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Official Family Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Wolf Goddess, May 27, 2004.

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  1. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Maybe Ash's dad is a Ninetales. According to Japanese lore foxes could turn into humans so maybe a Nintales did that and ****** Ash's mom.
  2. dj_latios

    dj_latios Lord OF Clones

  3. pit-fall

    pit-fall Angels Amoonguss

    Ho-oh is Ash's dad. He sees it at the beginning, and his name is ASH!
  4. Infernape33

    Infernape33 Active Member

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  5. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    I Heard That Ho-oh Is Ash's Dad Aswell : /
  6. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    i right i forgot it saw ho-oh in the very first episode.

    i dont think ho-oh is his father but they have some kind of connection

    maybe ash's dad saved ho-oh from evil one time

    EDIT: the fire-ash thing is also logical

    EDIT2: ash's last name is just based on 'catch em''

    and all this will be revealed in a couple of episodes when they cant think of anything else on their road to the next city

    EDIT3: james is ashe's father xD will explain why they keep stalking him for no reason, when they culd just catch a normal pikachu and say its ash's
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2007
  7. I think Ash's dad is Professor Oak. No, maybe Giovanni! Or, Ho-oh was a human before...
  8. XxVascoxX

    XxVascoxX Well-Known Member

    it is so weird i don't think it would be possible to see Ho-oh the dad of ash in the anime ....but ,but..if the anime get the theme of the pokemon movies where the storyline is a little bit darker and much better then it is sure the anime will become very good and then we can think about the dad of ash being ho-oh ,,or even a love story between ash and misty (supposition)
    but i also think ash dad owns or is a great friend of ho-oh and ask him to look after him..
  9. Hamstar

    Hamstar o snp.

    I think that maybe Ash's father died while out on his OWN pokemon journey......But somehow got resurected and is now Ho-oh o-o

    Make any sense?
  10. KetchupO

    KetchupO tωisted

    Ash doesn't have a father. he died when he was younger.

    The only sane explanation for ash's connection to ho-oh would be that:
    - he's the main character and ho-oh's special :p
    -Ho-oh can sense some aura thingy about ash and knows he's a loving caring trainer (who's smexy) so he follows him everywhere and gives him a 'blessing' at the end or begining of every region.
  11. Mega-Man_for_Brawl

    Mega-Man_for_Brawl Gym Leader Cal

    OK, Prof Oak, definately not Ash's Dad, Silver from Pokémon Chronicles is the best candidate, I say.
    As for all the other character's parents, if its not obvious that they even exist, then there dead!!
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2007
  12. the green gardian

    the green gardian Well-Known Member

    for this im calling ashes dad singe i reckon that singe was like the main character in md and got turned into ho oh wen he was human he had a best friend pichu singe looks like ash but older pichu grew up and evolved into pikachu ashes partner pika waited aroun pallet incase singe came back thinking ash was singe he kept a close eye on him until he was captured by oak for research. singe (ho oh) saw this and kept ash asleep in a dream making him late so oak had no choice but to give him pika pika was a bit unure about ash untill the flock of spearow wer he realised that ash was kind like his father
  13. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    Silver is Giovanni's son.

    Ashes dad is dead.
  14. sacred

    sacred Dragon Tamer

    put for fulls stop or , its hard to read =.=
  15. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Stop saying Oak is Ash's father, which would mean Ash is Gary's father/uncle!!!

  16. Sharks Shouldn't Fly

    Sharks Shouldn't Fly Radda radda.

    I like saying that Giovanni is Ash's dad. Not sure why. XD

    And I imagine Matsuba, Noland, and the girl trainer from FR/LG are all related.
    Don't ask why. >>;;
    I think I may have dreamed it. D:
  17. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    People, Ash doesn't have a dad.

    He's a clone.

    In Giovanni's secret lab, there's a bunch of containers with floating, naked Ash clones inside. >XD Mwuahaha.
  18. Rabid Jigglypuff

    Rabid Jigglypuff KARP KARP

    I think Ash's father, was just some guy in Pallet Town who died. There, sounds plausible to me.
  19. No way! It can't be Prof.Oak is Ash's father, I think Prof.Oak very kind to Ash because they ever meet when Oak still a kid like Ash, at the movie celebi, I'm more like if Ash's father is Ho-oh
  20. AnimeAddict

    AnimeAddict Aura is with me.

    Ok, im not sure if this has been said yet. There are kind of a lot of pages to read through. But here goes nothing...

    Delia knew Giovanni befor he was evil. He was a Pokemon Researcher like Prf. Oak, but back then he went by a different name because he didn't want to be connected to his evil mother. His obsession with finding rare pokemon became to strong and Delia left him. She was pregnant with Ash at the time, but she didn't tell him. Shortly after this, realizing he couldn't ingnore his family legacy any longer, Giovanni retook his family name and his place as the leader of Team Rocket.

    Delia dosent know Giovanni is the same man she was once in love with, and Giovanni dosen't know Ash is his son.

    2: I could have sworn they said Brock's mother got sick and died after his father left.
    And isn't Brock's last name Stone?
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