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Official Family Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, May 27, 2004.

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  1. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    Here's a semi-official parents thread. I call it semi, because a mod didn't make it. So, discuss who you think is (insert charactor's name here's) parent. Gary, Misty, Ash, ect. I hope this will clean things up and we won't have a thread for each charactor.

    I think Ash's parent is Ho-oh. Not his dad, his parent. I think that Ho-oh had a baby, and had to hid it from poachers. So, it hid it in human care. It switched its baby with Delia's real one after making its baby look like a human.

    Meh, I have a big imagination. But, its probably more exciting than what a writer could come up with. :D
  2. Moo

    Moo Guest

    Heh in a way that would explain why we see Ho-Oh in the first Episode (was first right?) but most things are better left unsolved
  3. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    Actually, it'd explain a few things. Why Ho-oh seems to be following Ash, and why Suicune saved Ash from getting hurt twice. I think that as soon as Ho-oh knew its baby was heading for Hoenn, it went and flew over there.
  4. Moo

    Moo Guest

    I neglected to mention that Brock's father Is flint (american name) and Mother is (misuho) or at least thats what it says in Serebii's Special Synopsis
    Ash's Mother is (Delia) Father is something we probably will never learn same with Misty
    May (Normon) (Carolyn) last name is unknown as Far as Anime
  5. Acheront

    Acheront Well-Known Member

    WHAT IF:

    Richie and Ash are long lost brothers or twins, or even related like cousins?

    WHAT IF:
    Ho-oh was a mysterious sacred guardian of the Ketchum family/generations, and that Ho-oh is now on a mission to protect Ash, and Ash's son when Ash dies.
  6. Fizban

    Fizban Propaniacs

    Jessie's mother was an agent in Team Rocket who disappeared while searching for Mew. I'm pretty sure her father hasn't been mentioned thus yet.

    Giovanni's mom was the former leader of Team Rocket. All fear Momma Gio!

    I also have a theory regarding Ash's relationship with Ho-oh. This gets a little bizarre, so try to follow along.

    I think that Pikachu died while saving Ash from all those Spearow way back in episode one. Ho-oh, touched by this pokemon's willingness to give up it's own life to protect a human, used some of it's power to bring the little rodent back to life. Ho-oh put a little of itself into Pikachu, in the hopes that he and Ash would be able to help others come closer to their pokemon. This is why Ash-tachi is always finding themselves meeting up with people who are in need of help. It also is why rare pokemon, such as Suicune, tend to be drawn to his little group.

    Pikachu is kind of like a legendary pokemon @_@
  7. Caz

    Caz Guest

    As I have said on amother thread I believe that Norman is Ash's fathers. Here are the facts that lead me to believe this:

    1. If you look at Ash, May and Max they are both likely to working in the three main areas of pokemon, either training to become a Gym Leader of Pokemon master, breeding pokemon to their best ability or studying pokemon. With Ash you can see that he would be perfect as a Gym leader in around 5 or 6 years, with May she is obviously training for pokemon contests which involves training her pokemon to the best of their ability, like a breeder. Finally with Max he is a expert of pokemon and would probably follow in the footsteps of Gary Oak in terms of starting of as a trainer, collecting badges, but then moving on into the field of studying pokemon. So with Ash, May and Max they all are concerned with the three main areas of pokemon, coincident, I don't think so. Ash is obviously Norman son.

    2. It would explain why Norman (if he is Ash's father) never return back to Pallet Town, as after leaving Deliah he travelled around and meet Caroline and married her.

    3. If you look at the age difference between Ash and May you could say that it was about 3 or 4 years. If Norman left Deliah when Ash was just born, by the time he had travelled around, met Caroline, married her, and had May it would most likely have been 3 or 4 years. If it took Norman 2 years of travelling, around other places before Houen, then met Caroline and after a year got married, then about a year for May to be born then it would tie in with perfectly from the time Ash's father left. Again another point backing up my theory.

    4. If Norman was Ash's father and, like in my previous point he left when Ash was young, it would explain why Ash wouldn't recognise him and visa versa.

    5. It would explain where Ash gets his rare abilities from, seeing as Norman is a Gym Leader he does need to be a good trainer.

    6. Norman battle strategy is a lot like Ash when he started off, he relys on winning with brut strength and power. This is how Ash used to battle as he also relied on his pokemon using powerful attacks to help him win.

    So this is why I think Norman is Ash's father. I could go into more detail with some of my points but you would probably get bored of reading it.
  8. Oh uh, this topic again =/ Parents, parents, parents... Okay, now it will be sticky.

  9. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    Ash: His mom is Delia and all we know about his dad is that it took him four days to get to Viridian City from Pallet (I don't know if that's in the original though). I think that his dad is just a Pokemon trainer and he's travelling around like Ash.

    Misty: I think her parents are dead.

    Brock: Flint is his dad. In the Japanese version, Mizuho is his mom but in the dubbed version, she's his dad's girlfriend and his mom is dead. I think of her as his mom.

    Tracey: No idea. We know nothing about Tracey's past so it's kind of hard to determine. :/

    Gary: I think his parents are dead and Professor Oak is his guardian.

    Jessie: Her mom is Miyamoto and I don't know who her dad is.

    James: His parents are those people in that huge mansion he grew up in.

    Giovanni: His mom is Madame Boss and I don't know about his dad.

    May and Max: Their dad is Norman and their mom is Caroline.
  10. I've asked this question before, and I believe the answer I got was that it was in the original.
  11. Spike

    Spike Guest

    Nobody's suggested Prof. Oak as Ash's father? Then take a look at this http://www.geocities.com/eldershipper/pic.html (Sorry I can't figure out how to do links) It's kinda weird.. Well anyways Professor Oak is the person who makes most sence in my opinion. He lives in the same town as Delia, they constantly appear in the same place, and as a kid he sorta looked like Ash.
  12. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess Guest

    Anybody could transform somebody with a computer like that. Besides, Prof. Oak is at least 50, probably 53 or so. Besides, in that picture, they made Ash look more like Prof. Oak in the beginning pic.

    They could be good freinds. Besides, if your thinking just because they live in the same town, that'd mean anybody in that town couold be Ash's dad. And, even if they do like eachother, doesn't mean that he's Ash's dad. Ever hear of a devorce?
  13. Haunter

    Haunter Guest

    Cause Ash will be Garys Uncle or Dad.
  14. Chaos Dragon

    Chaos Dragon Guest

    On one site i thought i heard miyamoto is rumored to be misty's mom. also it is rumor that miyamoto is still alive and is prima/lorelei. whata if the team aqua boss was misty's dad. Both of them use water pokemon some they could be misty's parent's. i mean her sisters have water pokemon.

    Also for some reson it looked like namba wanted ash dead. maybe he wants to take revange on giovanni's family. becuse giovanni fired him.
  15. Fizban

    Fizban Propaniacs

    There was one rumor about Misty's mother that I found pretty disturbing. Some think that Mizuho (Brock's mother) is also the mother of the four sisters from Cerulean city. If you look at the age differences, their mothers would never be pregnant at the same time. It also would account for why Misty looks more like Mizuho than Brock (or any of his siblings), and where Misty and her sisters get their love of water pokemon from.

    I don't know that I like this rumor much. It's weird enough that she had ten kids. Fourteen... yikes.
  16. *sighs* The darn thing had to log me off. And I had a nice and neat essay all written out, too. *Kicks bro's computer* Okay, this time I’m typing on word, then pasting it here. EDIT: And it’s a good thing I did – the darn thing logged me out AGAIN.

    For some reason, I love responding to posts like these. And while I’m at it, I’ll make up middle and last names for everyone, too. Just for fun. :D

    Asher “Ash” Red Ketchum:
    • Okay, I know how much I denounce people who actually believe this, but I don't actually believe this, this is just one of my overly-organized imaginings. Perhaps Giovanni. Goes with my other two theories on Tracey's and Misty's parents (see below).
    • I think Ash's parent might be Ho-oh. However, I think my theory is a little different than most people. You see, I don't think Ho-oh went and seduced Delia (which would be quite out-of-character for a bird who doesn't like people, and besides, I think Ho-oh's female) or turned Ash into a human to hide it or anything like that. I think some evil scientist found Ho-oh’s DNA and decided to create a superhuman using it. Obviously, it didn’t work, so s/he tried to terminate Ash. Delia – either an agent for the government, the woman who carried Ash, or one of the scientists who created him (I think Delia’s a bit smarter than she leads on) – took pity on Ash, rescued him, took him to a safer location where the evil scientist couldn’t find him, and raised him as her own son. Okay, I know that’s even less credible than the Giovanni theory, but like I said, I’m just having fun here.
    • Or maybe the best of both worlds. Maybe Giovanni wanted his son to be a super agent for Team Rocket, so he injected him with Ho-oh’s DNA. It didn’t work, Delia finally sees her husband for the monster he really is, and the rest is like my second theory.
    • Realistically, however, I think Ash’s father is just some random trainer (or someone else with an ordinary connection to pokémon) who either a) died when Ash’ was young, or b) simply hasn’t been introduced yet.
    Oh, heck, while I’m at it, I might as well explain my other theories of Ash’s relations, too. Hehe…I’m having way too much fun. :p
    • Spencer Hale is Delia’s brother, thus making Spencer Ash’s uncle and Molly his cousin.
    • Ritchie is the son of one of Delia’s other siblings.
    • Ash and Gary are step brothers. I had an explanation to how that’s possible, but I can’t remember it at this moment.
    • Kenta (whom some people are now calling Yoshi) is Ash’s cousin.

    Brock Stonesmith:
    • Well, obviously Flint and Mizuho (whom for some reason I call Gina). Enough said.

    Misty Marine:
    • Joy and Archie. Hey, Archie loves water pokémon and Joy would explain the red hair. And besides, who says all females in the Joy family had to look like that? My theory is that Joy passed away and once Archie was discovered to be a criminal, he fled, leaving Misty and her sisters to defend the gym and fend for themselves. Misty had to be raised by three cruel older sisters without loving parents, which explains why she’s so angsty.
    • Realistic theory – they’re just dead. No madmen or criminals, but maybe water pokémon enthusiasts.

    May Sapphire Anderson:
    • Well, Norman and Caroline, obviously. Their family is so perfect (obnoxiously so, IMO), I doubt May is adopted.
    • Again, I also have one other relation worked out for her – she used to be best friends with Marina (aka Dani) before she moved to Johto. There aren’t any contests in Johto, and maybe Marina wanted to be a coordinator, which explains why she wants so much to be an “idol trainer”.

    Maximus “Max” Anderson:
    • See above.

    Tracey Sketchit:
    • Jenny and Maxie. Fits Ash and Misty theories.
    • Realistically, I think he just has a normal family. He’s a grown boy by the pokémon world society’s standards; he doesn’t need to live with them any more. We’ve never seen him call them or anything, but we don’t see Ash calling his mother very often, either.

    Jessica “Jessie” Adams:
    • Miyamoto (whom I’ve named Marissa) from the CD Drama (or whatever it’s called). Her father – who knows. Probably a deadbeat like Brock’s parents.

    James Goldfield:
    • We’ve seen the psychotic creatures known as his parents before. I don’t really think I need to explain. I’ve named the mother Charisse (means “kindness”) and the father Gareth (means “gentle”).
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 13, 2004
  17. Ororo Munroe

    Ororo Munroe Guest

    You might want to change sister to brother. o.o;;; And you're correct about what the CD Drama is called. ^_^
    1 person likes this.
  18. Chaos Dragon

    Chaos Dragon Guest

    Maybe Richie's dad is giovannai. here is why he can tell if someone is part of team rocket and he also found about namba's base when they did not even find yet.
  19. PlusleMinun

    PlusleMinun Plain Trainer

    I thought Miyamato was Jessie's Japanese name, so y would that be her mother's name? and wats this Cd Drama? Since when did Mizuho appear in the English version and how do u know Gio's mom was the old owner of TR?
  20. RocketJess

    RocketJess Guest

    Jessie's Japanese name is Musashi. And Gio's mother is mentioned in one of the CD dramas, the same one that Miyamoto appears in.

    As to the Mizuho-is-Misty's-mum theory, that couldn't work unless it was really screwed up, because Brock is older than Misty...
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