takes the first prize with being the Pokémon that took the longest to evolve. o_O

I'll continue tomorrow, it's 2:38 AM here xD

Hope you guys like it.
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I wasn't going to keep it stickied forever - I was going to unsticky this and the Paul discussion thread after a few more days, just to let people know that they exist.

I know that there are too many stickies, which is why I asked for opinions about the stickies in the Banned Thread in the main disc. forum. I'd appreciate it if you guys replied to my post or read it at least. :p

I also thought this thread had the potential to be like a quick reference thread for those who don't use the site often. That was why I approved it.

Magician_Ruwla requests this thread to be closed, so no more thread, just like you guys wanted. 8|

Not open for further replies.