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Official Game Help Thread

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Elite Eevee, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Elite Eevee

    Elite Eevee Guest

    Nintendo has one, why not? Post your game problems for the PS2, Xbox, PC, Dreamcast, etc.!


    To start, I'm having some trouble with Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. I can't get through the Command Center without being blown to pieces! I'm saving up for the Inferox armor, and have every weapon except the RY3NO.

    ATTENTION: If your question has not been answered in one of the first three posts after you ask, feel free to repost it exactly the same as your previous post. If it is not answered in one of the three following posts, feel free to PM it to me (Raven Adonis) and I will try to find the answer.
  2. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    Sure thing. Thanks for asking first... :rolleyes:


    PS - You punk! :p
  3. <..::BioHazard-001::..>

    <..::BioHazard-001::..> Thank you Come again

    You know how on the PSone version of Final Fantasy VIII, you could download a Pocket Station game about Mogs and Chocobo, and when you finish the mini-game you get a Mini Mog Summon and kool stuff like that.
    The Question I'm Asking Is:
    Can you get the mini-game or the items any way in the PC version????

    Answers shall make me happy ^_^
    Thanks, BlackCharzee
  4. Elite Eevee

    Elite Eevee Guest

    I don't think so, I may be wrong.

    And RA, it takes one to know. Thanks for sticking.
  5. <..::BioHazard-001::..>

    <..::BioHazard-001::..> Thank you Come again

    So is there any other way to get Mini Mog
    he is so kool
  6. Dawg 2005

    Dawg 2005 Stone Trainer

    Well since this is a help thread.
    Dragonball Z Budokai 3:
    Kid Trunks
    Supreme Kai
    Androids 16, 17,18 and Gero
    Cell Jr.
    (Note: You CAN get Saibamen and Cell Jr., I saw in my helpless guide)

    How the heck do u get them? I tried Gamewinners but they didnt help.
    And Broly is a HUGE DUDE.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2005
  7. zonic the hedgehog

    zonic the hedgehog HUR HUR USER TITLE

    I'm playing Paper Mario 2, and i'm up to chapter 4, twilight town.
    After i've guessed the ghost's name to be Doopliss, he runs and hides.
    Where do you find him? Do i have to go to the creepy steeple, or what?
  8. Elite Eevee

    Elite Eevee Guest

    Grr. This goes in the Nintendo section, but since you asked, yes, Doopliss is in Creepy Steeple.
  9. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    Remember, this is only for non-Nintendo games....
  10. azngirlLH

    azngirlLH Battle Pyramid Champion

    I have a question. I rarely play PC games since I usually play emulations, so . . .

    I played my cousin's FF8 on his playstation, and it was cool, so I got a PC version for myself. My stupid question is . . . how do you "insert" the discs for the PC version?
  11. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    You put the disc into the CD-rom drive. Also, please don't mention emulators or roms.
  12. azngirlLH

    azngirlLH Battle Pyramid Champion

    Eh, whoops, I forgot to mention that I downloaded FF8. ^^; It's a PC download--thing . . . .
  13. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    Yes, well, I don't want to know that you did such.
  14. La Tortura

    La Tortura Guest

    if any members of powerpets.com (click the banner in my sig) know how to get past this maze with the shark, could you please tell me the directions?
  15. Waterlight

    Waterlight Oceanic Legend

    Well, In Final Fantasy VII, I'm battling Ultima WEAPON in Mideel, although I'm having ALOT of trouble to survive long enough for it to fly away. It keeps using Quake 2, then immeadiately an Ultima Beam after, reducing my Team to smithereens. My team been Cid, Red XIII and Yuffie (Highest leveled Characters other than Cloud who is obviously out of it, lol).

    I have the Ultima Materia if that is any help, although I haven't got M-Barrier yet, as I neglected to buy when I was near a Materia shop selling it. >_>
  16. Dragon Trainer EX

    Dragon Trainer EX The Wanderer

    In Digimon Rumble Arena 2, there's a locked character, and by the silhouette,it looks like some sort of Agumon.Whatever it it,how do you unlock it?
  17. Shippo.

    Shippo. Guest

    This is getting really annoying!! In Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask, I'm battling Kanna, this girl with a Mirror. I try to attack her sometimes, but she somehow reflects the attacks! Is there some kind of stratagy for this battle?
  18. Octillery

    Octillery You're cool.

    Kingdom Hearts:
    I cant seem to beat Cerberus in the Hades Cup. Im level 50 something and im using the Oblivion (technically, I just got the Oblivion, but first I was using the Oathkeeper). I have Curaga and Herc's Shield for Goofy and Violetta for Donald...
  19. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    I will get to the above questions in a minute. Just letting you people know that I am in the process of researching the answers, if I don't know them, and will edit this post with them shortly.

    EDIT: Waterlight, cast a protective/defense-raising spell and Haste. Pairing Elemental and Non-elemental Materia will defend against the Ultima Beam. The real point of this fight is to stay alive as Ultima WEAPON will flee. Of course, you can use strong physical attacks and summons to take away as much damage as possible, since this boss doesn't regenerate between your encounters. If you can, try to steal his Curse Ring, also.

    MystiqueMalevolence, in order to unlock it, you have to beat it.

    GoldPichu, you play the game, but don't watch the show? Kanna is an incarnation of Naraku and her mirror can reflect attacks as well as capture souls. Anyway, use Co-op and Special Techniques on her. Be careful, though, she can save up the damage you have inflicted on her in order to return larger amounts.

    Octillery, I stayed on the opposite side of the arena from Cerberus and kept moving to avoid the dark energy attacks. I, then, attacked when he started to chomp on Goofy and Donald. It takes a little bit of time, but is rather easy to do. It is worth noting that I didn't care what happened to Donald and Goofy in that fight as I had removed all items from them and basically utilized them as distractors.
  20. Elite Eevee

    Elite Eevee Guest

    If you lock onto the side head and attack from the side, it should be easy. Equip the Dodge Roll to get away from the shadow attacks.

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